Rain on me 2, Chapter 11

Rain On Me, Chapter 11

POV will switch between two main characters, Damien and Adrian.

LaDulceVida- The Sweet Life




“Who the hell is this boy?” Elle asked me.

She pulled me aside the moment after Damien started to act too strange even
for her. He was in the next room eating like he had never eaten before. I
felt a little sorry for him, thinking maybe he has been starving this whole
time. I figured that was why he had looked so thin and malnourished all of
a sudden.

“He is Damien. Eric’s Damien.”

“Are you for real?”

It was the same question that I wanted to ask myself. But as clear was day,
there he was in a living room so close to me. Why was I the only one here
could choose to go to?

My face frowned up, “Elle, this isn’t a joke. I mean I know it sounds
crazy, but Damien is alive. He’s inside of your living room, eating up all
of your food.”

“But how? Didn’t you tell me once that Damien fell of a bridge or

I looked across the kitchen into the living room. He had bruises, a couple
of them on his arm. I figured he must have had more under his pants. He had
a little cut above his left eye. Wow, it really was amazing that he was

“I don’t know how he did it. I really don’t care…”

Elle was at the point where her feelings were getting in the way of her
normal thoughts, “What the hell are you going to do Damien? Have you called
the police? Why haven’t you told Eric?”

“So many thoughts. I really need to sleep on it Elle. This is way too much
to handle for one day.”

I knew she wasn’t going to let me off that easily. She grabbed me by my arm
as I was preparing to go back into the room, lay down and just think. I
hated having to tell her who he was. I knew that her morals were going to
get into play at some time. She was the type who followed all the rules.

“A Jewish proverb says, ‘he who cannot endure the bad, will never live to
see the good,'” Elle preached, serious enough that her eyes were watering,
“You are playing with something that you have no right to play with!”

Her voice rang through the hall and I had to give her a little push to let
her know Damien was just in the next room.

“Look, you aren’t helping with these stupid ass proverbs of yours,” I told
her off, “If you need to help, you would be a friend and just keep him here
for the night. By morning I’ll decide what to do with him.”

“Call Eric, please Adrian. Call him,” she begged, “imagine what this would
mean to him.”

I pushed her away, “I’ll decide in the morning.”

“He has been so long without his first love and now you are going to let
him wait another day?”

“You have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Please Adrian.”

“Shut up. Is that what you want to here? Well, I said it, shut up Elle.”

I looked away as we walked back into the room with Damien. It was so much
like Elle to make me feel the way I was feeling now. I felt so guilty. It
was a feeling I didn’t like. Should I call Eric? I didn’t know. The fear of
what he would do was overwhelming, but also it was very clear. He had
mentioned his love for Damien this whole time and even though now he was
just letting it go, I knew that it would spark again if he knew Damien was
alive. Then the question was how had Damien been alive this whole
time. Where was he? I was so afraid to ask him.

Poor Elle ended up feeding him more than half of what was in her kitchen by
the time the night was over and he still wanted more. Elle wasn’t the rich
type. Her food was basically enough so that she could barely get by. Her
mortgage was killing her and yet she didn’t want to get a roommate, move
out or even work more than just her normal job.

I stayed up until the middle of the morning. Damien slept in the couch by
midnight. He seemed like he was a rough guy anyway, so I figured I wouldn’t
have to give up the bed for him. Didn’t seem like he really had any problem
with sleeping on the couch. Elle walked upstairs soon after and I knew that
she was probably pissed at me for how I was going about this Damien issue.

I looked at him, this time examining him completely…not only his face. He
was lying down on his stomach, with his round ass pointing up. He was about
Eric’s height, which was a little bit shorter then me. This was the same
person that had haunted me for so long. He was the face behind the name
that had gone into my head forever. It hurt a little to see him here, lying
down on the couch. Elle had told me that I was playing with something that
I had no right to play with. If I had no right, then why had he come to me
in search of his past. I had no loyalty to this boy at all. Why should I
care what happened to him? Maybe I can just leave him at the near police
station and have them deal with it. I didn’t know what I was going to do
really. I figured I would just let Jay deal with the situation when morning

Morning came alright and Elle’s whining awaked me.

“Adrian, Adrian get up!”

I growled a little, feeling more than sleepy and hoping that all of last
night had just been a dream.


“What is it Elle?” I asked looking at the time. Didn’t she know that I was
a teenage boy who needed his sleep to help him grow.

Her face looked serious as she crossed her arms. Her eyes darting on me
like I had committed a crime.

“Why is the Italian Mafia pulling up in my driveway?”

Italian Mafia? It was enough to make me walk out of bed and even though I
was just wearing a wife-beater and some bright orange shorts, I went
downstairs. I saw Damien, he was eating again. This time he was eating
what looked like old oatmeal or something. I knew Elle was trying her best,
but Elle definitely wasn’t the cooking type. I didn’t think she ever cooked
a descent meal in her life.

“Good morning, Adrian,” he greeted me.

I rolled my eyes and looked away. It hadn’t been a dream. He really was
alive. He really did have no memory of the past. He really did come to me
for help. If only he knew who he was. If only he knew that I loved the guy
that he loved. I knew that he wouldn’t have trusted me like he was doing
now. Elle pointed to the window, forcing me to look outside of the

God! It really was the Mafia. A convoy of about three black Cadillac’s were
slowly pulling up into Elle’s driveway. Their windows were tinted black, in
the already dark cars. They stuck out like snow in July. The cars were
rolling up slowly into the driveway. Immediately I knew this had to do
with Jay. He told me that he was going to get it dealt with by morning.

Did Jay call the Mafia to kill Damien?

Suddenly people began to step out of the first two cars. Four gentlemen
came out of both cars. They were wearing the black suits, just like the
Mafia. They looked so serious, some had dark shades on and others just
hidden under black pupils. I looked at the third car. There he was! I
looked right at Jay. He was the cause of this. I knew his esteem was
probably going through the roof now, walking out of a car with all those
important looking people.

Then came Robbie and Byron out of the same car. It wasn’t the Mafia, it was
the Syndicate. Robbie had on probably the most expensive suit in the
bunch. He always looked like the perfect 10 in anyone’s head. Byron, the
bigger guy, who probably looked more like a bodyguard stood beside Robbie
with a briefcase. They definitely looked so important.

“It is the Syndicate,” I told Elle, “Jay must have told Robbie.”

Elle looked suspicious, probably as suspicious as I was. Then came the
knock at the door from Robbie himself. I had the urge to fix myself up. I
mean it was Robbie, the new, perfect leader of the Syndicate standing at
the door.

“Hello,” he said, his class showing through his charming ass demeanor.

“Hey. Whatsup?”

I tried to play it off, but I knew that Jay had probably told them
everything. Jay looked at me with a happy look like he had probably done
something really good. It made me wonder how much he had told them.

“Enough talk, where is he,” Robbie said, quickly. He made a sort of slide
past me trying to get in the house, but then Elle immediately blocked him

“Can I help you?” she asked.

That was when he sort of leaned back like some kind of runway model would
do. He definitely was perfect. There was a little smirk on his face as he
looked up. He definitely was conceited too. That was a dangerous pair. ‘

Jay was the one to talk, “Adrian, I told Robbie about Damien…”

“Damien?” I said still trying to play a little stupid.

“Yeah, Damien. He’s here isn’t he?”

“He’s sleeping on the couch.”

Robbie gave me a strange look and then looked at the people who accompanied
him. He looked a little pissed. Probably because the couch wasn’t good
enough for his Damien. God, Damien was so lucky. He had someone like
Robbie to care for him so much, not to mention Eric.

He looked disappointed, “You have him on the couch?”

“We have no room on So what, you came to visit him…right?”

“Visit?” Robbie repeated making a few of his cronies start to laugh,
“Cute…but I came to take him off of your hands. Wait… do you really
have him sleeping on the couch?”

I looked at Elle. She wasn’t going to ever forgive me if I just handed
Damien over to Robbie. Even looking at Robbie now, where was the emotion?
He seemed so emotional when he lost Damien at the memorial. Looking back,
this definitely wasn’t the same person. This boy seemed not to want to
express his emotions at all. Strange… he just found out that the boy he
loved was alive and he was still as calm as summertime.

“I’m sorry, but you have the wrong idea,” I told him.

“Adrian, no. It is the right idea. Robbie promised that he will drop our
debt, lose the tape and even use his club to promote Vida!” Jay said

Geez! I looked at him, then at Robbie. He didn’t deny it. He just did one
of his charming smiles. This was definitely big. It was my fault we were
in all the shit with the Syndicate in the first place. Now Robbie was
willing to put all of it aside just for Damien. I mean, it definitely was
big! Hype would kill me if I didn’t take the chance and I think even Jay
would have. I started to think about Nina and Ice. All of them lived off of
our careers.

“And what about Eric?”

“He can’t know,” Byron spoke for Robbie.

My head turned down in thought. It was the idea that I expected Jay to come
up with. It was what I wanted Jay to come up with, so why was I hesitating
so much to accept it?

“No!” Elle barked at me, “You can’t really be considering this. That boy
trusts you! How can you give him to these…these criminals!”

I saw the others laughing. Byron behind Robbie seemed to be into tears with
laughter. Robbie just stood there, staring at Elle with his charming
smile. She seemed so inferior to him. Almost like she wasn’t even worth
worrying over.

“Elle, stay out of this,” I told her once again. She was only confusing me

“No! He has a vendetta against Eric,” she told me, “These are the same
people who blackmailed you because of his hate for Eric. Now you are
helping him even more with all this hatred.”

Byron spoke once more for Robbie, “Only the three of you know about him
being here?”

“Yes…” I said.

“Keep it that way. Where is he?”

Elle blocked the doorway once again but this time she didn’t stay long. She
looked at Robbie deeply and said, “Look now. An eye for an eye has made the
whole world blind.”

Crap I felt bad for her just then! She ran in the house and up the
stairs. I looked at Robbie and then looked at Jay. I ran after her, tracing
her in the house. She was stomping up the stairs, dramatically as
always. Shit. Why couldn’t she see it the way I saw it? I felt a hand
against my shoulder. I turned around and it was Jay. He had closed the door
on the Syndicate leaving them standing outside.

“Listen…this is what we wanted,” he whispered to me, “This is what we
need. Damien is a miracle. Now we can get back on track with this music
thing. Isn’t that what you want? He wants to save our careers if we give
him Damien. We both know that if Eric finds Damien is alive, he is going to
leave the band anyway. He is going to leave you too…”

“You’re right,” I said thinking hard, “he will leave us for Damien. With
this everyone is happy. I know that there is no other choice…but why does
it feel so wrong?”

“It won’t when you have Eric with you.”

He was so right. I went to Damien and picked him up telling him to follow
me. I felt so bad about Elle, but this really wasn’t her business. I really
shouldn’t have gotten someone so emotional into this. I shouldn’t have told
her all of my business.



Hazel Eyes said that he had found my past. I didn’t know what he had meant
by it, but when I got to the door I saw this boy. He looked at me, he
looked into me. At first he reached out for me, but then pulled back. He
looked up at the people around him, looking at Hazel Eyes mostly, while he
pulled back. “Come with me,” he said.

He looked so slick. He gave me his hand as he led me down the
stairs. Around us were men, men that were dressed in black. I looked back
at Hazel Eyes. I wish I had time to tell him thank you for all he had done
to me. I had a chance to thank that girl Elizabeth, but she seemed so
emotional about it.

I took the stranger’s gentle hand as we walked down the stairs, trying to
dig deep into my memory, but coming out with nothing as usual. The faces of
his entourage stared deep into me. My stomach was shaking as I walked. It
was like walking on glass or something. There was a heavy weight on me,
like these people were judging me somehow. The hand of the stranger was
someone comforting, I mean his hands were very gentle to me and he did
smell exceptionally good. I looked back and saw the eyes of Adrian. The
hazel eyes. I wondered if I was going to see them again.

“God, I’ve missed you so much,” the boy told me and wrapped his arms around
me, wrinkling his suit a little.


He didn’t seem like it when I had seen him outside. He didn’t even hug me
like he was now. I wondered who this boy was. I hadn’t looked at him
really, scared that I might not be the person who he thought I was.

“I’m sorry about outside. See…I have a little reputation to keep up.”

I looked around. The town car was more like a limousine. There was a little
bar on the side and tinted windows. It was a really big car. The driver was
hidden behind the tinted screen. There was another boy in the car with us,
and two grown men (about twice my age). They were clearly like just
staring at us while they drank their champagne.

“Who are you?”

The other boy that was about my age started to laugh, making the important
looking boy (who was now slowly beginning to touch me) give a little sneer.

“You really don’t remember anything do you? God…Byron I need a drink…”

This guy really didn’t look 21, but the other boy across from him sent the
bottle of French champagne his way and two wine glasses. Two…hmm…I
definitely needed something. He looked a little disappointed that I didn’t
remember anything. He handed me the glass of champagne.

That was when I realized this boy’s face. He had a perfect face. It was
funny at first. Like this whole time, I had been talking to this boy,
holding his hand and I didn’t even realize how attracted I was to him. I
had the attraction to many other boys since I woke up from the concussion a
month ago. I guess…I was gay, because I was really attracted to this
boy. He looked like those people from the movies, like the way your
favorite movie star would look. Why was it that I was attracted to him? I
held my thoughts afraid of whom he was. Maybe he was my brother…

“My name is Robbie,” the charming prince looking young man said, “I
mean…but what about you? What happened to you?”

The eyes looking at me were intense with probably interest.

I started to think back as long as I could remember, “The last thing I
remember was waking up, not knowing who I was or where I was. I had started
off shore. I was found by a fisherman who lives upstate New York. He didn’t
know who I was. I stayed there for almost a month wondering until he had
found a doctor to take a look at me. That was when they sent me to the
institution. The institution was always secretive. They never told me
where I was. They said that they would help me back to health or where I
was safe to return to society—”

The faces exchanged glances with one another.

“—Then I escaped,” I said and looked around at the judging eyes, “I mean,
all I could remember was that boy back there. Adrian, his name was.”

The people began to talk, talking quickly and randomly, but always in
whispers to one another, similar to the people in the institution. It was
crazy. I remember how THEY would run tests on me in the institutions. There
were always constant stares and constant whispers.

Suddenly Robbie (the sexy guy) put his hand on the back on my neck, “Lick
your lips and close your eyes.”

I didn’t have a chance to do either before he came close and began to kiss
me in front of these old people and his friend. His kiss was so hot. His
lips parted and his thighs ran up mine, making me wet with precum. I felt
him suddenly climbing his whole body on the seat to begin to grind his body
against mine. The kiss definitely expressed the emotion that he seemed to
be hiding in his behavior. He didn’t even care that my lips were chapped up
from the cold rain. His gentle soft lips pressed again my hard ones. His
sweet tongue brushed up against mine.

“What makes you think I’m gay?” I asked, a little surprised and amused that
he would do that. Not that I was complained. He definitely was seducing me
and it felt good.

“You were gay before…I knew your sexuality couldn’t have changed.”

That would explain my feelings for other boys my age. It was how I had
always been like.

“And I was attracted to you before?”

He leaned over kissing me again. It was sort of like saying everyone was
attracted to him. I could imagine that there was probably not one person in
this world (who was true to their thoughts) that could say that he was not
attractive. He was a dime…a perfect 10. Everyone who had a dick wanted to
fuck him and everyone who had a vagina wanted to be fucked by him.
Geez. The carnal lust was definitely there for him.

He spent almost the next half of an hour, kissing me. I never pushed him
away. The feeling was so good. I had this urge in my dick and my anal
area. I needed some pleasure but I didn’t know how to ask for it…until
now. I looked at the people. They were watching us like someone would a
movie, not saying anything, but looking uncomfortable. Were they scared of

“Eh-em…” the boy sitting on the opposite seat cleared his throat and
looked out the window, “We’re here.”

I looked out of the window at the building that was sitting in front of us.
It was a big building, probably like a hotel I guess. No it wasn’t a
hotel. It was a business building. I looked at the height of the tower. It
was massive.

“C`mon, I have so much to show you.”

He looked so excited, as he led me out of the car. As we walked out, the
fresh air took me by surprise. Robbie came close to us as we walked up to
the building. His smile was something else, almost straight out of a
portrait. It was funny that this whole time, he was dressed like he was
probably born in clothes, but I couldn’t help but to picture how he looked
like naked. We made our way to the front door as the bellboy came out to
greet us on our arrival. Across the top of the building had in big red
letters, “RED ROSE.” I guess even the building had a name. It was crazy.

I looked in wonder as we walked into the grand hall. It was like a
ballroom. The entrance definitely made me think this was more of a
hotel. It had the chandelier and spiral staircases. God, who the hell was
I in the past to be in a place like this? I kept thinking and smiling back
at Robbie, who really was analyzing my facial expressions toward what was

“Damien,” said the boy who seemed constantly following Robbie and I, “This
building is called the Red Rose. It’s sort of like a headquarters. You’ll
like it. Robbie’s suite is on the top floor…”

I looked at Robbie in amazement, “You have a suite here?”

“Well, soon I’ll own the entire building,” he said and then suddenly went

He would soon own the building? Who was this guy? I wondered how much he
was worth. I mean he was like probably 18 or 19, but he was about to own
the whole building. My mouth watered from the thought of even being close
to someone that had so much. I had never even seen a rich person, not to
mention been kissed by one.

The other boy (Robbie’s friend) finally came up for the introduction when
Robbie was away from distance, “Hey, my name is Byron.”

“Hello, I’m…”

“I know who you are,” he said and gave out a little snicker. He was
charming too as he spoke, “We knew each other awhile ago. Don’t worry, it
was like a lifetime away for me too.”

“Who are you to Robbie?”

“I am his treasurer. I manage most of the money or what not.”

“You are all so young…”

He gave a laugh as we watched Robbie coming back. There was a glitter in
his ear from the earring and it seemed that the exact same glitter was in
his eye. He licked his lips as he approached me, full of sexual
conquest. Byron and him were so perfect. I didn’t know if I fit in at
first. It was strange. They seemed so comfortable and I was the one who was

Robbie whispered some things in my ear as we went to the elevator. They
were probably the definitions of sweet nothings. It was basically him just
saying how much he missed me but in different tones. I missed him too and I
didn’t even remember him. It felt nice to be around him though. It
definitely wasn’t comforting stating how important this guy looked, but in
a way I did enjoy the discomfort. It was nice to be constantly changing my
expressions so not to scare him off with boredom and fixing my stance so
not to seem like I couldn’t fit in with all the other people that worked

That was when we came to Robbie’s suite. I had never seen anything like it.

“It’s like a palace,” was the only thing that I could utter out of my

It definitely was unlike anything I had ever remembered seeing. There were
so many people in there though that it seemed even more like a
palace. These people weren’t like the old guys whom had left us
downstairs. These people looked more like Byron. They were young, handsome,
high class guys. They all seemed like the kind of guys who would probably
lead our country in everything from politics to sports. It just seemed like
a party of the people destined for perfection. I definitely didn’t belong
here. This place was different to me. The smell that in the air was
different from the smell in the institute.

Why did he have me here? Who was I to Robbie?

“Antonio!” Robbie called out loudly. There was another tanned boy that came
up from near where Robbie had set up a little bar. The boy stopped
immediately coming in front of me. When he saw me, it was sort of like the
first time Adrian saw me. He didn’t keep that angry, bitter look for long
though. He came up to me and shook my hand.

“You must be Damien,” he said in a slow, gothic accent that made him sound
like Dracula or something.

“Uh, yea,” I said. I had to get used to that name. Damien…Damien. Well he
definitely didn’t know who I was or he definitely wouldn’t be asking now.

Robbie put his hand on my back, holding me almost like he would hold…I
guess like he would hold his lover.

“Antonio is going to be your assistant, Damien,” Robbie explained, “Just
until you get used to how things work.”

“My what now?”

“Your assistant.”

I was going to have an assistant? This definitely wasn’t expected. Who was
paying this guy to assist me? I looked at Robbie, I looked around the room
at all the people looking at me. What was happening? Why was everyone
staring at me so much? Even my new assistant seemed like he was on the peak
of either laughing at me or going to whisper something about me?

Suddenly a random voice picked up and said, “What is wrong with him? He
looks like he is going to go to a mental breakdown or something…”

I looked across the room even more worried. There were more comments like
that. They were trying to call me crazy. To have someone that looked like
Antonio, which probably looked better than me and was used to better things
that I was used to assist me was big. Too big for me actually.

There was silence.

“Everyone get the fuck out!” Robbie roared suddenly. I was scared,
surprised, and completely confused.

He seemed angry, but it seemed like these people were as scared as I was
all of a sudden. They began to clear the room quickly. I saw even Byron
give Robbie a little confused look as everyone started leaving.

“Robbie, I invited these people here. These are my friends.”

“Do I care?” Robbie asked, “I told everyone to get the fuck out, that means
you too.”

My lips curved to make a big O from the surprise. It definitely seemed like
Robbie had some sort of importance, because Byron didn’t answer back. I
looked at Byron with just the smallest hint of annoyance as everyone left
the room. I followed quickly after Byron, wanting to ask him how close I
was to Robbie…probably because I was too afraid to ask Robbie
myself. Everyone definitely seemed to be intimidated by Robbie and I was
definitely one of those people. He seemed like the kind of person that
could squash you with just a look.

“No, not you,” he told me and held onto my wrist, “Never you…”

He pulled me back in the room as the last person left the room. I wondered
why I was the exception. He led me to the back of the room, where I began
to see the full extent of what the suite had to offer. It looked like
something straight out of some 5 star resort. There was a bar, a large
porch that stood from the roof and overlooked the city. I wondered if I
wasn’t dreaming.

We went near the large bar, which had all kind of unknown wines behind the
counter with French names that I couldn’t even pronounce. I sat in the
chair and tried not to look at him in his eyes. His eyes were definitely

“What were we to one another?” I asked.

“Adrian didn’t tell you…”

“No, Adrian didn’t talk much,” I said remembering Hazel Eyes and how
strange he was about things, “but something tells me that we are more than
just friends…”

He gave a little laugh, “I always loved that about you. You speak what is
on your mind, even if it made things awkward.”

That was definitely what things were, even though we both let out a little
laugh about what he said. He put his hand on mine and then dug into his
pocket. I didn’t know what it was at first but all of a sudden he pulled
something out. It was a little black box.

WAS HE GOING TO ASK ME TO MARRY HIM? No…the box was too big.

“I will take care of you in ways you can’t imagine,” he told me and then
handed me the box, “You’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

The way he spoke, it was so comforting. It was almost like I could really
believe what he was saying and trust it completely even though I didn’t
know anything about him. As I opened the box, I knew that we had to be
more then friends before I lost my memory. There was a spark of memory
from the gift, probably a flash.

The gift was a watch. It was a dazzling watch. The memory that I had wasn’t
from a long time ago, it was from just this morning. This was the identical
watch that Adrian had. I wondered for a little, but then stopped. It was
such an expensive watch. What had I done to deserve it?

“I don’t understand…” I said. I wanted to know who he was to me. I wanted
to know if there was more than just the immediate physical attraction I
felt towards him.

We hugged tightly. He kept touching me as he whispered, “I’ve waited so
long for this moment.”

His hand had started rubbing at my thigh and then higher…higher until it
got to my upper thigh. His hands had such a wonderful touch. He massaged
it, gripping onto me feeling my groin area. I moaned so loud, feeling
short spasms run through me. He was looking in my eyes, the most perfect
person I ever remember seeing.

He licked around my earlobe, “We were lovers…wet, sensual. They didn’t
like seeing us together, but it doesn’t matter now. I want to feel your
body, I want to feel you next to me forever…”

I leaned back as I felt him taking off his sports coat. He put it down on
the counter, his lips still digging into my neck. I closed my eyes and
leaned back, allowing his tongue to flip and suck onto my neck. It felt so

He took my hand and led it to his own. He dug my hand underneath his shirt
and led my hand to what was a full six pack of abs. The hairless, hard
stomach looked as beautiful as it felt. He licked his lips as he led my
hand upward towards his thick, erected nipples. Then he led my hand south
again, towards his navel then down to his belt. He pushed his hands further
down south, until I felt his pubic hair. His pubic hair seemed clean and as
well trimmed as his own Caesar haircut.

“There is something down there that belongs to you,” he told me, as he
pushed my hands deeper into his pants and stood up beside me so that my
hand could go all the way down.

My hand kept on going down, digging into his pants past the clean pubic
hair and onto something soft. It was soft but seemed to be slowly moving,
throbbing almost. His dick definitely felt good. I felt the soft veins on
my fingertips on the dick. I felt the shaft and began going deeper…deeper
until I got to the head of the dick. The whole of the dick, the head shaped

I wanted it! I wanted it unlike I ever wanted anything. I began to breathe
hard, as I stood forcing myself, going to open the pants button completely.

“You like it?” he asked me, our forehead resting on one another as his head
burned into mine. I struggled on which I enjoyed looking at…his deep dark
eyes or my hands about to grab his dick.

“SIR!” A call suddenly cried from outside of the front door, which was so

I paused, my hands completely stopping. God, what was I doing? This guy was
like a goddam model and everything. The funniest thing about it was that he
seemed to want me more than I wanted him. I should have been jumping on
him. It was strange, but I still knew that it would have meant much more if
I knew more about him. I didn’t want to rush it. It was like looking at
porn and waiting for the right moment to cum.

“What! Go the fuck away!” Robbie called back at the door annoyed and then
looked at me, “Don’t worry about them. He’ll wait out there…just keep

“No…I mean I don’t know you that well. I still have a lot of questions…
we are moving way too fast,” I hesitated, my stomach churned as I pulled
away. I didn’t want to lead him on. It definitely wasn’t the kind of person
I was. I didn’t know him much or how he reacted, but wasn’t surprised when
I saw him slamming his hand hard against the counter…so hard that his
glass fell over and broke.

“FUCK!” Robbie called out seeming even more irritated, “I mean, I’m not mad
at you. I’ll never be mad at you. Just this ass holes should know better
than to bother me when I’m with you!”

Robbie went to the door, looking a little pissed but by the time he got
across the room it looked like he had actually calmed down. At the door was
some guy, probably one of Robbie’s employees. The guy looked rushed, almost
like he had probably run through the door.

“I’m sorry to bother you sir. You had to know this immediately. Sir…
Christian Knight is dead! You are now the sole owner of the Syndicate and
all of the Syndicate’s entitlements.”