The Gates, Chapter 4

Chapter 4


I was a member of the Lucii. It was pronounced Lucy-eye.  It was pronounced like that for a reason. In Latin the term Luc meant Illumination. Just like in Lucifer, the son of the morning. The name Lucifer meant Morningstar.  He was the bringer of light when he was an angel.

The eye refers to the All seeing eye. My house was the Illumination of the eye. The eye goes back to the Garden of Eden In the Bible when the serpent deceived Eve, promising she and Adam would become “as gods” for disobeying God. When they ate the forbidden fruit, the eye of their understanding was opened concerning good and evil. They became “as gods” in the sense of now being able to make their own decisions concerning good and evil. What the serpent DIDN’T tell Eve was that there are severe consequences for choosing evil.

luc-y-eye: the light and the eye.

It was Lucifer himself that coined the idea of the “All-Seeing Eye when he spoke to Eve.

Genesis 3:5, “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

The sign had always been there. The Luc. We were the Illumination of the Eye.

Lucifer had been defeated but not destroyed. He had only retreated. The conqueror Lafayette had won the battle but not the war.

I tell him the truth and it’s tough. I’m running my fingers through his fur.  It gets stiff though.  The soft, comforting eyes of the small werewolf turn almost frightened.  I should expect it.  It’s not every day you tell someone that you are the descendant of the devil himself.

“Please don’t run,” I state, “I can’t take it if you run.”

I feel so alone.  It’s unlike me to feel so fucking weak.   I was always poised and dignified.  I was raised to be that way.  Why did Rory have to show up now of all times?  I had specifically made sure no one was out and made my way out of my family’s estate and into Eden to the private pond that belonged to my family as well to cry.  I did it specifically so no one would see me.  Yet somehow Rory found his way towards me.  It was almost as though it was fate or something.

He doesn’t run.  Rory changes.  He changes back to a human.  Seeing him become a human is always remarkable.  He sheds his fur.  His muzzle becomes a soft, warm looking mouth.  His dark eyes become the beautiful innocent looking eyes I remember.   I stare at his small frame and I just want to pull him back into my arms with every part of me but he seems…afraid.

He turns.  He still looks like he wants to run.

“Say something,” I say to Rory.

I know he’s always been shy.  He’s always been quiet.  Maybe that’s why I liked him all this time.  Maybe that’s what has always kept me wanting to keep him near.  I need him to say something though.  Anything would do.

“Lucifer was that man that appeared at Aiden’s meeting?” he asks me.

I nod.


“You’re related to him?”


“Good god.”

He’s in shock.  I know he is.  I try to take a step forward.  He takes a step back at that moment.  I feel like shit.

“You can’t tell anyone,” I state, “You hear me?  No one. Rory, this is the biggest secret ever.  I was just told not too long ago.  It’s still emotional for me knowing exactly who I am.  Tonight is a ceremony.  A ceremony where I will be given his mark.”

“His mark?”

“The mark of the beast.  The 666,” I explain.

Rory looks disgusted, “You can’t do that.”

Rory didn’t get it.  I didn’t have a choice.

“You don’t understand.  This is who I am.  This is who I’ve always been.”

“You have a choice.”

Choice.   Hearing those words was something that I don’t really recall.  In my family, it was always about Pedigree.  It was always about tradition.  The Lucii had always put ourselves above everyone else and I never understood why until just a week ago the Patriarch Lucius came up to me and said that he felt like I was prepared.   He felt like I now had what it take to be a true Lucii man and he told me the story of Lucifer.  He told me how Lucifer fell in love with a vampire woman and the first Lucii man was born.

“If I had the choice, I would stay with you,” I explain to him, “If I had a choice I would take you away from here.  But the thing is I don’t.  You hear those bells?  Those bells are letting me know that my ceremony is about to start.  And I am going to wear the sign of the beast.”


It’s too late.

I walk away.  It starts off as a run at least but then it turns into me breaking out into an all-out run.  I have to run to get away from him.  It’s the only way I can do it.  It’s the only way I can manage to get away from Rory.  Tears are streaming down my face.

There was no such thing as choice in my world.


“You’re late.”

My great, great grandfather Lucius meets me in the foyer where several of our servants shuffle around me almost immediately making a fuss.  As they do it I feel like a doll in a dollhouse with elaborate trim and bright colors, and a tilted roof. This mansion was a classic Victorian mansion which was a perfect replication of the one Lucius used to live in during the period between 1830 and 1910, during the reign of Queen Victoria. The house is large and rather imposing.  Most purebred vampires were sent outside of Eden for training in the human world until their teens or early 20s when they returned to Eden and given the immortal gift.  That wasn’t the case for the Lucii.  Lucii men were raised in Eden.  I remember running around these same halls and being confused on why the decorative trim was called gingerbread when it looked nothing like something I would want to eat.  I was told it’s because it was all as beautiful as a fairytale.  The stone exterior is beautiful and the complicated, asymmetrical shape lets you know the architect took his time.  It was only the best for the Lucii.

“I was just getting some air.”

“Hurry to your room and change.  Lucretia will assist you.”


All of a sudden I’m excited.  Lucius could care less about my excitement, “She’s woken up from her Slumber.   You have 15 minutes to get to the ceremonial halls.”

I don’t waste the 15 minutes.  I’m so excited to see Lucretia.   When I open the door I see her standing there.  Lucretia is the only female Lucii.   There were just no other women except through marriage. I didn’t know why personally.   Did something happen to the female Lucii women or were we just cursed never to produce any females?

Lucretia wasn’t a true Lucii…not in the way I was.   She was the first…even before Lucius.

“Just as handsome as always,” she states when I open the door.

She runs into my arms.  Lucretia is pretty.  Her beautiful blonde hair folds like waves all the way down her back.  Her cheeks are this beautiful shade of pink.   I knew her history.  When she was a mortal, she was a noblewoman in ancient Rome whose rape by an Etruscan king’s son, was the cause of a rebellion that overthrew the Roman monarchy and led to the transition of Roman government from a kingdom to a republic.  She was the reason behind the greatest republic the world had ever known.  Most had thought she was killed but she was made immortal instead.

“I had no idea you would be awake.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world.  Are you nervous?”


“Then you know…the truth?”

I nod, “Lucius told me.”

Lucretia pauses, “Sit.”

She walks over to the chair in my bedroom and pushes it forward so that I can sit in it.  Lucretia is so much older than me but out of everyone she treats me with the most respect at times.   She normally treats me more like I’m a friend than a descendent.  Her sweetness is so much different from the cold nature of the Lucii men.

“He’s back.  I guess after he was defeated by Lafayette, he decided to come here…” I state.

We both knew who I was talking about.

“He’s not all that bad.”

“He’s the devil.  Literally, Lucretia.”

Lucretia laughs at the thought, “Lucifer was charming when I met him.  We fell in love.  He is the devil.  There is no doubt about that.  But Lucifer always knew his place.  This new devil.  This…Lafayette.  There will be no limits to his reach.   If we allow him to pass…there will be nothing left.  Nothing.”

Lucretia has more knowledge than I ever knew.  She was the vampire woman who had started my the Lucii lineage by having sex with Lucifer.  When she took his mark, she took his name as well becoming Lucretia.

“Do you still…love him?” I ask.

“I was never any comparison for to the others he loved, not even Lilith.   But look what happened.  She ended up betraying him and marrying Lafayette.  This war that Lucifer is fighting is more than just a war.  This is personal.  And tonight you will be given the power to help him take back hell.  Once and for all.”

This was for balance.  This was for the Lucii.

The Lucii has one goal. To serve Lucifer and regain the throne of hell no matter what.  A part of me always knew there was a dark side to my family.  All the whispers in the darkness in the middle of the night meant something.  The scheming and the betrayals throughout our history was all just a sign.   I never understood the motive.  I never understood it until now.

There was a reason that they brought Lucretia out of the vampire slumber.  Lucretia was an old noble serving under the Vampire King Arie himself.  She had gone into her eternal sleep with some of the other really old ones like Countess Livia and Count Ortero.   It was a sleep where vampires just got tired of living and decided to sleep the centuries away.  It was a rare one of the old ones were disturbed.  It had to be important.

She was here for a reason.

“I’m ready,” I tell her.

I try to sound confident and thankfully my voice doesn’t shake.  I was ready.


I’m taken to the room at that moment.  I’m in a black robe.  It’s Lucretia herself that walks me into the room.  When I enter the dark dungeon like hall I see the other Lucii men all wearing robes.  They all have a candle in their hand.

There is only one person who seems to break the cold stoic stare that the others have.  It’s Lucius.  A smile spreads across his face.  Was he pleased?  Was he feeling relieved than me…the troublesome Lucii man wasn’t causing any more trouble and had decided to come along willingly into the fold.

“Forward,” Lucretia states.

I take a few steps into the row of Lucii men.  That’s when I see him.  He is standing there at the front of the room.  My ancestor.


He has a handsome chiseled face.  His eyes are somewhat easy to look at.  Lucretia was right.  He was charming looking.  He was beautiful.  We looked similar but then again all Lucii men looked somewhat similar.  His nose is more pointed than mine.   His torso is slightly more lean than mine.   He opens up his robe and I see a falling star tattooed across his chest.  It’s not tattooed with ink.  No.  This is more like a carving that has been cut into his chest.

“Luciano of the Lucii,” he states, “Have you come here to be given the sign of the beast?  Have you come here to swear your allegiance to me?  Have you come here to be a true member of House Lucii…the eternal house.”

I’m afraid.  My heart is beating.


All of a sudden I hear whispers amongst the Lucii men.  They are inserting the names.  There is a wild ceremonial chant that fills the room.

“Satan.  Satan.  Satan.  Satan.”

Lucifer raises his hand.  His nude body is over me.

“Open your mouth and receive the sign of the beast,” he tells me.

I open my mouth.  That’s when he shoves his manhood in me.  The others watch chanting as he long dick gets hard in my mouth.  He moves it back and forth and I have no choice but to sit there and take it as he begins to fuck my mouth.  I take his dick to the back of my esophagus.  I take his essence into me.

The chanting gets louder.  He fucks me harder!


“Prince of the East”

I’m shocked at this moment.  I can’t breathe as his long dick hits parts of my throat that I don’t think it should be going down.  I fall on my back and he continues to mount my face.  All around me I see the Lucii men crowd around.  They are all jacking their dicks at that moment.

“The Adversary…”


One after another they begin to shoot their loads.  They shoot their load all over my chest.

“Prince of Darkness.”

I look up at Lucifer gagging as my entire body is covered in cum.  He’s fucking my mouth.  His eyes have become red.  I turn at that moment and notice the other naked Lucii.  They have gotten wings.  I can see it even more clearly as Lucretia herself is naked before me.  She pours her own juices on me, squirting so hard that it blinds me in my eye.   These are not angel wings.  These are bat wings.


“Lucifer, son of the morning.”

All of a sudden our blonde hair makes sense.  We were sons of the morning.  Our golden hair reflected that.   This was who we were.

Lucretia shrieks high above everyone else, “How you are fallen from heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn! How you are cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low!  O Morning Star!  O Star of the Dawn!”

And through her shrieks, I hear a deep moan.

And I feel his cum fill my mouth.  It feels me whole and I swallow it.  I swallow every part of him.  I take him deep inside of me.  I am filled with his essence.

I come up from under him.  I’m covered in semen of my ancestors and I have Lucifer’s seed himself buried deep in my stomach after I swallowed.  I feel different almost immediately.  It’s a burning feeling.  My back aches.  It feels like something is ripping out of my back.  And that’s when I feel it.

I feel the tear.

And I stand there with bat wings.

I realize at that moment what I am.  I am Lucius of the Lucii.  A Son of the Morning.


To say I feel different the next day is an understatement.  I’m in the gym in the middle of Eden.  It was a small gym that Aiden has prepared for us to ‘prepare’ for the demons of Lafayette.  Something was coming and Aiden wanted to make sure that we knew everything that there was as far as working together.

I’m punching a punching bag when I realize just how different I am.  As I hit it, my fist goes damn near through the punching bag without barely even touching it.  I pull back my fist and watch as sand pours out.

“Holy shit,” I hear Pietro state.

He’s not the only one who notices.  Pietro is training with the witch Mickson on the other side of the training floor.  He’s teaching Mickson how to punch.  When they see me shatter the bag of sand they both stop what they are doing and are watching me.

“Luciano.  Come here,” a voice summons from the other side of the gym.

The Lucii are there.  Even though Aiden instructed us to train, the other members of my family haven’t even changed into gym clothes.  They are still wearing their uptight uniform and gathered around the water found having light conversation.  It’s Lucius himself who calls me over.  I walk over reluctantly.

Lucan and Lucitus are the closest to my age.   They barely ever leave the shadow of Lucius.  Most of the Lucii don’t but these ones were so far up his ass that they had real estate in his prostate.  Every time Lucius looks at me as he was looking at me now I expected him to ask why I’m not more like Lucan or Lucitus.   Lucan, for instance, was so close to my age and had managed to arrange a monopoly on the blood supply for vampires in Eden.  Lucan was my peer and I hadn’t accomplished anything of that matter.   That’s not saying much that he’s near my age because I believe Lucan is at least three decades older than I am.   That doesn’t stop me from being the laughing stock. They both seem highly amused by the reaction to my newfound strength.

“You trying to impress the sexy witchdoctor?” Lucitus asks raising an eyebrow.

He’s looking over at Mickson who is training with Pietro.  I hadn’t even thought about Mickson in that way.  Besides, it seemed like there was some major chemistry between him and Pietro.  If we were all going to work on the same team, the last thing I needed was some drama with a guy who I was trusting with my life.

Lucan, who was the favorite of Lucius tosses his long blond hair out of his eyes and over his shoulder before sneering, “Come on Lucitus.  You know Luciano prefers to roll around in wolf shit…”

“You want to say that again?” I ask.

I grab Lucan by his collar.  Any other person would probably be offended by how I grab them but Lucan just smirks as though highly amused by this.  Maybe he knows that Lucius is going to tap me on my shoulder and pull me back.

“Leave him,” Lucius orders me, “You’ve been around these lowlife beasts too long.  Lucii doesn’t fight amongst ourselves.  Luciano.  You need to control your anger.  Even more…you need to control your new strength.”

He is referring to the bag of sand nearby.

“I didn’t know I could do that,” I admit.

I don’t know whether to be excited or scared.

“If you let the demon out there is little you can’t do,” Lucius states, “But now isn’t the time.  Moving forward you are forbidden to show brute strength until I let you know.”


“Lucius gave an order,” Lucan grunts.

I shut up.  It’s not because of Lucan.  It’s because I don’t want to be any more disrespectful.

“You didn’t tell anyone about your newfound identity, did you?” Lucius asks me.

“Of course not.”

Lucius looks at me.  It causes Lucan and Lucitus to sneer amongst themselves when I feel the heaviness of Lucius on top of me.  Lucius was the kind that just poured wealth.  Most of the noble families in Eden were billionaires by human standards.  They had centuries to grow their wealth.  Lucius was the richest.  He’d spent centuries being a businessman and making deals.  He could sense a bluff a mile away.

Maybe that’s why his eyes get deep and his tone gets cynical, “Luciano…have you spoken to your Mongrel?”

“My mongrel.”

“He’s talking about the dog Luciano,” Lucan states, “You know damn well who he’s referring to.  We won’t degrade ourselves to speak its name.”

I didn’t know to say someone’s name was degrading yourself.  Then again these were the fucking Lucii.  It piss me off that they are talking about Rory like this.  Rory did nothing to them.  Rory literally was the sweetest person I ever knew in my entire fucking life but you would think he had cursed our entire family by the way they talk down to him.  It was just because he was a werewolf.   They didn’t have an issue in the past when werewolves benefited them but I knew deep inside my family hated everyone that was not us.

Just at that moment as though he knew we were talking about him, Rory enters the room.  He looks a little down.  I can’t help but see how upset he looks.  He is alone.  Usually, he’s with Yuma but Yuma is nowhere to be found.

I can’t help but to literally want to take a step towards him to see if he’s OK.   I stop when I realize that Lucius is studying me.  This entire time he’s studying me.

“You shouldn’t have done that…” Lucius states.


“You shouldn’t have done that…”


“Spend as much time training as you can,” General Aiden announces towards the end of the day, “The demons will be no joke.  Go home for the night though.  Go home and be back tomorrow.  Tomorrow your training gets harder.”

It had to be serious the way that Aiden was talking.  I knew that he was preparing us all for something but what?  The Elite team nods.  The Lucii family members walk away.  My eyes are following none other than Lucius.  The way he had spoken earlier makes me feel a little awkward, to say the least.  I follow my family out the front door but before they head towards the individual horse-drawn carriages I sneak off to find Rory.

“You’re a hard guy to track down.”

It takes me almost an hour to find Rory.  He’s in the slums of Eden.  We didn’t always have slums, not until the werewolves moved into the city.  They brought with them a lot of crime.  The crime was never a big thing in Eden but now it seemed to be huge.  Maybe it was because people were scared of the demons and giving up or maybe it was just because everyone was in a lot closer quarters with no room to expand.

“What are you doing here?” he asks.

“I had to check up on you.  My family may…or may not suspect I told you about our little secret.  Knowing them I had to check up on you and make sure you were safe.”

“You shouldn’t be around here…” he states.

“Why are you standing outside?” I ask.

It seems like he’s spying on someone.  I hear two people screaming in the house that he’s standing next to.  They are definitely getting into a heated argument.  I watch as things are being thrown around at that moment.  That’s when I see someone come out of the house.

As soon as the guy walks outside of the house, Rory grabs me and pulls me back around the corner so that the guy can’t see us.  When he does, he whispers to me, “It’s Yuma’s lover…Basil.”

That is even more clear when Yuma runs out after Basil.

“You cheating piece of shit.  Don’t run now!”  Yuma is screaming, “I hate you.  I swear to god I fucking HATE YOUR GUTS!”

“You don’t mean it.  I’m going to give you a chance to calm down and we can discuss this later,” Basil responds.

Basil is trying to calm his lover down but Yuma is furious.  I didn’t know much about werewolf culture but I knew enough to know that usually, the smaller wolf didn’t really fuck with the bigger wolf.  Wolves didn’t seem like complicated creatures.  With vampires, it was all about pedigree and age.  That was where the respect came.  With werewolves usually the big guy got the respect.  That didn’t seem to be the case right now.

“If you leave right now you better stay gone?  You hear me?  You better fucking stay gone!  I fucking hate you!  I should have fucked Walid.”

Yuma was all emotion and outrage.  He throws something else at Basil.  Basil dodges it and I see Basil rip off his clothes.  There is all this rage.  The street is full of werewolves and I swear I think they are making a scene but then again this is werewolf country so arguments like this happen all the time.

I’m not surprised when Basil roars out a passionate, “FUCK YOU!  I hate YOU too!”

It’s all passion.  It’s all pain.   I watch Basil turn into a werewolf right there in the middle of the street.   Of course, we are in the werewolf district so no one blinks twice about the naked guy turning into a wolf in the middle of the street or even seem to bother caring about the loud, angry arguing that seems to be heard blocks away.

I watch Rory as he watches Yuma.  Yuma goes back into the house and he’s all tears.  I look at Rory’s face and I can tell that he has this deep guilt in his eyes.

I can’t help but laugh, “They are going to have some amazing makeup sex.”

The passion in that relationship was real, to say the least.  I laugh and expect Rory to laugh as well but that doesn’t happen.  Rory seems to be just as emotionally invested in the argument between the couple as they were.  For some reason, he was taking this really personal.

“They’re arguing over me,” he states, “They took me in when I ran away from Rhinegold.  After the demons attacked I was scared Rhinegold would come looking for me.  So I hid out with them.  I knew Rhinegold wouldn’t come to another Alpha’s home.  I was so grateful to Basil…but I made a mistake.”

When he admits it, he bends over as though the idea was making his stomach hurt or something.  I don’t know what to do to comfort him so I rub on his back.   I can tell something is on his mind and I want to give him the chance to explain the kiss without probing but he seems to not want to.  He walks about two blocks away from Yuma’s house before stopping finally to just think about the arguing he caused.

“So is that your type?” I ask.

“Who?  Basil?”


“He’s amazing, but no.  It’s not that I want Basil.  Not in the way you’re thinking.  I just want the idea of Basil.  I want what Yuma has.”

“An Alpha?” I ask.

I was taking a wild guess with even using the term.  When he looks at me I can tell that I got it completely wrong.   I knew five languages, I had eight Masters degrees and I could play ten instruments but werewolves were not my forte.  And that was just weird because I ended up being crazy about a werewolf.

“No.  I want that kind of love,” he explains.

Hearing Rory say that makes my heart melt.  We get quiet.  Real Quiet.    The fact that he was jealous about the love that someone else had when I was standing right here just didn’t make sense.  None of this made sense.

“What’s stopping you?” I ask.

“Where would I find it?”

“Maybe it’s right in front of your eyes.”

I don’t know how to be any more obvious.

“Oh please.”

It hurts when he dismisses me.  It hurts because every part of me just wants to pour my heart out to him.  If he wanted what Basil and Yuma had he could easily have that.  He could have something that meant everything to both of us.

“From the first moment I met you, I knew that you were special,” I explain, “I knew you were the type of person that…”

Just then as we’re talking something disturbs us.


We both turn at that moment and we see a figure standing there.  I turn and see someone from his past.   I watch as Rory hits the floor.  He hits the floor hard.  I am not expecting it.   It’s as though his knees give out.  I know why as well.  Right across from us is someone standing there that I don’t expect.  Someone that has him shook.

“Rhinegold…” his voice grunts.

Rory’s ex is standing there across from us.  He looks the same that I remember from all that time ago.  I wonder where he’d been all this time.  He has this look in his eyes when he sees us together.  I think it’s jealousy.  No, I’m certain it’s jealousy.  He looks angry.  The large overpowering figure just stares at Rory and Rory seems to not really be aware of it.

“How’d you find him?”

“One of your people…” Rhinegold responds smiling.

My people.  Lucius.  Lucius tracked Rhinegold down and told him that Rory had been hanging around Yuma.  He had done that specifically to have Rhinegold go after him.  And now Rhinegold was here.  Rhinegold has this sick look on his face at that moment too.  It’s the look of a man who clearly has a bone to pick.

“I won’t let you close to him,” I state.

“What could you possibly do to stop me?” Rhinegold challenges me.

I watch as Rhinegold starts laughing.  Within his laughing, he begins to change.  Fur sprouts all over his body into a long matte black coat.   His small hands change next. So bones begin to snap, lengthen, and pop through the skin and back into place. They are replaced with the large, hairy, dangerously clawed hands of a beast.  His jaw dislodges to make room for a massive, deadly grill.  The yellow, glowing orbs of a predator radiate from his eye sockets and the pupils dilate like a wolf’s. The eyes are now stripped of all humanity and replaced with the eyes of a hunter.

“Run! You can’t defeat him,” Rory states.

I want to stand.  I want to fight.  I had something in me too.  Something that I could fight against.  I don’t get the chance though because Rory grabs my hand.  There is a frantic look in his eyes.

We barely get anywhere near him when I feel Rhinegold jump onto my back.  He begins to dig into my back hard.  The pain is excruciating as his claws almost rip out chunks of flesh from my backside.  He starts tearing harder and harder into me.  I elbow him in the back of the neck trying to shake his attack but that doesn’t matter!

Rhinegold is relentless!

He comes at me again.  This time harder.  This time fiercer.   Just when he is about to maul me with his flesh tearing fangs I see a smaller figure headbutt him.  I turn and realize that it’s none other than Rory’s wolf.

Rory managed to block the attack.  He is trying to protect me!  In return, I watch as Rhinegold’s large wolf grabs Rory by the neck and flings him across the alley slamming him into some nearby garbage pale.

Rory and I look at one another.

Our eyes grimace.

“You’ll regret that,” I promise Rhinegold.

I didn’t care what he did to me, but the fact that he attacked Rory was another thing.  I’d make sure he paid for that if that was the last thing I did.

He wasn’t the only one who could change.  He doesn’t realize that as he walks closer to me.  He’s taking his time as though I was the fucking prey.  That’s not what was going to happen.  I realize just at that moment that my back is contorting.  My back is changing.

I roar in pain causing Rhinegold to slow to a stop.

That’s when I scream out!


My body is changing.  In a matter of seconds, I can feel the wings coming out of my back.  I think that he can see it too.  Rhinegold looks at me with those yellow eyes and he looks like he realizes I’m something…different.  He realizes that I’m something that he’s never quite seen before.

Bat wings are growing out of my back.

Then there is barking.

It’s Rory.

He’s trying to warn me of something.  Just as there is barking I see gunshots at that moment.  The gunshots break out near us and they are scaring off Rhinegold who takes off within a matter of seconds.  I roll over just in time when I realize that backup has appeared in the distance.

Rory warns me just in time when we see the Elite Guard.   At first, I think they are normal patrols but then I see Aiden himself running down the street.  Behind him are Pietro and Mickson close by.

The gunshots scare Rhinegold off who disappears into the darkness as quickly as he came.

“You boys OK?” Aiden asks.

I look over at Rory.  He makes his way over to me and the dog stops right below my feet.  He was definitely a lot braver than I gave him courage for.  But what if he hadn’t warned me?   What if Aiden had seen what I was changing into?  I needed to be more careful with my identity.  I needed to keep it hidden better.

“I’m not complaining, but what are you guys doing here—-”

“You didn’t know about the distress call?  Isn’t that why you are here?”

“Distress call?”

Rory and I look at one another.  Neither Rory nor I had time to send a distress call.

“It came from Yuma.  We were on his way to his place and heard fighting.  Thought it was related,” Pietro adds in.

We were a few blocks from Yuma’s place.   There was a strange smell in the air.  It’s a smell that I had not realized during the fight with Rhinestone.  I had been far too distracted.

Something didn’t smell right.  I wasn’t a werewolf but when I look at Rory I can tell he notices something as well.

We all look at one another.  That definitely wasn’t the case.  All of a sudden, my mouth gets dry.  It’s Rory who takes off first but I’m following closely behind.  I can feel Rory’s pain.  I literally can almost feel his fear.

We get to Yuma’s house.  There is blood.  Blood everywhere outside.

Everyone on the block had been slaughtered.  Everyone.  Not too long ago this block was booming with werewolves.  Now it looked like one big crime scene seconds after the crime had been committed.  The werewolf blood was so fresh!  It was so potent that it stings my fucking nose.   Who could have done this?

No.  The question was more WHAT could have done this?

I see Rory running to Yuma first.  Rory changes back into his human form.  He’s crying.  Who did this?

“INNOCENT!”  Mickson screams off.

There is a boy who is standing there at the end of the block, “This is a warning…” the boy says, “We know about your little resistance group and we don’t like it.”

The boy had a smile on his face.  It’s the most devious smile I’ve ever seen in my life.  When he sees us everything goes black as though there is no light left in the world and when my vision returns the boy is gone.

When he disappears Mickson is halfway down the block as though he knows the boy.  It’s as though he fucking recognized the boy.

“Is he…”  Aiden asks looking down at Rory.

Rory’s tears are the answer as he looks down at Yuma.  All I can think about is how we were going to tell Basil what happened to Yuma.  How the hell were we going to tell Basil that the last words he had said to his lover were that he hated him?

“It’s real…” Mickson states.

Mickson says it in a haunting way.  Everyone else is quiet. Pietro is studying his face looking at his expression.  He is there for Pietro.  Every part of me wishes I could lean over and be there for Rory at that moment but I can’t.  Even when I think of leaning down and putting my hand on him, something stops me.

Nothing I could say could take away the pain he was feeling right now.

“What’s real?” Pietro asks Mickson.

Mickson pulls out a piece of paper, “I thought it was bullshit…but it’s real.  The list.  Yuma was on the death list…”

  • Brandon Cruz

    I might be done with this story like are we really doing this like did Yuma just die.

    I don’t even no what to say like really Yuma is fucking dead. I’m heart broken like why Yuma. If they needed to kill a werewolf of importance why not Basil or Walid even like really Yuma is dead. I’m mad right like really mad.

    So Yuma was on this list for what reason. Why of all the werewolves would Yuma be on this list to die. Why didn’t anyone warn him about this killer list like really.

    I really can’t believe that Yuma was that hurt over the kiss. Rory is going to blame him self forever. Mickson why didn’t you tell Yuma about this list. I am mad so fucking mad right now.

    As for this Lucifer nonsense like so he is alive and he is marking his people with sex like okay. I don’t even care for this because Yuma is dead. I really loved him with Basil, but this series all killing all my favorite people.

    If Santos or Nero, but mostly Santos fucking dies I’m done with this story. Just saying.

    • Lee namefree

      I don’t get why Mickson didn’t take the list seriously. Did he think Micko was lying to him? The Divination witches don’t fuck around. They don’t just make up shit!

      I am destroyed over Yuma. I loved him & Basil together. Theirs was a sweet relationship. What is Basil going to do now?!

  • SpeaksDaTruth

    Any faith I had left with Innocent just died, and I hope HE dies. He ain’t shit.
    I should’ve known when he was trying to get with Genesis to win a competition created in his delusional ass mind.

    Yuma was a good person. Werewolves usually don’t come back too. It better be a wake-up call for Yas and all the werewolves.

    I get the feeling there’ll eventually be a love triangle between Rory, Luciano, and Basil. I’ll accept it because none of this seems malicious, but I’mma still have a lil hitch.

    • Lee namefree

      I don’t blame Innocent for anything. I’m still angry with Genesis for roping him into this business. If you remember, Innocent sacrificed himself in a spell to save his family in the vampire attack on Moreen Island. Innocent went into a spiritual coma, and never recovered from Lilith’s hold on him. It was never Innocent’s choice to be evil. He’s been demonized and enslaved. After 2 years of this, I’m ready for Innocent and Promise to return to their families.

      For whatever reasons, Yaser & Yuma’s relationship always reminded me of the closeness of my relationship with my sister. Very protective of each other. I am distraught that Yaser has lost his little brother. Yuma meant so much to him.

      I’m going to have a difficult time seeing Basil with someone other than Yuma so soon after his death.

      • JJ

        Innocent sacrificed his soul to Lilith in exchange for the power to save his coven, but this was all part of Genesis master plan. In his quest for power he has brought all this chaos. I honestly don’t have much sympathy for him.

        He used Innocence to get Eden but in doing so, unleashed Lilith and demons, which in turn paved the way for Lafayette. Now Eden is in ruins and no one is in control of it. Countless people dead. Innocence, Promise and Nameless possessed and Genesis is begging for help.

        No sympathy from me.

        • Lee namefree

          Prior to Innocent sacrificing his soul to Lilith, Genesis was receiving messages from the “Angel Lilith” and the coven’s ancestors telling him that the coven would die off if he didn’t do something. We now know that Genesis was in contact with Jophiel and that he’d previously tried to open the white gate to heaven, so Genesis had every reason to believe what the angel Lilith and his ancestors were telling him.

          Genesis did use Innocent. I think he knew the only way to lure his coven to Eden would be to involve Innocent. He didn’t want Innocent to get hurt, and never suspected Lilith was controlling him until Innocent impregnated him.

          They have to rescue Genesis. Next to old lady, he is the strongest of his coven.

  • Jaye Tee

    Love it! I hope Basil doesnt blame Rory for him not being there for Yuma. I want Rory to use Yuma’s death to fuel something within him! I wish Luciano would have been more of a badass in the fight. How you gonna see somebody Hulking up on yo ass and NOT be more prepared….Dont blame Rory pulling at you either, you knew what was behind you! The sex scene was weird yet hot so im here for it! I couldve did without Lucretia shooting her pussy juice everywhere but it is what it is lol. So sad Yuma had to die tho, wonder how Yas will feel once he finds out. Staten you have some making up to do in this next chapter! My mouth better be on the floor in a good way next chapter for you killing off Yuma! Lol.

    • Lee namefree

      I’m wondering if Basil will blame Rory for the strife he caused as well. I’m also just a little irritated with Basil and Yuma for letting that one kiss cause that level of anger with each other. It’s killing me that the last thing Basil heard from Yuma was that he hated him! I’m just amazed Lucretia was able to direct her pussy juice anywhere. Women don’t naturally have that ability. But after thousands of years, I guess her clit does what she tells it to do!

      • Jaye Tee

        Right i felt like they were better than that and it was so high school of Yuma to act how he did but i still loved his ass regardless. Dead tho, that bitch out here blinding niggas with a heavy flow im sure that pussy got stories to tell!!!

  • Lee namefree

    I am heartbroken. Literally heartbroken. I was so happy for Yuma and Basil. So glad they survived Walid and Yaser’s interference. To die like this after all they’ve been through is just cruel. And why, oh why, did their final words to each other have to be so painful!

    I hate you Yaser! Okay, so you were demonized, became soulless and was turned into a black shiny monkey. Cry me a river, we all got problems! You’re Lafayette’s special guard and a supernatural hybrid. Soulless or not, you couldn’t invigorate your ass to pop off a warning to your brother?! Clearly the wrong wolf brother bit the dust! Useless! And that goes for your spineless Alpha Walid!! Fuck you both! Yeah I know I’m being unreasonable, but fuck em both!

    I don’t get why the Lucii have bat wings? They’re not remotely active enough to warrant wings! When they wanted to get Genesis off the throne, they suckered vampires to a slaughter house to be sacrificed. They tried to get Lafayette to kill Genesis before Lilith was born by sending Bello to rescue Genesis. Their M.O. is to do some shady shit, like call up a dude’s abusive ex-lover, and tell him where to locate his victim. The Lucii don’t like to get their hands dirty. What the hell do they need bat wings for?

  • JJ

    So sad for Yuma and so sad Rory didn’t have the courage to sit Yuma and Basil down and apologize and explain his actions.

    Could Lafayette be killing off the support system? Mickson brother to Micko, Yuma brother to Yas. Santos brother is Genesis, who was only being kept alive until Lilith was born. Could Genesis have escaped? If so I assume he would be on the list..or would Armando be substituted.

    • Lee namefree

      Whoa JJ, I never thought about it from that perspective! Brothers are definitely taking a hit here. Genesis has lost both his brothers, though I’m praying Santos burial with be of SHORT duration!

      I don’t think Genesis has escaped, which is why he sent his magic to Rory directing him to rescue him. Genesis is still trapped in hell. I’m thinking Armando is on that list either way. His baby Santos is being tortured in a silver coffin, his boy Genesis is trapped in hell and his grandbaby Promise has been demonized. Armando is a major threat. Someone is gonna have to pay for his family’s pain!

      What if the folks on the list aren’t really a threat to anyone, but the cause/catalyst for others to become a threat? I would think now that Basil’s pack and his beta has been murdered, Basil will be out for revenge. His lover was on the list but Basil will be the real threat!

      • Talia

        I think you’re right, Honestly their names are on the list to be a catalyst to make their loved ones turn and become vengeful and evil.. Idk of that’s right.. But could be.. Lol Staten stories.. Stranger things have happened 🤔

      • JJ

        I agree, Micko/Yuma seems like they would be catalysts to flush out the real threat; which would be Micko, Basil and possibly Armando/Aiden. I’m not sure if Lafayette knows Santos is buried as I think he came after that happened; but silver coffins cannot hold Santos, so I expect him to break free in short order.

        It would also be interesting if Santos aligned with Lucifer, considering Santos himself technically might have a bit of demon blood in him from Lilith.

        • Lee namefree

          Sometimes you have to make a deal with the devil you know. Lucca was Santos’ friend and greater ally. The Lucii had a tacit alliance to Santos, so it would follow that Santos has in someways already aligned himself with Lucifer by association with Lucifer’s kin. Given that Lucifer seems to be a little off Lilith at the moment, I don’t know how he personally feels about her kid!

          I’m thinking a demonized Yaser told his new master about all possible threats, including an entombed royal family.

  • Talia

    Nuh uhhh I’m gonna need them to bring back yuma Nowwwww….
    I literally have tears in my eyes.. Yuma made his way into my heart, finally and now he’s gone?.

    • Lee namefree

      I know! This is so wrong! If he were a witch he could be brought back. He’s already dead so he can’t become a vampire hybrid like Yaser. I am just heartbroken! Yuma is really gone!

      • Lee namefree

        Unless, as Jay Tee suggested, if Luciano bites Yuma, his combination of demon vampire, might be able to raise Yuma from the dead, while turning him into Were-demon-vampire. Damn!

        • Talia

          I don’t think Luciano would do that.. He’s so under lock and key, and with Yas being so unstable, i doubt if Micko would let that happen. Also I don’t even think Rory feels the same about Luciano, he seems so broken, it’s almost like he is not willing to love. Ya he wants it.. But he’s unsure of where it could come from.. Luciano never saved Rory from all the pain he endured..Idk just ramblings

          • Lee namefree

            Good points!

  • Talia

    BTW.. I see the characters turning so shady that it disgusts me. Yas, Walid, Lafayette, etc are gonna have to die to make repentace BC they turned into awful individuals and it sucks so much.. Ughh

  • Ariell Robinson

    Nooooooooooo!!!! Not Yuma ……basil will blame Rory but he will also fall for him all the while Luciano going to start plotting he wants out and for Rory he is willing to show u how much mark my words the hero of this one is Luciano

  • JJ

    Reading this story again, I’m reminded how Genesis quest for power has lead to all this chaos and destruction. All of this because some people just can’t be satisfied with what they have in life. Always wanting more but never happy when they get it.

    Maybe Exodus & Genesis mother and stepfather had it right. Exodus should have been the surviving twin.

    • Lee namefree

      Genesis doesn’t like power so much as he fears someone having power over him. Finding a place where his coven could be safe to be who they are without the threat the human race, was Genesis priority. But Genesis got played. in Unholy War he came back claiming that the “Angel Lilith” and his ancestors told him that the Witches were losing their powers because they no longer practice them, and he was to lead them to the promise land. Genesis believed what the Angel told him, “Eden is overrun by monsters”.

      The right twin survived. Genesis was forced to survive hellish pain as a child. In some ways he was seasoned to be the force his is now. His arrogance is just a reflection of his pain. Ultimately, his heart is in the right place.

      • JJ

        So basically Lilith tricked him. Made him involve the wolves and then try a hostile takeover over Eden. Now countless vampires, wolves and witches are dead because of this quest; when his coven was happy where they were on Moreen Island.