The Gates, Chapter 9


“Try this one…he’s nice and wet.”

Rhinegold gives me a smile.  The broad smile stretching out across his dirty face like a wild animal.  Drool slathers out of his mouth.  I think he forgets that he’s in human form.  Below him is a submissive bottom, really pretty with wild hair and a boyish frame.  He’s really a shit-stain of a werewolf, but I needed Rhinegold…especially now.

“Not my type,” I state.

It’s an orgy.  Rhinegold called for it.  All the packs were here crowded in a warehouse. Loud howls of dirty fucking on stained mattresses echo through the warehouse.  It smells in here.  It smells like blood and sex.  The funk makes my dick hard.  It’s nothing like fucking the dirty way.   That was the wolf way, but still, I was Alpha of Alphas.  I couldn’t just stick my dick in anything.

“People are watching?”

“For what?”

“For you.  They are talking behind your back.  You know that?  They say you’re afraid of the demons.”

Rhinegold’s whispers carry into my ears.  I try not to look concerned but there is a twitch there.  It’s quick and slight but there is definitely a twitch of immediate discomfort.  I’d heard the whispers.  I saw the stares.  People were watching me.

“I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.”

“You do.  You need to prove your strength.  Sooner or later a challenger is going to come seeking your position.  It’s the werewolf way.  Show them you still have what it takes to be Alpha of Alphas.”

I look around the room.  Eyes.  Eyes are watching me.  I recognize the looks on the Alphas.  They have gathered around.  Rhinegold is talking about them.  I can feel it.  It’s going to be one of these Alphas who would challenge me.  Rhinegold had a point.  I couldn’t be weak.  I had to be stronger.  I had to be the strongest.  The stares are burning through me.  Studying me.  Which one of them would challenge me for my position?  Which one of them would it be?


I almost gulp.  Would it be Maximillion?  He was wild enough to try.  Or maybe Quincy.  No…Richardson.  He seemed to have a lot of opinions nowadays.   Maybe even Black Foot.  Look at that ambition in his eyes.  He has something to prove to the New Zealand pack.

Rhinegold doesn’t answer my question.  He’s distracted, “Basil just walked in…”

All eyes shot across the room.  Just for a second.  Just for one quick second.  Basil.  He was shirtless, naturally.  His pants falling below his beltline.  It’s clear he doesn’t want to be here.  He has one thing and one thing only on his mind.  He wants to get revenge for his lover Yuma.  Perhaps it’s his physique that makes him a powerful figure.  He does have the physique of a human bodybuilder.  Almost no fat to be seen.  Perhaps it’s something else that makes people stare at him the way they do though.  I can’t put my finger on it.  What is it?  What is it?

“Isn’t that the Alaska pack over there?”

“Yes, Basil’s pack.”

“I’m going to fuck one of his wolves.”

Rhinegold’s smile gets wider at the thought, “I like that.  That one.  He’s an albino.   They value those wolves over anything.”

I see the boy Rhinegold is talking about.  I make my way over there.  I know eyes are watching me so I make every step count.  As I get closer, I can feel the eyes of the Alaska pack watching me, including Basil who sits off to the side.  His eyes are lazily wondering what I’m doing on this side of the warehouse.  When I walk up to the albino, I think I make myself very clear.  The albino is handsome.  Pretty.  He’s small, petite with a face that would make ancestors blush.  His lips are this pretty pink and his eyes look almost alien.    I’m dressed in a fur coat and I approach the boy my fur coat drops to the floor.  He looks down…seeing the gigantic dick between my legs.  His face blushes as though immediately shy the mere size of it.

“What’s your name?”


“Bend over, all the way over,” I tell him, “I’m going to fuck you with this daddy dick. It’s going to hurt.  If you clench your asshole on my dick I’m going to rip it open.  You’re going to bleed.  You’re going to scream for me to stop but I won’t until I’ve nutted all inside of you. Then after you are going to turn around and I’m going to deliver my second load down your throat.  You’ll swallow it.  You know how to deepthroat?”

“Yes, Alpha of Alphas,” he states.

He was a Beta in training, probably spent his whole life preparing to be the Beta of a powerful Alpha.  Most likely he was bred to be Basil’s beta.

“I like it really wet and nasty.  You’re going to spit on the dick to get it real wet in order to put it all the way down.”

Rhinegold grabs my arm, “Walid…”

I push Rhinegold away.  I was much too horny by now.  My dick was throbbing.  All the other Alphas were watching.  All the other packs were watching.  They wanted to know that I had what it took to really lead them in this strange city.

“ I want you to be fierce on this dick…”

“Walid,” Rhinegold interrupts.

It isn’t until I try to push him away again that I hear the footsteps and then there is a smell.   It is perfumed magical fragrances that lifts up in the air.   It’s so potent.  I recognize the smells almost immediately.  I recognize the rosewater, sage, and incense.  A witch was near.  Not just any witch either.

THE witch.

I turn and see Genesis Bah approaching me.

“You can’t mention the idea of being fierce without Genesis Bah.”

Growls fill up the hall.  I can see the other Alphas get on edge.  Most of them change to wolf form.  The other fighters in their packs begin to do the same.  Any other person would have to shit their pants with the sight of these oversized wolves threatening them, but not Genesis.  He is cool, calm and collected as always.  He has an oversized red coat that sweeps the ground.   He has on tight black leather pants and black combat boots.  His eyes sink so deep into me that I completely forget about the Eskimo boy that had been turning me on just a few minutes ago.

“He can’t be here!”  Rhinegold growls.

It seems like almost everyone in the hall had that idea in common.  This was a werewolf ceremony.  We held the orgies in high regard.  A witch…even the witch king, trespassing like this was big.  It was beyond big.

“Who intends to remove me?” Genesis asks, “Especially with the most powerful wolf here in this room.”

“No one touch him,” I demand.

Rhinegold looks uneasy, “Walid, this isn’t a good idea.”

Genesis was back.   It no longer mattered what Rhinegold thought.  It no longer mattered what any of them thought.  Still, I knew that Genesis was pushing all limits being in here especially with wolves with high libidos.  It could not turn out well for him.

“My love, perhaps we can retire.  I’m sure we have a lot of catching up to do.”

“Your love?  Was I your love when you abandoned me to the demons?” he asks.

I stare at him.  Fuck.

“I was going to stage an attack,” I state, “I was just planning.  Making sure I was careful.”

Genesis doesn’t believe a word.  Immediately I regret it.  I should have gone to save him.  I look over at Basil.  He hasn’t said a word.  He hasn’t even whispered a fucking word but I can see him judging me.  He was the one who wanted to attack the demons.  I was the one who stopped it.   I wonder how Genesis was freed from his captivity.  I wonder all of those things.  It doesn’t matter though.  He’s out now.  That’s what matters.

“It’s no matter.  You have an opportunity to make it up to me.  I am not coming here of my own will.  I’ve taken in knowledge.  More knowledge than I could ever handle.”


“I ate from the fruit of knowledge.  Just know that the most powerful spirits now communicate with me.  I can understand spirits now that I was never able to talk to before.  Last night I spoke to one of the most powerful spirits to ever live.  The spirits wanted me to be here.”

He was speaking in riddles again.  The werewolves were all confused.  All this talk about talking to spirits was beyond our understanding.

I raise a curious eyebrow, “Spirits?”

“Yes. There is one spirit in specific that called me into this warehouse to do his bidding.  The spirit of the Amarok.”

All of a sudden silence.  The myth of the Amarok was passed down from werewolf to werewolf.  If it was one of us talking about the Amarok it wouldn’t matter, but Genesis was an outsider.  In Inuit mythology, Amarok is the name of a gigantic, monstrous wolf.  Amarok is said to hunt down and devour those who are foolish enough to go out hunting alone at night. Unlike other wolves who hunt in packs, the Amarok is a lone hunter.

Back in Vanderbilt, we had our own version of the mythology.

There is another wolf entity, Amaguq who was the spirit of the wolf deity that had been one of the demon spirits to lay with the first woman Lilith when she fled Eden.  From the offspring of Amaguq and Lilith came the first werewolves.  However, the sex with Lilith was so draining that the Amaguq lost its body.  Since then it’s been searching the world for a werewolf to take its spirit.  In one way or another, all of the packs had grown up with a version of the Amarok.    The Dire Wolf, the Hyaenodon, the Shunka Warakin, the Waheela.  They were all versions of the same beast: THE AMAROK.

“What do you know about the Amarok?”

“It’s looking for a body.  It’s looking for a spirit…in this room.  The greatest among you.  The Alpha of Alphas.  It wants me to make love to that person and transfer the spirit.”

Holy shit.

My mind almost bursts with the thought.

“You hear that?” I announce to the room, “My love has come to give me the SPIRIT of the Amarok!”

Whispers.  Whispers of fascination all around me.  This served them right for ever doubting me.  I remember how they talked about me when I chose a witch to marry.  The alliance had put the werewolves in good standing in Eden.  Together Genesis and I ruled Eden with an iron fist.   They doubted me back then, but I knew what I was doing.  Genesis spoke to the spirits.  I knew one day that alliance would make me great.

Now was that day.  I deserved this.  I was Walid.  I was the Alpha of Alphas.  I deserved to carry the spirit of the Amarok.

“This is nonsense,” Rhinegold whispers to me.

Genesis answers Rhinegold’s claim with flickering lights.  All of a sudden as the lights in the warehouse flicker on and off I see something.  It’s just a shadow lurking across the room.  At first, I think it’s some sort of parlor trick but then I pay closer attention.  The shadow is the shadow of a wolf.  It’s a huge wolf.  It’s bigger than any werewolf we’d ever seen.  Our eyes follow the shadow and we can feel it.  We can feel the spirit of the Amarok here with us.

“Demons are coming,” Genesis warns, “A final battle bigger than any.  The Amarok wants to fight in it.  It will need a host.”

I look over at Rhinegold, “You see?”

Rhinegold is speechless.   He nods and sinks into the background, stunned and shocked by the shadow of the huge werewolf haunting the walls of the warehouse.  This was big.  This was beyond big.

I wanted to make sure they all see what I was going to become.  They’d be lucky if I spared their life after I became more powerful then all of them combined.

“Give it to me,” I demand of Genesis.

“Lay flat.”

The other werewolves are watching.  Their eyes piercing the darkness as I lay flat on the ground as Genesis instructs.  Genesis takes a pouch out of the red coat.  He circles me with the black salt on the ground.  My heart is beating fast as he begins to disrobe.  His naturally tight body is clear.   Before I notice he’s naked.  He is so sexy.   He might not have the whole twink thing going on.  He was a man in a way.   Tight but not too slim.  His naked body walks into the circle of black salt completely naked.

As I lay flat on my back he slowly mounts me.

“Damn I’ve missed you.  I love you…”

“Quiet…” he responds.

He mounts me slowly.  His asshole circle around my dick.  I’ve never precummed so much in my life.  I have so much precum on my dick that he doesn’t even need anything additional, but for good measure, he spits on his hand and swabs my dick. My dick twitches at that moment.

“I’m going to fuck you into a coma.  Everyone will see that I am the host of the Amarok when we’re done…”

A devious smile spreads across my face.  I was ready for this.  Now Genesis was worthy of my dick.  He was worthy of the dick of the Alpha of Alphas.

He sits slowly on my dick.  Slow.  I feel every inch of him.  I feel his walls. They are so wet and warm and tight.  They clench around my dick as though fitting it like a glove.  Fuck I squirm as I hold onto the ground.  Everyone was watching.  It felt so good as he got lower on me.  Why did it feel so much better this time?  He isn’t even all the way down and I’m struggling.

“Are you worthy?” he asks me.

“Yes, of course?”

“Prove it.”


“Another Amarok has sent another spirit to test your might,” he states, “I need you to stay hard.”

Just at that moment though Genesis begins to change.  His eyes get red.  I know it’s magic.  At first, I think he’s almost changing to a werewolf but no.  He doesn’t grow hair.  He doesn’t grow a snout or fangs.  His face softens and his eyes get bigger.  They become more innocent almost immediately.

I recognize the face.


And that’s when it happens.  I cum.  I fucking cum.

I can’t believe it.  I can’t fucking believe it.  The lights flicker on.  The shadow is no longer stalking the walls.  The face that is looking back at me is now Genesis instead of Nasir.  Genesis has this look of horror on his face when I cum inside of him.  I didn’t even last two seconds.  I didn’t even last two fucking seconds.

All of a sudden there is laughter.  There is FUCKING laughter.   The whole entire room is roaring at me with laughter.  The warehouse is roaring with laughter.  Even the werewolves in their wolf form snicker at me.  Never had a werewolf, let alone an Alpha PRE-EJACULATE during sex.

I’m panicking, especially when Genesis hops off me and breaks the black salt circle with an angry sweep of his foot before grabbing his red robes.

“Let’s try again.  I can still go.  My dick…my dick is still hard…”

I look down but realize this is just wishful thinking.  I didn’t just cum.  I erupted inside of Genesis.  It was like he literally drained every inch of cum outside of me.  My dick immediately flops to the side.  I try to grab it.  I’m desperately yanking.  I’m thinking about sex in every position possible.  Anything that would make me hard again.  Nothing work.  Nothing at all.  My dick is still limp.

“The Amarok has refused you…” is his last word.


I can’t sleep that night.  I still hear the embarrassing laughs.  The next morning it isn’t any better.  The wolves are all leaving the warehouse.  The orgy is over.  The smell of liquor and sex is clearing out of the room.

Then I notice them.  The Alphas.  They aren’t leaving with their packs.

“What’s happening?” I ask Rhinegold.

He’s laid up in between two young looking boys when I say that.  He looks over at me.  He shakes his head in this downtrodden way.  I can almost tell he’s judging me and I know why.  The embarrassment from the night before was something that I would never be able to heal from.

“You’ve become a joke,” Rhinegold admits to me.

“I’m Alphas of Alphas.”

“More like Alpha of jokes,” Rhinegold corrects me grunting a little bit, “You know what’s about to happen.  You can feel it.”


“A challenge,” Rhinegold responds, “More than likely multiple.  They are saying you don’t have what it takes to be Alpha of Alphas.  What kind of Alpha can’t even please his lover and keep his dick hard?  They are saying Genesis turned you into his bitch last night.”

“lt was magic—-it was…”

“It doesn’t matter.  Expect a challenge tonight,” Rhinegold tells me.

I’m heated.  I’m more than heated.  I can’t even walk out of the warehouse without looking over at the Alphas.  Black Foot and Richardson are whispering amongst themselves and they both laugh at me.  They both snicker.  I can’t take this.  I can’t take any of this.

I needed to find Genesis.


I storm into the building that Aiden’s team has been situated in.  Knowing Genesis, he would be part of the resistance of the demons.  As I walk in I see almost everyone surrounding Genesis.  It seems like the room is completely full.  Something is happening.  Something interesting.  As I walk in the people in the room get quiet as though feeling awkward or something.  I’m so paranoid that I think they heard about what happened the night before.  These weren’t werewolves.  I knew that much but it was even embarrassing for people who weren’t wolves.

If I didn’t get the spirit of the Amarok, I would be killed in a challenge for my position.  Even worse the person who defeated me would spare me.  I would never be able to look anyone in the face again.

“Genesis I need to try again,” I state, “I need to…”

“Shh…you’ll wake the baby,” Genesis states.

“The baby?”

It’s Aiden who answers, “Yaser stole the baby Lilith and brought her here.”

Genesis has a baby in his hands.  He has his daughter in his hands.  I look at Genesis.  I look down at the baby.  It’s a pretty baby.  Bald and beautiful.  I’m staring at the baby and I’m shocked that this has happened.  From what I knew Yaser was no longer even human.  I had heard stories that he had been possessed by the demons.

But then I turn and look over at him.

Yaser.   It’s definitely him.

My mind circles around remembering that there was a time this boy was my Beta.  He was obsessed with me.   What’s is there not to be obsessed about?  Yaser took it to another level though.  Even now I can see how he looks at me when I walk into the room.  His eyes are glued onto me.  He was still my Beta deep inside.  I knew that instantly.  He still belonged to me.

“How’d you escape?” I ask Yas.

“It wasn’t me,” Yaser states, “The baby wanted to be with Genesis.  It set fire to anyone who stood in our way.”

“Set fire?” I ask.

I’m wondering if Yaser meant literally.  I watch how people slowly take a few steps away from Genesis and the baby.  The eyes on the baby are cold.  They are almost freezing.  Within a matter of seconds, it takes a look at while being waddled in the arms of Genesis.  This was the child of Genesis.  This was the reincarnation of the first vampire Lilith.  This thing being born would probably be the most powerful being alive.

Genesis is unafraid of the child.  The child definitely seemed to know who her father was.  She clutches tightly to him as Genesis mutters out, “She is my child.  Lilith was born fierce.”

“They’ll want her back,” one of the many men with blonde hair state, “She’s destined to marry Lafayette.  He’ll stop at nothing to get his bride back.  We’ve started the war.”

Aiden doesn’t seem to shake, “We are preparing.  Santos is resting now.  He should be prepared.”

“We can’t depend on Santos,” Genesis responds almost immediately, “They have the archangel Michael on their side now.  He cancels Santos out.”

Genesis was right.   I look over at the other vampires.  For so long they had depended on Santos to save them from everything.  I wasn’t sure what the new threat was but I knew that the demons would throw everything they had at us.

“Give me the power of the Amarok,” I interrupt, “I’ll protect you.  I’ll protect your child.  Genesis, give me the power of the Amarok.”

Genesis gives me a hard look, “It denied you.”

“I can prove myself.”

“You can’t even prove yourself to the werewolves,” Genesis rolls his eyes, “They run all over you.  How about you spend your time and energy regaining control of the packs and actually being a leader before you talk about protecting anyone.”


“I’m putting Lilith to bed,” Genesis states.

Genesis doesn’t hesitate to get up and leave the room again.  I am about to run after him when I feel someone grab me.  I turn at that moment and notice the person who is grabbing me is none other than Yas.  Yas grabs my arm to keep me there.

“I spoke with Genesis.  He won’t change his mind.”

“He told you what happened?”

Yas nods, “It’s a shame.  Especially the part about the laughing.”

My heart gets cold.

“Since when are you and Genesis close?” I ask.

“Since I brought him his child,” Yas responds, “An attack is coming, though.  We need the wolves united.”

“They are going to challenge me…”

“I have an idea.”

I look over at Yas, “An idea?”

“I’ve always loved you.  And always will,” Yas states, “There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.  Was there any part of you that ever loved me back?  Ever…”

I think about it.  The harsh reality of it all.  Yas stated that he was here because the baby wanted Genesis but I wondered if it was more.  I wondered if there was a part of him that knew I was in trouble.  It was just like Yas to show up when I needed him the most.  He had done it time after time without fail.  He had done it time after time without even trying.



“Never.  It was always Nasir,” I tell him, “After him…I didn’t have it in me to love again.  Not the way I should have.  Do you hate me for it?”

Yas gets quiet.  He gets real quiet.  He’s completely back to his old self now.  There is this emotional side to him.  Real emotional.

“Love doesn’t require reciprocation,” he explains to me, “Unfortunately.  Is there a way you can release me from being your Beta?”

He shrugs, “I don’t know if it’s possible.”

He nods, “Fine then.  I’ll continue to work in your interest.  The wolves will challenge you tonight.  It’s best if you accept their challenge and hope for the best.”

He didn’t sound too confident and truthfully I knew that things weren’t looking good for me and for the first time in forever I felt as though not even Yas could get me out of this one.


It’s late that night.  Rhinegold is staring at my side.  He walks out of the room where the Alphas have gathered.  My howl had brought all of the other alphas into that room.

“You got a lot of balls,” Rhinegold states, “I’ll give you that.  They are bloodthirsty in there.”

I look at the location.  It’s the one door in there.  I wouldn’t be getting out of that door.  Not alive at least.  I knew that.  Rhinegold knew that.  This would be the end of Walid.  This was how I was going to die.  I was going to be shredded by other Alphas who were so ready and amp to get rid of me once and for all.

“Which one is it going to be?” I ask Rhinegold, “Who will challenge me?”

To say I’m afraid is an understatement.  There was a time where I was never afraid.  That time had long been gone.  I was afraid and I think the wolves can smell it on me.  I look over at Rhinegold.  I think he can smell it on me.  Luckily for him, he didn’t require pride to be on my side.  It wasn’t a necessity for him.   Rhinegold was a scandalous, shady backstabber and it was a damn shame that I sunk so low that this is the only one on my side.

He shrugs weakly, “Most likely Amari of the Toronto Pack. At first.  He’s the most feared.  If you survive that challenge, you’d be lucky if every single wolf in there doesn’t challenge you after that.”

Multiple fights with the biggest werewolves.  I was nowhere near as big as I once was.  I was nowhere near as good of a fighter. The lazy life of a king had made me weak.  It had made me soft.  I probably wouldn’t survive Amari let alone the other wolves in that room.

“What about Basil?” I ask.

“He’ll probably challenge as well.  He didn’t show up yet though.”

I shake my head, “He ignored my howl?”

It was one of the biggest disrespects among wolves.  For a wolf to ignore the howl of the Alpha above him showed that he didn’t respect a damn thing about that Alpha.

“No offense, but if Basil was here you wouldn’t stand a chance,”  Rhinegold grunts, “Maybe Basil’s absence is a blessing.”

“You think I’m a coward?”

“I think you’d do better to send your demon beta in there for you,” Rhinegold shrugs.

He was talking about Yas.  I know Rhinegold means it as a mockery when he even suggests that but the truth is I would have at least liked to see Yas before I died.  I’m not sure why.  It’s not love.  It’s not the same kind of love that I felt with Nasir.  Yas’s face wouldn’t make me have a spasm and cum almost immediately.  I didn’t have that kind of emotion with Yas.  But there is a comfort I had with Yas.

Maybe that’s why I search around desperately for him.

“He’s not showing up.”

“We can’t wait,” Rhinegold states, “If you’re going to be killed in a challenge you need to make sure that you at least show up on time to your death.”

“You’re not helping.”

“I’m not here to help,” Rhinegold grunts, “You’re on your own.”

Rhinegold doesn’t even look like he’s going to go into the room with me.  He stays behind.  I walk towards the room where the challenge is going to take place.  I can hear the growling behind the door.  Yes.  They had already changed into their wolves.  They were ready to rip me apart.  I take a few more steps towards the door.  I had never been a coward.  Never.

I put my hand on the door.  My hand is shaking.  I turn back to see if Rhinegold is there.  Sure enough, my so-called “friend” is gone.  He’s abandoned me in my time of need.   Seeing how quickly Rhinegold was out of there as though no longer wanting to be associated with me especially if a new Alpha emerged was clear that he was never loyal to me in the first place.

It made me even more nervous.  I couldn’t do this.  I couldn’t do this!

But I had to.

Even if I didn’t come in here they would call me a coward.  They would hunt me down.  Eden wasn’t big enough to run from angry Alphas.

I open the door…

…but then I feel someone push it closed again.

“You’ll lose,” the voice states.

I turn and see Yas standing there.  He’s not alone.  Strangely enough, he has a baby in his hands.  He has Genesis’s baby in his hands.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“The same thing I’ve always done,” Yas states, “Something dumb to protect you.”

I’m surprised Genesis trusts Yas with his baby but then I have to remember that he’d built some sort of reputation with Genesis while they were with the demons.  Hell, it was Yas who brought the baby back in the first place.  So what would it take Yas offering Genesis to watch his baby for a little bit.  It had to be why he was late to arrive here.  But why?  Why did he bring the baby?  I watch as Yas starts to chain the doors.  There is no other way out of the room.  He was locking the Alphas in the room.

“What are you doing?” I ask again.

The doors are chained and then I watch as Yas looks down at the baby.  He lifts the baby into the air almost propping the baby up against our eyes.

Then he whispers to the baby.

“They want to hurt your father in there…” Yas whispers to the baby.

And almost as though he had said a magical word to operate some sort of weapon I see the baby’s eyes glow this violent red.  Then I see something else.  First is just a slight spark behind the door.  I can see it through the slightest of holes.  Then after the spark, I smell it.  Fire.


Then howls.

HOWLS as the entire room with all the Alphas engulf into flames.  Yas and I sit there watching as the werewolves beat against the door but they are strangled by the smoke and flames behind them.  We don’t react.  We just watch in silence.

Until finally there is nothing.  No more howls.  No more panting.

“Now what?”

“Now we take Genesis back his baby and let him know that the Alphas are all dead.  You now have united the packs.   You then tell him you’ll lead the packs in the war against the demons if he attempts to give you the spirit of the Amarok again.”

“You’re amazing,” I say to Yas.

Yas looks at me and shakes his head, “I don’t want to be, but I can’t help it.”

I see a sadness behind his eyes.  I know what he means.  It’s almost like a curse for him.  I’ve seen it before.  There were betas who could never break free from their Alphas.  He was stuck.  He was stuck in serving me.  He was stuck in doing whatever it took to make sure I was safe.  A smile spreads across my face.

Yas was smart.   He was powerful, but for me…he was the average fool.

I nod feeling my greatness coming back to me, “Take me to him.  It’s time to make me the most powerful werewolf in history.”


We go to the quarters of Genesis at that moment.  I’m beyond the hype.  This time I was prepared.  This time I was going to give Genesis the dick of his lifetime.  I’d fuck him so good that the Amarok spirit would get on its knees and want to lick up my nut like it was milk.  I’d be getting that spirit today and I’d have all the packs united under me at last.  Now I wasn’t just the Alpha of Alphas.  Once I killed Basil and that traitor Rhinestone, I’d be the only Alpha.  All the wolves would have to follow me and me alone.

I can’t smile wide enough.

“This way…” Yas states, “Watch your step.  It’s dark in here…”

I push past him almost knocking the baby out of his hands, “Get out of my way.  I don’t give a fuck about darkness.  This is MY moment.”

No one would stop it.  No one would stop my moment.

As I walk in I see something on the floor.  Strange.  Black salt.

“What the fuck is this?” I ask.

Yas doesn’t walk past the black salt.  He stays where he is, “Genesis needs the wolves united.  He can’t have them running away like the witches.”

“What’s the fuck that supposed to mean?”

Yas shrugs, “I’m going to put the baby in his crib.  Go ahead.  Go get your greatness.  Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“Damn right.”

I shake my head and walk forward into the darkness.  I smell something there in the room.  I smell the scent of Genesis.

That’s when I see Genesis laying down on the bed.  He’s completely butt naked.  His asshole is touted up in the air.   He’s waiting.  His eyes lazily scale the sheets on the bed.  He looks like he’s completely out of it.

“You ready for this dick?” I ask him.

“He’s already gotten it…” a voice states.

I turn at that moment and see who is talking to me.  I see in the darkness a figure walking out.  It’s the figure of a man but the candles cast a shadow.  The shadow doesn’t reflect the man.  The shadow is the shadow of a great wolf.

I recognize the person as he takes a few steps towards me.

“What is this?” I ask.

I smell the sex in the air.  The man is naked.  His dick is dripping with nut.

“He’s quite amazing, isn’t he?” Yas whispers behind me, “Maybe that’s why the Amarok chose him.”

The man takes a few steps towards me.  His dick is dripping.  I recognize the body.  He’s built like a bodybuilder.   He’s strong.  He’s powerful.  He’s MANLY and masculine.  The shadow of the wolf follows behind him slowly.  He’s everything that I once was.


He’d fucked Genesis.  Genesis GAVE him the Amarok spirit.  Looking at Basil now I knew he was different.  He was powerful.  He was the one who was going to lead the wolves against the demons.  I try to fall back.  My heart beating clear out of my chest.

“Yaser…help me…save me…”

“Help you?” Yas says, “I can’t.  See we needed the other leaders out of the way.  I wanted you to be challenged but challenged by the right person.  Here is your challenge.”

I watch as Basil goes for me.  He’s still in human form but he rages at me opening his jaw and grabbing me by the neck with his teeth.  I’m defenseless.  I try to change and transform into the wolf but his grip is too strong.  I can’t even fucking focus at this point.

“Why?” is all I can whisper to Yas.

“I needed to free myself from you…” Yas admits.

And with that, the challenge is over.  With that Basil bites down and rips my head off.