The Gates, Chapter 16- Part B


“Hold!”  Brandon Ferris yells at the top of his lungs.

Get out of there.  What were they thinking?  What the FUCK were they thinking!   We watch at the top of a hill in the distance as Brandon Ferris tries to maintain a spell below us.   It’s a circle of trust spell.  Two witch doctors cut their palms and hold hands.  As long as they hold hands nothing can harm them, but if they’re pulled apart then the spell is broken as well.  It’s a last resort.  The bloodiest of blood magic.

He’s with Whyte Ferris.  They are working together.  I hope that it would work but there is a sighting of a demon.  It’s the biggest demon we’ve ever seen.

“It’s coming,” Whyte is crying.  Tears running down his eyes.  He almost looks like he’s going to piss himself in fear.

“Hold!”  Brandon screams again, squeezing Whyte’s hand harder.

Whyte kicks Brandon.  Brandon falls off.  The trust is broken.  I hear in the distance Micko scream out trying to run towards Brandon.  I grab Micko as hard as I can and pull him away.  It’s too late for Brandon.  Way too late.  Whyte barely makes it away as Brandon is engulfed in a swarm of attacking demons.

Whyte is behind us now.  He falls to the ground.  I’m not sure at this point if I should call him smart for being the one to get away or call him a coward for abandoning Brandon.

“We’re not going to make it,” Mickson is screaming out towards me.

The demons have surrounded us on all sides.  Sweat is draining down my forehead.  He was right.   There were a small group of witchdoctors left by us.  They had beaten us back to the edge of the forest.  The demons were all around us.  These dark, vicious things.  I look over to my right.  Mickson and Micko are standing there.  They have knives in their hands and are bleeding profusely on the ground.  Some of the blood is self-inflicted wounds caused by sacrificial magic.  Others weren’t on purpose.  All it took was one misstep.  One small move to the left or to the right.  One small hesitation and you would end up dead.

“Don’t,” I tell Micko, “Let me do the sacrifice.”

“You’ve lost too much blood.”

Micko has a point.  Sacrificial magic required blood.  Blood magic was painful.  The blood is dripping from my arms.  I literally am bleeding so much that my head is getting light.  I feel like I may faint any moment.  Our ancestors bless us by healing these wounds but we are sacrificing faster than they can heal.  I can barely stand.  My brother-in-law Mickson isn’t doing too well either.  He’s pressed up against a tree behind us with his friend Puck.

Not too far is Angelica.  She is breathing heavy, her hair is all disheveled.  She has castor witch doctor in his hand that looks like he’s probably too far gone to be saved but Angelica isn’t the type to leave someone here.  So she holds on tight to this boy with defiance in her eyes.

“Ancestors protect us,” Micko states.

He cuts himself.  It’s deeper than I want him too.  It’s deeper than I would have felt comfortable with.  The ancestors answer almost immediately.  From the earth come small ants.  At first, there are just a few almost unnoticeable but soon it looks as though it is a plague of ants.  The ants carry with them black salt from the ground.  The salt forms a circle around us.

“They won’t be able to cross the black salt,” Angelica states.

“They’ll get through,” Puck assures her, “They’ll find a way…”

I look at Puck seeing what he’s talking about but I’m not sure until I notice the demons coming at us.  One at a time they try to brush away a little bit of the salt barrier.  They don’t get far.  Touching the salt causes the demon to be engulfed in flames.  Within seconds that demon turns into ash.  You would think it would stop them, but it doesn’t.

One at a time it’s clear that these demons are sacrificing themselves.  They are attempting to break through the barrier.

“I’ll do another sacrifice,” Micko states.

I look at him and I swear he is the most resilient man I’d ever known.  I’m falling in love with him all over again.  He tries to cut himself yet again but he can barely even raise his knife.  I watch as he starts to topple over but I don’t let him hit the ground.  I don’t care if we are both too weak to stand at this point.  I let him fall on top of me.

He looks down at me as though I’ve done something amazing by breaking his fall.  It’s the least I could do for the man that I loved.

We stare each other in the eye, “Thanks, buddy.”

“The least I could do,” I respond.

We have collapsed on top of one another.  He laughs a little bit.  I’m not sure what’s funny.

“We’ve been through a lot of shit, haven’t we?” Micko asks.

“This has to be the worst.”

“No far from the worst.  We’re in this together,” he tells me, “It can’t be the worst.”

We’re in it together.  I look at my husband.  I look at the love of my life and I grab him up with the last bit of energy I have left in me.  I kiss him hard.  It’s not the sweetest kiss.  It’s slightly salty and I think I get a bit of blood in my mouth but I don’t care.  None of that matters.  All I know is that we’re together at this point and there was nowhere I would rather be than with him.  Brandon was dead.  Others had died as well.

“It’s OK,” Puck states out of nowhere, “It’s OK…”

Puck walks forward.  He had the most energy at this point.  He was a sacrifice user like the rest of us.  He used a different kind of magic.  Talisman magic.  As he takes a few steps forward out of the salt I realize that he must have had a death wish.

“Puck what the hell are you doing?” Mickson screams out.

Puck is walking towards the demons.  He turns back, “It’s OK.  It’s OK.  This is all part of the plan.  I can die here.  That’s not important.”

“He’s lost it,” Mickson screams.

“We’ll be OK.  I know we’ll be OK.”

“Genesis has filled his head with bullshit,” Micko warns us.

That’s when Puck says the weirdest thing.  He looks at us and he just squirms, “You think Genesis is behind this.  No, he just has a small part to play.  A small part to play in something much larger.”

That’s when Puck does the strangest thing.  He steps out.  He steps out towards the demons.

“It’s a sacrifice,” Angelica states.

“What does that mean?” Mickson responds.

I know exactly what it means.

“We needed a bigger sacrifice.  Puck is giving the ultimate sacrifice.  His life.  Quick.  Everyone hold hands.  We must call on the ancestors.  We must call for help.”

Just at that moment, we watch as the demons gather around Puck as soon as he makes it past the salt barrier.  I close my eyes.  I don’t want to see what is happening to him.  As soon as I close my eyes I feel Micko holding my hands.  Someone else is holding the other hand.  I assume by how sweaty it is that it is probably Micko’s brother Mickson.

We’re chanting!  We’re chanting for all that we know.

“Brandon Ferris.  Brandon Ferris.  Brandon Ferris…” I am saying in the darkness.

The others join me.  Brandon had just sacrificed himself.  His spirit was still here.  It could help us.  It could save us.  I know that the demons are going to get past the salt barrier.  All of us would end up like Brandon.  All of us would end up like Puck.

“Puck.  Puck.  Puck,” I hear Mickson join in the chorus of chanting Brandon’s names.

All of a sudden there is another name.

Another name that is added.

I open my eye and realize that it’s Micko who is chanting the name of one a dead spirit.

“Genesis.  Genesis.  Genesis.”

All of a sudden there is a light.  A quick light.  Almost like a flare.  That’s it.  A fucking flare?  Really!  I was so fucking confused.  This was all our ancestors were willing to send us?  This was all the spirits of Brandon, Puck and Genesis were willing to give us?

A fucking flare?

We were dead!  We were going to fucking die here!

“Look…”  Angelica states.

All of a sudden we turn and in the distance, we see something none of us expect.

“Santos….” I realize.

From behind us an army of vampires have appeared.  They seem to have been drawn to the flare.  They are led by Santos himself leading the attack.

We were saved…




Hell is nothing.  No reality.  No feeling.  No emotion.  No living.  No friends.  No family.  No nothing.  That was hell.  It’s frightening and I’m not sure why as I’m looking around desperate to find something…anything.  I just need to cling.  I need to hold onto something.  Then it hits me why this is so frightening.  I came in here chasing someone.  I came in here looking for Michael.  He wasn’t there.  My heart is racing fast.

“Michael!” I’m screaming out.

I say it again.  “Michael!  Michael!”  My voice seeming fainter than I want it to be.  There are no echoes in hell.  There is no reality here.  I’m frightened.  I remember thinking what it would be like to die.  I remember feeling well…before you alive there was nothing so when you die I assume there would be nothing as well.  Nothingness.  It’s such a frightening concept.  I’m so afraid.  Yet here in the nothingness I’m screaming out.


And it’s not until that moment that I realize exactly what hell is.

Hell is a place where there is no Michael.

“He’s can’t hear you,” the voice says.

I turn and see him.  Lafayette.  He’s sitting down Indian style in front of me.   He has no weapons in his hands.  He has nothing in his hands at all.  He remains in the nothingness completely swallowed by it.  What makes me panic doesn’t have any effect on him at all.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  It’s as though he knows this place back and forth.  It’s as though he embraces this place.

“Where’s Michael?”

“Around here somewhere,” he explains, “Coming.  Coming to kill me.”

“I won’t let you hurt him,” I tell him.

I’m flying.  My wings are like streams of light carrying me.  The large fabrications of holy blue flames surround me.  These flames had once kept the demons away from me but now it seemed like that energy was all around me.  I could not escape it if I tried.  The blue flame of god burns so brightly but as I approach Lafayette it begins to simmer.  It begins to fade almost as though it was a match in the wind.

And just like that a snap.

And I feel the darkness engulf me.  It grabs me up.  It pulls me down.  Down, down, down I go.  The darkness like an anchor.  Hands coming out of the nothingness and weighing down on me like fucking quicksand.

I can’t move!

Lafayette looks over at me with nothing in his eyes, “You love him.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Good neither do I, I’ve felt love before,” he explains, “Then I forgot it.  I forgot what it meant.  Then I forgot what it was like to feel it.  Then I forgot what it was like to feel at all.  Now I forgot what it means to forget.  I can’t die.  I can’t live.  Lucifer made sure of that.”

“I expected something…different from hell?”

“Dark, gloomy with raging burning fires?” he asks, “No.  That’s some people’s hell but not for people like you and me.”

“You and me?” I ask, “You don’t know anything about me?”

“We’re the same.  We are souls who have forgotten the only thing that meant anything to us to begin with.   Michael’s hell is different.  That’s why he’s taking so long to find me and kill me.  His hell is simple.  Any world without you is his hell.  But even in hell, he seems to find a way to make it to you.  He’s flying now ripping through the fabric of evil itself to get to you.  He’ll get here though.  Nothing will keep him from his duty.”

“You’re not afraid he’ll kill you?”

“No, I welcome it.”

“I’m confused.”

He finally gets up at that moment, “I didn’t start off as a demon but that’s what happens when you’re in hell long enough.  A powerful witch like me in a place like this always becomes a demon.   I couldn’t die here.  The only thing strong enough to destroy a demon is an angel blade.   It does it by cleansing the demon.  Cleansing the dark soul. But you knew that.”

“Yes…I knew that.”

“Could you imagine what it feels like to be dead inside without being able to die.  I want my soul to forget.  Truly forget.  Every day I prayed to God.  I raged when he didn’t answer my calls.  So here he is now.  And I hope he’d find me.  I’d hope God would bring his justice on me.  And I made it so.  Even if that meant taking over hell.  Even if that meant declaring war on the Earth.  It was enough to bring him to me.”

“You wanted to die…”

I look over at Lafayette.  A part of me felt so sad for him.  He was such a poor pathetic soul.  He was so lost.  He was me.  We were the same.

“Don’t let anyone know,” Lafayette states, “They need someone to hate.  They need someone to triumph over.  And I need someone to destroy this evil in me once and for all.”

I wonder why he was telling me this to him.  I wonder why he thought an angel of God would keep his secret for him.

I turn to my right.  I can feel something coming.

“Michael is coming…”

“I figured one of them would do it?”

“One of who?” I ask.

Was there someone else here besides Michael?  Had another angel broken through the door and entered the gate into hell?

Or was Lafayette talking about someone else’s?

Lafayette whispers something.

“What?” I repeat.

He comes closer to me.  He grabs my neck and pulls me close.  He whispers to me.  As he whispers it to me I see Michael appear.  He sees what Lafayette is doing to me and I can tell Michael is being protective.

“There you are!”  Michael roars.

Just at that moment, Michael appears and he roars!  You would think he was a lion!  It was fierce as fuck!  He moves towards Lafayette like a tidal wave of light!  I’d never seen anything so fast!  I’d never seen anything so amazing!  I watch as it happens.  I watch as the nothingness breaks for as a quick second and finally becomes something.

“You’ll have to earn this kill!”  Lafayette says back.

I watch unable to move as Michael and Lafayette clash into each other.  Light and darkness collide.  They separate and they collide again.  Over and over.  Ying and yang going back and forth.


It seems like the very fabrics of existence are shaking all around us.

But Michael was losing.

I watch at that moment and realize it.

This was hell.   Regardless of how much Lafayette wanted to die, he wouldn’t.  Not here.  Not in hell.  This was his playground.  And I watch as the light starts to fall.  Michael is falling to the ground.  He smashes hard into the ground and he isn’t moving.

“Michael…” I state.


Lafayette looks down at Michael.  I want to help Michael.  I want to save him but I know now that Lafayette has the upper hand.  No matter how much he wants to die, this probably won’t happen.  Not here.

I had to do something…but I had no idea what.

I watch as Lafayette circles down to Michael.  He grabs Michael by his throat.  I had to do something but what could I do?  Michael himself had lost to Lafayette.  What the fuck could I possibly do?



“Damn it…they got away,” I scream out to the other angels.

Promise has grabbed the Nameless.

“Where are they going?”  Raphael asks, “We should pursue them.”

“No point.  Let them leave. They are powerless,” a voice states.

We watch at that moment that the royal families of vampires have joined us.  They aren’t alone.  The witches are with them as well.

“Shouldn’t you be holding off the demons?” Jophiel asks.

“The demons have been routed.  The war is over,” King Justice announces.

The other vampires and witches with him start celebrating as soon as the King announces it.  A loud cry fills the hall.  I’m assuming this was their victory lap.  I look at the other angels.  Our eyes connect.  Truth is I was impressed, to say the least.  These people were…resilient.   They have this look in their eyes.  This look that tells you they’ve been through hell but somehow managed to get through it.  The way they are standing next to each other was almost as though they were finally combined.   I’m shocked honestly that the Edenians were able to pull this off.

All of this celebration.

“Is it over?” I ask, “Is it really?”

“No.  Michael and Uriel are still in there.  Behind that door…”

The black door.  I look at the door.  I think all the angels could feel it.  By the way, the locals of this city were looking at the door, I think they could feel it as well.  This was no normal door.  Michael had run in and Uriel had run right after him.  Our eyes look at the door and truth is we’re all somewhat frightened of what could be behind it.

“I’ll go,” I state.

I want to be selfish in a way.  I’m concerned with Michael.  The way that Uriel had run in after him is something that concerns me.  Uriel wasn’t supposed to be into Michael.  Losing his memory meant that he lost his feelings for Michael.  Yet that didn’t stop him from running in there…into the door that has all of this negativity around it.  It was as though he could care less.  Wherever Michael went, he would follow.

I couldn’t say the same thing.  Even now as I look on that door I’m hesitating.  That wasn’t the kind of a place an angel should be going.

I’m shaking.

“You didn’t move yet,” Gabriel calls me out.

The other angels look at me.   I was fucking embarrassed.  I wanted to go.  I wanted to help Michael.  I wanted to save him.  But I wasn’t Uriel.  I wasn’t going to just open the door and run right into god-knows-where because Michael was there.

“It…it doesn’t feel…right,” I hesitate.

“Is Lafayette in there?” the vampire Santos asks, “Because I’ll go.”

Ezekiel had told us about him on the way here.  He had explained to us how powerful Santos was.  So even now as Ezekiel looks at Santos we all assume if anyone was going to open the door it was going to be him.  But someone stops him.  His lover I assume.  Ezekiel had let us know that his lover’s name was Nero.

Nero grabs Santos, hugs him.  Holds him close.

“No,” Nero states.

“Promise might be in there,” Santos argues.

Nero takes a deep breath.  We want to tell him that Promise isn’t in there.  We want to warn him but none of us do.  All of us want someone to go in there and help Michael.  If Santos was as powerful as he says he was then maybe that’s reason enough to be silent.  So we watch as he gets to the door and right as he puts his hand on the knob a figure appears out of nowhere.  The figure grabs his wrist.

Santos swings at the figures head ripping at him with a hand that looks as sharp as claws.  I’d never seen someone move so fast!  Not until I realize how fast the person countering Santos is!  My eyes can barely keep up.  The figure grabs Santos’s other wrist before it can be struck.

“Don’t disturb,” the voice says.



“Basil?” Santos responds.

“That isn’t Basil.  Not anymore,” I warn Santos, “That is the Amarok.”

“Step aside,” Santos states, “My son is in there.”

“I’m afraid, he can’t do that,” Yas states, “No disturbing what’s happening in there…”

We look over at Yas wondering what the hell he was doing with the Amarok.  The wolves, sure enough, had joined us.  I can smell the pack gathering outside.  Yas and the Amarok had made their way into the room, however.  I was confused on why they were stopping Santos.  Weren’t we all supposed to be united now?  We were all united under my son Justice.  So what was the point?  What was the big idea?

I look at Santos.  There is this feeling in his eyes.  The feeling that he is driven by one thought and one thought only.  I  know it feels to lose a son.  Seeing him right then and there breaks my heart a little bit.

Santos is attacking Basil.  A fierce battle breaking out.  Santos striking Basil as quick as he can.  Santos looks over at me.

“The door!”

Armando, Justice, Aiden and I make a run for the door at that moment.  For the first time, it seems as though I was on the same page with Armando.  We had one thing that meant more to us than anything.  I look at Armando.  We make eye contact.  And then we go towards the Amarok.  I swing at the Amarok.  My attack is faster than I’ve ever attacked before.  Somehow it manages to block it.  Armando follows up with his own attack attempting to jump onto Basil’s back and bite into him.  He manages to land on Basil’s back circles his arm around Basil’s neck but the Amarok is so powerful that he elbows Armando so hard that Armando hits a nearby wall and cracks it.

Then there is Justice and Aiden.  They lunge both at the same time managing to push the Amarok back in an attempt to hold him down but somehow the Amarok throws them both off like dolls.  By this time Santos and I are the only ones left to face the Amarok.

I look at my husband.  He looks back at me.

The Royal family would NOT take no for an answer when it came to this.  Family meant everything to us and getting back the soul of Promise was worth fighting for.  It was worth killing for.

Before we can get there the Amarok is there.  With one swing the Amarok growls at us and to my surprise Santos growls right back.  The other members of the Royal family have managed to join us…even Armando —who was hit so hard he should have been unconscious—makes his way towards us.

“Step aside,” Santos warns the Amarok again.

None of them understood what it was like.  Promise needed us.  Promise needed our help.  We had to get to him somehow.  We had to help him.

“He’s gone,” the Amarok states.

Hearing those words rips through us.  I don’t want to believe it.  My fangs get longer.  My vampire eyes get whiter.

“He can’t be saved…” Yas explains, “Genesis would have tried. Believe me.  But Promise can’t be saved.  His possession is permanent.”

“Innocent was saved,” Micko interrupts.

I look over at Micko.  He’d gotten his son back.  All we wanted was to get our son back.  Why the fuck was the Amarok stopping us from doing that.

Yas shakes his head, “Promise has already left Eden and there’s no reason to pursue him.  He’s gone.”

“Lafayette will pay for what he did to my son then,” Santos states making moves towards the door.

We follow him.  We were willing to go where the angels hesitated to go.  We were willing to go to hell.

Just as we approach through something odd happened.  The door opened.  Out of the darkness we see Lafayette toggle out.

We are all on our guard.  The angels draw their weapons!

“GET READY!”  they scream.

All the monsters, angels and beasts of Eden watch the devil walk out of hell and we’re beyond ready for the attack.

But he doesn’t attack.

He just falls forward and disintegrates into dust!

Right behind him, Uriel has Michael in his hands, “It’s over.  Uriel says.  It’s over…”

One of the angels walks close to Uriel, “Are you OK?  How’d you survive?”

“I remembered,” Uriel explains, “I remembered everything.”


“It was an amazing story, wasn’t it?” I ask Luciano.

“Yes sir,” he states.

“Santos and Nero blame themselves for Promise.  They’ve gone into slumber together in their sadness finding comfort together.  It’s quite romantic.  Not as romantic as Mason and Micko who have reunited with their own son Innocent.  How about the wolves.  Quite nice that they were given back their forests to roam.  You had your own wolf you cared about didn’t you, Luciano?”

Luciano stares at the ground.  He doesn’t give me eye contact.

“Yes, sir.”

“Rory wasn’t it?”


“Oh yes, I enjoyed watching him,” I state, “I enjoyed watching all of them.  It was quite the game.  The game is over now.  I didn’t even have to raise a finger to win.”

“You never do sir.  You never do.”

I smile at the point.

“This is a learning moment.  A good devil doesn’t need to raise a weapon,”  I explain to Luciano, “It has others raise the weapons for him.”

“Yes, sir.  You’re a good devil sir.  You’re the only real devil.”

I smile. I liked him.  He was winning favors with me.  We’re walking through the garden.  The sky in Eden was back to red.  There was a ceremony for the “slumber” of Nero and Santos.  A slumber was when vampires when to sleep for a long time.  It was their version of death even though I’m sure sooner or later they would wake up.  The immortality of vampires wasn’t taken away like it was for the humans.  They would live forever.  The huge ceremony was also celebrating the winning of the war against the demon horde that had threatened not only Eden but the entire world.

As we walk to our destination I look around realizing where I’d been brought.

“Why here?” I ask.

I knew about this place.  This was where the tree of knowledge was once planted.  It had been so long ago when I had come into the garden.  I’d met Adam and his wife Eve.  I’d tricked her into feeding him an apple from the tree of knowledge.  It was so easy.  She was weak.  Gullible.  Unlike his first wife Lilith.  That one was trouble.  That one was stubborn.  Luckily, she had been gone from Eden before I arrived with my apple.

When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, God expelled them from the garden and thereby from eternal life.

“This is where he wanted to meet,” Luciano states.

“You’ve done well Luciano,” I tell him putting my hand on his face, “By setting up this meeting.  It’s over now.  You know what that means?”

“No, sir…”

“It means I’m going back home, and I’d like you to come with me,” I tell him, “Many demons have escaped or been destroyed during the war.  We are going to need to rebuild hell.  I’m going to need you there with me.  At my side.”

I smile at Luciano.  I expect to be thanked.  I expect to be praised.  Strangely Luciano doesn’t do any of those things.  He just stands there and smiles.

“I have to go see Rory…”

“To say goodbye?” I ask.

“Yes.  That’s what it is.  To say goodbye.  I’ll see you, sir…”

With that Luciano turns and starts walking away.  Strange.  There was something weird about how he was so quick to turn and leave.  You would think he would want to stay and see this. He would want to stay and see the angels bowing to Lucifer literally BEGGING him to take the throne of hell again.   I stare in the distance where sure enough I see the angel of god back turned away from me staring out at the red sky of Eden.


Lafayette had been defeated.  Uriel had done the final blow.   He hadn’t explained how he had managed to defeat Lafayette but I had no doubt that it had to do with the power of love.

I’m ready to congratulate Michael on his victory and take back my throne that we made the promise to each other about.

“Michael isn’t here,” the voice states.

The person turns and I’m surprised to see Uriel standing there.  He looks over at me and I look at him.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, “I expected the leader of the archangels…not some lowly minor angel.”

“He couldn’t make it.  He’s resting.  It was quite a battle to destroy Lafayette,” he explains.

I’m irritated.  It would have been better if Michael was here instead.

“Fine.  Whatever.  Hand me my throne.  I’m ready.”

“Your throne?”

“I made a deal with Michael,” I explain, “He destroys Lafayette for me and I’ll be given back my throne as long as I don’t try to possess you once you got your memory of the sign back.”

See the thing about Uriel was Uriel had once carried the sign of the beast.  The sign of the beast marked the damned from the saved.  Somehow he’d been forced to forget that sign.

“The memories already came back.”

I laugh, “That’s impossible. I’d be able to control you if you got your memory back.”

“The ruler of hell controls the sign of the devil,” Uriel explains, “You don’t control me.”

“I AM the ruler of hell.”

“Are you?”

“What are you talking about?  Where’s Michael?”

“I told you Michael’s not here…”

“What is this, Uriel?”

He’s approaching me.  His angel weapon drawn.  I look at the angel weapon.  It’s the Rod of Aaron.  A weapon powerful enough to destroy demons.  Just at that moment, I see something in Uriel’s eyes.  No not just something.  Someone.  He wasn’t there alone.  He hadn’t been alone for quite some time now.  Not since he went into hell.  Not since he came back somehow able to defeat Lafayette.  I should have known that he wasn’t able to do something like that alone.  No someone was there with him.  Someone swimming around behind his eyes.

Then as he attacks he whispers something to me.

“Michael isn’t here.  Uriel isn’t here either…”



“Do you need anything?” my father Micko asks as he walks in the room, “Justice has 20 guards outside.  He wants to make sure you guys feel safe.”

Micko had taken over his old job as an ambassador for the witches.  Yas had become the ambassador for the wolves.   Luciano would take over as the ambassador for the vampires.

So many witches had died but it wasn’t over.  They were rebuilding the school of magic.  Eden was entering into a golden era.  It was an era of peace.  It was an era of happiness. Sure there were some demons who had escaped into the human world including Promise and Nameless, but General Aiden was going to hunt them down and bring them to justice before they caused too much trouble.

“I’m fine,” I state but quickly correct myself, “We are fine.”

Micko smiles looking down at baby Lilith.

“OK, son.”

Micko closes the door.  As soon as he does a shadow quickly moves across the room.  I turn and notice the Amarok standing there.  It’s dark shadow casting a shadow over us.

“It’s done.  Genesis rules hell.”

The Amarok isn’t talking to me.  It could give a fuck less about me.  It’s talking to the baby.  I look down and see baby Lilith nod slightly and let out a few bubbles from her mouth.   It’s enough for the Amarok to know what she wants.

She had a way with men.  She always had.  She had a way with Genesis.  She had a way with me too.  I look into her eyes and for some reason, I know what she wants me to do.  So I do it.  I sit on my rocking chair and rock back and forth.  She was safe now.

No man would rule over her again.  Ever.  Her revenge was coming.

Soon it would be her time.

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word.
Papa’s gonna give you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird won’t sing,
Papa’s gonna give you a diamond ring

And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Papa’s gonna give you a looking glass

And if that looking glass doesn’t match it’s worth

Papa’s gonna give you heaven, hell, and all the earth