Witch Doctor, Chapter 12

Chapter 12The Good Brother

“He came back from the dead?” Dore asked.

This was crazy.  Luckily I wasn’t the one who was shocked.

“That’s impossible,” Micki said, “No magic can do that.  I’m not sticking around for these lies.”

She started walking out.  Her little sidekick Shi Shi was right behind her as well.  Dore and I stayed behind though.  I wanted to know the meaning of it.

“He never died…”

There was this silence.  We had been at my brother’s funeral.  I had seen my brother’s body.  It was a fucking open casket.   I looked over at Dore and the others.

My brother was still alive.

Micki stopped, “How…”

Micki was not amused by any of this.  My heart was kind of dropping.  My brother was alive this whole time.

“The Bah family have you all tricked.  They made it look like my family tried to steal the Immortality spell…that was a lie.  They were trying to steal it. My dad fought them and stopped them before.  This time it was up to me to stop Exodus.  I tried and I thought I did…but I was tricked.  He faked his death for you all but I suspected it.  Did anyone see the body?”

“It was a closed casket,” I said.

“He had to make it seem like he was dead.   He killed someone else and used magic to take on their image.  That way no one would suspect him of what he is about to do…”

“What is he about to do?”

“The spell that will make him immortal requires…sacrifice.  He has to sacrifice witches.  He has to burn witches to be exact.”
“Old lady is immortal.”

“She burnt witches.  Why do you think the spirit of the little black girl was so angry that we were descendants of her.  She was ready to kill both Genesis and me.  Little black girl was the ghost of a young witch that Old Lady sacrificed.”

“He’s going to try to kill us?” Dore asked.

“He’s been trying already.  Those witch hunters.  Think about it.  There is only one family with the power to control minds…”

“My family,” I said.

“Yes. Exodus has been controlling them and making them believe we were devils that have to die.  If we don’t stop fighting one another Exodus is going to have all of them burn us…alive.”

“Exodus wouldn’t hurt me,” Micki said.

“It makes sense,” Dore said.

“No it fucking doesn’t.”

“Go ask the old lady.  Ask her what it takes to be immortal. She’ll tell you.  We die and he lives forever,”  Orion said, “Is that what you want Micki?”

“Where is he?”

“He hasn’t revealed himself.  That’s why I need all of you.  We need to do a summoning spell.  Sit in a circle, hold hands and we will call him…”

“What makes you think we can stop him anyway?” Shi Shi asked shaking her head, “Exodus is stronger than all of us.”

“Maybe not all of us together.”

“Don’t believe this bullshit…” Micki said.

“Hold my hand and repeat after me.  I’ll prove it with the summoning spell,” Orion said, “I wanted you to wear black for a reason.  It will make our magic stronger.”
Dore was the first to actually do it.  She was always the most curious.  She grasped onto his hand.  I was close behind.  Hell I was curious if anything. What the fuck was my brother up to?  He had fooled everyone into believing he was dead so he could snipe at them from a distance?  That was way worse than anything I ever did.

“Shi Shi, we need to know for sure,” Dore prompted her.

“What if he fucking kills us?” Shi Shi said, “We just going to call him here?  Like what the fuck…does that make sense to everyone.”

“Stop being a pussy Shi Shi,” Micki said.

I was actually surprised when she was the next one to join the circle holding Dore’s hand and my hand.  Shi Shi was the last to hesitantly join the circle.

“When he comes…he’ll be pissed that his secret is out.”

“I just want to see if you are lying or not,” Micki said shaking her head.

“Repeat after me…”

I hadn’t remembered the words we were saying.  It was strange at first.  Halfway through the spell I kind of started to panic.  We had been going at this guy Orion for a while now.  We had almost gotten rid of him with the little black girl.  What if he was just leading us in a trap? That would have been smart.

The chanting kept going when that set came into mind but then I heard footsteps and a twisting at the library door.

I turned around.

“Focus,” Orion said.

I turned back and closed my eyes again and continued to chant these words that didn’t make any sense.  It was fucking scary being in this position.  That was when the door opened.

I kept my eyes clothes.

“Keep chanting,” Orion said, “Don’t open your eyes until I tell you.”

We kept chanting.  I could feel  Dore’s hands sweating a little bit. She was nervous.  I hadn’t truly known how strong my brother had gotten when I was gone but I could only imagine.  My brother always knew how to make things happen.  The family always catered to him.  They always seemed to be…preparing him.  I had no idea that they were preparing him to be immortal. They were preparing him to be something like a walking god.
All that was required was sacrifice.

My sacrifice.

“Open your eyes.”

There he was.  A spitting image of myself.  Our bodies were completely identical.  He was in the middle of the circle.  How he had gotten past our hands I had no idea but he was here.  Orion definitely did know a thing or two about magic.  His family must have taught him a lot while he was away.  I had no idea there was such a thing as a summoning spell.

Shi Shi was the first one to break the spell.

She let go of our hands and jumped back shocked that Exodus was standing right there.  Dore, Orion and I took a step back as well.

“You little devil,” I said, “I always thought I was the dark twin.”

“Dark, light…not much of a difference,” my brother said crossing his arms, “Nice to see you Genesis.”
Mickey who had been the one closest to my brother slapped him.

She slapped him hard!

I was actually really shocked.  Just at that moment she had been in tears.  I couldn’t imagine seeing someone like Mickey crying.  She was in love with him though so it made sense.  I didn’t expect her to hit him as hard as she hit him.

“You faked your death?” she asked, “YOU FUCKING FAKED IT?”
My brother crossed his arms.

“Get on your knees…all of you…”

I looked around the room confused.  That was when I realized Orion, Mickey, Shi Shi and Dore immediately getting on their knees.  They looked like they were struggling to do it but they ended up doing it anyway.  I was the only one still standing.  I could see the struggle in Orion’s eyes as he did it.  It was like he was trying to fight it.

“He can control us…how is that possible…we are witches,” Dore said.

I was the only one still standing.

“Don’t talk,” Exodus said.

They all remained quiet.

Exodus looked over at me, “That’s much better wouldn’t you say bro?”

“How come you can control them?” I asked.

“How come you can’t?” he asked laughing, “We are the strongest family.  This is where we belong…on our feet and the rest of them belong on their knees…being quiet.”

He crossed his arms.

“So you faked your death to kill us.”

“To kill them… I would never do that to you…even if you are…weak.”

“I’m weak.”

“Mentally.  You always had light magic.  Mom and Dad always thought you’d never be able to do what it took.  That’s why they never shared things with you.”

“I wasn’t the so-called evil twin was I?”

“You finally catching on?” he said laughing, “Took you long enough.  Our family is meant for greatness.  We had to take out the other families to do that.  Survival of the fittest.  It’s Darwinism.”

“You are fucking crazy…”

“Just a little bit.”

I looked over at the others.  They were still frozen completely in place almost stuck in time.  They were unable to move.  They were unable to talk. Shit I thought I was powerful.  My brother was something else.

“If you could control them why not just burn them  yourselves?  Why fake your death? Why hide? Why use other people to do it.”

“Because the old lady is still alive and she doesn’t want anyone to be immortal like her.  She’s selfish like that…”

“Maybe she learned her lesson from her mistakes,” I said.

My brother laughed, “You are so corny.  All they have to do is burn.  The energy released from their deaths will let me live forever…maybe you as well…”


“I want you to join me…”  my brother said, “If we get rid of all four of them we both can live forever.”

He was absolutely crazy.

“I am not going to do that.  I’m not going to kill these people for something so stupid.”

“Since when did you get soft?” my brother asked, “These people aren’t your friends.  The five families all hate each other.  You think if they were strong enough they wouldn’t have done this to us?”

I thought about it.

Shi Shi’s family always was jealous of the Bah family’s power.

Micki was the only remaining person in her family and so power hungry.

Dore always wanted to know more and more. All she cared about was getting stronger.

Orion’s family had already killed my Dad.

They would have DEFINITELY gotten rid of us.  Maybe my brother was right but to live forever.  I couldn’t take lives for something so selfish.

“I’m not doing it.”
“You sure…be careful what you say.  I’ll burn these people anyway.  You don’t want to stop me.  You want to join me.  Because if you try to stop me…other people may burn as well.  Other people that you care about.  Jakoby…is that his name?  I’ve been watching you with him from far away…”

My heart dropped.

Orion was muttering.  He was trying so hard to talk at this point.  The threat against Jakoby must have definitely hit a chord with him.

“You aren’t hurting him,” I said, “You lost your mind bro…”

“Make your decision.”

I turned to Orion.

“Orion get up!”

I didn’t know it would work but I tried.  I could feel Orion following my spell and slowly getting up on his feet.

“Get on your knees…head down and STAY THERE!” my brother said.

I was shocked when Orion fell back to the floor hard.  He fell so hard that I felt like he was hurting himself.  Orion was the only one I knew that had the power to do something against him though.  I had no idea what Orion was capable of.  I had to risk it again.

“Orion get up and attack my brother.”

“Sit down.”

‘GET UP and say something!”

The last time that I yelled seemed like it was enough though Orion got up off the floor and even though he seemed like he was struggling he was chanting.  He was chanting something hard underneath his breath.  I didn’t hear what he was saying because he was saying it so low.

Before I knew it a bright light flickered throughout the room.

When the bright light disappeared my brother was gone.

Dore and Shi Shi got up after that.

“Where’d he go?” I asked Orion.

“I broke the summoning spell and sent him back to wherever he was.  He’ll be back though and now that he knows that we know he’s still alive he’ll be more desperate than ever.”

“Shit…” Dore said, “This is deep.   He really has it out for us.”

“Dore, Shi Shi…I need you both to look in those books and find something…anything that we can use to protect ourselves,” Orion said, “Exodus is going to come after us again and we have to be ready.”

The two girls nodded immediately and walked off.  It was a quiet understanding that we all had at this moment.  We had to put our differences aside.  My brother was the enemy now.  That was very clear by how crazy he was just a minute ago.  It was also clear by how powerful he was.

Orion came over to me, “Are you ok?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Your nose,” he said and handed me a napkin from his pocket.

I wiped my nose and saw blood coming out of it, “Shit…I guess I was stressing my body trying to break his spell over you guys.”

“You were able to do it though,” he said.

“He’s still a lot stronger than me,” I said, “If he comes back…”

“We need to be ready,” Orion finished.

“He said he’ll go after Jakoby as well.”

“We should talk to him. Warn him about things,” Orion said, “Maybe he needs to go away for a while.”

“Maybe you should all go away,” I said, “He wants you all dead.”

“Witches don’t run…” Micki said.

I hadn’t forgotten her sitting there behind me. She had been completely quiet.  Her tears had dried but she was still on her knees.  I had never seen Micki look so defeated.

Orion nodded, “You are right.  With Shi Shi and Dore looking at the library, I think it’s best if I try to locate him before he locates us.”
Micki immediately agreed, “I’ll call my mother and let her know I have to talk to the Old Lady.  The Old Lady will know what to do.”
“Good…we should all meet back up here tomorrow night and compare notes.”
I nodded.

Orion started to walk away but I grabbed his arm.


“Yeah what’s up?”

“Look we did a lot of horrible shit to you,” I said, “I…I wanted to apologize.  I think we should…all just start over.”

He nodded, “Me too…um…throw away all your bath products in your room.  I put some stuff in there to make your skin break out crazy.”
I raised an eyebrow, “What?”

He laughed, “We are starting over right?”

“You look nice…”  I told Jakoby as I walked up to the table.

I had went out to dinner with Jakoby.  The dinner was actually on the beach though.  It was Jakoby’s idea again.  It was beautiful with the sand beneath our feet and extremely private.  I wondered how much it had cost him to do this little picnic at night.

Jakoby did look extra sexy.  Here I was looking really basic while he had on a suit and tie.  I had on a t-shirt and jeans.  I thought we were just going to a regular place.  I had no idea to expect something like this.

“I wanted to impress you.”

“You’ve succeeded,” I said laughing.

I sat down at the table and watched as he opened his bag.  In it was  bottle of champagne.  He opened the bottle and put it on the table.  He looked like he was in a good mood.  I didn’t know how the fuck I was going to break all this news to him.

I shivered a little bit with the thought of it.

“Cheers?” he asked.

“Sure…to what?”

“To our future.”

“Um…hey Jakoby I have to tell you something…”

“Cheers first.”

I nodded and we hit glasses against one another.  The wine was really sweet.  It was so good.  We were alone on this beach under a tent and the moon was the right above us.  The soft breeze from the beach made the perfect temperature.

Everything was fucking perfect.

“You have something on your lips.”

“Oh damn…”

I reached out for the napkin to wipe the wine from my lips but before I could do that Jakoby had reached over the table.  His mouth wrapped around my lips and he sucked the wine off of them.  I almost melted when he did that.  I had never been so turned on by someone.

“Wine tastes better off of you,” Jakoby said.

“You making this hard.”

“Love shouldn’t be easy.”

“What?” I asked raising my eyebrow.

Jakoby laughed, “Well you said you had something to tell me.  I have something to tell you as well.  I think…I think I love you.  No I’m sure I love you Gene.”

My heart thumped a little bit.

Holy shit.


“Let me finish,” he said stopping me, “I know I was confused about my feelings for Orion but all that is gone away.  I have no feelings for him anymore.  Right now you are the only person that exists to me.  I love you Gene.  And I want to be with you…everyday…forever.  I want you to be my boyfriend.”
“Jakoby I’m not who you think I am…”

“I know exactly who you are…”

“No…Jakoby you aren’t understanding what I’m trying to tell you.”

“I love you.  YOU aren’t understanding what I’m trying to tell YOU.”

Just at that moment someone was walking past.

“Come here,” I coerced the person.

Jakoby looked at me confused, “You know him?”

I shook my head, “I’ve never met him a day in my life.”

The guy came to me when I called him.

“Stand one foot,” I told the man.

The man stood on one foot.

“Rub your stomach,” I ordered him.

The man rubbed his stomach.

“Rub your stomach, pat your head and jump on one foot at the same time.”

The man did everything that I told him to do.  At this point Jakoby looked extremely confused.  At that moment my phone rang and I didn’t answer.

“What is this?” Jakoby asked.

I turned to the man, “Walk away and forget what I told you to do.”

The man walked away continuing his day and completely forgetting that he was just over there being my personal dummy.  It was almost getting too easy for me to do this.  I had gotten a lot stronger.  Jakoby didn’t have any expression but complete shock.

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“I am not who you think I am,” I said, “I am not WHAT you think I am Jakoby.”

My phone rang again. I slammed it on the table pissed off at the interruption.

“What are you?”

“The five families that started the resort we are all descendants of a very powerful witch.  We all follow the religion of Wicca.  I was born into it.  Micki, Shi Shi, Dore….and Orion were we as well.  And my brother that died…isn’t dead.  He’s evil and he wants to sacrifice our kind so that he can obtain immortality.”

At this point Jakoby’s mouth was wide open…

“Uh— “

“He wants you dead as well,” I said, “Not that you would give him any power, but he wanted me to join him and I said no.  So he’s likely to hurt you because I care about you.  Long story short—I can’t be with you…and I’d suggest you leave the island.  Probably for good and never turn back.”


“You can book your own flight and use as much money from the corporate card as you need.  I don’t have anything else to say to you.”



I didn’t want to listen to anything he had to say.  This was already hard enough.

I grabbed my phone and started to walk away…then I started to run away.  Before I called back the number who had been calling me I turned to see Jakoby.  He wasn’t looking back at me.  He was looking at the water.  It was a lot to take in.  I couldn’t imagine what was going through his head at this point.

I realized it was Micki that had called me.


<Gene…I’m here with the Old Lady.  For some reason…she wants to meet you.>

Normally I would say no.  The old lady never spoke to me when I was a kid. She was so creepy to me.  Now was different though.  Now I needed to talk to her.

<I’ll be over…>