Witch Doctor, Chapter 11

Chapter 11



I slipped falling in a puddle. My feet kept running fast underneath me but all my energy was gone. Why couldn’t I do what I did in the club? Why couldn’t I control multiple people at once?

The mob had torches and they had chased me down several streets.


I finally thought that I lost them when I ran down a different alley and jumped over a fence. These people were fucking crazy. They were chasing me through the fucking night. It wasn’t just once or two people. That was the thing. It was a bunch of them. Bobby had managed to get a whole lot of people who knew my secret.

God knows what they would do to me if they caught me. I should have taken Shi Shi’s issue more seriously when it happened to her but everything seemed to happen to Shi Shi. I figured I was above it all. I was wrong.

There you are…”

I breathed deeply when I turned to see who had caught up with me.

I was surprised to see that it wasn’t someone from the mob. No…this was someone else. This was fucking ORION!

Out of the frying pan and into the fire…

You think you are going to get away with with you did to me in the club?” Orion asked, “I been tracking you down all night and I finally caught up with you.”

Orion looked like shit. He was right to be mad. It was my powers that had caused all those people to jump him in the club. He had one huge swollen eye and a busted lip. I expected him to look like that. If Jakoby wasn’t there he probably would have looked worse.

You want payback huh?” I asked.

You push me into snakes. You get your puppets to attack me. Hell yeah. It’s time I make you feel some sort of hurt too.”

At that moment he pulled something out. I looked at him and saw that it was a doll. It was a raggedy looking doll but it was a doll none-the-less. Then just as he did that he took out a pin.

What is that?”

A voodoo doll…your voodoo doll,” Orion said, “I told you not to fuck with me. I bound this doll to you tonight. Luckily I was able to grab some of your hair when you weren’t looking and I made a doll. Whatever I do to this doll happens to you. You ever been stabbed in the arm? What about the neck? Now you’ll feel what real pain is…”

Stand in line.”


Stand in line,” I said shaking my head, “You aren’t the only one who wants to hurt me.”

I turned back.


I could see the flickering from their torches and I could hear their shouts. They were searching furiously through the island streets for me. What would they do if they caught me?

Who are they?” he asked.

It’s a witch hunt.”

I didn’t expect Orion to give a damn. Half of me thought he would join the witch hunt or something. He had lifted the pin and looked like he was about to stab into the doll. I didn’t know much about that but I believed him when he said whatever happened to the doll happened to me. I couldn’t really believe that I was allowing myself to be so stupid.

The shouts were getting louder. They were coming down the isle that we were in.

Fuck…follow me…be quiet.”


Do you want to get out of here in one piece?” Orion asked me, “If you value your life then you’ll shut the hell up and follow me.”

With that Orion led me through the streets. He seemed to know the streets a lot more than I knew them. We found ourselves hiding out in a cut somewhere and barracading our bodies with trash bags. Orion pressed his finger to his lips to signal me to be quiet and I did. I stayed completely still and within minutes the mob passed by us not noticing us crouched down behind the garbage.

When they moved back Orion looked over at me.

There was this silent thing that was happening. I felt confused. This boy was the same boy that had killed my brother. I had spent this long trying to get some sort of justice for my brother. I had pushed him into a pit full of snakes. Yet he saved me. I didn’t get it.

You saved me…” I said confused, “Why the fuck would you save me?”

Those people…they were being controlled,” he told me.


You heard me…they were being controlled by someone…someone with magic,” he explained.

I sat there thinking about it. It didn’t make sense. I had controlled people before and I felt like I knew when someone was being manipulated by magic. I completely missed that from these people. Bobby had motivation to chase us.

Someone is controlling them like how I control people?” I asked.

Similar but the not the same,” Orion said, “You control people’s minds. Someone is controlling their emotions. They are filling those people with hate for…our kind.”

So why did you save me?

Because they’ve been after me too.”



I already know what you would have done if the situation was reversed,” Orion said, “You would throw me in a pit of snakes. Lucky for you…you aren’t the only one who has been trying to get rid of me.”

That confused me even more on why the fuck he saved me.

What do you want from me?” I asked.

He shook his head, “Nothing.”
“So you kill one brother and save the other? I don’t get it.”

I did kill your brother and I don’t blame you for wanting to get revenge. Right now though…we have a bigger threat. We have a witch hunt on your hands. You see that now. Don’t you…”


He was right. These people wouldn’t stop until we were all dead.

It scared me to even be sitting here and calmly talking to Orion like I wasn’t the one who tried to get rid of him.

I don’t need your help,” I said.

Yes you do,” he said shaking his head, “You all do. I want to call a cease-fire.”


I want to wave a white flag…for now. We can work together and get rid of this threat to all of us or we can keep battling one another. I have no issues either way but I’d like to avoid the latter.”

He was right. We had tried to get rid of him multiple times. Nothing worked. God knows what he had been trying to do to us as well and nothing seemed to be working for him either. Whatever Bobby and his fanatics were doing definitely were the bigger threat…for not at least.

Still looking at Orion, I didn’t think at all this was a face that I could trust.


Even if I wanted to,” I explained, “The other three won’t agree to it.”

He crossed his arms thinking for a minute.

Have them meet me and we can talk it out.”
“They’ll never agree to that.”

Did this boy not understand that they wanted him dead. Micki had made it her mission to get rid of him. There was no way she wanted to have a meeting.

Don’t let them know. Say that you are getting together for something else. Have them wear all black and meet at the secret library in the resort.”
“Is this a trick?” I asked.

He shook his head, “I’m done with tricks. It’s up to you. We can meet up tomorrow night if you want. I’ll be there if you want to end this.”
As if he would tell me anyway. He raised his hands almost as though signaling the idea of giving up. This boy admitted to killing my brother and here I was trying to make peace with him. Had I lost my mind?





You taste so good…”

End this…end this…end this…

I kept thinking about Orion’s proposal. He had saved me. He didn’t have to. He had killed my brother. He hadn’t had to do that either. I was so confused on what to think about him. I found myself having to release some pressure and the next day it was Timmy who was so readily available for me to do so.

Less talking…use your tongue for something else.”

He buried his head in my ass. I had to admit that Timmy was fucking good at what he did. I buried my head in the pillow and began moaning as he ate my ass out.

His tongue made soft circles around the rim. I could tell he was enjoying every moment of it. He dug his tongue deeper, harder…wetter…

I moaned feeling myself getting lost.

Damn…Damn! Just keep doing that.”

You like that?”

Stop talking. Just keep going…yes, fuck yes…”

My body was shivering. I found myself getting lost in whatever was going on. I didn’t even realize what was happening until I felt him stop.

Timmy what the fuck?”

I looked back behind me on my couch where I was laying to see why he had stopped. Timmy was standing there and right next to him was Jakoby. Jakoby had a raised eyebrow at that moment.


` “Timmy your shift doesn’t end for another half an hour right?” Jakoby said, “I wonder what Ms. Boss would say if she knew you were up here.”

I…I was…” Timmy said.

It was clear he had nothing to say and I felt kind of bad. The awkwardness was fucking crazy at that moment. I felt just as embarrassed as Timmy was as I leaned up and pulled my pants up.

Timmy go back to work,” I said.

Timmy nodded stuttering a little bit and running out of the door.

Jakoby came close. He sat on the couch right next to me and had this look on his face. It was a look that clearly said that he didn’t approve. I had seen the same look on my Dad’s face a million times. My dad always hated the fact that I was gay the most. He always seemed to disapprove of everything. He had the same expression as Jakoby right now.

Is this what you want?” Jakoby asked me.

Don’t you knock?”

You gave me a key,” Jakoby said.

I shrugged, “That does not excuse you from knocking.”

Jakoby crossed his arms. He never pushed too hard and that was what I always liked about Jakoby but right now he seemed to be getting really pushy and confrontational. I felt like a teenager all of a sudden being talked down to by my parents.

You don’t even care about that boy,” Jakoby said.

What does that have to do with it?” I asked, “It’s just sex.”

Jakoby was always so innocent when it came to things like that. The fact that he had a sexual orientation that happened to be gay confused the hell out of me because growing up he seemed so straight-laced.

Is it…is it just sex?” Jakoby asked me.

He was squinting as though trying to see something…deeper.

Stop trying to analyze me Jakoby,” I said.

No…no you need to be analyzed,” Jakoby said, “You spend your life running from your family and into the arms of these random men. They don’t care about you and you don’t care about them. What are you trying to gain from this?”

Maybe some sort of affection.”

From random men? It’s like you are hiding something and I want to know what it is.”

Don’t FUCKING preach to me Jakoby…” I stated, “Shouldn’t you be seeing to Orion. He got pretty banged up yesterday.”

Because you wanted it.”

I want to know what that was about. Did you set him up or something?” Jakoby asked, “Why come when you got mad at him, he got attacked?”
“That’s stupid. It’s impossible.”

I don’t know what to think with you anymore. One day you like me, the next day you want me to run off with Orion…”

I don’t want you to. I just think it’s best.”
“You want me to but don’t worry you have your wish…”


I’m putting in my resignation,” Jakoby told me, “I can’t handle being around you anymore. I can’t handle the secrets. I can’t handle the random men. I can’t handle you indecisiveness. Orion says he is leaving at the end of the week and I am going with him.”
Orion was leaving?

No wonder he wanted to bury the hatchet. Maybe he wanted to leave in peace or something in case he had hopes of coming back one day.

I sighed heavily.

Is that what you want?” I asked Jakoby.

It was heavy. Until now I thought this was what I wanted. I looked at Jakoby and I saw so much promise. The only issue was I wasn’t sure if the promise belonged to me or if it belonged to Orion.

Jakoby had gotten up by now and was half way to the door but he turned back for some reaosn.

Is this what YOU want?”

I don’t know…”

You are pushing me away. You are doing this stuff with this Timmy guy on purpose. You are trying to push me away. So I’ll ask you again. Is this what you want?”

I remained quiet.

A part of me wanted him away from all the witchcraft and magic. A part of me wanted to be selfish and keep him around. I wanted to battle Orion till the end of time for Jakoby. I didn’t give a fuck what spell I had to learn. I just didn’t want Jakoby to be caught in the cross fire. I didn’t want Jakoby to be hurt and a part of me felt like it was going to happen sooner or later with him involved in all this stuff.


You aren’t answering.”

I hadn’t noticed him so close to me until he spoke. I had been staring off in the distance trying to figure everything out. Now Jakoby was right dead in front of me. His hand was on my cheek actually. It was stroking my cheek in this way that I loved.

I…don’t want you to go,” I said.

At that point Jakoby started kissing me.

I wasn’t sure how it came on so strong but it came on strong. His tongue went into my mouth and he started kissing me. The wetness and moist between us was too much to handle. I felt like I was going to nut myself when he grabbed onto me pulling me close to him into the tightest hug I could imagine. I hadn’t been able to have someone give me that feeling when I was fully dressed. It was like he had the ability to give me a orgasm by simply caring about me.

Then I won’t…” he said, “What about Timmy?”

Fuck Timmy. What about Orion though?”

I’ll tell him I need time to figure things out with you,” Jakoby said, “I’ll tell him that I care about him and our past was great but right now I have feelings for you. I have to explore those feelings and be fair to both of us.”

There was so much heaviness between us at this moment. I didn’t know how to describe it. It wasn’t a good thing or a bad thing. I didn’t know whether to be happy or completely scared. I just felt…heaviness.

Well…maybe this isn’t the best time to tell him,” I said.

Why not?”

He just arranged a cease-fire of witchcraft later tonight that’s why.

Things are tense right now,” I explained, “Especially what happened yesterday.”

Jakoby nodded his head, “You are probably right. I noticed some weird things about him too. You…you would probably think I’m lying…”

What weird things?”

He keeps weird artifacts around. It’s kind of creepy to be honest with you. Remember Bobby, Shi Shi’s ex? He came around and told me I should be careful with Orion yesterday when he saw us walking together.”
It was so hard not to tell Jakoby about Orion and about me. It was hard not to tell him about the five families. Right now just wasn’t the timing though. This cease-fire was important. It was the most important thing right now.

What do you think?”

I just think Orion gets into some weird freaky shit. I’m not sure if that’s what I want to be around so I think its best that I do keep my distance from him and get to know you.”


Shit. I was in the same boat as Orion. Did that mean he’d want to keep away from me too if he knew my secret?

Yeah…but nothing wrong with getting to know your sexy ass.”

I smiled.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I couldn’t believe this. Even Jakoby was starting to get suspicious. The witch hunt thing was growing. Bobby was spreading word about us to everyone. The more that threat was around the more our whole entire lifestyles was at stake. I could mess around and completely lose Jakoby’s trust if I weren’t careful with this.



This is so cliché,” Micki said, “Why do we have to wear black?”

I kind of like it,” Shi Shi answered, “It goes with my wig.”
I looked over at Shi Shi’s wig. The wig actually looked pretty good but nothing compared to her real hair. I could tell she missed it.

They had met me in the library as I asked them to that night. Dore was the last one to come in. When she walked in I was already setting up candles and pretending like I had some idea what the hell I was doing. Honestly I was just setting up candles because the room was super dark otherwise.

Why are we here?” Dore asked me.

I asked him to bring you here.”
The voice was do distinct. Orion stepped into the room and Shi Shi looked like she immediatley lost it. Luckily I was quick and grabbed her just in time. Her open palmwas two inches away from Orion when I grabbed her. I held her back and Orion had this kind of smirk on his face as though he was amused by everything.

What that FUCK is this about Gene?” Micki asked.

I’m going to kill him,” Shi Shi cried out.

She was stronger than I thought and it was now taking both me and Dore to hold her back. A part of me wanted to make sure Micki wasn’t going to attack Orion too but she was a more composed person than Shi Shi was.

I was attacked,” I explained, “By Bobby and a mob of people. They were calling me a demon all this other shit. I was cornered and Orion saved me.”

Bobby attacked you too?” Shi Shi said, “They came to my family’s house and burned an upside down cross on my lawn yesterday. I had to call the cops.”

Dore shook her head, “They are getting out of hand. They could really want to do harm to us…”

I’m sure they do,” Orion said, “That is why I called you all here. I want to end this and focus our energy on a common enemy.”


The last word came from Micki. She had lit a cigarette even though we were inside. She had a cool about her and wasn’t being emotional like Shi Shi. However her cold, blunt answer was just as dramatic as Shi Shi’s tantrums.

Micki think about this,” I explained, “We don’t have to be friends. We don’t have to get along. Orion knows things that we don’t know. I’m sure we know things that Orion doesn’t know. We can all teach each other…we can all…”

Shut up,” Micki answered, “You traitor. Did your forget this boy killed your brother?”

I didn’t forget anything. I just know if I have two people that want me dead and one of them changed his mind, I am going to take that opportunity to get rid of the other one.”

Dore and Shi Shi were being super quiet at that moment. It was almost like they were just waiting for Micki and I to go at it. Micki seemed to be really quiet though so there was this awkwardness at that moment.

Orion shook his head, “The history between our families is complicated. There is two sides to every story and my family has a different viewpoint.”

That I could care less about,” Micki said, “I will kill you…do you hear me? I don’t care how many witch hunts there is going on. I don’t care if the world is burning around us. I will kill you. So if you don’t kill me first, you’ll be digging your own grave.”

Her threat was crazy. I could the extremity in her eyes.

You must have loved Exodus a lot,” Orion said, “Him and I were actually friends. Did you know that?”

I was surprised that Orion was so calm after Micki’s threat. I would have been freaking out. He seemed to almost understand it though. I was really amused.

What?” I asked.

I was completely confused.

There is a lot going on that the four of you don’t know,” Orion explained, “Magic is what happens when 1+1 does not equal 2.”

What are you talking about?” Dore asked.

Bobby and those other people were being controlled.”

Shi Shi’s eyes got wide, “You’re lying…they have been chasing after us for a while now. When Gene does it, it doesn’t last this long.”

Whoever is controlling them is a lot stronger than Gene…”


There is only one family I know that can control people’s actions. It is an innate gift.”
Micki got up off her seat, “I’m not sticking around for this bullshit. This guy is bullshitting all of you. You are just going right into his trap. Everyone knows the only family that can do that is the Bah family. Gene is the only Bah left.”

No…actually he’s not,” Orion said.

I’m not?”

Orion paused “What if I told you that Exodus isn’t actually dead?”