The Gates, Chapter 10

The Gates, Chapter 10



“Why don’t we just leave, go to the human world,” I state, “This place is awful…”

In a place like this, it feels so easy to lose your voice. No one hears me.
I look out of the window at the vile streets that everyone thinks is beautiful. It was morning but there was no sun. The sun didn’t rise in the Immortal city. It’s dark and gloomy here. They don’t see what I see. I turn around and feel the warmth of a body walk up on me. Someone once said vampires were cold…maybe in mythology. That was a lie. His body is as warm as mine. The dark curse hadn’t taken that from him. He presses his manhood up against the crack of my ass and I can feel it growing slightly as though just getting turned on by my presence.

“This place is worth fighting for,” he tells me.

I turn and see Aiden Matthews, the defender of Eden. He stands tall like a Captain should even in our bedchambers when no one is looking.

“Aren’t I worth fighting for?”

“You know how I feel about you.”

“I don’t. You never say.”

“I shouldn’t have to say. I can prove it instead.”

He leans in and Aiden kisses me hard up against the mouth. He’s still sexy. His skin is reddish almost the color of burgundy. He’s truly a red-brown. He has light brown eyes that are so full of passion. His tongue pressed into my throat. His body pressed up against mine. He grinds up against me, making sure that his dick causes a warming friction in between my thighs. He wants me to turn around, drop my pants and let him fuck me into the morning. I know he has a lot of tension to release.

“Not even that can make me want to stay here,” I tell him, “Not even that…”

It’s been a year. Each day I wake up to him. Each day he goes without really telling me how much he loves me. I think he’s afraid to say it, even though I think he does. I don’t know why. It’s as though the words are lodged up in his throat for some reason. They are unable to come out. I move away from him. In a year we’d seen some of the most horrible things happen in this city. We haven’t been able to do anything about it.

“I’m asking you to be patient, while I get things under control.”

“Who left you in charge?”


Of course. Aiden’s mentor Armando was like a ghost who just wouldn’t fucking go away. Every day he brought up his mentor.

“There are too many kings in Eden. Let the royal family do the hard work.”

“Like your ex?”

I know who he’s talking about. He’d told me as soon as it happened. The Vampires still pledged their loyalty for the most part to King Nero and his lover Santos. Nero had a son named Justice. They’d been pulled out of the ground and had returned. I can tell Aiden has been wondering what was going on with Justice since he was pulled out of the ground.

“Justice would have left if I asked him to,” I tell Aiden.

I regret saying it.

“Maybe you should ask him to.”

It’s cruel how he can shut me down so easily. It’s cruel how he can say that with a bold face.

“I don’t want Justice. I want you. But you are busy keeping your word to a ghost. Armando isn’t here. For all you know Armando is dead. You are protecting his two sons as though you were Armando,” I explain, “Newsflash. Genesis and Santos don’t need protection. They are both kings. Let them lead this fight.”

“I promised Armando,” he explains, “I told him I was going to protect his sons. I told him I would protect his city. I mean to keep that promise. Genesis and Santos may be monsters to you, but this is a city of monsters. This is a city worth protecting.”

“Even if it means losing me?”

Aiden clams up when I ask the question. He doesn’t answer. It’s so heavy for him. I know it is. Like always it gets stuck in the bottom of this throat. Luckily for him, there is a knock on the door. He’s naked as usual, his slim, strong, forever young vampire body resembling the statue of David as he throws on a robe and walks over to answer it. Genesis and Santos were both kings. Walid was the king of werewolves. Every corner of this dreaded city was a king of that thing or this thing. The city didn’t need Aiden.

I needed Aiden.

Did he even care? Did he even care how I felt about him?

“The current situation in serious, Captain,” a voice whispers behind the door.

I walk over just in time to see Pietro and Mickson, members of the Elite Guard. They stop talking as soon as they see me sneaking over. I know why. Pietro was a vampire. Mickson was a witchdoctor. They were creatures of the darkness. I can tell they heard stories of the only human in Eden. They’d met me in passing, but never really spoke to me directly. I can tell they don’t trust a single thing about me.

Aiden turns back to look at me. I wonder if he’s embarrassed by me. I wonder if that’s the reason he keeps me hidden up in his room all the time. He then looks back at his team.

“I’ll be down in a minute.”

With that, he closes the door on Pietro and Mickson before saying anything else. When he turns he looks at me and I can see him already starting to get his things together. That included his weapons…silver swords and guns with silver bullets. He starts to put on the normal uniform of the Elite Guard. He’s getting ready for a fight. That much is clear.

“What’s happening?”

“It’s started.”

“What’s started?”

“The demons are at the city gates. They are getting ready to attack.”

“Holy shit.”

There was nothing holy though. Not in this city at least. I swallow my spit. For so long we’d dealt with demon attacks randomly. One at a time. It was bad enough. It never really made sense. It was almost like the demons were testing us to see if we had a strong enough defense. Something had changed though. The fact that they were ready to pledge a full-on war against Eden now made it clear that there was no more hiding behind our walls.

“I need you to stay up here and lock the doors. Don’t open them for anyone…including me…” he states, “The demons can possess a weak mind…”

There are shivers of my spine when I hear him say that.

“I’ll come with you.”

“And do what? What could you possibly do?” he rages.

He’s angry. I can see he is. I never suggested something like that. Then again a demon army was never on the gates of Eden.

“You think I’m useless because I’m a human?” I ask.

Aiden looks at me. He looks down on the ground. He looks at me again and then he shakes his head, “You need to stay here.”

No explanation. No nothing. I guess he doesn’t feel like he owes me one. He doesn’t want to hurt my feelings, but sometimes the habits of his mentor Armando sneak in. Armando was a cold motherfucker who barely had any emotions. He was a walking robot who only cared about his bloodline like most other vampires. Aiden didn’t have his own bloodline, not anymore, so he spent time protecting Armando’s. I can see the look of annoyance in his eyes. He doesn’t want to deal with it.

So he walks out of the room. He expects me to listen to him.

He expects me to follow his instructions like I always have. But I don’t. I’ve changed. Maybe I was ‘just’ a human. Maybe I didn’t want to fight for this city. But I wanted to fight for Aiden. I wanted to fight for us.

So after a while, I head down.


The council room looks swollen with important figures. I can see the head of the Lucii family. They had been financing Aiden’s defense of Eden with their personal money. They were here representing the wealthy vampires of Eden. The vampires had always been the true powerhouse in Eden. There were so many of them and they’d been here the longest. Maybe that’s why Lucius, the leader of the Lucii family stands to Aiden’s right.

The majority of the Lucii gather around the war table that has a map of the city. It’s a wave of blonde handsome, pampered-to-perfection men that look like they don’t know the first thing about fighting. Crazy how Aiden felt like they could be here but I couldn’t.

They are having a serious conversation. So serious that no one realizes, I walk into the room. Almost no one at least.

“What’s that thing doing here?”

The voice is coming from Genesis. He is the only one in the room sitting. Right next to him is someone who I recognize as Yas. Aiden kept me up to date on the history of what was going on in Eden in his spare time. Yas had been kidnapped and possessed by the demons but it looks like he had been recovered. On the other side of Genesis is an Asian witchdoctor who I had not seen before. Genesis interestingly enough has a baby in his arms. I guess that’s the baby Aiden was talking about. The special baby…

“That ‘thing’ is my lover,” Aiden corrects Genesis.

I’m surprised Aiden jumps to my defense so quickly. I kind of like it. I feel nervous in this room full of monsters but I don’t want to show it.

“This thing is called a human,” I tell Genesis, “And this human has a name. My name is Zeke.”

“Human?” one of the Lucii men state, “Impossible.”

The Lucii begin to whisper amongst themselves. Clearly, they must not have been made aware of this. Maybe that’s why Aiden was hiding me this entire time. The whispers and looks of intrigue are deep. You have Genesis and his demon-like child in this room, immortal vampires who were probably billionaires and an army of hellspawn outside of our gates but somehow I was the most interesting thing around?

“You should get him out of here,” I hear Pietro whisper to Aiden, “People are looking at him as though he’s something to eat.”

Pietro had a point. The Lucii men are staring me down. It’s not the first time in this fucking city that this has happened. They are looking at all of the common points for blood. They are salivating to my arteries. It looks like any moment one of them are ready to pounce and drain me dry of blood.

“No maybe he can stay,” Genesis states, “I, for one, believe we should begin this war with a sacrifice to our ancestors. Who better?”

Genesis says it with a smile but I don’t think for a moment he was joking. Almost immediately the witches wanted to sacrifice me and the fucking vampires wanted to drain me. I’d only been in the room for few seconds if that.

I can tell I’m pissing Aiden off by how he walks over to me and grabs me by my hand, “Let’s go. Now.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

That’s when the words finally come out.

“You’re embarrassing me.”

Embarrassing? Embarrassing!

I’m so heated I’m ready to have an entire argument with him right here and now. We’re interrupted though because of the door opens and some late comers enter the room. It’s the Vampire royal family. Santos, Nero, and Justice. Santos and Nero are holding hands but then there is Justice…the son. He looks over at me with a smile.

“He should be able to stay and fight, if he wants,” Justice states.

Justice gives me a wink when he does it. It’s like he could hear through walls. I’m not surprised. These were vampires after all.

He’s clearly a flirt. He always has been. He’s always been somewhat the opposite of Aiden. Aiden was mature and all about duty. Justice was slightly immature, brash and made decisions without thinking. Seeing him walk through the room with these eyes like marbled glass makes my stomach turn a little bit. I can’t help but stare at him. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him. I was scared for some time that he wouldn’t even recognize me but he did. He definitely recognized me after all this time and from the smile he gives me, he’s definitely happy to see me.

“That isn’t up to you,” Aiden says, “You’re not in charge.”

Aiden’s grip on my arm gets stronger. I know why. It gets stronger because he doesn’t trust me with Justice. There is definitely some tension between the two. The strange thing is that Aiden was engaged to Justice at one point. It was all a political arrangement. It was all a sham, but it makes it even more awkward now.

“The human stays,” Santos states, “He’s under my protection. Anyone willing to fight for Eden, will fight? If anyone has a problem with that…do something about it. I dare you.”

Santos has an anger in him. I can see all fury.

“Seems like someone is well-rested,” Genesis winces to no one in general.

The two brothers don’t look at each other. I don’t think there is much love lost between the two but at the same time, I think there is this underlying understanding that they are family. I don’t know how much that means to either one of the two powerhouses honestly but I know that it’s important.

Aiden looks over at me. I can tell he really, really doesn’t want me here but he doesn’t want to have this conversation in front of everyone.

As though Justice can smell Aiden’s resistance, he goes to the war table, “Do you want to continue, Captain Aiden? Or would you like me to take over for you?”

Justice smiles. He’s getting under Aiden’s skin. I knew he was. Within a matter of seconds, I see Aiden being forced to move over to the front at the head of the table. It seems as though they were waiting on Santos and the royal family before they got into the meat of the discussion.

“The forest surrounds the city at 4 points. The gates to the city. Here, here, here and here,” Aiden points at the spots on the map, “The three generals of the demons…Nameless, Innocent and Promise are stationed on three of the gates. Most likely they will all have demon hordes with them…not to mention unknown monsters from the depths of hell.”

“And the 4th?” I ask.

This causes multiple people to start laughing. It’s as though they think my interest in this is some sort of joke. I can see Aiden almost want to bury his face in the fucking board.

“He asked a question,” Justice quickly backs me up.

“Michael is the 4th,” Genesis states, “When the city is fallen, that is the gate Lafayette will claim it through. That is the main gate.”

He comes up to the table and stares at the 4th gate. There is a look in his eyes. There is a look of concern. Genesis didn’t seem like the type of person to really get concerned.

“The majority of our units should be at that 4th gate,” Rory states.

“The Lucii will lead the defense of the 1st gate for General Nameless,” Aiden says, “I’ll send Rory. He’s quick. He can run back and forth through the gates to deliver messages.”

“You send your smallest wolf?” one of the Lucii asks, “What if he gets killed delivering a message?”

“He’s small but fiercer then you could imagine,” Genesis defends Rory in a matter of seconds.

“We need more,” the Lucii demand.

Genesis walks over to Lucius. His eyes glare at him, “Vampires will fight for their city. You’ll take half the vampires protecting Eden with you. I’m sure the oldest Vampire family isn’t concerned about a nameless werewolf demon.”

Lucius looks angry, “That’s not the point…”

Just when Lucius is about to argue another blonde Lucii grabs him and seems to speak for him. When he steps forward it’s like Lucius shuts down as though his voice doesn’t matter at all. The stranger grabs Genesis by the hand. He gives him an almost flirtatious smile.

“You have knowledge don’t you?” the strange Lucii man states before smiling and adding, “We’ll trust your judgment and take Rory with us.”

I watch how he grabs onto Genesis. I watch Genesis feeling somewhat uncomfortable as he pulls away from the strange Lucii man and retreats back to the war table. He hands his baby to Yas before staring down at the map.

“If we give up half the vampires who will protect the main gate?” Aiden asks.

“The werewolves. I can take Puck and Yas and the werewolves to defend the 2nd gate against Innocent with werewolves.”

“The werewolves will fight?”

“How’d you manage that?” Santos asks.

“Magic,” Genesis responds in a tongue-in-cheek way.

Santos seems not ready to be outshined by Genesis who is clearly taking charge of the planning behind this. He points quickly at the map.

“I don’t need help from an army. I’ll take Nero and Justice. We’ll protect the Promise gate.”

“We need you at the main gate,” Aiden argues.

“My concern is my son Promise,” Santos responds, “If he is attacking the Third gate…that’s where I’ll be.”

Just like a vampire. So concerned with family, even if it means the deficit of everyone else.

“We don’t need Santos at the main gate,” Genesis adds, “I have a secret weapon.”

Everyone looks at Genesis. I think everyone is surprised he isn’t working with Aiden to push Santos, our strongest fighter to the main gate. Even I knew the stories of Santos, but at the same time, I heard that Michael had gotten the better of him during their last fight. I was hoping someone would address this fact but no one had. Genesis nods over at Puck who walks to the other end of the room to open a door that I hadn’t noticed was there. I assumed it was the bathroom but it was a dark hallway. The door opens and someone walks through.

Clearly, it’s a wolf.

“Basil?” Aiden asks, “You want Basil to lead the charge against Michael on the 4th gate.”

“That isn’t Basil…” Rory says wide-eyed, “That is the Amarok.”

“The what?” Aiden asks.

“A spirit. An old spirit. It’s been around since…since the beginning. Since Adam & Eve. Since Eden.”

Everyone in the room turns to the person who is speaking it. It’s strange because no one expects the person who is saying the words to say the words. Some people expect Genesis to be explaining this or maybe Santos. Hell, they expect anyone to be explaining what the Amarok was except for the person who was explaining it.


“How do you know that?” Aiden asks me.

It was strange the words that were coming out of my mouth, “I—-I don’t know…”

It’s almost as though it’s some knowledge that I had buried in me that I had just forgotten somehow. It’s so strange how it happens. It’s so strange.

Genesis gives me a weird look as well before adding, “Aiden, your human is right. The Amarok has united the werewolves to fight for us. But he’ll be fighting alone in the front. Help him when you can but release him against Michael. That’s our best chance. That’s our only chance of defeating Michael.”

Santos nods, “Well then…let’s begin.”


The vampires of Eden have gathered outside of the main doors. It seems like all of them are willing to fight. Half to the main gate and half to support the Lucii. They are being assigned weapons by Aiden and in the first hour we’re handing those weapons out. It comes the time where I’m being assigned my own weapon though.

“You shouldn’t use that one,” a voice says, “Try this. It has salt in the bullets. I believe they were made especially for demons in mind.”

It’s Justice who hands me the weapon. It’s a gun. It’s a revolver actually. It’s black. It doesn’t look like anything in the human world. The vampire that crafted this gun had probably been crafting guns for five human lifetimes. The art was probably perfected. All the weapons here looked that way. They all looked so experienced, just like the people wielding them. I was the only one here who wasn’t experienced. Seeing Justice standing there makes me smile. At least I had one person who wasn’t looking at me as some weak human joke.

“You vampires definitely seem willing to protect the city,” I state, “The witches abandoned us and the werewolves had to be manipulated by Genesis. But vampires are just here fighting.”

“We’ve been here the longest. We don’t remember the human world,” he admits.

“You don’t seem to have a problem being around humans.”

He laughs, “I ran away a lot. I actually like humans. I like them a little too much.”

He is standing next to me. His breath is up against my face. I feel so at ease with him standing there. He had my back during the war council. He supported me when I wasn’t sure if Aiden supported me. Seeing Justice again was definitely something that made me smile even if it’s just a little bit. I don’t know what it is but I know that I like the idea of being around him.

His breath smells so good. It smells amazing. I’m about to lean into him but then I see a face appearing from the side. Aiden.

Justice notices as soon as I do.

“Good luck out there,” he states and as though wanting to get under Aiden’s skin, he adds, “Make it back to me alive.”

With that Justice leaves. I felt comfortable he would do fine at his gate with the protection of Santos but I wasn’t sure how I would fare. I watch as he leaves. He doesn’t say a word. He just walks away. When I turn I see Aiden crossing his arms. I expect him to be jealous. I expect him to say something about how I shouldn’t talk to Justice.

That isn’t what happens.

“You should go with him to the Promise Gate,” he states, “Santos will be there. Even though you don’t have an army with you, it’ll probably be the safest gate. He has Lilith blood running in him.”

“You are going to be at the main gate. Don’t you want me with you?

“No. I don’t,” Aiden says.

“You don’t mean that.”

“I do mean that. Look at Justice. I mean, seriously. Look at him. He’s probably the most eligible bachelor in Eden. He’s beyond attractive and he has royal blood. When this is all over he’s probably in the running to rule Eden. If you got with him—-”

My heart was racing.

“Why are you doing this?” I ask, “Why are you pushing me away?”

Aiden stares at the ground. There isn’t much of a conversation. He just looks at me and shakes his head, “Go with Justice.”

With that Aiden walks away. He’s always been a bit cold. I think it wasn’t his natural state. He got it more from Armando, but at the same time, I definitely felt like it was getting worse over time. Right now it’s as though he doesn’t even see me. It’s like he doesn’t want me around. And that shit hurts. What if these were our last hours. What if the demon threat was so big? Did he want me to die next to Justice instead of dying at his side? Why was he trying so hard to convince me to get with Justice?

The shit hurt.

But I don’t head to the Promise gate. I can’t. They didn’t need me at the Promise gate. The main gate needed all the help it could get. It needed everything.

Hours pass.


“Nothing,” a voice states.

I turn and see Mickson standing next to me. He has binoculars and is looking out into the forest. We don’t see any demons heading our way. None at all.

“Maybe they got one look at me and they were like—oh fuck that—I ain’t fucking with that vampire, he’s a savage,” Pietro laughs.

Mickson laughs at Pietro. I don’t laugh though. I don’t find this shit funny. I look over at Aiden. He seems just as concerned as I am. We’re standing on the front lines but right behind us are countless vampires who have come to the main gate…the largest gate defending Eden.

“Something isn’t right,” I whisper to Aiden.

Something was off. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t even acknowledge me. I think he’s upset that I’m even here. He’s been literally ignoring me for hours as though I don’t exist. He hears me though. He hears my concerns. We turn at that moment and hear someone running towards us. As the person approaches it’s clear that there is a real concern there.

It’s Rory. Rory is bleeding. He is sweating. It’s clear he’s been in a fight. He manages to make it through and damn near collapses at Aiden’s feet.

“What is it?” Aiden asks.

“The other gates need help. The demons are attacking full fledge.”

“Fuck…” Aiden says.

Pietro crosses his arms, “This is dumb Aiden. We should be helping the other gates. We shouldn’t just be sitting here waiting for something to happen here. Nothing is happening here.”

“Something isn’t right,” I state.

“Has Michael shown up at any of the other gates?” Aiden asks Rory.

Rory shakes his head, “Not that I’ve heard. But the Innocent is getting the best of Genesis and Yas. His magic is stronger than either of them were prepared for. The werewolves are wild and refuse to listen to their orders.”

Aiden looks over at Basil…the Amarok.

Basil hasn’t moved since he was told where to stand. He’s completely powerful. He doesn’t react to anything. Right now it’s as though he is some sort of ghost in his body. I knew that spirit in there was powerful though and it had taken over Basil’s body. This wasn’t Basil anymore. This was something strong and old. It has no concern about Genesis or Yas or anything of that sort.

“Should we send him?” Pietro asks Aiden.

Aiden is thinking.

“Don’t…” I tell Aiden, “We should hold this line. Something’s not right.”

Aiden looks over at me for the first time in forever, “You’re right. Pietro, you and Mickson take 70 percent of the vampires we have here and break them up to the other three gates as reinforcements.”

“Yes, sir.”

Mickson and Pietro start separating the vampires we have at the main gate to help the other gates who have already started getting attacked. Still nothing at this gate though. I’m sure people are wondering why not send the Amarok but I know that something isn’t right. Michael still hadn’t shown up.

When Mickson and Pietro leave, it’s even more silence. We don’t have many vampires left with us but the Amarok is still there. An hour passes. Another hour. No sign of anything. I wondered how the other gates were faring.

“You trust me,” I tell Aiden, “I know you listened to me just now.”

Aiden doesn’t look at me. He doesn’t respond. He’s still ignoring me. It isn’t until Rory comes back that he comes back to life.

“What’s happening?” Aiden asks.

“We were betrayed…I think. Someone told the demons about our plans,” Rory states, “The majority of demons are attacking the Innocent gate. Thousands.”

“Holy shit.”

“We can’t spare any more people,” I state.

“Rory take the rest of the vampires.”

“There’s something else,” Rory states, “It’s Innocent. He’s calling out the Amarok.”

“He knows about the Amarok?” Aiden asks, “How?”

“Yas?” Aiden questions.

It made sense if it was Yas. Yas was the one who was possessed. Would he be the one who had turned against us? It would also make sense because Genesis was at the Innocent gate. The demons clearly wanted the baby Lilith. I doubt Genesis would take the baby into war with him but if they took Genesis then they’d know where he was hiding Lilith.

Had Yas betrayed us? Had he told them which gate Genesis was going to beat? Had he told them about the Amarok threat?”

“Don’t fall for it,” I tell Aiden, “Don’t send the Amarok.”

That’s when Rory says something that changes the game, “Innocent says that he is going to kill Genesis, Yas, and Puck the same way he killed Yuma.”

We turn at that moment towards the Amarok to make sure he didn’t do anything crazy. The Amarok wasn’t there anymore.

“It’s gone after Innocent.”

The Amarok has left the main gate. It’s clear it’s going after Innocent. Maybe Basil really was in there somewhere and mad as hell. It was clear that Basil was looking for revenge and it was clear that it was going to do whatever it took to get that revenge.

We were left alone.

“Something isn’t right,” I say once again.

With the Amarok gone things seems to shift. The sky almost seems to swirl above us. We HAD been betrayed and this was a trap. They wanted the Amarok gone. They wanted Innocent to lure the Amarok to another gate so that this gate would be free. There was a reason there hadn’t been an attack on this gate yet and the more I’m looking the clearer the reason is.

He appears floating in the sky. The figure is strong as ever.

“That must be…” Aiden starts.

“Michael,” I finish it for him.

His voice flickers off into a frail silent echo. I can see for the first time Aiden afraid. The fear is welling up in him. He stands his ground but I know he’s afraid. We were mostly alone on this gate now. The few vampires that had stuck around wouldn’t be much help in defending this gate.

I can hear Aiden’s heart beating almost out of his chest. He was afraid. This was one of the most respected men in Eden. He was a general. He was someone who had helped Eden through many threats. Right now Aiden was afraid though. I knew he was. I guess when you’re a vampire you don’t think so much about your immortality.

And through all those times that he wanted to protect me, I knew right now I wanted to protect him.

“Move…or die…” Michael announces from the air.

The threat is clear. Aiden pulls out his gun. His hand is shaking. He’ll die here proudly. I knew he would. He would give his life for Eden. And the more I think about it, the more I realize I’d follow Aiden anywhere. I had no reason to be in this city. I had no reason to stick around. None but him.

This was a city of monsters. It didn’t deserve to exist.

But there was one monster that I was willing to do anything for.

“No!” my voice echoes.

Michael’s eyes set on mine. It’s strange especially when someone like Aiden is around.

“You look familiar,” Michael states, “I know you. I see you. Why are you hiding? Come out.”

Come out?

What was he talking about?

Aiden grabs onto my arm, “Run.”

I don’t run. Michael’s eyes are set on me. Michael’s eyes glare at me. Then I see his long sword come out. He is a furious conqueror from the skies. He’s a one-man army. They didn’t need to send anyone else to take the main gate. All they needed was him. This was the same man who defeated Santos, the greatest fighter Eden had ever known. He had his eyes set on me now. He had his eyes set and he was clearly ready to destroy me.

He dives down. Slowly with his sword as though wanting me to see every moment of this. He was bringing death with him in that sword. The longsword reflects the little light that Eden has. It’s aimed right at me ready to hack me to pieces.

“RUN!” Aiden pleads, “GET BEHIND ME!”

Michael is coming. Closer and closer. His angel wings spreading like a gigantic eagle blotting out the sky. Closer and closer still.

“Get behind me!” Aiden pleads ready to give his life to protect me.

That’s the thing about Aiden. He was the protector. He always had been.

“No,” I state, “You get behind me.”

Michael makes contact but he doesn’t slash my head off. I block it. I have a sword of my own. It came from nowhere but it is in my hands. The sword is just as bright as Michael’s sword. The clash sends Aiden flying back several feet away from us. I turn just in time to see he isn’t severely injured when he falls.

Michael and I make eye contact.

“Who are you?” Michael asks.

Who am I?

What was I?

The heavens open and seem to answer for me, “Ezekiel. Angel of Transformation.”

Hearing the name brings me alive. My white wings spread across my back. It’s not only demons and wolf spirits that had hidden amongst the living. The angels from the past had done the same. I’d hid in the body of this Zeke and led him to this place to offer my assistance.

I was myself again.

The angel of transformation.

Change is a concept that makes many people uncomfortable. Humans suffer from the weight of change. At times they prayed to Ezekiel the spirit of transformation and change to help guide them. And where there is darkness, Ezekiel can bring hope.

“Stand down Michael,” I tell him, “You act against God. He has sent me to bring you back into the fold…”

Michael was a wounded soul. Lost and confused.

“You can’t defeat me,” Michael states, “I am Michael.”

I scream out a cry. It’s a cry for help. In a place like this, I thought I was just a human who was unheard but my voice was powerful.

“Not alone I can’t.”

From the clouds come the other angels. Uriel, Gabriel, Azazel, Raphael, and others. They descend on Michael. The angels of God were here to bring him justice.