Rain On Me 2, Chapter 20

			LaDulceVida- The Sweet Life




Experience was something that you got from not getting what you wanted.
Sometimes I had this feeling that I didn't want to know about the past,
while other times all I could think about was how long it would take for my
memory to come back.

I looked around now at the fine adorned jeweled cathedral, looking out at
where the couple had just taken its vows in the church. The wedding
ceremony was over and mostly everyone had started to follow the couple out
of the hall. I didn't follow them. I hadn't come to the wedding for them. I
had come to the wedding in hopes of finding myself. Somehow everything I
did, every step I made was a journey in finding myself. The flowers in
front of me looked like they were whithering. I picked one up, only to see
that the smell irritated my nose.  Quickly I let it fall underneath my feet
and squashed the bitch until it was torn to little pieces.

"Flowers were never your thing," a voice said from behind me.

I didn't turn around at first partly because the voice sounded so familiar.
I felt the urge to recognize it immediately, trying immediately to dig into
my mind. I dug, digging only to hit blank walls that brought spasms of
confusion instead of any recognition at all. When I did turn I saw a face
that I did in some standards recognize. It was the boy who I had walked in
on having sex with Adrian. He was the boy who had the tanned skin of bronze
with pink lips and unconcentrated eyes. The way he approached me was
immediately in a state of recognition. I felt as though he felt a sort of
comfort around me that I almost denied.

Perhaps it was my eyes falling into his that made me snap back into
reality, "You enjoyed the wedding?"

I forgot the dude's name again. Shit! He looked at me as though confused at
what I said. It was the same with me. I was confused at what he said. He
was a stranger and I spoke to him casually as strangers did. He spoke to me
referencing a past that I knew nothing about. I had no idea who he was and
he knew more about me then I did about myself.

"I, I needed a way of finding you," he said with a sort of regretted
honesty that was summoned from deep in him, "I can't see how of all the
things you forget, that you would forget me too."

"Why wouldn't I?" I asked bluntly. I wondered if he thought that he was
special. If he was special why wouldn't Robbie tell me about him. Robbie
knew all about my past.

"We were...best friends," the mulatto boy said suddenly, "I've been meaning
to find you for so long now. The guys you are around aren't really helping
you. They've been lying to you. Robbie is just a fucking scam artist! He
hasn't told you about me, about your father...about anything. My name is
Eric...did he even tell you that?!"

Eric seemed so angry. The look in his eyes were of a strange ire that I
didn't understand. It seemed to come out of no where. He was a handsome
boy, sexy lips and eyes.  He had an ass so tight that it just seemed to be
calling for a good fucking.

He didn't flaunt his ass though, no this was a REAL man. His skin was his
best attribute of course, but he also had eyes that made 1000 vague
suggestions with pink lips that were even enough to be kissed 1000
times. He was still mad sexy, even when he was mad, only this time I could
care less about how sexy he was. His forehead wrinkled up with
distillment. He didn't look just angry, but crazy as well. He was talking
fast, saying things so fast that I could hardly comprehend much. He shook
me, making me try to understand it.

"What? Robbie's been nothing but nice to me."

"Has Robbie told you anything about your past?" he asked in a short, yet
serious manner, "He probably told you things that aren't true. I can't let
you stay there. You don't understand the kind of person who you were. I can
show you!"

He grabbed onto my arm hard, his face becoming full of passion.

"Get off me!"

"No! Let me tell you about your past," he pushed on, heaving against my arm
as I tried to pull away, "Robbie is a goddam tyrant! He is taking advantage
of you. I'm not the one you should be resisting! Hey--stop that! Stay
still! Why are you fighting?"

Panicked, I pulled hard from him, throwing all my weight and sending us
both crashing into the display of flowers that was set up near the podium.
There was a loud clash!  I didn't have time to think before I saw that
something like a scuffle was breaking out. I wasn't sure who had hit
Antonio, but whoever it was knocked Antonio to the floor. I saw security
running into the room, as well as Robbie's bodyguards.

I didn't see Robbie, but I did see Ms. White screaming for someone to call
the police. Antonio was getting beat up badly. I wanted to go up and help
him, but I had my own trouble. The thick rush fell over me as I struggled
to untangle myself from it. I saw the boy.  He was still talking furiously,
so furious until all his words sounded like nothing. I watched as he slowly
pursued me.  He was rolling around violently, beating at the flower display
that we lie underneath like it was his worst enemy. Suddenly he was sitting
up over me.

As he rolled up next to me, I found our eyes catching. For the moment, I
felt that strong chaos start to disappear from his eyes even though it was
brewing all over us.  There was a vibrance there and immediately I felt
this attraction. It was a strong and instinctive attraction. It came at me
almost like the reaction would come to me to dodge a ball. I mean, before
he was handsome but now he was something else. A bright light shined over
him as he leaned over me. I didn't know what he was doing, but I quickly
caught on as his strong hand encircled my head.

I wasn't sure what caused me to do it, but I leaned up and kissed him. He
looked a little surprised at first that I would do that, but he didn't push
me away.

*There was a bright light.  *Then there were memories, a quick flash of
raindrops and then one of tears.  *Then there were more memories, a memory
of a song and then one of a ring.  *Then suddenly there were memories of

What the fuck was I doing! I pushed my weight up against his, mustering
enough strength in my biceps to push the guy off of me. I guess I
underestimated my strength but I sent him flying at least 5 feet in the air
from the ground.

I jumped to my feet, breaking the string that caught me in there. I was
pissed beyond belief. Part of me was mad because the visions I had were so
confusing. I finally thought I was remembering something and then it was
all gone. Then again, the other part that upset me was the kiss Eric had
given to me.

He was strange and probably emotionally unstable, but he definitely kissed
perfectly. I could still feel his lips against mine and that was what made
me almost lose my mind.  They were so soft.  They were the softest lips in
the world. I was getting a hard-on from just remembering the kiss as I
closed my eyes and crossed the room in hope of calming down or getting away
from this confusing scene. My eyes however had been covered in tears of


At first I thought the voice had come from Eric, but then I realized it was
a voice that wasn't recognizable to me in the slightest bit. I turned
around to see a man. He was much bigger than I was and his fist seemed to
be huge. He threw it at me, hitting me hard. I was hit so hard that there
was no pain but only a short black darkness----



The dust had cleared and everyone was asking about what had went down. The
wedding hall was now crowded with about every news station possible. There
were a lot of witnesses to what had happened, but few of them really knew
why. Motives seemed to them a cause that was expendable at the moment
either way. The media seemed there to put everyone under immediate
fire. The majority of people had expected that something would be going
down here, but no one expected that it would be something this big that
involved people in such high standards.

Jay, Eric, our bodyguard Ice and Eric's brother Derek had kidnaped
Damien. I had seen it with my own eyes as Ice hit Damien dead between his
eyes. The detective standing in front of me looked so suspicious. Everyone
looked real suspicious but this guy was among the worst. He had been the
same one to question Robbie (who at the time was being questioned again). I
looked over at Antonio knowing that the time I had hit him was personal. He
didn't mention it to the cops though, probably because it would have been
hard to admit a mafia-scum big shot had been punched in the face by a

"You sure you don't know where they could have taken the victim?" The
detective asked.

He had asked me that question about 20 times and each time I answered with
the same answer.  The thing was that I truly didn't know where they had
taken him. I had seen them leave and even got a little mad that they had
left me there, but I didn't know anything about the whereabouts of Damien.

Even if I didn't know I wouldn't have told these detectives. They all
worked for Robbie and would have probably told Robbie. Robbie was mad
beyond belief. I knew he was mad because of he was pacing back and
forth. He basically threatened everyone.

I don't think Robbie was worried to much about Damien's safety because Eric
would never hurt Damien and Robbie knew that. I think the embarrassment had
caused Robbie to start tripping out like he did. I figured that perhaps he
was scared of what Eric might say to Damien or even what Damien might
remember about Eric.

"I don't know. I didn't know anything about taking Damien."

"So why did the band Vida show up at a ceremony that according to my
resources, you weren't invited to?"

"Ok, we crashed the party, but that was it," I swore, looking in his eyes
telling the whole truth, "Eric and Damien have a history, so we came to the
ceremony in hopes that we will find Damien just to talk. I had no idea
about all this kidnaping shit."

"Did you overhear the suspects speaking of kidnaping?"

"No dammit! I don't know anything about the kidnaping...at all," I promised
him in an annoyed tone, which was full of hope that he would leave me the
fuck alone.

"So let me get this right," he explained, holding up his notepad and
reading off all the goddam notes that he had been taken ever since I
started talking, "You all arrive to 'visit' Damien. Four out of the five of
you kidnaped someone and you know 'nothing' about it?"

"Exactly," I explained. I rolled my eyes, "I saw just what everyone saw. I
saw Ice knocking out Damien, then pulling him on his back when Eric and the
others took him."


"Ice is our bodyguard. The bodyguard for our band. He is also really close
to Eric from what I understand. I don't think it is a real kidnaping. I
mean Eric isn't that kind of person."

"So why do you feel like you were left? Do you think they left you to take
the blame?"

"No," I said and then paused, "I really don't know why the left me."

He looked at me and his eyes crossed as he took back out his pen. All the
while I saw Antonio with a dangerous eye cut my way. I knew Antonio could
probably beat me up one on one. I was skinnier and shorter than
Antonio. Antonio was in way better shape than I was. I wasn't exactly the
'fighting' type. I was the skinny, normal good enough kind of guy.

"Are you friends with Damien?"


"Associated with him in another way?"


"What relationship did the suspects have to the victim?"

"I dunno. Its not my business," I sighed and then looked across the room at
Robbie. I signaled towards Robbie; "Ask him, he knows a lot about Damien
and Eric."

"That man is offering a 50 thousand dollar award leading to the return of
Damien or information leading to the capture of his kidnappers," The
officer said and with great confidence gave me a fucking wink, "That would
be good money for you."

"I'll pass."

He looked at me with a phony expression that made me think that this guy
either really didn't like me or was really debating whether to believe I
had anything to do with the crime or not. I wondered if the emotion that I
was feeling at the time came from being pissed or something.  Either way, I
could only keep thinking about why Eric would kidnap Damien and especially
why he would include everyone (including Jay) but leave me out of it
completely.  Suddenly I began to wonder about things. I felt a little happy
that Damien had been kidnaped out of pure spite, but then I remembered it
was Eric who actually did it. It pissed me off to know that they would be
together again. I started to sweat from the sudden heat and pressure
against me. I felt completely used and frustrated. Why hadn't Jay told me
about this?

Was I paranoid?

No, it couldn't have been paranoia. I was right. They had all turned
against me. Eric had gone crazy over Damien and now Jay was helping him. I
was completely alone again.  I was completely alone in a room full of
people who criticized everything I did. The media had a field day with me,
keeping me in there and questioning me all day about what happened. The
teenage magazines had already started to call Vida, "the bad seeds of the
pop industry." The lights were burning a hole through me. Once again I
began to realize that all my loneliness and all the betrayal I felt was
rooted back to Damien. Damien once again caused me to feel this way.

"What happened to the deal, eh?" the suave and very relaxed voice of Robbie

He stood behind me with a look that was full of vane incursions through my
head. I swear a man like Robbie was capable of slowing a stampede with a
challenging eye. As he stared straight into my eyes, I couldn't help but to
look downward towards the pavement. He intimidated me.

"I...I don't have to explain myself to you."

I turned around, perhaps looking for something to move my attention to, but
there was nothing.  Everyone was busy. The crime scene of where he had been
kidnaped was full of detectives, including private ones that Robbie had
hired. My life, as I had known it, was beginning to change and worsen. It
wasn't as though my life had been something great before, but now it had
become something like a curse.

"Yeah, you do gotta explain yourself to me," he whispered in my ear, "Look
at you. You are here alone, as confused as everyone else. I know that you
have something going to Eric."

"That's none of your business!"

"Yes it is," He sneered and let his face sever up a little, "I know that
you don't want to see them together just as much as I don't. The only
difference is Damien loves me over Eric while Eric doesn't even mention

He spoke as though he knew so much about it. I didn't know that it was that
obvious. Then again, Robbie was a resourceful crime lord. He probably knew
everything that was going on around him. He was handsome, perhaps too
handsome to be so bad. He was a devil in the sheep clothing of an
angel. Perhaps Eric could have matched to his handsomeness at face but
nothing could measure to the way he carried himself. This guy was a fucking
stunner and the worst part of him was that he knew it.

"If Damien loves you so much, then why are you so scared to let him know
about his relationship with Eric?"

I couldn't believe I asked that question. I mean Robbie was perhaps the
most dangerous man in the city and I was questioning him. Even Jay said
that I had a big mouth but didn't have the muscles to back it up, but I had
never believed him until that moment. I looked at Robbie, my mouth wide
open looking for the right moment to take it back, but then I saw
Antonio. Antonio was standing right behind his boss, watching us talk like
a vulture.

"You better watch your mouth man," Antonio said.

Robbie looked at me, with a deep look as though he was trying to peel back
layers out of my face. Then suddenly he just said, "At that moment I could
have sworn I was talking to Damien."

I paused not sure what he meant by the comment, but happy that he didn't
seem too mad about what I had said.

"I'm sorry."

"Oh... Damien would have never apologized for making a point," Robbie
suddenly said, "Damien was the only one who challenged me both mentally and
physically. I always used to wrestle him when we were younger, but I knew
that one day he would be stronger than me.  I always used to compete with
him in multiplication, but he always pushed me to the point where I even
had to cheat. He always thought one day he would be my equal. For me, he
always was."

"You care about him?" I asked.

"Very much so," he elaborated with a face that looked like he was posing
for a portrait, "But off topic, let me ask you a question. Do you think I'm

The question scared me at the moment, but I answered perhaps too quickly,
"Hell yeah!"

He laughed at the way I answered making me feel embarrassed, "I have always
depended on my beauty to get me places. It got me to where I am today. But
my beauty never got me anywhere with Damien. It was as though the very last
thing he cared about was beauty."

For the moment I began to feel sorry for Robbie. I began to see a mortal
side of him that seemed like it was a part of him that was rarely
seen. Damien was his weakness and in ways I could understand it. I could
understand how powerful Robbie was even before he had owned the Syndicate
chain. Robbie had probably always been the strong, popular and desired
guy. He probably played chickenheads like a chest game. He had no weakness
in the world, until it came to Damien. Now that his weakness was exposed,
it seemed as though he needed to keep it close.

"I would help you if I could, but I don't know anything."

"You can get Eric again and I will get Damien," he explained, as though
trading me for pieces of meat, "I promise you. Just tell me how it is that
Eric got into the wedding.  Tell me how Eric found out Damien was going to
be in the wedding?"

"I don't think Eric did it on his own." I finally said, finally feeling a
bit guilty for what happened.


"I wasn't told much but I know that they had help from someone," I
explained, recalling what I had heard in the car, "We got in here with
invitations from someone high up in the Syndicate that is helping them

Robbie got real silent. I turned around to see him hand on his chin. He was
thinking about someone. I looked at Antonio. I guess both of them knew that
I was on to something.




I stirred as I woke up. My head was throbbing. I looked around. I couldn't
tell where I was. The last thing I remembered was being punched in the face
by that monster of a guy after talking to the mysterious Eric. Now I was in
somewhere like an attic. It was very dirty and dusty. My nose burned just
from inhaling all the dust that was inside of the room. The roof above me
was wooded with a few spider webs.

I kicked up my feet in hopes to get up, but resistance against me pulled me
back down to smash into the wooden planks on the floor.

"Idiot," a guy had cursed at me, "You are tied down. You aren't going

I looked at the pair of eyes that was looking at me from across the room.
They were scary to the point that I just wanted to look away. They darted
into me like an eagle.  At first I thought he was some kind of pedofile,
hoping to rape me or some sick thing like that. Then I realized that this
wasn't a sick old man at all. This was a boy who seemed to be hit really
hard by puberty. The boy was young, probably in his mid-teens. He had
bright skin and his face was covered with blemishes to the point that he
looked like one big washboard.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" I shouted.

As I panicked I watched him walk across the room, which made me panic even
more. I pushed against the wall trying to send my body across the
room. That was when I realized that my feet were tied together and my hands
were tied behind my back by tight rawhide ropes.

He picked me up by my collar and slammed me in the wall, "Shut up!"

I couldn't believe what was happening. I was being held against my will. I
felt him slam against the wall. He was so fucking rough. As he slapped the
shit out of me, I sent a wad of spit against his face. He almost fucking
killed me just then and there. He punched me hard in my face making my nose
bleed immediately. Then I felt him dragging me, dragging me by my hands
across the room! I was panicked. I didn't know what to do. I kept thinking
about Robbie, hoping Robbie was near to see how this boy was treating me.

He took me down some bloody stares, dragging me all the while and letting
my legs slam against the hard steps. I squirmed in pain, trying to get away
from him but it just wasn't happening. The boy yoked me up in his arm pits
and took me to across the room to a table.


I turned around and watched that boy Eric walking up to the other boy. I
saw a resemblance between them in a way. It seemed under all those
blemishes that the other boy had was a guy who looked just like Eric. I
figured by now the Eric boy was crazy. I couldn't believe he fucking
brought me here.

"Please. Eric I know we got into a little argument before," I begged him,
after the other boy threw me back on the floor, "Could you please just let
me go though?"

For the moment I thought he was going to do it. His faced looked full of
sincerity and kindness towards me. He bent down, but then he just sat me up
on a stool.

"Shit, Damien I'm sorry. That is just my brother Derek. He didn't mean to
be rough. Did you?!"

"No, whatever," the other boy said.

I didn't understand what the fuck was happening. They had taken me out of
the attic which seemed to be up the stairs and now I was in this room where
everything was plastered down. It looked like one of those houses that
someone died in and they had to put plastic everywhere to protect the scene
of the crime or something. It was a studio apartment which was quiet
clear. The table I sat at was the only furniture in the room besides the
two large couches. Suddenly I saw people walking up to me. I saw a boy, a
boy who I recalled seeing before but couldn't quite remember when. Then I
saw the big guy that had knocked me out. He was standing by the door.  Then
there was another figure. A figure that looked me dead in my eyes and made
me lose hope that I was going to be released at all.


Byron looked at me in a hateful way, "Damien. I'm sorry this had to happen
like this. You and Robbie equals disaster. I don't think you belong with

"SO YOU FUCKING KIDNAP ME!" I shouted higher than ever before, "Let me go!"

"You can shout all you want. I rented this apartment. You are in a goddam
cabin out here in the Acapulco Mountains. There is nothing around you but
snow and space. Relax.  Everything is going to be alright."

"That's easy for you to say!" the boy whose face looked familiar said, "You
weren't fucking there Byron."

Eric, who seemed the cutest among the group stood in front of the one who
seemed to be panicking just as much as I was, "Jay, this was partly your

"It wasn't my idea to kidnap him in front of the whole fucking
Congregation!" the guy Jay answered back.

"Look this is getting no where with arguing. Things just didn't go as
planned," Eric explained and back at me, "Damien, are you hungry."

"FUCK YOU!" I called back.

My stomach was the last thing I was worried about. I was sitting a room,
tied up with a bunch of strange fucking guys, including one of them (Byron)
who hated my guts. I didn't want to scream at Eric, but there was
definitely no one who I was sure wouldn't hit me if I screamed at them
besides Eric. I mean, that other boy Derek seemed like he wanted to punch
me in my face again.  Byron and the guy named Jay both looked like they
weren't too fond of me either. The big guy was as relaxed as Eric, but even
he had hit me before.

"Is this asshole what we are risking our necks on?" Eric's brother Derek
said, pointing to me.

I couldn't help but thrash back at him, "Fuck you!"

He raised his fist violently in the air. I thought he was going to punch me
but then he open hand slapped me which left a burning sensation across my
cheek. There was a big noise and then I saw Eric coming to my rescue. I had
a feeling he would do it. I mean, I didn't know him very well. I hadn't
understood a word he was saying before at the church, but the way he looked
at me had this kind of fondness. If I hadn't known better, I would have
sworn he had a crush on me. But then again, I was judging the character of
a guy who kidnaped me.

Eric and his brother were wrestling on the floor and in no time I saw Eric
ending up pinning his brother on the floor. I knew I could have beat his
brother's ass too if they let untied me. Eric's brother Derek didn't have
the face or body that Derek had. His body was skinny and even though they
were about the same height, Eric definitely seemed to have a lot of
biceps. Eric was showing those biceps now, since he was in a white
wife-beater shirt.

"You hit him again Derek and I fucking swear to god!" Eric warned his
brother in a manner that made me sort of feel like I had been too hard on
Eric before, "No one told you to come. You were supposed to stay your ass
with Adrian back in Jersey!"

Adrian? Then I remembered how I had first met Eric. Eric and Adrian were
being intimate on the bed together when I walked in. All of these facts
started to tie in together a little. Eric had gone on before about how we
had this past and earlier at the church he was talking about how we had
been "best" friends and all that. Then he had gone on to talk trash about
Robbie just like Byron had talked trash about Byron. It seemed like this
whole room was full of people who didn't want to see Robbie and I
together. The other guy Jay was quick to separate them.  Then I remembered
where I had seen Jay. Jay was the boy who was with Adrian the first day
that I met Adrian. They were talking in the rain. What did he have to do
with this? Where was he tied into it? Perhaps Adrian was the key to this
whole thing.

"Eric, could you stop playing around," the other guy Jay said, "We really
gotta think of something. We are in serious trouble. They think we are
fucking criminals or something.  Everyone saw us take Damien. What about
our band?"

The band. I remembered the poster that I had seen with a band called Vida.
It was making sense!  Jay, Adrian and Eric were the guys who had performed
on that rainy night that I had met Adrian.  So then they were both here,
where was Adrian? I would expect him to have something to do with this too.

"Ok, you guys got food in here to at least last a week," Byron suddenly

"A week?!" I called out, "What the fuck is going on here?"

"It probably would be more than a fucking week, depending on you," Byron
explained and then looked around, "I'm going to be on the streets with Ice
to try and buy you guys some time.  Hopefully no one will find you guys
here, but even if they do, I'll let you know first. You guys will have to
try to get Damien's memory back soon."

In the next minute Byron, the big guy left the cabin. I felt the cold wind
rushing into the house as the left. It was snowing out there. Now there
were only three of them holding me. Eric, his brother and Jay. Jay seemed
the one to be having a breakdown. He was sort of entertainment after
awhile. He was walking around talking to himself and shit. I guess he
realized the kind of trouble kidnaping could bring. Eric and his brother
Derek however didn't seem to notice. They were calm, probably too
calm. Eric was so nice to me. I guess that before I lost my memory, we
really were best friends. I could see myself being friends with a guy like
him. I remembered when we kissed before. It felt funny kissing him. It was
a sensation that I enjoyed.  It made me wonder if we were really just
friends. I mean the way he kissed me was passionately.  He seemed to care
about me so much. He was feeding me now, like I was a goddam baby.  Each
moment, I knew he was just a second away from releasing me.

"That is what this is all about?" I asked, "You guys trying to get my
memory back?"

"Damien," Eric said walking up to me, "We don't wanna have to hold you
against your will, its just that they all think that Robbie's made you just
like Robbie wants you to be."

"You don't think that way?"

He looked at me and then shook his head, "No. I trust you no matter what."

I blushed and he blushed too. We looked at each other deeply. I wanted to
kiss him again but then I wasn't sure if what happened in the church was
just a fluke or if he really did see me as an intimate object. The way he
treated me, kissing me at the church and holding me at Elizabeth's house
made me think. Then again, he had said we were just friends. Best

"So why do you have me tied up?"

Suddenly he looked around the room. Jay was talking to himself again but
Derek was staring dead at us. Eric moved around the table and bent down. It
turned me on a little to see him at his knees in front of me, but as he
looked up I saw the most innocent face ever.  He reached down at the ropes
that were at my feet. He was loosening them.

"Eric what are you doing?!" his brother called.

"We can't just keep him tied up all the time," Eric said.

That was when Jay realized what was happening and turned around, "Eric,
don't let him go. Not just yet..."

I couldn't wait for this shit. My ropes were loosen enough for me to kick
out my feet. I kicked my feet out of the rope and kicked Eric across the
floor. I jumped up on the table and watched Derek pounce at me, but I
quickly managed to jump back off the table before he caught up to me. Jay
started to chase me around the table over and over, but I made my way
across the room and knocked a stool over as I saw an open window. I wasn't
sure if I could fit, but I didn't care. I flew out of the window, knowing
it would probably be the only chance I would get to escape.

I didn't get past the window. My butt got stuck in the window. All the time
I had went around thinking a nice shaped butt was a good thing, but now it
had gotten me stuck in the window. For the moment I actually wish I was one
of those skinny Russian boys with bones for an ass.

They pulled me back in and I could do nothing but stare. I had been sure I
was getting away. Now I felt bad for betraying Eric's trust. He looked at
me slightly and then I saw him turn around watching his brother take me
back to the attic. I felt real bad. The attic was real dark too and kinda
cold. I heard them talking when I was left in the attic. There was a lot of
screaming, but I knew that they were debating on something. They were
probably debating on what to do with me.  I was so confused sitting there
alone that all I could think about was what was going to happen
tomorrow. It was already nighttime. I had a large window to look out of the
attic. This definitely wasn't Robbie's multi-million dollar suite.

Why did they care if I got my memory back or not? Why did they feel it was
necessary to take me against my will? There intentions seemed honest, so
why go this far to see it. I mean, who was I to them that they would even
care whether or not I got my memory back? There was Derek, who seemed to
hate to the point that he found every chance he could to hit me once or
twice. There was Jay who seemed to know exactly that his band wasn't going
to be in very good shape if the fans thought the members were a bunch of
kidnapers. I wondered where Robbie was. I wondered what he was doing.

"Hey," Eric's voice had suddenly said.

I saw him climbing into the attic lightly.

"Hey," I said softly and gave him a sad look, "Sorry for kicking you. Its
just that..."

"No need to explain," he said and had this bright white smile that curled
his beautiful lips and flashed a clean smile, "I know that you are a little
scared. I bought you a blanket. Its going to be cold tonight."

"You've been nothing but cool with me yo. I really really hate it that I
did that to you," I told him.

I wasn't sure if I really hated that I had backstabbed him or whether I was
just trying to charm him into releasing me again. I was already planning my
escape route this time. I wouldn't just kick him, but I would trip him,
jump past him, run down the stairs and this time try to break the whole
window as I jumped out. He smiled again as I said it and took the blanket
and brought it over to me. He leaned up against the wall next to me and I
saw him spreading the blanket over both of us.

"Mind if I bunk here with you tonight?" he asked softly, "Jay and Derek
have the two couches. I figured its better to sleep on a cold floor with
you then to just sleep on a cold floor."

I smiled and nodded. Dame...I did regret kicking him.