The Straight Agenda, Chapter 1

The Straight Agenda1

“Shh…no one can see us.”

“No one will.”

Seth looks both ways down the street before sneaking into my apartment.  My apartment is just next door from his.   When he sneaks into my apartment he kisses me hard on the lips.  I can tell he’s immediately horny.


Seth is attractive to say the least.  He’s 6’0” and about 160 pounds.  He isn’t muscular in any way but he’s real solid.  What I love the most about him is the darkness of his eyes when he looks at me.  It’s almost like you can sink into those eyes of his and get lost.  They are so fucking deep.  So fucking sexy.  He has this olive skin tone.  He says it’s because his family originated from the Middle East before moving here to the States.  I can definitely see that.   I like to think he’s some Arabian Prince when he comes to visit me.


“I been missing you so much,” he tells me, “I love you so much man.  You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”

We don’t make it to the bedroom.  Before I know it I’m on the floor.  Seth is ripping off my clothes, quite literally.  He is tearing them off my body.  I’m naked underneath him and he’s sucking on my neck, my nipples, my inner thighs and slowly engulfs his lips on my dick.


He sucks it quite strongly until I manhandle him throwing him to the ground and doing a 69 position right at the entry way of my apartment.

“FUCK!” he’s yelling.


“Shh…we can’t be too loud.  Someone outside might here.”

“I don’t care,” he tells me.


His dick enters my mouth.  My dick enters his.  We suck each other, filling each other with precum that drizzles on our lips.  I get his dick real wet sliding my palm up and down his thick, olive-toned shaft until I can see his veins popping off. I can tell by how much of his salty precum that flows into my mouth that he’s definitely been wanting this for quite some time.  I touch on his balls.  They are solid and full.  It’s clear that he’s been holding out for me.
He turns me around and he begins to fuck me. Slow at first.  His dick struggles to grind into my asshole as he starts to fuck me doggy style.  I want to moan so loud but I’m scared.  Someone could be walking around outside.  My apartment is close to the others.  They could hear the sound of two men.  And you know what that meant…

You always knew what that meant.


All of a sudden there is a knock on the door!



“Hey Caden, you there?”


The voice sounds familiar.


I look over at Seth.  He seems shocked and excited all at the same time.  He recognizes the voice too.


“What the fuck is your wife doing here?” I whisper to him.


Yeah.  Seth was married.  He didn’t love her though.  I knew that much for sure.  There was no way he could be in love with that woman and do the things that he did for me.  Seth paid for my entire apartment.  He took care of me.  He loved me…not her.  I know that may sound stupid and naïve, but I had been around them.  I had seen how they interacted.  There was no love there.



He shrugs.



“Caden you there.  I hear you moving around.  I’m coming in.”

She was annoying to say the least.  This isn’t the first time Seth’s wife had come around trying to look for her husband.  I was also sure that I wasn’t the first stop she took either.


“One minute!”

I try to get myself decent but I realize we are making too much noise.  Then I realize something.


I hadn’t locked the door.

With anyone else that wouldn’t have been a problem.  No one would just barge into someone’s house even if the door was unlocked.  Right?  Wrong.  Seth’s wife was crazy and she had a penchant for inviting herself where she didn’t really belong…including in a relationship with Seth.  When I hear the door turning I make a wild rush to the door…completely butt naked.


The door opens and I make it just in time stepping behind it and blocking it before she came all the way in to see her naked husband in my entryway with both our clothes scattered everywhere.



“Marla…can I help you?”

I try to be nice.  It’s hard.  I want to tell her never to try to open my door like that again, but I know Seth would be mad if I did.  The last thing we wanted to do was make Marla uncomfortable in anyway.  It was necessary that we kept things on the down low.

“I was looking for Seth.  It’s election day and he said he was going to come back home so we can watch the results together,” Marla explains.


She’s a beautiful girl.  She Armenian and has this long silky black hair.  She can have any man she wanted but for some reason she chose Seth.  A gay man who was undercover.  Being neighbors with them for years I knew why she did it.  Marla went out of her way to be a challenge.  She loved the idea of it.  She could have gotten a guy who showed her genuine affection but that was too easy.  Marla had to be instead find the one guy who didn’t show her any attention what-so-ever.

“I haven’t seen him,” I state.


Just at that moment I feel breathing behind me.  Marla can’t see him but I can feel Seth sneaking up behind me.  I feel him grasping at my body as I block the door from Marla coming in. The poor girl can only see my head peeking through the slight gap of the door.  She doesn’t see her husband right behind me, trailing my body with his fingertips slowly.


“You sure?” she asks, “I know you two are good friends.”

“Marla.  How many times do I have to tell you?  Seth just helps fix things in the apartment every once in a while.  We aren’t really friends.”

Marla sighs, “He’s really good with his hands huh.”

“You can say that…”

Just at that moment I feel Seth put his fingers in my asshole.  It feels so good that I damn near choke.  My eyes bulge in my head and the whole time Marla is just looking at my expression without really knowing what I was doing.  Seth was enjoying this.  He was enjoying the idea of torturing me while his wife was only inches away.



“You OK, Caden?” she asks me.


“Never better.”

Seth is currently putting his dick inside me.  It slides right in.  I struggle not to moan but find myself biting my lip.  He’s fucking me with his wife on the other side of the door and she doesn’t seem to notice at all.  He does it slow…so slow.  His dick grinds up inside of me.  His hands hold onto my waist.  Seth goes all the way deep in me, making certain to avoid any smacking noises.  I wonder how it is possible that Marla can’t smell the aroma of sex permeating from my apartment.

“I’m kind of nervous, Caden.  He just disappears from time to time.  What if it’s another woman?”

He slowly pushes down on my back causing me to bend over ever so slightly.  I have to pretend that I’m really interested in the conversation and just trying to get down to Marla’s height to avoid suspicious.

“I uh…I …fuckum…I don’t think it’s another woman,” I tell Marla.


I’m struggling to talk.


Before I know it Marla is crying at the door.  I’m not sure why she breaks down to me.  I’m not her friend.  I’m her neighbor.  None the less I reach a hand out from behind the door and places it on her shoulder.  All the while Seth is going balls deep.  The smacking noises are starting slightly as he gets more and more excited.  Luckily Marla is crying so loud now that she doesn’t even seem to hear them. The smacking gets aggressive.
I can feel Seth squeezing hard onto my waist.

“Listen, Marla…I really have to go.”

“You don’t have a minute.”

“No.  I don’t.  How about you check the bakery.  Seth loves cakes.”


Marla opens her mouth to continue the conversation but I have no choice at this point but to shut the door right in her face.  Before I know it Seth erupts into my asshole.  His cum pours inside of me.  He leans over my back biting into the back of my neck.



“Fuck…that was so good.”

Before I know it we collapse on the floor.  I slide into Seth’s arms.  We’ve been doing this for years and for years his wife had no clue.  I know that he wants to stay.  He gets so comfortable that a lot of times he ends up staying the night and telling his wife that he got tipsy at a local bar and didn’t want to drive home so he got a hotel.  This caused poor Marla to talk to her pastor about a possible drinking problem that Seth had.  Seth never drank though.  I was his only drug.


“I feel bad about this,” I state.

“Oh come on.  She knows I don’t love her.  I haven’t had sex with her in a year for god sakes.  It’s not like I’m leading her on.”

“You’re married to her Seth.”

Seth sighs.  He runs his hand through his jet black hair and kicks up his leg.  He pulls my naked body closer to him.  He cuddles up and looks me in the eyes.  He does this when he’s serious.  He wants to let me know that everything is going to be OK.


“You know why it has to be like this.  Don’t you.”

“The SHIV scare.”

“Exactly.  Life wasn’t always like this.  40 years ago gay people lived normal.  There was a cure for HIV.  We had nothing to worry about.  Then HIV mutated…and people got…scared.”

“Not scared of the disease though,” I tell Seth, “Scared of us.”

That’s how this all started.  SHIV.  There were still people who were out of the closet nowadays.  Seth was right.  In the not too distant past things were different.  People were becoming accepting of gay people.  A liberal wave had spread across the United States.  We had Transgendered politicians, gay singers and openly lesbian sports stars.
That was before.  That was before the mutation.


The mutation changed everything.  The HIV strain became more aggressive and killed more rapidly.  The drugs known as HAART that treated HIV and AIDS were rendered useless.  A more saturated version of HIV had surfaced known only as SHIV: Saturated Human Immune deficiency virus.   Of course you would think this would just cause people to be more careful.  That wasn’t the case.  People turned on the gay community.  It was common knowledge that HIV was passed among gay people.  HIV had brought homosexuality back to being the most taboo subject known to man.


Seth puts his hands on my fingertips.  He rubs my ring finger.


“One day something is going to be on that finger.”

I move away from Seth, “Stop saying shit like that, Seth.  Stop getting my hopes up.”

“You think I love her?”

“I know you don’t.”

“You are who I want to be with.  You know who my father is.  You know why I can’t just come out of the closet yet.”

“I know who your dad is…”

Professor Abdel Ali was Seth’s father.  The professor was a famous anti-gay scientist who was out here saying that he had a device that would be able to detect gay thoughts in men.  It was utterly ridiculous in a way.


“My dad is just misguided.  His device won’t gain popularity,” Seth tells me, “People don’t want to listen to the that Radical right winger Alexandros Storm.  Listen.  We have hope.  The new guy Robert Nicholas isn’t Anti-Gay.  He’s talking about addressing the issues of the rising trend of Homophobia.   Today’s election day.”


“Speaking of which, your wife is waiting for you to watch the results together.”

“I wish I was watching it with you.  I wish I was with you celebrating President Nicholas’s victory with you when it happens.”

“We’ll celebrate one day if Nicholas is who he says he is.”

“Have hope.  Things won’t always be like this.”

“How do you know?”

“Remember what we used to say.”

“Yeah I remember.”

“Say it.”

“The only thing straight about me is my path into your arms,” I remember the old saying we used to say.


Seth leans over.  He gives me a kiss.  He thinks this makes everything OK.  That’s always been his problem.  This doesn’t make things OK though.  The world had changed so much.  Almost daily there were reports about the day of a gay person on television.  At first they started off as gay bashings but then turned into murderous hate crimes.  Then soon gay people everywhere just started committing suicide feeling that it was better to die than live in a world that wouldn’t accept them.


How could things be OK?  How the hell could presidential candidate Robert Nicholas just come through and fix the gay scare that was spreading across the country.




“When are you going to bring a girl home?”

My mom won’t get off my case.  I don’t want to go to my family’s house to see the results of the election.  That was the last thing that I wanted to do.   My entire family is there.  My older brother Elijah and his wife Dianne were there with their son Elijah Jr.  My sister Melissa is being a little annoying with her boyfriend who is this military guy that I don’t know.  No one talks about the fact that every time she comes over she has a different boy.  They love discussing the fact that I don’t ever bring a girl though.  My dad walks into the living room with a bowl full of popcorn.
“Leave the kid alone.  Caden is a good looking guy just like his dad.  He’ll find someone,” my dad responds.

“You know whose good looking…that guy,” Melissa says pointing at the screen.

They are showing clips of presidential hopeful Robert Nicholas’s family.  There is a boy standing next to Robert Nicholas.  He’s young, strapping and good looking.  They are having a party hoping to celebrate the win of Robert Nicholas for president.  Not too far away his competitor Alexandros Storm is sitting there waiting for something to happen.


Alexandros Storm was a plump man.  Over his head are the large words for A&E Caucus.  A&E was a new branch of the Republican party.  It stood for the Adam & Eve Caucus.  The large words are printed in golden red colors.
“Rhett Nicholas,” my mother states, “He’s Robert Nicholas’s son.  Everyone at my job has a crush on him.  I know people who voted for Nicholas just to see his son more on TV.”

My mom and sister giggle like little school girls.  I guess I understand where they are coming from.   Rhett’s father Robert Nicholas is a damn good looking guy himself.  He’s muscular and tall.  He kind of reminds me of the wrestler the Rock.  In his prime he was probably a thing of wonder.  Now his son Rhett has taken that trophy.  Rhett is tall, dark and handsome.  Supposedly the Nicholas family were native Hawaiians.  They looked like it. They had tan skin and long straight hair.  Where Robert Nicholas was more put together his son seemed to have this sexual ease about him.  His son’s hair is tied up in a long braid that goes all the way down his back.  He has a defined nose, chiseled jawline and a powerful stare that just sings with determination.  The girls of my family are straight wooing for him.

“OK relax ladies.  He’s not even the one running.  His father is,” my dad interrupts probably out of some sort of jealousy or something.


“That ponytail of his looks gay,” my brother Elijah interrupts.

“He’s gay because of how his hair is?” I ask Elijah.

The guy was masculine.  Elijah didn’t know two things about this guy and here he was judging him.  That was the thing about Elijah.  He was always good at fucking judging people without knowing any fucking thing about them.  I am annoyed to say the least.

“All I’m saying is that I can imagine Robert Nicholas having a fag for a son.  Especially with him trying to spread this fucked up ass gay agenda.”

“He’s spreading a gay agenda by being tolerant?” I argue.


“Exactly.  It’s a conspiracy to kill off straight strong men like myself by spreading SHIV,” my brother responds.

He sounds fucking ridiculous.  It sounds like some bullshit he just pulled off a conspiracy website, but what is more annoying is that other members of my family nod in agreement.  I see my dad muttering a quick sound of approval, “Uh huh.”  My family wasn’t even that conservative either.  It’s fucking annoying to say the least.  They didn’t go to church. They supported a woman’s right to choose.  They were damn near drug connoisseurs.  Yet somehow when it came to the issue of sexuality, they had become the most conservative group of people you would ever meet.  It wasn’t just them though.  That was the state of the country.  This was happening everywhere.



“I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about,” I respond, “The other guy Alexandros Storm came on live TV and said that if he became president he would start gay concentration camps like Nazi Germany…”

“It’s just talk,” my dad states, dismissing the idea.

I’m mad.  My blood is boiling at this point.

“Just talk?  Do we not remember what happened in the Holocaust?  How can you excuse this shit as being just talk?”

My dad shrugs, “They are politicians.  Storm isn’t going to kill anyone if he’s president.”

Elijah seems to butt in almost immediately, “I hope he does.  I hope he wipes all of those faggots off the face of the planet.  You hear me?  They all deserve to die.  Bunch of fucking weirdos, if you ask me.”

“You sound so hateful.”

“What do you care?”

People in the family look over at me.  Elijah saying it in the way he does doesn’t make shit better.  Why did I care?  I cared because I was gay.  I cared because I was in a relationship with a married man and we were in love but we couldn’t express that because of all the shit that was happening in America today.  I want to pull out my hair.
I want to scream!

Instead I just shrug my shoulders, play it off.

“Listen I don’t care who wins the election either way.”

My sister seems to agree, “Me neither.  I didn’t vote.  It won’t affect me either way.  I think Storm is a little dramatic and needs to grow up. What kind of president threatens people like that?  Gay or not.  The other one though is cool but I really wish his son was running.”

“Rumor has it his son is part of some sort of Pro-Gay action group,” her date explains, “That’s what they say in the military at least.  The gay version of the Black Panthers.”

My brother immediately agrees, “I heard the same.  They blow shit up.”

“Blow what up? What have the gays blown up?” I ask.


Elijah is getting louder and more annoyed, “I’m serious!  Dead serious.  Not joking.  Heard they go around trying to blow shit up.  They want to tear down the government and cause anarchy.”

“Terrorists?” my dad asks.


I roll my eyes.  I had heard the rumors of the gay terrorists.  Alexandros Storm had started those rumors and placed his competitor’s son in the tabloids as not only being a member of the gay terrorists but a high ranking member.  It was bullshit.  Everyone with half a brain knew it. The problem was that fear mongering worked.  I look over at my brother.  You would think Elijah was raised in the conservative south or something.  I just couldn’t put my finger on why he was always so hateful when it came to gays but didn’t realize that his little brother was actually one of them.



My mother shakes as though she’s nervous all of a sudden.


“What is this world coming to?”

“Gays have actually been around for quite some time,” I explain, “Going back to Ancient Greece actually. I didn’t see Greece burn and God release a plague of locusts on them.  The only difference I’m seeing is that everyone seems to all of a sudden be a lot more scared.  I wonder what Alexandros Storm has done to affect all this hate.”

Storm was the worst.  There was no way of denying it.


My sister nods a little bit, “Maybe Caden has a point.  If I’m not sleeping with them then I’m not getting SHIV.  Why do I care?”

This is why I loved Melissa.  She was simple.  She always was.  She didn’t think with her emotions like Elijah.  I wish everyone was like her.  I wish everyone just kept to themselves.

“It’s going to be Robert Nicholas anyway.  Whether you agree with his dumb stance on gay rights, I have to admit he’s just more qualified,” my dad explains to everyone, “Alexandros Storm just seems like…I don’t know…he seems…”

“Crazy?” I ask, “Like he’ll drive this country into disaster.”

Alexandros Storm could not be president under any circumstances.  His hate for gay people wasn’t seen since Hitler.  He despised the idea of two men sleeping with each other.  I remember hearing his stump speeches. I remember how he’d just go in about how disgusting the act of homosexuality was.  It wasn’t just limited to gay men either.  He hated transgendered and lesbians.  He hated anything of the sort.  He called them perversions.  When asked about his promotions of violence against gays being a human rights issue he stated, “They can’t have human rights if they aren’t human.”  That’s what Storm thought.  He thought that gay people weren’t even human.


There was no way he could win.


“The results are coming in.”

I pretend like I don’t care.  The whole time I’m on my phone.  I’m looking at the phone and texting Seth.  Seth is getting excited as the results start pouring in.

Nicholas is beating Storm.  He’s leading by a heavy margin.  Of course, the exit polls are showing that his view on being accepting of homosexuality was one of his most unpopular items.


Still he’s winning.

He’s winning by a lot.



“What the fuck is happening?” Elijah barks.

He jumps up when he sees that Wisconsin and Virginia just went for Nicholas.  I watch him kick over his chair and barely miss his kid.  He’s freaking the fuck out and I know that this is a good sign.  Swing states that should have went for Storm are coming in for Nicholas.
Things are changing.
I find myself getting a call from Seth.  I run to the bathroom to take it.  I can hear the excitement in his voice before he even picks up the phone.  The breathing is so fast.  His happiness is spreading through the phone.

“Baby…it’s happening,” Seth is telling me, “It’s going to happen.  There is no mathematical chance for Storm to become president now.”

All of a sudden I think about what this means.  For years we had been dealing with these Anti-Gay presidents who did nothing about the crime that was spreading all over the country.  Now we had a president who cared.  We had a president who was willing to take the torch and show people that gay people actually mattered.  He was going to show the country that gay people were actually humans regardless of what Storm said.


Storm losing wasn’t just about someone else becoming president.  Storm losing was a symbol.  It was a lesson to people like my brother.  It was a lesson to people all across the country.  There is so much hope.


The lesson was simple.



“Does this mean?”

“I’m telling her tonight,” Seth tells me, “I’m telling her I’m leaving her.”

“You’re joking.”

“No. I told you to have faith in Nicholas winning.  I told you to have faith in me.  I’m going to leave her and I’m going to come be with you.  There is a new era coming, Caden.  We are going to have to be leaders in it.  We are going to have to show the world our love.  There is no one else I’d rather do it with than you, Caden.”

There is so much love in his voice.  So much appreciation.  I think of all the times we hid.  I think about all the lies we told to be together.

No one would be able to understand if they haven’t experienced this feeling.  No one would able to relate to the idea of the man you love telling you that he was willing to be with you openly after years of secrecy.  We’d finally be a couple.
Love wins.
Love always wins.


“The only thing straight about me is my path into your arms,” I tell Seth.

“You know that’s right baby,” Seth explains, “Are you watching it?”

“No.  I’m in the bathroom.  Needed privacy.”

He laughs.


“I ran to the bedroom.  I need you to watch though.  Storm is getting up.  He’s walking over to Nicholas.  I’m pretty sure he’s about to concede the race to our new president.”

I get out of the door.  Elijah is still flipping out.  Tears are even in his eyes.  He’s taking this shit so personal and no one can calm him down including his wife.  I stand off to the side and watch trying my best not to smile at my brother’s freak out session.


We all watch together as Storm gets up to concede.  I look over at the Nicholas campaign.  Nicholas is hugging his son Rhett, the one all the girls go crazy over.  The campaign is already celebrating when Alexandros Storm approaches.


Nicholas turns to Storm and offers his hand to shake.


Storm takes his hand out of his pocket, but something is in it.



The sound is heard across the country!  The sound of a gunshot.  There is panic.  Everyone is running everywhere on the television.  The last thing I see is Robert Nicholas hit the floor.

Everyone gets quiet.  The television feed cuts.  My dad immediately grabs the remote to flick to another channel.  That doesn’t work.  Everything is completely cut.  EVERYTHING.


“What…just…happened?” I find myself asking on the phone.


No one is on the other line.  Seth has hung up in shock.


My entire family stands there unsure of what to say or what we just saw on television.  It looked as though Alexandros Storm had just taken a gun out and killed his presidential competitor on broadcast television in front of millions of viewers.


Three minutes later a feed comes on the screen.


In bold letters the words A&E have spread across the television.


Then there is a pre-recorded message from Alexandros Storm.  He’s sitting in a chair in an office.  American flags are behind him.  The letters A&E are pressed on his jacket.

“This is not a drill.  This is not a test.  This is not a parody,” Alexandros Storm announces, “If you are seeing this Robert Nicholas has just been killed.  In the upcoming days I will provide proof that Robert Nicholas conspired to spread the SHIV disease on behalf of his homosexual son Rhett’s militant group known only as the Gay Agenda.  I apologize that you had to see that act of violence but it is necessary.  Our country faces a threat unlike we have ever seen.  Because of that I have gotten with the Generals of the United States Military and we are seizing the seat of the United States Presidency, by force.”

My mouth drops and my knees get weak.

All hope is gone.


I look at Storm and I can see the madman in his eyes.  This has never been done in the history of the United States.


Storm had forced himself into the White house.



He was now President Alexandros Storm.