The Gates, Chapter 12

The Gates, Chapter 12


“Is this her?” he asks, “May I see her?”

Genesis hands Armando the baby.  It’s just us in the throne room now.  The royal family.  A bunch of vampires plus Genesis.  I’m not sure what to call baby Lilith at this moment.  Was she a vampire, the queen of vampires born…some type of human hybrid or maybe even a demon.  I wasn’t sure of any of that.  All I know I watch how Armando swaddles the baby and I can’t keep from thinking the baby creeps me the fuck out.  At this moment I was just glad the baby was on our side and I didn’t think I’d ever feel that way about a goddamn baby in the middle of a fight.

“This is ironic, isn’t it?” I ask.

“What is?” Genesis asks me.

“Armando and Lilith have a baby.  That baby is Santos.  Santos finds out that Armando has another son named Genesis who then gives birth to the reincarnation of Armando’s lover and the mother of Santos.  My head fuckin hurts.”

“Justice…” my father states.

My father Nero is trying to shut me up.  He says it just when I get the death stare from Armando.  Armando never liked me.  I assume it’s just because he never really liked my father.  He’d just always been this stuck up dick head who was a bit overbearing when it came to everything Santos.  It was all a bit stalker-ish for my taste.  I don’t want to embarrass my father though, not in front of his husband Santos at least.  All I’m saying was that the other side of this family weird as all fuck and I couldn’t be the only one who was thinking it.

“We must do everything we can to keep her safe,” Genesis states, “She’s the future.  Of everything?”

I roll my eyes.  I look over at my dad.  He looks away.  So, I guess he was going to pretend like he didn’t hear the maniacal tone of an evil genius in the words that Genesis spoke.  I guess we were just going to ignore that because he was so in love with his brother.

“We can’t keep the demons out forever,” my father states.

“Clearly you can’t.  If I hadn’t shown up with the angels both my sons would be dead,” Armando barks, “You had one job.  What kind of king lets this happen.”

It was like Armando to blame my father every chance he got for everything possible.

“My father wasn’t the king.  Remember.  Your other son stole the throne last time I recall,” I blast out, “We were buried alive in case you forgot with Santos.  What kind of man lets that happen to his own son?”

“Justice, c`mon…” my father tries to calm me down.

My father was the calm one.  He’d always been.  It was hard having a father like Nero.  He looked about my age.  He was just as handsome as I am.  We were always compared to one another like brothers maybe because we were brothers.  I was the careless, reckless one and my father was the patient, steady one.  Neither of those things was good enough for someone like Armando though.

“He’s right,” Armando states, “Nero…I apologize.”

We’re all surprised.

I think my father raises his eyebrows.  He’d become very used to his father-in-law jabbing at him.  He’d become patient of it out of his love for Santos.  Sure, it pissed me off but I knew my father let a lot of shit go because he didn’t want to cause a rift between Santos and his father.  He knew that family was important to Santos.

“Did a demon possess our father’s body or did he just apologize to Nero?” Santos asks Genesis.

Genesis stares at Armando and raises an eyebrow, “I’m not sensing demon energy.”

“Nero has done all he could to keep this city safe.  We all have.  The last thing we need to be is divided with Lafayette outside our doors,” Armando states, “This is unlike any enemy we’ve ever faced.  Which is why we need to decide who will put on the crushed crown.”

“Me, of course,” Genesis states.

No one argues with him.  Genesis was just the obvious choice.  He was the last king of Eden.  He was the one who we all thought would be returning to the throne.  It was just easy.

At least that’s what we thought until I look over at Armando and Armando just shakes his head.


“Excuse me?”

“No.  You will abdicate the throne and step down,” Armando states, “Eden was a hellhole with you asking and you know it.  You were never meant to be a king, Genesis.”

I swear the entire room gets quiet.  Santos is staring at the floor.  My father puts his arm around Santos.  The couple looks like they just want to fade into the walls or something.  Even baby Lilith who my father is holding seems to know how awkward it’s become in this room.  This was really happening.  Armando was SHUTTING down Genesis right in front of us.

“This has to be some sort of joke,” Genesis states, “You must be playing.  Maybe you’re possessed by something else. Maybe you’re not possessed by demons.  Maybe you’re possessed by an ass.”

Our heads are jerking side by side.  Holy shit.  Genesis just called Armando an ass.  I don’t think anyone ever talked to Armando like that before.  Armando was feared.   Super feared.  Then again…people were pretty fucking afraid of Genesis too.  Right now I didn’t know who to be afraid of.  Right now I was just standing there feeling like I’d rather be anywhere else in the world but here.

“Are you done?”  Armando excuses him as though Genesis is some toddler pulling at his legs asking for his toy back.

“No.  You aren’t understanding me, bloodsucker,” Genesis growls taking a few necessary steps towards Armando, “I TOOK the Crushed Crown.  Through sweat and blood.  I have…plans…”

“Cancel them,” Armando grunts, “We remember how you TOOK the Crushed Crown.  And your actions led to a series of events that allowed Lafayette to our doorsteps.”

“Who do you think you are?” Genesis asks.

“Your father.”

The words are heavy.  Heavier than I imagine.  I don’t think Genesis knows what to say.  I think it’s been quite a long time since anyone told Genesis what to do.  I think it’s been quite a long time anyone had that sort of control.  Now that Armando had returned to Eden it was clear shit was changed.  I look at Genesis.  I am not counting him out.  I never do, but right now he seems more surprised than anything about what is going down.

“And what—you going to give the throne to these two?” Genesis asks, “The same ones I took it from.”

He looks over at Santos and Nero.

My father doesn’t hesitate, “We don’t want it.”

Santos backs him up almost immediately, “Genesis can have it if he wants it so bad.”

Armando shakes his head.


“Then who?” Genesis asks with this look of anger, “Who could possibly take my place and be the protector of Eden?

“The next in line.  Justice.”

They all look at me.  My father has a worried look.  Santos has a hopeful look.  Genesis has a pissed off look.  And then there was the look that Armando gave me.  He gave me look that I’d never expect him to have given me in a million years.

He gave me a look of respect.


“Did it have to happen so soon?” I ask.

Coco smiles at me.  The ceremony was small and private.  They sent her to my room to check up on me.  I guess they felt like I needed a female’s touch or something.  She’d been sent specifically for me.   There were no females in the royal family save Genesis’s daughter Lilith.

“Armando thinks Genesis will make a move against you.  He wants you to solidify your power as soon as possible.”

“Will he?”


“Will he make a move against me?” I ask.

Coco sighs a little bit, “I’ve been in Eden for it all, Justice.  I’ve seen the struggle against Lilith.  I’ve seen the struggle for the throne.  I was around when that crown got crushed.  You wear the crown that your father and your grandfather wore.  You were always meant to wear that crown.  You were always being prepared.  And with Promise gone…”

Promise.  The mere mention of his name causes Coco to turn away.  Tears glisten in her eyes.  Coco was the surrogate mother of Promise—my brother.  Santos and Nero asked her to be the mother of their son.

“I’ll find Promise…I’ll make things right with him,” I state, “I promise.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she explains to me, “It’s too late for him.”

“I saw him out there.”

“You did?”

“We fought against him.  In the fight, we saw him.  For a moment I gave him a look and I could have sworn he recognized me.  Even for a second.  Even though he never grew up with me.  Even though he grew up almost immediately.  It was almost that baby that you gave birth to.  I think it’s possible.  I think it really is.

I don’t want to believe that we can’t get Promise back.  Not the demon that he had become now but the baby that we had all loved.  I never wanted to believe that it wasn’t possible.

Just at that moment, there is a knock on the door disrupting us.   The door opens and in walks Aiden, all decked out in armor.


“I thought I was King now. Could have sworn the Commander of Eden’s troops would know my new title,” I state.

I watch his face fold up.  He had to be hating this.

Coco gives me a look, “Justice.”

Same old same.

“What, I have a new title now,” I state.

“I apologize, King Justice,” Aiden sighs, “Is there something you want or are you just on a power trip?”

“Slight power trip, but no.  Honestly, I want to speak to Zeke.  And before you get all crazy with jealousy I’m not trying to steal your boyfriend.  I need to know how the angels plan on keeping Eden safe before the demons attack again.  Armando says Zeke is an angel now.  Zeke is the only angel I know so I’ll trust him.”

Aiden raises his eyebrows, “What am I?  Some sort of errand boy?”

“Bring him to me,” I state.

Aiden turns and slams the door.  I look over at Coco.   At this point, I was in my regular clothes.  It was nice getting out of that bullshit.   I couldn’t help myself.  I knew that Aiden and I were probably never going to get along.  He was Armando’s goddam protégé after all.  There was no reason that he was ever going to like me and luckily for me I was now King of Eden.  I didn’t give a fuck if he liked me or not.

“No,” Aiden states staring back at me with this hard look.

“You don’t say no to me…” I state, “Bring me, Zeke.”

“I’ll go get Zeke.”

“No Coco.  This is my commander.  He’s supposed to do what I say.”

“Armando gave you the crushed crown because he thinks you’re weaker than Genesis.  You’ll be nice and boring.  Easier to control.”

“You should know I’m FAR from boring…” I state, “Actually, you shouldn’t know. Maybe you should ask Zeke how interesting I am.  He knows.”

Aiden is looking at me.  I’m looking back at him.

The anger is fierce between us.  It’s beyond anything that we’ve ever known.

“Don’t…you…two…even…think…about—” Coco starts.

It doesn’t stop us.  We run towards each other colliding midway through the air.  Our bodies clash up against one another.  The harsh slam is all it takes.  As soon as we collide Aiden brings his hand back and slaps the dog shit out of me.

“You can’t hit me!” I state, “I’m your KING now.”

“Oh, it’s OK.  I’m just paying my respects,” Aiden responds.

With that Aiden delivers a swift kick to my abdomen.  The kick damn near makes my ribs crunch up.  He tries to kick me again but I manage to grab his leg and toss him across the room.  By now Coco is screaming bloody hell in order to get us to stop.

Fuck that though.

This has been a long time coming between us.

Aiden stands up at the window and I can’t help but run towards him.  Before I know it I’m slamming my body fully into him.  And we’re falling, falling, falling, falling down, down, down.   We hit the ground hard.  I don’t even know where we are until I see a couple of the palace attendants trying to  maintain the small garden below.

I’m distracted when I see Aiden coming at me by wrapping the hose around my neck attempting to choke me with it.  I back up as fast as I can managing to slam Aiden back against the tree. Somehow the force hurts me as well.

We both squirm in pain.

We then turn to each other and start trading blows after blows, back to back to the point that we can barely stand and that’s when we feel the dark shadow coming towards us.

“What the—” Aiden starts out.

I could care less at this point.

“You can’t keep me, Zeke, away from each other,” I’m telling Aiden.

“Justice stop.”

“No—I won’t let you—”

I don’t realize the dark shadow coming behind us at that moment.  All of a sudden, I feel a slight tug.  It’s like someone is pulling a piece of hair out of my head.

“Which one of you is Justice?” the person says.

It’s a witch.  I assume.  A little Asian witch.  He’s dressed up in purple robes.  We don’t even realize him coming up to us and pulling our hair during our fight. He was fast, especially for a witch.  I watch Aiden about to make a move towards him but he stops.  I’m confused on why Aiden stops until I see what this Asian witch has in his hands.  He seems confused as he’s standing there in the garden.  He has a piece of my hair in his hand and a piece of Aiden’s hair in his hands.

“You piece of shit!”  Aiden growls.

Aiden makes a quick run for the boy but I watch as the boy wraps the hair he took from Aiden’s head around the doll and slams the doll a few inches.  Aiden’s body as though mimicking the doll is thrown to the grown.  It slams in a loud THUD!

His nose is bleeding hard when he gets up.  I can’t help but start laughing.  Holy shit this was some sort of voodoo doll witch.

“Who the hell are you?”  I ask the purple witch.

“I’m Puck,” he states, “And I’m looking for Justice. So please tell me which one of you is Justice because I’m honestly trying to get some ass tonight and I doubt I’m going to get it if I fuck this up.”

He had this fear of “Fucking this up”.  I didn’t get it.  Fucking “What up?” I lift my eyebrows up.  He was a curious guy.

“Ass from who?” I ask Puck.

“Who do you think?” Aiden asks me.

Genesis.  Fuck.  I had barely had the crown and already Genesis had sent his goddam cronies after me.  What the fuck was happening right now.

I point almost immediately at Aiden, “He’s Justice.  Look at the clothes.  I’m wearing normal clothes.  He’s dressed up.”

“I’m dressed up as a commander,” Aiden says, “Puck…you’ve seen me before.  Come on.  Look at me.  We’ve met in passing.”

“All you vampires look the same to me,” Puck shrugs, “All uptight and way too pretty for any man.  Can’t tell the goddam difference.  I was supposed to sneak in the room didn’t expect you guys to come flying out the window.    Goddamit.  I’m going to fuck this up, aren’t I.”

“He’s Justice!” Aiden says.

“No, he is.”

Puck looks at both of us.

“Fuck it.  I’m just going to have to do the spell on you both.”

“What?” I ask.

Puck wraps both pieces of hair around the doll and then I watch as he places the doll in a bag.  We try to make a run for him but all of a sudden I realize I can’t see.

I can’t fucking see!

There is darkness all around me.  There is nothing all around me.

Nothing at all.


Let there be light!

The voice comes in my head.   When I open my eyes I’m completely naked.  All my clothes are stripped from me.  I look around to realize I’m no longer in the palace.  There is something familiar about this place but nothing is familiar about this time.

Beautiful trees sprout around me in every direction.  Flower gardens combine plants of different heights, colors, textures, and fragrances to create interest and delight the senses.  There are no buildings.  All around me the beauty of nature grows out from trees with fruit I’ve never seen before.

All I can think about is the beauty.

True beauty.

There was this beauty of harmonious colors and growth.

“Where are we?” a voice states.

I turn and realize who that voice is.  Aiden.  Aiden was fucking here.  He’s naked as well.  I almost look down feeling my face blush with red when I see his dick.  I turn away from him as quickly as I possibly can.  He turns away from me as well.  I’m so fucking embarrassed.

“Why the hell are you naked?”

“I don’t know.  I don’t know where we are…”

It was the damn Puck.  He took us somewhere using magic.  It had to be.  But where?  Where the hell was we and why the fuck was we here.

That’s when I hear the voice.  The voice slithering up to us like some sort of snake.

“The Garden of Eden is the biblical “garden of God”, described most notably in the Book of Genesis chapters 2 and 3, and also in the Book of Ezekiel,” a voice states.

Therein among the flowers, we can see Genesis.  He’s surrounded by flowers almost as though he’s growing out of them.  They surround him in this beautiful way that I’m shocked by.

“Where are we?” I demand.

“Eden.  In the beginning…before man.  Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?” Genesis asks us.

We look at one another.

“This has to be some sort of trick,” I state.

“No trick,” he states, “I gave Puck the knowledge to cast this spell for me.”

“How the FUCK did you get the knowledge to cast this fucking spell?” Aiden asks.

It was a damn good question.  One that Genesis doesn’t respond to, “Aiden I understand your frustrations.  Unfortunately, this is no joke.  You are in the actual garden of Eden.  you being here was a mistake.  This was designed for Justice.  Armando believes you can just walk in and take my throne without earning it.  Nothing is given to you. Everything is earned.”

“Earned,” I laugh, “I’m King already, Genesis.  Let me out of here.”

“Prove your crown,” he states.

I almost laugh at the thought of this.


“There is knowledge here.  The knowledge I need to help defeat Innocent.   The knowledge that may be able to help your brother Promise as well as the Nameless child that Lafayette has with him.  I need you to figure it out.”

“And if I refuse.”

“You stay here…in the garden, stuck in the past…” he states, “Or you can prove yourself.  You can prove you deserve to be the King of Eden and actually provide me with the knowledge I want.  The choice is yours.”

That’s when I see Aiden make a mad dash for Genesis.  I think he means to subdue Genesis and have him return him to our own time but that doesn’t work.  Genesis disappears before Aiden can get to him.  By the time Aiden crosses to Genesis all you see is Aiden’s bare ass and you hear Genesis laughing slightly underneath it all.

“He cast a spell on us,” Aiden says, “He cast a spell on us because of you…”

Aiden is raging walking from side to side in the garden swinging his dick like a fucking madman.  I can’t believe I’m stuck here with the person I hated the most in the world and we both had nothing to fucking put on.  We were as naked as Adam and Eve were.

“Actually me becoming King is your mentor Armando’s idea…so you can blame him,” I shake my head, “I didn’t fucking want it.”

“You could have fooled me,” Aiden states still pacing around.

“Can you stop?”

“Stop what?”

“Pacing the fuck around.  You are going to blind someone with that thing.”

I look down at his dick.  He realizes all of a sudden through his anger that he’s naked and quickly scurries to cover his dick as though it would make much of a difference.  Aiden’s dick is such a decent size that he’s barely doing a good job at concealing it.  I sigh a little bit.  This was going to be horrible.

“We need to find a way out of here,” Aiden states.

“No shit.”

“You literally have to be the most irritating person I’ve ever met,” Aiden states, “I’m stuck here because of you while Eden is going through the most important war we’ve ever experienced.  I’m a commander.  They need me.”

“I’m the king.  Don’t you think they need me too?”

“We were doing fine without a king,” Aiden tells me.

He was pissing me off so much that at this point I didn’t even want to look at him.

“How about this.  You go your way.  I go my way.  Eden is really FUCKING big,” I state, “No one said we have to be around each other.”


He grunts under his breath.  He’s probably calling me every piece of shit in the world and honestly, I didn’t give a damn.  I start walking away until I can’t see him anymore into the thick bushes of the Eden.  I walk and walk. My mind is getting the best of me.

I walk in one direction for what seems like hours trying to find a way in here hoping that this was some sort of joke.  How the fuck could Genesis have the knowledge to know what kind of spell could send us back in time like this all the way to the beginning?   What the fuck was Genesis looking for back here?

I take a heavy breath realizing I was hearing something in the bushes.

I stop.

An animal?  Was something dangerous out here?  I look down and realize I don’t even have anything blocking my dick.  It’s the dumbest thing but all I can think about was what if I tiger jumped out and grabbed my fucking dick and bit it off.  This is not how I wanted to go down.

“Still nothing?”

The person comes out of the bushes.  It’s not an animal.  It’s just fucking Aiden.


I don’t know who sits first.  It’s probably him.  All I know is that we spend the next hour just fucking sitting there.  There were no answers here.  There was no knowledge.  There were just a bunch of fucking flowers and trees.  What the fuck was the point of this?  What the fuck could possibly be here to search for?

“It is kind of beautiful huh?” Aiden says out of nowhere, “This place…”

I look up.  Hell, I hadn’t even noticed it at first.  The trees seem to stretch out forever.  There is a sense of ease and calm that I had never experienced.  The nothingness of it all just seemed to make sense.  No wars.  No violence.  No reason to struggle.  All the trees provided fruit.  There was no need to hunt.  There would be no starving here.  It was a simple life but it was also just…beautiful.

“Sort of.”

I turn away but notice Aiden turning towards me.  He locks eyes with me, “You said you didn’t want to be king.   Well it didn’t seem like it?”

“Who would want to be king?” I ask, “Clearly you didn’t want it either.  Were you engaged to me remember?  Our arranged marriage at one point.”

“It was because of Santos.  He wanted to get us off his back so he can be with your dad peacefully.  We were both into Santos…” he laughs.

“Now we’re both into Zeke,” I respond.


Fucking strange.

“Why’d I gross you out so much?” Aiden asks me out of nowhere, “You used to act like being married me to me was the worst thing imaginable.”

“Wait, I’m pretty sure it was mutual—right?”

Aiden shrugs, “I don’t think I was grossed out by you.  You’re a good looking guy.  I guess sexually it would have been odd.”

“How the hell do you know what it would be like sexually?” I asked.

“Wasn’t that your reason?”

I shrug.  So much has happened that I wasn’t even sure anymore.  I look down at the ground.   I look at the shrubs.

“Does it even matter?”


“Anything?” I ask, “Look around you.  Look where we are.  Do you really want to talk about the past?  Shit, we said to each other.  Shit, we did wrong?  Look at it.  Look where we are.  It’s fucking beautiful.  You know.  Like.  Do you feel that?”

“All around you? Like something—”

“Something warm.”

“Yeah.  Yeah, I feel it.  Makes you just want to be happy,” he smiles at me.

I look over at Aiden.

“You have a nice smile.”

“That’s the first compliment you’ve given me,” he states, “You have a nice body.”

He looks me up and down.  His eyes slowly connect with each part of my body.  I look him up and down as well.  I guess it was my turn to give him back a compliment.

“You have a nice looking dick.”




I don’t know how it happens.  The collide of tongues.  The way our bodies merge into one another at that moment.  The way we press our hands up against one another.  I’d had sex with so many humans and so many vampires.  But there was a warmth here.  There was a collision.  Our vibes, unlike anything I had ever imagined before.

I don’t remember who is the top or who is at the bottom.  I don’t think it matters.   We enter one another somehow.  And we become one.  We share fluids with each other with no cares in the world.  There are no diseases.  There is no fear of unwanted pregnancy.  All we have is each other at this moment.  Fucking.  Sucking.  Making love.  Not lovemaking.  But making love.  We were creating it out of nothing.  We were defining it.

Our tongues pressing up against one another.

Our hot dicks shooting cum into each other’s mouths…into each other’s asses.  2 times, three times.  More times than we can count.  We never get tired.  All we do is rest and start up again.

Until there is a spark.

“I know…”

“Know what?” Aiden asks me pressed up against my chest holding me.

“I know the secret.”

And just then an angel seems to be sent down.  There is a bright light.  I watch the angel coming into the garden of Eden.  The wings are the brightest things I’ve ever seen.  I’m staring at the angel and the angel is looking back at me.

By this point, Aiden and I are wrapped up in each other.  We don’t move even when we realize that who the angel is but I know it’s awkward.


I feel the need to explain but I am not going to excuse.  I’m not going to stop.  I feel this connection with Aiden.  It was immediate but not in an unnatural way.  It wasn’t because of magic.  There was no spell on us.  No this was the most natural thing that I’d ever felt.  This was the way that love was supposed to be.  Simple.  Pure.  And I figured out the secret.  I knew how to save my brother Promise.

“It’s OK,” Zeke states as though he knows what we are about to say, “Zeke had the desires to be with you.  Zeke is gone now and I remember that I’m truly Ezekiel.  I have no desire or jealousy at this moment.  I’m just happy you’ve found yourselves.”

Aiden gets up, still naked from the ground, “But how did YOU find us?”

“Genesis let me know where you were.  He wants me to bring you back to Eden.  Our Eden.”

I was going to go back to Eden, but I realize as I grab Aiden’s hand.

I’d found what Genesis had sent me here for.  I wasn’t going back to the city of Eden empty-handed.

  • Brandon Cruz

    I love this. Aiden and Justice together makes me happy. It make sense since Zeke is Ezekiel no.le.

    I’m here for their relationship.

  • JJ

    I always liked Armando and he was correct; I’m glad he shut Genesis down like a parent. Genesis is the reason for Lafayette being on their doorstep. Even Genesis has to admit since he took the throne, Eden has been in constant war & chaos. Nobody wants a king like that.

    So I’m guessing the knowledge is love?

    With Ezekial angel now and probably out the picture, I don’t mind Justice and Aiden together. Hell it’s not like they haven’t hooked up before.

    • Lee namefree

      I swear to you, Armando still reminds me of Marlo Thomas’ TV dad from “That Girl”. No man will ever be good enough for Armando’s sons. After Armando says something outrageously overbearing but protective, I keep expecting Genesis or Santos to give him the Marlo Thomas squeak of horror, “Daddy!”

      Genesis had that “Daddy!” moment. It’s that’s moment when you want to tell pops you’re too old to be putting up with this bullshit, but you are in fact too old to be cussing out your parent like you were a fucking teenager. So instead you say nothing or Daddy!!

      What was perfect about Armando exerting his relationship with Genesis, is that Genesis allowed it. Genesis has every reason in the world to be fearful of a father, but he allowed Armando that role. But like Santos, Genesis will do whatever he pleases. After dad leaves the room.

      I think you’re right about Love being the secret weapon, or the knowledge Genesis was seeking.

      • JJ

        Considering Armando has twice saved Genesis ass, I would think he should be humble after his father has spoken. Genesis is used to being told no; unfortunately Armando has zero fucks to give when he evaluates things and gives a opinion. Just ask Nero.

        I believe Santos only bucked heads with Armando over Nero. I don’t think Armando had much to say when they were ruling.

  • Dillon Jax

    Fuck that dude, Genesis is King. I don’t give a mother fuck who Armando is, Genesis never should have yielded the throne like that. And Genesis wasn’t alive when the Old Lady sold Lafayette to the devil, that was always his destiny. Lafayette took Hells throne before he new his man was gone so it’s not Genesis’ fault that Lafayette is coming for eden.

    • LookingAssNigga

      Actually i agree with Armando’s decisison. Genesis is reckless and he is the cause of Lafayette being in Eden. Genesis is to power hungry. Justice is probably the best choice to led Eden in the right direction if you think about it. Yes he can be reckless sometimes but with Santos, Nero, and Aiden backing him, he us by far the best choice. And honestly i think Armando may have known this from the start thats why he choice Justice to led, not because Justice is easily controlled but because Justice can make his own decision and he is willing to let them help him to become the best king for Eden

    • JJ

      Genesis took the throne by force and in doing so involved the wolves and the witches. The vampires were living quite happily in Eden not bothering anyone before Genesis came along. In his quest he has done nothing but bring chaos. As such he is responsible for all the bloodshed.

      He is 100% responsible for Lafayette and the demons being there since Lafayette was summoned to deal with him and baby Lilith to begin with. No one knew that Lafayette had overthrown Lucifer and taken over hell. What they did know was that Genesis was pregnant with Lilith who must be stopped. It took all Santos had to kill her last time. Imagine a re-born more powerful Lilith.

      The icing on the cake is Genesis ENABLED all of this. He lured Innocence from Moreen Island, convinced Innocence to allow Lilith to tap into his power and then slept with Innocence (someone who he watched as damn baby). Doesn’t get sleazier than that. All of this was just so he could take over Eden and it still backfired.

      • Lee namefree

        I maintained that Genesis was manipulated by the “angel” Lilith who appeared to him and told him that he must overthrow the monsters in Eden. Additionally his own ancestors came to him and warned that the witches would lose their powers if they didn’t continue to use them.

        Genesis is not innocent of the chaos he caused, but he certainly was guided down this course by Lilith. If he’d had a clue as to who and what she was when he first encountered her, I don’t think he would have invited her in his life, even with the promise of renewed youth and a kingdom to run. He did try to abort her once he figured out what she was, and even asked Armando to kill him in order to eliminate her.

        I don’t like Genesis with Innocent because Innocent is Micko’s son. But as for the age difference, these supernaturals have no cares about that. Aiden was Nero’s husband. He’s well over a century older than Justice. He was around when Nero decided to conceive Justice. So we can’t give Aiden a pass on fucking a man he knew as a baby, then accuse Genesis of debauchery for doing the same thing. Aiden feels he can love a man a century younger than himself because they look the same age. Genesis feels the same way.

        • JJ

          I give Aiden a pass with Justice because Justice was not turned into a vampire or brought into Eden until he turned 17. So no Aiden didn’t knew Justice as a child.

          I have no qualms about Genesis dating younger; it just sketchy to have sex with your former lover’s son. Someone who you oversaw as a baby. Something to this day, neither Micko or Mason knows.

          • Lee namefree

            Mason is very much aware that Genesis had an affair with Innocent and that it was innocent who got him pregnant. It’s the reason Mason tried to choke Genesis. Genesis spitefully told Mason after Mason rejected him. I assumed Mason told his husband, since keeping secrets from Micko is probably not a wise idea.

            Genesis had very little contact with Innocent. I doubt very much Mason wanted his child around when he was having an affair with Uncle Brandon’s husband. Genesis gave Innocent his powers when Innocent was 5 years old. He didn’t see him again for 12 years.

            I thought Genesis lured Innocent to New York for 2 reasons. First because he knew the coven would follow Innocent to get him back home, and secondly because he gave Innocent a great deal of power that Innocent was somehow suppressing, or wasn’t even aware he had.

            I keep hoping that Innocent will discover his dampened powers and break free of Lilith’s control all on his own.

  • Lee namefree

    Wait a minute! This is not Aiden & Justice’s 1st time rolling in the hay together. Santos caught them screwing around when Aiden was married to Nero! Never the less, I like that they took all that aggression and put it to good use! I can really get into this couple. I wanted Aiden to fall in love with a man that made him feel the same way he felt about Santos. Justice is not Santos, but like Santos he’s warm, passionate and playful. Just what Aiden needs to break him out of his Armor. A good match!

    As much as I love Genesis, I loved daddy Armando shutting his ass down. No Genesis, you should not sit on the throne. You were duped into taking the throne by the “angel” Lilith, and now baby Lilith has you wrapped around her little finger. I don’t trust the bitch and neither should you. Therefore, you can’t sit on the throne.

    I’m not sure Justice is the best choice for the throne either. However now that Aiden is by his side, they balance each other out nicely. I think they could rule for centuries if Eden weren’t currently the residence of Lucifer and his wife Lilith.

    So Justice has discovered something that might save Promise, I’m hoping Innocent can be saved as well. I still grieve for Micko and Mason. Santos’ baby was ripped from his arms, and if Lucifer regains his throne in hell, I have a feeling Lilith will jump right out of Genesis arms and into the body of a grown ass woman quicker than the blink of an eye. I hope justice found a cure to restore all these kids to their parents.

  • Dillon Jax

    I understand what you guys are saying. But I don’t care about right and wrong here, morals are flexible and none of these characters are the pinnacle of morality. Armando doesn’t get to make decisions, he’s no regent or active duty general, his dick spawned two of the most dangerous individuals in existence, from two of most dangerous individuals in existence. None of this is about right and wrong. I’m a God loving person and I don’t think for a second that the manipulation of Michael was right. So right or not I would back Genesis all the way through to the complete fucking extinction of all races. I respect that some of you back certain characters, I back one.

    • Lee namefree

      I think you’re underestimating the power of Armando’s dick. You’re correct it did spawn two of the fiercest individuals in Staten’s universe. Additionally Lilith, who has never mated with anyone other than Lucifer, chose Armando to be the father of her child. He is the father of the strongest Bah witchdoctor since Ole lady Fatima. Armando is the chosen one. So therefore he is relevant and gets to make whatever decisions he chooses. I personally like that Santos and Genesis let Armando think he’s calling the shots. That’s just being respectful to your parents. Then, like most grown men, they go off and do whatever they were going to do in the first place! But seriously, those two hot headed boys could do with a little of Armando’s steely nerves.

  • Ralph Jones

    I just find it funny that people consistently defend a character who is so obsessed with power that he has, on numerous occasions, decided to forsake everyone else’s wellbeing and happiness to get what he wants.

    • Brandon Cruz

      You are talking about Genesis right?

      • Lee namefree

        I’m pretty sure Ralph is talking about Genesis. If not my responding comment is pretty irrelevant.

        • Brandon Cruz

          I think he has to be talking about Genesis. Who else could it be???

    • Lee namefree

      Ralph I have no shame in “defending” Genesis. I don’t see Genesis as being obsessed with power, but he is obsessed with the survival of his species.

      If you re-read the Witchdoctor series, in every book, there comes a point in which Genesis sacrifices himself or someone he loves for the survival of his coven. He has screwed up methods for saving his coven, but for him, it’s the survival of his coven by any means necessary.

      It’s ironic, after years of fighting amongst the witch factions, the Castors, Divinors, Talisman, and Blood Sacrificers came together for a common cause, the survival of their species. That was because of Genesis. Genesis didn’t become the Blood Sacrificer King, promoting only his coven, he reached out to them all. Genesis, the most hated witchdoctor of all, united the witchdoctors.

      I love that Genesis is flawed. He’s a man stealer, can be petty, jealous and vengeful. He tries very hard to make people hate him. Yet Rory survives because of him. He stole the throne from Santos & Nero, and they were beyond relieved! Genesis is a character worth loving & hating. So, yes, I will consistently defend the right of this character to occasionally be an asshole.