A Practical Guide to Shade, Chapter 8

Chapter 8


I have him bent over on the desk.  His broad chests swipe across my papers almost knocking down my entire computer and leaving the keyboard dangling over.  I pile drive in his ass, thrusting so deep I think I feel his pelvis as I’m punishing him.

“Yes.  Harder.  Harder!  Fuck me.  Just like that,” he’s whining.

Jordan Wallace loves dick, specifically my dick.  He was the CEO of our company.   Not just that though.  He was the guy who put me on and got me the corner desk with the management position.  Sometimes you had to fuck to get where you needed to be in life.

I’d never considered myself a full bottom or a full top.  I felt like that was limiting yourself.  I was the kind of person who could play both roles and be the absolute best for both of them.

He throws it back making his ass clap up against my abdomen as his nuts slap a few times into my inner thighs.  He keeps letting out this deep, desperate moan as he does it making sure I understand just how long my dick was and making me feel even more “like the man” than usual.

“Take that dick,” I tell him.

“You’re in charge.  Choke me…”


“Choke me,” he states.

I’d notice shit like this from Mr. Wallace before.  The need to be choked, spanked and gagged.  He’d had shit like that in common with Indigo but right now Indigo is the last person I want to be thinking about.  I do what he says ignoring how weird this is.  I choke him until he almost starts turning colors.  I choke him until he’s almost about to pass out.  For some reason, this throws him over the edge and his dick spasms like a fire hydrant spraying his man juice all over my powerpoint presentation slide for the meeting I had in two hours.

Right as he’s letting loose I can see the door open.  Someone is clearly pushing their way through and my stupid lock was supposed to be changed a few times but maintenance never got to it.

“Marci—what the fuck!”

I’m throwing my shit off

“I tried to stop him.”

Marci just gives me this blank stare.  She has a big mouth but even she knows I’m not the one to be fucked with at that moment. One stare makes her extremely nervous as she shuffles aside to reveal the person who barged in on us.


This had to be some sort of joke.

“Are you kidding me?” I ask.

Skylar is out of breath, “I tried to find Louvell.  I know you’re busy but he isn’t answering his phone.  I even tried going by his house.  No one home.”

To say Skylar has been annoying would be an understatement.  I’m thinking he barged in on me to ask me to lunch or talk about some stupid argument he had with Martin but there is something going on with his face.

Jordan gives me a look, “Everything good here?”

“Everything’s fine.  Can I have a minute?”

Not only was I caught having sex but I was caught having sex with my boss BY Skylar.  I’m beyond irritated at this point. As soon as we are alone I grab up Skylar.  You would think he was 120 pounds by the way he whimpers when I pull him close.  I am beyond pissed.

“Have you lost your fuckin’ mind?”

“Shit is hitting the fan,” he states.


He pulls out his phone and shows me pictures, “This is what happened to Martin’s dog this morning…”

I grab the phone.  There are pictures there.  They are eerie pictures.  They look so disgusting that I hand him back his phone almost immediately.

“Why the fuck are you showing me pictures of a dead dog.”

“Someone took a bat to the dog.  Martin is all tore up.  He doesn’t deserve this…”

“I mean the dog was a little bit of a bitch…” I state, “Rest in peace though…”

Rest in pieces more like it.

“It’s that guy,” Skylar explains, “It’s that guy Shade.  He’s trying to get even.  He DID this.”

“You don’t know that,” I respond.

“So you’re saying you haven’t gotten the threats either?” he asks.

I pause.  It started the day after the funeral.  We called the cops after Shade smashed his car into us but he was long gone by then.   Soon after the emails started pouring in.  I go to my computer in that minute.  I’ve held them all in a folder.

I start reading, “He told me all about you.  You drove him to the edge and let him drop.  I know you’re the reason that he’s dead and I’m going to make sure that you pay for it—–if it’s the last thing I do.”

That was only the last message.

Skylar sits in the chair.  I can see he looks overwhelmed, “We have to go to the cops.”

I shake my head, “I already did.  Clearly, this guy’s name isn’t Shade.  We don’t know a fucking thing about this guy.”

“We know he means business.  Look how scared Louvell is of him…”

I sit in my chair.  This wasn’t fucking happening.   I don’t care if his name was Shade or Shadow.  If he thought he was going to fuck with ME, I was going to throw this guy straight Pitch Black Darkness.

“Fine,” I state.

“Fine?  Are you kidding me?  You seem so fucking calm!”

“Fine,” I respond, “He wants to fuck with me we’ll find him.  We’ll get to him before he gets to us.”

“This guy could be a thug.”

“Stop being a pussy,” I grunt, “If Indigo was alive he wouldn’t be bitching.  He’d be thinking of a way out of this.”

“Indigo’s not alive…thanks to us,” he states.

I give Skylar a hard stare.  Was he blaming me?  Was he really saying that I had something to do with this?  My heart is beating fast.  I want to say what he’s saying is stupid.  I want to curse him out and tell him to man up.  I don’t though.  I just turn to the message that Shade sent.  80 emails.  He’d found a way to get to me.  He knew things about me.  He blamed me for what happened to him as well.

Maybe it was my fault.  Maybe they had a point.  I had led my best friend to his death.  Somehow it had fallen back on me.

But I wasn’t going to sit around and suffer because of it.

“I’m hiring a private investigator.  I’m going to find out who this asshole is and I’m going to destroy him.”


I get home.  It’s been a long day.  I walk in the kitchen just feeling like things are getting weirder and weirder with me.   A blocked number keeps calling me.  I know who it is.  It’s Shade.  Skylar was an idiot but he had a point in saying that this guy wasn’t going to stop soon.  As I walk in I see Khyree.  He is standing there by the fridge.

He is standing in the dark.

“This isn’t working.”

I roll my eyes.  This bullshit again.

“Khyree I’ve had a long day and…”

“What the fuck is this?”

Khyree slams a folder on the table.  I give him a look.  He has tears in his eyes.   I can tell that he’s upset about something.  I grab the folder and see what he has.  There are photos there.  Photos of me and my boss.  Photos of us having sex.  The position of the photo makes it look like the camera was right in the room stationed somewhere.

“How did you get these?

“They were left for me,” Khyree responds.

All of a sudden it hits me.  This was Shade.  Now he was trying to get in the middle of my marriage.  I look at the pictures again.  There was no way to lie about this.  It was clear what was happening in these pics.  It was obvious.

I can see this is hitting Khyree hard.

“We talked about having an open relationship…” I start, “You knew this was happening…”

He knew why it was happening too.  None of this made a difference but seeing Khyree’s reaction I knew that seeing me in the action changed everything.  He is so upset that he’s literally shaking.

Khyree looks me in my eyes, “When I first met you, I thought that you put up a front like you were something you weren’t.  I saw past all the good looks and I saw past all the money.  I saw the man.  I fell in love with the man.  What I see now I don’t like.  What I see now I can’t deal with.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying I want a divorce.”

With that Khyree starts walking away.  Hearing the words at that moment seems to almost break all the pride I have.  I chase him in the room.  I’m desperate.

“Let’s talk about this!”  I grab him up.

“Nothing to talk about.”

“I lost Indigo.  I can’t lose you too.  You can’t leave me right now.  I need someone on my side.  I need you.”

“You need a cheerleader.  You need an audience,” he tells me, “I’m done clapping.”

That’s when it happens.  The tears start pouring down all at once.  It’s at that moment that I realize maybe Khyree wasn’t just some trophy.  I did care about him in a way that I didn’t even think was completely possible.  I watch as Khyree starts packing a suitcase.  I am desperate to stop him but I don’t know what to say.

Between sobs, I break down and I say it all.

“I’m a dog,” I tell him.

He doesn’t respond.

“I’m shit.  I did fuck up things in my life and I didn’t care anything about it.  But people can change.  Everyone has a past.  Everyone has a future.  Give me a chance.  I’m begging you.  Don’t leave me.”

I am on my knees at that moment.  I’m literally begging him to say.  The worst thing about being in love is that when you are in love sometimes you don’t realize it.  Sometimes you don’t appreciate it.  Then it hits you that you may lose this person and lose this feeling.  Then the feeling comes back to you like some sort of storm.

“Things are going to change,” Khyree states, “If I stay…”

“You’re going to give me another chance?”

“One more.  You fuck up one more time and I’m done.  I mean it.”

I get up and hug him, “I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Your password?”


“Give me the password to your phone.  Matter of fact, if you trust me, give me the passwords to everything.”

He doesn’t hug me back but he lets me hug him.  I remember the first time we met.  I was out with Indigo and Louvell.   He photobombed a picture Louvell was taking with Indigo and I.  Then I said ‘hey come here’ and I took a pic with just him. A couple days later I posted the pictures and a friend of mine tagged him on FB and said: “how do you know Khyree?” I said “I don’t! He was cute and jumped in the pic!” A little time went by and he finally messaged me and we hit it off right from the start. However, the strange thing is we should have met way before now. We lived across the street from each other but never met. We were at a concert together 5 feet away and never knew one another, but he can point out where he was in a picture I posted! We were at the same theater showing of a popular movie on the same night, at the same time and there were 4 other theaters showing the same film. We both have chalked it up to the stars just weren’t aligned for us yet.

What were the chances?

I knew what this meant.  This was love.  And I would never, ever let this go.

The stars aligned and it’s not until I hold Khyree…right at that moment.

I know that he is my star.

I almost lost my star because of Shade.  I was going to make sure that it didn’t happen again.  I sent out a mass text.  It’s a simple easy text.

Meet at my place at 9 pm.  Make sure you’re there.


9 pm rolls around and I make sure that Khyree knows that I need the house.  I don’t want him to be around for this.   I let him know I’m hiring an investigator about Shade.  I let him know why.  By the time I get back, Khyree is gone.  The first one to arrive is Vick.  I’m surprised when he walks in there looking like he hasn’t had much sleep.   He looks like he recently got done crying.  It is kind of awful honestly.

“Khyree not here?” he asks.

I shake my head, “No.  Skylar and Louvell should be coming in about 10 minutes.”

“I’ll wait here…”

“You can come in…”

“You think that’s smart?” he asks.

It’s laughable hearing him say that.

“Let me guess, you’re still blaming yourself for Indigo and your guilt trip makes it hard to even be in the same room as me?” I ask Vick.

Vick gives me a hard look, “I’m still attracted to you.  I’ve always been attracted to you but what we did was wrong and right now I need to simplify my life.  So yeah.  I’m not comfortable being alone with you.  Not anymore.”

I look at Vick up and down.  Even with his depressed look, he is still sexy as hell.  He’s one of those guys who will always be sexy as hell without even trying.   Looking at him I am just amazed Indigo was able to get this guy so warped.  I can tell that Vick is still mourning.  I can tell that he’s still depressed about it.  The weird thing is…so was I.

“I get it.”

He looks over at me and raises an eyebrow, “You do?”

“I’m not a monster.  I get it.  I completely understand.  This thing with Indigo…it’s really getting to me.  We were wrong and I get it.  It should be over after today.”

He seems shocked.  Hell, I’m shocked as well.  I was always the kind of guy who wanted his cake and wanted to eat it too.  The fact was that I should have let Vick go awhile ago and I think he came to the conclusion that he should have done the same with me.  Vick nods silently agreeing with me.  There is this silent understanding that what we did was wrong.  What we did together shouldn’t have happened.

It was this silent regret that just lingered.

He stands at the door silently until Skylar shows up, not wanting to walk in the house and even make it seem like something is going on between us.  When Skylar shows up he seems to find it weird as well that his brother is standing outside but he doesn’t say anything about it.

“What’s the point of this?” Skylar asks.

“I have the private investigator pulling up,” I state checking my phone, “He should be here any minute.  Where’s Louvell.”

“Isn’t that one of your best friends?” Skylar asks, “How are you asking me?”

I shake my head.  I pull out my phone and call Louvell. The numbers go straight to voicemail.  This was weird for Louvell.  It was really weird.  Louvell always picked up especially for me.  He always felt like he needed to be there to get me and Indigo out of trouble or something.   He felt that responsibility for some reason.

But there was nothing.

“You said that he wasn’t at home?” I ask.

Skylar shakes his head, “None of you have heard from him?”

Vick crosses his arms, “He was supposed to spend time with Nevada.  Offered to take him to the movies.  Never showed up.  I thought it was weird then but just thought he still needed time to get over what happened with Indigo.”


“I’m worried,” I state.

I remember how scared Louvell was on the day of the funeral.  I remember how nervous he was when Khyree walked up to Shade.  For some reason, he didn’t like the idea of Khyree doing what he did.  It was almost like he knew something the rest of us didn’t.  It was pretty fucking weird.

And now he was gone.


“It’s probably nothing,” Vick states.

He’s trying to comfort me in what little way he can but I think deep inside we both knew how weird this was for Louvell.  Something was wrong.  I knew something was wrong I knew it had something to do with Shade.

“The PI is here,” I state, “It’s time we find out exactly who this Shade guy is…”

By now everyone is nervous.  Skylar is pacing back and forth.  Vick has this serious face on like a boxer about to go into the ring.

The private investigator walks up to the house.  The guy is literally wearing sunglasses at night time.  I swear this has to be some sort of joke or something but he was supposedly one of the best investigators in the city.   I paid an arm and a leg for him so he better be worth it.

I look over at the others.

“What did you find out?” I ask the guy.


He pulls out his phone, “Are you guys sure you want to get involved?  It’s bad…”

“How bad?” Vick asks.

“His name is Ruben Murphy.   No kids.  No family.  He is a three-time felon.  I have his jail records.  He went to jail in 2010 for human trafficking…”

We all look at each other.

“What the fuck?” Sky breaks out.

“Exactly.  Got a damn good lawyer and won his appeal and got released the last time.  Supposedly this guy is big in the underground scene.  Ever heard of BDSM?”


“He has multiple clubs in various cities.  He’s known to collect boys like trophies.  These submissive boys do anything he wants, whenever he wants.  It’s kind of sick really.  Almost like some sort of cult or something.  I checked out one of the clubs and I never saw anything like it.  I believe he wanted your friend Indigo to be one of his boys…”

“Indigo would never do something like that,” Vick states.

I look over at Vick, “You didn’t know Indigo if you think that…”

He’s giving wishful thinking.  Indigo was no one’s angel.  He had deep dark secrets and it seemed like his lifestyle was haunting us after his death.

“He was just recruiting Indigo,” the private investigator explains, “But looks like Mr. Murphy seems to be irritated that you guys took one of his submissives from him.  These people look at it as if you actually stole their property.”

“He sounds fucking crazy,” Skylar states, “Who gets into shit like this?”

“There are others.  A lot of others that would literally do anything this man wants,” he responds, “I think you may know some of them.”

He hands me the phone.


I’m not surprised.

Louvell is literally chained up in the picture that he took. He has on leather drawers and he looks completely compromised.  He seems so lifeless in the eyes.  It isn’t even fear.  It’s as though he’s been completely drained of all feeling whatsoever.

“Poor fuckin idiot,” I state shaking my head, “Louvell is the type to do anything for that love and attention.  Now he got mixed up in this kind of shit.”

“He’s not the only one you might know,” the private investigator says, “Swipe right.”

I do what he says.

I see another person chained up in the same exact way.

I almost drop the phone.

It’s Vick who grabs the phone and shakes his head, “Khyree…”

My heart is racing.  This isn’t happening.  This isn’t fucking happening.

“You’re lying!”  I state.

I run into the room.  I’m trying to go through his things and find some sort of clue but by the time I get to the room, I realize something.

Something’s off.

Something’s different.

“What’s wrong?” Skylar states.

“His stuff is gone.”

“All of it?”

“All of it.”

I pick up my phone and open it up to call him but before I can dial I notice emails coming through.  Fraud alerts.  That’s when I open up my credit card apps to see that all my credit cards have been maxed out.

My bank account has been emptied.

Everything I have is gone.