Witch Doctor, Chapter 1

Chapter 1The 5 Families

“You should sit closer…don’t be shy.”

He moved closer. He was a sexy thing. He was tall broad shoulders. He looked like an Island boy. I hadn’t seen anyone like him for years now. Moreen Island had a way of raising boys that were so attractive. They all had these hot bodies and dark tanned skin. They all had dreds or natural curls. I fucking missed home. I had to admit. Coming back to Moreen Island after all this time was There was something about the island boys that I just loved. Even when I moved away for college He hadn’t been paying any attention to me until he caught my eyes.

That was when I knew I had him.

He moved closer.

“You straight?”

He nodded.

Of course he was straight. That was always the ones that I was attracted to. This was an interesting one…but not too interesting. It was so easy to get him to do what I wanted.

“Pull your dick out,” I told him.

He was nervous. It didn’t matter. So what we were in the back isle of a funeral. He did what I told him. He was sweating. Sometimes they tried to resist. This one wasn’t really resisting too hard.

His dick was thick, bulging head. Damn. I got turned immediately. I would suck the blood out of that thing. I moved my hand closer.

That was when I heard her…Massie Boss.

“I even see his twin brother Gene in the crowd. Gene is there anything you’d like to come up and say?”

I looked at the boy and quickly whispered to him, “Put your dick away and forget about this.”

The witch doctor didn’t get what he wanted this time.

I got up as though I was about to go say something but I didn’t.

I walked out.

It was my brothers funeral. You might ask how the fuck did I get a straight guy to do what I wanted? It’s because I was different. It wasn’t just me though mind you. No…my brother was different too. My whole family was.

They were all dead now though. My brother was the last of them. How did he die? I wasn’t quite sure…

“You smoke now…”

I turned to see Massie. She had followed me outside the funeral.

“5 years changes people. It’s a long time to start bad habits,” I said and puffed on my cigarette, “Want one?”

“No…why’d you run out?”

“I’ve never been good at public speeches,” I stated, “My brother hated my guts anyway. He probably wouldn’t have wanted me to be here.”

“That’s not true,” Massie said, “Your brother loved you…you two were always a little different from one another.

She said it with a straight face as though.

A little?

We were polar opposites.

“I was the slut, bad boy and he was the angel,” I stated, “Good magic and dark magic. Isn’t that how my mom described it.”

“Shh…” she said.

Massie was always so secretive about things like that. It was amusing watching her standing there with her serious face. She didn’t like to mention the magic in my family at all. The Boss family was always close to our family. Only Massie and her hideous daughter we left. Her husband had run away and her son died when he was a child playing with things he wasn’t supposed to.

“You were about to doing something to that boy at the back of the church,” Massie stated, “I saw you.”

“So what?”

“At your brother’s funeral?” she asked, “Don’t you have any respect!”

She had this look on her face. It was outrage. It was always so easy to shock Massie Boss. It made me smile a little bit. She got so offended so easily.

“I do what I want.”

“I guess the thing about the good twin and the dark twin is right,” she stated looking at me.

It was at that moment I almost saw my mother’s eyes in Massie’s. She had that disappointed look my mother always gave me. The look my mother had when I told her I was gay. It was the look when she figured out that my brother was the good twin. See all twins are born either good or bad and in our religion it was even more clear.

“Don’t worry I’ll be out of your hair soon enough,” I told her.

She wished it would have been me. She was just like my mother. My mother would have wanted me to be the one in that grave instead of my brother.

“Your brother’s body isn’t even cold and you running away again.”

I ignored her, “How’d he die?”

“I’m not sure. He was hanging with the Three Graces at the resort. Something happened. None of them will say exactly what it is. He just fell dead. There’s something dark going on Gene. We can’t have you running away again. We need to stick together right now…”

I crossed my arms.

She sounded just like my mother. Just like the others. My brother wasn’t the type to get mixed in bad magic. He was always the responsible one. It’s funny. I was the reckless one in the family but I was the only one still alive. Everyone else was dead, dead, dead.

“What do you mean no one will say what happened. Make them say.”

“I don’t have that skill. I can’t force the three girls to tell me anything. I can’t make people do what I want like you can.”

“It only works on men for me,” I admitted.

I was surprised she didn’t remember that. She raised an eyebrow though as though it had just come back to her. I don’t know how I got it but ever since I was a kid I was able to get men to do whatever I wanted them to do if I really really wished it. As I got older I got a lot better at it. Of course I never used my gift for anything productive. I ended up being more of a loser than people who had no gifts or abilities. One of those people was Massie Boss. She was born in a magical family and didn’t have a trace of it.

“Where is your little monster. I’ll ask her myself.”

I’d always made fun of Micki Boss. Micki was Massie’s daughter and was one of the ugliest girls I’d ever seen. She had the biggest crush on my brother all through grade school. She hung out with 2 girls all the time. It was the typical witch girls. They looked like them too. Short stubby little troll girls that hung around in the back, wore all black and were really unpopular in school. They were losers.

Massie shook her head, “I’ll drive you to the reception. The funeral is over anyway. I need you to find out what happened to your brother.”

“I’ll do it…not for you. Not for him. I’ll do it because I want to know what it was that could kill a Bah.”

There were five families in our Coven.

The Bah, the Boss, The Wrights, the Atwoods and the fifth family. We were all decended centuries ago back to one woman. Her name was Fatima. Fatima was a witch doctor in Africa. Because we all had her blood we grew into strong families of magic. My family had the purest line from Fatima and were always the strongest.

Or at least we should have been.

The Fifth family was always very close to ours. They tried to take over my family’s position but failed…miserably. However it resulted in my Dad dying from a curse the fifth family put on him. The fifth family was banished and never heard from since. The rest of them stayed loyal to my mother but she ended up killing herself. Luckily my brother was the leader became the leader of the coven.

Where is our Coven located?

Moreen Island. It was a small island in the Caribbean that slaves settled in and made their own. It was where the five families had settled and did fucked up shit together.


“That boy is looking at you.” Massie stated.

I turned. We were in the reception hall. It was really crowded. My brother was really popular guy. He had taken over the family resort and I knew a lot of the people here were staff members.

I turned to see who she was talking about.

It was a boy. He looked really familiar. Even sexier than the one before. He wasn’t black but he had very dark skin. He had light brown dredlocks that came to his shoulders. He had dark piercing eyes. He was looking at me. Only on Moreen Island did people come to a reception in a linen suit. It looked nice on him though. I had to admit. There was something very familiar about him. God bless Moreen Island.

“I do like exactly like the boy who everyone is mourning,” I stated, shaking my head.

“Whatever. I’m just a little…paranoid,” Massie stated, “All these deaths in the five families is unsettling. Natural causes my ass…”

My heart got heavy. She was right.

“It’s four families now. Why do you keep saying five?”

“It’s been five for so long.”

“Do you think the fifth family has come back?”

Massie shook her head, “I’ll ask Old Lady …”

“As though she’ll respond. Does she live with your family now?” I asked Massie.

She nodded, “Of course.”

Old lady used to live with the Atwoods when I was growing up. They must have felt tired of replacing her diapers.

Remember Fatima…from centuries ago…

Yeah…she was still alive. Old lady.

Barely alive that is. She was more like a vegetable. I wasn’t sure if she was immortal. There was a lot of shit I didn’t even ask about. My mom didn’t have me around that stuff because she knew I was the dark side of things. I figured she thought the less I knew about magic the better.

“Is she immortal?”I asked.

“You should come see her…ask for yourself.”
I shook my head.

“Ms. Massie, I was staring at a straight boy’s dick at my brother’s funeral. Does it look like I want to have a sentimental moment with some old bag of bones that I’m descended from?” I asked.

She shook her head. The idea of dick seemed to make her squeemish.

“What happened to you Gene?” Massie asked me.

I shook my head, “When your family is ashamed of you for no reason, you start giving them reasons to be.”

I sat there thinking about all the times that my family had been ashamed of me. If they were here now I would probably be the one in the corner some where while they showed my brother around to everyone. They talked about his accomplishments. They talked about all the shit he did. He was their little angel. He could do nothing wrong.

“What the FUCK did you do to me!”
I felt someone push me. He pushed me kind of hard at the table that I was sitting at. The whole reception hall was ridiculously packed but got quiet immediately. The boy had pushed me hard and I could feel myself falling over.

I was not the fighter. I had no reason to be.

It was the boy who I made show him my dick.

Fuck…I guess my power wasn’t the strongest ever.

“Stop…stop!” Massie said trying to get in between us.

“No get out of my way old lady,” the boy said and moved closer, “What the fuck did you do to me…what the fuck…what are you…”

He was panicking. Everyone was looking.

“Nothing I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

People were just watching. Whispering…talking shit. Probably talking about the boy that looked just like the dead boy that came into town from such a long time ago.

They were judging me already.

All of a sudden I was a victim again…the little forgotten twin.

Not this time.

Massie seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. Hell I would have thought she was a mind reader or something.

She looked at me and said, “Gene… don’t.”

Too late.

I turned to the closest man I could see staring me in my eyes. It was some fat guy at a near by table….“You…protect me.”

I didn’t give a fuck.

I didn’t care if I failed sometimes but I wouldn’t fail now. I’d get him to do exactly what I wanted. He did too…well kind of. The fat man came forward and threw himself in front of the aggressor. He swung his fist at him almost immediately. The aggressive guy dodged it and punched the fat guy hard in his stomach. The fat guy went falling to his knees almost immediately.

Shit…this guy was strong.

“You made him do that! You fucking made him attack me just now!” the guy said.


Someone else had came forward.

It was the guy that had been staring at me. It was the one with the brown hair. The handsome boy had jumped in between me and the guy he was trying to stop me.

I hadn’t even done anything. It was crazy.

“Relax man.”

“Did he get you too?” the aggressor said.

“What? You’re doing enough. This is a funeral. Fall back. I’m not going to go down as easy as the other guy so don’t test me.”

They stared each other down. I was so sure they were going to fight then all of a sudden someone came out of no where. She was a tall lean supermodel girl.

“Bobby baby…stop it…that’s enough,” the supermodel said.

She was talking to the aggressor. Bobby sounded like someone who would beat the fuck out of someone. Hell. I looked over at Bobby and then the supermodel girl. I was happy when he seemed to calm down because of her. They clearly seemed like a couple or something by how she caressed his face.

“You don’t know what he did.”
“It doesn’t matter baby. Let’s go cool off,” the supermodel girl said and then looked at me, “Sorry about that Mr. Bah.”

She knew who I was. The supermodel walked away.

“You have to don’t you…you can’t help yourself,” Massie said immediately after.

She was steaming after the confrontation. I had went to the bar and immediately ordered a drink. I couldn’t stand this lady. She reminded me of my mom so much.

“I almost got beat up lady,” I told her, “Back down.”

“You’re starting trouble the first day you get here.”
I rolled my eyes.

“I do what I want. Like I said…back down.”

I was a ticking time bomb. I didn’t need this right after almost being attacked. I didn’t need to be put down. She wasn’t my mother. My mother was in the ground.

“That’s how you live huh?” she asked, “You just walk in here and you do what you want…all the time? You walk in here like you are hot shit…”

“I AM… Look around…we are at the funeral of the only other person that could compare. I AM it now!”
She knew it too. I could tell in her face she knew it.

See there was something that the other five families had known. My family was the purest blood. We were the strongest. That was what they were so afraid of. Massie’s eyes grew wide at that moment but my intensity had finally broken her.

I was the only one left lady…

“Here are your keys.”
“Keys for what?”
She threw down a set of keys in front of me.

“Master keys to the resort of course. Like you said…you are it now. You inherited the 5 family resort. Be there tomorrow to sign paper work. Your lawyer will be there at 8. Good luck.”

“That’s it?”

She turned and walked away. I guess that was it.

“I was waiting for her to walk away.”

He came up to me. It was my little savior. Why the fuck did he look so familiar? I felt an instant comfort with him and I just looked at him. Hell I had met so many people in my life that my memory was kind of faded.

“My hero,” I said smiling.
I loved a handsome guy. I felt myself almost quivering when he was staring at me. He seemed to stare right through me. Damn this guy was hot.

He smiled. A bright smile, “You really don’t remember me do you?”

“I can get to know you,” I said smiling.

He laughed a little as though I had said something hilarious. Epic fail. The more I heard the laugh the more intense I felt. Hell I was horrible at flirting but I didn’t really have to do that much when I could give people’s orders. To be laughed at was not the best feeling ever.

Then I realized the laugh.

“It can’t be…Ja…Jacoby?”

He laughed, “Clearly.”
He leaned forward and gave me a hug. When I smelled him I knew immediately it was Jacoby. He was my best friend in middle school. He was a lot skinnier and nerdier. He ended up moving at the beginning of high school. I hadn’t seen him in almost 9 years. I was 23 now and he looked completely different.

“God bless puberty,” I said laughing, “You look completely different.”
He laughed, “The skinny little kid that used to follow you around is gone. I was figuring when you would recognize me.”

“I’m surprised you recognize me…”

“Yeah you did change a lot too,” he said laughing but stopped, “I had help though. I kind of work at your family’s resort. I knew your brother…”

“When did you move back?”

“Two years ago. I had to come back though. I missed the island. I missed you too…”

It was so weird that he said it. I had missed him too. He was the only one I could really talk to. At that point there wasn’t any attraction or anything. He was literally the funny, geeky best friend that you had that thought you were the coolest person ever.

“Well I wasn’t here best friend,” I said.

He laughed, “Yeah. Luckily your brother took me under his wing and hired me at his resort. I mean…he was great. You have my condolences…he was one of my best friends man…”

He was tearing up.

I had been dealing with this all day. It was kind of sad to see. I was never close to my brother but the fact that someone was tearing up for him made me worry. I went ahead and patted his back.

Everyone was crying. People loved my brother. He had managed to even steal my best friend.

I thought of the corniest thing to say, “He’s in a better place…”

He raised his eyes and smiled, “You probably think I’m the biggest loser for crying like this you don’t have to fake it…remember…I know you.”

“Thank god,” I put my hand off of her and pulled out my cigarette, “Let’s go get a cigarette this is boring.”

He laughed almost immediately. That laugh was what I remembered the most. He was such a positive person. It wasn’t in a fake, uppity way like my brother. Jacoby was uniquely real. Everything he said was real and that is what I remembered.

I just hoped his friendship with my brother hadn’t changed him much.

We started walking out to smoke and even though I was 100% more attracted to him it felt good to have a friend. Someone who didn’t judge me. It felt like being here wouldn’t be so bad…if Jacoby was here.

How long would I be here though?

I grabbed him immediately.

I saw the supermodel girl. Only there was more of them. The one girl wasn’t with Bobby any more. She was with two other just as beautiful. There was something off about it though. It was unnatural beauty…too perfect.

Have you ever played a game where you had to design a character and your character had no flaws. This was these girls.

“Who are those girls?” I asked.

“My bosses…”


“They work at the resort too. They are the managers of hospitality, the bar and the restaurant at the hotel. They are like partial owners.”

“What are you talking about? The only people that could own the house is my family and the other 3 families.”
“Yeah…that is Micky Boss, J`adore Wright and Shi Shi Atwood.”


“What do you mean…”

Dark magic. I didn’t know much about magic but this was dark. My family had kept me away from it. They taught my brother because they felt like he was more promising but I knew dark magic.

Transformation was the darkest magic. Completely changing the laws of nature was some of the darkest magic possible. These girls didn’t hit puberty like Jacoby. All these girls were something like dwarves before I left. They were also hideous. This kind of transformation was something completely different.

There was darkness on this island and these girls knew something about it…