Rain on Me 2, Chapter 21

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      LaDulceVida- The Sweet Life



I was kidnaped and my kidnaper was now under blankets with me. Eric didn't
seem like the regular kidnaper. He was so dame nice to me. From what I
understood his motives were to sell me out to Robbie in exchange for some
rights in the Syndicate. He said that he didn't know if he really wanted to
give me away once he got me again. He told me that we had to be quiet
because he didn't want anyone to know he was up there.

"They are gonna trip if they find out I am up here," Eric had told me,
"They are probably going to get the wrong idea or something and think that
I am going soft on the whole plot."

I would have pictured myself sitting up and fighting off tears for the
night, but instead I found myself sitting up and talking to Eric all
night. I was so afraid talking to him, because of whom he reminded me
of. He seemed so much like Quarrion. We talked easily, but there wasn't as
much flirting. Even if I tried to flirt with him, he seemed so innocent
about it.  He made me really wonder about how we had known each other in
the past. He said friends, but then again there was this whole complete
attraction I had to him. The mystery was throbbing.

I moved closer to him underneath the covers, "Remember that kiss back at
the church?"

He laughed. He looked cute when he smiled, but I had seen him when he was
mad and that was when he looked his best. His smile was innocent though,
bringing out a sort of awkwardness and insecurity in not laughing too much
because he probably thought he sounded like a donkey. He had a deep laugh
that seemed like he was trying to adjust it and make it sound good instead
of really remembering why he was laughing at all.

"Yeah, sure."

"Well.  What was that about?"

"I should be asking 'you' that question," he replied, leaning his head back
against the hard wall that we were using for a pillow, "You were the one
who leaned over to kiss me.  You kinda scared me."

"Scared you?" I asked, not sure where I was pushing the issue but sure that
I might as well push it since there was nothing else to do, "Why you don't
think I'm a good kisser?"

He laughed again. I could tell he was nervous. He didn't look me in my
eyes.  He seemed to be sweating and shaky. His nervousness sort of flamed
my confidence. There was nothing more to boost your esteem then knowing
someone else's esteem was fading. He didn't act gay at all. He acted so
straight in fact. I was beginning to think that I really misread it when I
thought we had an attraction.


By now he was wiping the sweat off his forehead and I guess trying to buy
time to look for a good answer. His smile had gone into a look of complete
thought. He was so sexy when he was serious. He was the exact opposite of
most guys. Guys like Antonio, Robbie and Byron looked best when they smiled
or laughed. Eric seemed to look best when he was serious.

I nudged him with my arm, "You ok? You sweating and it's like 20 degrees up

"Ha. You always made me sweat," he said and then looked me in my eyes
deeply, "But to answer your question, it wasn't that I didn't think you
were a good kisser. I mean, you...you were ok."

"Just ok?" I asked and then looked him up and down.

"Well," he said, still a little nervously, "I think maybe you could have
put a little more effort into it. I mean, its just a kiss right? People
kiss all the time, but it doesn't mean anything. I wonder if it would have
been different if you were a girl..."

I couldn't believe he was saying that, "Yeah, it was kinda a strange thing,
but why do I have to be the girl? Why can't you be the girl?"

He laughed and so did I.

"How about..ugh we can try again," he said and smiled, "Just to see if it
is better with girls or not.  You know?"

I looked at him. I was so tempted. The way he looked at me, I couldn't tell
if he was really attracted to me or if I was attracted to him enough to
over-exaggerate what would come out of this kiss. I didn't know what to
do. The feeling of instant closeness I felt with Eric was the same kind of
closeness I felt of someone else.

He reminded me of Quarrion. Knowing this, I got bubbling in my stomach and
deep grunts in my chest. Eric was cute, sexy and all, but the closeness I
felt to him was just like Quarrion. I couldn't go through what I went with
Quarrion again.

I denied him, "Nah, I mean I don't know you like that."

"But its just a kiss," he sort of whined, arching his head over in wonder.

He gave me a look. It was one of those looks of disbelief. I guess he
couldn't believe I just declined his pass at me. I understood where he came
from too. The mood had been right for a kiss, we were alone and I had been
feeling this plethora of sexual concentration every time we talked.  My
heart said kiss him, but sometimes the only thing that mattered was what
your brain said. My brain said this was the formula for disaster, just like
Quarrion's case.

"I don't want to. Shit," I told him and turned my head towards the wall as
though trying to go to sleep, "What are you going to force me to kiss you
or something? Just like you forced me here..."

Whether or not I had struck a chord, I felt that extreme romantic moment
between us pass. It was deep inside the morning anyway and my eyes were
basically aching for sleep.  It had been a long day. I knew he wanted to
talk some more, I could feel it. Instead of talking he just muttered a
soft, low "goodnight" and turned to go to sleep.

I had went to sleep as soon as we were done. I tried not to think about
him.  Going to sleep, everything had seemed like a dream (even the
kidnaping). I hoped it was all a dream in some ways, but then again I
didn't want the closeness to Eric to be a dream. What was I thinking? This
guy had kidnaped me and was a clear enemy of Robbie. But he was so cute. If
I had even started anything with him, I knew that Robbie would squash him
just like he did to Quarrion. I knew Robbie was out there somewhere,
steaming like a tea-kettle. I liked how Robbie liked me, but I didn't like
what came out of it. He seemed cool all the time like he could never get
jealous, but I knew. I was more than certain that he would be looking for
me. I was also certain that he was going to be pissed when he found me.

I didn't get used to Eric because somewhere inside, I knew as much as I
liked him that Eric wasn't a guy with a long time to live...


I woke up on the worst side of the bed ever. Eric was gone, but I wasn't
sure how far. For some reason I guess the cold wasn't as much as we thought
it was going to be. We slept real close on the bed, so somehow it had
gotten hot over the night. You know...body heat. Eric had taken off his
shirt and I knew that he couldn't have gone too far because the shirt was
still right next to me.

There were voices. They weren't very deep but they were still voices. I
realized that they were coming from the attic staircase. My arms and legs
were still tied up, but not as tight as they were before. I had some room
around the rope area to walk towards the attic staircase. The attic made
deep creeps as I walked. I managed to get towards the exit of the attic
where I could almost smell the scent of baby oil that sort of announced
Eric being near.

"Fucking with Damien will make us end up dead or in jail," a voice said.

There was a little peephole. From the hole I could see Eric's brother and
Eric on the staircase. Eric was sitting down (chest bare) and his brother
was standing over him almost like a ghost. Eric looked a little worried and
his brother looked a little cynical. I didn't hate what his brother said of
course. I mean his brother was right. Robbie wouldn't rest until he found
out where I was and Eric had better pray the cops get to him before Robbie

"I told you not to be here," Eric explained to his brother, repeating the
words from yesterday, "You aren't involved with this. You can't understand
what we are trying to do here."

"Explain it to me then!"

"Hush, Damien is sleeping upstairs," Eric warned him and spun around so
fast as though thinking I was right behind him.

"That is all you talk about," his brother rampaged, "Stop thinking with
your dick Eric. Your real friends need you, not just some fag that wants to
turn you. Adrian said he warned you about messing with that fag..."

"Adrian is gay too, Derek."

There was a silence that made me kind of wonder. First off Adrian was
warning Eric about me? I didn't get it. Adrian was the one who helped me
this whole time so why would he be warning people about me. I felt a little
betrayed, but then I realized that Adrian had no loyalty to me. He hadn't
even been really nice to me. He had helped me before almost as though it
was his duty to help me or something. The girl Elizabeth seemed a lot
nicer, but he didn't want her to know a lot about who I was. I wondered
what kind of person Adrian really was.

"No way! Adrian isn't gay. He's cool. He is trying to clear your mind from
Damien too."

Eric seemed to find his brother's interpretations of things really funny,
"Yeah, but that is only so he can hook up with me."

>From the hole in the wall I could see Eric's brother looking a little
sick.  He seemed to be a real homophobic person as far as that was
concerned. His face went from the look of a ripe tomato to a raisin. He
squirmed up like he had just heard the most sickening thing ever.

"God dammit!" he called out, "Why are you hanging around all these gay guys
Eric? You aren't like this. I know. Remember that girl Carmen? You were in
love with Carmen.  You always loved girls. First I thought it was just
Damien, but now you are fucking around with Adrian too?!"

"Look, calm down," Eric explained, "Its none of your business, but to let
you know, I'm still straight. I'm not even really bisexual. I only cared
about Damien. Adrian at one time reminded me a lot of Damien and that is
why we had a little thing going. I know its physical attraction I have to
Damien, but what really got me was the emotional attraction to him."

His brother seemed relieved again, almost like it was better that all his
hate was concentrated on me again instead of sharing his hate with Adrian
as well. He seemed to be the guardian protector of his brother's sexuality
in a way.

"This is more reason to get rid of Damien. We can like him drop all the
charges against us. If he doesn't agree, we can always hit him around or
threaten him. If we do that, we gotta do it now before you get too close to
him again..."

"I won't," Eric said coldly, "There is no reason to get violent with him
Derek. I'm not falling for him again. Damien's father trusts me to get his
memory back and I wanna mess Robbie over anyway. Its not about love. Its
about getting revenge and getting his memory back for his father's sake."

"For Damien's father or for you?"

"For his father. Byron has a plan to trade Damien over for the Syndicate.
When Byron is the leader of the Syndicate then he will help Vida's music

"Good plan! So you gotta promise now. It has nothing to do with Damien. I
mean I don't wanna break his knees."

"No need for that. I could care less about being passionate with Damien

I felt a little heartbroken, ok, maybe a lot heartbroken.  I couldn't look
anymore. I stopped looking completely and made my way back to the wall. It
was hard to hear it from his mouth that perhaps I had really been
over-exaggerating Eric's crush on me. I didn't know why I felt so bad. I
really felt a sincerity when I was around Eric. I figured now that maybe I
was a bad judge of character. I hadn't known Quarrion was using me
either. Everyone seemed to use me except Robbie. I missed him now as I lay
alone in the attic (which was getting colder by the moment).

The discontent turned into something like ire. It was one thing to kidnap
me and all that, but then it was another thing to mislead me. I didn't know
why I was so angry about him saying that he really didn't want to be with
me the way I thought he did. I just felt that way in a feeling that was
kind of hard to explain.


Eric came upstairs talking about breakfast just then. He was real nice. I
was sure he hadn't overheard me listening. I figured then I could go two
routes. I could act like nothing was different and I didn't overhear him
talking to his brother. That would have been the easier choice. I didn't
choose that, only because I didn't have enough time to calm down. I was so
pissed. I chose the second choice and that was to rampage as much as I can
until I got it clear how goddam uncomfortable I felt in the house.

When Eric came for breakfast I went with him. I made certain not to look
him in the eyes and I could tell that he knew there was a change in my
personality all of a sudden. When I arrived downstairs I saw Jay standing
up over the small mini stove that they had installed. He had basically
more-or-less ignored me the whole time I was here. He stared all the time,
but never really said anything directly to me.  I guess he didn't know me,
only because he didn't seem to have anything to personally talk to me
about. Off the bat, I wasn't a big fan of Jay. I knew that he had the
little plan to ransom me off to Robbie in exchange for the rights to the
Syndicate. It wasn't that I didn't like him, because I got the feeling that
what he was doing wasn't personal. Not liking him wasn't going to do
anything for me, it was like hating the IRS. The IRS were businessmen, they
do what they do because they have to do it. It really doesn't matter if
what they are doing is hurting people.

When I walked into the room I always notice that I was the center of
attention. It felt almost the same in the Syndicate. The attention was full
of mystery and wonder, making me wonder what kind of person I was before I
lost my memory. Memory was the key to all of this.

"I'm gonna have to call Adrian later," Jay told Eric as Eric sat next to me
at the kitchen table, "He is gonna be wondering what happened to us. I
think I can climb up that mountain and I might get a signal on my

"Adrian...why do you have to call him?" Eric said.

He got real shaky when it he heard Jay saying Adrian. It was the same shaky
expression he had when I asked him about the kiss. I kept wondering if they
really were a couple. If they were I felt more like smut, walking around
flirting with Eric and knowing that he had Adrian all along. His
relationship with Adrian seemed complex.

Jay looked up at him, "He needs to know what's going on. Eric you gotta
fill him in on everything.  I can only tell him so much, but you gotta tell
him where you guys stand."

I didn't get it. Jay was real open when he said it, probably because he
thought that Derek and I didn't know that Eric was with Adrian. As he said
that, my mind began to wonder. It was strange that Eric had to tell Adrian
where there relationship stands.

Eric quickly changed the subject, looking down at the food in front of him,
"Hot cakes and oranges?"

"Look, we are running out of food, already."

Eric's brother gave a sort of laugh, but I didn't get what was so
funny. The food was fucking bite size basically. My expression as I looked
at the food was priceless. Eric and his brother were staring at me almost
like they didn't know what I was going to do next or something. I felt like
a science project.  The food looked like hell. It looked like something
that a goddam bird would eat.  This was definitely different from what
Robbie would have fed me. I wanted to complain but then didn't want to make
them think that I was spoiled or anything.

Eric cut the orange into four pieces and was sort of aiming it at my mouth
since they still had my hands tied up. I pushed away. I was hungry and all
but I didn't want Eric to be feeding me after he had led me on then said
that shit to his brother. I felt a little annoyed, ok, I felt a lot of


He lifted his eyebrow, "What? I washed my hands."

"I don't want you to feed me. You don't know how to feed people. I want
somebody else."

He looked real embarrassed. I wanted him to feel embarrassed. Jay and
Eric's brother just stared at Eric as though looking at him to figure out
what was going on. He had just been played. I wanted him to feel just how
he made me feel. I didn't have any emotional attachments to him.

"Damien..." he said almost as though expecting me to laugh in jovial
manner.  That was when he got mad, "FINE! Who else wants to feed him?"

"Just let me go and I'll feed myself," I offered.

"No," Derek said, a little uneasily, "I'll feed you."

"Not here. Upstairs."

"This isn't the Hilton," Jay said, looking at the stove as he talked and
not at me.

"Just take him upstairs," Eric contrasted, still looking a little
embarrassed about me dissing him when I said he didn't know how to feed

I felt a little bad at the way he said it, but his brother seemed willing
to do it so I didn't mind. This was payback Jay looked at him and everyone
looked at Derek, then at me. I knew how it seemed like. I was making it
seem like that.

He did take me upstairs and I was sort of happy about it. Eric's brother
was an asshole, but at least he was upfront about the way he felt about
me. Eric was so two-faced. I didn't even want to be near him. Derek ended
up taking me upstairs and feeding me the hotcake first. He was real slow as
he fed me and if I wasn't smarter I would have immediately picked up that
he got a kick out of having people tied up and feeding them.

There was something about the way he looked at me as he fed me that was
uneasy. The thing was it was the same look I saw Eric looking at me
with. He did kind of a look like Eric, except his face was not as smooth
and his eyes were not as welcoming. He had more facial hair. He had a
little goatee going but Eric has longer sideburns. He looked a lot older
than Eric and you couldn't have told he was younger than Eric if you looked
only at his face.

He put the orange piece in my mouth and I started to suck on it. It was
innocent the way I did it, but the way he looked at me. It didn't feel

"How does it taste?" he asked me.


"Seriously, its kinda sexy how you suck that orange. I didn't want to admit
it but if Eric is with a fag, you are the best looking one I've seen so
far. I wanna know what he fell in love with."

It was a strange thing to say, but I guess it was the only nice thing he
had said to me so far. I pulled back away from the orange, after almost
finishing it. What happened next was even stranger. He turned the peel
around and dipped it into his mouth. I knew Derek looked at me probably too
much! He was proving it now, sucking on an orange that I already basically
drooled over. My mouth was wide open by the time he had done, noticing that
he was looking me in my eyes now hard. He and Eric were so similar,
probably too similar in the kind of passionate stare that they gave
me. There personalities were completely different though.

Eric's brother leaned over and kissed me. His mouth tasted just like the
citrus peel. His lips were pressed up against mine and I couldn't believe
it for the longest. He kissed me intensely, passionately.

I moved back, "What the hell?"

"Shut up. I know you want it," he said softly and pushed me hard enough
that I lost my balance, "You fags are all the same. One piece of dick and
you are happy. I know you want it."

I pushed back, trying to loosen my ropes and beat this shit out of this guy
for one kissing me and then calling me a fag. He was such an asshole I
realized. He didn't let me get far. He picked me up and threw me against
the wall. He started to chew on my neck, licking it furiously. He licked
around my neck roughly, sucking on it. I wanted to scream. I wanted to
scream so much, but my pride wouldn't let me.

"Get off of me!" I barked at him, trying to hit him away.

He grabbed Eric's shirt and gagged me. He shoved the shit deep in my mouth.
He took his hand and slammed my head against the wall. Then he started
lifting my shirt, pushing himself so close to me. I was panicking now. I
had never felt so abused as I did at the moment. I couldn't tell if he was
raping me or not. He kept talking. He kept whispering in my ear shit that
was so pointless and mean. He had such animosity to me and yet there was a
hint of desire for me that I couldn't just point to.

"All you are is a piece of ass," he cursed at me and made his hips thrust
between my legs so they separated, "I wanna see how good of ass you
got. Shut up. You make a fucking wrong move and I swear to god I'll cut
your faggotty throat. Guys like you need to have your ass taken--"

He was grinding through my legs and trying to grip on my ass. I could tell
what he wanted.

"Your mouth tastes like a bitch, I'm gonna make you my bitch," he cursed at
me and kicked at my ankles so that I fell to the ground, "If you make
noise. I'm gonna snap your neck, I swear to God!  NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES!
That's the only thing you're good for."

I couldn't believe this was happening. Was he really trying to rape me? The
actual surprise of it had actually made me want to laugh. He didn't even
know what he was doing.  Jay and Eric were right downstairs. I wondered if
they would even care if they saw him trying to do this.

He took my gag off and I let out a scream.


He really was an idiot. He reached out to hit me but then I saw Jay and
Eric running up the stairs.  It was almost clear what was happening I
think. Eric had come to my rescue once again, only this time I saw a bit of
his own anger had been mixed into it.

"What the hell is going on?!" Jay asked, but Eric didn't wait for someone
to answer.

Eric took his brother by the collar and slammed him against the wall. He
began to pummel blow and blow into his brother's stomach. I could have
sworn they were worst enemies by the way he was hitting him. Derek fought
back though. He wasn't acting like a victim.  He grabbed Eric's long nappy
pigtail and pulled it down.

Eric had permed it so it was kinda slippery but Derek managed to hold on to
it long enough for Eric to move his hands off of him. This wasn't sibling
rivalry. This was something so much deeper. These were two young men really
trying to kill one another. Eric and Derek began to fight over at the
staircase and Eric was throwing his fists to the back of his brother with
so much force.  I thought they were going to kill one another.

Derek threw Eric across the wall and tackled him on the window. I saw Eric
gaining momentum as he threw his fist at his brother. His brother fell back
and onto the floor. The whole house seemed to be shaking. I was basically
rooting for Eric as he took his brother into a headlock and his brother
tried to scramble his way out. Derek began to turn blue. Eric wasn't
letting go though. I was sure Derek was going to die if Eric had his way,
but then Jay came to interrupt.

Finally Jay managed to get them separated and both of their noses were
bleeding. Eric walked over to me defiantly then and loosened me, in front
of Jay and everything.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Derek asked.

"You just shut the fuck up!" Eric replied, "I'm not gonna kill you because
you are my brother, but I swear to god I'll let him kill you!"

Him saying that was enough to motivate me to be beyond mad by the time he
released me. Jay was talking. Everyone was talking! There was extreme chaos
as I felt myself spring on Derek. He was kicking at me, but there was
nothing to stop me. I was hitting him extremely hard. I hadn't known how
strong I was until now. The feeling of being tied up and then being
loosened was like drinking some kind of ambrosia. I felt immortal and my
fists proved to be harder then ever as he squirmed underneath me. He was
begging me to stop.

"Stop!" Jay's voice said, but it faded into the background.

All I could see was my anger for this boy. This boy had disrespected me in
every way possible since I had gotten here. Jay tried to pull me back and I
found myself taking a swing at him too. I found myself going temporarily
crazy. Finally my arms were free and I could do whatever I wanted to. I
could kill all of them and run back to Robbie to cover up like he did with

"YOU PUT ME THROUGH HELL!" I told them, rushing my fist at Derek again, but
being held back completely by Jay. I wanted to cry, but I didn't
cry. Crying was a basis for weakness. This time my face got red with fury
and my body had gotten weak after thrashing at Derek so bad.

Derek's face looked like it was already turning black and blue. When
everything had passed, we were all tired and just looking at one another. I
was just waiting until I got another chance to get up and finish Derek
off. He was beaten up a lot, but I knew that it wasn't enough. Eric seemed
to be having the same thoughts as I did, only he seemed to have his own
reasoning behind it. I knew that he didn't get along with his brother, but
I didn't know it was to this level. Jay seemed like the middle-man in all
cases. He was hardly strong enough to keep holding a guy strong enough as
Eric off and as for me, I had more agility than he ever could have. He
couldn't hold us back for long. Something would have to give.

"Fuck that I'm leaving!" Derek cried out.

"Its snowing out there. We are in the mountains and you have a five mile
walk to the road," Jay reasonably said to him, "You might as well stay and
then leave when Byron comes back this weekend."

"FUCK THAT I'M LEAVING NOW!" Derek repeated, with more anxiety, "You guys
stay with your little fag boy and protect him all you want. You always
wanna take a fucking fag over you family! I can't believe that you turned
so gay Eric!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Eric said, "You always trying to make me feel bad, but
when I turn my back you are out here trying to kiss the same guy that I
tried to."

Eric accusing him of being gay too just seemed to much for Derek, "Fuck

He started walking away, declining down the stairs and seemed to be running
into the storm. Jay went after him to try and stop him, but we all knew
that Derek wasn't coming back. I saw that anger that Derek had was within
himself now. He was struggling with his own sexuality and seemed like he
was fighting it off through me. I pitied him to tell the truth. He would
always be angry with the part of himself that wanted to learn about who he
truly was.

I was happy that Derek had left. I mean at least there would be no one
around to be hitting me or whatever. Plus my hands weren't tied up. I
wasn't going to go anywhere now that I found out there were 5 miles to the
nearest road. There was no point. Derek was mad enough to walk all those 5
miles, but I wasn't. I figured I would wait it out. I would act patient for
as long as I could until something else came up to happening.


By the time things had calmed back down it was nighttime. Jay had come back
and said that he couldn't keep up with Derek. Derek had disappeared in the
snow. There was a blizzard coming too. I wondered if he was ok, but Eric
seemed to be certain he was. Eric didn't seem to care much though. For a
moment I thought that he didn't care at all. I guess his family wasn't the
most important thing to him. As the blizzard was coming in, Jay had made it
certain to run up the mountain and try to call his cousin. He said that the
blizzard was going to hit hard. Now that there was only three of us, I
guessed we would have enough food. Now there was just Eric and I.  He
looked at me thoroughly and I tried not to look back at him. He was so cute
when he was mad. It seemed like the madder he got, the sexier he was. He
was like an angry little puppy. He gave me a sweet smile but I didn't
return it.

"What's going on Damien? You been acting like I'm a bastard or something."

"You probably are. I don't know you," I said, trying to make it clear for
him to drop all the familiarities, "Your brother is real fucked up. I would
hate to see where you guys grew up at."

"Don't put what he did on me."

"I'm not putting anything on you," I said and looked at me dead in my eyes,
"But don't act like we are more than we are. You are leading me on at
nighttime and in the daytime you are telling your brother that you could
care less about pursuing anything with me!"

He gave me a look. I shouldn't have said it like that. I didn't want to
make him think that I was hurt about it (even though I was). I just wanted
to get over it. He was making it hard on me though. He looked so surprised
at the moment that he was quiet. I sort of wanted it to stay like that, but
I only knew he was quiet because he was thinking of something to say.

"Shit you heard that?"

I nodded and then shrugged, "I'm not making an issue of it. I just want you
to be real with me and not fake."

He came to me and touched me on my shoulder, "But I don't feel that way.
Damien...what I said to him...I just say it to him so that he wouldn't
threaten you. I know what he is capable of. He is really messed up. I just
wanted to protect you. I mean, its hard to explain."

I shrugged again, looking at the sun dropping and noticing how the hours
had passed, "You don't have to."

"Yeah, I do. My family and I haven't been so close ever since I thought you
died," he explained and looked around, "I sort of blamed them. See Damien,
you and I were close.  I mean real close.  I lied when I said we were just
friends. I could never just be your friend.  Even now I only want to be
with you. The day that you had the accident...I had..."

"Why do you always get nervous!? Just say it!"

"I asked you to marry me..."




<Adrian! Adrian its me!>

It was clear to me that Jay was the one on the other side of the
phone. What wasn't clear was why there was so much static. All I heard was
the loud buzzing sound in the background. It just so happened that Hype was
in the room when I got answer it.

"Is it them?"

"Yea, its Jay," I answered.

<Jay where are you?>

<I'm in Acapulco Mountains! We are in a cottage with Damien!>

<Jay why the fuck did you guys kidnap him? You are in major trouble. Your
names are all over t.v. The scandals are beginning and rumors are getting
out of hand.>

<But how are record sales?>


<How are record sales?!>

I looked over at Hype. That was the dumbest question that I probably ever
heard in my life. Hype overheard what Jay was saying so I didn't even have
to ask him. He just started pointing upward towards the roof like he was
saying that they were skyrocketing.

<They are better. Why?>

<Good! Tell Hype to sell the story to the media! I got a plan! I'm going to
make us rich! We are working with someone with access to the inside!>

<No wait...Robbie knows Byron is behind it!>

<What was that?>

<Robbie knows Byron is behind the kidnaping!>

<I can't hear...>

<JAY! Jay...Jay can you hear me?! Jay, Robbie knows about Byron! Jay!>

Suddenly there was a click. I slammed my hand on the desk and looked at
Hype. He just stared back at me. We both knew that Jay was in trouble,
especially now that I had opened my big mouth and told Robbie about
Byron. I had no idea what kind of plan Jay had cooking up in his head but
whatever it was I knew that it was going to be HUGE. I knew he wasn't going
to risk all of this if he didn't think he could come out of it clean and
rich. It was only a matter of time, trying to figure out exactly what it