Assassin’s Quarter, Chapter 2

Chapter 2 “What’s up with the D?”  the boy with the tattoos and platinum hair asks me. I am staring at the glass.  I turn around and he’s behind me.  I’m not sure what he’s talking about. “Excuse me?” “You have a D…on your ass,” Continue Reading

The Dollhouse, Chapter 5

Chapter 5 “Is he awake?” a voice states. “Of course not. He’s still under the anethestic. He just had major surgery.” One voice is Thorn. The other voice sounds familiar. I can’t put my finger on who this other person is. I know the voice Continue Reading

The Dollhouse, Chapter 4

Chapter 4   I’ve been looking for you for an hour.” Thorn.  The guy won’t leave me alone.  I’m outside on the basketball courts.  Not too far away from me, the basketball team is practicing.  Some other people come out to watch them practice sometime.  Continue Reading