Semester of the Dead 2, Chapter 10

Chapter 10




“Hey Sunday—-Sunday, let me out of here and I’ll make it worth your while…”

“What could you possibly give me?”

“You’ll have to let me go to find out.”

Luna is talking to me.  She’s always been a weird girl.  Back in high school she didn’t fit in.  She was an outcast.   It’s as though she thrived when the world ended.  She found her place being a henchman for the Neo-CDC and for the first time she seemed happy.  Even now, being our prisoner she was smiling.  Her smile is wider than I had imagined.  Her voice comes off like a snake in the darkness.  I imagine this is what Satan had to sound like in the Garden of Eden.


We’re in the back of a large CDC van we stole during our escape, headed back to Little America.   It’s the middle of the night.   Probably 2am but no one really had a watch on them except for Lyle and I didn’t think he cared for me so I didn’t bother to ask him if it worked.  I just know it’s been dark for some time now.  Channing and Lyle are driving.   I’m in the back.  It’s my turn to keep an eye on the prisoners.  By prisoners I mean Luna who is trying to get my attention, Dr. Serrano who has fallen asleep in the back of the CDC van and Iggy.

“Leave him alone,” Iggy states.

I hadn’t known he was up.  He had his eyes closed even now.  It’s an Iggy thing to do to literally wake up out of his sleep to be that defender.

“I don’t need your help,” I tell him, “I’m not this helpless kid anymore.  You do realize that right?”

It’s more for him than for her.  He opens his eyes and looks at me.  Our eyes connect in the darkness.  There is an awkwardness between us that I don’t get.


“You really want to do this now?” he asks, “In front of HER?”

He looks over at Luna.  She’s wide awake.  The weirdo doesn’t even look tired.  She’s the only one.  It literally took a high speed chase to get away from the Remnants as Nixon and his wild animals took over the CDC compound.  I remember the CDC bodies littered on the ground as we got away.  There was nothing left of Nixon and knowing him he’d follow us.  He’d find us.  He wouldn’t let up.


“Isn’t she your ally now?” I ask.

“YOU are my ally.”

“No,” I state, “You allied with your mother.  You allied with the CDC.  You betrayed me.  You aren’t my ally.  You’re my prisoner.”

“Is that what you really think of me?” he asks.



It hurts to even say the words.  Growing up I always thought Iggy was this superhero.  I remember sitting on the sidelines watching the cheerleaders cheer him on.  Back then we all thought he would go pro.  He had it all.  He was this fast guy with these powerful legs, bronze complexion, focused glare, this muscular body and this stern serious demeanor.  The boy-next-door kind of guy that still believed in chivalry.  He was that Southern gentleman whose pride and self-respect meant more than anything to him.  He hadn’t changed but those same characteristics that worked so well in the real world had been disfigured and tainted in the apocalypse.


“I don’t know what to think anymore,” I shrug, lower my head again.

“Look at me.  Look at me in my eyes Sunday.”

He’s aggressive in his command of saying it.  I refuse to do it though.  I’m staring at anything but him.  He’s disappointed me so badly.

“Just say it.”

“No you look in my eyes.  You look in my eyes and tell me for a minute that you think I’m not your ally,” he commands growling in a low whisper almost spitting the words out with a heavy emotion in his chest and before I could answer he just blurts out a quick, “Fuck, this hurts.”

I look up and I can see what’s happening now.  Tears rolling down his face.  Emotion that has been bottled up inside of him coming out now at the oddest time.

“You shot him—-”

“This is getting interesting…” Luna states.

I am desperate at that moment to shut up.  I’ve almost forgotten Luna was listening in.  Her eyes are glimpsing back and forth.  She has a smile on her face as though she’s watching the beginning of some dramatic scene when the Oscars still existed.  Truth is the Oscars didn’t exist though.  All of the people who were probably going to be up for Best Supporting Actors were dead.   The guys voting for them were dead.  The audience were dead.  Everyone who would be watching it was probably dead too.  Not regular dead.  They were brought back to life.

…And here I was arguing with someone I considered to be like a brother to me.



“I didn’t mean to mention that in front of her…” I admit feeling stupid to even say it.

This entire time I had been quiet.  I had been beyond mute.  If Mitchell found out what Iggy had done it would have complicated things desperately.


“No.  It’s OK.  I’d do it again,” he says, “Quest had a bone to pick with you.  Yes he was using you as a way to get back in good with the group, but do you think for a minute he wouldn’t use the first opportunity he got to get revenge.”

“You don’t know that?”

“Look at Luna.  This was a girl who was scared to talk higher than a whisper in high school.  She’s become a killer.  Look at your Nixon.  Your ex had a guy’s head in his hands,”  he states.

“What’s your point?”

“My point is this world is I’m not taking any risks when it comes to the people I love.  If I have the slightest inclination that someone might not have the best intentions…I am ending them,” he states, bluntly and coldly, “This virus has turned people into fucking monsters.  And I’m not talking the biters…”

He had a point.  But as I look at him.  As I think about how quickly he was willing to shoot Quest right in the head I can’t help but to wonder whether or not he himself would have been included with one of those monsters.


“Wake up…we’re here,” Valentina states, “Are you OK?”

I don’t get much sleep.  Not anymore.  Not without seeing the biters.

Valentina puts her arm over me.  I’m lucky she’s here.  I can tell she’s getting bad looks from Iggy and her mother when I wake up.  I know why.  They felt as though she was going against family.

When I wake up I look out of the small van window and see the big gates of Little America.  Then I hear the deafening gunshots overhead.


“What the hell is that?” I ask.


“They are clearing a way for us to go through,” Missy offers, “Don’t be so jumpy.”

She gives me this cocky smile.  She was just like the other Little Americans.  Overconfident and cocky.  I’m not surprised at the pride she’s taking in the fact that there were snipers on the wall good enough to clear us a path.   I think she even looks over at Iggy to see if he’s impressed with what the Little Americans are able to do.  Iggy doesn’t even see her.


Dr. Serrano does and she seems panicked.

“This is a mistake,” Dr. Serrano states, “A horde is coming.  If you think for a moment a couple snipers are going to keep them at bay…you’re wrong.”

“I’m sorry Dr. but maybe you haven’t quite met me.  I’m Missy.  To you, I’m Ms. Bad Bitch.  If you think I’m going to shake in my boots because of a horde you’re wrong.”

“Watch how you talk to my mother, little girl…” Iggy sits up leaning into Missy.


I’m not surprised how Iggy is acting when it comes to Dr. Serrano.  His relationship with his mother has always been deep.  I remember all the times that Valentina would come crying to me because she felt like the two were ganging up on her.  Dr. Serrano never hid the fact that Iggy was her favorite.

I think Missy kind of likes it because she says, “You going to spank me, Iggy?”

“Think I’m joking and disrespect my mother again,” his warning comes on thick.


Missy grunts clearly not wanting to test Iggy. Somehow even tied up with thick medical grade rope he seems very intimidating.  She does manage to maintain that high level of self-esteem she has for herself when she says, “How bout you tell Mommy Dearest to worry about cooking up more S3909 and let us worry bout the zombie attack?”

The welcome as we arrive back into the camp is significant.   Valentina, Mitchell and I all exchange looks as we get out of the van to applause.  Everyone looks like we did something significant.


“They must not have thought we would have returned,” Valentina whispers to me.

I nod.  She has a point.  The crowd of kids our age are gathering around us and it’s because they didn’t think we would be back.  The way they are looking at us seems like there is all this hope.  It makes me remember that these kids haven’t really gone beyond the wall to a significant nature.  They had survived inside of a vault.  It scares me knowing how inexperienced they were.

Beric and Vice President Longstreet appear.  They’ve come personally to welcome us back.  I notice he walks up to Channing, Missy and Lyle.  The leaders underneath him.

“Rebecca?” Beric asks.


“She didn’t make it,” Channing states.

Beric sighs.   Seeing Beric as a leader is definitely something that I never got used to.  I notice his eyes shoot over to Dr. Serrano, Luna and Iggy.  His eyes seem to be tuned in specifically to Luna.  He’d experienced just how batshit crazy she can be.   Iggy on the other hand seems a surprise to him.

“What’s he tied up for?” Beric asks.

“We have a lot to discuss…” Missy states, before looking around at the crowd, “In private.”

The look on Missy’s eyes says it all.   She was going to tell Beric about the upcoming attack.  She was going to tell them about the Remnants.  She was going to tell them about everything that we had discovered while outside of the wall.

And I had no idea if Beric was ready to hear just how dangerous things were about to get.


It’s weird the next two weeks when thing’s in Little America seem to go back to normal for the most part. We start attending school.  Valentina goes back to making more friends in the next few days than both Mitchell and I have ever had in our entire lives—combined.   Mitchell has gone into this weird cupid-struck vegetative state over Channing.  And then there was Iggy.

I hadn’t heard anything from Iggy.  He was still being held by Beric and the leaders of the NEO-CDC.

One week passes and then two weeks.  At the end of the 2nd week it seems as though maybe we had imagined all that hoopla about the zombie attack.  Maybe it really wasn’t happening.  Maybe it was all our imagination.


“You feeling OK?” Valentina asks me.



“Yeah why?”

“You weren’t in the room last night.”

“That’s normal for me these days.  I guess I don’t notice it.  Bad dreams,” I shrug off, “Got a lot on my mind if you know what I mean.   It happens at night when I’m sleeping.  I see them in my dreams.”

“You feel them?” she asks, “The biters?”

I nod.  Every day they were a little closer.  They should have been here by now but for some reason they weren’t.  They weren’t here yet.  But that didn’t mean they weren’t getting closer and closer.  That didn’t mean that every day we weren’t more at risk.

“It’s OK.  The Little Americans are smarter than we think.  We need to give them some credit…”

“I know.  It’s just that if Iggy were here he’d know what to do.”

“I love my brother but he let my mother get in his head,” Valentina states, “Iggy isn’t himself when she’s around.”

She had a point. As much as I missed Iggy, he had done this to himself.  He had gone out of his way to turn on us.  He didn’t have to.  He could have stuck with us but he chose Dr. Serrano and her future instead.

We are waiting at the bus stop in the morning like usual.   Valentina had decided to stay at our house with Iggy gone.  It only made sense for her to be close to us.    It’s nice having her around really.  It pulls up on time and Mitchell comes running out last minute.


The bus ride is the same as usual.  Everything is normal until we pull up to the school and we see a crowd growing.  The last time we saw a crowd like this was when I had come back from outside.  It was becoming more and more clear that this is what happened every time a group returned from outside the wall.

This time it’s Missy’s team.



I know because they are dressed all in black.


“They sent out the elite team,” Mitchell whispered to me, “Something must be happening…finally…”

I didn’t know how to feel about what he was saying.  Yes.  Something was happening finally.  The feeling was getting closer and closer.  The threat was coming and it was coming fast.  I knew it was heading towards us and there was nothing we could do about it.



“Oh my god…look who’s with them?” Valentina whispers.



The Black Class were more elite than my class.  They were far more disciplined.  My class had muscle with Oxen, beauty with Sherie and perhaps brains with Loribeth but they were all unfocused and scattered.  These kids definitely seemed like Missy had gotten them whipped into shape.

One in particular.


How the fuck was this possible?  He was out of retention?  He had been outside of the wall with the Black Class?  Doing what exactly?

“IGGY!”  I scream out.

He looks at me.  Our eyes connect for a brief awkward second but then I realize Missy is marching her class out past the front entrance of the school to what looks like another building.  I notice Vice President Longstreet is there.  I know that Beric must not be far either.  It seems like an important mission one that we aren’t involved in.


“Don’t—-” Valentina states, “Not now.”

I was glad that Iggy wasn’t in retention but I was curious to know why he was back with the Black Class and what business they had outside of the wall.

“I just wanted to see if he was OK,” I state.

After all he did, I just wanted to see if he was doing OK.   I know it sounded stupid but this was him.  This was Iggy.  I couldn’t fucking help it when it came to him.  Seeing him walk past me like that just felt so odd.  This was one of the closest people in the world to me and I hated that our relationship was starting to become so distant.



“Clearly they don’t want us to know what they’re up to yet,” Valentina states, “Which makes sense.  If people knew there would be panic.”

“I don’t know how long they can hide it,” Mitchell shrugs.

“You have a point,” Valentina states, “From the looks of things not much longer.”

She’s talking about the fact the look on the faces of the black class.  They all look distracted.  It was as though they’d seen something that bothered them.  They could care less about the crowd that surrounded them or all the cheers because of the fact that they returned.  They all looked like they were carrying this heavy mental weight on their shoulders.

And it scared the fuck out of me.


The next day we things seem to take a turn.  I know it’s weird when Channing walks in without a smile.  Channing always had this weird fucking smile on that irritated my soul, even though it made him look so handsome.  Every day I just wondered how the fuck it was possible for one man to have so much fucking positivity.  Perhaps it was drugs.  That would make more sense than the fact that someone remained so fucking positive throughout all of this shit happening to us.



Channing comes into class and he just gives a slight smile.  Not the wide grin showing off his Hollywood white teeth.  He just stands there and grins slightly, crossing his arms and not showing off his inappropriately tight shirt for once that made Sherie squirm in glee.


“I got the scores on your last exam. You all passed.” Channing states in the middle of the class, “Even the ones who haven’t been paying attention.”

He slaps the desk hard waking Oxen up and startling Loribeth who has been drifting away as usual.  There was nothing new about the class.


It’s Sherie who nods, “Of course we did good on them.  We spent two weeks learning about the same boring topic:  Defense Tactics.”

She seems irritated that she had to learn that stuff.  I’m not surprised.  Most of them were.  They were all just as self-assured and self-confident as Missy, but with not even a quarter of Missy’s talents.   It irritated me really because I can see Channing had the choice to leave these brats but he came back specifically for this.  Specifically. to prepare them.

“The change in the syllabus is intentional.  We want you guys to know how to defend yourself.  Not just any defense but actually using Little America to your benefits.  Things like what all the emergency alarms mean.  Oxen—do you know?”

“Bells means one of us are returning.  Horns means intruders are approaching.  And then the alarm…the alarm means the Cold Bodies are approaching.”

He nods, “Good.”

He’s drilled it in our head a million times, “Do you remember where to go for the guns.”

“The Armory on 12th street or the 8th street armory,” Valentina raises her hand to answer.



He pauses.  I watch him take a deep breath.  Something was on his mind.  Again, this isn’t the first time he’s gone through this but today he seems to want to recap it with a heaviness on his heart.

“Just say it,” I tell Channing, “It’s OK.  They can handle it.”

Channing was always positive.  I never understood it.  The others I got.  I got Oxen wanting to fall asleep and Loribeth drifting into her fantasies.  I understood Sherie clasping at love and Valentina trying desperately to bring her life back to some sort of strange normality.  I could get it.  What I couldn’t get though is Channing’s endless positivity.  It just seemed to spew from his pores.  That’s the only way I could describe it.  The natural tendency to just find happiness in these situations.

“I believe in you all and that’s why I know you’re going to be OK,” Channing explains, “But as many of you saw Missy’s class was sent outside of the wall.”

Missy had one of the bigger classes and one of the stronger ones.  They all seemed to know exactly what they were doing.  Missy was an intense teacher I’d assume by her nature.



“That’s badass,”  Oxen smiles, “When are we going to get our chance to go outside of the wall…”

“We aren’t preparing for that.  We are preparing for what is outside of the wall—-to possibly, come in,” Channing states.

It’s hard for him to break bad news to them.  I can see he’s beating around the bush.  I can see it’s confusing the people in the class.

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying they went to see what is out there.  They came back with bad news.”

“No supplies?” Sherie asks, “I haven’t shampooed my hair in three days.  They told us we need to portion our shampoo…”

“This isn’t about shampoo Sherie,” Channing states.

“Then what’s it about?”

Channing takes a deep breath.  I can’t take it anymore.

I’m so pissed I just say it, “He’s trying to tell you that a horde is coming.  And most likely they are going to get past that wall.  Most likely you are going to have to be ready to survive.  Whether you’re ready or not…”

I feel bad for having to blurt it out like that but I knew Channing well enough to know this wasn’t an easy conversation for him to have.  Almost immediately a million questions start pouring out of the students but he’s just seeming somewhat relieved that the initial situation had gotten off his shoulders.

Slowly he takes a deep breath, “I’ll answer your questions.  I promise.  But for right now I just need you to know that we are going to make it through this.  We aren’t going to change who we are.  We are going to make it through this and we’re going to survive.”

I know the questions are going to be pouring in but I raise my hand slowly and for some reason he sees past all the others and looks at me.


He points to me.

“Exactly—-how long do we have before the horde gets here.”

There is a pause.

“They’ll be here tomorrow tonight…”


The class ends and I’m in the hallway.  I’m hoping to get a glimpse of the black team and Iggy but I don’t get one.   The Black Class isn’t in school today.

“Did they talk to you about what happened?” Mitchell asks, “Lyle spilled it out to all of us.  He literally had graphs like we were slow or somethin’.”

Sounded like Lyle.


Valentina and I nod in response.  It’s Valentina who just sighs, “Makes sense why they wanted Iggy now.  Regardless of what he did, Missy’s team wanted some experience and muscle if they were heading back out there as scouts.”

“The scouts came up with bad news,” I state, “I feel so bad for all of them.  It must have been so hard for Channing not to say the whole truth.”

It was Valentina who told me all the details about Dr. Serrano’s experiments on the teenagers of Little America.   The fucked up thing is it didn’t surprise me that Dr. Serrano would do something like this.  It didn’t surprise me that the NEO-CDC would support these foul experiments.    The only thing that surprised me was how strong Channing, Lyle and Missy were to return to this place knowing what the fate of it would possibly be.

“He’s a beautiful soul, isn’t he?” Mitchell asks.

“Yeah, he is…”

I don’t know why Channing coming back to this place makes me smile all of a sudden.  It’s weird as fuck.  I shouldn’t be smiling.  I should be upset.  I should be scared.  I should be sad.  But in that moment just thinking about Channing, I end up smiling.  And I don’t get it.  There was something really refreshing about him.

“I saw you two—-” Valentina smiles, “Back at the lab.  Going at it…”

“Really?” I ask.

“Oh you missed it?” Valentina asks me, “They were all over each other.  Looks like a new couple is in town.”

I can see Mitchell’s face blush a little bit.  Clearly he was embarrassed that Valentina was calling him out in this manner and I think it was cute.

“You should go for it,” I state, “Channing is special.  Something about him.  A beautiful soul, you know?  Besides LOOK at him.”


I elbow Mitchell just in time to see Channing peak out of the class.  He’s something to look at.  That’s for sure.   He was so well put together.   I hadn’t quite noticed the small dimples in his cheeks.  There’s something about dimples that seemed to just fit Channing perfectly.   It didn’t make him look innocent which is weird because dimples made everyone look innocent.  It just made him look like needed to win some sort of trophy for charming smiles.


“I’m nervous,” Mitchell states, “He seemed sort of resistant…”

“If you don’t stop being a pussy and get some dick,” Valentina states before hesitating, “Some MORE dick I should say.”

I had almost forgotten that Mitchell and him had messed around already.


“He likes you,” I state, “He told me himself.”

It’s a white lie.  He didn’t tell me but I knew Channing.  There was no way a guy like him would have sex with someone and just not be interested.  So yeah, I lie.  I want to make my friend feel confident enough to approach him.  I want my friend to really be happy about it.


By now Channing is getting close to us.

“Hey, I wanted to talk to you…” Channing states, looking around while he spoke as though trying to find some place private.

“Good I’ve been meaning to speak with you too,” Mitchell states.

I see how excited Mitchell is.  It must mean everything to him to finally be interested with someone after Quest.  I know that I should have told him about Quest but I didn’t want to make things worse.  So I just smile.



“I’m sorry—I actually was meaning to speak with Sunday,” he states, correcting himself.



“Sure I—I knew that,” Mitchell states, “Just you know after you speak with him.  Sometime.  You know…”

“Mitchell—-I’d actually like to speak with you,” a voice says out of no where.

We all turn at that moment and we see Iggy.  I’m shocked Iggy is here now.  When I see Iggy I sort of want to switch places.  I want Mitchell to have his time to speak with Channing so that I can speak with Iggy.  My heart sinks in my chest seeing him standing there.

“Hey Iggy—-” I state.

Iggy ignores me.  It’s almost as though he doesn’t see me.  What did I do to him?  All of a sudden I feel so insecure.  I should be the one who was mad at him, not vice versa.  Then I remember all those games Iggy liked to play when we were younger.  Those mind games he got so good at.  He’d give me the silent treatment when I pissed him off until I literally came begging back.

Was that what this was?

He turns to Mitchell, “It’s kind of important Mitchell.”

Mitchell who clearly seems to be wanting to get away from feeling embarrassed about assuming Channing wanted to speak to him privately agrees almost immediately, “Sure, we’ll find a room.”

“Can you come with me?” Channing asks.



Channing takes me back to his classroom.  I have to admit I’m distracted by the fact that Iggy was talking to Mitchell.  What the hell did they have to talk about?  Iggy never spoke with Mitchell.   I can’t even think right at that moment because Channing keeps trying to get my attention.

“Hey Beric wanted me to bring you to see him.  Said he feels like you can help out.”

“Anyway that I can help out, I’m down.”

“Actually it’s more complicated than that,” Channing explains, “I suppose you know all about our infection we’ve been keeping private.”

“Yes.  So?”

“Dr. Serrano feels like she may be able to produce the S3909 here.  That’s what’s going to keep us alive.  Except that she needs—-”

“Me?” I ask, but then switch my tone to a statement, “She needs me.”

Dr.  Serrano had been waiting quite a while to experiment on me.  I should have known she would use the survival of the Little Americans as a way to do it.   Luckily Valentina had explained S3909 to me already and I had already assumed if I was the cause of the Virus then I was also patient zero.  Everyone knew when you find patient zero you find a cure…or at least in our case, a treatment to keep the virus at bay.


Channing sighs a little bit, “I told President Beric that I’d bring you to discuss it with him but there would have to be people monitoring what she did with you at all times to make sure you’re OK and even THEN I wouldn’t be able to guarantee to you want anything to do—-”

“I’ll do it.”

“—-With this because that bitch is fucking crazy and honestly I’m beginning to think she experimented with that psycho Luna she keeps around her.”

“Channing, I said I’d do it,” I cut him off.


“You will?” he asks.

I sigh a little bit, “Listen.  I knew this day would come.  I’m tired of running away from it.  I’m willing to do whatever it takes to save your people.”

He pauses.

“We’re strangers to you…”

“No you’re not,” I state, “Me and my friends were lost.  We were abandoned.  We were on the verge of death.   You found us.  You gave me and my friends a home knowing we could give you nothing in return.”

He shakes his head, “You gave us more in return than I could ever have wished.”

There is a pause.  An awkward pause.

“Well if that’s what you wanted to talk to me about then don’t worry.  If you hadn’t have asked I would have volunteered sooner or later.”

“Actually that’s not it.”


Channing plays with his hair.  He’s nervous.  Which is odd.  He’s smiling and raising his eyebrows in the most adorable way.  I keep watching how he keeps taking these deep breaths.  I’m a little confused honestly about what he could possibly be so nervous about.  He opens his mouth as though he wants to talk but then stops, thinks about it, shuts it and takes another deep breath.

“Channing—you don’t hesitate when stepping out and confronting gunmen but you hesitate in conversations.  I don’t get it,” I laugh.

I remember how he stepped out at the gas station when Nixon and his gang attacked us.  He had no fear then.  Now he just seems so…anxious.

Channing shakes it off, “You’re right.  Fine.  Here it goes.  Sunday.  I like you.”


“I like you.”

Shit.  All of a sudden I want to take it back.  Channing was handsome.  Beyond handsome.  He was attractive inside and out.  He was this great person.  This perfect person.  But my best friend was obsessed with him and right now that obsession was the one good thing that was happening to Mitchell.

“Maybe we should talk about this another time…” I state.

Like never.  Let’s talk about it never.

I try to walk away but he grabs my hand and damn it he’s so cute.  I mean I can’t help that my heart flutters a little bit when he grabs me in the way he does.  I can’t help that the warmth of happiness seems to flow out of his body and into mine when our fingers collapse slowly into one another.  He holds my hand without even realizing it.  I can see the surprise when he looks down and sees our hands pressed up against one another.

“I’m not going to have another time to talk about it,” he explains, “If the Horde of Cold Bodies don’t kill me then the Remnants will.  If the Remnants don’t kill me than the dormant virus will.  There is death all around me.  There is darkness all around me.  But all in that darkness there is this one thing that is this consistent light.  That light is you.”

Punch me in the stomach with his words.  He’s ripping my heart out with his stare.  He’s stealing my common sense with his soft embracing fingers.

I feel myself losing everything.



“Damn it…”

That’s when I do it.

I kiss him.



It’s not just a kiss either.  I press my lips and smack up against his.  Pure flesh up against flesh.  I don’t even realize I’m being so aggressive until I’m on top of him on his desk.  Until he picks me up underneath my ass and slides me flat next to our test grades.   He shoves his tongue down my mouth.  He’s desperately sucking on my neck.

His dick hardens underneath me.  A hardon begins to pulsate racing up my thigh as he gets more and more turned on.  He’s between my thighs, lifting my legs so that my balls are up against his chest.


We both turn shocked by what is happening.  We’re both shocked by the fact that Mitchell has walked in on us.   Not only Mitchell but Iggy as well.




Iggy’s reaction is what I expect from him.  He gets quiet.  Real quiet.  A silent tear rolls down his eye and just turns away so that no one will notice.  But I saw it.  I definitely saw it.


And then there is Mitchell.

“You know how I feel about him,” Mitchell states, “You would do this to me?  You would do this to me?  You wouldn’t tell me about Quest?  You’re supposed to be my best friend…”

Channing seems confused, “Quest?”

I’m confused on why Channing all of a sudden seems to panic.  Did he know Quest?


That’s when Mitchell’s anger gets the most of him, “Iggy killed Quest to protect you.”

“Listen Mitchell.  I know you’re mad…I know you’re upset.”

“You are POISON.  You always have been,” Mitchell states, “I should have known by how when you sleepwalk in the middle of the night.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask.


“Don’t think I don’t know,” Mitchell states, “I wake up and I see you.  You leave the bed.”



I’m so confused.  I’m not the only one.


“What’s me leavin the bed have to do with everything.”

“Proves how evil you are,” Mitchell explains, “I see you get out of bed last night.  I hear you calling out to them.  I see your eyes turn white like some sort of ghost.  This isn’t all some coincidence that they are coming here.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Channing asks with this weird look on his face.

“Yeah,” Mitchell states, “The horde is coming here because Sunday can control them in his sleep.  He’s MAKING them come here.”