The Gates, Chapter 3


“Are you guys sure you want to go?”

“The city needs us…”

“I can come too.”

“The pack needs you.”

“I just don’t want to see you hurt baby.  You have no idea what that would do to me.”

They share a kiss.  I’m standing there in the living room of the small apartment watching them.  I’m so quiet.  I barely breathe.   The door is open just so slightly.  I’ve been staying with Yuma and his Alpha Basil for the past year.  I was a stray.  A stray wolf with no home and luckily for me I had made a friend in Yuma.  A good friend.  My only real friend.  But I wasn’t a part of their pack.  I was an outsider and even now as I spy on Yuma and his boyfriend I feel like an outsider.

I’m spying out of curiosity.  There is no malice in my heart.  I would never hurt them.  Either of them.  They’ve taken me in when I had no one.

My hearts beating fast watching the way Basil stands up and grabs onto Yuma.

“I’ll be fine,” Yuma assures him.

Yuma likes it.  I can tell by how he melts in Basil’s arm.  Basil was always…quite the man.   He was tall and honorable.  His face was covered with battle scars but beneath all those scars is a strong, handsome man.  The scars that Basil has don’t ever take away from how attractive he is.  His eyes have this love.  It’s this love I could only imagine.  The way he looked at Yuma was unlike anything I’ve ever known in my life.  It was this love that just echoed romance.

Nothing else mattered in the world to Basil except holding onto Yuma and nothing mattered to Yuma in the world except making sure that Basil was comfortable.

“If you go join General Aiden’s elite team and something happens to you, I’ll tear down Eden,” Basil promises his lover.

He means it too.  I can see it in his eyes.  There is a sense of ownership in his eyes.

“The wolves need representatives.”

“You’re one of the smallest wolves.”

“I’m the only wolf willing to go.  Me and Rory.  We need to do this.  You have to understand.”

“Come back to me…”


That’s when Basil grabs Yuma up.  He grabs him up like A MAN!  His muscular arms subdue his lover into submission turning him up against the wall.  He’s stern but gentle all at the same time. He grunts and ravages as I see his hands turn into claws.   I watch with a hard dick as he rips Yuma’s clothes off.  It took a trained werewolf to do a partial transition.  Basil’s control of the transition was showing even during a passionate moment.  His claws make quick work of Yuma’s clothing.  They are left in shreds.   I stare with this deep wanting as I see Yuma is naked before I know it.   His small perky butt is spread up to the air.  His long hair is wrapped up in his Alpha’s grip.  I stare at the door watching Yuma’s perky ass literally almost pleading for his Alpha to dominate him.

Basil gives him what he wants.  I watch as Basil’s long thick dick rams into Yuma.  It doesn’t just go straight in though.  He moves it side to side.  It’s as though he’s trying to hit new and different spots of Yuma’s colon.  It’s as though his dick is trying to explore Yuma’s body.

“Give me you,” Yuma pleads with his Alpha, “Give me all of you.”

“Every last drop.”



“And forever.”

Grunts.  The pounding gets harder.  It gets faster.  Deep into the night, I hear Basil bust a cum shot and he howls.  His mouth opens and he howls into the night.  From the distance, I can hear members of Basil’s pack in the nearby houses howl back.  They know what Basil is doing.  They know Basil is giving his Bet the best dick in the world.  They were proud of their Alpha.

This was the way of the werewolves.

I turn.  I could stay and watch more.  I knew Basil would fuck Yuma at least three or four more times, but the truth was I couldn’t take much more of it.   Truth was that as happy as I was for Yuma, I didn’t have what he had.

I go to sleep alone.


“Wake up.  It’s that day,” Yuma tells me.

“Are you really this excited?”  I ask.

Initiation day.  Aiden was calling representatives from the wolves, the witches, and the vampires to come to serve as a special counsel.  He called throughout the city.  Truth is though no one knew who would show up.  No one really paid attention.  It wasn’t that the vampire wasn’t respected, but with all the demon attacks everyone was worried about their own.

Everyone except me…and clearly Yuma.

He’s already standing in my bedroom with the military uniform.  The dark blue uniform with the high collar and red piping.  The slacks fit him really well but the jacket almost swallows him whole.  I know it probably wouldn’t do much better for me either, to tell the truth.

“20 minutes.”

To say I’m nervous is an understatement.   The training was brutal.  Yuma and I were still two of the smallest wolves.  We were Betas…at least he was.  I was a Beta before.  We weren’t supposed to be doing what we were doing.  I didn’t have anyone to check me and Yuma…well, Yuma’s relationship with his Beta was different.

I watch them at the doorway.  The way Basil kisses him in that doorway is unlike any werewolf has kissed their Beta.  Period.  It was just…odd…

“You sure you’re making this decision.”

“Of course.”

I’m watching when I see them.  I feel like the biggest fucking weirdo watching them the way that I am, especially when Basil seems to feel my eyes watching them.  He turns to me and I drop my eyes immediately to the ground.

“Watch over him, Rory,” Basil tells me.

I nod.  I’ve never been much of a talker.  In the year that I’ve lived with Basil, I had to say 10 words to him total.   He seems to get used to the fact that I’m silent.  He seems to get used to my shy mentality.  He doesn’t take it personally.  Besides he’s much too focused on Yuma.  He pulls him in there and spends the next five minutes literally licking the side of Yuma’s face.  I think he forgets that they are in human form.  Sometimes that happens and Yuma seems to be quite embarrassed that his the Alpha dog was making sure to lick his face.

I thought it was all just ridiculously romantic.

When we finally leave I can turn back and see that Basil is still watching him from the threshold.  We all know Basil would be better for Aiden’s team, but the fact is with the demon’s attack the werewolves packs didn’t have much of the capacity to lose a fighter like Basil.

“Your relationship is perfect.”

Yuma laughs, “Far from it. We have some major trust issues we are working on. But we endured and got through major drama we had last year.”

I had no idea there were issues in paradise.

“The fact that you can make your own decisions is amazing,” I tell Yuma.

Yuma turns to me.  He’s not used to me really saying much even when we were alone.  I was a boy of few words but the truth is I really wanted to have this conversation with him.  He smiles at me and his face gets red.  I watch as he touches his cheek where Basil had licked him as though he was a newborn cub going out into the world for the first time.

“Basil trusts me, I guess,” he laughs, “I know that’s weird for wolves.  Trust me, if this wasn’t important I’d be right under his shadow.”

“You don’t get it.  You don’t get how lucky you are.”

He really didn’t.  Yuma and I were werewolves.  It was unheard for a Beta wolf to have as much control as Yuma had.   I didn’t know whether it was weird or beautiful, or a combination of both.  It could get worse.  I had seen how bad it could get.  I have lived through how bad it could get.  I look over at Yuma.

“You are free now.  Rhinegold is gone,” he states.

“The memories are still there.”

I never talk about it.  Something was different today though.  Something was different with what had happened.  Yuma knew about how Rhinegold, my old Alpha had treated me.  He had seen it first-hand.  It was opposite from the love that Yuma and Basil had.  There were nights I still woke up in screaming for all the times I forgot to scream when I was getting abused.  I still remember when Rhinegold would literally feed me his shit like stray dog…or the days that he would have members of his pack take turns on me.

The memories could never leave.  They could never disappear.

“You can make your own decisions now.”

“It’s not the same as you,” I explain, “I’m not a Beta.  Not anymore.”

“Rhaegar from the Irish pack just lost his Beta from a demon attack.   I’m sure he’ll be looking for another.  I can introduce you…”



“I’ll never let another man control me,” I tell Yuma, “I’ll never let anyone take my size for weakness again.  I’ll never let someone dominate me in that way.  I promised Genesis.”

This was a day of firsts.  I never mentioned Genesis.  I never mentioned my relationship with Genesis.   Yuma looks at me.  I know he’s curious about Genesis.  Everyone is curious about Genesis.

“This is why you’re doing this aren’t you?  You’re doing this to get the Witch King back?”

Genesis was gone.  He had been gone for a long time.  He’d been gone too long but I had a feeling he was still alive.

I nod, “Yes.”

“Is he even worth it?” Yuma asks.

I know what Yuma thinks about Genesis.  I know his feelings.  He shares them with a majority of the other werewolves.  Yuma blames Genesis for a lot of things that happened to Eden.  A lot of people do.   They felt like it was Genesis who let in the darkness.  He’d played with forces too big for him.  He kept a door open and the devil walked right through it.  That’s how Yuma felt.  Hearing how he talked about Genesis hurt me.  It was almost painful.

No one would understand Genesis.  Ever.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I tell Yuma.

I just get silent again.  The thing about being an outsider is that people didn’t understand you.  Genesis was an outsider.  I could try to explain it to Yuma but he wouldn’t understand.  That’s because I was an outsider too.  No one would understand me either…


The room we walk into is an old auditorium.   Immediately I can tell the room is crowded with mostly vampires.  I wasn’t surprised that the vampires literally were the majority of the participants in the room.  I do manage to see another werewolf on the other side.  He’s rather large and quiet though.  I think his name is Patton or Payden.  Something of that sort.  He was from a foreign pack.  One of the ones that didn’t speak English.  His skin is as white as snow.  He’s so white that he fits in with a lot of the pale vampires in the room.

As Yuma and I walk into the room drowning in our clothes I can almost tell that we don’t fit in.  We shouldn’t fucking be here.

“Something stinks,” I hear one of the vampires state.

There have to be a dozen of them in the room that seems to have a particular look to them.  They seem to be making up the vampire brood.  They were all blonde.  All perfectly young and all perfectly handsome.  They had pale white skin and red lips the color of cherries.  They all looked like they were not any older than 20.

“Are these the werewolf representatives, Lucan?” another one of the Blondes state.

“I believe so, Luccious.  How pathetic.  Shows what the werewolves think of protecting Eden.  They definitely sent over their scraps…”

“You want to say that again you, lemon head?” Yuma asks.

“What the hell did you just say?” one of the golden-haired vampires asks.

“He didn’t say anything,” I quickly add.

I grab Yuma and shuffle him away as fast as I can.  These men seemed familiar to me for some reason and even without remembering exactly where I knew them from, I knew that I didn’t want to fuck with them.  I knew that I didn’t want to even be associated with any of them.  I head to the back of the room where I see someone waving at us.  It’s a boy.  He isn’t a vampire…that much is clear.  He actually looks like someone just…normal.

“Ignore those guys,” the boy says, “They’ve been dickheads to everyone that has walked into the room so far.”

“I don’t give a shit about a fucking cheese cap.  My Alpha would rip their heads off if he heard them talking to me like that,” Yuma grunts angrily.

“Cheese heads.  I like that,” the stranger states, “Have a seat over here man.  Name’s Mickson.”


“This is my friend Rory.”

Yuma shakes the guy’s hand.  I reach mine over awkwardly to shake his but I can see Mickson sizing me up.  Mickson stares at me.  He stares at me hard, “I know you.”

I’m shy as I look away, “It’s a mix-up man.”

“No, no.  I definitely know you.  You’re Genesis’s dog.  Yeah!  You’re him.  You were there when we went looking for Genesis.  I only saw you in human form a few times but it was definitely you…”

“Don’t call him his dog man,” Yuma corrects Mickson.

“I didn’t mean any offense by it.”

I shake my head, “None taken.  Genesis…meant a lot to me.”

It was nothing romantic.  Nothing like that.  No.  Genesis was more than that to me.  He was more than a king.  He was the person who taught me how to growl.  He was the person who taught me how to bite.  I’d been a wolf all my life and I had never shown my fangs until a witchdoctor showed me his.   I could still feel that fierceness echoing throughout my body.  I could explain it to them but I knew they wouldn’t understand.

“He’s a member of my coven,” Mickson states, “I was never a fan of him personally but I have respect for him.  Any friend of Genesis is a friend of mine.  Besides, I can use all the friends I need…especially with how awkward I’m feeling with the guy I slept with up there.”

Mickson nods his head.  Not too far ahead of us we see a slim guy.

“That has to be awkward,” Yuma states.

Real awkward.

“Is he with the others?  He doesn’t have that stuck up look like the others have.”

“No.  The other vampires, the majority of them are a member of a brood.  They made sure to announce themselves on entry.  They are a bunch of rich, spoiled vampires all of the same bloodline.  God knows why they would even volunteer for something like this.  They call themselves the Lucii.’

Lucii…can’t fucking be.

I did remember these people.  I knew these fucking people.


“Sorry I’m late,” I hear someone say.

I turn and sure enough I realize that the last Lucii family member has walked into the room.  He’s tall about 6’1”.  He still has these emerald green eyes that look like someone stole the fucking gem and inserted it into his eyelids.  Like most of his Lucii ancestors, he has his shirt open.  It shows off a smooth, hairless chest.

What the hell was he doing here?  What were any of them doing here?

“Luciano, my great, great-grandson.  You showed up better late than never.”

I watch as a boy who looks the same age as Luciano walks over to him and hugs him.  It’s the strange thing about vampires.  They didn’t age.

“Good afternoon Great, great grandfather Lucius.  Grandfather Lucerne.  Good afternoon Uncles Lucari, Lucien, Lucia, Lucio, Lucase—”

He keeps going and going.  I think the uppity nature of these men who all looked like a high school boy band posting as rich powerful aristocrats with ridiculous names is what causes both Yuma and Mickson to break out into laughter.  I want them to stop almost immediately.  It makes me nervous when they do it, Luciano looks up.

Our eyes meet at that moment.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen him.  It’s been almost a year.

“Oh my god,” he states.

I didn’t get it.  What the hell were the Lucii doing here?  They weren’t fighters.  There were fucking aristocrats.  Why the hell was Luciano here?  Seeing him across the room makes me so fucking nervous.  I don’t know why I get up.  It just happens.

It’s almost weird the pull that we have on one another.

“Luciano…come sit,” the clear patriarch Lucius states.

“Great, great grandfather I know him…”

“Now,” the patriarch says in a louder more instructive voice.

I watch how Lucius looks at me.  He looks at me as though I smell.  He couldn’t possibly have one of the rich, powerful, handsome Lucii men speak to someone of a low caliber like me.  Let alone a werewolf.  He’s disgusted.  I watch a few Lucii men even take out their handkerchiefs from their custom altered military uniforms and pass it over their noses.  They gather on the clear opposite side of the room.  It’s clear they are disgusted by the fact that they have to be around any werewolves.

“You know the Goldilocks?”  Yuma asks.

I guess Yuma must not remember.  So much has happened in a year.  Looking at Luciano, he didn’t change.  I changed, but not him.  Vampires never changed.  They stayed the same.

“An old friend,” I state.

Mickson laughs, “Friend?  You sure?  He’s looking at you as though it is something a lot more than friendship man.”

“Nah.  Just friends.”

I can tell neither MIckson or Yuma believe a word coming out of my mouth.  Just at that moment, Luciano turns his head and our eyes connect.  Fuck.  He’s sexy as all hell.  The green eyes just seem to be casting a spell on me.  For a moment I wonder if the rumors about vampire seduction really existed.  I’m saved by the bell when I hear someone enter the room.  It’s Captain Aiden.  He walks into the room and it’s clear that he is just as surprised as I am to see the group of Lucii on the other side of the room.  Something was weird about them being here.

Something was weird about them coming to this meeting.  Something was… I don’t know…


Aiden is one of the few people in this room that you can tell is an actual warrior.  He isn’t overly polished like the Lucii or tiny like Yuma or I.  He looked like a warrior.  He looked like someone who was capable, despite his young fast.    I know it’s him.  I’ve seen him many times even on the television.  He’s a tall lean, vampire looking guy.  He’s the type of guy that you just knew was meant to be a leader.

“Thank you all for coming.  I’ll have to be honest.  I expected more.  Do any of you know why you’re here…”

“Demon dickheads,” the guy who Mickson knows raises his hand and says.

“No Pietro.”

“Real shit?  Because I’m in the wrong room then.  What room is the room with the suicidal group of dumbasses trying to save Eden?  That’s where I was trying to go…”

Yuma and Mickson giggle at the guy a little bit.  The Lucii seem too uptight to laugh.  I watch as the tall lean guy Pietro turns around.  Hell if I was feeling awkward with Luciano then I knew Mickson had to be feeling awkward with the look that Pietro gives him when he realizes Mickson finds him somewhat funny.

Aiden doesn’t seem to find any of this funny.

“We aren’t just here to fight demons.  We’re here to fight THE Demon.  Eden is in chaos.  Vampires are starving, werewolves have become unruly and as of this morning, all the witches except Mickson in the back have mostly deserted us.  Lucifer is dead.  Hell has risen under a new flag.”

I raise my hand.  I never do this.

But I’m confused.

“If not Lucifer…then who?” I ask.

“His name is Lafayette.”

The rest of the meeting is Aiden stressing how important everything is.  He’s scaring us.  I know he’s doing it on purpose.  He’s succeeding as well.  Maybe he’s doing this on purpose though. He wants to see who is going to leave.  He wants to see who is going to quit.  And he wants to make sure that those people who leave and quit stay gone.

In the end, he ends everything with a quick, “Be here tomorrow.”

I get up, feeling weak in the knees.  I don’t know whether I felt weak when Aiden promised that we were the only things standing between Eden’s downfall or if I got weak when he told me that our enemy was the one who was responsible for bringing down God’s favorite fallen angel.

No big deal right?

“You OK?” Yuma asks me.

I wasn’t.  I was scared to death.   What the hell was I doing here?  I wasn’t a fighter.  I was weak.  I was one of the weakest.    I was so scared that I don’t say anything.

“Hello—” a voice interrupts us.

I turn at that moment.  HIM.

Fuck.  Luciano was there.  I don’t feel good.  I don’t feel good at all.

Yuma elbows me, “Say something.”

I can’t.  I literally can’t.

Luciano shakes his head, “It’s OK.   He doesn’t have to say anything.  I want to talk.   Rory, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.  I just wanted to make sure you were OK.  I’ve been thinking about you.  I’ve been worried about you.  Seeing you right now…”

He reaches over to try to touch me.   All of a sudden my fear seems to come up all at the same time and I do the unthinkable.  I throw up!  I fucking vomit!  I fucking vomit ALL over Luciano!

It happens in slow motion.  I can’t stop it.  I literally can’t stop it.  Not even his vampire speed can stop it.  It all just fucking happens.

I watch at that moment as all the Lucii men seem so obviously aware of what I had just done.  Luciano is disgusted.  I can tell he is.

“I’m so…” I start, wanting so much to apologize but it can’t come out.

“Get the hell away from my descendant,” I hear a voice boom across the room.

I am helpless when I see Lucius come forward.  He looks like he wants to rip my fucking head off.

“Lucius, don’t…” I hear Aiden scream from the podium.

Lucius grabs me by my neck.  I struggle.  I see Luciano attempt to stop him but immediately half a dozen Lucii men grab him and hold him back.  Silence rings in my head at that moment as Lucius, the patriarch of the Lucii family chokes me.

“Enough. Lucius…” a voice states.

We turn.

There is a man there.  A man with the most beautiful golden hair.  He’s clearly a Lucii but it’s as though he appeared out of nowhere.  He doesn’t have on a military outfit like the other Lucii.  He has on all black.  When he appears it seems like all the Lucii men are more aware than ever.  They have a…fear…when it comes to him.  It’s a visceral fear.  You can feel it.  He’s one of them, clearly but they are afraid of him all the while.

I thought Lucius was the patriarch.  Clearly, I was wrong.

I hear Mickson whisper in the back the same thing we all are thinking, “Whose that?”

We never get the answer when all the strange Lucii men grunts a heavy, “It’s time to leave.”

And with that, all the Lucii men are gone…including Luciano.


It’s late that night and I can’t get out of my head what happened earlier.  Right now I had more reasons not to show up than to show up.   I’m sitting in the living room.  I’m too depressed to go into my own room.  I’m just staring at the wall as though it is the only thing I want to do for the rest of eternity.

“You OK?” a voice states.

Someone is coming into the room.   I turn and realize it’s not Yuma.  I know who it is.  It’s Basil.  Basil looks over at me with this look of concern.  It is far too obvious that Yuma told him what happened earlier.  It’s far too obvious that Yuma also sent his lover out here to check on me and make sure that I was OK.  The truth is I wasn’t OK.  I was stuck in a war that I didn’t understand trying to do something I didn’t get.

I was out of my mind.  I was out of place.

I don’t answer.  I just nod.

“Yuma wanted me to check up on you.  But you know that already, don’t you?  Listen.  I just came out here to say…I know you’ve been through a lot.  I know you have your reasons to join Aiden’s team.  I salute you for that.  I really do.  It takes a lot of bravery.  You’ve changed Rory.  You’re a lot stronger now than you were before.”

I nod.  No answer.

He comes and sits next to me, “Talk to me, Rory.  Say anything.”

No answer.

“Anything at all,” he pleads.

That’s when I do it.  I don’t understand why.  I don’t get it until it happens.  I lean in and I KISS him.  My tongue goes down his throat before I realize what I’m doing.  I don’t know why I do it.  I jump up at that moment.  I feel so alone.  I feel so fucking stressed.  It just happened that I kissed Basil.  I turn at that moment and that’s when I see him.

I fucking see Yuma.

“What the fuck is happening?” Yuma states.

“Yuma—” Basil starts.

I think about saying something but I don’t.  I should explain it.  I should explain that I’m just emotional.  I should explain that I just wanted to feel for a moment what Yuma would get to feel his whole life.  I just wanted to feel that love.  Unrelenting.  Unyielding love.

I’d never felt it and I wanted to feel it so bad.  Even if it wasn’t real…

But I don’t explain though.  I just turn.  I just run.

And I feel like I’m that young scared werewolf all over again.  I’m not saying a damn thing.


I’m out in the slums.   This is where they keep the werewolves.  It smells out here and that was saying a lot because I was used to a lot of smells.  The demons attacked a lot more often on the outskirts of the city but even in the darkness, I’m not afraid.  I actually wouldn’t be mad if I was attacked.  Not really.  I would actually not mind it at all.

Bring on the fucking attack.  That’s how I feel about it.  I had betrayed Yuma.  I had blown my shot with Luciano.  And I was too much of a fucking coward to ever go back to join Aiden’s team.

Today was a good day to die.

“Is that what I taught you?  To sit there and feel sorry for yourself?”

It almost sounded like Genesis.  The voice was in my head though.   I shake at that moment.  The streets were still loud.  There was a werewolf fight not too far away.  Maybe a block or two up from there was an orgy.  I can smell it with my extra sensitive nose.   It smelled like blood, cum and vagina juices.  Not too far from there was the unique smell of human drugs.  Somehow they managed to sneak those into Eden even with a closed gate to the Human world.  Maybe they found a way to manufacture them right here in the city.  Who knows?

I feel something. All through that, I feel something though.

“Genesis?” I say in the darkness.

“Get up.”

I see him.  In the dark alley.  He makes his way towards me.  The old king of Eden.  The witch king.  He was the last stable King of Eden before all hell broke out not too long ago.  He was the hated king.  He was the outsider king.

And I missed him so fucking much.

“Am I imagining this?” I ask.

“I wish,” he states, “No.  No imagination.  Unfortunately, I am using magic to come to you.  Didn’t think I’d have to be wasting the last bit of my magic to send an image to you.”

“An image?  Are you not really here?”


“Where are you?”

He turns and points into the darkness, “In the forest.  And I need you to come to get me.  I need you to get your fucking ass up and come to get me, Rory.  You’re the only one I trust.”

Hearing those words at that moment stirs something in me.  Genesis had done everything for me.  Everything.  He was my master.  He was my friend.  He was the person that pet me when I needed attention.  I was loyal to him.  Mickson had called me his dog and that was probably the most pride I’ve ever felt in my life.

Still…even with that, I can’t do this.  I can’t come to him.

“I’m too weak,” I admit.

“Talk to your friend.  He’ll understand.”

It’s almost as though Genesis is a part of me.  It’s almost as though he’s seen everything that I’ve done.  If he did, then he knew how embarrassing this was.

“Yuma will hate me,” I tell him, “And Luciano.  Oh god…Luciano.”

“You think he won’t be able to clean the throw-up.”

“It’s not about the throw-up,” I state, “It’s more.”



That’s all I can say.  It works with others but it doesn’t work with Genesis.  Genesis makes his way next to me.  He sits next to me.  I can see him.  I think I can almost feel him but I know the difference.  He’s so close and yet so far away all at the same time.  When he sits we just think for a few seconds.  Maybe he knows that I need the silence for a moment.  He gives it to me.  This was a side of him that no one ever saw.  He was gentle.  He was understanding.

And then out of nowhere, he was rough.

“You’re a fucking idiot.  You know that” Genesis states, “Just like me.  We’re so different and yet so much the same.”

“I’m nothing like you.”

“You’re exactly like me.  In the beginning, you were me.  I was so scared.  Scared I wasn’t good enough for love.  Do you know how many times I’ve had love right in my grasp and let it slip away?  Do you have any idea?” Genesis asks me, “Don’t punish Luciano for the sins of Rhinegold.”

The words hit me like a ton of bricks.

“You don’t understand,” I state.

I say the words but I knew I was wrong.  Genesis did understand.  He doesn’t need to hear the whole story.  He understands more than anyone could ever understand.  We had that bond.  We had that strange bond and we got one another.  He was my master.  I was his dog.  There were few bonds that ever became that close.

“Rhinegold knew you were fierce.  Deep inside.  He knew.  Just like I knew when I first met you.  Under that fear is ferocity.  Don’t let him smother that.”

“It’s not there.  Rhinegold has nothing to smother.”

“It’s always those motherfuckers with no magic trying to stifle yours.  Remember that.”

At that moment Genesis is gone.  Just like that.  Gone.


I’m screaming out.  Magic.  Magic.  Why would he come?  Why would he come us to disappear like that?  I am alone all over again.  Why would he leave me alone like that?

That’s when I see it.  A light.

Magic.  Yes!  It was Genesis.  He had left his magic.  It’s a small red firefly.  It’s flying away.  It’s flying away fast.  I’m chasing after the red firefly as quick as I can.   It’s his magic.  I knew it was Genesis.  He was trying to bring me somewhere.

He was trying to show me something.

Soon I’m ripping off my clothes.  I’m changing.  I become the wolf.


The firefly leads me to the center of the city.  The area where werewolves usually aren’t.  I come across a stream.  Even in all the chaos of Eden, it’s the most beautiful stream that I’ve ever seen.  And there I see something.  The firefly disappears but something reappears.


I walk up to him and he sees me.  His emerald eyes recognize my wolf.  There are tears in those eyes.  I don’t understand them.  I think about changing but I don’t.  I approach him, slowly.  I’m scared he’ll turn me away but instead he pulls me close.  He grabs my fur and lets my muzzle rest in his lap.  For some reason, this seems to comfort him.

But I don’t get it.

Why is he crying?  What was happening?

And just at that moment, Luciano seems to almost read my mind, “I bet you’re wondering why the Lucii were at the meeting.   I bet you are wondering why we’ve been so involved in all of this from the beginning.  We had a …investment…”

I’m confused.

What investment could they possibly have in this war?  I know at that moment it’s clear that Genesis has brought me here because Luciano needed me.  He needed me to be here.  He needed me to hear whatever secret he’s been hiding inside.  It seems like it’s painful to him.  It seems like it’s almost ripping him apart.

“I am not a full vampire. All the Lucii are mixed with something else.   Our ancestor…well, he was something else.”

Silence.  No response.

Luciano continues, “You see the Lucii have demon blood and we have joined this fight because the Lucii seek revenge.   You see we were overthrown.  Well, HE was Overthrown.  My ancestor.  The first Lucii man.  You should know him of course.   If not by sight, then by name.  He’s a fallen angel.   He was there earlier in that room…”


Complete.  Utter.  Silence.

No response.  As always.

That’s when Luciano tells me the secret that he’s been holding back so far.  He tells me the name of his ancestor.

“His name is Lucifer.”