The Comforts We Despise, Chapter 6


The Masked AngelChapter 6


“What if I go as a fairy?” Ozzie asked.

I shook my head, “That’s not a costume Oz.  That’s what you are in real life.  The point of a costume party is to become someone you normally wouldn’t be.”

He laughed, “Smart ass. Oh what if I go as a football player.”


I looked around the store.  There was nothing that stuck out to me for Pristine’s costume party.  This was one of the few parties that Pristine threw that I actually enjoyed.  Maybe it was the disguises but people weren’t so stuck up at her Halloween parties.  They actually took their time out of their busy schedules to have a good time.  It was the big event of the town as well.  She allowed even what she referred to as peasants to come. I guess it was her one year charity or something.   Everyone would be there.

“Look at those two…together again.  As if nothing has happened,” Ozzie stated, “God I hope Jackie goes to the party as a stripper.”

I turned to see that Ozzie was talking about Jackie and Adrian.  They had just walked in the store and were up in the front of the store.  Great…it took just a few days and Adrian was back underneath Jackie’s wings.  I hadn’t gotten to see much of him at all after he basically said he no longer wanted to see me.  I guess things were going back to normal.

“Great,” I rolled my eyes, “I’m happy they are back together.”

“Adrian looks nice today don’t you think.  I wonder what he’s going to wear to the party.”

“Who cares?”  I asked.

“I do. Pristine gives out an award for best costume.  That is my only competition.  You know he dresses nice.  Holy shit they are coming over here. Fuck how do I look.”

I ignored Ozzie.

I wanted to actually disappear in the clothing.  I was hoping they actually walked past me.  If Adrian didn’t want anything to do with me then I didn’t want anything to do with him either.

I was shocked when they actually walked right up to us.

“Hey Ozzie…hey Quashie,” Adrian stated.

I was even more surprised when Jackie added a slow, “Hey guys…”

I turned around to see Adrian and Jackie standing there.  What the hell did they want?  The only time Jackie spoke to me was if he was trying to yell at me or something.  He had basically ignored me since the huge fight as well.

Ozzie was sold almost immediately, “Hey!!”

I on the other hand…ignored them.

It felt kind of good giving them the cold shoulder.

I moved down two cold hangers looking through some costumes as though they were the most interesting things in the world.  I wasn’t going to be a pushover.  In no circumstances was I going to be a pushover.

“Listen, can we talk to you for a second Quashie?” Adrian said.

“I’m listening.  I can multi-task.”

“Jackie wanted to say something,” Adrian continued.

There was a short sigh from Jackie.  Almost like a kid would give if he was being forced to say something that he didn’t want to say.  It reminded me of Jonah a little bit.

Jackie finally opened his mouth after a second or two of silence, “Look I’m sorry for the fight…”

I looked at Jackie.  I was trying to hold back a smile.  His face looked so awkward as he apologized.  I knew this had to be embarrassing for him.  I was embarrassed for HIM as the sides of my mouth struggled not to break into a smile.

Adrian shook his head, “There was more though wasn’t it?”

Jackie rolled his eyes, “I want us to start over.  Maybe we can all hang out after the Halloween party.  I’m having a pre-party upstairs in the saloon. I wanted you to come.  Think we all can be…uh…friends.  ”

It was almost as though Adrian had Jackie’s mouth on strings or something and was moving them like a muppet.   I could imagine Adrian apologizing for something a million times before I could imagine Jackie apologizing.  Jackie had done a lot of cruel, hateful things and this had been the first time EVER that apologized.  What was the difference now?  Clearly my new relationship with Adrian was what the difference was.

Ozzie jumped at the opportunity, “That’s a great idea Jackie.  We’ll definitely come. We should all definitely be friends.”

I wanted to throw daggers at Ozzie.  He was so quick to forgive and jump right back under Jackie’s ass.  I was pretty sure they hadn’t even invited him.

“I’ll think about it,” I said bluntly coldly.

“Ok…” Jackie said probably feeling even lower now, “Adrian, I’ll be waiting in the car.  I don’t feel so good all of a sudden.”

He didn’t wait to walk out of the store all of a sudden.  Good.  What goes around comes around?  I wanted him to feel that embarrassment.  I didn’t think I was being a bitch.  He deserved that kind of treatment.

Adrian remained in the store looking at me.  I could feel his eyes watching me.


I moved away walking to the back of the store away from Adrian. I took a look at the suits.  There was nothing that screamed out hot in this store. Everything was actually really really basic.

“You should wear this?”

It was Adrian.  He had followed me to the far back of the store and was holding up a costume.  It was an angel costume with wings.  I looked at the little tiny shorts hanging next to it.

“My junk would not fit in those,” I stated.

“That’s the point,” he said smiling.

I grabbed the costume.  It was actually kind of nice to be honest.

I gave him a hard look, “You talking to me now?”

“I missed you.”

I rolled my eyes.  He was playing with me again.  He missed the sex.  That part was at least clear.  He was looking at me with that same charming look that he used to give me though.  It was clear that he wasn’t upset with me any longer.

“Missing someone is a feeling,” I stated shaking my head, “You are breaking your own rules.”

He got closer whispering, “I never said I didn’t care about you.”

“No that was clear fighting your bestfriend for my sake had some sort of care to it,” I stated giving him a hard look, “But acting like an asshole to me after the fact shows that you are very confused and after having some time to think I don’t think I need that.”

“What changed your mind?”

“I’m worth more.  A friend made me realize that.”

“Ozzie…you can’t be listening to the guy that is OBVIOUSLY obsessed with Jackie.”
“No not Ozzie.”
Ozzie was a good friend but when it came to boys…specifically Jackie, he was the biggest weakling.  I remembered the words that Jonah had told me.  He had brought me to the realization that I was worth more than just sex.  It was all Jonah.

“Look I didn’t mean to act like a dick these few days.  I was seriously just trying to protect myself.”

“From what?  I’m not trying to hurt you Adrian.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

There he was again avoiding any discussion about true emotions.

“Ok. I guess it doesn’t.”

I turned away again.

“Listen just be cool.  I had a talk with Jackie. I gave him an ultimatum.”

“You’re joking.”

“No.  He is really going to try to get along with you.  You two getting along will make it easier for me and you to keep growing together.  We all can be friends.”


“Well you know…you will be my special friend,” he stated.

Friends with benefits. Adrian was smiling when he said this as though I would be happy.  It was almost as though he had just given me EXACTLY what I wanted.  This was the perfect scenario for him.  Jackie and I would be friends so it would make it easier for him to get with me.

“I think I’ll pass Adrian.”


I had walked away thought and didn’t turn back.  Hell he just didn’t get it.  At least he picked out a sexy outfit for me to wear.

“These are pretty good Dad,” Jackie stated.

I walked in the kitchen to see Mr. Hill and Jackie standing around.  The cook wasn’t around so it was obvious Mr. Hill had made these cupcake looking things. They were the smallest cupcakes I had ever seen.

“I learned the art when I met your mother,” Mr. Hill stated, “I wanted to impress her.  Oh Quashie, Quashie come over here try one of these.”

He was still making them putting icing on it.  I was surprised when Jackie actually handed me one. He SMILED when he handed it to me.  What the fuck had happened to evil Jackie.

I took it, reluctantly, “Thanks.”

“They are really good,” Jackie told me.

I bit into it.  He was right.  They were amazing.  I couldn’t imagine Pristine in a kitchen cooking but Mr. Hill happened to be a lot more down to earth.

“They are…are they for the party?” I asked.

“Sure are…” Mr. Hill stated, “I think your godmother gets too fancy for these things.  What people need is just sweet cupcakes, good music and friendly faces.”
“And alcohol,” Jackie added.

“Just a little bit,” Mr. Hill stated, “We don’t want to get carried away—“
Something had gotten his attention at that moment.

It was Lauren. She walked into the room and she looked drenched.  I couldn’t tell what it was but I could smell it.  It was something awful.  Was it…spoiled milk?  She had her head down and was walking relatively quickly trying not to be noticed as she made her way to a bathroom that was down the hall from the dining room.

“Lauren are you ok?” I asked quickly gathering that attention.

She rolled her eyes at me, “Leave me the fuck alone.”

Mr. Hill looked over.  I could tell he was concerned, “Come back here young lady.  Don’t use that language in this house.  What is that stuff all over you?”

Lauren put her head down, “FUCK OFF!”
Was she crying?
She went down the hallway that led to the bathroom. I could tell she was in trouble.  My heart started beating faster to see her like that. She was such a loner.  She had a few creepy friends but none that seemed to really matter at all.

Mr. Hill chased her down leaving just Jackie and I in the kitchen.

“So what are you going to the party as?” Jackie asked me.

Didn’t he see his sister?  Did he have any concern at all?

I ignored him, “Lauren looked upset.”

“She stunk.  I wonder what happened to her.”

“You know damn well what happened to her.”

“Your girlfriend happened to her.”

“Listen I don’t want to argue with you,” he stated, “I promised Adrian I would lay off of you.”

“That’s fine,” I stated but got closer to him, “You’ll listen.  Changing your mind on one person isn’t going to change the world.   You people push and push.  One day you are going to push someone too far.  One day you are going to push someone over the edge. I don’t bother Lauren and I can’t control what comes out of Aaryn’s mouth.”

“What do you want me to do about it?”

He was being defensive in a round about way.  It was clear that he loved Aaryn.  I knew that much just from talking to him.

“Stop protecting her.”

“Whatever man.  I don’t have to deal with this.  I knew someone like you. You guys are always right.  I’m not a good guy.  You are a good guy and so was he.  This is a fucked up world. You know what happens to guys like you?  You know what happened to that good guy?”


“They disappear.”

Jackie walked out of the room.  As he said it I knew almost immediately that he had to be talking about Jonah.  The question still rose in my head?  Why did Jonah run away?  What had happened that could have been so bad that he would disappear in the way he did?


It was the day of the Christmas party.  Looking at Ozzie I was beyond shocked that he was able to pull a football player look off.  He actually could pass really well.  He even walked like one and everything.  It was kind of hilarious.

“I should have worn your costume, you are so going to win…look at your ass in those.  I’m jealous,” Ozzie stated.

I had always been a lot more masculine that Ozzie.  It looked like now we had switched sides though.  I looked…gay.  Ozzie said it was sexy looking but I wasn’t convinced.  I felt like I was wearing body paint instead of shorts.  They were so tight that it was hard to tuck anything in here.

“I’m not excited to go to this pre-party,” I stated, “We should have just skipped this and went right downstairs.”

“You don’t want to be rude to Adrian.”

“Why the hell not?” I asked.

I DID want to be rude to Adrian.  He was still using me for my body.  By the time I had said that though we were already up at the saloon. The saloon was one of my favorite parts of the mansion.  It was always stocked full of liquor.  Not wine like the wine cellar but this part of the house had the good stuff.  As we walked in I realized the party was already started.

“Quashie! Quashie! Over here!”
The room was crowded with people from school drinking.  I looked around for who was calling me but I didn’t see anyone.  A part of me was looking for Lauren as well.  I really had been trying to get in contact with her to talk about what happened.

I was surprised when I saw it was Jackie that was calling me over there.  He was standing with Rebecca, Aaryn and two of his guy friends that I really didn’t know.  Jackie was dressed up as a prince.  Aaryn had on a maid outfit and Rebecca was a sexy bunny.   They were gathered around the bar and looked like they were drinking.

Ozzie and I walked over with Ozzie clearly leading the charge.

“Hey Guys!” Ozzie stated.

Aaryn immediately looked annoyed, “Shit we forgot cups.  Ozzie do you mind getting cups?”

Ozzie pointed down at the counter, “There are cups right there.”

“Not these ones.  We need the glass party cups.  Where are they…5th floor?  Why don’t you run up there.”

Ozzie you can’t be so stupid.

“Sure think Aaryn!” he said smiling, “I’ll be right back.”

I was embarrassed as Ozzie took off out of the room like her little puppet.  Just as he left Aaryn and Rebecca turned to each other to exchange laughs.  Who knew what was going on in their little blond brains?

“There are no cups up on the fifth floor,” I thought out loud.

“Of course not,” Aaryn stated.

I sighed.  The fifth floor was the most confusing floor in the mansion.  It had a backwards floorplan.  Ozzie would be going around in circles forever looking for cups. Nothing could really change this bitch but I didn’t feel the least bit bad for Ozzie.  He needed to learn his lesson.  Now he was on a wild goose chase when he could have easily told her No.

Jackie put one of the cups already there in front of me and poured some Patron in it.

“Shots,” he said handing me the cup, “Bottoms up.”

I looked at the cups, “What the hell is in here poison?”

Rebecca laughed as if I had said the funniest thing in the world, “He’s so funny!”

I gave her a look.  I wasn’t joking.  Jackie making me a drink was not the thing that I looked forward to.  Jackie took the drink out of my hand though and tasted it before handing it back to me.

“You’re fine.  I told you we were cool now.”
“Um…ok…where’s Adrian?”

“He didn’t come yet,” Rebecca stated before standing right next to me, “Geez…Q, you look sexy today.”

One of the guys with Jackie laughed, “You got my vote for best costume bro.”

“Why have I never noticed your body before?”

Was she joking?  Rebecca actually placed her hands on my muscles at this point and was smiling like a little girl.  I felt naked standing there.  Hell I basically was naked.  I had no shirt.  I had tight white shorts and the only thing else that I had were these huge wings on my back.

“You actually do look like you’ve been working out,” Jackie stated, “I didn’t know you were into fitness.   This entire time I don’t think I ever saw you without a shirt.  You should go running with me and Adrian in the morning.”

“Ohh…can I come?” Rebecca said smiling.

I took my arm back from her.

“Why are you guys being so nice to me?” I stated.  I wasn’t Ozzie.  I wasn’t some obsessed fan of the popular kids.

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” Aaryn stated.

She had been staring the whole time looking annoyed by their behavior.  At that point I knew Aaryn couldn’t be faking her clear disgust.  This wasn’t some rouse or something.  These people minus Aaryn were actually being genuine with me.

That was when Jackie gave Aaryn a look, “Can you stop acting like a bitch for one second?”

“Jackie!” she said shocked.

Rebecca suddenly backed Jackie up surprisingly, “Yeah Aaryn, I can’t take the negativity.  Trick, don’t kill my vibe.”

The others laughed at Rebecca and I could see Aaryn sitting there with this look on her face that said she might have been steaming right now.  This was CLASSIC!  I wondered if for a moment this had something to do with the conversation that Jackie actually had with me.  Maybe I had gotten to him a little bit.  Hell they were still in a relationship though so I guess I hadn’t moved any mountains.  Still the fact that he wasn’t defending her for the first time shocked us.

“You guys can’t be serious,” she stated.

Jackie nodded, “Yeah we are.  Adrian said that Quashie was cool.  Maybe it’s about time we actually took some time to get to know him.”
This was coming from my god-brother who had been the bane of my existence since my parents died.  I couldn’t believe this.  I found myself sitting here thinking maybe Jackie wasn’t all that bad in the first place.

“Doesn’t that sound a little weird?” she stated, “Adrian talks about Quashie all the time.  He stays at the Hill mansion all the time.  Now all of a sudden he’s trying to convince everyone that Quashie is cool.”

Jackie shook his head, “Where are you getting at?”

“I’m getting at the fact that Adrian turns down sex from Rebecca.  He obviously isn’t attracted to any other girl.  The only one he talks about is Quashie.”
Rebecca looked defensive, “Please…Adrian just wants a break.”

“Bullshit Rebecca.  Adrian is gay…and Quashie is his little fag lover!”

My mouth dropped open as everyone looked at me.

It was like the whole world stopped.  Aaryn was smart.  I had to admit. She had to be smart to put two and two together like that.  She was looking at me now and every part of me knew that Aaryn saw right through me.  There was something she was wrong about though.  I wasn’t Adrian’s lover.  Adrian wasn’t able to love another man

“Adrian you are so full of shit,” Jackie stated, “People have told me some stuff about you but I didn’t believe it.  I’m starting to believe it now.”

“What why because golden boy Adrian can’t be gay?”

“I’ve known him forever.”
Rebecca came into the conversation, “I know I slept with him for godsakes.  Aaryn that really isn’t cool.”

I was shocked. People were starting to talk shit about Aaryn right in her face at that moment.  I could tell she was embarrassed by how her face got beat red.  It was becoming clear that people definitely like Adrian a lot more than they liked her.  People were clearly willing to believe him a lot more too it turned out.  My eyebrows raised almost immediately as I saw her walk away annoyed and distraught.

The party was a lot easier with Aaryn not around.  I found myself having a real conversation with Jackie and Rebecca.  Not only that but I found myself not being really bothered by it.  Ozzie would be jealous when he found out that these guys were actually talking to me.

“That guy is wearing your costume,” Rebecca stated, “You both are hot in it.  His mask takes away from the angel concept though. What angels wear masks?  Who is that?”

The room had begun to get really busy with socializing.  I made sure not to drink much though.  I turned to see who she was talking about.

The room had gotten really crowded.


I turned to see him.  There was someone on the other side of the room past a group of kids from school.  He was standing on the wall.  He had a white feathered half mask on.  His wings were the same as mine.  They were pressed up against the wall though so they spread out.  It looked like they were about to start flying.  He had on white shorts just like I did.  His body was the beautiful dark tone.

It was Jonah!

I could tell his eyes anywhere…even from behind a mask.

My heart beat faster like it always did when he was around. It wouldn’t stop. It just kept going faster and faster.  I was falling for this boy and he had no idea.  The visual of him as an angel up against the wall as a blue light flickered over him was amazing.  He had been looking my way.  He knew I saw him.  At that moment when we made eye contact he turned…and he left out of the front door.

He wanted me to follow him.

I started towards him when I felt an arm over my shoulder.

“God bro!” Jackie stated with his arm over me.  It was clear from his breath that he had been drinking a lot.

“What’s up?”

“I’m thinking about what you were saying earlier…” Jackie stated, “I’m thinking maybe you are right about Aaryn.  I should stop protecting her. She’s spoiled. Thank you…thank you for caring enough to show me a better way.”

“No problem,” I stated trying to turn at the door, “Hey I’ll meet you down at the main party.  I have to go say hello to a friend.”

Jackie turned around and did the weirdest thing.

He hugged me.

All these years my godbrother never showed me any sort of affection.  I had been a complete enemy to him and here he was now HUGGING me.

He smiled and let me go.  I walked out into the hallway in a good mood.  I had to thank Adrian for this.  To be honest I was so scarred by everything that Jackie had done and said in all these years but for the first time in a long time I was actually thinking that maybe I could forgive him.

I waked in the hallway noticing people hooking up everywhere.  I could care less though.  Where the hell was Jonah?  He had completely disappeared yet again!

I could feeling sick to my stomach.  I was happy Jackie and I had a moment but I just wanted to see Jonah.  As I made my way down I found myself looking through a side door to see that it was peaking open.  For some reason the door opened as I walked past so it was clear someone seemed to actually want me to walk in there.

I hesitated but slowly made my way into the room.

The room was dark but I saw enough.

“What the fuck?” I said.

My heart was beating super fast as I looked over and saw something that completely pissed me the hell off.  It was Adrian…but he wasn’t alone.

Someone was on their knees in front of him, sucking his dick!

I saw Adrian’s eyes open up wide as he saw me standing there.

“Oh shit,” Adrian stated.

That was when I saw the person get off their knees.  I knew immediately from the maid costume who was doing it.  She walked past me, flipping her blonde hair in my face as she did so.

“Pay back’s a bitch,” Aaryn stated and giggled a little more completely crushing me.