Rain On Me 2, Chapter 12


      LaDulceVida- The Sweet Life

                                                       BLUE BALLS



"C`mon, I let you do it to me," I begged him.

I began to touch Eric's ass through his basketball shorts. I had been
watching his round ass for a long time now. The way it bounced and
moved. Since we had gotten on tour we rarely had time to fuck I had tried
every excuse in the book to be with him, but still they were getting slow
and weird. I began saying shit that I didn't even think I could fucking
say. I was basically begging this guy. Now we were both laying on the couch
watching basketball.

"No Adrian, seriously," he told me and pushed my hand away for the
umpteenth time.

His ass looked so tight and firm. Just touching it was making me hard. Eric
didn't even like it when I looked at his ass. He kept saying shit like, "he
wasn't that type of guy". I knew that for an ass to look that good meant
that he must at least have been destined to be that type of guy. Of course,
I knew that Eric was a strict top, even when we started sleeping
together. Problem is that I still wanted to know how it felt like to be in

"I can't help myself around you. That ass is just..."

It was beautiful. It was so tight that I just wanted to fuck him raw right
here and now. My dick was throbbing, veins pulsating so much that it
thought they were going to explode. The caramel ass was underneath all
those layers of shorts. I had seen it when Eric was fucking me or about to
fuck me. We hardly fucked like rabbits anymore...half because we never had
the chance with all the eyes around us and also because Eric seemed to want
to take the sex slower before he got an "emotional" connection with me or
whatever. I guess he meant because I had taken all that stuff that he had
said in the taxi literally when he was only over-thinking.

"Look, I'm not ready for it yet," he complained and then looked up at the
t.v, "Plus I have a lot on my mind."

God, he was sexy, even his rejections. He had a copy of some teen magazine
that had voted Vida as the sexiest boy band since B2k and N'Sync. I laughed
that we would even be compared to those groups (all who were probably
fucking millionaires by now). It was all funny to me. I wasn't just some
regular young kid. I was way more mature for a boyband. The coax of a
boyband, the shit that was involved was too much. People would really fall
for anything as long as you were sexy enough and your abs were tight

Jay, Eric and I definitely had the bodies to pull this off and that was
what we were doing. Even just sitting there reading a magazine with his
bubbly brown eyes and mulatto features that were so intense that you could
almost see the mixture of origins in him. He looked back at me innocently.

"What is on your mind?"

"Why are we here?" he asked, looking at the walls of the bus, "I mean, we
are back on tour and Vida is back on track. Why? Robbie would never just
change his mind on me.  He hates me and we all know that."

I hadn't told Eric about Damien coming back. I hadn't told him about the
exchange that we had made.  Robbie would take Damien and he would give us
back our band (or at least the money we needed for our band). I didn't plan
on telling him any of it either.

"Why are you worried about it? We are here right? Everything is fine..."

I looked at his body, as he lay flat on his stomach staring down at the
magazine and then up at the t.v. His muscles were stretched out against the
rug. I worshipped his eyes, they were so soft and kind like the rest of
Eric...but still had the intensity of a man who knew he would do what he
had to do. His round ass called for me, making my dick begin to throb. I
wanted nothing but to be deep in him by now. Everyone else wouldn't be back
for at least an hour.

"I don't know. Robbie probably has something up his sleeve."

"Oh god, lighten up."

I reached over and jumped on his back. I started to nibble on his neck and
began to tickle his muscular back. He was about to throw me off, but then I
folded my lips around the back of his neck. I sucked the shit out of it,
using my spit and my tongue to tickle him. His neck was definitely the spot
that caused Eric's legs to buck up all the time.

He seemed only half annoyed this time, "God...you really are persistent
aren't you?"

"I want you so bad."

I knew Eric was too nice of a guy to say no too many times. He was
resisting a little, but like the prey of a lion he finally gave in. I began
to breath on the back of his neck and moved my hand underneath his shirt
where I saw his nipples. I began to pinch his nipples and massage them
through my fingertips. I lifted his shirt and began to touch his bareback
with my cold hands. At first he squirmed a little, but as my hands warmed
up I could feel him slowly rocking his hips loving the massage.

His hips! I looked at his round ass. I knew that he knew I wanted him so
badly. He always knew that and I think that is why he was so hard to open
up to. Either that or he really was clueless about how much I yearned for
him. I reached over and began to tongue the side of his face until I began
to lick his lips.

I put my hand on his ass.

"Adrian, please...its just not for me."

"You haven't even tried it before. How do you know its not for you?"

He breathed deep, "I did try it before. I did like it, but that isn't the

I couldn't really understand what he was saying, "You tried it before? Who
did you try it with?  Oh, wait...let me guess. You tried it with Damien?
You liked it when he fucked you, but you are afraid that you might like it
when I do too and you don't want to risk it."

He fell quiet again, like he always did when I mentioned Damien. Eric was
the type that wasn't really easy to read. Beyond his puppy dog eyes, his
worldliness and his modest exterior lied someone who had so much to say. I
knew he wasn't going to tell me much, I stopped trying to get him to tell
me more about the past. I just wanted to know when he was going to forget
about all that.

He crawled up and rolled next to me. He put his hand on my thigh and pulled
me close. Eric had the body of an athlete and the strength of one too. As
he pulled me close, I knew that he wanted to make me happy. I looked deep
into his eyes, trying to see into the soul of this strange guy that
'sometimes' seemed to like me as much as I liked him.

"I'm not trying to hurt you," he told me and looked deeper into my eyes,
"You know that I would never want to hurt your feelings...you've been too
good to me."

I know what he meant by being too good. I had let him fuck me in probably
ever position possible. He fucked me for long times and (in desperate
situations) he had fucked me for short times. I never complained about it,
because his dick felt so good inside of me. I loved the feeling of having
his thick dick poking between my legs as he breathed hard against my back,
grinding into my ass just to fit a few more inches in it. I enjoyed the
whole sight, but I knew that this whole time it had been mostly about
him. I hardly even jerked off when he was fucking me and most of the time I
didn't cum.

"So why can't you let me do it to you? I want to be inside you."

My feelings were true or at least my desires were. I expected him to show
at least a little bit of appreciation from all the times I sucked it up and
let him poke me with that thick dick of his.

"Ok, ok."

I hesitated at first, not really knowing that he would have said ok so
easily. He gave me a little look and slightly opened his pants. I was
definitely having second thoughts of doing it by the look that he had given
me. It wasn't a angry or sad look, but it was just one of those comfortable
looks. It was almost like he completely trusted me at this point.

He stood up from our sitting position on the floor and turned around. His
ass was directly in my face that even if I moved a little I would have my
head buried in between his buttcheeks. God his ass looked good! He began to
peel back his basketball shorts until they fell to his knees.

He pulled his boxer shorts down until they were right below his ass cheeks,
the grip snapped around his lower thighs. I saw his dick hanging from the
hole that was between his legs. The round balls hung like decorations from
the little spot between his legs.  I resisted trying to grab it as he lay
on his stomach, his ass pointing towards the ceiling. His ass was so
muscular, not really the bubble ass that I had seen when Damien was
sleeping or unlike my ass that was just sort of boyish.

The thing is Eric was definitely the most masculine boy in the band, even
though he was a little of a neat freak and Hype tried to beautify him to
make him look more Hollywood. I expected his ass would be so firm because
of all the squats that he did, but what was unexpected was my urge to fuck

I looked around the Jay's night stand where Jay always kept all sorts of
freaky shit. It wasn't long before I found some lube and a condom. I looked
back at Eric, who was still laying on the floor, his ass bare and waiting
while he watched the television probably like this was going to be more of
a chore then sex. I figured he was just trying to hide how nervous he
was. His ass looked beautiful there though. His hairless ass cheeks thrust
in the air a little probably because of the cold breeze that was blowing
from outside the Peter Pan bus window.

I unbuttoned my pants and saw my cock fly out. It was definitely already
hard and yet I still had an urge to jerk it. I didn't even have to look at
Eric to be reminded of how his ass looked. I was jerking hard, even to the
point of letting out a small moan until I realized that this wasn't a
dream.  Eric's ass was right there...waiting for me to come and fuck him. I
rolled the condom over my dick, not even sliding it all the way in and
pinching the little air bubble immediately.

I went and squatted over Eric's upper thighs, my dick rushing me to

"Relax," I instructed him. I had definitely played bottom more times that
this manly man had.

He gave me one of those, "Just shut the fuck up and do it" looks. I knew
that he was already trying his best to relax and maintain his manhood while
watching the news program on the t.v.

I began to touch his buttcheeks, looking at the unnerved expression on his
forehead through the reflection that shown on the t.v. I rubbed them down
and let them separate in my hands slowly.  They felt so soft, as soft as a
baby's ass. Eric's skin was always softer than most boys his age, with a
defined and toned body like his. I separated his asscheeks to get the first
look at the glorifying asshole. It was pink and puckering. I wanted to bend
down and lick it but I knew that it wasn't what I came to do. My dick was
throbbing by now, wanting some kind of penetration that my palm couldn't

I started to pour in the lube towards his ass crack, almost emptying the
entire bottle of liquid to his pink awaiting hole. The skin color he had
was crazy beautiful. I always wondered if Eric was just a simple
mulatto...which meant half black and half white. I figured he had to have a
little Asian and probably Native American in him due to how silky his hairs
were (all his hairs).

"Adrian, I think you put too much," he told me. I knew that no matter how
much he trusted me, he was still his own man with his own beliefs on how
things worked.

I gave a little laugh, knowing that I did put a lot of lube in between his
asscheeks. He put his own hand in his ass to move the lube around probably
because it felt too wet against him. My dick was throbbing as I watched him
do it. His long slender fingers almost finger popping himself with the
lube. Shit, I wanted to enter him so bad right now. Eric knew how to turn
someone on without knowing that he was turning them on. He was always
clueless about his own sex appeal and that was the sexy thing about him.

As soon as he moved his fingers, I planted my dick against his ass. I just
sit there. I wasn't sure how slow to go with him. I wondered if I should
just push my dick on all at once so that he could get used to me going
fast...I definitely wanted to not just fuck, but pound into this ass! I
slowly put the dick into the hole...god, it wasn't fitting! I didn't even
feel the hole at first. It was like trying to break through closed skin. I
pushed harder, deeper until the head had finally folded past the clenching

He roared when I let my dick penetrate into his pink hole, "OH SHIT!"

"You are so fucking tight!"

I had never seen anyone that tight. I remembering having anal sex with a
virgin girl one time and even she wasn't this tight. If Damien had been
inside of this ass before, it must have been a long time ago! It was like
trying to squeeze your fist into a keyhole.

It felt so good with his asshole clenching the tip of my dick, holding onto
it and squeezing it tightly. Eric definitely was not a bottom and yet this
ass was so tight that at first penetration I could feel my dick spasm like
I was about to pour sperm throughout the dry condom already.

"TAKE IT OUT!" His voice barked, like he was just about to curse the shit
out of me and knock me the fuck out.

"Stop bitching!" I called back, knowing that challenging his manhood would
probably be the only way to get him to keep going, "Stop locking on me."

It definitely made him stop complaining a little. It was the mistake that
most people had made.  He was rejecting my dick and locking up his ass
trying to push back on the dick. I felt him slowly trying to relax his ass
from tightening.

He bit down on his arm, probably so the he wouldn't make too much noise. He
was stressing way too hard and I could tell from his face and the way that
he was holding his breath. God, I hated to see him like this, but it felt
so good! If only he wouldn't stop tightening up so much. I tried to push in
a little bit more when he stopped crying but it only made him call out

"Oh shit Adrian. You are so big!"

I definitely was a lot bigger than I gave myself credit for. My magic stick
wanted to be all the way up Eric by now. Half of my shaft was down his hole
but I was scared to move because it looked like I was just about to rip his
asshole apart and have to send him to the hospital or something. More lube?
No, the fucking bottle was almost empty. Jay would already be killing me
for using up his last bottle of lube.

"Breath," I warned him, realizing that he had been holding his breath so
long that his dark caramel complexion was now turning into red.

"Adrian, I don't know. It hurts..."

"Stop tightening up!"

"I can't Adrian! Your dick hurts so much."

I grabbed onto his asscheeks, trying to give a little pump so that he could
get a little used to it. It was almost fucking impossible. He was clenching
his ass cheeks so much. I knew that he wasn't trying to, but I knew that he
really didn't want me to fuck his ass by how he gripped so hard.

It felt so good though, the skin around me as he tightened up. My dick was
only getting harder and more wanting to drive into his asshole. One good
hump, that was all I wanted before I would pull out. I withdrew a little,
until only the head of my dick remained in the ass. Then I pounded hard,
ramming my dick into him so hard that my entire dick went into the tight

I had never really heard Eric scream like he did at that moment. The last
thing I wanted to do was hurt him like I was doing now. The sensation
around my dick remained, leaving me more horny as I felt him biting onto
his hand. It was almost like he was willing to take it...or at least that
was what he was supposed to be trying to do.

Yet, he had continued to clench up his ass. It felt good and all but he was
only in pain. He was in so much pain. The expression on his face wasn't the
one that I had fallen for, it was just a boy in pain. The funny mulatto
freckles began to show on his face meaning that he was probably straining
too hard. Fuck, I couldn't see Eric like this...

Fuck, I had to pull out now. I began to withdraw my dick and heard him
exhale a little when I withdrew the whole length and thickness. I knew he
must have been bleeding or something, but didn't know that the blood would
be on my dick as I pulled out. It was all over the condom and mixed with
the lube.

"Fuck!" I called out.

I ripped the condom off and threw it against the wall. I was such a fucking
idiot to think that he would just be willing to let me fuck him. His body
was more than clear to say, "You aren't welcomed here." I shoved my now
soft cock back into my pants and slammed against the wall.

I saw Eric coming up to me, fully dressed again, his hands wrapping against
my shoulders, "I'm sorry. I don't know what happened..."

"I know what the fuck happened!" I shouted at him, feeling physically and
mentally betrayed, "You don't want me to fuck you and so you kept clenching

There was nothing worse than blue balls on a Friday night. I pushed him off
my shoulders.  I cared about this boy, probably more than he cared about
me. I wanted to fuck him, probably more than he wanted to fuck me. Yet, he
wouldn't allow me to either care about him or fuck him. I hit my hand
against the table. Definitely nothing worst than being sexually deprived.

I knew that I was probably pushing the modesty in Eric, "How can you say
that it is my fault? I mean I can't control my body all the time. It just
didn't feel...I don't know...it doesn't feel right."

I just wanted to scream out "FUCK YOU." I mean, all the times he fucked me
it always felt right, but the only time I wanted to fuck him, suddenly it
didn't feel right. I knew Eric wasn't selfish, he was probably as far away
from selfish as possible. At least I knew he wasn't trying to be
intentionally, but that was what it was seeming like. He had never forced
me to bend over and let him fuck me, it was usually me who suggested it. I
knew this and yet still got pissed.

"I bet when you let Damien fuck you it felt right. I bet you loved it when
he boned your tight little ass and rammed you like you were a bitch. If I
was Damien..."

Suddenly I saw him slam the table, "You aren't Damien!"

I knew what the fuck he meant and I wanted to hit him in his face for
it. It was clear now that he would let Damien do things to him that he
wouldn't allow me to do. It was admitting it now. It was something that I
knew this whole time, but to hear him suggest it was fucking depressing.

"So you finally admit it? You finally admit that you'd rather Damien fuck

He looked a little annoyed. He hated bringing up Damien's name but I wanted
to know the reactions he had when I did bring up Damien. He still loved
him. It was clear and fucking burning my insides. This wasn't just about
the anal sex anymore. It was once more on the fucking fact that he cared
about some dead guy...wait...wait Damien wasn't dead.  Well now, the point
wasn't whether Damien was dead or not. The point was that Eric believed
that Damien was dead or at least he should have believed it by now.

He ignored my question, not giving me real reason to answer it. There was a
moment between us that was full of awkwardness. Every time I thought that I
was pulling this boy closer to me, he always moved further away.

"Look, I had something I wanted to talk to you about," he suddenly spoke
after the brief silence, "This 'thing' is getting way too emotional. I mean
we have a good friendship and the sex just seems to be messing it up. Maybe
we should stop----"

No! Shit, I knew what this was. He was saying that we should go back to
just being friends.  Fuck. I was pushing him away. My eyes wandered the
room! I had to do something, cut off my finger or something! I didn't want
to go back. I had worked so hard to get this far. I looked in his eyes and
saw the sincerity in it. I knew that he just thought this was like any
other budding relationship, but he had no idea how much I needed him.

"Oh shit look!" I suddenly interrupted.

There was something on the television. Eric, turned around looking a little
annoyed that I had interrupted him while he was on the verge of ending what
we had going.  Suddenly breaking news had come onto the television.

The anchorman on the t.v spoke, "Breaking news has it that business mogul
Christian Knight has died at the age of 53, leaving his multimillion dollar
empire to his young associate, Robbie Knight."



I didn't know what was happening. I never had any idea what was happening
around me. There was a lot of panic. All I remember was Robbie said that he
had to leave for the weekend but that he would be back on Monday.

I knew that I didn't know Robbie well, but even the little bit that I knew
him was more than I could say for the people who seemed to be around me all
the time.

I always had more than I needed. I had lived in luxury that I had never
even dreamed was real for those days that I was in the house. I thought
that this was paradise for most part.

I remember sitting in Robbie's penthouse suite eating a five-star dinner
with Antonio. Antonio was supposed to be my assistant but since I had
nothing worth assisting with I realized Antonio was more like my
babysitter. Robbie had repeated several times that I should stay with
Antonio most of the time because he didn't want anything to happen to
me. At first I thought he was paranoid, but then I figured he was just
cautious. Antonio explained to me that a guy as important as Robbie had to
be cautious all the time.

Antonio was very slick. I mean, he definitely was the smooth talker. He
seemed to be very accustomed to this style of living and definitely knew a
lot about it. He was just as conceited and full of himself as half the
other guys that walked around the building (including Robbie). Most of the
time he spent talking about himself and the other half of the time he spent
talking about Robbie.

"So where is Robbie now?" I had asked him, the night before Robbie was
supposed to be coming back.

"Just like in the old days," Antonio laughed in his foreign accent, "He has
gone with his advisors to decide the next course of action. See, now that
Mr. Knight is dead...Robbie is 'it'. Didn't he tell you? Robbie changed his
last name to Knight."

He is it? I thought he was 'it' this whole time. He definitely acted like
he was 'it'. The self- indulgence and cockiness that Robbie had was at most
annoying but it definitely was a turn on.  While it made me feel less than
dirt, it definitely made me feel more of him.

"Who was it that died?"

"Christian Knight. He's in the past. No need to worry about that guy," he
said and began to sip some rich foreign wine, "You are the luckiest man in
the world now. The only thing on your mind should be indulging in Robbie
and everything that Robbie has to offer."

He definitely seemed a little selfish, but seemed to be enjoying his
position as my assistant. He had probably done something really good for
Robbie to give him such a position. All we did was lounge all day, in the
Jacuzzi on the porch. We ate the finest things, drank the finest wines and
Antonio's room was right next to mine. Both rooms had king size beds. I
always knew that I was sleeping in Robbie's bed. It smelled like the
cologne that he wore all the time. His room was huge. I wondered why I was
allowed to sleep in his room...on his bed when there were so many other
rooms in the suite that I could go sleep in.

"Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna be able to afford to live around here when I
start working," I laughed.


He looked like I had just said something so foreign. I nodded, "Yeah, you
know...working. I want to go to college soon. I need a job to pay for it."

"You are planning on working?" he was laughing so hard that his wine was
guzzling from his mouth, "Robbie is never going to let you work. And you
have to be joking about the college."

I had been thinking on the same thing. I looked around at these beautiful
halls. I had gone all around the building, searching to see every room for
a whole day and I still didn't see half of the building. From what Antonio
had told me Robbie owned about 50 other buildings similar to this one.

Antonio said that this was just Robbie's summer home and that we would be
moving with Robbie to the Acapulco Mountains during winter. He said that
the guys there were even more sexy than the ones in this building...which
seemed almost like a joke or something.  The guys here were all
perfect. Antonio said that Robbie would hire someone to teach me how to
ski.  What had I done to make Robbie like me so much? I didn't get it...I
mean, in what world was there no working, but only luxury?

The same questions popped up in my head, "Do you know who I am to him? I
mean, do you know how close I was to Robbie?"

"No one knows for sure," he explained, "except Robbie. Robbie has let
everyone associated to the Syndicate know how important you are to him. We
all have heard the story of your romance.  I can't tell you how many people
hate you for it."

"I have enemies already?"

He began to laugh and looked around, "Of course. That is why we are hiding
all the way up here where no one can find us. Everyone in this building is
jealous of you too, even me. But Robbie owns the guys in this
building. They won't do anything to you but give those little stink
attitudes once in a while. It's the others you have to worry about..."

He was really scaring me all of a sudden, "Who?"

"The enemies of the Syndicate. They want Robbie to fall. I know that they
are probably out looking for you now. To hurt Robbie, they would want to
hurt you. He'll keep you protected though and when he's not here, I'll keep
you protected."

I hadn't thought about all that stuff. Thinking about it now was
unsettling.  I guess the perfect life didn't have its down sides. The more
I thought about it was the more I realized how serious this had the
possibility of being. People would want to hurt me because of a
relationship I had with a guy that I couldn't even remember. It was really

Plus the word, "protection". I was a grown ass man. I didn't need
protection. Or did I?

By Monday, Antonio woke me up early. He woke up so early. Everyone in the
building woke up early. Antonio's friends (the ones who seemed the most
jealous of me) would come up about 7:00 am and not leave until deep into
the night. It was almost like no one slept.  The 24 hour party had just
finished about an hour ago and already Antonio was up, looking just as
handsome as if he had hours of beauty sleep. As for me, I figured I looked
like crap.

Of course during the weekend, Antonio had taken me to all these
appointments throughout the building. I had gotten a massage that felt like
heaven and had my skin moisturized in clay. It was so strange what rich
people did and yet I was mystified to see more.

"Wake up. You sleep too much," Antonio said to me, "Robbie came. He is down
in the pool doing his normal swim."

Before I knew it I was following Antonio and his nameless cronies down to
the elevator. God, they were so feminine sometimes that I was sure that
they were gay. I felt like I was that annoyed guy who hung out with female
teens who got excited by the slightest little thing. Their maturity was
always there but I realized that this place was like a home to them.

This is where they let themselves go, while outside they were like
programmed robots...doing everything according to high standard. It was
almost like they continuously had to wear a mask of beauty, but here they
could take the mask off.

We made our way to the basement, my eyes barely being able to keep open.
Antonio had made me wear some swimming trunks even though I had told him
that I couldn't swim too well and had no interest in learning today.

The pool was Olympic sized, first class like everything else in the
building. There were sexy guys all around us and the only girls there
seemed to be lipstick lesbians who found their only pleasure in rubbing
each other down with massage oil.

Antonio straightened my posture and pushed back on my chest a little, "Walk
straighter. These are the sons of America."

They definitely were the gay sons of America. At first I noticed more
stares that I welcomed and some freaked me out a little. Antonio was
definitely flaunting me and probably for the attention that he was the
assistant of Robbie's...well, I didn't know what I was to Robbie exactly. I
guess Antonio found pleasure in flaunting Robbie's love interest. All these
guys were so tall that I seemed short. I wasn't extremely naked and
flaunting my abs like they were.  I was the only one in the room that was
completely dressed. I wondered what was so fucking interesting to get all
these stares. Was it just that Robbie liked me?

Then I heard a horn. It was swimming race. I looked and saw 8 figures in
the swimming pool.  The swimmers began to do a breast stroke to the other
side of the pool. It was just like the Olympic games that Antonio and his
friends were watching earlier. The swimmers were fast too, it seemed a lot
faster in real life than it did on t.v.

Before I knew it the winner of the race submerged from the water with a
victorious smile on his face. It was Robbie of course.

Dame! He looked like a god when he spotted me. He pulled himself out of the
pool heavily, his muscles flexing from the water. His arm muscles and thigh
muscles were perfect. There had never been such a perfect man. The tight,
skinny speedos wedged up his bulging ass as he came out of the water. I had
never seen abs as tight as his were or muscles as defined. He had a V-
Section on his hips that seemed to be like an arrow to the treasure below.
He wasn't a big guy, but his muscles were defined enough for his age that
they seemed like they had just been made by a sculpture or something.

It was clear he wasn't wearing a jockstrap or anything. A long semi-hard
cock made its imprint on the speedos. I wanted to reach down and adjust my
woody before anyone noticed, but I knew that it would have been hard to
notice how hard I got looking at him through my pants. As he started to
walk, I saw him look down and sort of snap the elastic around his
speedos. He was fucking cocky. He knew that everyone around him were
fucking 10s and that he was probably pushing onto a 20 by way of body and
face. He was handed a towel, but he turned it down as he noticed me and ran
to the other side of the pool to meet me. He bit his bottom lip in lust.

"Did you see me?" he asked me, with his cocky pride again. I found it cute
that he found it necessary to bluff to me though.

I guess he was comfortable around these people (since they were probably
all his employees). I saw all the people watching us. Some had a little
smile as though saying, "Aw, don't they look cute together" and others had
a sour face almost saying, "What the fuck is Robbie thinking?"

I tried to not pay attention to these looks but it was hard to do when
Robbie felt comfortable enough, even with the stares, to wrap his hands
around my waist and pull me close.

His face was so close to mine that if I moved an inch I would be kissing

"It was a good race. I was secretly cheering for you."

"I'm so glad you came to see. I missed you so much this weekend. I went to
sleep last night dreaming of you...the way you look. Your touch and your
smell. All I wanted to do was be with you today."

His breath smelled like frosted mints and seemed as cool as the water that
he came out of.  Everything was perfect. His lips, his teeth and the way
his hands gripped around my waist. So why hadn't I fallen for this guy even
though it was clear he was falling for me? Why wasn't I throwing myself at
this guy?

"Well it was really Antonio. He woke me up early..."

It was just that moment that Robbie kissed me. It wasn't a french kiss or
anything too raunchy. It was a simple pec that seemed like it was going on
the cheek but ended up on the lips. I breathed deep as the water from the
pool dribbled on my nose. At first I tried not to, but I couldn't help but
lick my lips as soon as he was done.

Everyone began to whisper and some let out some giggles. Robbie didn't even
seem to give them any notice. His mind was completely on me now. He was
thinking about no one...or nothing else but me. That was just how I wanted
it. They would have killed to be in my position right now...

Suddenly he pulled back. My clothes were beginning to soak from having his
chest pressed up against mine and his wet arms wrapping around me. Not to
mention the bulge in his pants was now grinding against my abdomen (Robbie
was a little taller than me) and my hard dick was poking at his upper

"Aww, I'm getting you all wet," he said, in his sexy bedroom voice, "C`mon.
Lets go for a little swim. Did Antonio remind you to wear swim trunks?"

"Yeah...but I'm not too good at swimming."

He took me by my hand and held them, "Don't worry. I won't let you drown."

How could I resist? The sexual tension was definitely up between him and I.
I just didn't feel anything emotional yet. Antonio had said that Robbie
loved me earlier that weekend. I wasn't sure if I loved him, but I loved
how he touched me. I loved the sexiness he had. He was a seducer and I was
being seduced. It was clear...but I didn't think there could be anymore
than just the sex.

And again I have to add, its DEFINITELY not that I was complaining...