The Gay Agenda, Chapter 11


Chapter 11
The train was pulling up to what the Gays called the Commerce Community.  It was a popular neighborhood in New Jerusalem where a lot of the wealthy did business.  As we pulled in I noticed there were more skyscrapers here than any part of New Jerusalem.  Being that New Jerusalem was a floating city the skyscrapers were lost among the clouds and I couldn’t see the top of them.

“You nervous?” Marcel asks me.

He leans over and holds on my hand.  We are in bed.  The train has come to a complete stop.  Marcel is naked next to me.  He’s laying on  his stomach and looking out the window at the high rise buildings.  His ass is tight and still has a beautiful shape to it.  The sunlight flickers on his mahogany skin tone.  His fingers play with my ear lids in a playful way as he asks me.

I’m half engaged in worshiping Marcel’s beautiful body as well as taking in this new neighborhood that seems so different and strange to me.  I look outside the window and am in awe at how tall the buildings are here. There are banks and financial institutions everywhere.

I’m looking out the window when I respond to him.

“I’m good.  I guess…”

“You don’t look like it.  Don’t tell me you are going to start bitching again…”

Marcel is catching on.  We’ve been spending a lot of time together since I was shot.  He barely leaves my side any longer.  It’s kind of cute in a way.  The way he grabs at me every little chance is amazing.  We still argue…all the time really but I’m getting used to it.  I don’t prefer it anyway.

“I just am confused on why you’re going through with this.”

“The primaries votes are today.  The people are going to select the two main candidates for presidency.  I explained this to you.  I’m not backing down now.”

“I feel like you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.”

“You getting shot is not the wrong reason.”

“You’re doing it for revenge,” I tell him.

“You getting shot is serious to me.  Those straight people. They are trying to hurt you.  I don’t understand how you think that is a stupid reason.”

I don’t know how to explain it.  I should be mad about Silk trying to kill me.  I should be even more upset that he belongs to some straight organization that had it out for me.  It all makes sense really.  Silk always hated the gays.  Maybe this was some plot all along for him to infiltrate me and get close enough to take me out.  I should be heated.  I am worried but the thing that makes me worried the most is Marcel.

I’m scared he’s losing himself.

“This isn’t you,” I tell him, “Remember when I first met you.  You cared about equal rights for everyone.  Straight people.  Gay people.  Remember that?”

“I found something I care about a little more than that,” he states.

I don’t know what it means but I realize Marcel is climbing on top of me.  His body warms me as he gets close.  He presses up against me like he usually does.  I like to feel his hard, strong muscular chest against mine.  He knows I like it because he does it often.

But something doesn’t feel right about Marcel staying in this race.  Everything feels wrong about it.  I don’t know what it is really but I feel like I need to warn him.

“Marcel I’m scared.”

“You’re just shaken up,” he tells me, “You did get betrayed by Silk.   You aren’t a politician.  This is my world.  Let me deal with it ok.”

“I know…it’s just…”

“It’s just that you’re not used to that kind of betrayal.  In New Jerusalem. It happens all the time.  You just have to be picky on who you trust.  You know?”

“It’s not that.  Maybe it is.  I—I just don’t know man.”


I want to argue with him and be smart with Marcel like I  usually am but I don’t get it out.  Marcel is kissing me in order to shut me up.  It works.  My tongue isn’t going off about this worry or that worry anymore.  Instead my tongue is down his throat.

Marcel and I roll around naked.  We’d been having sex all night.  He’d just gotten out of the shower but I  have no doubt that we are about to have sex again.

This time Marcel motions me on top and raises a flirtatious eyebrow, “Let me give you something else to worry about.”

Marcel places me above him.  He rocks my hips until my ass is positioned up against his hard dick.  He guides me thrusting up and making sure that he is entering me.  He makes his way in slowly, quickly and in the next few minutes the door opens abruptly.

Marcel pulls up the sheets when he realizes someone is walking in.  I’m almost as shocked as he is.  The person is Cid.

“I’m sorry,” Cid stated shaking his head.

Marcel and I are rolled up together, pulling up the sheets on the bed so that Cid can’t watch.  Marcel seems to be a little bit more embarrassed then I am.  He always seemed like more of the politically correct kind of guy.  His face is red and he is glaring at Cid so hard that I feel like Marcel is going to lose his composure.

He doesn’t though.  He just rubs his hands on his forehead in confusion, “Cid…I know you’re used to just barging in my room but I’m married now.  You have to respect that…”

Cid smiles.  He looks amused.  To be honest I am too realizing how serious Marcel is really taking this marriage thing.  He’s even playing the part with Cid.  It makes me wonder if is lowkey forgetting our marriage is nothing more then a scam.

“I apologize Marcel,” he states, “But I have some bad news.  President Primus is endorsing someone else.”

Marcel looks troubled.  He looks over at me.  I know that President Primus is the president Marcus  Macro Primus is the acting president right now.  I was never into politics and in the Breeding grounds the only thing I really knew about President Primus was the stuff that Silk had told me back in the day.  According to Silk he was one of the worst people in the world, but then again Primus was gay and Silk hated all gay people.

“The president has decided to back Regula Ulares.  He is planning to go live on a speech before the primaries tomorrow and let everyone know.”

“Regula?”  Marcel asks, “You’ve got to be joking.”

I heard the name before.  It has to be one of the other candidates.  I don’t remember too much information about her but her name was being thrown out as a candidate.  I remember Remus or someone like that mentioning something about Regula being a post-op transsexual that was really militant.

“Is that a problem?  I thought Marcel was gaining more popularity?” I ask.

I’m confused on the ups and downs of politics.  I’m sure by Cid’s face though that he is going to break it down.

“Nazarius is on the top of the polls.  He’s a shoe in for the primaries.  The other spot is between Marcel and Regula.  If Regula gets the backing of the standing president then she will win the primaries.  Everything is lost if that happens.”

I shake my head, “Great all that work for nothing.”

“Regula is a lunatic,” Marcel states shaking his head, “How the hell am I tied in the polls with her of all people.”

Cid shakes his head.  He’s confused too.  I can tell they weren’t expecting this.  Its odd to see Cid surprised that something’s going on.  I cross my arms.  I feel bad for Marcel.  There is a look of worry that covers his face.  I feel like maybe I should leave the room and let them discuss their politics but I’m completely naked under the covers.  I feel trapped in their awkward conversation.

Cid shrugs, “Regula has the Transexual vote.  She’s also been able to raise a ton of money from her constituents in the finance sectors.  She also has publicly taken a side against straight people while you…just haven’t…”

“They tried to kill my husband.  What makes people think I’m still support straight rights?” Marcel asks.

Things were getting heated.

“Maybe I should leave,” I say.

“No wait,” Cid stops me, “I have a plan.”

I look over at Cid.  Great.  The last thing I need is one of Cid’s plans.  The way he stands in front of me and stops me from leaving makes me feel like this plan has something to do with me.

Cid continues slowly, “We need the two of you to go meet with the President.”

“Why me?” I ask, “Can’t Marcel go alone?”

“The presidents husband was attacked by straight people as well.  Maybe Marx and the first husband can bond over this.  You know?  A couple’s dinner.”

A couple’s dinner to talk about people who tried to kill us?

I can’t believe Cid is asking me to do this but then again…it’s Cid.  I look over at Marcel.  We make eye contact.  I hope he can read my thoughts in the next few minutes.

Marcel does manage to speak, “Maybe that’s a bad idea.  Marx needs time.”

“Time for what?”

I appreciate Marcel speaking up for me but I jump in quickly with a more aggressive straight forward tone, “Silk is dead.  I need more time to mourn.”

I know it sounds stupid.  From the look on Cid’s face I can tell that I sound like an idiot.  He looks like me like I’ve completely lost my mind.  Maybe I have.  I can’t stop thinking about Silk dying.  I killed him.  It was self-defense.  Sure.  But I did the deed.

“You do realize Silk was not your friend right?” Cid asks me, “You do realize that he was part of the Straight Agenda and this new Agenda wants you dead…”

Marcel crosses his arm, “If he doesn’t want to do it he doesn’t have to.  I’ll find some other way to convince the president.”

Marcel seems to have made his mind up.  Cid clearly seems annoyed by it.  I can see Cid about to leave the room but I stop him.

“Wait…I’ll do it…”

Marcel looks over at me, “Are you sure?”

I’m not.  I can’t hide in the weeds anymore.  Marcel clearly wants to go through with this.  Hearing about the other candidates I prefer Marcel be president over anyone else.

We don’t have much time to get ready to meet.  Cid finds a way to set up a dinner with the President and his husband that very night.  The lesbians get Marcel and I together.  A hover limousine comes to pick us up from the train.

“You ok?” I hear Marcel ask me.

Marcel looks handsome.  He has on all white.  He’s looks like he’s put together.  I can feel my heart racing kind of as I adjust myself in the back of the car.

“I think so…” I reply.

“Here let me get that,” he says reaching over and adjusting my tie.

He fixes my tie for me and smiles.  We look at one another.  I feel anxious.  According to Cid so much comes down to tonight.  If we can convince the president then Marcel has won the primaries.  I’m pretty sure that it would mean only him and Nazarius would be in the running for president at that point.

“What if I can’t do it?  What if I can’t help you convince the president?” I ask Marcel.

He shrugs, “You can’t convince anyone.  Let’s be serious.”

“Thanks that makes me feel better.”

Marcel laughs, “Listen.  That’s what I like about you.  Just be yourself.  If he likes us, he likes us.  If he doesn’t, he doesn’t.”

“And my father wins the presidency and the whole world goes to shit,” I say, “Please don’t make me think this isn’t a big deal.”

He takes a deep breath, “I’m trying to make you comfortable.”

I know I’m kind of snapping on Marcel.  I know Marcel is just joking around and trying to lighten the situation.  It isn’t working though.  I’m just as nervous if not more.  After Silk, I’m just paranoid of everyone and everything.  I don’t know anything about this presidential race.

I find myself grabbing at his hand, “I know.  It’s just.  I don’t want to let you down.  I know this sounds petty but I don’t want my father win.  You’ll be a better president.  At this point that’s the only reason I’m still in this.  But don’t make this seem like it’s not a big deal.  I’m tired of people lying to me.  Don’t lie to me Marcel.”

Marcel pauses.

He nods slowly.

“I got you.  No lies.  Truthful from now on.”

He smiles at me.  He squeezes my hand.  Just in time too.  We are pulling up to a mansion.  The mansion is white and large.  It sits in the middle of the city with tall buildings.  It’s a white building.  As we pull up security crowds around us.  They make a big deal about it.  Our hovercraft goes through multiple stops.  It’s a big deal.  I get more and more nervous each stop.

I’m meeting the president for God sakes.

“I’m fuckin’ sweating,” I tell Marcel.

“It’s the white house.  Well a rebuild of the white house since it was burn down during the Straight-Gay Wars.  Amazing, isn’t it? Relax.  Just think this is going to all be our one day.”


He doesn’t respond. It’s not because he doesn’t want to but it’s because he doesn’t have the time to.  Security is escorting us out into the large white building.  I wonder if Marcel says that on purpose because all of a sudden I’m more concerned with that then my nervousness…

Marcel didn’t plan on divorcing me soon as he got in office?  Was I right in hearing that?

What’s the point of keeping me around still?  Re-elections?

I am so confused I barely pay attention when they pat us down and escort us into the building.

We are seated at a square table.  There are people who Marcel lets me know are secret service all around us.  There is no sign of the president however.

“No matter what, agree with everything they say,” Marcel smiles, “You’ll do fine.  Ok?”

I nod.  Marcel is smiling so much but I know he’s nervous under that smile.  I know he’s as nervous as me if not more.  He’s putting on a front so that I can look comfortable but meanwhile as soon as he thinks I’m not looking he is wiping the sweat from his brow.  He’s breathing heavier and heavier as time passes.

“I’ll be fine,” I tell him.

“There’s one other thing I didn’t mention to you,” Marcel says, “It’s about the president’s husband.  The First Gentleman…”

“What about him?”

Marcel is about to speak but he stops.  Food is brought out.  It’s fancy food.  Steak and all kinds of other fancy shit.  I’m not prepped on table manners by Cid really but Marcel holds back when I reach over to take the glass to pick of and sip some water.

Marcel stops me.

“Thirsty little one, aren’t you?” a voice says.

I look over to see an older man walk into the room.  He has to the president.  He’s a white man with with skin so pale it’s translucent.  He has hair like silk snow.  It makes soft curls.  His lips are thin and barely there.  Underneath his eyes are bags that are attempted to be covered up with heavy eyeliner.  I kind of understand now why there is such an interest for a more attractive president as this president seems like an eye-saw.

The president isn’t alone. He’s guided by a strong looking man with muscular features.  He isn’t Marcel muscular.  He is muscular muscular like some sort of body builder.  His suit seems stretched on him.  He’s handsome in the face however and possibly half the age of the president.

The two of them make their way to the table and stand there.  I look back at them too stuck to realize that Marcel has stood up.

Marcel nudges me and I jump to my feet to join him.

Marcel reaches over the table, “I apologize for my husband sir.”

“You should give your husband some water from time to time,” the president says with a stern look, “Perhaps he wouldn’t be so parched.”

“I’ll make sure I do that,” Marcel fakes a laugh as though the president was making a joke, “Mr. President. It’s an honor.”

I don’t think the president is a joking man.  He stares at Marcel when he laughs like he isn’t entertained at all.  Then he stares at Marcel’s hand for a moment.  He hesitates but then the president shakes his hand and then stares at me for a minute as though wary of me.  His eyes aren’t friendly or nice.  It’s almost like he’s a politician who has already won and not afraid to show his true self.  He seems so…upset for whatever reason.

“It’s an honor…” I say reaching across the table.

The president doesn’t shake my hand.  He sits instead.  I look over at Marcel shocked that he’s so rude.  Marcel forces a smile and nods at his chair telling me to sit.

The president looks over at his husband, “You know my husband.  The first gentleman.  Florius.”


Marcel nods at that moment, “I knew your brother, sir.  Florian.”

I almost want to jump over to Marcel and choke him.  DEFINITELY something that he could have mentioned was the fact that the first gentleman was his ex’s brother.  I look over the table at Florius.  His eyes are gazing at me in the strongest way.  I can tell there is tension there almost immediately.

“I’m well aware of your relationship with my brother,” The first gentleman says shortly, “I think by now the whole world is aware of your relationship with my brother…after that tape.”

I feel my face flush with red.   I’m embarrassed for Marcel.  I’m pissed off.  Marcel seems to notice.  He isn’t even paying much attention to the sharp remark of the first gentleman.  He’s staring at me.

“Your brother and I were close once.  Unfortunately someone got wind of an intimate moment between us and filmed us.  You know how these things can be,” Marcel says.

“These things?” The president asks.

He’s pressing Marcel.  Both him and his husband look down at Marcel like he is dirt.  Like he is almost lower than dirt.  I can’t stand it.  I bite my tongue though.


Florius smiles, “Clearly we know how politics work.  You are talking to thee President Primus after all. Did you forget that…Marcel Anthony?”

Rude.  He’s plain rude.  I can see Marcel break a sweat at that moment.

Marcel shakes his head, “Of course not.  I apologize if I offend.”

I look over at Marcel.  This isn’t the same person that I know.  He is so…timid and shy.  I can tell he must really need something from the president.  Because this is unlike him.

“Let’s get to it.  Why are you here?  Don’t waste our time,” the president says.

Marcel struggles for a moment.  He looks over at me, “I was here hoping that you could possibly think about endorsing me for president.”

There is silence for a moment.  Silence.

Then all of a sudden laughter.  Laughter comes from across the room from the first Gentleman.  As the first Gentleman is laughing the president just stares at Marcel like he’s speaking another language.

“Is something funny?” I ask.

Marcel grabs at my hand to silence me.  It’s too late though.  I’m staring the First Gentleman down.  I don’t care who these people are.  They have no right to be rude to Marcel like this.

“I think it’s amusing.  The popular Marcel here to beg for an endorsement.  What makes Marcel ready to lead?” the first gentleman asks, “A straight-lover.  A porn star.  A child.  Is it because he married a 6 so all of a sudden he’s ready to lead a nation?”

I can’t believe the balls of the First Gentleman.  I can feel my heart racing at this moment.  I want to jump across the table and snatch him up.  A part of me is more than sure if he wasn’t who he was I would have done it already.  I can’t believe the audacity of this guy.  My heart is racing.  I’m so angry.  I look over at Marcel.  If he’s offended he isn’t showing it.

He is completely political, “I understand your concerns.  The porn tape is unfortunate but my husband and I have gained the forgiveness of the public by our expressions of love.  As far as me being a straight-lover I have changed my stance on straight rights.  I intend to be harder on straight people.”

I’m shocked how composed Marcel is.  He isn’t even raising his voice.  I’m grasping onto my glass.  I want to drink so bad but no one else has touched their food or water.  It’s like the food is there for decoration or something.  I assume it’s some gay tradition I don’t know about.  Maybe we aren’t allowed to consume anything around the president.
Marcel doesn’t only deliver his line in a calm and collected manner.  He smiles…politely.

The president seems like he doesn’t believe it, “What caused you to change your mind?

“My husband was attacked, by the Straight Alliance…” Marcel states.

Silence fills the rumor.

“There is no such organization,” the president says, “That is a myth.”

I’m surprised when the first Gentleman looks over at his husband, “It isn’t a myth.  I’ve been telling you for years that they exist.”

“What proof do you have?” President Primus asks Marcel.

“The cyborg who tried to kill my husband had instructions on him from the Straight Alliance,” Marcel states, “I can get you the transcript if you don’t believe me.”

The first Gentleman seems to be overly expressive.  I can tell now by the dramatic way his eyes light up when Marcel says that.  They get bigger and bigger.  He gasps in an extra feminine way.  I’m shocked that this is coming from such a muscular man.

“I knew it!  I knew they existed,” the first Gentleman says, “Finally it’s happened to someone else.  FINALLY!”

I want to smack my forehead.   Cid is right again.  The first Gentleman is feeding into this completely.  I can see him looking over at his husband with a dramatic look.  The first Gentlaman seems to be dropping his guard all of a sudden.

I can’t help but play along, “It was the worst…I was so afraid.”

“Me too…lord…me too,” The first Gentleman said, “I was attacked by them.”

“Florius the police said that you were attacked by a crazy man with delusions of this straight agenda.  All the investigators said it wasn’t real,” the president said.

The president didn’t seem to be budging.

This sent his husband into a ruckus, “Who you going to believe?  Investigators or your husband.  Here is someone else saying the same thing happened to them!  Aren’t you going to do something?  Don’t you care about me?”

“Calm down,” the president instructed his husband.

His dramatic husband didn’t calm down.  He jumped to his feet proclaiming loudly, “These straight people.   They are getting out of hand.  The whole lot of them.  They have an agenda to destroy us all.”

I watched as the president grabbed his husband.  He tried to restrain the muscular man with weak feeble arms.  Marcel and I look at one another confused that the husband is such a fucking character.   Whispers form between the president and his husband at that moment.  I can tell Marcel is nervous.  I can tell this is making him upset.

“Just a little while longer,” Marcel whispers to me, “I promise.  Just follow my lead ok?”

He must know what I’m thinking.  He must know that I’m pissed off at how these people are treating us.  But he’s a politician after all and he’s planning on manipulating the fuck out of these people.

In a few minutes the president and his husband finally return to the table.  The president looks across the table.  His eyes are stern and unfriendly.

When he opens his mouth it’s a strong low tone, “If I were to endorse you.  And you were to win the primaries.  If you were by some ungodly chance able to be Nazarius.  What would you do about this “straight issue”?”

Strange.  He didn’t ask about the straight agenda.  He didn’t ask about any particularly about the organization.  He says “straight issue” as though all straight people are part of that organization.  His eyes are gazing hard at Marcel.

“I’ll be tough on them and weigh all my options as far as addressing it,” Marcel says.

“Fuck the political talk boy,” The president says, “If you want my endorsement…you’ll have to be a little more direct.  What will you do to the straight people.”

“Sir.  I’m not being political.  I’ll be tough on them and if it’s a threat…I’ll deal with them accordingly,” Marcel responds and then laughs, “I mean what would you have me to do straight people?  Genocide?”

Marcel continues to laugh and I crack a smile.  I notice though that the president and his husband aren’t laughing.  They are serious.  They are dead serious.

“If necessary,” the president responds.

He isn’t smiling.  He is serious.  He is dead serious.

I can’t take it anymore,  “You want Marcel to kill off people based off of their sexuality.  How will we reproduce?  Have you thought about that?  You kill of straight people you kill off the entire human race.  You do realize that right.”

“Marcel do you mind controlling your 6 while we talk politics?” the president says.

Marcel puts a hand on me.  I’m offended that Marcel isn’t offended by what the president is saying.  Where the fuck is his backbone?  I’m shocked by it.  These people are crazy.

“You realize he didn’t put any blood on his hands right?” I ask, “He’s the president right now.  If he wants straight people gone why isn’t he doing it himself?  No, he wants you to do his fucking dirty work for him and his steroid-abusing queen.”

I realize the guards are coming close to me.  The first gentleman gasps again, putting his feminine hands up at that moment.

Marcel stops them, “Mr. President I am so sorry for my husband.  He just doesn’t understand the rules of politics.”

“It’s ok…” the president says.

“It is?” Marcel asks.

I’m surprised.  I expected to be arrested or something for treason or something shady that fell in line with what I thought about this president.  Instead he just nods.

“He’s right…your husband.  It will be up to you to decide what is necessary to address the ‘straight issue’. I’ll endorse you if you promise that.”

I don’t understand the change of heart.  Marcel looks at me.  His eye are shocked and surprised.  I’m the only one as surprised as him.  We look at one another and our eyes seem completely taken with one another.

Did Marcel really just get his endorsement?

“Thank you sir.  Sir you won’t regret it,” Marcel states.

He still seems confused about what just happened but not as confused as me.  It took me cursing out this old man and his husband for action to be taken.

“One last thing you’ll have to do…” the president says.

“What’s that?” Marcel asks.

Just at that moment a ghost from the past walks into the room.  It’s almost as though he is an actor waiting in the wing for his queue.  As he walks in I’m shocked and appalled.

What the hell is he doing here?


The president shakes his head, “If you’d like my endorsement.  You’ll have to divorce your 6 and marry Florian.”