The Gates, Chapter 8

Chapter 8



“Daniel 7:10 says that thousand thousands of angels minister to God, and “ten thousand times ten thousand stand before him. Genesis, you are far outnumbered. How many? Too many. I’ll find a way. No, you won’t. You must be careful, Genesis. Fallen angels who serve the Devil are also numerous since Scripture describes the Prince of Hell and his demons as a powerful kingdom.”

The first sign of madness is talking to yourself. The second is replying. I look through the cell. This motherfucker was having a full blown conversation with himself.

I swallow my spit, “Genesis, who are you talkin’ to?”

Genesis has black eyes. His lips are moving but his voice is different. He sounds older, almost like an old man. It’s creepy as all fuck. He keeps rocking back and forth bowing his head low to the ground as he can as though listening to the Earth. When he comes back up he speaks with this different voice as though someone has come into his body and speaks the words. His dark eyes make me shiver…or maybe it’s the fact that his chanting makes the cell extra cold. I can almost see my breath when I look in his black eyes. Black as a goddam pit. When I ask the question his eyes clear up and he looks over at me as though I’m the one acting weird.

“Don’t disturb me. The spirits are speaking through me. They are giving me their knowledge…”

“Oh, huh?” I ask, “Well that’s not fucking crazy as fuck. Not at all. Go ahead, sorry to disturb. While you’re talking to the spirits, can you tell them to give you the knowledge about how we can get some Krispy Kreme donuts in this bitch? If I’m going to die a hostage by demons, I might as well do it with a glazed donut.”

“Knowledge is power. And you’re not funny.”

“Jesus Christ, you always such a raging bitch?”

“Yeah pretty much. There is no Jesus Christ here either. Just a whole bunch of demons. And unless you want to end up like them I suggest you shut the fuck up. I’m seeking the real knowledge of our ancestors…”

I pause.

He sounded so deep. So serious.

“So no Krispy Kreme. Not even with the hot light on?”

“Pay attention,” Genesis tells me, “You just might learn something.”

“In that position. You look like you’re trying to teach me how to get fucked in the ass. Power Bottom 101.”

I’m looking down at Genesis. Head tilted and everything. We’re still in the cage and his ass is looking awfully good from this angle. I mean he’s all squared off, booty popped up as he prays to this spirit or that spirit from the spiritual confinement of our 8 by 10 inch cell.

“What the hell would you know about offerings to the spirits?” he asks me, “Why’d the demons even keep you alive?”


“They kept you alive. Why? Seems kind of weird, doesn’t it? With all these others that they killed. My daughter is Lilith. I get why they kept me alive. You don’t want to explain to a little girl that you killed her father but you plan on marrying her one day. You are different though. You’re a nobody. Why’d they keep you alive? You’re a second-rate doll witch who couldn’t even qualify as my protégé’s protégé.”

“Damn. That’s kind of harsh just because I interrupted you.”

“You don’t like to be bothered. You didn’t answer my question. Clear you got secrets you want to keep to yourself. Maybe you will remember that next time you interrupt an offering.”

Genesis has a sharp tongue. I have to admit that. It’s entertaining as all fuck. I lean up against the wall. I’m pretty sure I’ve been getting on his goddam nerves for the past little while.

“Looks like you are offering, all right, offering up those cakes. I hope the spirits got some lube.”

“Stop looking at my ass. You couldn’t even qualify as my plaything.”

Pft. He was full of himself.

“Actually I’m spoken for.”

“By who? Your right hand?”

“Mickson Boss, actually. He’s probably out there waiting for me right now to return.”

“A Boss? That family is weak. All the witches are. The spirits have told me they scattered out of Eden. Put their tails between their legs and ran.”

My mind shoots over at that moment, “Even Mickson?”

“I’m the only witch left. The only one that matters. While you idiots were acting like the replaced sister in Charmed trying to do love spells, I was communing with angels.”

“All your communing. That’s what got us in this shit in the first place. Communing with shit. Maybe you should shut the fuck up and stop trusting in people you can’t see.”

I know I hit a raw spot with Genesis because he does shut up. I think deep inside he knows it’s true. He knows that playing with magic that he shouldn’t have been playing with, He helped bring the darkness in and then he left the door open for others to crack that door all the way open. Now there were demons in Eden and he was sitting around, spread eagle looking like a whore in heat asking some goddam ghosts for help.

Genesis eyes go black again when he looks at me and once again the spirits come back to him and start giving him their “knowledge”. Whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean.

“Genesis, listen carefully. What a tragedy that alliance of devils so often exceeds the alliance of saints. Satan’s kingdom is united in purpose. Every demon hates God’s glory and human happiness. Every demon unitedly promotes Satan’s doctrine, distinctions, domination, and distractions. Every demon unitedly opposes God’s position, precepts, purity, and people. There are no divisions in Satan’s kingdom. We expect the angels of heaven to be just as united, but it is remarkable that the devils in hell are more united in purpose.”

As he talks I hear the sounds of running. As I turn to the side I see demons. Countless demons. They are running past the cells. Something has gotten their attention. Something has called them towards the courts. I hear an alarm ringing.

I run over to Genesis shaking him violently, “Genesis! Genesis wake up…”

“Didn’t I tell you not to disturb me?”


I’m not imagining it. Genesis stands at that moment and sure enough something is happening that is getting the demons alarmed. Something big. Something quite incredible I would assume. Only an incredible thing would cause this sort of panic with these dangerous people. I look over at Genesis. He goes to the gates and attempts to scream for one of the demons running past to stop. The black stoned gargoyle figures don’t stop.

It’s not until there are not many left that Genesis manages to reach through the gates and grab one.

“Let us out!” Genesis pleads.

“Genesis…I don’t think you want to do that,” I warn him.

It’s too late. The demon bares it’s fangs when Genesis holds onto it from the cage. It’s ready to bite his arm clean off. I run to the gate and pull Genesis back just in time as the heavy fangs bang up against the gate. A second later and Genesis would have lost an arm. We collapse on top of one another and all I can think about at that moment is protecting him.

“Are you OK?” I ask him.

Genesis gives me a quick look, “Guess you’re more useful then I thought.”

“If we’re the last two witches in Eden then we have to stick together. Or is the saying, I’ll have to stick with you from now on. Or stick it in you? I don’t know how the saying goes.”



“Did you become a castor and obtain a magic wand or is your dick on hard?”

The truth was my sex drive was entirely too high for the amount of sex that I had not been having while locked up with these demons. Now I had sexy ass Genesis Bah with his ass rubbed against my crotch. Let’s just say I wasn’t complaining.

“Got a talisman in my pocket. I make these demons do what I want. It’s magic. Want to make a wish?”

“Why don’t you use that Talisman to destroy the demon entering our cell Casanova…”

Just at that moment, I notice what he’s talking about. Genesis gets off of me and takes a few steps back behind me. Just at that moment, I see the angry demon unlocking our cell and making its way towards me. First, there is one…and then as though it isn’t enough there are three.


Genesis is smiling. He is highly entertained as the three demons are approaching me. Here he was, the most powerful witch doctor in the world and he’s standing behind ME as though I’m the one who needs to protect him. He was loving every moment of this. Every step that the demons take his smile gets wider! I turn back to the demons. My heart is beating fast. Sweat is coming from places I couldn’t even imagine. I was fucking about to get ripped to shreds!

“Do something,” I tell Genesis.

“Didn’t you say you had the power to make demons do what you want?” Genesis asks, “Why do you need my help? Do something.”

“This isn’t funny.”

“It kind of is,” Genesis states, “How about this. You ever see a demon get exorcized?”

What did that have to do with anything?”


“Well every man that has sex with me looks like he’s getting a demon exorcized from his body. You get us out of here and you might just be in the next remake of the Poltergeist.”

Oh shit.

Maybe it’s my loins. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been stuck in this cage with this guy who found every reason known to man to bend over and show me his asshole forever. Maybe it’s the fact that when they allowed him to go bath, he always came back naked and air dried as though I was a fucking eunuch. It’s almost as though he knew I was attracted to him and was thinking about fucking him until the spirits that he talked to knew my name.

So I charge forward. Don’t ask why. I don’t know what the fuck I’m about to do but hell, if I died now at least I was going to look brave doing it.

And just when I scream out ready to get flayed by these creatures of darkness I see blood spray all across the room. It happens quick! HARD AND FAST! Streaks of red and then there is darkness. When there is light again I see that the demons have been killed.

And I see someone standing there.

“Yaser…” Genesis states.

The demon general Yaser isn’t really much of a demon anymore. He’s standing there looking normal. I look over at Genesis. We had cast a spell on Yaser. It was supposed to be temporary but right now Yaser looked more human than demon.

“We need to get you out of here,” Yaser states, “Follow me…”

I look over at Genesis wanting some sort of explanation as to how Yaser is back to himself. Genesis grunts a loud hard, “That counts you know. About the sex. I owe you some head-turning sex…”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“A deal is a deal. Maybe I kind of want you inside of me anyway,” Genesis states with a slight smile, “Isn’t that what you want?”

Fuck. He was flirty. That was an understatement. The witch towers had stories about Genesis that floated around. He was a legendary man-eater. He’d find some idiot to fall in love with him do his bidding and then spit them out.

But damn…I bet before they got spit out, his mouth was real, REAL fucking wet…


“Come on. Don’t be shy.”


He sighs deeply.

“I don’t get what it is. I always seem to want to steal a guy in love with a Boss witch. And you know a secret?”


“I always manage to do it.”

“I’m spoken for,” I state.

He gives me a teasing me smile. I smirk back at him but look down the hallway to Yaser.

“He’s not possessed anymore…”

“Clearly not,” Genesis states, “His will may have broken it after I brought him back for the time period…”

“Are you guys coming?” Yas asks.

We follow Yas down the hallway. For a while, I’m thinking this is some sort of trap. All the demons have gone. No one is stopping us from just walking out. Yas leads the way. He’s fast…extremely fast. He flies through the paths going ahead of Genesis and me to clear the way. When we catch up to him we see the trail of dead bodies that he leaves as markers to let us know which way to go. Genesis doesn’t seem to know about Yaser’s current condition but I don’t think he really cares at this moment. I guess beggars can’t really be choosers. It was either follow Yaser and hope he isn’t pulling a fast one on us or stay in the jail, hoping that I wasn’t next on the demon’s dinner plans.

We finally come outside and the heavy fog in the area is so thick that I can’t see further ahead of me. Yaser takes a few steps out and points.

“Blood,” he states sniffing the air.

“What’s happening?” Genesis asks.

“Santos has arrived…” Yaser states.

“He’s brought an army?” Genesis asks.

“No…he came alone.”

“That fucking pompous idiot,” Genesis grunts spitting on the ground “Am I the only capable person alive in Eden?”

I can see the look on Genesis at that moment. He really does feel alone. He really does feel as though there is no one left in his corner especially when he hears that Santos decided to stage a Rambo and just shuffle his ass into the midst of the demon territory.

“At least it’s a distraction. We can use it to escape,” I shrug.

“He’s right,” Yas states.

“I am?”

I’m kind of shocked. These people were all important figures in Eden and then there was me. I was the student who never even graduated. The fact that Yas acknowledges me at that moment shocks the hell out of me. It’s even more shocking when Genesis nods in agreement as well.

“I need to get my baby…” Genesis states.

“Lafayette has her,” Yas states, “You’re in no condition to fight him. Trust me. You need to find Santos. You need to escape…while you can.”

“I’m not leaving without her,” Genesis states.

For the first time as he says that I see someone who actually cares about other people. Genesis wasn’t really some warm tender soul. I mean I didn’t think he was the Devil incarnate or anything like that. I’m sure with all these demons running around, Lafayette had that role already filled out. All I’m saying was no one looked at Genesis Bah and got the first impression that he was warm and fuzzy. The fact that he says that about his child at that moment puts him in another light though. It’s the kind of light that he doesn’t show a lot. It makes him look…I don’t know…attractive. And not even in a sexual way.

“She’ll be OK. If they wanted to hurt her they would have done it already,” I explain, “Same with you. Same with me. Seems like they want witnesses to their glory. The demons are choosing their victims carefully. She’s fine.”

“I’ll watch over her,” Yas states, “I can control the demon in me. I have manipulated it to give me it’s shape. I can fool Lafayette into believing I’m still with him. I’ll keep her safe. You need to escape…”

Genesis looks back. I can tell this is hard. He’s breathing hard. He doesn’t want to leave his child. The fact is though that Genesis wasn’t a powerful force like Santos who just bulldozed his way into things. Genesis had power but that power came from knowledge and I think right now for one of the first times in his life his head was conflicting with his heart.

“It’s OK…” I start to tell him.

I reach over to him. I want to comfort him. I want to pull him close and let him know everything is going to be OK. I want him to cry on my shoulder because right now he looks like he wants to cry. He looks like he knows that Yas is right about not being able to go back for his daughter Lilith at this point but at this point, Genesis wants to think with his heart.

“I’m not Santos. Next time I come back here I’m coming back with EVERYTHING I have,” Genesis tells Yas.

“I’ll be ready when you do,” Yas states.

That’s when I see something that I don’t even think Yas catches. It’s a tear. It’s a single tear that streams down Genesis’s face. He wipes it off quickly and turns.

Then he leads us away silently into the fog.


We are at the top of a garrison wall. The wall is about 50 feet high over a huge field. Below is the field, I can see there is fighting as we leave the demon fort.

The fighting is loud and clear as we approach. The sounds of roaring righting. The smell of blood and flesh in the distance. On the ground there is Santos. I recognize him. It’s hard not to recognize the famed legend of Eden. Even from the witch towers, I knew what he looked like. He slashes through the crowd of demons beating them back with his raw hands. I watch as a demon attempts to snap at him with jaws that resemble that of a lion. Santos shoves his hand straight into the demon and rips it’s head clean off his shoulders. He tosses the head at another demon who approaches him. Then he leaps into the crowd of demons ripping with his bare hands at their flesh tearing them off like a dog digging through fucking dirt.

“He’s remarkable,” I exclaim.

There is this fury in Santos. It’s fury unlike I’ve never seen before. I feel like I’m watching some type of legendary dragon devour its prey or something. I watch as there comes to a point where he opens his mouth and I see fangs grow out of his lips about the size of a fucking butcher knife. I am sad for the poor dumb demon who lands in his jaws the next few seconds to feel the piercing of those vampire fangs as he bites into their black blood.

“He’s losing,” Genesis states.

“What—are you watching what I’m watching?”

“Look again,” Genesis corrects me as though I’m a child in daycare being tutored on the ways of life.

Just then I see this winged figure appear amongst the fight. The winged finger comes down on Santos with a sword. The winged figure slashes across Santos. I watch Santos scream out and retreat tossing himself into the crowd of demons. I realize then that this wasn’t the first injury that Santos has received. He continues to fight amongst the crowd that he lands in while the winged figure takes up to the skies again planning it’s next attack.

“It’s an angel.”

“No. Not ‘an’ angel. It’s THE angel,” Genesis states, “The spirits whisper Michael. He who is like God. We need to get Santos out of here.”

I look at Genesis. I look at the field of demons. I look at Genesis again. I look at the field of demons—-yet again. I know that he was losing his mind earlier talking to spirits and shit. Was he losing his sight too?

“Do you not see that shit? Ain’t no way in hell I’m going through that…”

“I’m going to do something,” Genesis states.


“Something crazy. Afterward, I’m going to be very weak. The energy here is off. I haven’t mastered speaking with these angels. I’m going to need you to make sure we all get out here alive. And you’re going to have to do something that is probably going to scare the fuck out of you.”


“You’ll know what you have to do in a minute.”

“Genesis…what are you about to—-”

I don’t finish the sentence before Genesis jumps. It’s suicide. It’s fucking suicide! I watch as he literally throws his body over the wall and as he does that I think that I’ve seen it all! But I’m wrong. No there are spirits around and this was a sacrifice. They see that Genesis is sacrificing himself and I can almost hear their voices. They gather around like a chorus or maybe an orchestra ready to praise Genesis for his sacrifice. I watch waiting for him to hit the ground but I know…deep inside me that they won’t let someone who is so willing to sacrifice himself hit the ground.

Then all of a sudden out I hear the spirits of the ancestors scream out a name. It’s a word, even. They sing the song right as Genesis is about to hit the ground.


With that the ground trembles and like a worm I see something grow out of the ground below him. The song of the ancestors fades just as the ground splits open!

The demons in the field turn in shock and awe as this gigantic creature grabs Genesis clear out of the sky. Then it swallows Genesis! The snake swallows Genesis whole! I damn near scream out in horror as I see the gigantic snake. Its long body extends from below me to all the way over to where Santos is. The snake swallows Santos as well. The demons clamor around the gigantic snake that was the size of a whale. The snake turns to me now. It turns to me and I’m shocked. I’m shocked and I’m scared. I look down and see what the hell is happening and my mouth is left open. I’m gazing down at the creature in shock.


The snake returns right below me. It opens its mouth.

“Oh, fuck that. Fuck that! You got to be kidding me. I’d rather die,” I squirm at the top of the wall.

All I see is spit and fangs below me. I’ve never been so terrified in my life. Did Genesis expect me to jump into that! Did he expect me to jump into the mouth of a fucking gigantic titan snake?

I look over in the distance. The demons are attacking the snake. I had to act fast or else they’d kill the snake. In the distance, I see something else. Michael. The Archangel. He’s returning down from the clouds. His sword is glistening. There is a purpose in his eyes. He sets his eyes on the snake. I didn’t have much time. I couldn’t wait until Michael flew down here. That motherfucker looked like he was NOTHING to be trifled with.

I do the unthinkable.

I jump.


My heart is beating fast when I wake up. I wake up screaming.

“You’re safe. You’re safe!” a voice states.

I turn at that moment and see someone who I never thought I’d see again. I turn and see Mickson. I think at that moment I’m in heaven. Or maybe even hell. I’d been around demons long enough to probably be tainted. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was in hell, but oh, this felt like heaven. The idea of seeing Mickson’s face again after all this time just warms my fucking soul.

“Are you an angel?” I ask him.

He laughs, “No, but from what I hear from Genesis, you guys almost got killed by one. Glad you made it. You should have seen everyone’s faces when a giant snake slithered into Eden and vomited two witches and a vampire out.”

“You’re here.”

“I’m here.”

I don’t know what comes over me. I reach over and grab him. I grab him hard and then I do the only thing that I can think of. I kiss him. I kiss him without even realizing that we aren’t the only two people in the room.

Someone clears their throats at that moment. It’s a vampire who is in the room. He’s tall, lean and skinny.

“I heard the werewolves had weird ways of greeting each other,” the vampire states, “Didn’t think that the witches did too…”

It’s an odd comment. The slender tall guy looks over at Mickson and I swear at that moment Mickson feels a little uncomfortable.

“We’re old friends,” Mickson says, “Puck, I want you to meet Pietro.”

Pietro walks over to me but he doesn’t shake my hand. He just looks down at me and clearly, I know there’s a problem. As though feeling like I’m a challenge to him I watch him put his hand over Mickson. He could mean it in a friendly way or maybe he just had a boyish crush on Mickson. I’m hoping all these things but I know better.

I’m not an idiot. Mickson wouldn’t look so uncomfortable if it was nothing. He wouldn’t be squirming the way he did.

“I’m the new friend,” Pietro announces with this look in his eyes.

He puts emphasis on the word new. I watch as Mickson shifts in his seat a little bit. He’s clearly uncomfortable about something.

“Pietro, can we have a minute?” Mickson asks.

“Sure, Genesis wanted to know when he woke up anyway,” Pietro states, “I’ll go tell him that his sidekick woke up.”

With that Pietro walks away with a smirk. Sidekick? Sidekick!

Oh, he had jokes.

As soon as he leaves, I see Mickson shuffle in his chair some more. You would think he was sitting on nails by how uncomfortable he looked. I guess it was my fault. It was my fault for thinking him and I vibed enough to make any of this matter.

“You let a vampire fuck you? Really?” I ask.

“It’s not even like that.”

Mickson is lying. He’s lying dead to my face. It hurts even more. He can’t even look me straight in my eyes as he tells me this bold-faced lie. It was written all over his face. They fucked before and they were probably still fucking.

“You should ask your boyfriend something for me…”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Not yet. It’s coming. I can see it all over your face,” I state.

He doesn’t deny it, “What do you want me to ask him, Puck?”

“If sperm has more life in it then blood then why don’t vampires just go suck a dick?”

Mickson isn’t much in the mood for laughing. I guess I don’t make him laugh anymore. Maybe it’s the guy Pietro that is making him laugh now. It’s my turn to shuffle. I shuffle up in my bed. I’m in pain. I’m a little weak from all the energy from earlier but the truth was that wasn’t where the pain was coming from.

I was fucking heartbroken.

“I tried to wait for you,” he states out of nowhere, “We were never a thing…”

Maybe not. We had chemistry though. That chemistry was real. It kept me going in those dark cells wondering what I could have with a guy that I barely even knew but had this chemistry with.

“It’s cool. Should have fucked Genesis Bah when I had the chance though. Fuck…”

“Wow…really?” Mickson asks.

He has the nerve to be mad about what I just said while he paraded his bloodsucker in my fucking room. He couldn’t even give me a chance to recover. Maybe his bloodsucker didn’t trust me in the fucking room alone with him. I shake off the thought.

Luckily there is a knock on the door that interrupts this stupid conversation.

“That’s probably Genesis…” I state.

“Be careful with him.”

“You jealous?”

“I’m concerned. Genesis isn’t on our side. Genesis is on his OWN side. There’s a reason the ancestors summon a snake for him. You know what they say about why Adam and Eve left Eden. Be careful of this snake, Puck.”

“He can’t hurt me. Not like you did.”

Mickson gets quiet for a minute. He looks over at me, “You must not know what Genesis Bah is capable of. He’s bad, Puck. He’s not good news. I know you’re upset with me but—”

“But nothing. I’m upset with you. Period.”

“Puck please…”

“I’ll see you around Mickson,” I state.

I look away at then. I jerk my eyes away from him. I can’t stand to look at him. I had thought I had woken up in heaven, but I realize that this was really hell. The guy who kept me alive this whole time was already interested in someone else. I just sit on the bed and I swear my heart is beating a million miles per minute. I just want to punch the fucking bed.

Mickson walks out and I watch how he looks at Genesis as Genesis walks in. He hates Genesis. I’m kind of glad that Genesis has that impact on him. At least I’m not looking completely stupid especially with Genesis walking in checking up on me.

“You’ve been out for hours,” he states, “They were flirting downstairs the whole time. Sneaking off into private rooms. Coming back, breathless. It must hurt.”

I don’t want to talk about it. I know he’s talking about Mickson and Pietro. If I could tell what it was within seconds of being around Mickson and Pietro, I wouldn’t doubt that Genesis knew what it was too. Mickson had moved on.

“I gave them information.”


“The demons kept me alive because I gave them information. I told them everything I knew about the city. I told them everything I knew about the witches. They gave the witches a fake death list so that they could flee the city…”

Genesis smiles, “It’s hard for witches to tell the difference between demons and spirits. They ran like cowards. It’s not surprising. Does Mickson know about the list?”


The witches didn’t really keep secrets from one another. If one of them knew then it was more than likely they all knew.

“Good. Don’t tell him the list is fake,” Genesis states.

I look over at Genesis. It’s a weird thing to say.

“Why wouldn’t I tell him?”

“Because it hurts,” Genesis states, “And because I can make it feel all better.”

Just at that moment, I see Genesis turn away from me. He begins to disrobe. My mouth gets dry when I see it. I watch as Genesis is completely naked. His tight dark ass glistening from oils. He’s smelled better than he ever did in those prison cells. He looks amazing. He takes step towards me and I shiver when he reaches over towards me.

He pushes me down on the bed. I don’t resist. I can’t resist him.

What’s the point of resisting now? I wasn’t saving myself for Mickson. FUCK Mickson Boss.

I was about to do what I’d been wanting to do with Genesis the entire time we were locked up.

“You going to let me finally get you?” I ask him, “The way I want you?”

Genesis smiles down at me.

“For a favor?”

“What can I possibly do for you?”

“You are a Talisman user correct. The purple witches. Talismans are empowered objects created and used to amplify a witches power or their focus.”

He sits on my dick. I squirm underneath him feeling the pressure of his insides as my dick slides raw into him. I go deep on the first try. I fuck him long and deep. I stretch out his man pussy raw, gliding up deep in him. I nut within a few seconds, but his ass is so juicy that I stay hard and keep going. My cum just acts as a lube. He makes no notions that he is enjoying my dick but I’m having the time of my life. His ass is something other-worldly. I stroke him soft and slow.

“You know what I am.”

“Then tell me what this is…” he asks.

My dick is still in him hard and dripping. He pulls something out that I didn’t know before. It’s a golden apple.

“It’s a talisman, but not one created by witches. It’s one created by…a…higher power,” I state looking at this fruit, “How did you find it?”

“I found it on Santos.”

“Does he know you have this?”

“Of course not…”

“What are you going to do with it?”

Genesis rocks harder on me. That’s when he puts the apple to his lips and he bites deep down.

“You’re going to help me understand this talisman,” I state, “I want to know everything. I want to know what it takes to rule Eden again. I want to know what it takes to rule Earth. I want to know what it takes to rule the HEAVENS. I want to REPLACE the ruler of hell. All will bow to Genesis…”

He creams on my dick.

I guess he meant it when he said knowledge was power.