The Gates, Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“This city ain’t the least bit like Twilight.”

“You thought this was going be like fuckin’ Twilight?”

“A bit. Does that make me a weird ass horny teenager?”

“Only if you were rooting for Bella to end up with the werewolf,” I tell her, “That the case?”

“Imma plead the fifth.”

“Well if that’s the case then no. Besides you’re 50.  Don’t let the eternal youth fool you.  So weird, yes—horny, of course, but teenager…nah you missed that bus.”

It’s me and my partner, Winnie. She’s got pale white skin the color of chalk with pomegranate colored purple lipstick and jet black hair. She has on a Lolita skirt and is going extra heavy on the eyeliner. She looks 15 at the most but that must just be the age she was when she turned. She’s still relatively young though. I can tell because all of this shit still excites her. The heavy eyeliner doesn’t help either if you ask me. She’s only been undead for about 50 years. That’s damn near infancy around here. From the look of the upside down cross she has over her uniform and the platform boots, I can tell someone told her that vampires were goths. Maybe that’s what got her into this in the first place.

I’m studying her face long enough to read some of her cards.  Let’s just say she was the annoying Spades partner.  She grunts, fixes her goth bowtie and surveys me while she throws something out there, “Oh come on, the werewolf was kind of hot.” She studies my expression afterward as though wanting me to agree.

“I mean—if fleas and heartworm medication turn you on then bust your nut girl. There are a ton of wolves in the city now. Get you a doggie biscuit.”

Patrol is slow. The city smells like werewolf shit and fear.  You try to tell a 200-pound wolf that they need to clean up after themselves.  There was a time we outnumbered them but they fucked like goddam rabbits.  Then there’s me: I’m just your average, tall, lean, goofy ass Brazilian vampire. Winnie calls me skinny but this is a girl who fantasized about buff werewolves for god sakes—so yeah, what the hell did she know? I was lean, if you ask me. Think swimmer, meets marathon runner, meets yoga instructor. My mother would say maybe I should eat a little bit more but unfortunately she was never bitten. She never turned. The only thing a mãe bit was the dust in 2004—or fuck, was it 1904? Hell, I don’t know. These decades kind of just forget themselves at this point.

Especially in the Eternal city.

My feet hurt. It’s either walk or take a goddam horse. Only thing I hate more than walking is a goddam horse. It’s one of the many things I miss about the human world. They had cars on their streets. Cars did exist in the Eternal city but mostly for labor. It’s a reminder of how fucked up time is when we patrol past a horse and carriage parked.

“You’re telling me you wouldn’t dick down Jacob?”

“Which one is Jacob again? I didn’t give a shit about that movie. We only get bootleg DVDs from the human world anyway.”

“The sexy ass werewolf.”

“Fuck no, you’re tripping. I wouldn’t fuck Brian Griffin. I don’t believe in bestiality.”

“You’re a goddam racist you know that? That’s what you are. The same tone they used to use in the Civil rights movement. See, my pussy doesn’t discriminate.”

“United Nations Pussy, huh?”

“Oh yes. I’ve had vampires, werewolves, witches…”

“They call themselves witchdoctors.”

“Oh yeah them too. All four schools of magic, right in this pussy.”

“My god, where do they all fit?”

“Right here tucked under the clit. It’s a magic clit. Extra storage. Secret compartments to accommodate most household and commercial business needs.”


“I know right.”

It’s a warm night in Eden, the Eternal City. The city of monsters was always pretty warm here. The sky was this dark, dark color. Not quite black but more like a crimson red. The color when the blood first comes out.  The color when you bite through the vein.  Fuck the sky is making me hangry.  Things have changed within the last year. We were used to the sky being red in the Eternal city but not this dark shit.  It made the werewolves all crazy.  Got the witches sacrificing everything with four legs.  Don’t keep a goddamn cat around them or Mr. Fluffy would end up in a séance.

Long story short, shit was weird but we managed to get a lot of main threats under somewhat of a control.  So motherfuckers made the best of it.  That, mixed with the nice weather, has a few people out on their fancy porches. The porches in Eden and specifically around this part of town would probably be called a goddam veranda in the human world. Or hell, even a goddamn portico. Don’t know what those are? That’s specifically the point. These old ones were pretentious. God forbid they just had a regular goddam porch. There is a guy who overhears Winnie talking about her pussy and you would think by the way he looks at her that she’d just murdered a baby right in front of his extravagant colonnades. We’re patrolling Upper Midtown. Most of the Aristocratic vampires lived around here. No wonder there is so much patrol on these streets.

“You never let me try some,” I tell her and just in case she needed clarification I quickly add, “Your pussy. You never let me try some of your pussy.”

I flash her my most charming smile. She doesn’t mind me flirting with her. She’s bisexual and I always considered myself fuckable.  Sure I’m not Jacob from Twilight but a girl can get real wet to me if she wanted. Most every vampire I’ve met is bisexual. Maybe it’s because we lived so long that we get bored of the monotonous nature of sexuality. Or maybe it’s the intimacy of drinking blood that makes us just less picky about where we stick our private parts. Once you taste someone’s red blood cells, sucking a dick doesn’t seem all that serious.

“When I get back to sharing my pussy with other vampires, you’ll be the first one to know Pietro.”

“Goddamn blood traitor,” I sigh, “That’s what you are.”

“Here we go—”

“You know what. I’m only doing this job because I thought I would get some goddamn sex. Everyone loves a guard. Everyone wants to be protected with all the shit going on.”

“You’re in the wrong business, Pietro. The sex workers are on the stroll in Downtown Eden.   We are here to protect and serve.  Like King Santos.”

King Santos was her goddamn hero.  She never stopped talking about him.   And like all hero’s he wasn’t around anymore to tell his own story.  I roll my eyes.  I didn’t want to be a goddamn hero.

We leave the upper side area and start making our way towards the run-down slums of the city. A lot of the poor vampires who didn’t come from a well-known brood lived around these parts.  A brood is vampire slang for family, except it’s rare they were actually blood-related.  Not really.  They just turned each other and hung out.  There were the exceptions though, especially with the really rich ones.   Wolves were the same.  Witches had covens, vampires had broods and wolves had packs.  There’d been a lot of violence ever since the werewolf packs were driven into the city. People don’t stay out around this time of night. In the eternal city, daytime and nighttime all looked the same. It’s not that people were avoiding the darkness or anything. No. It’s because nighttime something else happened.

The bells start to toll over the city.


They are extra loud tonight.

“Demon sighting,” Winnie recognizes the sound of the bells, “That’s the fifth one tonight…”

“Your pussy opened to demons too?”

“Do I look like I want my pussy ripped open and possessed by the inhabitants of hell?”

“I dunno, you do have that resting bitch face, so I’m not sure if you’re asking me a trick question.”

There’s a scream that moment that interrupts our nightly chat. It’s a guy screaming. Now the young werewolves would normally howl for god knows what reason sometimes. A lot of the times, depending on how young they were, that annoying shit came across as a scream. It irritates the hell out of me. Sometimes the male werewolves would fuck one of the females in their pack really hard too. When the werewolves first moved into the Slums, we swore on everything this was some witch sacrifice going on. The witches loved to sacrifice goddam everything they could get their hands on but it was illegal outside of their school area. This wasn’t stupid ass werewolf screams though, nor was it werewolf fucking—nor was it witchdoctor sacrifices.

This was a scream for help.

I look over at Winnie wondering if we care. She’s already turning down the dark alley. Apparently, we care…

I’m after her not too far. As for me, I do a light jog. I’m not in a rush to deal with this shit. There is a big long strip running behind the stores of the slums. Most garbage, some abandoned tents that no doubt housed some homeless werewolves who’d been abandoned by their packs not too long ago. Beside the imported cigarettes from the human world, dumpster, weeds growing out of the concrete and a unique smell of death.

“Back demon!” Winnie presses forward.

She’s all in it at this point before I even get there.  You would think she’d been battling for hours. All base in her voice and passion. I realize why. The demon is standing across from her. Demons came in different sizes and shapes, but in their true nature, they were all the same. I’d seen several. They were all dark, bigger than the average person and scary as all hell. You never got used to the blackness of their complexion. It was almost like they bathed in liquid charcoal. She has her guns out and is shooting like a mad bitch on fire at the demon. The demon moves fast, dodging most and evaporating when it couldn’t dodge, only to reappear, rinse and repeat. It was clearly on the defense but if I knew anything about demons, they were stubborn fuckers.

I pull out my own gun. It’s a revolver, specifically for us guardians of the night.  They taught us this in training to become the King’s Guard.  It was just a title.  Eden didn’t have a king.  Not since Santos bit the dust.  And if we all didn’t want to follow suit, Captain Aiden said we needed to learn some shit.  So I paid attention.

Demons were a bitch.   I had to learn the hard way that salt is good at keeping them at bay and iron can get rid of them for a bit but lemongrass or sage infused bullets worked best.

That’s when I see the guy who screamed for help.

He’s laid up against a brick wall with a split lip and a dazed look. He’s a brown guy. I say brown because I never really liked calling black people black.  I know it sounds dumb, but they weren’t black, they were brown. He’s sexy though. He’s not slim like me. He has a little bit of muscle to him but he’s a bit short. He has a handsome face that’s all lined up. He’s completely out of it.

I look back at Winnie. She’s holding off the demon…for now.

“You alive, kid?” I ask.


“Get him out of here!” Winnie is screaming.

At first, I’m confused why she says this. It seems like she was doing really well holding off the one demon but when I turn I realize Winnie is out of bullets. By now she’s at the end of the alley. I want to scream at her. The goddam girl wants to be a hero, so bad. She watched Twilight too many times, I guess. Maybe that’s why she chased the damn demon into the darkness. Now she’s backing away slowly towards me and I can see why.

There are more.

Way more demons than I’d ever seen before.

“Get him out of here,” she repeats, as though I didn’t hear her.

It’s easier said than done. I look down at the victim. He’s really injured. Not a little bit. He’s injured a lot. His lip is bleeding and he’s lost blood. He’s young. It’s odd when demons attack the young to kill. Usually, they possess them. Join them to the army. Before I can think of it I pull my pouch out. The witches from the towers prepare them every morning for us.

“Come this way, run for it!” I’m telling her, “Run!”

I’m shooting all crazy just like she did. My hands holding onto my revolver. My bullets piercing the air frantically. Usually, I’m a good shot but right now I’m struggling to focus enough not to shoot Winnie and shoot these things coming up behind her. They are fast. They are all black and furious and dangerous.

And I realize Winnie is a dead woman. I’m not talking about the sexy kind of dead. I’m not talking about the undead. Nah. She’s a dead woman…or worse.

“GO!” she’s screaming.

It’s the last thing she gets to say before they trip her over! All you see is black claws peeling into her skin, black teeth gnawing at her body. I’m shooting again but this time I’m not being careful not to hit Winnie. This time it’s the opposite. I’m making sure I hit her. I’m making sure that she’s gonna die in a better way then they plan on doing it. But I can’t focus too long to make sure she’s dead. I figure her not moving or screaming after a few seconds is sign enough of that. I have to focus on me. I might not be running out of bullets like Winnie but I am definitely running out of the alley. They are catching up to me.

I look down, thinking about grabbing the kid and making a run for it. This is weird though. These demons want him. They want him real bad. Demons weren’t like werewolves. You didn’t see them in packs. You never saw more than one. They wanted this kid and they wanted him really bad.

I think about abandoning him.

But goddamn he’s kind of cute looking up at the sky trying his hardest to focus on just breathing. And it’s my job anyway. And all I can’t think about is Nah, fuck that, they killed Winnie. So no. I ain’t gonna let her die in vain. I shoot my revolver. I’m feeling like a lemongrass badass. The way they scatter the normal person would think they were being scared off. I knew demons though. It definitely took a lot more and that usually was just for one.

All I can do right now is remember Captain Aiden’s words: “You CANNOT kill a demon…remember, ALL demons are fallen angels…essentially fallen holy spirits. You cannot kill the Divine, nor what was once divine. A salt barrier…essentially a line of salt around you…helps. Black salt can be used (if you can find it) to keep ALL evil OUT. However, the note of caution: Make sure ALL EVIL is removed before you lay this down…they cannot cross it if you happen to miss a demon or evil entity and you will be stuck with this spirit.”

I grab the kid and toss him over my shoulders. Sure he’s light. Sure I’m fast. I had the stamina of a fucking bull since I turned. Not even vampire adrenaline would help with the demons though. I find myself heading to the nearest place I know in this part of the slums.

I head to my apartment.


I’ve used up every vampiric ability I knew to gather up the adrenaline to speed out of there.  I had to be running about 50 miles per hour. I surround me and this kid with salt.  Lucky for me, there’s a witch who always comes into the office with a fresh supply for everyone on scout duty. It’s not regular salt. It’s witch salt. Most of the guys ended up sniffing it. I’m assuming it gave some people the same high as meth but definitely didn’t last that long. I never was so happy at that moment that I didn’t do drugs.

I literally put down salt all around the main room of this place. I’m not afraid to fuck up the carpet. Let’s just say I wasn’t living in the lap of luxury like most vampires. It’s a small apartment but salt doesn’t really go a long way.  I make it stretch.  I can’t be too safe. Sure, I got him away but I needed to contact the office. First, I call the office from my apartment but no one picks up. I’m not surprised. We weren’t really the most organized group and resources have been spread thin since the demons appeared. I needed my boss to know what’s going on. I find myself sending the only thing that works. A goddamn page.

After about 30 minutes it hits me that Winnie is actually gone. It hits me hard.

“Goddamn, Winnie.”

I’ve been sitting there for hours and she just keeps popping up into my mind. She’s always trying to be a goddamn hero. I’ve been working with her a little bit now and she’s always the one who was a goddamn hero. I remember her in training, always raising her fuckin’ hand, participating in shit and volunteering.  Never met someone so hyped to be a King’s guard with no King.  I mean I knew guys like me who just thought it was a great way to get laid.  Goddamn. Winnie. She wanted this. Maybe that’s why she became a vampire in the first place. So she can have a little extra power when she burned out in her heroic blaze of glory.

“What…what’s going on?”

The voice scares the dog shit out of me.

Mr. Handsome with the innocent eyes has just woken up. He’s glaring at me all confused. I have to admit I’m not looking my best here. I’m sweating and scared as shit those things are going to find us.

“You got attacked,” I tell him.

“Oh fuck….did you save me?”

“You alive aren’t you? At least for now, you are. You bleeding pretty bad. I would turn you but, you know…that’s against the law…”

He grunts a little bit. His facial expression wrestles with pain like he’s rinsing out a cloth or something. It’s the weirdest thing. “Turn me?”

“You know? Turn you into one of us. It’s a delicate procedure, requires you drink my blood…”

He raises his eyebrows and nods as though connecting the dots that I’m a vampire.

“That sounds tempting, but I’ll pass.”

“Good because I wasn’t offering. But I’d really like it if you didn’t die on my living room floor.”

“I think the feeling’s mutual. Why didn’t you take me to the hospital?”

“Hospital?” I laugh, “I was trying to figure out what you were. You didn’t smell like a werewolf. I was able to tell that much. I guess now I just realized you’re a comedian.”

“What’s so funny?”

“The last time a hospital has been open in the Eternal city was when the Demons first attacked.”

“I’ve been…gone for while,” he tells me, “What happened?”

“What didn’t happen is the better question. A year ago, Demons came, broke down the government and destroyed the city. The werewolves put up the initial fight and took the initial loss too. When the vampires joined in, we managed to get them the hell out of the city limits for the most part but they keep coming back. Not like they did tonight though. That was different. They really wanted you.”

I raise an eyebrow wondering if he could give me some insight on what they wanted.

He doesn’t.

“I don’t feel so good,” he states.

I don’t know if it’s to change the subject or if he was really not feeling good. I feel though that it’s a little bit of both. Maybe that’s why I bite into my arm and show him my blood.


“What’s this?”


“You just said—”

“You’ll only turn if you’re dying to say from me biting you and then you taste my blood. It’s safe. I promise this is the fastest way to heal.”

He hesitates at that moment.

“I don’t know—”

“I lost a friend trying to save you tonight. Don’t let that go in vain and die anyway.”

Even talking about Winnie pisses me off. It’s still too fresh. I don’t know when it’s really going to hit me but I don’t want to be dealing with this guy by then. I didn’t care how handsome he was.

He hesitates, probably turned off by the blood but then he goes in. At first, I think he’s just fainting on my goddamn arm but he catches himself mid head bob and starts drinking. It’s weak at first. It’s like a dog lapping up water. Then soon his strength is coming back to him and he’s sucking hard. My stamina is entering his body and I can already feel his breathing turning back to normal.  The sucking feels good.  My dick damn near salutes as I struggle not to moan like a bitch and embarrass myself.   I stop him forcefully pushing him by his forehead to get back.


“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.  I need more…”

“Nah.  You’re mortal for a reason.  Not everyone can be awesome like me…”

“I can make you give me some more if I want.”

I raise my eyebrow.

He finishes rather quickly seeming intimidated when I intensify my stare, “Not saying that I want to do that.  Just saying.  Just…well, nevermind.”

“Yeah well, before you get any clever ideas clean yourself up.  There’s a shower over there. We should be safe tonight. I doubt we’ll get any help until morning.”

“I’m staying here till morning?”

“Unless you want to go out there with the demons.”

He doesn’t thank me. I guess I’m not really looking for thanks. He goes to the shower and I just go back to thinking about Winnie. I go to the fridge and get my bottle of old donated blood.  Whoever donated this blood needed to really lay off of the vitamin supplements.  The fiber makes me want to scrub my tongue.  I bet Mr. Handsome tastes better.  It was a toss up with witches.  Sometimes they tasted like fucking liquid magic and other times they tasted like fucking sage.  I put on some Michael Jackson Thriller because it calms me down and head to my rinky-dink couch. I go back to thinking about this fucking job. It’s not like I had a choice. Most everyone had some sort of sentry duty now.  Not just King’s Guard.  Before you could choose what you wanted to do. You could bake bread, you could shake your tits for a living. Now every baker and stripper needed to know how to kill a goddam demon or else they wouldn’t have anyone to bake bread or shake tit to. That’s our life now. And it’s fucked up. It’s really fucked up. I didn’t want to do this. It’s not like I’m some sort of hero or something. That’s the kind of thinking that got Winnie killed. I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t want to be helping this kid.

I was no one’s hero.

“So what’s your name hero?” he asks.

He walks back into the main room of my studio apartment. He has on a towel and he’s all dripping wet. He walks over to the other side of the room and he has this dip in his back so deep it looked like god specifically wanted to draw attention to his ass. He has a real lean body but nowhere near skinny.

Goddamn, he’s hot.

“You reading my mind or something?”

“No, why you ask that?”

“Ain’t that what you people do?”

“You people?”

“You a witch, ain’t you?” I ask him.

“How’d you figure?” he asks.

“Because in Eden, the Immortal city there are only witches, werewolves and vampires. You’re too feeble to vampire and if you were a werewolf I would have smelled you already,” I let him know, “Plus you didn’t freak out about the salt.”

“Black lava salt? Used to trap negative energy. Nah, I grew up with it. Not in Eden. I grew up on a little island in the Atlantic before I came to the Immortal City.  Before I even knew the secret city even existed.  So well yeah, I’m a witch doctor. Name’s Mickson.”


“Sounds like some type of gasoline or something. Isn’t that what it’s called in the human world?”

Funny. I thought he just mentioned he just returned to Eden. If he didn’t come from a human city then where exactly did he come from? He has this look in his eyes. He’s a Dorothy not quite in Kansas and not quite in Oz. I figure maybe it’s just the high from the vampire blood.

“Petrol? Hell, I don’t know. I’m kind of tired so yeah. Not really thinking right. So how about this… Micky…”

“It’s Mickson. Every time someone calls me Micky I think about my sister…”

“OK, Mickson. Uh…you can have the couch. ”

“You have all this room on the bed.”

He lays down on my bed. His towel is barely around his ass.  I can see the crack and I swear my vampire vision is zooming on the water beads around his perfectly round crack.  The towel was just a tease.  He might as well have thrown it across the room at this point. And he might as well have glued my eyes to his skin while he was at it. I’m staring a hole in him.

“It’s late.”

“I realize that. The sun doesn’t come up in Eden though unless that’s changed too. So what’s the rush?”

“The rush is you’re hot and I’m horny.”

“I don’t see why that has to be a rush,” he winces with a devilish smile.

I look over at him, “Look I’m not in the mood. Tonight has been hard, to say the least.”

“I’m sorry. I get it. I do. It’s just when I tasted your blood. It kind of turned me on. And by kind of turning me on I mean it gave me a raging hard dick,” he tells me, looking down, “I don’t know what to do with it.”

Sure enough, he flips over and shows me his dick. It’s clearly hard at this point and I have to admit I’m intrigued.

“Everyone gets hard.  Vampire and whoever gets bitten.  Honestly, man, you’ve been trouble enough for the night.  Not trying to complicate things anymore.”

The sooner I got rid of this guy, the better.

“Already complicated,” he tells me.

He knows what he’s doing.  He knows what he’s doing when he bites his lower lip and then I see blood.  I swear I’m looking at this blood like it was the blood of Christ.

“Fuck it…” I barely whisper.

When I mean barely, I mean it literally hardly exits my mouth before I pounce on the kid.  I’m shoving my tongue all up on his lip.  I’m wrestling with him, showing him just how strong a vampire really is and I can see that he’s loving it when I spread his legs and start licking between his thighs.  I get lower to his dick taking it in and biting lightly.  It’s very light.  I’m not piercing the skin.  I’m not about to turn this into some blood fetish.  But I want him to feel my fangs.  I want him to know just what I am.

His dick is loving it.  I can see it twitching as I get close.  He’s wanting me to suck it and when I put it in my mouth he damn near has an orgasm.  I feel him pushing against it though.

Good.  I didn’t want it to end there.

“I’m going to fuck you.”


“Oh yeah.  You wanted it.  You got it.”

I turn him around doggy style.  All I use is spit and I go up in him raw.  It’s not like vampires carry diseases anyway.  I could care less if he knew that or not though.  Right now I wanted him to feel me.  Skin on skin.  He’s a lot tougher than he looks.  I guess the innocent face is a little deceptive.  Before I know it he’s battling back, pushing his ass cheeks up against the rim of my dick.

The thumping noise and the moaning make for an interesting climax.  I barely know his name but it’s OK because I planned on fucking him at least a few more times tonight and making sure that I was screaming it.


I don’t expect to be holding him that night.  I don’t expect to like it, either.  However, after having back to back sex, it’s kind of awkward not to hold the person.  What the hell did I look like….some kind of monster?

I wake up in the middle of the night though to realize that he wasn’t there.

“Everything OK?”

He’s sitting at the edge of the bed.   He leans over completely naked.  I can barely see the look on his face but I know that something isn’t quite right.  Mickson seems stressed about something.  I can’t quite tell what it is but I know that it’s something.

“Not quite.  You said that tomorrow I’ll have help right?”

“Yeah, my captain will be here.”

“And I’ll be out of your hair?”

I’m not sure what this was.   I mean, I know the dick was good but was this one of those weird ‘are you going to call tomorrow’ moments.

“Listen, we’ll keep in touch.  You know.  I’m not looking for love at the moment, but a special friend would be cool, or whatever…”

“This isn’t about sex.”


“No,” he responds, sighing a little, “I may need your help.   Listen yesterday wasn’t my first time experiencing demons.”

“No shit, they’ve been around almost a year.”

“No…even before that.”

I hadn’t seen a demon before a year ago.  Before they came and all hell broke loose.  Before that, I didn’t even know demons existed.  Not really.  I mean I figured there was a chance because I mean, I was a fucking vampire for godsakes but I didn’t think it would be as rampant as it was now.  I didn’t think it changed the way I was living.  I didn’t think my entire life would be about how to survive a night without being killed by a demon.

“You knew of demons before the attack?”

“I’ve been…possessed before.”

I pause.  What the fuck was this?  I knew it was a bad idea to fuck a witch.  This is the kind of shit that I did not sign up for.  The only thing I needed witches for was a constant supply of salt and to spook the shit out of the werewolves when they did their dog sacrifice rituals.

“No one gets possessed and comes back.”

“I did.  And I’ve seen some things.  I know how to get to some places.  I didn’t think I did, but I was able to go there and I know what the Demons want.  I know why they are here.”

“How would you know something like that?”

Mickson pauses and hesitates.

“Because I just came back from Hell.”