Rain On Me 2, Chapter 4

		       LaDulceVida - The Sweet Life

			       LEFT IN LUST


Then there came Eric. I remember getting so close to him all of a sudden,
so close that I started to take pictures of him so that I would always
remember him. . I would cut out his body out of the pictures and staple
them onto the pages of my journal. Just like a goddam little girl I would
draw hearts and flowers all over them, then take my little key, lock it up
and put it underneath my mattress. I remember writing all about him in the
journal. Hype had told us there were techniques that celebrities used to
take off all the pressure from fame and that we should all try to inherit
them in our daily lives. He said writing was one of them, so I figured the
best way to write is to write a journal.

Soon, I realized I was writing less of a journal and more of a shrine to
Eric. I mean, there was a lot in there about Antonio, Jay, about Hype and
even some about Ice. None of them were pictures though. I only kept
pictures of Eric in my diary. I don't know why. I knew it couldn't have
been love. Love was something that had to be mutual. This was more like
lust.  Yes, lust. I'm not ashamed to admit it...


Stardom was here. It had come on slow at first, but sooner or later it was
there. The first single still remained almost top of the charts. We had
made the videos, done the interviews. We had become something like
overnight celebrities to many. The press wanted to know the members of
Vida. There was an OFFICIAL fan site set up to us. Of course Hype always
tried to keep our heads leveled so we don't get too overtaken by the quick
fame. Jay, of course, took all his words forsaken. He seemed to go wherever
it seemed most of the press would be.  While Eric and I spent our time
trying to dodge the press, he spent his time attracting them like bees to a

The fame had cast us to live almost lives of complete splendor. Everywhere
we were I could my face. I had remembered doing the photo shoots, but
really didn't ask or care where the photos were going to end up. They ended
up everywhere. Soon king sized photos of the group with the Spanish name
for Life had ended up dead in the center of Broadway. There were talks of
making a clothes line, making movies, making all sorts of things. All this
over one song.

"You guys have any hobbies?"

We were being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest for that show 'On Air'. I looked
across the seat and saw the tan blonde haired Californian. Jay and Eric
were both sitting in the couches, both putting on the front that they were
the most comfortable people in the world. I, of course, was the only idiot
sweating among them. The lights were hotter than anyone could believe and
the make up was making me feel stiff. The crowds expectant was burning
holes into my head.

"At the age of 2, I liked..."

That was only one of the interviews, one that Jay was quick to answer. Jay
had become star-struck fast! It was always one of those things that you
knew was going to happen but regardless you still felt annoyed when it
did. He had once again named himself lead singer in the group and answered
most the questions at the interview (which was fine with both Eric and I).
On our debut, we were interviewed about 5 times a week by people and
television shows that I never even knew existed. There was always a call
for more talk and less clothes.

"So, lets hear from the others shall we," Ryan Seacrest said, "Adrian, how
do you feel about going on your first tour next week?"

I had almost forgotten about that. The tour. It was starting only next
week.  He looked at me in the eyes as I searched my mind for a "Hollywood"
answer. I played with the rare watch that Antonio gave me. I usually did
that when I was feeling unsure of things.

"Well, Ryan," I said, starting what would become the perfect answer, "I'm
more than excited. I mean working with these guys has been a blessing and
with God's help the tour will be a success."

The crowd roared and I blushed at how full of bullshit I was being. I had
never been to church one day of my life and now I was using God's name like
I was his nephew or something. Still, it had gotten my chips in and the
people were applauding. Finally my part was over. I didn't have to talk for
the rest of the time, just sit back and look sexy.

Ryan finally turned to Eric, "What is your inspiration?"

I looked at Eric. The question had come up before but usually it was Jay
who had answered it.  This time, Ryan had made it almost clear that he had
enough of Jay answering everything.

"My bandmates," he suddenly said.

I don't know how Eric felt but I was beyond surprise. I mean, he looked me
straight in the eye as he said it and already I was beginning to dream. It
was just a dream. It could never hurt anyone. I began to dream that maybe
there was a chance that Eric still had enough room in his heart for me.
Maybe I was his inspiration. The crowd had applauded and all, making it
seem like one of those 'Hollywood' answers, but still there was the hope
within me that Eric was being sincere.


We began to walk off the stage and went into Ice's town car to be swiftly
led away from the screaming fans waiting outside Ryan's studio. We were
silent most of the car ride going to the hotel that we were staying in. We
all had separate hotel rooms of course, but Jay usually just hung out in
mine. Either way, today I decided to walk Eric to his room, just like it
was a date (yeah, ok maybe I was dreaming too much).

He stopped at his door turned around and gave me one of those sexy half
smiles, with his deep dimple showing, "You wanna come inside and probably
get something to drink?"

I was leaning toward the door then stopped, "Dang. I can't. Jay is probably
waiting for me to open my room door so he can scrummage through my stuff."

We both laughed, knowing that it was probably like Jay to do that.

"He probably is."

"Yeah. Jay is like me. We don't like to be alone."

I looked at him, almost wanting him to see what I meant. I wanted him to
see that I was tired of being alone. I wanted him to take me by the waist
and pull me inside. I wanted him to do the same thing that I wanted Antonio
to do...someone had to sooner or later. I wanted someone to love me. I
wanted him to throw me on the bed and start wrestling with my clothes. I
could already picture how his caramel skin looked across the rose tinted
Sheridan Hotel sheets. I could smell the manly scent across him as I would
slowly begin to grind against his body, against his hard chest. I wanted to
smell him, for me to just fuck him all night. Then I woke up and realized
that we were still standing at the same door...

"You never will be," he promised me, almost modestly and I could have sworn
I was going to melt with his sincerity.

He leaned over and gave me the most sincere kiss on the cheek. It was soft
and almost like the way a father would kiss their son. There was always my
attraction, always my dirty mind going crazy with thoughts of
passion. Still I could not deny the innocence within the kiss...



He walked into the room and shut the door behind. I began to blush. Rubbing
my cheek like it had just been engraved in gold. I backed up slowly,
falling into my deep lust and began to literally jog up the stairs with
excitement. I saw Jay standing next to my door, like I was certain he would
be. I couldn't help but smiling as I walked past him. My cheeks were high
almost like I was floating on clouds or something. I could see his eyes
following me in silence as I strolled into our apartment, swinging around
my arms like I was Dorothy from the wizard of Oz. Jay's searching eyes were
so depressing that I couldn't help but taking him by the hand and beginning
to waltz around the apartment. He had gone with it for awhile probably
trying to figure out what I was thinking through my movements. I couldn't
help but start laughing as I let go of him and collapsed on the floor. I
knew that if the media had caught a picture of me acting so flamboyant,
they would have brought me out of the closet without me having to say a
word. I wasn't usually like this, only when I knew that I could be falling
in love...

He just sat on the stool in the middle of Sheridan room and looked down at
me, from the little mini bar. He always knew how to read my emotions. I
mean he at least thought he always knew how to read my emotions. We had
both known each other since we were like 1 year old. He had known I was gay
before I did. He looked in my eyes and I realized that he could see that I
wasn't just excited for the fact of being excite. Now I was really goddam

"What have you been drinking?"


His face went a little sour as he kept looking at me. He had rarely seen me
like this and I knew that. Ever since we had started to get famous off of
Eric's song and ever since that night that Eric had told me about his
former love, I had been a little uneasy and irritated by everything.

I suddenly saw his eyes open, "You didn't? Did you?!"

I smiled, "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play stupid with me? You fucked Eric didn't you?! Is he a bottom..."


I jumped to my feet almost like I had finally become too embarrassed with
the person that I was supposed to be most comfortable with. My face started
to blush just from Jay using the "f" word and Eric in the same sentence.

"So what was it? Tell me!"

I stood up and sat next to him on the bar, becoming all of a sudden
serious, "Ok, ok. He just kissed me. I mean. It wasn't nothing
serious. Just one on the cheek. But what guy kisses another guy on the

Jay started to laugh. I mean not just a short laugh, he began to laugh so
hard that he had rolled off of his chair. He was on the floor now, laughing
and pointing at me like I had asparagus sticking out of my nose. I cracked
a smile, amused that he found my little romance so hilarious. Then all of a
sudden it was getting annoying. The idiot was finding this way too
funny. He knocked on the floor, spitting out only like a straight person
would do.

"I don't see what's so funny," I told him, angry that he was harassing me
so much about it.

"You came in hear like you had just been taken on some kind of magic carpet
ride, because you got a kiss on the cheek?" he asked.

The way he said it was almost demeaning. Then I realized that he was right.
All Eric did was kiss me on the cheek. Still, Jay couldn't understand how
sweet is was to have Eric's lips pressed against my cheek right after he
promised that I would never be alone. It was supposed to be romantic...I

"I thought it was sweet..."

"Adrian. I'm gonna give you some advice. Forget about him. He isn't
interested in you and if he was he would have told you already, without you
forcing yourself on him."

"Aww, I'm not forcing myself," I said, already getting defensive at the
thought of just another person calling me a pathetic horny teen.

"Well, forget about him," Adrian said, "You know I went to the Syndicate
the day before we flew out here and that guy was asking for you. What's his
name? The guy who works for Mr. Knight."



Antonio. I knew where he was getting at and it made me wonder. Antonio did
seem to be as interested in me as I was in him. I mean the way he looked at
me, I could see such potential!  Maybe this was the guy...I mean maybe Eric
was just lust. Maybe Antonio was the guy who I would finally love me.

"Wait. Why were you in the Syndicate again?"

He looked at me, almost like I was asking him about the birds and the bees.
It was just plain awkward. It made me wonder. I mean I knew Jay. He
wouldn't just go to the Syndicate if I wasn't tagging along with him. I
also knew that he was the type who would only go somewhere if there was
something in it for him. I had known him since we were kids. I almost could
put two and two together, but didn't want to jump the gun.

He paused and I could tell he was looking at my forehead (which meant he
was gonna lie), "I just went there to meet the lesbians...maybe I could
find some bi girls too. You never know."

"We both know that the lesbians hang out at the LaBella Syndicate

"What the hell, am I on trial here?" he asked, suspiciously.

"So I guess it didn't have anything to do with Mr. Knight and all that
money he was offering us."

"No," he said and suddenly I could feel a deep relief but then suddenly he
added, "This time it was Robbie who offered me the money."

"JAY! You went back and accepted money from Robbie?" I said, feeling
disappointment all of a sudden.

"Why not."

"Cause Eric hates him."

"Well, Eric doesn't have to accept the money now did he? Until Eric tells
me why he hates Robbie so much, why do I have to worry about dealing with
his issues? Its his problem, not mine."

I stopped. Jay definitely knew me a lot. He knew where my morals lied
too. I wanted to help Eric, to hate his enemies even if it were
possible. But the way Eric went about it. He wanted us not to be in the
Syndicate but never told us why. He wanted us not to make any deals with
the Syndicate, but never really gave us a reason why. He was asking too
much, I realized. Eric had started telling us about his past but really
never finished.

"Jay be careful. Did you ever come to think why Robbie would offer money
when he was so mad that Mr. Knight was offering it?"

"He says he changed his mind. Adrian why do you worry about all that?"

"We'll be in their debt."

"What debt? He has like a million dollars and we are a struggling band that
is probably gonna go bankrupt soon if we don't do well on this tour. He
doesn't need our money."

It was just like Jay. He never tried to look past what was given to him. It
wasn't just an act. What he knew was that Robbie was giving him money. That
was all he knew because that was all that was told to him. He didn't know
the history between Eric and Robbie, but then neither did I. I really
started to begin to understand him, but then again I didn't want to betray
Eric's interests.


I hadn't told Eric about Jay getting that money from Robbie. I figured it
wouldn't matter because it would never come up again. I was totally wrong
though. Still, I allowed it to be pushed in the back of my mind, not coming
up the whole time we flew back to New Jersey.

It was real crazy by the time we got back to New Jersey. Hype let us know
that we would only be spending 3 nights in New Jersey and then we would be
back on tour again. No rest for the weary.  I hadn't slept for like days
and hadn't planned on sleeping when I got back to New Jersey. My mom had
called like 10 times each day, trying to get me to go visit her. The thing
was she had moved to Providence not too long ago (for god knows what
reason) and she figured that our tour would be going near there. The truth
was I was never really sure where Providence was. I mean, I wasn't even
sure what state it was in. I didn't care much anymore to tell you the truth
because by the time I found out she would have moved again. She was a real

<Can you meet me?> the accented voice asked me on my cell phone.

<Again? Its 3:00 in the morning.>

<Why what's wrong? I thought you cared about me.> Antonio said. The sound
of him left suddenly as I could hear a little talking in the background and
a couple snickers.

<Will we finally be alone this time?>

Since that night at the Syndicate, I had ended up meeting Antonio about 5
more times. I could really say it would have been something like a
relationship. I mean, the things I did for him were crazy. He once told me
that I should persuade Ice to pick him up from his highschool one day. I
mean we were way out of town and had to go all the way to school to pick
him up then drop him off just down the block so that he could say he dating
some R&B superstar.  And yea...he did use the word dating.

<Yeah, you don't have to bring your guys.>

<Really? Finally?>

<Ugh...yeah. So can you meet me?>


<Ok bye. Love you.>

Did he say love? I was going to ask him but quickly he shut off the
phone. I began to wonder if it was true. Either way the thought that I had
actually heard love sent me hurdling on my clothes to race and meet
Antonio. It didn't matter that it was 3:00 in the morning and I had to go
on tour the next day. If he loved me...it was going to be worth
it. Wouldn't it? Maybe I was in love too...

He seemed real eager about it, so once again I figured that I would it a
shot. What could come out of it? I mean it could be a night of passion good
enough for my masturbation thoughts throughout the long cold tour hours. I
decided to take taxi instead of asking Ice to drive or even worse, driving
the town car myself. It was too late in the night and I knew that everyone,
except Jay hated Antonio and the guys who hung out around the
Syndicate. Hype, even though nice to their faces, said that they were
nothing but little vampires, willing to suck the blood out of the music
business while hypnotizing it with loud music and liquor. The guys at the
Syndicate really never did much wrong to me, so why would I have trouble
handling them? I rolled up to the little lot of the Syndicate, where
Antonio usually met me. I could see a black figure, in the dark alley but
then I saw another...then even another. Three dark figures standing in the
dark hallway. I should have known that we weren't going to be alone. I
pulled closer and realized it was Antonio, with two guys that were very
lets say, 'Syndicate material', meaning they were goddam male models.

"Hey sexy," he told me as I climbed out.

"I didn't know you were gonna have your friends here," I told him, trying
to be angry and polite.

He pulled me close all of a sudden, looking me deep into my eyes and the
kissing me deeply. His lips were making me hot as hell. I mean, I had
definitely come there horny as hell. He stopped kissing to me, only to
start nibbling on my neck and make rings with his tongue around my shoulder
blades. He pulled down my jacket a little, down my shoulder. I moaned
aloud, feeling the sensation and the passion. This was definitely something
exciting. Then suddenly I noticed the two guys that were behind us. One of
them was like basically close enough that I could hear his breathing and
the other was holding something, something cylinder. It was a camcorder!

"What the fuck is that?!" I cried out.

"Relax," Antonio said with his deep Italian or Spanish or whatever accent,
grabbing me and pulling me closer, "They are just interns."

Everyone was telling me to FUCKING relax! I mean, it was like I was some
kind of goddam maniac. Oh, but I was relaxing now. How he started kissing
my neck. I was really starting to relax. I tried to think about the goddam
camera that was right in my fucking face, but it didn't matter. This sexy
guy wanted me, I could feel him touching my body and handling me so
lustfully like he wanted to rip deep inside of me. We tongued our way down
the street, going farther away from the Syndicate. The young interns
followed us, watching every way that my tongue meshed with Antonio and I
expected that any moment they would actually take out a notepad to start
taking notes on how to kiss. It was uncomfortable at first, but then it
became sexy. I began to notice that these interns themselves were sexy as
hell. I mean the one with the camcorder really kept a little distance, but
the other one (the sexy one) had come so close that I could feel his body
rubbing against mine as we walked. Suddenly I noticed that we were going
into the abandoned building, the old house that was in the empty lot
further down the street.  Antonio knocked down the sign that said in bright

"I dunno. We shouldn't be in there." I told him

He and the guy who were holding the camcorder began to laugh hysterically,
as the other one began to make his way into the building ahead of us. I
knew they were making me seem like some prude or something, but the house
looked real unstable. It looked like it was gonna fall over at any minute.

"Don't be scared. You have me here. I love you,"Antonio assured me with a
crooked smile.

With that we entered the building, Antonio pulling me by the hand and
taking me up some stairs.  HE LOVED ME. The thought had brought trembles
down my spine. No one had ever loved me before. Now he was confessing what
he felt for me. He definitely knew where he was going. He acted almost like
this abandoned house was his own home. We went into the oldest room there,
with creaky tiles and cobwebs. Suddenly as we went I noticed the other boy,
the sexy one that resembled Antonio. He was smoking something and as I got
closer I realized that it was weed.

"Want some?" the boy asked me. His accent was so very deep that at first I
couldn't even understand what he was trying to say at first.

"Ughh, no thanks. I don't smoke."

"Try it."


"Suit yourself," Antonio said pushing past me, nearly making me fall over
onto the floor. I caught my balance and looked at him with the dirtiest
face I could think on making at the time, but realized that my anger was
being reflected with a complete nonchalant attitude.

He walked up to the boy who was smoking the marijuana and took it from him.
The two went close, sharing the weed. I watched in deep lust as I watched
Antonio lick the wrap of the weed and hand it to the other boy. The other
boy licked the same spot where Antonio licked before he smoked it. It was
becoming not just smoking, but now it was becoming erotic.  Antonio had
gotten up and taken the camcorder from the guy and pointed it back on me.

"You go sit over there," Antonio said to the guy who had the camcorder.

He definitely was fine. he had these pink lips and dark hair. His skin was
the color of copper and his body tone could be seen even past his
clothes. He went next to his lighter skin tone friend and I watched as the
two began to engage in a hot kiss. I tried not to look, but noticed my eyes
following them and my dick getting harder, slowly...but it wasn't really
because of the kiss. It was because I could hear Antonio, urging them on
slowly as his left hand clutched the camcorder and his right began to work
his way down to his pants.

"Yeah, tongue him. Now kiss his nipples," Antonio instructed the two boys,
then I saw him looking at me, "You go over too."

"I really didn't come to see them."

"Relax," Antonio told me once again, the tone in his voice so comforting
that I thought it was sending me into a slight trance, "Here let me help

He came closer the camcorder in my face as he took his right hand and began
to unbutton my shirt. As soon as I had gotten out of my shirt, he sort of
gave me a little push towards the interns.  I tried not to act like I cared
too much as I moved closer and held my breath, knowing that they were
staring at me now. As soon as I had gotten closer, they had begun to touch
my chest, rubbing my nipples and making me nearly squirm with excitement. I
knew that maybe I could do this after all...

"Yeah, closer," Antonio told me. I couldn't help myself but do as he told
me, hoping that he would join in after a while, "Adrian kiss Ramon."

"Who's Ramon?" I asked but was suddenly cut off by the boy who had been
holding the camcorder before Antonio.

This Ramon guy didn't mind the dusty floor at all. He leaned into me,
coming so close that I fell over onto the floor in excitement. He began to
kiss me, his tongue thoroughly going into mine. I tried not to completely
lay down in the floor with worry about my hair, but his weight had
surpassed my strength or will. I was completely on the floor, being
shadowed by this guy named Ramon and his soft bites along my neck.

"Fernando, suck his dick." Antonio said.

I didn't have to look down to know it was Fernando that was pulling at my
pants all of a sudden as Antonio had sort of pinned me down by both
hands. I looked over the room and saw Antonio.  His fine imported pants
were at his ankles now along with his silk boxers.  His dick was in his
hands and he was jerking slowly. I squirmed, half because I had felt
something wet against my dick and half hoping that Antonio would put down
the camcorder and come over. I looked down and finally saw this
Fernando. His tongue had licked my dick, from within the pants and then he
pulled it out.

"Si, muy bueno," his voice rolled over to Ramon who was now massaging my
chest. Ramon let out a little laugh and Fernando put my dick in his mouth.

"Ughhhh!" I squirmed, feeling the warmth around my cock as I went from
semi-hard into a complete rock, "Oh it feels so good."

I could feel my ass against the cold tiles and I felt so much pressure
against them from Ramon's heavy hands against my chest that I didn't think
I would be able to move at all. The last good blowjob that I had gotten was
from a girl. Fernando wasn't really sucking it though, he licked it a
lot. I watched as he licked my head, then licked the shaft. He licked all
around the hole of my dick, his tongue wandering deep into it.

"Hazel eyes, do you like?" Antonio called out to me.

"It would be better if you were over here too." I told him.

"Ah, you can't just have a taste of Spain. You Americans want it all."

I saw him coming closer, his thick 10 inches wagging below him as he moved
closer to me. His dark eyes met with mine as he leaned over me. Ramon began
to laugh once again as Antonio sat right on my chest. The seat of his pants
were press up against my nipples. I loved the feeling of that Fernando
licking my ball sack at the moment, but would have much rather have had him
get off for a moment, so that Antonio could slide down a little more. I
wanted Antonio to take of his pants and let me fuck the shit out of him
right there.

Antonio put the weed to my mouth, "Smoke it and I'll let you taste Spain.
Don't smoke it and oh well..."

I wanted to taste Spain so BAD! I grabbed the rolled up piece of paper and
began to puff at it rapidly. I wanted him now more than ever. The way he
sat over me, it was almost like he was born to tease people. Suddenly I saw
him taking his dick into his hand. He began to pat it against my chest,
brushing the big cock against it like it was a broom. He patted the cock
higher against my skin and I could feel the warmth in it arousing a deep
lust in me.

"Please, I want it now,"I pleaded, almost before I knew what was going on.

He lifted himself up a little and leaned over my head until his dick came
swinging down right above my lips. At first he just let it play around my
lips, until I caught it with my mouth out of frustration. I began to suck
his dick thoroughly, until he started to hump my face. He humped my face
almost dry, thoroughly pushing and pushing more of the long pole down my
throat. I couldn't gag, although I really wasn't used to sucking dick. It
felt at times I wanted to gag, but then the thought that it was Antonio's
dick caused me to stop.

He humped my face for so long that I began to feel red and numb in it. It
was actually getting painful to have so much down my throat...so much that
I was beginning to choke.

"Arghhhhhhh, Fu--fuck my face!" I said, half moaning and half choking as he
shoved a couple more inches into me, ripping at my face like it was
actually a pussy (or in our case an ass hole).

It had happened like that for the most of the night until things started
getting cloudy. I remember that my hard on hadn't gone away that night. I
remember smoking more and more until I could no longer handle myself and
all the dirty talk had been replaced by loud primitive grunts. It was
definitely a strong type of weed (even though I wasn't some kind of
expert).  I smoked and fucked, but then things went cloudy...


I woke up still feeling a little weezy. My eyes could barely open and I
knew that I hadn't had any sleep. The bright sun was definitely the only
motivation to help me keep from falling down in my pain. I looked around
and noticed I was still at the house. Then I looked down and noticed that I
still had my hard-on intact. The smell of the old house was disgusting all
of a sudden and I felt almost sick. How could I have been so uncaring about
a place that looked as trashed up as this placed looked. The windows were
all broken. He could of at least taken me to a hotel.

No hotel though. I knew no guy would go out of their way to by me a hotel,
especially when I didn't give them a chance before I was all over
them. This was just a case of where teenage hormones can lead you. Even
though I was 18 and almost out of it, there were still times like this that
reminded me to stop thinking with my little head.

"Antonio!" I called out noticing that I was alone.

Where the hell could he have went?  Had they abandoned me?  Could they
really have just left me stranded in the middle of an abandoned house like

I looked around and realized that everyone was gone. They had cleaned up
pretty well too, taking their clothes, their camcorders. They didn't leave
anything but all that marijuana. The weed was wrapped up in three dime bags
near the place that my shirt was at. They must have been too high to
remember taking that too. Bunch of idiots were all that they were. I
thought that they were classy, but instead just the same old young


Suddenly I wondered if I could have been wrong. Maybe they didn't leave me.
Maybe they were coming back. I guess it was my turn to tell him where I
stood with him. I wanted to tell him that when I wanted to be alone with
him, I wanted to be only with him. I remembered the look on his face as he
walked up to me. I wanted to know if he felt the same way about me that I
felt about him. I mean I didn't love him, but there was some kind of
attraction...whether lust or something else. I guess I just wanted to know
what this attraction was. I would ask him. Yes, that's it. When he walked
into the room, I was going to ask him. I shoved my boner back into my
boxers, zipped up my pants and sat up. My body ached like I had just been
fully paralyzed.

"Antonio. Can you hurry up? I gotta talk to you about last night."

Suddenly the stairs hurriedly ran up to the steps! I wondered why they were
running so fast and was about to ask when the faces appeared.  It wasn't
Antonio that walked into the room...

"Put you hands up and stay where you are."

It was the police! My mouth dropped open and I could feel the hard pain as
I was being pushed against the side of the wall and handcuffed. I tried not
to say anything. Oh god! It was another charge of trespassing for me. It
was all that I needed. Then I looked around and saw the bag of weed against
the table. My mouth dropped even more. Shit! How was I going to explain
this one.  The cop looked at it and then looked at me.

"Aren't you one of those singers?" he told me, recognizing my face from
probably his daughter's picture of Vida.

"Yes. Sir, those aren't mine!" I hurriedly tried to explain, so emotional
now that I from fear and confusion, "I was here with some guys last
night. Three of them. They'll be back here soon. You can ask them about

He gave me an almost sympathetic look but just stood me up in the
handcuffs, "Three guys huh?  They had deep Spanish accents?"

"Yeah! That's them. The weed belongs to them!" I shouted overjoyed with

"Just another target aren't you," the cop said, making me confused a
little, "They must not really like you. The Syndicate knows how to get
there way with you guys. Oh well.  You know I like your music kid and I
don't believe the weed is yours."

"So you can let me go?"

"Sorry. It doesn't matter what I believe. Gotta take you in anyway."

"So what's the goddam point in saying all of that!"

"Between me and you. Those three friends of yours are the same three guys
that just ratted you out. You should be more careful with your crowd next