• Alonzo

    Read this when it was first posted but didn’t get to comment. All you fans should read this if you haven’t already ??

    • Legend S.

      do u know where chapter 9 is?

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  • Juan

    Hey I think the chapters are messed up chapter 9 doesn’t seem to follow chapter 8

  • brxndxvn

    I can’t find chapter 9

    • Legend S.

      shoot im not the only one then lol

  • Me2

    Man I’m pissed. F*** is chapter 9 at?!

    edit: Hey guys, for future reference, chapter 9 is on nifty.

  • Lee namefree

    Staten Chapter 9 is missing from Gang of Gays. Me2 says it’s on Nifty, but I checked, and Nifty is referencing Chapter 9 from Gang of Gays II.