The Gates, Chapter 16 Part A

Chapter 16


I’m bent over taking Justice’s dick.  The thrusts go in and out.  In and out.  I grab at the headboard as he bites into my neck.  My blood trickling on the bed sheet.

“My turn,” I growl.

I use all the strength I have to grab him toss him around and throw him to the ground.  I grab Justice by his legs.  I spread them apart so hard that he shows me his fangs.  He’s squatted in front of me and I shove my tongue in between his ass cheeks ramming them in there as hard as I can.  I’m viciously licking that hole of his making sure that I’m getting deep in there.

I get him wet, dripping with my saliva before I force fuck him.  I stick my dick so deep down inside of Justice that he rips the sheets in agony.

He’s not a natural bottom.  He hates it sometimes but I think his feelings for me allow him to take my dick.  Before I know it he’s enjoying it to the point that he isn’t fighting anymore.  He’s taking my dick steadily.

He’s moaning out, “It feels so good…”

Soft pants.  He’s giving into me.  He’s allowing me to fuck him in the same way that he fucked me not too long ago.  And then when it’s over I cum inside of him and we collapse together on top of one another.  Our wet dicks sticking together in some versatile sandwich cake that we’ve gotten quite used to.

We are silent together.  I’m not sure if I should lay on his chest or he should lay on mine.  We haven’t really figured all of that out yet.  We were two tops after all trying to make this versatile relationship work.  The power struggle was daily but in the end, I’m the one who gives up and ends up laying on his chest.  He holds me tight.

“Today is the day…” I tell him, “You nervous.

“We just need to distract the demons long enough for the angels to get through,” he tells me.

I can tell he’s nervous.  He hasn’t slept the night before.  Justice needed to be on the front line.  I knew that.  There was no way the pompous, self-entitled vampires of Eden would fight against demons unless the king himself put that crushed crown on his head and led the charge.

“I’ll be with you every step of the way,” I tell him.

He smiles.  He doesn’t say it but I think he needs to hear something like that especially when I hear his breathing slowly clear out.  Vampires sometimes breathed so slowly that you can barely tell they are breathing.   It’s as though we forget to breathe.  I didn’t want Justice to forget to breathe.  I didn’t want him to forget to live.

“I’m not a warrior like you.  I’m not a fighter,” he explains.

“You were bred for this.  For this very reason.  This is exactly who you are.  It’s exactly who you will always be.” I explain to him, “The crushed crown isn’t just a crown.  It’s a symbol.  It’s a symbol of the fact that Eden was a place where people like us shouldn’t have been.  It’s a place built on monsters and rejects.  All of us couldn’t live in the human world.  All of us were outcast.   The only gate to the human world from hell is through Eden.  We aren’t just protecting Eden.  We were protecting everyone and everything.”

I knew that he understood.  Justice was one of the rare vampires in Eden that loved humans.  He understood them.  I remember all the times I was tasked with going to the human world to drag him back to Eden by his father.

He nods, “I love you.”

It still sounds so weird hearing him say it.

“I love you too.”

He holds me.  I hold him.  We hold each other.  Nothing matters at this moment.  It’s strange how we’ve found each other but at the end of the day, none of that mattered.  What mattered is that we were together.  What mattered is that we loved each other.  What mattered is that love was here and that love was the strangest thing any of us have ever felt.

Nothing can take away this moment.

All of a sudden, there is a knock on the door.

I spoke too soon.

We’d expected a knock but not this early.  It was still way too early for us to lead the attack.  I know no one in Eden was sleeping right now.  We’d lose many people today.  Way too many perhaps.  We’d lost too many already.  But we needed to make sure that there was love there.  We needed to make sure that love never went anywhere.

“Mickson?  Pietro?  What are you two doing here?”  I ask when I get to the door.

My two soldiers look at me with blank stares on their faces.

“It’s Genesis…”


“Is it done?” the Amarok asks me.

I nod.

“Genesis is dead.”

The Amarok looks over at me, “You are doubtful of our decision.”

“I’m not the most trusting person,” I admit, “This plan that we have may backfire on us.”

“Wolves have lived in the shadows for too long,” the Amarok explains to me, “Werewolves will be a powerhouse for not only Eden but everything.”

I nod.  His motivation was clear.  He was the Amarok after all.  He was an ancient werewolf spirit.  Still, I wonder if this is his only motivation.  I worried about witch’s control over an ancient spirit.  I’m worried about which witch is controlling him.

It was too late now though.

The Amarok was now the leader of all werewolves.  It was up to werewolves to follow the lead of their Alpha.  I was to do as he says.  And so by extension, I had to trust in Genesis.  It just scared me wondering if Genesis had a little too much control over the Amarok.

After all, Genesis had summoned the Amarok.  It took a strange level of knowledge to accomplish such a thing.   I should have been happy.  The werewolves finally had a leader worthwhile.  The body of Basil and the soul of the Amarok.   Genesis had done a good thing for us and me by bringing the Amarok back.  Right?  Genesis had saved me from not only demon possession, but he had saved me from Walid.

I was free now.

Or was I?

I hesitate but then whisper, “I’m ready.”

Genesis had made his sacrifice.  The plan was in motion.  I had to trust in the Amarok.   And so by extension, I had to trust Genesis.

We walk into the room.  I am the one who has the baby Lilith in his hands.  We walk into the room to a heated argument.  I know almost immediately.  Everyone who was anyone was in the war room in Eden.   They’d found out about the death of Genesis through Mickson, Micko’s brother after a communication was sent to him.   The outrage that happened in Eden was immediate.

“Oh thank God…the baby is OK,” Santos states, “Hand her over.”

I look over at Santos.  He walks over to me, ready to take the baby.  I step back at that moment.

“Wait…” I state, “Genesis gave me the baby to protect.”

“I said…hand her over…”  Santos states.

Santos puts a hand on my throat before I can react.   There is a look in his eyes.  A look of violence.  When Genesis brought me back he healed me in a way.  The nature of the vampire inside of me had been calmed down so that it wouldn’t clash with the nature of the werewolf.  I was not that powerful hybrid that I once was.  I had a feeling this was the case but it was confirmed when he squeezes my neck.  I feel I’m the baby instead of Lilith at that moment.  I’m so fragile in his hands that Santos could snap me in half if he wanted too and catch the baby before the baby hit the ground.

“Put him down,” the voice of the Amarok states.

We turn at that moment and see that the Amarok has Nero in his grasp.  There is an immediate showdown.  I think at this moment Santos has realized that perhaps he’s met his match in the Amarok and I think the powerhouse of the vampires has come to the realization that maybe he wasn’t the most powerful being in Eden…not anymore.  Not with the Amarok there.

“Stop,” King Justice interrupts, “We are all friends here.  There are only two sides to this.  Our side and Lafayette’s side.”

That’s what he thought.

None-the-less, the Amarok releases Nero as a show of good faith.  Santos does the same.  It’s nice to know that for once the werewolves of Eden weren’t bending over getting fucked in the ass by the powers of the witches and vampires now that we had the Amarok here to protect to us and lead us.

“Santos has a point,” Armando interrupts.

He’s already in armor.  Vampire Armor.  Why am I not surprised Armando is dressed in armor and why am I not surprised he’s taking the side of his son Santos.

“Genesis left the baby with me for protection before he died,” I remind them.

“That is a royal,” Armando corrects me, “A vampire royal.  She is the daughter of Genesis and my granddaughter.  She’s has a claim to the Crushed Crown and should be raised by us—”

He goes on and on about his proclamations.  It’s hard to listen to Armando even now.  He has this condescending tone as though his family was supposed to be put above everything else.  You would think he raised Genesis from a child and didn’t discover years after they both probably should naturally be dead and dust that they were even related.

“The baby is in the protection of the werewolves,” I argue, “Lilith is in safe hands…”

We go back and forth. The arguing getting intense as the vampires and the werewolves clearly fight over who should become the guardian of Lilith now that Genesis was dead.

It isn’t until we feel a cold breeze that everything stops.  There is a faint feeling in the air.  The sound of doves.  Smoke and fog appear shortly after.  It’s magic.  We can sense it a mile away.  The sick feeling that I’ve never really been partial to fills the room.

And that’s when the witches walk in.

I look over at the Amarok.  I wonder if he’s having the same thought that I’m having.   We both wondered if this was part of the plan for the witches to come back to Eden so soon—before the battle?  Had Genesis expected it.

We watch the covens move through, their multi-colored hood like a small sea of magic.  They’ve always been quite secretive and it seems like a surprise to even the royal family that the witches were back in Eden.

“Micko?” Mickson states.

I watch as he runs forward to hug his brother.  Micko smiles and nods confirming not only to his brother but the rest of us as well, “We’ve come back to help in the fight.”

I’m not concerned about Micko.  I’m not concerned about the Wrights or the other members of the Sacrificial coven.  I’m not concerned about the white witches who have accompanied them or the black witches with their shifty wands who have probably created the fog that has appeared all over the room.  There is one person and one witch only that concerns me.

He walks into the room and he seems to have one thing on his mind.  He walks right up to me.

“May I have my child?”

We’d all heard the rumors of who this child belonged to.  Some knew it more as fact than others.  No one would deny it now.  It was clear Innocent was claiming the child.  I look over at the Amarok.  I’m quite hesitant.

The Amarok looks like he wants to fight this.  He looks like he wants to strangle Innocent.

I nod.

It would been have safer to have the child with me but at the end of the day, everyone in the room was looking at me.  I may have been able to argue with Santos and those royals over their claim to the baby but Innocent was the baby’s father.  There was no way in hell I could deny him, Lilith.  So here I am handing probably one of the most powerful weapons right over to Innocent and the witches.

“Good with the witches here we are ready to begin,” King Justice states.

I’m staring at Innocent.  I watch as the witches gather around to get a look at the baby.  The last thing that Genesis left in this world before he departed it.   They are making a big deal out of it and the witches have always been so into themselves that I felt like I was slipping.  I’d lost hope.

But then I realize that there was a witch on my side.  I watch as Puck walks up to me while everyone is so distracted by the baby.  He looks at the Amarok and me.

“Genesis wanted this,” Puck confirms with us.

I watch as the Amarok loosens up the look on his face.  It seems like that’s all the confirmation the Amarok needs.  After all…it seemed like we were working to give Genesis everything he needed at this point.




The witches are on the frontline.  Not too far ahead of us, swarms of demons are appearing.  They gather deep into the darkness.   My eyes shoot over the field wondering how the witches agreed to be on the frontline of all of this.  I wonder if King Justice put the witches out here first as punishment for abandoning Eden in its time of need.

“King Justice says to begin the fight in 10,” Rory states, “As soon as the demons come through the vampires and werewolves will attack from the sides.  It will give clearance for the angels to fly overhead and attack Lafayette head on.”

Rory is playing his usual role in Eden.  He is running back and forth between the vampires led by King Justice, the witches led by Micko Boss and the werewolves led by Basil and his Amarok spirit.  When he arrives he’s breathing kind of hard.

“Thank you,” Micko tells him.

I see Rory run getting ready to change back into a wolf, cupping his naked body slightly as though the scared witches on the battlefield would give two fucks about seeing his skinny little frame at a time where their lives were flashing right before their eyes.

Innocent isn’t on the battlefield.  He’s back at the palace with Lilith.  I watch as Rory changes back into a werewolf and goes off to make sure the werewolves are aware of the plan as well.   I’m distracted almost watching him run away.

“Hey…” a voice states.

“I would have thought you would have been with Pietro,” I realize Mickson standing there.

MIckson is standing amongst the leagues of witches.  He is in his red cloak.  We get a stern “SHH!” from Angelica who is making her way among the other Purple witches giving orders on how to use their talismans to do damage without having to get too close.

“I would have thought you would be with Genesis,” Mickson state, “Guess you can’t be.”

I don’t know if he means it to sound awkward or not.  Things have been weird between us with the whole Pietro thing.  I did care about him.  I really did.  I had no idea he knew how close I was to Genesis but ever since I’d gotten back I hadn’t really hidden whose side I was on.  I had started to follow Genesis.

“His spirit is with me,” I respond, “I learned a lot from him on talismans.   Goodies.  You know…”

I open a pouch I have around my neck.  Precious and semi-precious stones and crystals are commonly used in amulets and talismans, each stone having its specific significance and power.  I go through them.  Amber wards off evil spirits and protects against possession in case any of these demons got any clever ideas. Diamonds repels wild beasts and evil men and enriches my energy.  My emeralds strengthen the memory. Garnet brings good health and protects against physical attacks.  Lapis lazuli, like all blue stones, protects against black magic and wards off melancholy that may come from seeing bloodshed.  I may not be the best witch doctor. I may not even have been the best Talisman witchdoctor.  But I was the most prepared to survive this attack.

“Listen I’m sorry about—-”

I cut him off, “Does Pietro make you happy?”

“Yeah.  He does.”

“Then we’re good,” I state, “I should be the one apologizing.  And how about this.  Can you give this to Lilith?  You’ll probably have access to her since she’s your nephew’s daughter.  Make a necklace out of it.”

I pull out a pouch and hand him a crystal.

“What is it?”

He looks down at the talisman.  It is a necklace.   Her symbol is a crescent moon glyph with a cross on the bottom.

“It’s sickle symbol, it’s made out of onyx to keep her safe,” I explain, “Did you know who Lilith was?  Lilith was Adam’s first wife before Eve. When she asked to take the dominant role in sex — a.k.a. do anything besides missionary — she was cast out of Eden for upsetting the power dynamic. In astrology, Lilith is a hypothetical second moon of Earth, supposedly about the same mass as the Earth’s Moon, proposed in 1918 by astrologer Walter Gorn Old, who called himself Sephariel.  When considered as a point, this Lilith is sometimes defined as the second focus of the ellipse described by the Moon’s orbit; the earth is the first focus, and the apogee lies in the same direction. It takes 8 years and 10 months to complete its circuit around the zodiac.”

“What does that mean?” he asks.

“You’ll find out…in 8 years and 10 months,” I let him know.

He gives me a weird look probably wondering when I became so good at astrology and how the fuck I became interested in the Lilith symbol and the Black crescent Lilith moon.

We are interrupted though. The war is beginning.  The fight is beginning.

“Castors, bring up your fog,” Mason Wright screams out to the crowd, “Blind the demons.  Divinators mark out in the fog where the enemy is.  From there the rest of us will lace them up with hexes and call the worst spirits to attack.”

“What should I do?” I ask Mason as he walks back through the lines.

Mason gives me a look, “Try not to get kidnapped by demons again, will you?”

I look out in the field.  There is a boy next to me.  I’ll never forget him.  He’s a castor.  He raises his hands with the rest of the castors.  They are dressed in all black and his robe is so big that it damn near swallows him whole.  None-the-less he raises his hands.

In the distance, a fog rises.

“Steady your hands,” I tell the Castor boy just in time for him to get a little bit of energy, “We must win this.”

The trees in Eden that stretch out as far as I can see are veiled in the lightest of mists, their trunks brown with sable.  The demon forts in the distance begin to crack as the demons realize they are under attack.  As the fog rises the demons snarl back at us through the obscurity.   As my eye travels to the edge of the woodland they become silhouettes against a blanket of white, as if it is only daylight where I stand, as if I am encircled by twilight.

It begins.

We run forward into the darkness.  We run forward into the fight.

The Amarok

Love is a weakness.  I remember seeing Yuma die.  I remember how I felt.  I felt weakness.  Love is a weakness.  I’d never felt so fragile in my life than I did when the man I loved died in front of me. I promised myself to never feel that way again.  I let the Amarok in me.  I allowed him to come in me.  I wonder if it was possession but truthfully, I knew it was something more.  It was a part of me.  A familiar spirit that Genesis gave me access to.

And once again all around me, I was seeing the death of the ones I love.  The wolves were dead.  They were dropping like flies.

All around me I was seeing weakness.

“We’re losing…”  Yaser tells me.

“We shouldn’t be winning,” I state, “That’s not the point.  The point is to clear a path for the angels…”

“Well, we aren’t doing that really well either.”

He was right.  The witches were pulling back towards the city walls and out of the forest.  They come running out of the forest like insects.  They clearly are outnumbered.  The vampires have joined in the fight but they lack focus probably too far from their days of decadence.

Then there were the wolves.  They are so many different packs.  They aren’t fighting as one.  They aren’t attacking the way they should.  We were losing.

I see the blood.  I see the death.  It’s all around me.  The Amarok knows it.  It’s seen this before.  It’s desperate to change it.

But how?


“We’re losing,” Yaser tells me again his voice continuously getting louder and louder, “Genesis needs us to win.  He needs us to win this.”

“Shut up,” I growl.

It’s more Basil at that moment than the Amarok.  Where was it?  Where was the spirit when I needed it.  I look back into the battlefield.  I watch as a demon manages to take down a large werewolf in my ranks.   The demon has three heads.  It has the body of a horse but the heads of hideous men.  It’s almost like a gargoyle in that it doesn’t have skin.  It is covered in a black tar.  None of us had seen a demon like this among the rank of demons we’d been fighting.

What was that?  What the hell was that?

It rips the werewolf open completely.  Pierces right through its stomach!   The pack of wolves surrounding the demon looks on in complete fear as it happens.  The demon’s teeth are like yellow fangs of doom.  There are guts everywhere.  The wolves aren’t running…not yet but they are stunned in fear at this.

They start backing up.  They are ready to run.

I couldn’t have this happen.  No.


Not me.  Not Basil.  The Amarok howls.  Just as the wolves start running away something changes.  Something angry.  Something aggressive.

It was up to the wolves.

I howl.

Then everything changes.  The eyes of the wolves intensify.  The wolves begin to stalk the demon with the yellow teeth and the multiple heads.   Its eyes lift up lazily lost as they approach.  The wolves look back up to me.  I nod.  Now was the time.


When ready, the wolves will confront the prey animals in force.  the wolves will circle and continually test for weakness, then attack when they find an advantage.   The demon snaps loosely managing to get one wolf but only for a second.  The wolves attack all in unison.  All in one force.

They bite.  They gnaw.  They attack it.  I watch as the demon turns and all of a sudden packs of wolves start chasing after the demons.   The pack pursues it to make the kill. While werewolves can hit speeds of over 55 miles per hour for short distances, this time they go faster.  They run for extremely long distances. They chase the demon into the darkness ripping and clawing at it.

“It’s not over,” I announce to the wolves who look up at me with their face full of red, “The wolves have always gotten their power from the moon. A new moon is coming.  A dark moon and it promises to give us more power than we could ever know.  But we’ll fight for it.  We’ll have to kill for it.”

A ferocious fervor takes over the wolves as they go out, as a unit this time.  They go out as a pack.  Their eyes set on ushering in that new moon.

I notice one wolf is left.  One wolf that wasn’t there before.


“I was sent to let you know that the angels have taken flight…” he states, “King Justice wants to let you know you’ve done well.  You can begin to pull the wolves out of the forest.”

“Are the vampires still fighting?”


“Then the wolves will still fight,” I explain, “We’ll destroy every last demon in these woods until there is nothing left.  Go tell the vampires they can retreat.  I know there is a specific one you want to save.”

Rory gives me a look, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh be serious.  You and I have a friend in common.”


“No.  Yuma wasn’t my friend,” I correct him, “Yuma was my lover.  Our friend is Genesis.”

He seems confused, “Genesis is dead.”

“Gone but not forgotten.  He is worried about you Rory.”

“Is?” Rory asks.

He looks freaked out.  For a minute in this dark forest with all the trees over me, I think he may even be afraid.  I wasn’t an enemy to him though.  We’re werewolves him and I.  We had to stick together.  I walk over to him.

“You have to be strong for the ones you love.  I wasn’t strong for Yuma.  Not in the way I should be.  I lost the love of my life because I wasn’t strong enough.  I got my strength too late.  I couldn’t save him.  I’m hoping I can change that for you.”

“Luciano isn’t in danger?”

“Isn’t he?” I ask, “Maybe not his body but maybe his soul.  There’s darkness around him.  You know it.  He told you.  Lucifer.  Once Lucifer takes back the throne he’ll follow in his footprints.  You’ll never see Luciano again.”

Rory is naked and afraid.  His eyes getting wide.  His mind wheeling with the thoughts of losing the man that he loved.

“How can I stop him?”

“You are going to have to convince Luciano to do something…” I explain.

“Why would he listen to me?”

For the same reason that Rory would listen to what I had to say.  Sure Rory trusted Genesis.  Sure he felt like he owed Genesis a lot for giving him back his pride but he wasn’t going to help me because of Genesis.  He was going to help me because of Luciano.  That was who he was interested in.  That was the love of his life.

“Because he loves you…”

And love is a weakness.



We walk into the room.  We’d come through the front.  The room we are in is outlined in skulls.  They were fresh skulls.  They were probably from the victims of hell.  The makeshift throne that Lafayette sat on is nothing but stone.  It looks uncomfortable.   There are no lights in this place.  It is lit by torches.  It looks like something so removed from our time that I felt like we stepped into a historical time period.

The angels.  Michael leads the way.  I look at the back of his head as we walk.  Truth is I don’t want to be here.  Truth is duty is duty when it comes to angels but it’s tearing me apart being so close to him.  I know that I shouldn’t hate him.  I know that he was just doing his duty the same as the rest of us when he attempted to kill me but I can’t let it go.  It was because for some reason I thought things were more.

His sword is dripping with blood.  We cut through dozens of demons to get this far.   They couldn’t hide in the shadows now.  Not with all of us together.

“Lafayette, you have been called to face the might of God,” Michael states, “It is time to answer for your transgressions.”

Lafayette is standing there at the top of the stairs.   I know that he’s surprised that Michael is back on our side.  Hell, I was surprised as well.  To Lafayette’s left side is one of his generals.  Ezekiel lets us know his name is Promise.  To the other side is his female general who has no name.

“If you all join me I can give you all more riches than you could spend in a million lifetimes once I conquer the world,” Lafayette states.

None of the Angels react.

“You’re afraid.  You know you’ll meet your end to an angel blade,” Jophiel jumps in speaking out of turn as usual, “It is time to repent.”

Promise looks over at Lafayette, “We’re surrounded.”

Lafayette is on his throne.  For someone who has been completely surrounded, he doesn’t really quite look afraid.  His eyes are pale.  His body posture is lazy.  It slumps over completely as though not really understanding how it got to the position that it’s in now.  He lazily sits up and leans over.  I had expected…something else.  I had expected some ambitious mad warrior but this was something else.  This was something completely different.

“Surrender,” Michael states.

“No…” is his response.

“What’s the point of fighting any longer?” I ask.

it doesn’t make sense to me.  I look at Lafayette and while the other angels seem so ready to fight I see someone who just seems so lost.  There is this darkness in him but it’s not really all that dark.  It’s sad almost.

“The world used to be so full of color,” Lafayette explains, “Reds, yellows, blues, greens, and golds.   All of a sudden, the shades fade.   It’s as though all the color is gone out of the world.  You can’t even tell different shades of grey anymore.  You can’t die but you can’t live.  Have you ever felt that before?  Have you ever felt what it was like to have so much passion for someone and then be so removed from that person you love?   Until there is nothing else…an emptiness that you can’t quite fill.”

Emptiness.  I look over at Lafayette.  That’s what I saw when I look at him.  Emptiness.  Complete emptiness and he was struggling to fill a hole in him that was nothing but empty space.

Jophiel raises his angel blade, “Repent or suffer the will of—”

“Shut the fuck up Jophiel,” I urge him.

Jophiel irritates me but right now as I look over I’m seeing the figure in front of me.  This Lafayette was a sad and empty figure.  Where was the fight?  Where had that gone?

“Don’t be fooled by him,” Ezekiel says to me, “He killed his lover.  This isn’t someone to feel concern about…”

I look over at Michael wondering what he thinks.  Michael looks back at me.  It may be true Lafayette had done something wrong.  I wasn’t even sure he regrets what he did.  Maybe he didn’t realize what he did.

“All I’m saying is that I’ve felt emptiness too,” I admit to the other angels, “I can’t remember what it was but I know it was after my possession.  All I’m saying is when you don’t feel love a part of you dies almost.  And you’re reaching out into the darkness.”

You’re reaching out into the colorless bog looking for color.  And you can’t find it.  Soon the reaching becomes more desperate.  Soon you’re pulling.  Soon your scratching.  Then you are scraping.  Then you are ripping through all the feelings you ever had looking for that feeling that you lost.

They wouldn’t understand.  None of them had felt what I felt when I was possessed.

“I don’t give a fuck about the talk,” Gabriel states, “Are we fighting or not…”

Lafayette nods to his generals, “Begin…”

Just at that moment, his generals begin to attack the angels.  I watch as Promise and the nameless demon come at the angels with physical attacks so powerful it pushes even Gabriel and Ariel back a little bit.  I watch as Lafayette slowly gets off of his throne and slowly moves to step behind it.  I watch as he walks into a room that is attached to the throne room we are in right now.

He swings his sword at me.  The fierceness of it causes me to jump back.  This wasn’t what I had expected.  All the angels are around me.  Every last one of them managed to get in the room.  I hadn’t expected.

“He’s mine,” Michael states.

That’s when I see Michael running after him.  My heart for some reason freaks out when I see him running after Lafayette.


What if it was a trap?  What the hell was he thinking?  Even worse than that why did I care?  The other angels are clearly distracted by Promise and Nameless running after them that they don’t notice Michael chasing after Lafayette.

I notice though.

I’m running as fast as I can.  My wings almost gliding me across the floor.  I have no shirt on so my bare muscles are dripping with sweat when my wings drift me into the next room.  And it almost seems like I’ve walked into another universe.

It almost seems like I’ve walked into a gate.

“What—what—-is this?” I ask.

I’m not sure who I’m talking to.  I’m surprised by the fact that when I open my eyes everything is so gloomy.  There is no color left.  Literally, there is no color in this place.  Everything is black and white just as Lafayette had described.  I look down at my hand and instead of shades of brown I see nothing more than grey.   My eyes squint wondering if this is some kind of joke, but it isn’t.

I’m in a blank field.  No trees.  No grass.  No soil.  No sand.  No wind.  No smells.  Nothing.  It’s a land of complete and utter nothingness.  The bland nature of my surroundings is almost frightening.  I was freaking out almost as I look back at the door that I walked through.  Luckily that is still there but nothing besides it.  Nothing was ahead of it.  Nothing was near it.

The sky was a pale gray.

The world was a distant gray.

“Welcome to hell,” the voice of Lafayette says to me.