The Gates, Chapter 11

Chapter 11


“We knew this was coming, are you ready?” I whisper in Uriel’s ear.

Uriel nods.  He’s shirtless wearing nothing but jeans and an angel weapon in his hands.  We float about the city below.  His skin is darker than most anyone I’d ever seen before.  Black skin that shines even in the dark Eden sky.  There isn’t a blemish in sight.  He has a nice body.  It’s not muscular.  Nothing of the sort.  He’s thin, slim and tall.  It’s his face that is the most beautiful I’d ever seen.  His small forehead, his big lips that have ripples outlined throughout them, his strong jawline and his squinted eyes.  This was the face that I would sack cities for if necessary.  It was the face that I’d destroy entire civilizations for if necessary.

But it wasn’t necessary.  There was only one thing standing in the way of me and true happiness.   That person was across the sky.  A boy that I didn’t think was nearly as attractive.  He had a forgettable face.  He was simple.  He was weak looking.


“Stand down,” Ezekiel orders from the skies, “You are acting against the will of God.”

Michael doesn’t seem to even recognize Ezekiel or his command.  The other angels are flying all around.  Ezekiel, Gabriel, Ariel, Daniel, Shamsiel, Raphael and of course Uriel.  We all held angel weapons looking down at Michael who had come to attack this city.  He isn’t concerned about any of us.  The only person he’s concerned with is Uriel.


“That’s an order from God,” Jophiel says with a voice as aggressive as a million horns.

Michael doesn’t skip a beat, “I said…no.”

It was clear defiance.  Was this it? Had Michael, the 2nd hand of God finally fallen.  He was clearly violating an order.

“Uriel talk some sense into him,” Ariel states.

“That’s not his job,” I argue back.

Uriel remains silent.  Michael and him haven’t stopped staring at each other across this field.  We are in a strange mythical city where strange beasts were but for some reason, they can’t stop staring at each other.

When it becomes clear that Uriel wasn’t here to do any convincing it’s Gabriel who speaks.

“Michael, be reasonable. You are far outnumbered?”

“Am I?” Michael asks.

Within a matter of seconds, something happens that we didn’t think was possible.  Michael raises his hand as though grabbing for the sky.  The sky splits open as if he had been able to tear it apart with his bare fingers.  A rip of light appears!  It’s so brilliant we all block our eyes.  When we can see again we see an army marching from that light.  We all knew what this meant!  We all saw the army of lesser angels descending out of the skies riding on chariots and wings of light.

They were the Cherubim.

Each time I saw the Cherubim my mind swelled.  When you think of cherubs you think of winged babies.  That’s not what they were.  They were fearsome warriors.  The Bible doesn’t say how many Cherubim there are, but we’re told that Ezekiel saw four – but there were many more than that pouring out of the skies like a sandstorm! Their role is to guard God’s Holy domain and presence from any sin and corruption. They are sometimes known as the throne angels as they are seen to be around the throne of God.

They were commanded only by Michael.

“He still commands the Cherubim,” Uriel states before turning to me, “Why hasn’t God taken his gifts away from Michael?”

It was a damn good question, “I don’t know.”

Jophiel looks at the rest of us.  We’d all been following his lead.  No one had told us that he was the 2nd in command since Michael had been gone but we’d all assumed he’d be the one who wanted the position most of all.  So no one was really in the mood to argue it with him.  As he stands there now though I can see that he’s getting nervous.  He had a real reason to be.

“What are we going to do?” Daniel asks.

“Call it,” I tell Jophiel.

Jophiel is hesitant.  He’s hesitant to attack Michael.  The other angels are all looking over at Jophiel.  He’s so hesitant trying to understand how it’s possible that Michael still commanded the cherubim.

“He may have a point,” Ezekiel states, “God has commanded us to stop this.  I know this now.”

I recognized Ezekiel but only barely.  Back in heaven, he spent much of his time preparing Michael and helping Michael to lead.  Any fan of Michael probably wasn’t someone I stayed much around.  He’d been reborn to a human body but I can tell the glow of Ezekiel anywhere, even here.  The white lights with a green tint are all around his human reincarnation.  It’s not hard to recognize.

“Call it,” I tell Jophiel, “Call the attack before too many of the Cherubim appear.  We won’t be able to stop him.”

“Wait…” Ariel states, “This is Michael we’re talking about…”

“Call it.  Call it.  Jophiel, CALL IT!”

Suddenly someone streams through the clouds.  No one expects it.  I’m shocked when I see it myself.  The person flies faster than anyone I’ve ever season.  His angel weapon clashes up against the angel weapon of Michael.  There is a loud burst of power as they collide.  It’s so loud.  It’s so powerful.  I find myself rushing over.


I can’t let anything happen to him.  Before I know it I’m joining the fight trading blows with Michael and supplementing the blows that Uriel is giving him.

“So this is how you do me, Uriel?” Michael asks, “You and your lover attacking me.”

Something about that pisses him off.  He stops going after Uriel completely and goes after me.  I see him swing something.

His sword goes at me. I dodge it just in time only to feel the heaviest punch I’ve ever felt in my life.  It’s from Michael.

He tosses me to the ground with a single punch.

And I’m out of the fight….


I wake up in a room.  It doesn’t look familiar.  It seems human but outdated.  I’d lived on this Earth since the first men and I hadn’t seen a room like this in what seemed like thousands of years.  I’m sitting in the room laid up against the bed.  I notice that there is someone on my bedside.  It’s Raphael, the healer of God.  He looks over at me as though I’m some sort of nuisance.

“What happened?”  I ask.

Raphael isn’t the only one in the room with me.  All the other angels are there as well.  None of them really look like they are in the mood to talk to me.

“You were knocked the fuck out,” Raphael tells me, “That’s what happened.”

Raphael takes some pleasure out of the idea.  I shake my arm away from him.  I was healed enough.  Another Michael loyalist.  I couldn’t fucking get away from them.

“You know what I meant.  Why are we in here?  There is a fight outside?”

“The fight is over…for now,” Ezekiel states, “Uriel set a fire with his blue flames around the entire city.  The demons cannot pass the holy lights of Uriel.  It has halted the siege.”

“For now,” Shamsiel adds.

It looks like I just walked in on a serious conversation.  I feel so out of place in this room with these people.  It’s almost as though they are all on the same page but me.

“What about Michael?” I ask.

It’s Jophiel who answers, “We are using chains reinforced by Gabriel’s angelic abilities to hold Michael. They cannot be broken.   We were able to restrain Michael before the Cherubim army formed.  No thanks to you and Uriel rushing out there like madmen.”

Uriel is standing on the other side of the room that we are in.  He’s looking down.  Right below him, there is Michael.  He is bound in chains.  No wings.  No angelic weapons.  No army of Cherubim.  I wondered if Uriel saw what I saw when he looks down at Michael.  Right now, Michael wasn’t anything more than a barely attractive weakling.   But for some reason the way Uri looks at him makes my heart squirm a bit.  Why was he staring at him so hard?

“Michael is a traitor,” I state, “We did what the rest of you couldn’t, right Uri?”

I look over at Uri.  He’s hardly paying attention me.

I ask again.  This time targeting my voice towards him and getting up off the bed, “Right Uri?”

Uri comes away from looking at Michael as though shaken out of a trance or something.  He walks over to me, grabs me by the arm.

“Right, of course,” he tells me, “It had to be done. Just had to make sure you were OK.  Michael hit your really hard.   After he did that I just went crazy on him.  We took him down.”

That’s when Uri does something.  He kisses me.  He kisses me in my mouth and I feel the warmth of my lover reassuring me.

“Do you blame him?” a voice whispers.

We turn to see Gabriel.  Gabriel was the strength of God.  She was a regular bitch, of course.  Her wild hair like some sort of bush growing out of her scalp.  She is giving me a weird look.  She isn’t the only one though.

“What was that?” I ask.

“You two are parading around like we don’t know why he did it.  As though we don’t know why he’s acting out in the way he is,” Gabriel states.

I expect someone to shoot down Gabriel when she says that.  It was ridiculous to have sympathy for Michael in this situation.

“You all feel this way?” I ask.

Silence.  Complete silence.

It’s Ariel who crosses her arms, “She has a point.”

I’m outraged.

I don’t like how they are all looking at me.  I don’t like how Raphael is on the other side of the room now stroking Michael’s hair and placing Michael’s head in his lap.  I don’t like how Gabriel and Ariel are staring me and Uriel down as though we were the ones who had just joined the new Prince of hell.   I don’t like how Jophiel and Daniel just keep shaking their heads or even how Sham just keeps staring at the ground.  Something was off.

So I ask the question I’m wondering.

“What is the plan for Michael?” I ask.

“We have to find a way to convince him to rejoin us.  Help us destroy this new threat,” Ezekiel states, “Lafayette is dangerous.  I’ve seen it for myself what these demons are capable of.”

“Rejoin us?” I ask as though hearing things, “We need to KILL him.  PUNISH HIM!”

Justice.  That’s what we needed here.

“Are you that threatened by him?” Ariel asks.

For some reason the tone she uses makes me think she means a different sort of danger than how powerful Michael was.  I watch how she looks over at Uriel.  She looks over at Uriel and just now I catch Uriel once again staring at the unconscious Michael.

I don’t know if Uriel staring at Michael pisses me or of if it’s the ineffectiveness of the weak angels around me.

“Michael is not a victim here.  What’s going on between me and Uriel is PERSONAL.  Surely one of you idiots is smart enough to understand that.  Jophiel, what about you— who was full of duty would understand.  What about Ezekiel?   You trained Michael to put his role above anything else in heaven.  Sham—not you too. You hate Michael!  He killed the love of your life.”

Sham gets quiet.

“I learned my lesson going up against Michael.”

“That was when he was on God’s side,” I respond.

“God still has Michael commanding the Cherubim,” Sham shrugs, “I don’t think he wants Michael dead.  I think we were brought here to help Michael clear his mind.”

“Why does Michael get a pass?  If I’d teamed up with demons I’d lose all holy favor.  WHY does he always get a pass?  How the FUCK is this fair?”

“He’s emotional,” Gabriel excuses him.

I feel like I’ve stepped into another dimension as they make excuse after excuse for Michael’s fucking behavior.  I’d known angels for all my existence and angels were not a forgiving race.  We were the arm of God.  We did not care about compassion or love or personal desires.  We did our duty.  That’s what we always did.  When did that change?

“I can’t believe this…” I say defeated.

I was outnumbered.  It was like fucking talking to brick walls.  Why were we not killing Michael now that we had the chance?

That’s when I feel a hand on me.  A hand not only touches me.  It secures me.  I look up and see that Uri is standing there.  He isn’t looking at Michael anymore.  He’s looking at me.  He has all of this affection in his eyes when he does it.

“Az is right,” Uri states, “My relationship with Az was my choice…”

“So soon?” Ariel questions.

“So soon after Michael tried to KILL me for his duty to god.  The same duty we are performing now.  It’s fucking ironic that’s what it is.  So no.  I don’t feel bad for Michael.  I don’t feel bad at all.”

It was nice knowing that Uri had my back.  Nothing he was saying was a lie.  God had ordered Michael to kill Uri as a test of Michael’s loyalty.  Michael struggled.  Uri was supposedly the love of his life at one point before Uri was possessed by demons.  Jophiel had to wipe his memory in order to heal Uri.  Still, something drew them together.  They were getting close to the point I thought Michael would not do what God ordered.  But this was Michael.  So he was ready to kill him.  He was ready to kill Uri.  He was down to the act before God revealed this was all a test.

And somehow Michael thought Uri would be OK with this?   He thought Uri would just come back into his arms.  He was in a rude awakening.  It was an awakening that he couldn’t handle.

Uri had moved on.

Uri had moved onto me.

And a devastated Michael had lost his mind ever since.

It’s Jophiel who stops it, “They have a point.  Our duty is everything.  Thanks for making that clear to me more than ever Azazel.”

I nod.  Finally, Jophiel was seeing what I was trying to explain to him.

Just then as it looks like the other angels were ready to argue with Jophiel there is a knock on the door.  We all turn at that moment and see that someone is at the door.   It’s one of the creatures in this city.  I’d known vampires in my time but I hadn’t known that they had come to settle in Eden of all places.

“The Royal family would like to see you all to thank you for your help.”

The invitation had come just in time.  I watch how irritated the others look when Uriel and I are first to follow out of the room with the escort.  I watch how screwed up they look when they see us holding hands.

And I love every minute of it.


The throne room is large and quite impressive, even for someone who has been alive for as long as me.  We come into the room with our wings.  Half of it is grandstanding to show these strange creatures who we really were but the other half was that no one knew how dangerous they were.  It could come down to a fight if we weren’t careful and it’s best to have our wings ready to go just in case we needed to fight or flee.

As we approach I see several figures standing there.  There is one figure that seems to be somewhat striking.  He’s sitting up against the throne.  His eyes glare at us as we approach.

“Welcome angels to Eden,” the man says.

I hear Jophiel whispering with an angriness in his tone, “They have defiled the sacred garden…”

He looks angry.  He’s just like an angel.  He’s been complaining since we were lead into this city by one of the vampires.  Jophiel hadn’t even been around to see the original garden of Eden.  I’d seen it with my own eyes.  It was a beautiful place but boring.  Ridiculously boring.  It seemed like these creatures of the night had definitely decorated this place to make it their own.  I couldn’t be mad at that.

“You must be the King of Eden, please to make your acquaintance,” I stated.

I put on my best charm, making sure that the angels were represented by the likes of Jophiel who would probably douse this entire place with holy water and start praying desperately if he had his way.   Luckily for the angels, I was well versed in talking to many strange and unique people.  I’d met all types of vampires, werewolves, and witches in my lifetime.  Hell, I’d even fucked a few of them in my lifetime.  If anyone could charm them, I was that guy.

“Actually, I am,” a voice states, “That is my brother…Santos.”

A dark figure emerges from the shadows.  He’s covered in a dark red robe.  He has a baby in his hands, wrapped up in the cloth and completely swaddled.  I can see the other angels giving me a look as though embarrassed that in a matter of seconds I had managed to offend the king of Eden.

“I apologize.  I didn’t mean anything by it,” I state.

I attempt to bow to this dark red figure but he doesn’t seem interested in pomp and circumstance.  He makes his way to the throne and sits on it with his child.

“There is no need for an apology.   My sons Genesis and Santos have both been called kings of Eden in this lifetime.  Right now our concerns aren’t crowns.  It’s survival.  Right Genesis?”

I notice whose talking. A man is standing there.  It’s the man who came and got us.  It’s the man who led us to Eden.

“Fine Armando,” the one named Genesis states.

Armando crosses his arms and looks at us.  He is a strong looking man and the fact that he has what clearly is a witch for a son as well as a vampire doesn’t surprise me.  It doesn’t surprise me that he’s ridiculously handsome but seems to be one of the only vampires I’d ever met who didn’t give me a uniquely gay vibe.  What concerns me is the fact that he asked US for help.

“Why did you come to us?” I ask.

“I’ve dined with angels,” Genesis answers from his high throne which triggers his father to shoot him a controlling stare, “I know what you’re capable of.  Like Armando said thank you for your help but your work isn’t over.”

“It’s not?” Uriel asks, “We stopped Michael’s attack.  A holy fire surrounds your city.  The demons cannot pass.”

“Lafayette will find a way and you will stop him.”

“What my son is saying is can you stop him,” Armando corrects.

“No what your SONS are saying is that they WILL stop him,” Santos corrects Armando, “Genesis is right. This demon shit is our not our fight.  Seems like an angel problem if you ask me.”

“I like you side with me,” Genesis tells Santos.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” Santos states, “I’m siding with Eden.  Not you.”

“If you aren’t interested in HOLY wars, you should have thought about that before you settled on HOLY grounds,” Jophiel growls.

I’m glad when Daniel manages to literally pull Jophiel to the back of everyone else.  Jophiel may have had a damn good point but he was far from the Diplomat.  I’m surprised when the others let me speak for so long.  I think the majority of them are somewhat intimidated by these creatures.  Even someone as strong as Gabriel is as silent as a mouse right now.  They seem to be good with words throwing them around as though it was nothing.  The only thing these angels had done in forever was beat each other over the heads with angel weapons.  Court intrigue was something new to them.

“We’ll help,” I state.

“We will?” Uriel asks me.

“Yes,” I respond, “Eden is just the beginning.  The demons will attack the human world.  God would want us to stop that from happening.”

I look back at the other angels to see if anyone else had an issue with us staying and helping with the fight.

“Fine, we’ll rest for tonight,” Genesis states, “We’ll get you guys quarters in Eden.  Sleep.  Rest.  By morning I hope you have a plan to get these demons away from us forever.”

Genesis leaves the throne clearly not interested in the small talk.  I watch how the angels watch him leave highly intrigued by not only him but the strange looking baby with the pitch black aura that he is holding in his hands.  All the angels can feel it.  I’m not just intrigued by that though.  I’m intrigued by another aura.  An aura that is so faint in the room but so noticeable.

I look in the corner of the room and see a group of blonde haired men standing there.  Amongst them, I see one in particular.  One that stands out.

It couldn’t be him.

Could it?


I come out of the bath.  I’m dripping wet.  I walk into the room and notice Uriel was there.  He wasn’t there earlier.  He sees me walking out dripping wet and his eyes survey my body almost immediately.  I knew I had a nice body by normal definitions.  I was muscular and extremely toned.  I’d had centuries to perfect it.

“Where were you?” I ask.

“Exploring the city.  It’s quite unique.  The creatures of the night have really created quite a masterpiece.  It’s a city almost stuck in time.”

“You’re lying.”


“You’re lying,” I tell him, “You weren’t exploring the city.  There’s nothing beautiful about it to us.  We look at it and we hate it.  All angels do.”

Uriel wasn’t that good of a liar.  He had been reborn to this body not too long ago but it looked almost identical to the body he had in Heaven.  Even in heaven, he was not really that good of a liar.  He was so honest.  He was always so pure and so innocent.  That’s what I liked about him.

“They told me not to tell you.”

They?  Strange.

“Who told you not to tell me what?”

“The other angels wanted to meet with me.”


“They want me to give Michael another chance,” Uriel states

“Are you joking?”

I can’t believe it.  I feel steam literally coming off my skin and it’s not from the bath.  I’m beyond heated at this moment.  They had gone behind my back to talk to Uriel.

“Jophiel has offered to help me return the memories he took from me before I forgot who I was…when I was possessed.  He says that now that there is a new Prince of Hell besides Lucifer, he might be able to restore me safely.  He thinks there is something in my memories that will make me forgive Michael.”

Why were they interfering in our personal business?  The angels were going too far now.  They were going out of their way to do this.

“He betrayed you,” I state.

“I know.”

“He chose his duty to God over you.  Now all of a sudden when he realizes that you aren’t his first priority anymore he goes nuts and joins a demon army.  How is that fair to you?”

“I know.”

“That isn’t loving…”

“I know!”  he yells at the top of his lungs before quickly adding, “I said no.”

“You said no?”

“You think I don’t listen to you,” he states, “But I do.  Az…I want to be with you.  I want to focus on that.  I don’t care about my relationship with Michael.  Not anymore.  I want to be with you.”

That’s when he kisses me hard.  His tongue goes down my throat.   We are kissing.  Our tongues wagging into each other’s mouths.  Our faces pressed up against one another so furiously that my towel drops to the ground and I kick it from beneath me.

He tosses me to the bed.  I can never understand how someone with a swimmer’s body like Uriel is able to manhandle me over and over.

He climbs over me, his slim waist dangling above my mouth.  He lowers himself all while unbuttoning his jeans and letting his stiff dick pop out of his pants.  I take it into my mouth.  I let it ease to the back of my throat. He was so hot, I was melting.   My mouth burns with his shaft going to the deepest parts of my throat as I feel this immense arousal.

He’d gathered my wrists in one hand and help them next to my waist, preventing me from doing anything but stare blindly at his deep dark eyes.  I couldn’t touch, my long 12-inch dick that was growing like a python underneath me.  So badly I wanted it.

As soon as he stops for a minute, I’m begging.

“Fuck me, Uri,” I beg him, “Turn me over and fuck me dry while I jerk off.”



“No,” he repeats, “Tonight I’m going to show you how I feel about you. Tonight you fuck me.”

“Wh—what?” I ask.

I was shocked by this.  Uri didn’t let me fuck him.  He was a total top.  I’d been one too until I had met him.  I had become addicted to his dick in the meantime.  This was different though.  I watch as he turns around and takes off his jeans completely.  He bends over on the edge of the bed showing me his tight dark hole.

“Will it hurt?” he asks.

I couldn’t lie to him, “Yes.”

With a hole as tight as this you would think that a penny would hurt.  I’ve never been so aroused though.  I’m on the bed putting my tongue in between those cheeks of his.  He’s in a good mood.   I notice how wet he’s getting even with the aid of my tongue.  He’s so wet by the time I have pillows under his tight abs, I go straight into him with one long, delicious stroke.  I begin slowly as he moans out in pain.

He’s so tight that I can’t take much of entering him.

When I’m about to cum, he pulls the dick out and lets it cool.  Then we begin again.  He takes the pain, roaring like a wild animal but not hesitating to continue guiding it with one hand, feeding it like a line. He begins to roll his hips.

And I say at that moment what I’ve always thought.

“I love you, Uriel.”

That’s no surprise.

The surprise is when he says it back, “I love you…Az.”


I’m asleep in the middle of the night.  I’m laid on his chest.  Our bodies merge into one another.  In the darkness, I hear something.  I wake up at that moment and see what looks like a spider.  It’s no normal spider.  It’s a large spider.  I get up off the bed, wrapping myself with the same towel that I had taken off earlier and follow the spider.

I follow it out of my room.  I follow it down the stairs.  I follow it past the Eden guards are who are lounging on their guard duty.

Down more.

More stairs.  Further and further the large spider leads me until I go to a dark room in the silence.  I open the door.  My heart is racing.  That was no normal spider.  I knew that.  I was being led here.  I was being shown to come here.

“You have that boy wrapped around your finger, don’t you?” a voice states.

A familiar voice.

“Morning Star…” I whisper.

There he was.  His blonde hair as blonde as it has always been like wheat in the middle of a harvest.  I run over to him.  We hug.  It’s like a homecoming.  I’d felt so alone with the other angels that seeing him after all this time was shocking.

“Azazel,” he states, “I didn’t expect you to be here.  Working for the Ineffable Name? Who would have thought.”

“He’s forgiven me.  No longer fallen here.  I’m an archangel again,” I state, “What about you, old friend?  Why are you in Eden? It can’t be true Lucifer.  You lost your throne.”

The look Lucifer has at this moment lets me know that it is true.  We’d been friends for so long.  We’d been friends longer than anyone could imagine.  I had seen when he had fallen.  When I had fallen he’d helped me get used to no longer being in God’s graces.  He was there when no one else was.  There were not many I would consider a friend but Lucifer was definitely one of them.

“Stolen,” he whispers in the darkness, “Not even by an angel.  It’s quite the embarrassment.  To secure his throne he attempted to marry Michael.  Is it true that he’s fallen?”

I shrug.

“He should be…but God hasn’t taken away his gifts.  He still has God’s favor.”

Lucifer shakes his head, “He’s God’s new favorite.  I’m not surprised.   It’s just a matter of time before he returns to God’s favor.”

“Not if I can help it, old friend,” I tell him with a smile.

“You seem confident.”

“I took Uriel right out from under his arm.  We’re in love.  Finally,” I state twirling around like a child who just experienced love for the first time, “I’m going to convince the angels to kill Michael in the morning and then we’ll kill Lafayette for you.”

“You?  You will do that for me?” Lucifer asks.

“Of course.  We’re like brothers.  I’d do anything for you.”


“Yes.  Of course.  We’ll get you back your throne and reset the expectations.”

“Good because I have a plot. A new secret plot.  I just came up with it earlier when I saw the angels in the court of the Royal Family.  It involves the angels.  One of them has to die.”

I think back to how the angels had sided with Michael earlier.  I think about how ridiculous they sounded when they did it too.  The anger is boiling up inside of me all over again.  They were trying so hard to come between what me and Uriel had.  They were trying so hard to get between us.  They could never get between us though.  I would never let them.  I’d do anything it took.  Anything at all.

“Just tell me which one,” I state, “I don’t have any loyalty to any one of those assholes.  I’ll do the deed myself.  Which one has to die, Lucifer.”


That’s when I feel something entering me.  I hadn’t seen him walking in!  I feel something piercing through my back.  The blade comes through the other end of me.

“Lucifer…” I state, “Why?”

Lucifer smiles.  I notice that the person who stuck the blade in me comes out from the other side.  I notice at that moment that it is none other than Jophiel.  Jophiel isn’t smiling like Lucifer.  He probably takes less joy out of this then my own friend does.

“You couldn’t possibly think you were strong enough to defeat Lafayette for me,” Lucifer states, “Sorry old friend.  It seems like the angels of God have made a deal with the devil.”

I feel my heart shaking.  I feel the blood rushing away.  It was an angel blade.  I’d die within the next few seconds if I was lucky.

“I’m sorry,” Jophiel states, “We need Michael back and that means we need Uriel to regain his memories and take Michael back.  We need you out of the picture.”