Witch Doctor, Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Turning points


“You’re lying,” Dore stated.

“He’s right over there…” I whispered to her, “Lower your fucking voice.”

We were at Dore’s bar. It was at night time by now. The Ferris boy was at the bar ordering drinks. He was socializing with the bartenders under Dore. Dore had luckily been at the bar and she was freaking out by the new that a Ferris had walked his ass over to the 5 family resort and was just sitting around as though his family hadn’t completely gone bat shit when we were kids.

“He doesn’t look familiar,” she stated, “He could be another Ferris. It could just be some big ass coincidence.”
“Did the Ferris have a son that you know about?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Dore, I need you to think! These people are fucking dangerous. They killed my fucking dad. They went against the families.”
“I’ll go find Micki. She’ll know. Her and her mother kept up with all the families.”


I didn’t want to get Micki involved at all. I didn’t want to ask for her help.

“What should I do in the meantime…”

“Stall him..don’t let him leave.”


Dore walked away and I walked towards this Orion Ferris. It could just be one big coincidence. There could be thousands of people in the world named Ferris and one of them could have happened to just walk into my resort. Right?

“Hey thought you forgot about me,” he stated.

Hell if his family was a family of Judas traitors that had been banished, at least he was a handsome one. He gave me a smile when I sat next to him at the bar. The bartender came over to me almost immediately.

“Would you like anything Mr. Bah.”

I shook my head, “No thanks.”

He smiled again, “It must be nice.”
“Owning something like this.”

“Well it happened at a bad time,” I stated shaking my head, “My brother was actually the owner. He died and I took over it.”

“And your name is Gene right,” he said.

He knew my name.

“How’d you know?”

“Moreen Island isn’t that big. I came and went a lot. I never stayed too long here usually just came during the summers to visit my family.”

“Your family stay here still.”

“Oh no…not anymore,” he said smiling, “But anyway…I got a lot of friends here actually so it all worked out for the best…and wow…there goes one of them now.”
At that moment I saw Jakoby walking up.

“Orion?” Jakoby said.

He looked a little surprised to see the guy Orion here. I was surprised to know they were friends. I mean Jakoby did make friends everywhere he went. It made me nervous though to know that Orion could know Jakoby. I was so protective of Jakoby as a friend.

“You two know each other?” I asked.

“Jakoby and I used to surf together,” Jakoby answered.

Orion didn’t strike me much of the surfer type but then again looking at him he seemed like he might like the rush of surfing or something. I crossed my arms. This was kind of awkward standing here between these two. Moreen Island was way too small.

“You two know each other?” Orion asked almost immediately after.

Jakoby nodded, “Yeah, Gene is like my best friend.”

Best friend. Wow. He didn’t even say ‘used to be’ best friend. He actually called me his current best friend. I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. Stating that I had a huge crush on him maybe this was a sign that I should have just let that shit go. Clearly this boy was looking at me as JUST friends.

Orion raised his eyebrows, “Interesting, you never mentioned him.”

“I keep things private,” Jakoby stated.

It was weird how he was saying that but I really didn’t think anything of it. I just crossed my arms. Every part of me didn’t want Jakoby anywhere near this guy. I had heard some horrible things about the Ferris. I wasn’t there when my Dad was killed but my mother and the other families had all gotten together after it happened. I just remember the chaos…the screaming.

“You work here?” Orion asked Jakoby.

“I work with Gene,” Jakoby answered.

“Lucky you. I was actually looking for work.”
Keep your enemies close.
I shook my head, “There might be some openings…actually I’m pretty sure there is. Jakoby got a promotion so we need someone new at the front desk. Is that something you’d be interested in?”

“Hell yeah!”

“Gene can I talk to you for a minute?” Jakobi asked, almost immediately, “I’m sorry to pull him away Orion.”
“Don’t hog him too long…” Orion joked and smiled.

I smiled back. Jakobi seemed less amused.

What the fuck was going on?


Jakobi pulled me to the other side of the hallway. He had this look on his face that said he wasn’t even a little bit amused by what was going on. It made me worry because it was rare to see Jakoby like this.

“It’s not a good idea to hire that guy,” he stated.

I had never seen Jakoby like this. He had this…almost scared look on his face. What the fuck was Jakoby so afraid of.


“I know some things about him. He’s not…safe to be around…” he stated.

“Some things like what?”

Witchcraft? Sorcery? I wanted Jakoby to spit it out. What the fuck did he know about this boy that he felt was so unsafe. Had this boy done anything to him.

“Just trust me on this…”

“Jakoby, I trust you but you’re being really funny now. You just said he was your friend.”

“I said we used to surf together…” Jakoby stated, “I didn’t say anything about us being friends.”

I turned over to Orion. I guess I wasn’t the only one nervous about him. He waved over at me with this strange smile that spread across his cheeks. This boy gave me the creeps and I had to admit it kind of interested me. What the fuck did Jakoby know about this guy that had him so worked up like this?

“Well I kind of already offered him a job…”

“See! That’s the reckless behavior I’m talking about,” Jakoby stated, “You can’t just go around doing shit like this. You don’t know this boy from a can of paint. You don’t just offer him a job…”

“Whoa…whoa…whoa, Jakoby calm down.”

Jakoby was never so aggressive with me. His facial expression had changed to one of complete annoyance. Ha had lost all patience with me.

“I’m sorry…it’s just…he’s not a good guy…”

Just at that moment I could see the Three Graces walk into the bar area. They were standing by the pool. Micki actually had a bathing suit and got into the pool while the other two just stood over her waiting for me.

“I’ll be right back Jakoby.”

“C`mon Gene this is important.”

“I’ll be back…”

I went over to the pool area and squatted over Micki while the other two Graces just watched me. I could see the nervous look in Dore’s eyes.

“Is it true that a Feris is back?” Shi Shi asked.

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” I stated and looked down at Micki, “Did the Ferris family have a son?”

“I’m sorry…your little mortal boy just approved a 80% paycut to my salary. I don’t get paid enough to remember facts anymore,” Micki stated not even looking at me.

She continued to wade in the water being the class A bitch that I knew she always was. I looked at the other two girls hoping they could provide anything but Shi Shi and Dore seemed to know nothing about it. Hell they were almost as clueless as I was The only thing was I had been excluded from the Wiccan stuff my whole life. They were INCLUDED. How the fuck didn’t they know if one of the family’s had a son. . It was no wonder Micki inflicted so much fear into them.

“Fine,” I finally broke, “I’ll give you back your fucking salary. Now tell me what the fuck you know about the family.”

She smiled and finally stopped wading. She took off her glasses and looked over at me, “They had a kid.”

“A son.”
She shrugged.

“Micki, did they have a fucking son or not?”

“They never brought the kid around. The kid was sent away. Adrian Ferris who who ran the house had the kid out of wedlock with some random bitch around the island. He paid for the kid and the mother to go away. I heard the kid visited him every now and again but it was the big Ferris family secret that they didn’t want anyone to know about.”
“Adrian Ferris was the one who killed my father?” I asked.

Micki nodded, “He was. He was sick of your father telling him what to do. He turned on him. Killed him. As punishment the other four families got together and ran the Ferris family out of Moreen Island. They can’t return. It’s against the rules of our coven.”

“Is that him?”

She got out of the water and wrapped a towel around her waist, “I don’t know…but I suggest you find out…before I do.”

I didn’t know what she meant by that. She walked away though.

“What the fuck is eating her?” I asked.

Shi Shi shivered, “It’s funny. A Bah dies around the same time that a Ferris shows up.”

“You think he had something to do with it?” I asked.

“I think Micki thinks he has something to do with it,” Shi Shi stated, “I guess that’s all that really matters to her…”

“If you guys tell me what happened when he died maybe I can help figure this out,” I stated.

Shi Shi shook her head, “Listen if he had something to do with your brother’s death or not inconsequential. All our families bonded together to get the Ferris out of here. If they are back…this could mean trouble for all of us. They are going to want revenge.”
“Meaning what?”

“Meaning Micki is right. Better safe then sorry.”

“He could have NOTHING to do with this,” I stated and turned to Dore, “Dore, you understand right? Like I don’t know the guy but what happened to innocent until proven guilty?”

“I’m with Shi Shi and Micki on this, Gene,” Dore stated, “A guy by that last name just doesn’t walk back here and order a drink at the bar. I feel it all over him. Something weird. If he doesn’t leave we’ll make him leave.”

Dore and Shi Shi looked at each other. These girls were so FUCKING secretive. It was annoying.

They walked away not answering my question.

They would “make” him leave.

Where was the confidence coming from? What had they learned when I was gone that made them so sure they could make someone leave.




“I bought you a drink…”

I turned to see Orion. It was later in the day and I had returned to the bar. I had just been keeping an eye on him. The three Graces threats rolled in my head over and over. They were calling my bluff. If I didn’t do something about him they would. It was almost as though they were testing me. I could even see the smirk on Micky’s face.

Orion sat the drink down and I took a sip and smiled up at him, “You buying me drinks at my own resort? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

Orion sat next to me at the bar. The bartender was standing there cleaning glasses but overall the pool area was kind of empty. There weren’t a lot of people over there. Orion had this dark mysterious look to him that I found kind of appealing. Unfortunately I knew from trying to get my brother to do things that my ability didn’t work on people who had magic in their family. If he was really a Ferris, it wouldn’t work and I’d be looking really stupid.

“You seemed friendly,” he stated and raised an eyebrow, “There’s something about you. I’m not sure what it is yet.”

I crossed my arms.

“I’m kind of a boring guy…”
“Well tell me more about you,” he stated.

“I ran away from home at a young age. While I was away I was attending college. Liberal arts. After I graduated I wandered around state to state trying to find myself. That was when I found out my brother died. So I came back…to Moreen Island.”
“See that’s interesting…” he said smiling.

I sipped on the drink and stared Orion down. The dark charming man was interesting. I had to admit. I wondered what size his dick was…maybe I could find out without coercion.

“You can do better.”

He laughed and shrugged looking down, “Lets see. I went to boarding school. I was never really close with my family. They lived here and I didn’t. I came to visit a lot though. My dad died and he had a wish that I sprinkle his ashes on Moreen Island where he is from. So I came back to do that.”

He was sounding a lot like the Ferris kid that Micki had described.

“I thought you said you came here to get back with your ex.”

“I had multiple reasons…”

Or you had lies…

“Why come your family moved off the island?”

“I don’t know. I was never that close with them.”

It sounded like another lie. Fuck the bullshit. The look in his eye I could tell he was lying. He had this demeanor about him that I couldn’t really understand. It was this hidden demeanor. He looked so fucking suspicious.

“What’s your dad’s name?”

“Do you ask this to everyone that comes in your resort?”
“Everyone named Ferris yeah…”
“Excuse me?”
He raised an eyebrow. I don’t know what I was thinking. A part of me wanted to prove to the three Graces that I handled my own business but another part of me was just angry. I was angry because the Ferris family was dangerous. I knew for a fact they were dangerous and if I found out he had anything to do with the death of my brother…anything at all.

“How long have you been back on the island?”

“A few weeks. What’s with all these questions?”

“My brother died a few weeks ago.”

He shrugged his shoulders, “So?”

“So what’s your FUCKING father’s name?”
“Whoa…ok…maybe I had too much to drink and came at you some sort of way. Maybe I’ll just get the fuck up cause your trippin` homie.”

He was about to get up too.
Just at that point I saw two guys walking by. They were buff guys.

“Hey you two!”

The two looked in my eyes. It only took me seconds to cast my spell on them.

When they looked at me I locked them in. They stopped in their footsteps and were staring back at me with this strong look.

“Hold him down.”

“Yo what the fuck?” Orion asked but it was too late.

The two muscle looking guys held him down for me. They were complete strangers and Orion knew it. The look in his eyes was amazing. It was always amazing the first time someone knew what I could do. I felt so fucking powerful. He was almost afraid at that moment when they held him down pinning his hands behind his back. He struggled a little bit but two guys were harder then one.

The one guy twisted his arm behind his back.

“Pull his arm,” I said, “Make it hurt.”
The next second the muscle guy did exactly what I told him to do. He pulled Orion’s arm and Orion screamed out.

“What the fuck is going on?” Orion stated.

I leaned in as the guys held him, “Who is your dad? What is his name.”


He was definitely the fucking Ferris kid. I took a deep breath. Hell I had only thought this far. I had no idea what I was going to do now. They wanted me to get rid of him. That’s what they said. He was dangerous and they were right. He had showed up a few weeks ago. My brother had died a few weeks ago. Things were definitely too close for calling.

“Listen good…Ferris. I don’t know what you were thinking about coming back here,” he said, “This is not your lucky day. You might not have wanted to come here fuck with me.”

He raised an eyebrow with this innocent look.

“Bra…I don’t know who your little homies are here and why you setting me up like this. I don’t know what is going on. This is the nicest hotel on the island. I just wanted a nice view of the ocean. I’m honest…”

I couldn’t tell if he was lying or telling the truth. Fuck this was hard. He had this deer in the headlights look on his face but was it real? Was he bullshitting me or did he honestly not know what was going on here?

“Let him go…” I told the buff guys and when they did I ordered them further, “Walk away and forget about this.”
Orion held his arm in pain even as they walked away. He was just holding it and looking at me. There was this look of fear on his face.

Fuck…had I gotten it wrong? Was it really just a coincidence?
Even if he was the Ferris kid maybe he honestly had no idea of the history between our families. The look on his face as he looked at me made me feel horrible.

“What…what are you…”
He had heard what I said to them. I looked down. His father’s name was Adrian. He was definitely from the Fifth family.

“Everything ok over here?” I heard a voice say.

I turned to see Jakoby walking up to us. Jakoby stood right next to me.

“Your old friend was just leaving,” I said, “He was going to go back to his room.”

Jakoby raised an eyebrow, “How long are you staying at the resort Orion?”
“He’ll be checking out tomorrow,” I continued.

Orion remained quiet but got up off the bar and gave a little head nod. He at that point turned to walk away quietly. It was almost like he was expecting me to do something else to him any moment by how fast he had gotten away.

The look in Orion’s eyes told me that I had got to him. I knew he hadn’t seen anything like that. I was counting down now until tomorrow morning when he would check out of the resort and be completely out of my hair.

I turned to Jakoby. Using magic at times made me feel a little heavy. Seeing him next to me all of a sudden made me feel…at ease again.

“Hey you,” I said to him.”

He smiled looking surprised, “What was that about?”

“Oh with Orion? That was nothing.”

“Oh…uh…ok…well I came to walk you to your suite. I know you always go up around 10. I figured I would walk you up to your room.”

Jakoby had a complete sweetness to him. A part of me wanted to tell him to stop hanging out with a guy like me. He could find a lot nicer friends. I was shit. The graces were shit. This Island was shit. Jakoby could do a whole lot better. The other part of me though wanted to be selfish and just love the fact that someone out there found me cool. Someone out there paid enough attention to me to know my schedule and cared about walking me to my room.

We walked into the resort and took the elevator to the very top floor which was mine. The 12th floor required a key to access and I immediately took out my key and tried to put it in the door. As I did though I could feel a certain blurriness in my eyes.

“You ok?” Jakoby asked, “Let me get that for you.”

“Yeah, I just exhausted myself today.”

I gave him the key and he turned it to activate the master suite floor. It was a little usual that I felt a little dizzy after using magic but this time I felt a little too dizzy. I stood against the wall to gain my compusure.

“Why are you so…cool with me?” I asked Jakoby.

He shrugged, “Someone has to take care of you. I don’t know. Ever since we were younger I just felt like it should be me.”
My heart.


“Stop saying things like that,” I told him.

Because it made me feel weird in my chest. What the fuck was it? You ever feel something for someone and you can LITERALLY feel it in your chest…right next to your heart. When Jakoby said things like that I could actually feel it in my heart. The thing was because I knew Jakoby meant it. He meant it with everything and he was the only one in the world that cared. No one else in the world even slightly gave a fuck.

“Your so…I don’t know,” I told him.

I tried to divert my eyes away. I was SO close to saying perfect. I was so close to calling my best friend in the world perfect and completely flirting with him.

He leaned into me ducking his head and catching my eyes with his beautiful brown ones. He played that game a lot where he tried to catch my eyes when I looked away.

“I’m so what? What were you saying?”
“Cool,” I said.

It was a compliment but still a lot more relaxed then calling someone perfect.

We hard arrived on our floor.

“You are too. You are too cool to be hanging out with that guy.”
“Here you go again preaching.”

I walked forward off the elevator. My feet were feeling a little heavy though.

“There’s something I want to tell you about him. The reason I want you to stay away from him…”

“What…what is it?”
I needed to know.
“Well, it’s—Gene are you ok?”

“Genesis…your skin is turning colors a little bit. Are you ok?”

I felt…dizzy all of a sudden. I didn’t know what he meant by my skin was turning colors but I felt fucking dizzy. That was when I felt my self lean forward.

“I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me.”

“You must have had too much to drink.”
“I didn’t have anything to drink.”
“Huh? You look drunk. Whoa, Gene be careful.”

Before I noticed I was leaning over and I was falling onto the carpet in front of the elevator on the 12th floor. I got up though and tried to walk again but I found myself tripping again. It couldn’t have been the magic I used. I used coercion a lot more on a ton more people and never felt this way before.

Just as I was about to fall again Jakoby caught me.

“I got you.”
He was so strong as he he held me in his arms hugging me in this bear position to keep me on my feet. I pulled my head back a little bit. He was so fucking beautiful how he did this. There was always one person there for me…and it was always Jakoby…ever since I was younger. Only thing back then he was just Jakoby. Now he was SEXY Jakoby.

Every part of me wanted to tell him how I felt about him.

“You are always there for me,” I said feeling dizzy as fuck and kind of drunk, “You…man I love you.”

“I love you too. You are my best friend.”

I shook my head, “What if…what if it was more than that?”

He squinted his eyes.

Fuck I wasn’t in my right mind. I felt sick and my mind felt dizzy. It was almost as though I was drunk. I HAD NOT drunk today though. I hadn’t drunk anything at all.

“Genesis you are drunk,” he stated, “You don’t know what you are saying.”
He was blowing it off as drunk behavior. Shit maybe this wasn’t the best time to tell him the fact that he was the only person in the fucking world that gave me butterflies in my stomach. Ever since that day at the motel where he talked to me I hadn’t slept with anyone. That was REALLY good for a guy like me especially with all these sexy dudes walking around the resort. It was because of him that I was thinking about stopping coercion.

I was thinking about…

“I’m not drunk,” I stated, “I’m not—”

I wanted to kill myself at that moment.

I wanted to kill myself because I had thrown up all over him.

There we were Jakoby covered in my puke holding me up and me standing there wanting to kill myself after semi confessing my love to him in a drunken like stupor. The weird thing still was that I hadn’t drunk. Now Jakoby was looking at me with this weird look.

“Ok so we are officially friends for life…” Jakoby said still looking at me, “Hey…tell me one thing though. In all the times I’ve seen throw up it’s always smelled fucking horrible. This is still very disgusting but why the hell does your throw up smell like lemongrass?”


At that point I found myself fainting off but the idea of lemongrass stuck in my head.

When I was a kid I didn’t get allowed around when my family was doing their little Wiccan magic practices but sometimes when they were done the room smelled lemongrass.

It was then that I knew someone had poisoned me.

No…someone had put a spell on me.

Then I thought back. I didn’t drink to get drunk but I did drink something that night. Orion Ferris had brought me over a drink. That little FUCKING bitch did this to me. He had acted all innocent but he knew damn well who I was even before I confronted him.