Assassin’s Desire, Chapter 11


Chapter 11

“Did you just call me Urge? Did you JUST think I was my brother?” Wrath was saying, “Why would you think that? Why would you think I was my brother?”

Wrath had just come in on me showering. He was eating me out in the shower! He was taking full advantage of me. I had thought it was Urge the entire time. Maybe it was because they were brothers and they sounded alike a little bit. Maybe it was because I wanted it to be Urge. I had no idea how I was so stupid.

I reacted quickly.

I kicked off the wall and tried to implant my leg into his chest.

It didn’t work!
Wrath was too fast. He caught my leg and sent me flying outside of the shower all of a sudden. I collided into the wall outside of the bathroom stall. My back hit the wall so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. Luckily I didn’t though.

“Why would you attack me?” Wrath asked looking down on me.

He had crazy eyes. I thought I was in some creepy horror film or something by how he was looking at me. His eyes just kept desperately watching me. They were just glued in on me. He was fully dressed. He had been wet from the shower but he was dressed. He had climbed into the shower completely naked and taken advantage of me. I felt so violated.

“You came into my shower and tried to have sex with me!”
“You said you loved me!”
“I thought it was Urge!”
Wrath’s eyes said something else all of a sudden. Just at that moment I noticed Urge standing there. He had run in maybe from the noise. He looked over at me completely naked in the back and then he looked at Wrath.

“What the fuck is this…” Urge stated, “What the fuck did you do Wrath?”

“You stole the man I loved. You stole the man I loved, you jealous cocksocker!” Wrath told his brother at the top of his lungs, “You always wanted to be me. Isn’t that right little brother? You always wanted my spot?”

Urge didn’t even seem concerned about what Wrath was saying. Urge was looking down at me. I felt so stupid naked on the floor like this. How the hell had I not known it was Wrath instead of Urge? How could I make that kind of mistake.

“Did he hurt you?” Urge asked.

“He was trying to have sex. He did have sex. I just. I didn’t know it was him.”

“That’s rape,” Urge said looking at Wrath, “That’s like fucking rape. Do you know that?”
“He loves me.”

I wasn’t sure who attacked first. I believed they both attacked each other at the same time. I hadn’t seen Urge move as quickly as he was moving now. He was running towards Wrath and Wrath was running toward him. It was like a clash of titans really. Wrath tried to swing on Urge. Urge ducked it. Urge lifted himself up on the pipes over head. I had seen him do pullups a hundred times from these pipes. He pulled himself now. Quickly situating himself above his brother. He wrapped his feet around Wrath’s neck! I could have sworn Wrath was done for but Wrath managed to shake him off. He managed to toss Urge’s body into the sink.

He had hit Urge so hard that the sink broke.

I couldn’t help but to run over and jump on Wrath’s back at that moment. I started to choke Wrath but Wrath was having it. He clawed at me managing to pull me off of him.

I was in his arms immediately and I saw him tossing me out into the locker room area.

I slid across the floor.

“What’s going on?”

It was Craving, Allure and the others.

“It’s that fucking nut job Wrath. He was sneaking on me showering…”

“Are you serious?”

There was sounds of fighting going on in the bathroom. In just a few minutes though I felt Craving grabbing me. He pulled me back out of harms way just in time.

Wrath’s body had came flying out of the bathroom.

Wrath had landed on Passion.

“You fucking rapist!” she was screaming, “You fucking rapist!”

I had never seen Passion like that. I had never seen her go off like that even during practice. She seemed to be losing it. It seemed like some act that Wrath had done made her extremely sensitive. Passion immediately tried to choke him out as well from underneath him. Wrath was fast though elbowing Passion in her head and retreating a little bit.

“You picked the wrong bathroom pervert,” Allure stated.

Allure and Romance had now cornered Wrath.

“Do you know who I am? I am one of the 7 deadly sins. I am Tom’s son.”

Allure smiled at that moment, “You don’t say. I love trying to kill Toms’ kids.”

It was Allure who attacked first but Romance attacked from the left hand side. They were two tough girls. I noticed how fast Romance’s kicks were. She was like some sort of kickboxer or something. Allure was almost just as skilled. They delivered punches, kicks, jabs and uppercuts to every part of Wrath. Most of their assaults didn’t go through through though. Wrath was fast but they were keeping him busy.

I watched as Urge came out of the bathroom. He looked over at me.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. Help them.”

Wrath had kicked Allure in her shins making her take a nose dive right into the floor. Allure was still up though and seemed to be somewhat holding her own. I had no idea how long she would last though.

Urge ran towards them but there was no way for him to get at him because Passion had taken Romance’s place. Passion was a lot slower than Romance was and wasn’t as good at hand to hands.

They needed weapons. I looked around. I needed to find my knife at least. I could sneak up on them. I could stop Wrath before he hurt them too badly.

Allure was screaming orders but no one seemed to be listening, “Urge! Go to the left. Craving stand back until we need you! Passion let me through! Passion I said let me through goddamn it!”
It was chaos. Passion being punched. Allure being sent flying across the room. Romance damn near being hit so hard that she was knocked out again. Craving was trying to find weapons to throw at Wrath from a distance but nothing was useful. Urge jumping over everyone’s bodies to get at his brother only to have all of his punches blocked.

Wrath was kicking our asses.

I was butt naked but it didn’t matter. I got up and went to my bed searching my stuff for the knife and chain. I turned fast enough to see that Wrath had finally gotten Allure. I think it was a solid punch to the jaw that had gotten her. I wasn’t sure. Everything was going so fast. All I could hear was her scream and hit the ground. Fuck.

I finally found the knife Urge gave me.

“Urge move!”

It was Allure who had screamed it but it was too late. My Kyoketshu-Shogei knife was aimed right at Wrath. It had gotten past Urge. It had gotten past Passion. I watched as it hit Wrath stabbing him in the leg. He screamed in pain. Yes. Yes! I had drawn blood. I had drawn blood. That was exactly what I had wanted to do.

I had attempted to pull it back but I realized Wrath had grabbed the other side of the chain. All of a sudden he yanked it. The knife was still stuck in his leg when he pulled at the chain. I let it slip out of my hands and was almost dragged across the room with it. As soon as it was out of my hands I noticed him take it out of his leg.

Then I saw Wrath stick the knife right into Passion’s chest.

My voice screamed across the room, “PASSION!”
It was too late.

Passion took the fall immediately. I watched as she was on the ground. Blood was gushing out of her chest. She looked like she was bleeding everywhere. I watched as Allure ran over to her to try to stop the bleeding. It seemed like time stood still when I saw her laying there.

The last thing I remembered was Craving. Craving had gone absolutely crazy. I had seen him before when he was enraged by something. Nothing could stop him. He was picking up something else now to throw at Wrath. It wasn’t anything normal. No… Craving had picked up an entire bed. I’m talking bed frame, box spring and mattress. He was about to haul it at Wrath when all of a sudden…there were bells.


I turned to see Lust had walked into the room. She wasn’t alone. There were moderators with her. There were about a dozen or so moderators with her.

“Passion, he stabbed Passion,” Craving was saying.

“Drop the bed,” Lust told him, “That’s an order Craving.”

I had never thought I’d hear someone telling someone else to drop an entire bed. Craving got angry and he was like the hulk though. He had this almost superhuman strength. The normal person would have been beyond afraid, but not Wrath. No Wrath was laughing a sick little laugh. He had been hit a couple good times by everyone. His lip was bleeding. The big wound that Wrath had was the knife in his leg. It was bleeding a lot but throughout all this Wrath was laughing.

“You better listen, meathead,” Wrath stated, “She’s trying to save you before I kill all of you…”
Craving dropped the bed making the entire room rumble a little bit. Wrath seemed to find this even more amusing. He started to laugh at the moment and walked away from us.

Lust stopped him. She didn’t touch him but she stopped him as he was walking away from us.

“Stay away from my team Wrath…”

“Or what?”

“How about we let your father decide?”

The threat seemed to hit home for Wrath. He grimaced at Lust. For a moment I thought they were going to fight right there. I was interested to see just what Lust was really capable of. Nothing happened though. He just grimaced as though wanting to threaten her back. I could see the look in his eyes as he just turned and walked away though.

This wasn’t over. Not by a long shot.

Passion was dead. There was no saving her. Lust gave us a few minutes with her body before having it taken away. It was sickening really to know that she was gone.

“You guys should have stayed out of my fucking way,” Urge stated, “Next time…stay OUT of my fucking way…”

Urge walked away to the bathroom area after the moderators took Passion’s body away. It was clear he was angry. I was angry too. I was angry at myself. I was so sure the others would blame me. I was so sure that they would but no one did.

“Put this on,” Craving said handing me a robe, “You going to get Romance all hot and bothered…”

I sighed, “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have thrown that knife. I should have listened to Allure.”

Allure shook her head, “We all should have done better. It’s not just your fault.”

Romance smiled next to Allure. They were comforting me. I was confused. These people were my competitors. There were five of us now but only four openings. Passion had just died. Why would they comfort me? They could let Wrath rape me, kill me or do whatever. It would have helped their cause. I didn’t get it.

“He was here…because of me.”

“Passion was molested when she was a kid,” Romance stated, “She didn’t tell anyone but me. Regardless of what we all been through, we are all each other has. She wouldn’t have wanted to see you go through the same thing with some guy trying to force himself on you.”
Allure agreed surprisingly, “She knew what she was doing…”

“He’s still out there,” I stated.

“He’s not going to get anywhere near you,” Craving stated, “We got your back. We are all in this together. Even that dickhead Urge. We just never really had to work together before. We weren’t ready for that…not even against one person.”

We paused for a moment. What Craving was saying was right in a way. I could blame myself but all of us were a hot mess in that fight. Wrath had single handedly embarrassed us. He had made us look like idiots. If he had a weapon we’d all have probably been dead, probably even me.

It was Allure who said the words that we were all thinking.

“Everyone get to bed. We’ll be stronger next time. We’ll be ready for him.”

I wanted to believe in Allure sometimes when she said those strong words. The words always seemed to motivate but I wondered if that was really going to be enough.

“Come in…close the door.”


Lust had called me into room for a meeting that weekend. I didn’t know what this was about really. I was nervous but I assumed it had to be about the fight. What else would it have been about?

I closed the door, “Is this going to be long?”
“Urge is standing outside the door isn’t he?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

Urge was getting really overprotective especially since he knew Wrath was after me. He honestly followed me into the bathroom at times and stood watch almost. When Lust had asked a moderator to come to get me I wasn’t surprised when Urge followed me to the room and was standing outside of the room right now.

Lust smiled, “They like you…it’s interesting really…”

“How so?”

She shrugged, “Just good to know I guess. I think that’s what my old team was missing. That care. I would warn against being that only four of you would make the team but I think it’s too late for that. Isn’t it? You guys all honestly care about each other.”

“I think the deaths could have done one of two things. It could have brought us together or it could have torn us apart. I think it brought us together.”

She nodded.

“Two of you seem closer than the others…you and Urge.”

“You love him.”

I paused. The look in her eyes was almost as though she knew the answer to it already. Her eyes gave her away. It made me nervous seeing her ask me things about Urge.

“You brought me here to ask me about my relationship with Urge?”

“In a way…”


“Tom wanted me to kill you if your relationship with his son became something that couldn’t be…disciplined. Do you know what he means by disciplines? He means that control. If the two of you can’t be controlled I have to take you out of the equation.”

Her eyes were dead. There was no passion in them.

“You aren’t going to do it…are you?”

She shook her head.



Everyday I was surprised in the Assembly but today was definitely different. Lust was sitting there looking almost lost at the moment.

She smiled, “Love is a dangerous thing. It is a powerful thing. I don’t believe your affection towards Urge is a detriment to him. I think he is stronger with you in his life. Now he has a reason to fight besides his father’s approval. I see a passion in his eyes I’ve never seen before.”

“I see it too.”

I saw it last night. I saw it when he was fighting Wrath. Wrath wasn’t a push over. Urge was holding his own against one of the most powerful assassin’s in the assembly. If the others hadn’t been there who knew how far Urge would have gotten against Wrath. It made me nervous just thinking about it.

“Help him. Guide him. Urge is the key to everything. You are the key to Urge.”

“What do you mean—the key to everything?”

“Listen. You should go. Just take care of him and keep a low profile so that Tom doesn’t catch on ok?”

Lust was helping me. When there were no moderators around she seemed so human. She seemed just like a regular person. I had always known there was a good side to her. I had always known there was a soft side to her. The way she was treating me right now though. It was real. It was almost too real.

I walked out of the room and Urge was standing there nervously looking on.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I’m good. I’m great…”

“What’d she say?”

I turned back to the room still shocked by the fact that Lust was helping me. The idea of it just took me by surprise.

“Nothing. Let’s spend some time together…”

The tables had turned. Urge had trained me in fighting and I was training him. I was helping him to get in touch with his emotions and it was working. It was simple stuff that we did. We learned each other and the more I thought about it the more I hoped this was something real. I hoped that this was something different from what I had known in the past from Urge. He was softening and I think other people were starting to notice it as well. Of course he still didn’t talk to anyone but me but now he would come around when I was talking to the others. If I was talking to Craving or Allure, he would quietly sit at the edge of my bed. He wouldn’t say anything much really to them but this was a BIG step for Urge. Now he wasn’t avoiding people. He was actually around and finding some comfort in the fact that I was there to support him.

“Allure took her Infiltration test today,” Urge stated, “So has Craving. Romance was the first to take hers. We are the only two left to take the test.”

Weeks had passed. Urge was in the back of the acrobatics room with me. We had been swinging back and forth from monkey bars all day. The moderators had graded us. It required a lot of upper body strength and flexibility but it was easy really. Neither of us were anywhere near the skill of Love who could complete all the monkey bars in less then two minutes. We were good though. I felt like we were good enough to pass.

“Are you nervous?” I asked.

Urge didn’t respond right away. He was. I could tell that he was.

“I don’t know what to do?”

“Supposedly you just call the moderators in and make them feel like you are seducing someone.”

“No. I mean I know about that,” Urge replied, “I know how it goes. I just don’t know what to do to pass. I feel like I have to pass too now more than ever. It’s so much pressure.”

“Because your father says he’d kill me.”

“My father doesn’t lie.”

I sighed a little bit, “I wouldn’t blame you. You know that right? If you and I don’t pass then we don’t pass. To be honest I’d be happy to die knowing that I just spent some honest time with a real good friend of mine. Your friendship means the world to me…”

I felt like I was being soft. Assassins weren’t soft. Assassins didn’t say sweet things like this to other assassins. I knew that I was letting him in but the good thing about me letting him in is that he wanted me to. Maybe it was the way that he smiled more at me every once in a while. Maybe it was the fact that he loved to sit close to me on beds. Urge was getting closer and closer to me.

“Now,” Urge stated.

“Huh? Now what?”

Urge didn’t look over to me. He turned to the moderators, “Moderators. Desire and I would like to take our test now.”

The moderators were walking out of the room but they quickly went back to their places. They didn’t say anything to us but they did say something in their headsets. Soon more moderators came into the room. I counted six moderators all together in the room. What the fuck was Urge doing? Why the fuck would he tell them that we wanted to take our test now!
We needed more time. We weren’t ready!

“Urge, you tripping right now. You can’t just call…”

Urge didn’t wait for me to finish my sentence. He kissed me. It was a hard kiss. It was different from the kiss that had happened before. It was completely different from the kiss that had happened before. This kiss sent shivers down my spine. It was wet. Urge wasn’t afraid to use his tongue. He loved using his tongue, pushing it deep into my mouth and massaging it with mine.

“Damn…” I said.

The moderators were taking notes. The test had begun.

There was this desire in his eyes. He took off his shirt and threw it on the ground below us. “Right now…”


Below the monkey bars were mats. We were standing on the soft mats. Urge was just looking at me. His eyes just were just staring at me. His body was perfect. His pants hung lower than usual. The way his chest was just glaring there. He had just a little bit of sweat glistening on his chest. He had a big chest too. It was one of those muscular chests. He had these huge beautiful nipples on his chest as well. I just stared, stunned by how beautiful he was. How could this man have ever thought he wasn’t sexy?

“My turn…” I stated.

He didn’t move. He allowed me to walk up to him. His breathing was heavy. I was about to kiss him. I had brought my face only inches away from his face. Urge was breathing heavy. He was breathing so heavy. There was so much desire. I stopped though. Right before I kissed him. His eyes were closed. His lips puckered out. He wanted it. He wanted it bad.

“Damn…I don’t think I ever felt like this. Kiss me…”
“No. Not yet. You said you never felt like this? What’s the feeling you are talking about? How does it feel…I want you to tell me?”

The moderators were taking notes. They were scoring us. There pens were going crazy on the pieces of paper. I had never really seen them write so fast.

“It feels like…my heart is racing. My body just wants you. My…damn…my….”
Urge was hesitating.

I took a step closer to him. My lips were only inches away from him as well. He was gathering his courage once again. His breath was heavier.

I insisted, “Tell me.”

“My dick. That’s what I was going to say. My dick is hard,” he explained to me letting go of that barrier between us, “It’s so swollen man. The tip of my dick is wet, just from being near you. Every now and again there are quick spasms in my dick.”

“It’s precum…”
“It’s amazing feeling,” he said, “Kiss me…please….”

He was almost begging for it. I could see the moderators writing faster and faster. Urge was breathing faster and faster. My heart was beating faster and faster.

I finally leaned in and kissed him. My mouth went over his lips. He was kissing back hard. I hadn’t even noticed it. I hadn’t even noticed that Urge was supporting me. I thought he was just grabbing my ass. He had grabbed my ass but he had grab my ass to lift me off of the ground. I was in the air at that moment.

He had walked me over to the middle of the mattress and while kissing me, gently laid me on the mattress. He was in between me now, in between my legs. His hard muscles pressed up against me keeping me pinned down so that his tongue could keep entering my mouth over and over. The wet kisses turned into licks as he licked my lips. He licked up my upper lip. He licked my lower lip. He seemed to want to outline my entire mouth with his wet tongue.

“My turn,” he stated.

I didn’t know what he meant. I didn’t know what he meant until I felt my shirt coming off from over my head. I didn’t know what he meant until he started to kiss down my body. I could feel myself all of a sudden start to shake. My body was having some what of mini-seizure or something. I had never felt this sensation before.

It was real. This wasn’t just sex. This was something so much deeper.

“Oh my god. Oh my GOD!”
“Am I hurting you?”

He was so naive. It was beautiful. He had stopped. The cold killer had become so gentle as he stopped licking my body. Now he was staring at me. His beautiful eyes just calling out and eagerly wanting permission to continue.

“No. Fuck no,” was my response.

That was all Urge needed to hear. He started to lick further down. His mouth deep kissed my torso. He pulled my pants down. I hadn’t known he was going to. I wondered for a minute what the moderators were thinking but at that same moment I realized I didn’t GIVE A FLYING FUCK. The only thing that mattered was Urge. The only thing that mattered was us.

“Your body is so beautiful,” he stated, “Everything about you…perfect…”

I didn’t think he was going to tell me that. I wasn’t perfect. I was skinnier than he was. I didn’t have as many defined muscles as he had. I could continue working out as much as I’d like and it wouldn’t make me any taller. My body wasn’t perfect. His body was perfect. He was the perfect man and somehow he thought of me as the same.

His kisses kept going lower. They were on my thigh. They were on my inner thigh. They were outlining my figure. His tongue covered my body almost licking it as though I had the best taste in the world. He had stopped all of a sudden when he had gotten very low.

His eyes had turned to me again.

He was looking for permission.

“Please…” I told him.

That was all he needed to hear.

He had lifted up my legs at that moment. Fuck the moderators. Fuck the test. Fuck everything. All I cared about was the feeling that ran through my body when my legs were lifted up over my head. I was somewhat flexible. I was far from some acrobat like Love however. My legs being pulled so far back hurt but it was worth it. I felt so vulnerable and he pinned my legs back over my head with his strong muscles. My asshole was just facing him, smiling at him.

He looked at it. He thought about it.

Then he started to kiss my asshole. It seemed to be a strange sensation to him as he did it. He seemed unsure at first on how to do it. Soon he got better and better learning quickly as usual probably by my moans. It was when his tongue went into my ass that I moaned the loudest. My eyes rolled in the back of my head.

“You’re so tight,” he stated, “You’re so fucking wet…”
His tongue was licking me down harder and harder. Just at that moment I could see Urge pulling his dick out. His dick was beautiful. It was long and hard. Like he said there was precum. The precum dripped from the tip of the dick. Long strings of his manhood fell on the mats below

He positioned his dick. He was aiming his dick towards me all of a sudden.

“Fuck me Urge. Make love to me…”

This was really happening. This was really happening. His eyes stayed on me. His arms kept holding my legs back as he mounted me missionary style. He entered me. His dick thrust slow at first and deeper…deeper. He made his way all the way into me and just held it there.

“FUCK!” we both screamed at the same time at the top of our lungs.

“Oh my god!”

I had turned. It was a moderator. She was grabbing onto her crotch. I was shocked to see that she screamed out like that. The other moderators turned to her to see what the problem was. The moderators seemed almost…regular at the moment. She didn’t seem like some brainwashed robot. She was holding onto her crotch and I could see at that moment that WE HAD TURNED HER ON! She was dripping wet.

The moderator ran out of the room.

“Enough,” another moderator stated, “The two of you have passed. Perfect scores.”
It was clear by how fast they had all turned to get out of the room that we had made them uncomfortable. I had never seen moderators uncomfortable before. I had never seen moderators tell us our scores so quickly. Usually they reported to Lust and Lust told us. Perfect scores as well. That couldn’t have been easy.

The room was clear. Urge still had his dick in me though. His eyes were still looking at me. My eyes were still looking at him.

“We did it…we passed…we are on Rank 5.”

He was breathing heavy. He hadn’t pulled out of me.

“Yeah. Rank 5 is the final rank.”


“I wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for you,” he replied.

“Well, you know what that means. We should celebrate…”

“You have anything in mind?” he asked.

“Maybe we should…practice a little bit more…”

“Practice huh? What kind of practice exactly? Like this?”

He was moving his dick in and out of me. In and out. The huge wet dick filled my ass hole. Yes. Maybe it had something to do with passing the test but it had gone far beyond that. The moderators were gone and Urge was still looking at me with that arousal.

“Yes. Like that. Like that! FUCK. It feels so good Urge. Just— Like—- that…”

He went in deeper, his dick hitting parts of my walls I didn’t even know existed and kissed me before whispering in my ear, “Time for extra credit…”