2nd Earth, Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Katashi: It means solidified in Japanese. It means hard, firm. So why come I feel so brittle and broken when I hear this voice in my ear? The Upsetter voice in my ear. “In 365 days, the world will be destroyed.”   I Continue Reading

Super Hero, Chapter 2

Chapter 2     “Are you a superhero?” little Tristan asks. The long drive home is awkward until this moment.  No one talks.  Tristan hasn’t taken his eyes off me but when he finally asks the question it splits the silence and defined the entire Continue Reading

Semester of the Dead, Chapter 12

Chapter 12     “Is everything OK in here?” A man walks in the room.  I’m honestly happy to see him. Seeing Alaric’s face right now was probably one of the most painful things I could see.  Alaric still looked the same.  He was still Continue Reading

Semester of the Dead, Chapter 6

Chapter 6 “He’s going to be OK.” The mood has gone to shit.  If things could get any worse.  We spend hours driving around the gas station trying to Mr. Drake and Sunday with no luck.  We head to Savannah.  I should say Ignacio heads Continue Reading