The Straight Agenda, Chapter 10


“Are you aware who I am?” I ask him.


He seems to be ignoring me.


He’s so handsome.  I look over at him and I’m so complexed by him.  Part man, part robot.  His face is the same as that handsome straight man who saved my life but his arms are robotic.  I wonder how much machinery lies underneath the skin.  I want to touch the black security shirt that 3818 has on.  I want to see if there anything underneath that I can recognize.


He’s driving me.  I’m in the passenger seat and he’s stolen one of the Gay Agenda vans.  I know where he’s taking me.  He’s taking me to get to the Presidential Debate.  We’ve been driving for an hour.  It’s clear we are in Washington Dc at this point.


“Do you hear me?” I ask him.


I reach over.  I can’t help myself.  I touch his chest.  It’s hard and for a moment I think it’s like his arms but I’m wrong.  It’s just muscle.  He allows me to touch his muscular chest, ease down to his chiseled abs and then he turns to me with no expression almost as though he is Laura.  He seems to be going back into his robotic mode, listening for a command or something of the sort.


3818 is driving.  He looks over at me.  He turns and hands me a card.

“You’ll need this to pay for a suite when we arrive,” 3818 tells me.



He’s all business.  He doesn’t seem to have any emotion.  I look over at him and take the card.


“When are the debates?”

“You have two days to prepare.”

I feel nervousness in my stomach.  It’s not the public thing that scares me.  It’s being around someone I hate like President Storm.  After seeing what President Storm was capable of, I was sure there was nothing left of this man but pure, unmediated hatred towards gay people.


“Shad why are you doing this? Why are you helping me?

The Android looks over at me.


“I do not recognize this Shad?  What requests do you have for Model 3818?”

I pause.  Great.  He has definitely resorted back into his former robotic state.  It’s almost as though his mind is completely gone at this moment.  By the moment I’m getting more confused on why he chose to help me if he doesn’t even really recognize me as the person he saved in his past lifetime.


“Do you really recognize me, Shad?” I ask him, “Is that why you’re helping me?”


The android looks over at me.  I saw a soul before but right now I see nothing.  He looks right past me and keeps his eyes on the road.  He turns.  He doesn’t respond.  Nothing seems to be getting in the way of this.




I don’t try to talk to 3818 again.  It’s pointless at this point.  He seems to know exactly where to take me though.  We pull up to a hotel that clearly seems like the host hotel for the Presidential Debate.  There are billboards everywhere.  I cover myself with a jacket that is in the car and head over to the hotel.


3818 stays close behind like some sort of guard dog.  He doesn’t let me walk more than a few feet away from him.  Even when we get to the front desk he stays aggressively close.  I can see underneath his shirt there is a bulge.  I know what it is.  He has a gun on him.  The android is looking around, taking note of almost everyone in the lobby of this hotel.


“I would like to check in.”

The person at the front desk pauses.  The person’s eyes widen.  It’s clear the person recognizes exactly who I am.


“I’ll have to get my manager.”

“Why?  I’m just trying to get a room. Are you booked or something?”


“One second Mr. Crosby.”

He knows my name.  The person seems to panic.  It’s clear at this moment that my face is more recognizable than I probably would have noticed.  It’s not my fault.  Mr. Collins has kept me locked up while feeding the internet with my propaganda videos.  At this point I was probably a reluctant celebrity without knowing.  Everyone probably would recognize my face.  I would have been aware of how well known I was if I hadn’t been locked up at the GA headquarters this entire time.


I’m glad I’m out.  Even if 3818 doesn’t really understand his motivation for helping me, the fact is he’s helping me. The fact is he’s protecting me.  The fact is I’ll be able to get on that stage and debate.


Within seconds a manager comes out.  The manager is a lady.  She has a really shitty looking expression on my face.


“I’m sorry but you can’t check in,” she states jumping to the point.


“Why not?”

“We have a strict No Gay Policy.”
She says it with a straight face.  She doesn’t even skip a beat when she says it.  The bitch looks at me almost like I’m lower than her.


“Were you told by the President’s people not to allow me to stay at the host hotel or is this your own primitive homophobia speaking?” I ask her.


I’m getting angry again.  She didn’t want to see angry Caden.  I stare her dead in her eyes.  Before the prison camp I would have been nicer.  Before being locked up I would have been the type to be so much more patient with her.  Now however I am angry.  I’m so fucking angry.


“I’m sorry, Mr. Crosby.  No offense.  It’s policy.  There is a gay friendly hotel not too far from here.”

“I don’t want a fucking gay friendly hotel.  I’m staying here, whether you know it or not.”


“Look over there,” I state, “Those are media people.  Look at them.  I’ve never done an interview.  What if I did a last minute one?  What if I let the world know how fucked up of an establishment this is?  Sure I’m just 30 in the polls, but 30 percent is a lot of people.  Can you afford to piss off 30 percent of the US population?  Is your fucking no-gay policy worth it?”

She pauses.


She is thinking about it.  She looks over at the media.  They would be hungry to speak to me for the first time.  They would be hungry for a scoop.   The entire world would be listening to the first interview that Caden Crosby did apart from the GA propaganda videos.




“I didn’t think so.  How about you upgrade that suite.  How about you give it to me for free actually?”

Within moments I have a key in my hands.





The suite is beautiful.  There are two separate rooms and a common area in there.  I’ve spent hours lounging on the couch.


I’m creating notes at that moment.  I don’t have my staff with me.  I have the credit card that the Android gave me but I don’t have Laura to help me pick out clothes.  There is only me and 3818 and he’s not much help.  There are so many things that I have to cover in the debate.  Economics, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Foreign Policy and finally Social Issues.  Social issues seem to be the only thing that I have real in depth knowledge about.


“This isn’t fucking helping?” I say throwing the notes down.


I can’t figure this shit out.  My heart is racing.  What makes me think I’m qualified to be president if I don’t know anything about this stuff?  I don’t get how the fuck I’m going to get on stage and debate a man who has been president almost four years now.  He knew the job.  He knew how to answer these questions.  The only thing I knew is that his homophobic behavior was completely wrong.  This is so much more complicated than reading off the proper talking points that Seth handed me.


I look over at 3818.


“I need your help Shad…I mean 3818,” I start talking to him, “How do you bring back—specifically bring back jobs, American manufacturers? How do you make them bring the jobs back?”


It’s a question they would probably ask at the debate.  He’s looking at me with that handsome face.  He barely blinks or anything like that.  He just stands there.


‘Do you have a command?” he asks.


It’s fucking pointless.  It’s like talking to a brick wall.  I have to admit for the first time ever that I need Seth.  Seth would know what sort of questions would be at this debate.  He would know how to answer these fucking questions.


I need a break.  Luckily the bar in the room is capped to capacity.


“Let me guess…you probably don’t want to have a drink with me.”

“Do you have a request?” he asks.


“No.  Do YOU have a goddam request?”

“May I shower?”

I look over at him somewhat confused.  I wasn’t expecting that.


“You shower?”

“All organic creatures need maintenance,” he answers in the most weirdly robotic way possible.


Organic creatures?

He considered himself an organic creature.


For some reason that excites me.  Could it be that something was still in 3818 that was causing him to think that he was still somewhat alive?


“Yes, you may go shower.”

He nods at that moment and leaves the room.  I notice he takes his small bag with him.  I had assumed that was just more weapons but I may be wrong.  Did 3818 plan to come on this trip?  Had he brought luggage?  I watch as he disappears in the bathroom.  My heart skips a beat.  I should be focusing on the questions but right now I’m just so curious.

Just how real was 3818?

I can’t help myself.  I need to know.  I open the door when I hear the water running.  Behind the curtain is 3818.  I am amazed at what I see.  His body is under the water.  I look at him through the smoky room.  The only things that seem robotic are his arms and the joints in his knees.  I wonder why his joints in his legs are robotic.  I’m sure it must have something to do with agility.  Maybe robotic knee caps make him move faster.


The arms and the joints don’t take away from his humanity.  As I thought, naked 3818 was more human that robot.  There is still hair on his chest.  There is still a slight beautiful curve of his ass.  He has his robotic arm propping him up in the shower.   He uses the other arm to rub soap suds all over his skin.  The metal parts seem immune to the water.


I keep looking.  I keep searching for signs of life.


I see his penis.  Shad had an impressive penis.  There was no way that was modified in anyway.  That was god.  At that moment I swear I wonder if it still works.  I find myself fascinated by the 8-inch dick between his legs that reflects water off of it.


Does it still work?  Is he still real?

“Mr. Crosby.”

He’s looking at me!

“Oh shit.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

He doesn’t seem to mind.  His eyes are just looking at me with no soul behind them.  It may not have a soul but he’s so goddam attractive.


“Do you have any requests?” he asks me.


“No.  No of course not.  Finish your shower.”

At that moment he walks out of the shower towards me.  He drips water all over the floor.  He gets close to me.  Ridiculously close.



“Are you sure?” he asks me, “Any requests at all.”

I look up and down at his body.  He’s so attractive.  Would it be wrong?  Would he even know?  Would he mind?

I reach over and touch it.  I touch his dick!  I have to.  I have to know how it feels.  It slides in between my fingers.  I hold it there for a bit.  I feel the skin and the weight of it.  It’s so human.  It’s so real at that moment.


“Get hard,” I tell him.


I’m surprised when it works!  His dick grows in between my hands.  It gets hard.  He stands completely still letting me do to him what I want.  A part of me feels like a pervert but a part of me has to know just how real this is.  ‘


“May I?” I ask him.


“You’re in control,” he tells me.


I don’t hesitate to drop to my knees at that moment.  I put his big dick in my mouth.  It’s 10 inches now.  I can fit it all the way down my throat.  I don’t even gag.  My mouth circulates over his shaft.  I get deep in it feeling how swollen it is.  I lick the tip.  I suck on the veins.  He doesn’t make an expression.  I notice he isn’t even flinching…almost at least.  There is one thing.  His dick jumps every seconds like someone would when they are really sensitive in an area.  It pulsates as I suck it.  He may not be moaning.  He may not be expressing himself at all, but his dick has a mind of its own.


For a minute my experiment stars to turn me on.  I’m finding myself sucking hard.  I’m jerking off the base of his huge cock.  I feel the firmness as I do it harder and harder.


Then I hear something.


The slightest moan from the lips of Android 3818.


“Mhmm…” he says.


It’s so slight.  It’s so low but in the same second I can see why it happens.  I am showered with semen in the next minute.  It falls all over my face, all down my neck, all down my shirt.


I lean forward.  I can’t help myself.  I taste it.  Yes, this was organic.  This was real.


Every. Last.  Drop.


I look up at the android wondering if he seems relieved after orgasming but the face that I see instead is different.  He is alert.  It’s not because of me though.


“Stay here…” he tells me.


I watch as he remains naked to reach for his gun.  He draws his gun in a police stance and heads out of the bathroom door almost completely shifting back into android mode and not showing the slightest bit of humanity.  He has become the protection robot again.  I sit in the bathroom and realize how scared I am.


It seems to be taking 3818 a while to get back.

I know he’s strong.  I know he’s capable but for some reason I’m worried about him.  It’s a stupid concept.  The Shad that I knew has been long dead.  Right?  There should be no reason that I should be worried about some Android.


But I was.

This was the same Shad that had given up his life to save mine.  Maybe that’s why I follow after him even though I know it’s not safe.  I head out into the common area and I see Shad posted there with gun in his hand.


I realize who he’s pointing the gun at.


“What are you two doing here?” I ask.


It’s Rhett and Michael.


“Sorry…the door was open,” Michael states.


Rhett remains quiet.  Maybe it’s because he’s not an idiot.  He can put two and two together.  I’m covered in semen and there is a naked android coming out of the same room that I was.  Rhett doesn’t even give me eye contact.



“3818, you are dismissed.  You can…continue your shower.”

The android turns and returns to the bathroom quietly.  I look over at Rhett and Michael.


It’s so awkward that they are here.



“I should secure the premises,” Michael states.


Michael leaves the room.  He seems to be wanting to leave me with Rhett.  I wish he wouldn’t.  The last thing I want to do is explain this to Rhett.



“I was just trying to see how human he was…” I state.

It’s a lie.  The truth is I felt something for Shad.  Since he saved me I’ve felt something for him.  I wanted this.  And truth is I felt dirty.  I felt like I had just raped Shad or something.  Shad was straight.  He wouldn’t want me doing something like this to him.

“He’s an android.”

Rhett looks pissed.  He still isn’t looking at me in my eyes.


“You’re mad.”

“It’s not about me,” he tells me shaking my head, “It’s about you.  If you need to…relieve yourself before the debate then that’s fine.”

I wonder if he really means it, but this sounds like something Rhett would say.  The Gay Agenda came before anything.  If me sucking some dick helped me perform better Rhett and Michael would support it.  But I see his facial expression doesn’t say the same thing as his words.


I start cleaning myself off.  I just want to drop this.  It’s way too awkward.


“You knew I’d bein this hotel?”

“Michael and I were the ones who reprogrammed 3818 to only listen to you and no longer listen to Mr. Collins.  We figured he was being influenced too much by Seth.”

I stop.


“So him bringing me here wasn’t on his own free will?  It was programming.”

Michael nods and looks at me confused.



“You thought he brought you here by his own free will?”

“I was just hoping.”

“You’re hoping wrong, Caden.  That is a robot.  Nothing more, nothing less.  The man who saved you is gone.  I need you to put away those distractions.  You have a presidential debate coming up.  We don’t need you distracted at all.”

I nod.

I wonder if he feels some type of way.  After all he was my fiancé regardless of whether this was just for political gain or not.  The fact that Rhett was the one who actually planned all along for me to escape the Gay Agenda and attend this meeting intrigues me.  It makes me really wonder what his relationship is with Mr. Collins.  It’s clear he didn’t get along with Seth.  There seems to be a strict divide in the people I was working with.  Rhett and Michael definitely seemed more aggressive while Mr. Collins and Seth were much more careful and calculating.  Right now it was clear I was on the aggressive side.

I sit down on the couch wondering how Mr. Collins is going to react once he realizes I’m gone.  I wonder if he is still going to finance my campaign.  I’m taking a risk being here but I think it’s worth it.  Obviously Rhett does as well because he sits right next to me and he has with him a bunch of paperwork making it seem like he came here prepared.


I look over at him.


“So you and Michael?”

He doesn’t even budge at the idea of Michael, “Absolutely not.  I planned this and I knew the Android would need some back up so I brought Michael.  He’s handy with security.  That’s his thing.  I brought him just in case.”

I nod.



“Ah I see…”

“Are you joking?” he asks turning to me seeming a little annoyed, “Nothing is happening between me and Michael.”

“I get it,” I respond, “You know he loves you though?”

I don’t know why I’m bringing this up.  Maybe to take the steam of the fact that I was just caught in a weird position with the Android.  Maybe I really do feel bad for the fact that Michael is kind of hurting through all this.  I don’t know why I bring it up but I think it’s really bothering Rhett the longer we stick on the topic.  I can see it in his expression.


“I’m engaged to you.  Why are you trying to push me on him.”

“It’s not real.”

“You weren’t saying that when we were being intimate,” he responds, “Or did you replace me with the Android so fast?”

I sigh a little bit.  He’s not going to let this thing go with 3818.  It was bothering him more than he was willing to admit.  I could tell.


But I wondered why he kept changing the subject off of Michael.


“What really happened between you and Michael?”

“It didn’t work out.  He felt like he couldn’t commit at the time.  Now I’ve moved on.  And now let’s move off of this topic.  Seth isn’t here.  It’s up to me to prep you for this this debate.”

That’s what all the papers are for.  I can see the look in his eyes that he doesn’t want to talk about Michael.  There’s more to the story.  I just know it.  Either way though he’s right.  I needed help and Rhett happened to come through for my prep just in time.






We stay up all night.  Rhett doesn’t let me have any peace.  Compared to Seth, Rhett was hell on wheels when it came to helping me.  The android doesn’t seem to sleep.  He stays up pressed up against the wall silently watching like some sort of guard dog.  Rhett doesn’t seem to get sleepy at all as he drills me with question after question.


“What is your economic plan?”

“What is your health plan?”

“How are you going to make lives better for the American people?”

He peppers me with questions to the point that I’m starting to know them by heart.  I guess it’s working even though I’m tired as hell. I’m not the only one.  Michael is barely staying up when he returns.  I watch as he starts nodding off.


“You can go to sleep,” I tell Michael.


Before Michael gets time to even attempt to go to the room, Rhett turns to him.

“Don’t you go any fucking where,” he tells Michael, “We need security for Caden.”

“He’s tired.”

“He’s not important right now.  The only thing that is important is you and this campaign.”

I look at Michael’s expression when Rhett tells him that.  The way he says it is ignorant and rude to say the least.  Rhett is kind.  I know he is.  I’ve seen it but with Michael he’s starting to get more and more sharp by the day.  He’s starting to treat him differently and for some reason I care.


“Don’t talk to him like that,” I respond, “Don’t be a dick.”

“Who’s being a dick?” he asks, “His job is to keep you safe.”

“The android is right there.”

“We can’t take the risk,” he responds.


Did he really care about me?  Or was this just Rhett trying to make sure that his investment paid off in the end.


Michael shakes his head, “Guys please don’t argue over me.  I’ll stay up.  I’m fine.”

“Listen I don’t know what the two of you have going on,” I respond, “But if you’re both going to be working for me you need to fix this tension.”

“There’s no tension,” Rhett assures me.


Michael mimics him immediately, “None at all.”

They both seem like they are bullshitting me.  I had been a writer for a long time before I was imprisoned.  One thing I knew is how people used language.  There is this heaviness between the two of them.  All this history.


“Rhett, after all Michael has been through with President Storm, you should understand why he was reluctant to let another person in,” I explain, “Storm killed his lover.”

There is a pause.


“Wait what?” Rhett asks.


“Storm killed Michael’s boyfriend?  You know, Storm’s own son.”

Rhett and Michael look at each other.  Michael’s pale skin has gone all the way red.  If he wasn’t tense before then he definitely was now.  Rhett looks more annoyed than anything.


“Michael’s boyfriend?” Rhett asks, “Is that what he told you?”

“Yeah.  Storm’s son was Michael’s boyfriend? Right?”

“That wasn’t the case,” Rhett explains, “The truth is a lot different.  Hell, if we were smart we would use the truth against President Storm.  End his fucking campaign and secure your victory.”


Rhett looks like he has an idea in his head.   I knew there was more to this story.  I had a feeling that I was missing something.

“What truth?”


Michael seems to be panicking.  Michael looks over at Rhett.


“Don’t…you promised you’d never tell anyone,” Michael pleads.

Rhett ignores him.


Rhett turns to me.



“Michael wasn’t in a relationship with Storm’s son when they had sex.  Sure they had sex.  Sure Storm burned them.  But his son wasn’t Michael’s boyfriend.  Storm was mad because of jealousy.  It was Storm who was in a relationship with Michael when it happened.”





  • Brandon Cruz

    I knew Storm was gay. I knew it from day one that not this, but just something. So Michael he didn’t lie. but didn’t tell the whole truth. That why Storm is so bitter because Michael was cheating on him with his own son. I get why he would hate his son for this, but he didn’t need to kill him. Michael I can’t trust him if he doesn’t tell the whole truth. I really though that Shad being him, but of course someone is always involved. I still think there is a chance for Shad to be saved from this and be with Caden. I really don’t care for Rhett that much anymore.

    • Lee namefree

      There’s some type of intelligence going on with Shad. Michael & Rhett may have reprogrammed him to listen to Caden, but they didn’t program him to “react” to Caden. When Shad asked Caden from the shower if he had any request, and Caden told him no, Shad reacts to Caden staring at his body. There was no other reason for Shad to step out of the shower stall. He responded to Caden’s need without being given a command. I’m glad that Caden is considering that Shad was straight, and might not want sexual contact with a man. However, Shad could have stayed in the shower if he didn’t want Caden to touch him that way. At any rate, Shad has 10 inches of semen shooting equipment. I think like all parts of his body, it should get a regular work out! As for Michael, I can forgive him for his lie. It must be difficult to acknowledge your former lover is a murdering psychopath. And perhaps worse is his guilt for falling in love with his lover’s son. I feel badly for Michael, but I think there’s more to Rhett’s anger/disappointment with Michael.

      • Ralph Jones

        Yaaasss to dick workouts

        • Jaye Tee

          Lmaoooo right!

      • Brandon Cruz

        Maybe Michael cheated on Rhett with both Storm and Storm’s son. At this point Caden just needs to focus on winning. He will win.

        • Lee namefree

          Now there’s a thought. I initially wondered if the reason he & Rhett broke up was because Michael had had an affair. I assumed Rhett & Michael met after Storm murdered his son, but maybe you’re right, and Rhett was seeing Michael while he was having affairs with both father & son. I’m not going judge Michael for that. He’s paid terribly for his infidelity, but if what you’re thinking is true, Rhett has every reason in the world to doubt Michael’s true feelings for him. Even if Caden doesn’t win this race, the Gay Agenda clearly triumphs in the end.

          • Brandon Cruz

            It does sound like that because when Rhett was like Michael you didn’t tell Caden the whole truth regarding Storm, Rhett seem bitter about it. If that were to happen before they met and before they started to death, why would Rhett care. I think Michael was really busy and it back fired on him because he was seeing a psycho who was willing to kill his own son.

  • Lee namefree

    It’s rumoured Hitler was half Jewish, so I’m not surprised this murderer of gays is himself gay. Perhaps guilt, and fear of his own safety, kept Michael from speaking out about his former lover Storm, but now with the primaries, Michael should go to the press. If Caden were living in a democracy, It wouldn’t be politically wise for him to expose the other candidate, though he could comment on stories about Storm being gay and his hypocrisy. But in the totalitarian government Storm’s created, there’s no freedom of speech. No reporter is going to risk his life exposing Storm without really strong evidence. Which means the only platform is the debate stage. But I’m confused. Why is there’s a primary, or this pretence of voting? Storm murdered the elected President of the United States, and overthrew the government. For every day that Caden stays in the race, Storm’s pushing gay people off buildings. If this behavior hasn’t convinced the “voting” public to vote for anyone but Storm, than I really don’t think Storm being gay will have much impact! Sadly the people who voted for Storm in the 1st election, wasn’t voting for his character, they were voting against gays.

  • Ralph Jones

    So he’s a bitter bitch basically

    • Lee namefree

      Basically. I think Michael’s going to have a hard time proving he was in a relationship with Storm. I’m figuring Storm probably got rid of all evidence of that relationship, including anyone who could verify they were a couple!

      • Brandon Cruz

        Ya. He got rid of his own son by killing him. I don’t think that the son knew about Michael and Storm. What more secrets do these people have? In the end Caden must have become president because of the other story: The Gay Agenda. I really hope there is a chance for Shad to be free.

        • Lee namefree

          I can’t imagine that Storm’s son was unaware that his father & his lover were in a relationship together. It clearly didn’t matter to Storm whether his son knew or not! Caden is no where on the scene in Gay Agenda, but we can only assume that even if he didn’t win the race, the Gay Agenda won the war. There has to be a way to switch Chad’s emotion chip on. I’d love for him to be free, buy what’s he gonna do with his freedom if he has no reason to be free? I want to know what Shad is feeling beneath all that metal.

          • Brandon Cruz

            So you think that Storm’s son knew about Michael and Storm and just didn’t say anything about it or cared. Clearly Storm did care enough to kill his own son and burn Michael. This just makes me hate Storm even worst. Also I know Caden isn’t mention in The Gay Agenda story, we just know that somehow the gay agenda in this story wins.

          • Lee namefree

            I need to read more about this relationship between Storm & Michael, but I was sort of thinking that Michael & Storm’s son were carrying on behind Storm’s back for some time. At least long enough for them to fall in love. I’m having difficulty imagining Storm caring about anyone but himself. Maybe he was always unhinged and volatile, which is why Michael & son snuck behind his back instead of being truthful about how they felt about each other. In the Gay Agenda, Gays live in the sky, while straights are land-bound. I wonder if Caden get’s to see the promised land, or if the city in the sky is well beyond his lifetime?

  • Rodney

    I don’t think any of us are shocked that he’s gay. Most homophobes are. I want Shad and Caden to live happily ever after so bad. I feel like Rhett likes Caden but he is still in love with Michael and is only reacting to Caden the way that he is because he’s still hurting.

    • Lee namefree

      I’m not sure if Rhett is in love with Michael. It seems like something has gone on between them since the time Caden overheard their conversation about their relationship. At that time, Rhett seemed to be understanding of Michael wanting to renew their relationship, but now Rhett seems very harsh with Michael. His language sounds like he’s punishing Michael now. I’m glad Caden questioned them instead of sweeping their conflict under the rug. Rhett is definitely attracted to Caden, and clearly feels some kind of way about being replaced by 3818. Unless he starts showing Caden that he’s more important than this presidential race, Rhett can just stay on the sidelines!

  • rhibot_54

    I still don’t think Rhett is in love w/ Caden, I still see this admiration and I’d do anything for you type of feelings. He’s basically willing to use his body to make sure Caden wins and runs smoothly and it’s exhausting. lol

    I am not surprised President Storm was gay as well and maybe got pissed about his lover being with his son and now he’s bitter about that.