The Colors of August, Chapter 6

The Colors of August, Chapter 6


I wake up and look across the room. I’m surprised to see August sitting there. He’s at the window in the room of the Crawford house. This house is grand and everything in just measures up to this amazing scale. He’s sitting in front of a huge window. It’s a window that is unnecessarily big. The southern sun compliments him as it sways into the room lighting up this strong face of his. His lips are full like a black boy but pink like the roses in my garden. His hair was seemed to take the color of the sun, steal it. He stole nature in his eyes too. All the beautiful hues of the world were in those eyes of his. He looks at me and he steals a little part of me with his stare as well.

“Have you been here all night?” I ask.

Those eyes sink into me. He stops my heart a little every time he stares.

“On and off,” he states walking closer, “How are you feeling?”

Before I know it he’s real close. Too close. His hand is rubbing on my cheek. He has a loose white shirt on that clings to his muscles like a baby to a nip. It doesn’t do a thing hiding any cut or definition from that perfect body of his. I let him touch my face but I look at his hands as though they are a strange and alien thing. His skin color is smooth and clear. It reminds me of the inside of an almond.


“You’re warm. Sorry, am I being too rough?”

“I prefer it a rougher tough.”

He blushes when I say that. That’s the thing about white boys. You can always tell when they blush. But that’s also the thing about August. He’s far too gentle. His hands are far too soft. He’s touching me now and it feels as though he’s touching a baby. I didn’t like it.

Then he says the worse thing ever, “You’re just so fragile right now…”


I roll my eyes. I know he catches it. The idea that he thinks I’m fragile irritates me. Chuck would never call me fragile. Chuck knew what I liked.

“I should go.”

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No. Not at all. Just…I should go. I should take some medicine and get to work.”

“The doctor called, said the medicine he gave you was no good.”

“Did he?”


August nods, “Yes. And it’s not worth it to work today in the garden. Matter of fact I made some calls this morning. There’s an old library on Main street. You know it?”

“Oh yeah, I been there a few times. What about it?”

“They looking for a landscaper. I called, let them know what a good job you did. They are willing to have you come down. I’m sure they pay just as good.”

The word of a Crawford went far in Birmingham, even if it’s a Crawford that wasn’t from Birmingham. Looking at August, I didn’t quite understand why he would go out of his way to find me another job though.

“You don’t want me around no more?”

He looks at me with this worried look, “No…of course not. That’s not what it is at all. Of course, I want you around.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“Your character confuses me,” August states, “Sometimes I’m unsure how to protect you. If someone meant you harm, would you want to know? Would you want me to tell you?”

He has a heaviness to him. He’s holding a secret. Knowing August I could only come to one conclusion. He was talking about Chuck. He didn’t know the history of Chuck and I, however. Talking to Chuck’s cousin about our relationship right now definitely wasn’t going to work. I think about how hurt I still am about Chuck and the truth was I don’t think I could handle anything else.


August struggles with it, “OK. I’ll respect that.”

“I should leave.”

August hesitates again before nodding in agreement, “I’ll have one of the drivers take you home. But I definitely think you should go check out the library later. That would be…better…for you than here.”

He was trying to get rid of me. That’s the only thing I think when he’s talking. I thought he liked me. I thought he wanted me around. Maybe he’s just trying to keep me away from Chuck. I had seen these boys and how they jealous they get from time to time, especially with Chuck. I didn’t want to be a part of it.

As we walk down the steps, I can feel August’s eyes on me. I can feel his lingering presence. I sense how he follows me with those eyes. His mouth kept open wanting to say something.

“Peter! Peter, would you mind taking Stevey home?” August says as we walk out to the front of the large mansion.

“Yes, sir. Of course, Mr. Crawford.”

“Stevey?” a voice states.

I turn at that moment and I’m surprised when I see Mrs. Crawford walking up. She’d just come back from her usual morning walk. This time she had Mary Flannery clutched in her hand like some rich accessory. Mrs. Crawford is breathing hard, clearly showing how out of shape she is even though I’m sure they just walked around the gardens once or twice. I can see how uncomfortable Mary Flannery looks as she stands there acting as Mrs. Crawford’s human walking stick. None-the-less Mary Flannery puts on her normal demure smile and continues to kiss Mrs. Crawford’s plump white ass.

“Good Morning ma’am,” I state.

“The doctor takes care of you?” Mrs. Crawford asks him.

“Yes, ma’am. Thank you for the hospitality. You all didn’t have to do that.”

Mrs. Crawford doesn’t return my smile when I give her one. She looks me up and down like she’d rather be doing anything right now than talking to me.

Actually, I’m quite surprised at this point that she still is.

“We need you to work tonight. It’s the Engagement party.”

“I’m not sure Stevey’s up to it ma’am,” August states.

“Nonsense. He needs the money, don’t you Stevey?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good and we need the extra help.”

“It’s going to be a masquerade. It’s going to be quite the spectacle,” Mary Flannery pokes at August, “Everyone whose everyone is going to be here.”

August puts on a smile. I don’t think he means it. Luckily, Mrs. Crawford and Mary Flannery don’t notice. Mrs. Crawford is too tired and Mary Flannery is too stuck in her own head thinking about her glamorous southern engagement. This wasn’t the first time they’d thrown a party at the Crawford mansion. This wasn’t the first time I worked one of those parties. I knew this was different because this was June Crawford’s wedding, but there was something more to it. There was something else to August’s eyes.

“You’re acting weird,” I say to him, “What the hell is going on with you.”

“You don’t talk to a Crawford like that BOY!” Peter barks at me.

I shut up at that moment. Peter, the Crawford driver, was known for being a snitch. He was also quite the liar. I remember he told on Louise, one of the kitchen girls, for fixing her a small plate of food out of the Crawford kitchen. Mind you, Louise and the other girls had spent hours preparing the food. Peter didn’t care. I remember how he smiled when Mrs. Crawford gathered all of her staff in the living room and lectured us for two hours straight on stealing. Louise was let go at the very end of it as an example to the rest of us.

“He can talk to me however he pleases,” August responds.

I’m surprised by that. No. Actually, I’m shocked.

“Sir, Stevey…just has a tendency to feel…comfortable,” Peter states, “Just like his mama…”

“What the hell do you know about his mama?”

I’m shocked when August grabs Peter up in a way that is so aggressive that I almost fear for Peter’s life. August was this kind soul every time he was around me but right now in that very moment, he had a rage that I hadn’t seen from him at all. It was a rage I didn’t even think he possessed. When he yolks up Peter, Peter loses his balance and his legs give way. He doesn’t fall though because August is grabbing him in the manliest way possible.

He’s so rough. Peter dangles from his hands like a rag doll. I didn’t know August was that strong. I didn’t know he was that…HARD.

Or maybe that was just my dick at that moment.

“Damn…” I whisper.

“Sir I didn’t mean anything by it,” Peter begs raising his hands to block his face.

“Get to the car and if I hear you disrespect Stevey again, we’ll be finishing this conversation,” August blurts out.

Peter was a white boy. Mind you, his family was dirt poor. He was raised in the slums. His mother was a goddam drug addict who was known to sleep with married men. Still, Peter was above me in the Crawford house because of the color of his skin.

“Yes sir,” Peter states.

Peter gives me a look. It’s a look that tells me he isn’t going to take this lightly. I knew him. I knew him well. He was going to tell someone. I just didn’t know yet who it was. But I knew Peter well enough to know that he’d use this moment against me somehow.

At that moment I don’t even care though. Peter is walking to the car and August is breathing heavy with his mouth open. The classic handsome face that he’d always maintained is replaced by something ugly and angry.

“Sorry you had to see me like that,” he states.

I can’t help myself. I don’t know what goes over me. All of a sudden I’m pushing up on him. It’s something I would never have even done with Chuck. I find myself in his arms. As I press up against him, I lower my hand between us.

I grab his dick in my hands. I squeeze it. First, it’s just a grab. Then it’s more. Then I’m giving it a long hard squeeze until it slowly gets hard in between my hands. August seems shocked at first. I can see how surprised he is when I start doing this. Then all of a sudden he’s watching me with this longing in his eyes. He’s turned on. His dick gives it away first but then his face follow.

“I want you,” I tell him.


He’s surprised by it.

“I want you inside of me.”

He looks around. No one is around. Not now.

“We can go back inside.”

“No. Tonight. At the party.”

“Are you sure?”

I smile, “Yes. I’ll be ready for you…”

I walk away. I can feel him looking at me. It’s not the kind soul that he has been before though. He’s staring at my ass. I can feel it. I know he wants me. I’m turning him on and that loving nature that he has is replaced by this strong desire to rip my clothes off and fuck me to pieces.

And for some reason, I’m starting to really like August Crawford.


I’m in the mirror later that day. It’s night time. I’d spent the day preparing for this, helping Sissy sew her outfit. The Crawford’s liked us to look nice when we were serving their guests. It reflected well on them when the help actually presented themselves in a decent manner.

“Hurry up!” I hear Sissy scream out from the kitchen.

“I’m almost done,” I state.

I’m looking down at the masks that I can wear. One of them is a bull. The other is an angel. I decide on the bull at that moment picking up the mask and starting to tie it.

That’s when I notice the figure in the doorway. The large, thick black figure in the doorway. He doesn’t have a shirt on. I can tell from how thick his muscles are, to the brawniness of his thighs and the dark chocolate complexion who it is before anything.

He folds his armss over his large beefy chest, “You going to serve those crackers after what they did to you?””

“Don’t start Beau,” I state.

“You ain’t nothing but a goddam house nigga.”

“What’d you call me?”

“A muff’fuckin House Nigga!”

I lose it at that moment. I slap the dog shit out of him. My hand stings after I hit his face. Beau barely moves. If I had slapped a white person there would be red on their cheek. Beau doesn’t have any of that. He just looks at me with this malice. He hates the thought of what I’m doing. I can see it in his eyes.

I expect him to hit me back. I expect him to punch me. Shug would have done it. I know Shug. Shug would have wailed on me so hard that I probably would have had to wear two masks to this party.

“You do whatever they say?” he asks me, “You their little call boy?”

“You talking all that shit while you’re in my house hiding from them because you scared of what they do when they find out what you did to that little white girl.”

“I ain’t touch that white bitch.”

“August says you might have.”

“He’s a white devil like the rest of them.”

“Naw, he’s not actually,” I state smiling at the thought and leaning into him, “And you know what? I might just let him fuck me tonight.”

I know I shouldn’t be saying these things but I’m so pissed. I’m pissed at the idea that he called me a “house nigga”. Who the hell did he think he was? Just because he felt like he was too good to work for white men and rather be broke all the goddam time living off his all the black girls who adored him, doesn’t make him better than me.

I needed this money. Sissy needed this money. We didn’t do this shit because we enjoyed it.

“What did you just say?”

“I said he wants to fuck me and I might just let him.”

That’s when Beau snaps. Beau fucking snaps. He grabs me at that moment. He slams me up against the wall harder than I could imagine. I hit the wall and feel the pain shoot up my back.

“I’ll kill you before I let you disrespect us by letting that cracker in you!”

For a moment I think he means it when his hands tighten around my neck. It gets harder and harder. I can feel myself struggling to get loose. All of a sudden I realize that his lips are pressed up against my lips in the bathroom. He’s kissing me so damn hard putting his tongue in my mouth. He forces it in there and I bite it. I bite the hell out of his tongue. I bite it so hard that it starts to bleed.

“Bitch,” I respond.

“I’ll show you,” he says and then says it over and over again in this crazy way, “I’ll show you. I’ll show you. I’ll show you.”

At first, I’m not sure what he’s talking about. He just seems completely mad. Then all of a sudden I see him taking his pants off. He lowers his pants completely off his body, releasing his anaconda. His dick is so big. I watch as it dangles out of his pants. He spits on his hand and rubs it all over the head of the dick. Then he grabs me up with one hand. He pushes my head down hard, bending me over the toilet.

“What is this some sort of joke?” I laugh.

I realize he’s not joking when my pants come down. I clench my ass a little bit but he roughly pushing the head of his dick in me. He pushes it all the way for the first time. I exhale deeply feeling the weight of his cock protrude to my intestines almost. Immediately my eyes almost bulge out of my goddam head when it happens. His dick hit me in a place that I didn’t know a dick could really hit me.

“You think that white boy can fuck you like this?” he asks me.

“You so goddam full of yourself,” I respond, “A big dick don’t mean anything.”

This seems to get under Beau’s skin even more. Out of nowhere he begins to drill me.

“I’ll show you, I’ll show you…”

Beau is snarling. He’s trying to prove something as he begins to drill inside of me. I regret pulling his card almost immediately as he starts to pummel inside of me as though he’s digging a grave. He fucks me from my shoulders instead of my waist, pulling himself deep inside of me with every thrust. He grabs the back of my neck keeping me down, attempting to dominate me. Beau body is all over me. His big black beefy body holds me down to isolate my asshole and he only pulls out to spit on his dick.

I’m grabbing onto anything, towels, racks, the toilet seat. Nothing really eases the tension of him pushing deep inside of my hole. He’s intentionally stretching me out.

Not only does he want to prove a point. He wants to make sure that he is going to fuck me so deep that I wouldn’t be able to a let a white man inside of me tonight.

“Erghhh,” he grunts.

I know what that means. His body tenses up. He has my head pushed down. Then he pulls at my shoulder and releases inside of me. I can feel the semen shoot up into my asshole like a rocket. He continues to thrust roughly inside of me making sure that I feel everything. The semen leaks out of my ass like frosting when he finally pulls out.

His dick is still hard.

“That white boy ain’t gon NEVER give you no dick like that,” he stays grunting as he slaps his huge dick across the side of my face several times for good measure, letting the tip of his cock release after shots of semen on my lips, “They don’t got it in them. Every time he pulls his dick out you going to be thinking about how this big black dick felt inside of you. You hear me? YOU FUCKING HEAR ME!”


“Yes who?”

I look up at him. I’m sprawled out on the bathroom floor at that moment. My asshole is stretched and leaking. I feel…complete.

“Yes Daddy,” I respond.

“Good now gimme that motherfuckin’ mask,” he states.

He doesn’t wait for me to give to him. He yanks it out of my hand. Just at that moment, the door opens and I see Sissy coming in looking angry, “What you doing Stevey, we late. You need to—-”

Sissy stops talking. She stops talking because she sees Beau over me. His dick is still hard. I’m still laying down there on the bathroom floor. Beau has my mask in his hands.

“He ain’t going no fucking where,” Beau states.

Sissy looks at Beau, “Beau now…Stevey has to work. He told Mrs. Crawford.”

“Fuck that white bitch,” Beau barks and spits on the floor at the thought of a white person with this heavy racism dripping out of his mouth with each word.

“Beau calm down,” Sissy states.

“No fuck that, where Shug? Call Shug. Call Lonny. I’m tired of this shit. I’ll show them. I’ll show them. I’ll show them.”

The sound that Beau has in his voice is scary, to say the least. He showed me. He had proved his point. He had fucked me so hard that I couldn’t even move. Hell, I couldn’t even argue with him anymore. I’d never gotten dicked down like that by Chuck. And I damn sure didn’t think August was capable of fucking me like that.

Beau had shown me.

And now he was ready to “show them.”

Sissy seems scared, “What are you going to do?”

Beau has the mask in his hands, “I got a party to attend…”

  • Brandon Cruz

    First this time John.

    • John Warren

      Thank god order has been restored! 🙂

  • Brandon Cruz

    Ok Beau is crazy. He the type of person to kill you and be like if I can’t have you than no one can. Stevey was not enjoy that dick. Size meant nothing in that moment.

    Ok so Beau is dress as Stevey and he goes to the party than what. What does he plan on doing? August is ready to fuck so like Beau watch out. Of course Beau wouldn’t let August fuck him, but what a sight that would be.

    • John Warren

      Hey now, what are you trying to insinuate…black men have big dicks and white men don’t! That is stereotyping and I’m highly offended . Besides it is not the size of the dick it is what you can with it, right? LOL Spoken like a true “Cracker” (me). So jealous, the only white boys with big ass cocks are porn stars, the rest of I suppose are truly just average. I know I am, i’ve got what I’ve got and it works, so I guess that just has to be acceptable, to me anyway.

      Seriously though, August will be looking for Stevey, he knows Beau…even behind a mask surely August realizes this isn’t Stevey. Wrong build and isn’t Beau darker toned than Stevey?

      And something you missed like I saw that Ralph and JJ missed….Beau can fuck me. Beau can fuck me hard, Beau can fuck me anytime. “Yes Daddy”.

  • Brandon Cruz

    Secretly though I kinda find Beau hot after that sex scene. I wouldn’t mind seeing what he got. Than again I do want to walk so maybe not 😉

    • John Warren

      Now you catching on Brandon. That was so hot, really of what I have read of Staten’s so far, that was one of the hottest.

      Now I’m laughing my ass off. How long do you think Stevey lays in the floor before he can get up? How long before he walks without someone smirking? I hadn’t thought about that angle.

      And just in case you didn’t catch my other comments….
      Beau can fuck me. Beau can fuck me hard, Beau can fuck me anytime. “Yes Daddy”.

  • Ralph Jones

    Okay so we all now know thar Stevey liles it rough and tough. He has a problem being treated like a fragile child so he finds people who aren’t afraid to be rough with him. Idk if he considers what just happened rape but he did enjoy it as he says he feels complete. Probably why he likes Chuck cause Chuck is rough as hell with him. Probably why he never really felr Beau cause Beau probably always treated him like a delicate angel and with respect or at least not in a rough aggressive way that would turn Stevey on. A mess once again a mess

    • John Warren

      Absolutely right Ralph. I agree with everything you just said. It is a mess, this whole damn story so far has been a mess.

      And while I agree with you, you didn’t get all the points, so he is what you left out…
      Beau can fuck me. Beau can fuck me hard, Beau can fuck me anytime. “Yes Daddy”.

  • Ralph Jones

    On a side note I lowkey can’t only hope to piss my boyfriend/husband off enough to make him teach me a lesson like Beau just did to Stevey.

    • Brandon Cruz

      I know right. I kinda what to experience that too.

      • John Warren

        We are all 3 such sluts! Shameful, just shameful.

    • John Warren

      You guys are both so damn wrong! Jesus. Maybe participating in this comment section isn’t such a great idea for me after all.

      • John Warren

        Okay, i may have over reacted, just a little bit. I’m only groveling because when you figure out how to make your hubby do that to you, i want you to share with me so I can have a repeat here. Hmmmm!

        And yes I did mean that too, and by that i meant….
        Beau can fuck me. Beau can fuck me hard, Beau can fuck me anytime. “Yes Daddy”.

      • Lee namefree

        I know it makes you reveal shit about yourself!!!

        • John Warren

          I’m revealing way too much and I’m totally sober…

  • John Warren

    Damnit Lee, you hit the nail on the head and I’m just too blind to see or don’t want to agree….but I admit when i’m wrong….

    Stevey likes it rough. No doubt he and Chuckster were into some sort of Master/Slave Dom/Sub sexcapades.

  • JJ

    Well Lee called this shit. Who knew Stevey was a little kinky freak. I now wonder if “his rape” was simply a sex session gone too far. It would explain why half of Chuck’s friends were masturbating over him and he wasn’t concerned.

    So Stevey would rather be with a piece of shit who gives it to him rough, rather than someone who is gentle with him? Smh. We’ve all seen this story before with half of these abused women in the world.

    Stevey also dragged August into this and I have no doubt Beau is going there specifically to harm August. If August is harmed because of Stevey’s desire to make Beau jealous, I’m done with Stevey’s ass. There was no need to mention any of that.

    • John Warren

      Yeah she did. I didn’t agree with her at all on this. I couldn’t imagine him agreeing in any way fashion/form/whatever to a “Slave” roll. I just don’t get it.

      Damn, JJ you’ve given me something to think about. I was thinking Beau’s rage was over this alleged “rape” of Carol. But I can see your thinking about he is jealous of August. Your are definitely right, Stevey should have kept his mouth shut about August. What did he think could be gained by spouting like that. Stupid!

      Also another point I’d like to make….Beau can fuck me. Beau can fuck me hard, Beau can fuck me anytime. “Yes Daddy”.

    • Lee namefree

      I can’t figure out if Stevey is trying to get rid of Beau, or August? He’s definitely afraid of August. He made sure he egged Beau on so Beau would fuck the shit the out him, leaving him in no condition to be available for August. But did he intend to get Beau so riled up that he’d go after August?

      I’m not sure Beau intends to go after August. He tells Stevey that whenever August pulls it out for him, Stevey won’t help but be able to think about Beau and his Anaconda. That seems to imply that Beau expects August to be around after he crashes June Bug’s wedding reception.

      Beau is hellbent on making the white man pay. I’m hoping Shug and Lonny aren’t stupid enough to join him, or Stevey could find himself with a sudden shortage of friends.

  • John Warren

    Ok, I’m going to “officially” go on record, right here right now. Beau can fuck me. Beau can fuck me hard, Beau can fuck me anytime. “Yes Daddy”. Fuck I gotta go change my draws’.

    I’m also very Happy that Staten gave us another chapter this week. I know that we don’t get updates F-S, but Thursdays are the wild card it seems. So Staten, Thank you my man, wish you a great weekend.

    Damn, Shit, Damn…..just when we finally had S&A going in the right direction with plans for intimacy, Beau has wrecked that, at least for the time being. It seemed like Stevey was truly more scared of his friend than he was satiated by his friend. Although it could have been both. But we know from prior revelations, that Stevey isn’t in to Beau like Beau is with Stevey.

    What havoc is Beau about to unleash at June Bug’s engagement party. I feel bad for June Bag, not that the Crawford’s don’t desire whatever Beau unleashes. After Uncle Charlie’s revelations, the man is not only a murderer, he is evil. So i have no issue with Beau wrecking havoc, i just wished it wasn’t at June Bug’s expense. Crawford or not, what little we know about June Bug, he seems more aligned with August and his values than he does with mumsie and poppa dear. But yet he is still a Crawford and that name carries a lot of weight that they all share the benefit of. That name also carries a lot of mystery and guilt and like it or not, they share that too. You don’t get your cake and eat it too as my momma still loves to tell me. I just pray whatever it is that Beau does tonight, he doesn’t mess things up for Sissy or Stevey. Unc Chuck is already looking for a reason to “misplace” our boy Stevey.

    Now I love Stevey, and if he like it rough, that is his choice. But damn this boy needs to smarten up to the way of the 1967 world. Pull your head outta your ass Stevey. He is still clinging to the Crawfords and doesn’t want to know of anything bad. August is trying to look out for him, got him an interview and because of the Crawford name, the job would be Stevey’s. Stevey can be Master/Slave Top/Bottom Dom/Sub, hell he can even put on panties, bra and a fucking dress…IN THE BEDROOM…but he needs to learn to be a tough man himself when he isn’t on his back, or bent over a toilet, or held up against a wall. I know this may not settle well with some of the folks reading this story, but seriously Stevey is gonna wind up floating down river if he doesn’t take life a bit more seriously.

    One last thought on this chapter, I may have mentioned this but i want to make sure….
    Beau can fuck me. Beau can fuck me hard, Beau can fuck me anytime. “Yes Daddy”.

    • Lee namefree

      A great many people enjoy the fantasy of sexual domination. There’s nothing wrong with role-playing, even when it comes to rough sex, so long as all parties are in agreement with the pain threshold, level of humiliation, etc. Clearly Stevey enjoys being sexually dominated, but he also acts as if that’s what’s expected of him.

      I think someone taught Stevey how to use his body sexually at an early age. Stevey seems to feel obligated to fulfill Chuck’s fantasies for his “generosity” in buying the house for Sissy. It’s possible Chuck may have started out wanting to be just intimate with Stevey, but Stevey won’t allow him to. He wouldn’t let Beau “make love” to him in, but pushed him to rape him. In the same way, Stevey seems to be “training” August to act towards him like his other men. He pushes August away when he’s too intimate (from Chapt. 5)

      I get closer. “I’d love to hold you.”
      “That’s not what you want…” he states.
      “I know what you want. Sissy told me what you did. She told me how you defended me against your family,” he states….

      I come even closer. Damn Stevey was beautiful. “Your sister wants me to take care of you.” She wanted me to take him away. Truthfully I don’t think I would want anything more than that.

      He smiles at the idea, “I bet you do…”

      That’s when he starts kissing me. We start kissing hard. So hard. ………. I wanted to make love to him.I bring my hand around and brush the side of his face as I continue to kiss him. Our mouths feel so good. Then all of a sudden, he pushes me off. “Stop.”

      Yet he’s very seductive with August once he sees how August strongholds Peter (from Chapt. 6):

      I grab his dick in my hands. I squeeze it. First, it’s just a grab. Then it’s more. Then I’m giving it a long hard squeeze ……….Then all of a sudden he’s watching me with this longing in his eyes. He’s turned on. His dick gives it away first but then his face follows.

      “I want you,” I tell him.
      “Really?” He’s surprised by it.
      “I want you inside of me.”
      …..“We can go back inside.”
      “No. Tonight. At the party.”
      “Are you sure?”
      I smile, “Yes. I’ll be ready for you…”

      I walk away. I can feel him looking at me. It’s not the kind soul that he has been before though. He’s staring at my ass. I can feel it. I know he wants me. I’m turning him on and that loving nature that he has is replaced by this strong desire to rip my clothes off and fuck me to pieces…….

      Stevey is attracted to August only after he turns him into the type of man he understands. Stevey is afraid of intimacy. He’s learned men will eventually disappoint him, use him for their pleasure, and abandon him. Stevey manipulates men to be rough with him. He wants them to sexually objectify him. A kind man would make Stevey trust him, and that’s something Stevey can’t do. He can’t let his guard down.

      August has got to figure out a way to break through Stevey’s barriers, and show Stevey that he can trust him. he has to convince Stevey that it’s okay to be vulnerable with him. And let’s face it, Stevey won’t accept him at all, unless August can show him that he can sexually dominate him and make love to him at the same time. He has to make Stevey feel love and not the fear of love.

  • John Warren

    I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about me!

  • Lee namefree

    Yes Daddy!! Spank me, beat me, make me beg for more!!! Oh Beau!! Whew! I need to cool off! Now in reality, Beau’s ass would be scary as shit. But y’all know I’m a size queen, and the second Beau took out that anaconda in his pants……I repeat, the anaconda in his pants….. and siced it on poor little sassy assed Stevey, I just lost it! Thank you Staten! Sigh!

    Back to reality, Stevey knew exactly what Beau would do to him with him taunting Beau like he did. He knows what kind of equipment Beau is carrying between his legs. So, I’m wondering, since he egged Beau on to fuck him, did he change his mind about fucking August, or did he want August to see his raw and ravaged booty? Stevey likes August, but he’s turned on by the August who dangled a man above the ground just by pinning him to the wall. I think Stevey was planning on showing August if he wanted him, that was what he’d have to compete with.

    How does August compete with that? I’m not talking about Beau’s anaconda, but how does he compete with Stevey’s need to be abused. Stevey doesn’t want to just be dominated sexually, he seems to enjoy an element of fear. I speculated that Chuck was playing out a rape fantasy, but now I think the fantasy might have been Stevey’s.

    The problem with subs like Stevey, is that they don’t know when to say enough. He thinks he so much tougher than he is. That he can endure whatever sexual challenges are thrown his way. And clearly his booty was built to last! But, just because he can, doesn’t mean he should! Stevey is definitely addicted to the lifestyle. It isn’t just role-playing for Stevey. He’s a survivor, and he thinks he can survive anything. That’s alarming. I get now why Sissy is afraid for him. Stevey is a danger to himself!

    • John Warren

      Lee sounds like we both may have “Lost It” and yes Thank you Staten! I mentioned below about revealing ourselves. I’m sensing a theme with you tonight as well, just can’t quite put my fingers around that one either.

      So back to reality….August can’t compete. August isn’t a Master or a Dom. Was the little show with the driver realistic or playing to what he thought Stevey wanted. My opinion only here, you either have that trait or you don’t. I can tell you I might be able to fake a Master/Dom role once, twice but beyond that I just couldn’t do, it’s just not who i am. And I’m definitely not a sub. I believe in equality in the bedroom, for that matter in my marriage in general. So, size of August small tiny white dick aside, if he doesn’t have the trait that turns Stevey on, he won’t be able to fake to much, IMHO. I was so wrong about my assessment of the earlier chapters. I just “ASSumed” that a young black man back then would in no way want a Master, I could totally buy into the reverse where Stevey is the studly handsome, hung Black Master and chuckles is the wimpy frail little white dicked slave. But as you’ve pointed out in other replies, my assessment of what a young black man back then or even now is just off. You can only go so far to empathize with someone or someone’s cause. But unless you walk in their shoes, or in this case, live in their black and/or darker skin, you can only understand so much. Not for wanting to, but I didn’t grow up the same way I hear that a black man does. I don’t have the worry of being shot in my grandmother’s back yard in Sac, or walking home from the store in Florida/Mizzou, or out at a park in Ohio?, is that last one right. So it is sinking in what I thought was a good understanding was no where near. Even my anger and intolerance to the violence is not the same level. But for the record, yes I lack those experiences growing up, I lack the anaconda (my friend Josh definitely has that covered, wow) but my compassion is real. Anyway, back to our friends Stevey and August…unless Staten is going to start showing more of August interacting with the hired help like he did with the driver and those actions are real, he can’t compete. But by the same token is Beau really a Dom/Master too. He was tonight, but was that reacting to Stevey’s taunting, reacting to Stevey by showing he can be like chuckie but deeper, or just a whole bunch of anger that came to a boil. Remember he bolted a few days back and he was pissed off then. I think he very well could have it in for August, but it could be white’s in general. Stevey mentions how it was beneath Beau to work for a white man. Funny comparison, I’ve worked for black women and white women, black men, but never once in my career was my direct manager a white man. My first ever professional post college manager was a great lady who happened to be black. After a promotion I went to work for a guy by the name of Adam, he also happened to be black. Adam became a very close friend over the years I lived in Dallas. We both were working for NationsBank (now B of A) Adam climbed the career ladder and moved to Charlotte, begged me to come with him, were were going to be roommates even to begin with. But I told him no, I could never leave Dallas, I loved it there to much and it was just too close to home. Less than 2 years later I’m living in the Bay Area. Adam still calls me a little white bitch for turning down his proposition. He has had a great career with the bank and was a great role model as a boss/manager whatever. And he loved to give me hell over a beer. I’m really digressing…I don’t think anyone needs/wants my life history here.

      Next to last point I will make, I think your last comment is in the right area. i don’t think Stevey knows when to call a halt to shit or maybe, because he is black working for a white powerful family, feels like he can say no. He doesn’t even feel he can take a different job, even after he is realizing Chuck is in it for Chuck. I wonder if August has mentioned the threats unc chuck made to little chuck about staying away. I know Stevey didn’t want to know anything bad, but has August let Stevey know unc chuckles knows what has been going on and has told little chuckie cheese to stay away. But what else, besides maybe Sissy, is keeping him working the gardens for the Crawfords. Seems like the library would be a welcome change.

      Oh well, last point….Beau can fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me anywhere, fuck me anytime. I’m not a size queen (honest truth) but I’d like to test just how deep this anaconda goes. I almost found out one drunken night with my buddy Josh, thankfully for him even drunk he wouldn’t cheat on his b/f. Thankfully for me, I was able to walk the next day. Josh is crazy, one of my best friends, first friendship I made when I moved to Cali just less than 18 yrs ago…. he is always telling anyone who will listen, “it ain’t no myth man, the anaconda is real and ready to strike”! I’ve seen that thing, it ain’t no myth… LOL

      • Lee namefree

        Well in the vein of naughty disclosure, the largest man anaconda I’ve ever touched was attached to the body of a gorgeous blue-eyed, blond military beefcake I literally ran into at a gay bar in the 90’s. I was a part-time cocktail waitress at a popular gay club, and I dropped a drink on the guys thigh. As I preceded to dry off his “leg”, his friends nearly fell over laughing at my expression when I realized what I was touching! I quickly recovered and accused him of padding (it was just too big to be real)! So we go into the bathroom, he whips that uncircumcised beast out, and it must have triggered a silent alarm to his boyfriend, who angrily burst into the bathroom, slamming the doorknob in my eye! Understand, my eye was at that level because I HAD To check it out! Exactly 5 minutes later, someone yelled princess Diana died in a car crash! I realize this has nothing to do with princess Di’s death, but at the time, it did sort of seem like something beautiful had to be sacrificed so that I could have that “eye shutting ” experience! So my eventual take away was, “Touching dick that don’t belong to you, can be blindingly painful and cause problems of royal proportion!!

        So I think Stevey looks for men who will be rough with him sexually. These men may not have started out being rough, but Stevey encourages it. He’s not looking to be physically roughed up, but sexual dominance is definitely a turn on. Somehow he’s learned to equate sex with pain, or being forced to submit. He’s survived those things. He’s mastered those experiences. Possibly at an early age. But I think what frightens Stevey the most, the thing that Stevey has never experienced, is real intimacy with a man.

        Both Chuck and Beau have eaten Stevey out, and stretched out his man hole while they fucked him senseless. Stevey holds onto something and basically waits for it to be over. Sure, he climaxes and accomplishes/completes his goal, but he’s not in love, and he won’t let either Chuck or Beau believe they are in a relationship with him. Sure Stevey likes it rough, but every time Chuck or Beau force him to submit, they get further & further away from being intimate with Stevey.

        We asked how can August compete, but thus far, he’s the only man to have kissed Stevey and made him feel something without yanking his pants down and stretching out his manhole. August is intimate with him. He not’s fucking him on the DL like Beau, or embarrassed that he’s attracted to him like Chuck. Stevey isn’t obligated to have sex with August as he feels he does Chuck, or feel the need to manipulate August as he does Beau.

        I think the reason why Stevey got pale and shaky when August was about to make love to him, is because Stevey suddenly realized that August was about to do just that: Make love to him. Make him want to actually participate in the love making. Make him feel cherished. Stevie probably hasn’t felt that vulnerable in a long time. Not since he was young and innocent. Being vulnerable scares him.

        August scares the fuck out of Stevey. He’s not looking for a quick fuck, or even a summer fling. He’s telling Stevey that he has rights. That he wants to protect him. That he wants to make things right for him. That Stevey matters to him. That he deserves better, and August wants to give him that. And that’s why August scares him, and I think that’s also why, Stevey sent Beau to beat August up.

        Stevey is a little trouble maker. I’m not sure if he’s even aware of what’s he doing or why, but I’m really hoping, after August kicks Beau’s ass (Beau may have a big dick, but August seems to be strong as an ox), that he can convince Stevey it’s safe for him to feel vulnerable with him. Beau may make Stevey call him Daddy, but right now August needs to be father, mother, brother, lover and friend to Stevey. Stevey needs somebody who wants not just his booty and his obedience, but his heart. August is going to have to work hard to help Stevey realize he’s still has one.

        • John Warren

          What is going to happen at June Bug’s engagement party, when Beau strikes, or attempts to strike August. Or does Beau jump outside unseen. Somehow I don’t see Beau coming out on the positive end of trying something with August. Either by August himself or other white men seeing what is happening and then Beau is really going to be toast.

          And Lee, you so dirty. Love it! I’ve had ’em big and on the small side. The guy with the 5-incher was actually a better sex machine than a guy i dated with 7 in his pants. In my elder years, all that gagging is just too much work, so I now prefer a nice medium sized prize. That is hard to accomplish when my preference of men tends to lean Latin and Black. And for 16 years now it has only been 1 solitary Latin Lover! But med or avg can be found. One of my friends, a black guy my age is about my own size. I give him hell for it too, that myth. All in good fun though.

          • Lee namefree

            I do feel that a smaller sized guy, works harder to please. By smaller, I mean less than the average size of 5 inches. According to the Huffington Post, a woman’s ideal penis size is 6 inches erect, while men would prefer 7 inches. Though I call myself a size queen, my own preference varies depending on which opening is accommodating said penis!

            I think either Beau is a dead man the next chapter, or August will be assaulted and laid up for a while, or Beau aims for August and shoots Chuck instead. Or Carol returns to the wedding, Beau sees her, and Beau, Shug & Lonnie rape her, since she said they did it anyway. Whatever’s coming next, Beau feels like a dead man walking!

          • John Warren

            Lee, you are absolutely wonderful and cracking me and Andy up. We wished we knew you personally, you remind me of my friend Marvin. Which reminds me, he has been promising me for years to take me a a black church for Easter. He says he’ll have the best hat in the audience. But yes, we think you would be a lot of fun to hang out with.

          • Lee namefree

            Keep trying to respond to your comment below, but my eyes are crossing. Besides, I have to work on my Easter bonnet, which simply cannot compare with the pricey works of art that will show up at my father’s church sunday! You really do need a least one black church experience, if for no other reason than to see the display of hats!

            Stop by tomorrow, or later today in response to your comment below.

    • Yan
  • Ariell Robinson

    I guess when you can’t find love you will settle for rape so over stevey!!!!!

  • Dis_Bitch

    Okay I’m over Stevey at this point i completely understand the liking aggressive abd riugh sex but damn does he not value actual feelings and shit? Beau and August actually like him sure they want to screw his brains out but I’m sure it’s more than that. Honestly he just comes off as a slut and I’m over him. I’m just reading for August at this point

    • Lee namefree

      I think we’re going to learn there’s a reason why Stevey makes the men in his life treat him like a slut. He pushes men away when they get too close.

      I think Stevey was forced to submit to “Daddy” some time ago. Maybe not his own father, but someone who was fatherly like or had authority over him. He’s used to a man taking control of him.

      Acting like a slut gives Stevey control over the men. He makes them act like rapist, because that was probably his introduction to sex. So now every man pays for that first man who made him equate sexual pleasure with pain.