Crushed Crown, Chapter 8

Chapter 8



What happens to kings when they no longer wear a crown?

Nero presses his hands up against my skin. They say vampires are supposed to be cold. That’s not the case. That’s never been the case with Nero. I feel so much heat.


“I’m late. I have to go to work.”


“Stay with me…”


“Eden is in chaos.”


“Stay with me.”


“The rebels are getting stronger.”




What happens to a king who doesn’t wear a crown? I’ve never seen Nero so careless. He looks the same. He’s over a century old but he looks like the same young man I met all that time ago. His pretty eyes contrast against his skin tone dramatically. His son Justice has the same piercing eyes but the contrast with Justice just isn’t the same. We lay in the bed naked. You can’t tell where my body ends and his body begins.

He begs me to stay in the bed and when I try to push away he pulls me in. He pulls me so tight that my ass presses up against his hard, thick cock. He pushes it in. This isn’t the first time we’ve had sex today. If these walls could talk they would blush.

I’m not talking about the house walls either…

His cock fits right in me. My walls. After all these years of us being together, it’s a perfect fit. My insides were sculpted around him. I was his keyhole and he had the key. His long, thick, swollen, throbbing key turns my lock over and over again.

“Isn’t this better?” he asks me.

“Oh yes.”


“No worries,” he tells me, “No cares in the world. Just me and you forever. Just how it’s supposed to be.”

His hands grapple up against my throat when I try to pull away again. He is angry at me for pulling away. I know Nero. I know he is going to punish me. So when his long vampire fangs come out and he bites me I’m not surprised.

He’s about to orgasm and he pulls out of me. His dick is wet from my insides. He shoves his dick in my mouth, feeding me his kids. I taste every last bit of them, biting down on his dick and drawing blood in my mouth.

Sweat, blood, and semen nestle up against my tongue as my husband releases all the tension of Eden into my throat.

I hold onto his tight ass squeezing his small frame so that he can ease himself down my throat. I hold my breath. I have no gag reflex. I wonder it’s the same for others who receive the immortal curse. All I know is as a vampire sensuality means so much.


“Do you still want to leave?” he asks me, “I can go again. Just give me 45 seconds exactly.”


He leans over to me cleaning me up with his tongue, removing his own additional fluids from my lips with his warm lapping tongue almost like he’s some werewolf. I let him and when he’s done we’re kissing each other intimately. Looking forever young didn’t make me feel immortal. Being resistant to diseases didn’t make me feel immortal. Not even drinking blood made me feel immortal. It was moments like this. Moments that I could enjoy forever.

But vampires were not truly immortal. Not like the myths.

I’d seen many vampires die and I know that’s why he’s keeping me here.

“You’re scared,” I notice.


“My dick is hard again,” he announces looking down, “Let’s go again.”


I move even though tempted for another round. I get up off the bed, soaking wet and covered in ungodly things. I know he’s distracting me with sex. Nero is good at distracting me.

“Nero, you’re scared. You can’t keep me locked in here forever,” I state.


“Why not?”


“Eden needs me,” I explain, “I’m an ambassador to the vampires. We make up a majority of the population of Eden…”

“The rebels are getting stronger,” he finishes my sentence, “I know, I know. But I’m scared. Yes. I’m scared because I already lost Promise. I don’t want to lose you and Justice.”


He barely brings it up. Promise. I remember the day our son disappeared. Something wanted him. Something scary. Something dangerous. It was all over the news. The prince that disappeared. We both dealt with it differently. Nero locked himself in the small house we shared at the edge of the city. He never left. He never did anything outside. I buried myself in my work.


“Promise isn’t dead,” I tell him.




He gives me that look. I think he’s given up. We lived in a city of monsters. The idea that our son could be alive somewhere wasn’t really on the radar. We had once been the kings of Eden. We had once ruled. We had many enemies.

“If there is a chance he’s alive I have to keep working.”


“You can do that without serving Genesis,” he explains, “Stay here. Where it’s safe. We can disappear. Like your father did. We can be safe forever…”


I look at Nero. He had a point. My father had disappeared after the war. A lot of people had. They’d melted away into the normal life of Eden. The buzzing streets had a way of engulfing you if you stayed away from the Blood Palace. Nero never got along with my father, Armando. He never liked him. My father never liked Nero. Right now, however, they both had that in common. Like my father, he’s holding onto something so fragile. He’s holding onto life. It would be so easy. It would be so easy to retire and bury my head in the sand. I could live with him in this house and never leave. Hell. I would probably be happier.

“We owe Genesis.”


“We’ve paid our debt the day we lost Promise!”


Nero is pretending to be angry. Maybe he watches the news too much. That’s what people expect him to be like. That’s what they want him to be like. I know Nero though. He never made a good king. He never wanted it.

Genesis stealing the throne was the best thing that ever happened to Nero.

“We owe him for taking this burden away from you,” I explain to Nero, “But we aren’t safe. If Lilith…”


“Don’t say the name.”


The vampires are still strange. They fear the name. They fear the woman. They all knew the stories. They’d all see her.

“If my mother somehow comes back. This house isn’t safe. Eden isn’t safe. I’m going to stabilize the city and then I promise we can have our forever. Remember when you told me to trust Genesis.”



“You never told me why. You never explained it, but I learned to trust him. I agreed to work for him because I trusted you. So I need you to return the favor. I need you to trust me. I need to help Genesis.”


The thought of my mother seems to put things into perspective for Nero. He could feel her. All vampires could. Even if we couldn’t see her. When I was human I could smell the air and know it was going to rain. It’s the same sort of feeling.


“Are you sure?”

He looks down at his hard dick, ready for another round.’

I smile at the thought.


“One more round for the road,” I state jumping into bed with him.




I arrive at the palace later that day or earlier the next. It’s hard to tell time in Eden. The red sky stays red. There is sometimes the moon that peaks out from behind the red clouds. There’s sometimes the sun. Only sometimes though. Most of the time it is just that eternal red. It should be peaceful. Relaxing. But it isn’t. There is chaos outside of the palace.


“Ambassador Santos, where is your husband?”


“Ambassador Santos, any news on the rebellion?


“Ambassador Santos, Ambassador Santos!”


Dozens of reporters have crowded on the steps of the Blood Palace. They can’t get past the line of werewolf guards that Walid has stationed at the front gates but getting past them is hell. The werewolf guards recognize me approaching and station besides me to form a barrier between me and the reporters. Calling them bloodsuckers is definitely suitable. I miss the days where there was only one station. This was becoming really fucking ridiculous, to say the least.

And it was only getting worse.

I break through as normal until I hear something.

“Ambassador Santos…where is King Genesis?”


I turn at that moment. I recognize the reporter.

I would have ignored it if it was anyone else but when I look I recognize the face. Her name is Vigorosa. She’s the top news anchor in the city. She’s also someone who I’ve had run-ins with in the past. The fact that she is here now asking about the King definitely is enough to make me concerned.



“Where did you hear that from?” I ask her.


Her eyes tilt to me. They are these knowing eyes. Intelligent and definitely aware.


“Is it true?”


“No. Don’t spread lies.”


I give her a look. It’s a threatening look. It’s a look that is enough to make her back off. For now at least…

My heart is racing though. What the hell was she talking about?



Something is wrong in the palace. There is chaos everywhere. Wolf soldiers running up and down the halls. I’ve been locked up with Nero and missed so much of this.

“Santos…Santos, can I talk to you?”


I turn and see my stepson Justice. Justice looks just like his father. His skin was fairer but just as youthful. Just as handsome. Unlike his father, however, Justice just couldn’t manage to keep one man on his arm. Right now I’m not surprised that he has Gideon, the king’s new white witch with him. The guy seems just like Justice’s type. Young, dumb and attractive but not too attractive. No one could possibly outshine my stepson.


“Justice. Go see your father,” I tell him.

“I need to talk to you. Ambassador Micko is having people follow me…”




Ambassador Micko was the ambassador to witches. He was a kind man. Jealous and insecure at times because of his husband’s attractiveness but also knowledgeable and sweet. He wasn’t the type to follow someone for no reason. Knowing Justice he had got involved in something that he shouldn’t have.


“I can’t tell you. Can you just get him off my back?”


I’m annoyed.


“I’ll see what I can do.”


“Thanks, cutie,” Justice responds.


Justice reaches over and gives me a kiss on my cheek. I definitely spoil him. He flirts with me from time to time. I know it’s weird because I’m married to his father but it’s also weird because we all look the same age.

“I need you to do something for me.”




After Promise was gone, Justice was all Nero had. Justice insisted on working in the Blood Palace so it was only natural that Nero trusted him to work under me. Justice never looked at me as his father. He was too far grown when I came into the picture, but we do have something of a friendship. And I do want to see him happy even if he can’t help but get involved in things around the palace.

“Set up a meeting with Vigorosa.”






“Are you sure?”

The woman had all Eden listening to her and right now we needed calm. I was playing with fire, however. This could either be a gift or a curse.



I watch him walk off with his new little thing. If they hadn’t had sex, knowing Justice, it was only a matter of time.

A million more people come at me. Vampire aides complaining about the shortage of blood or needing paperwork signed. A million things to do. A million things I don’t have time for. I know what time it is. I know the other Ambassadors are waiting on me.

All rush and no relaxation. Welcome to the Blood Palace.

I barge into the Blood Palace’s meeting room. It’s one of the king’s cabinets. The cabinet was one of a number of terms for the endless private rooms in the Blood Palaces that were extended after Genesis took the throne away from my husband. They were now serving as a study or retreat. This cabinet that I walked into was furnished with books and works of art and sited adjacent to the King’s bedchamber which was clearly now empty.

“Where have you been?” I’m questioned by Walid.

He’s sitting in the chair that Genesis usually sits in. He’s a cocky man. Twice as big as any man in Eden and probably three times as cocky. His eyes mark on me when I walk into the room seeing that Ambassadors Yaser and Ambassador Micko are already there. Then there’s Catalina. She is clearly upset about something or another.


“What’s happening?” I ask.

Everyone was down. Everyone was quiet.

“You hear me talking to you, bloodsucker?” Walid asks me, “Where were you?”


He’s beyond rude.


I ignore him though and turn to Yaser.

“What’s happened?”


“It’s Exodus. He’s dead,” Yaser states.


My heart drops.




I look over at Catalina. The aunt of Exodus. No wonder she is upset.

Yaser shakes as he speaks, “His body was burned afterward. It seems whoever killed him wanted to hide the cause of death.”


I am shaking. I see at that moment Yaser break down into tears. My heart goes out for Yaser. I grab him at that moment and put my hands over him. The truth is I know this hurts more than life. I’ve experienced loss before.

“So where were you?” Walid asks me again.

This time his question becomes clearer. His werewolf gaze makes me sick.

“You think I had something to do with this?” I ask.

“I’m just asking a question, Ambassador Santos.”


“I was with my husband?”


“Your husband? The past king,” Walid states, “Where’s he?”

I can’t with him. He’s looking at me suspiciously for no reason. Genesis could have killed us. I believe Walid attempted to have us killed believing we were threats to the new power couple. Genesis spared us though. I was never fully sure why. He gave us a house. He made me ambassador. Genesis trusted us and ever since then I’ve had a new respect for him. Genesis wasn’t perfect, but he wasn’t pure evil either.

He also wasn’t a fool like this fucking werewolf idiot he chose for his husband.


I walk over to Walid, “That’s none of your business where he is. Let me make one thing clear. Neither my husband nor I have anything to do with this.”


The others in the room seem to be suspicious. I see the guards get a little testy. They are werewolf guards. They are completely loyal to Walid. If they were vampires they wouldn’t have been so testy. They would have been well acquainted with the stories of Santos. They would have known what I was capable of.

But Genesis chose this idiot as his consort so I don’t get too aggressive. I back down. If I was going to serve Genesis then I would need to have patience with the fool he chose to marry.

“I believe him,” Yaser states.

He states it through tears. The truth is Yaser and I have become close friends. When he became a hybrid he needed to learn more about his vampire side. I taught him. We weren’t in the same brood but that bond of training new vampire is one that makes you almost like family.

Luckily he helps in changing the subject and the look of suspicion.

Catalina shakes her head, “Genesis would want us to persevere.”


Her face is cold. Through tears. It’s clear she’s emotional.


“Can you bring him back again?”


Catalina shakes her head, “No. He needs rest. Genesis agreed never to do it again. There are consequences for using that sort of magic.”


Consequences like Genesis getting pregnant? It feels bad. Exodus was a good person. He was all about duty and his role but he was always kind to me whenever I spoke to him. He always had a helping hand. He was easy to approach. He was reliable and he was dependable. You never had to second guess anything he said. He was one of the few people in Eden who didn’t have ambition. He wanted to do his job and nothing extra. He was the opposite of Genesis but I felt like Eden needed both. We needed the ambition of Genesis but the duty of Exodus to keep Genesis in check. We all had a role to play. We all had to persevere and keep Eden safe but I can’t see how she’s doing it.

Now that Exodus was gone. Who would keep Genesis in check?

“He can try…” I state.

Genesis would want to know who killed his brother.

“Genesis isn’t here,” Yas explains to me, “The King has gone…hunting. We believe.”

That’s when I remember. Vigorosa. She asked where he was.

“Hunting? What?” I ask.

“The better question is hunting who. Everyone. Or should I say anyone he even suspects has something to do with killing his brother,” Yas explains, “We expect it to be a blood bath if we can’t locate Genesis in time.”


“We have to find him,” I state.

Walid shakes his head, “No shit. Until then we keep it a secret. Yas shut down the border. No one enters no one leaves.”


“No one leaving Eden means no blood runners,” I explain at that moment shaking my head, “That means a shortage of blood. That means angry vampires. It’s exactly what the rebels would want.”

“Are you saying vampires are the rebels?” Walid asks me.

I get quiet.

That’s exactly what a werewolf king would want me to admit. I represented the vampires. The truth was I didn’t know who was rebelling. I didn’t know the basis of anything. We were behind these high cathedral walls swinging in the dark without knowing what we were hitting with a wild king who was on the loose. Things weren’t going good in Eden.

Yas interrupts changing the subject and saving my ass from getting scoped once again, “I’ll make sure it’s done.”


Walid continues his orders as though he were king, “We also need to make sure the vampire media is not aware of this. Santos this is your field.”


I get quiet. Vigorosa was already very much aware. I think I could tell Walid about this but right now I don’t need to set a panic.

“I’ll do what I can.”

Walid turns at that moment, “Micko.”


Micko is out of it. The ambassador has some gray hair sprinkled throughout his black. It seems more from stress than anything. Like me, he had a lost a child right after the war for the crushed crown. The child had just up and disappeared. Since then he had been quiet. He had chosen the route that Nero did. He stayed to himself not really communicating with the rest of us. Now is an example of that. Micko is surrounded in his own thoughts.

“Micko?” I ask, “Is everything OK?”


Micko snaps out of it, “I’m sorry?”


“I need you to get white witches to locate Genesis.”


“The witches assembled their own team to seek Genesis. A team went out,” Micko states, “One already went missing from the group that went out. I uh…I called them back.”


“Why would you do that?” Walid asks.


We all knew Micko had the longest relationship with Genesis out of all of us. It wasn’t the best relationship. Seeing how he’s acting right now is just weird, to say the least. Why would he not want Genesis to be found?



“Well make it un-personal. Find them,” Walid responds.


Walid doesn’t wait. He storms out of the room at that moment. He is calling the shots now and his plans are half-assed if anything. I look at everyone else in the room. No one seems to have confidence in him leading, including Lady Catalina who grunts before she leaves the room following Walid.

I swear I hear her mumble under her breath, “God help us all.”



I am leaving the room next when I feel an arm grab me from behind. It’s Yas. He holds me back allowing them the opportunity to walk through the door. I can see his eyes following Micko the entire time while Micko leaves the room. I know suspicion when I see it and there is definitely suspicion in Yas’s eyes.

Yas shakes his head at me, “The witches are acting weird aren’t they?”


I give him a hard look, “You’re being paranoid.”


“How much do we really know about Micko?” he asks, “Besides the fact that out of all of us he seems to hate Genesis the most.”


Yas had a point. Micko hated Genesis. Everyone knew it. Hell. Genesis knew it. Why Genesis asked Micko to be an ambassador is beyond me. I figured Genesis just wanted other gay men around him to relate to. Only thing is Micko didn’t relate to Genesis. He hated Genesis. If there was any of us who had a reason to join the rebellion it would be him.

I cross my arms, “It is weird, isn’t it? How he tried to stop his husband from looking for Genesis?”


“Rumor has it that there is a witch doctor in the rebellion.”


I hadn’t heard that rumor.

“It could be anyone.”


“No it couldn’t,” Yas states, “It has to be someone strong. Someone who has a personal vendetta against Genesis. Who else would risk their life?”


I pause.

Micko was acting weird. Yes. He was spying around the Blood Palace. Following my stepson and now following my meeting with Yas.

“Yas no,” I respond, “Micko is a good person. We have a lot in common. OK. I get it. He’s standoffish but you’re talking about him being a traitor.”


Yas falls back, “I’m not saying anything like that. I’m sorry man. It’s just that there’s so much going on.”


I put my hands on Yas. He is the youngest of us. I’m surprised he lasted so long in the Blood Palace. He’s standing here with these wide eyes, long wild hair and looking like he belongs in a 70’s mosh pit instead of wearing the uniform of an ambassador.


“Yas. You’ve been through a lot. Don’t let your paranoia get the best of you,” I state, “We’ll find out what happened to Exodus and find Genesis before he does something he’ll regret.

“Thanks, man. You know. I always looked at you like a big brother,” he explains, “It would be nice if you and Nero were back on the throne.”


I look around.


“That’s not needed. Genesis has things under control here?”


“He’s not even here.”


“His ambassadors will represent him.”


“Yes. I think I smell one now,” Yas sniffs the air, “I smell a nosy witch. Open the door and tell me if I’m being paranoid.”

I walk out of the room at that moment. Just as I open the door I see Micko. He’s standing at the end of the hall. He’s just staring. Suspiciously as though waiting to see how long me and Yas were staying in our private meeting.

“Micko, can I help you with anything?” I ask.


Micko shakes his head, “No.”


“Any reason you been following Justice?” I ask him, “Any reason you standing there right now? Is there anything you want to say?”


Micko gives me a long, long look. He looks at me. Then he looks at Yas. Then he looks back at me. There is something odd about the witch. He’s hiding something.

“Have a good day, Ambassador Santos,” Micko responds.


With that Micko turns and walks away. He just fucking walks away! What the fuck? I look over at Yas. There was definitely something weird about him. Yas sniffs the air. He can tell that the witch is gone by the smell in the air.


Yas closes the door.


I’m staring at the door still. Something was wrong. Something was definitely wrong with Micko.

“What do you have on Micko?” I ask Yas.


If he was the traitor then we needed to remove the threat, immediately even if it was Micko. It would hurt to think of it but if Micko was the traitor I had to do what I had to do.


“Can we have this conversation in private?” Yas asks, “Not in the blood palace. Do you have a home maybe?”


I go to the table, “I have an interview with Vigorosa. Right after, meet me here and we’ll discuss our next move against Micko. The witches may not believe he’s a traitor. We have to be very quiet about this.”


My heart is beating faster and faster. This could mean a rebellion in the Witch Towers. This could be bad. We’d have to secure the Witch Towers before we made a move against Micko.

He nods in agreement, “I’ll be waiting at your home.”





It’s later when I meet Vigorosa. Her eyes are gleaming at me. She’s set up her camera crew in a small press briefing room in a small theater in the west wing of the Blood Palace. It’s a dramatic room with columns and ancient gargoyles. There is some sort of modern feeling to the room however with the fluorescent lights overhead. Vigorosa and her press team is waiting for me right in front of the large red backdrop with two comfortable looking armchairs nearby.


“I’m glad you’re meeting with me,” she states, “For a minute I thought the Palace was dodging our questions.”


“We’re not dodging anything,” I respond, shaking her hand, “We just have been busy but I’m sure we’ll have all the time in the world to clear up all your lies.”


Vigorosa gives me a snide smile and I return in kind. As vampires, we’ve had a long time to grow this resentment. I’ve seen how she trashed my husband when he was king and now she was planning on doing the same thing to Genesis. Vampires like her annoyed me. They sat in their fancy homes, drinking their exotic blood and complaining about mediocre things because they haven’t really grappled with the boredom of immortality.

None-the-less I had to do this. A majority of Eden watched Vigorosa’s show. Batchat.

When she does her introduction into the camera I’m completely thrown off when the door opens and my husband walks in.

“Hold on a minute,” I state.

“We are live,” she states.

“Your audience can wait.”


It’s that moment she realizes who had walked through the door. Her eyes light up at the sight of Nero, the forgotten King of Eden who went into hiding after Genesis ascended.


“Oh, yes…they can.”


I walk over to Nero.


“What are you doing here?”


“Yas showed up at the house. He said you wanted me to do this interview with you,” Nero tells me.

I’m completely confused.


“I never…”


I don’t even get the chance to finish. Nero points over to the cameras. Vigorosa is fixing to turn her lights on us any moment now. It’s annoying that Yas would tell Nero something that wasn’t true but none-the-less he was here now.

I sit in the chair with Nero over me. The mics are too loud. The lights are too hot. There is a mood in the room. Vigorosa’s smile says it all. This is the first public appearance of Nero. This tense situation was like watching an egg slowly cook in a frying pan. Nero looked like he was all but ready to crack. I’m surprised anything was able to get him out of the house. Nothing would have gotten him out that house but being there for me.

That’s how much he loved me.


“It’s nice to see you, King Nero,” Vigorosa states.


Her smile is dripping with venom. I can feel Nero squeeze my shoulder. He doesn’t want to be here. He wanted to be a recluse. He hates these people the most. The people that have judged him. I was sure Bat Chat would have the highest ratings because Nero was on. Everyone wanted to hear what the old King had to say.

“I’m no longer king,” Nero responds.

He’s cold. Short. Good. That’s the best way to do this.


“Let’s get right to it,” Vigorosa states, “Where have you been, King Nero?”


“In retirement.”


“Retirement?” Vigorosa asks, “The Slumber?”


“No. I’ve been awake, not tucked away in a coffin,” he responds, “I’ve been enjoying life.”


“Hiding from Genesis?”


“I’m not hiding from Genesis,” Nero responds, “Genesis and I have an agreement. He leaves me alone. I leave him alone. I don’t want his throne.”


“It doesn’t bother you, at all?” Vigorosa asks, “How he just came and took away everything you had. Took away your crown? Took away your city?”


Nero tenses up. He doesn’t know how to respond to that. Vigorosa was relentless with these questions trying to get some sort of reaction out of Nero.

“I have no problems with the king.”


“What about your husband?”


“Santos and the king are closer than you think,” my husband states.


I don’t know what Nero is getting at by calling Santos and I close but right now isn’t the time to talk about it.

“Let’s put this interview back on track,” I interrupt Vigorosa, “I called this interview to address the current state of Eden.”


I feel protective of him. He’d given everything to this fucking city and none of these bloodsuckers gave a fuck. Now that there was a new king they wanted to keep twisting. They wanted to keep pointing out how much of a failure Nero was as the king. They didn’t just want blood. Vampires weren’t just watching. There were other monsters in Eden now.

They wanted their pound of flesh.

Vigorosa looks at me. More venom. I can feel her angrily glaring at me for interrupting her.


“Fine,” she states, “The state of Eden huh? So where is King Genesis?”


“Resting. As you know he’s with child.”


“The cursed baby?”



“No. A miracle. As you know magic is a beautiful thing.”


“My sources in the Palace say the King is missing.”


“Your sources are wrong.”


There is a pause.

Vigorosa smiles, “And Exodus?”


My heart stops. How the fuck did she know about Exodus? We’d tried to keep that close to the chest. I had only just found out myself.

“What about Exodus?” I ask.

“How’s he doing?”


What the fuck did this lady know? I swallow my spit and choke out the words quickly, “He’s fine.”


“My sources say he’s dead. But I have a feeling you have intimate knowledge about his death?”

Nero gets protective all of a sudden, “What the fuck are you implying about Santos?”


Nero is angry. There are veins popping out of his neck. I grab his hand struggling to calm him down.


“Unfortunately I just found out Exodus passed. We are still investigating the circumstances surrounding his death,” I state.

“Just a moment ago you said he was fine,” Vigorosa responds, “What are you trying to hide, Ambassador Santos?”


Her eyes dig on me. The bitch makes me break a sweat.



“I have a source that says you do have something to hide.”

“Again your source is lying.”


Just at that moment, someone walks into the room. The person is silent dressed in red. I recognize the face. Micko. He stands off to the side as though waiting for something. Could Micko have been this source that Vigorosa keeps talking about?


“What about your son Justice? He’s unruly isn’t he?”


Nero gets upset at that moment, “Don’t speak on my fucking son.”


She is going after Justice now. I point a finger at her just to make it very clear, “Justice works under us. He does whatever we say.”

“Does he? That’s good to know. So the two of you must be the reason he was just arrested trying to leave Eden.”




“He was trying to leave the city even after the shutdown and return to the human world. Upon capture the witch he was with, Gideon, admitted not to being Gideon after all.”


Another imposter.

Another FUCKING imposter in Eden.


“This interview is over,” I state.

I get up at that moment. Micko is still staring. I walk over to him. I have to figure out what is happening.

Micko crosses his arms, “I need to talk to you.”


“Yes. I need answers.”


A false Gideon. Again. Justice arrested? What the fuck was going on in Eden?


Just at that moment, the door opens and I see nothing but wolves. They are pacing into Eden. They aren’t wild wolves. They are the palace guards. They surround me specifically before I can get a chance to talk to Micko.


“What’s happening here?”


“You’re under arrest,” Walid states, “Both of you.”

“For what?” Nero asks.


“A body was identified in your home. The dead body was identified as the real Gideon.”



The wolves come at me. Fools. I jump into the air. I’m soaring towards them, barely touching the ground. Wings sprout from my back. Wings like a bat, dark and frightening to see. A couple step back but others dare to keep approaching. They growl. Their teeth are snarling, fierce and spitting up saliva.

I reach back. I’m calm. I never panic during a fight. I didn’t want it like this. I didn’t want this to lead to a fight.


“You think you’re so powerful Santos,” Walid instructs, “The strongest person in Eden. That’s what they call you when you’re not around. Let’s see how powerful you are.”

His voice if full of authority. I always wondered why he treated me differently than the other Ambassadors. Micko was quiet and sweet. He had a past with Yas. I hadn’t known that he was threatened by me as well.

His wolves attack!


They snap at me. Their jaws come close to ripping at my pants. I kick them away, falling back slightly. I release my fangs. Warning them off. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want a fight.


They bear their own fangs in return! The wolves charge at me like a wild pack. I stand my ground. Closer. And closer. It’s almost as though time slows down in my mind. I can see them approaching before get close. I can see one of the jaws opening ready to rip off my hand.

I jerk my hand back just in time.

One more second and I’d be missing an arm! Instead I draw back. I slap them away one at time sending flashes of blood and fur drifting off into the distance. I didn’t want to fight . I didn’t want to get angry.

It’s too late.

I’m so angry.

Someone was trying to set me up.


I wasn’t sure if It was Walid. I wasn’t sure if it was Micko. I didn’t trust anyone in this fucking palace and I wasn’t going to just give away power completely by being locked in prison walls.

I grab one wolf by the tail tossing him with pure strength. I can feel my muscles flex. I can feel my vampire blood heat up in my body. My eyes have gotten black. I know it by how Walid looks at me. There are no pupiles.

I am becoming myself.


The vampire, Santos.


I’m raging feeling my body tighten up with ancient vampire blood.


They’d forgotten who my mother was. I was going to teach them why people feared Santos.

All I see is red as pummel through these so-called monsters, throwing them to the side more like rag dolls. The beasts are fast. They are ferocious. They are resilient. I beat through steadily, pushing, kicking, and scratching my way through.


Until at last the last one attacking me falls and I want to just fall down but I don’t.


I make my way to Walid.

I grab him by the throat.

He tries to fight me off but he is immediately humbled by my power.

“Whatever you think I did; whatever you think my stepson Justice is not the truth. Now…do you want to clear things up the easy way or the hard way?”


“I’m the king of Eden,” Walid gags out.


The only king I recognized was Genesis.

“I’ll snap your head clean off with your crown attached,” I threaten him.

I’ve waited to feel Walid pant like this. If need be I’d take the throne by force alone until Genesis returned. It may cause a war but I had no choice. I couldn’t trust anyone here. They wanted me behind bars.


Then I hear Walid pant. He gives up, “I submit.”


“You’ll step down. Nero and I will act as regents to the throne until Genesis returns.”


I didn’t trust Walid. I didn’t trust anyone. I can see Walid giving in. He is not used to being bested. He shouldn’t feel bad.


“No you won’t,” a voice says.


I turn. I see that Nero is being held by someone. His life is being threatened by someone. I know my fight is over. I drop Walid. I am dragged to the ground before I can see the face of the person who betrayed me.

The same person who I gave my address to.

The same person who sent Nero away; just long enough to plant a body.






  • Brandon Cruz

    Why is this story making me so mad every time I read it. I HATE YAS MORE THAT I HATE WALID!!! How dare Yas try to frame Santos for both Exodus and Gideon’s death. Santos saw Yas as a little brother and took him in when he became part Vampire, just to be betrayed by him. I hope that Santos or Nero or someone kills him. Dakota and Exodus must be shaking their heads thinking how is this the same guy I fell in love with.

    So Yas killed the real Gideon. Poor Zeke and now everyone knows he a fake. I guess Justice was trying to get Zeke back to the human world. They better not kill Zeke. Micko knew that Zeke was a fake, that why he was following Justice. I think he was trying to tell Santos this before all hell broke loose.

    So they aren’t going to bring Exodus back. I feel that Genesis should be the one to kill Yas just so it comes back full circle. Let Yas be killed by the very person he fears. Poor Santos, all he wants is to find Promise and be a normal family. Nero is grieving in his own ways. I was pissed because Yas was trying to convince Santos that Micko could possibly be the traitor. Yas is messing with the wrong people.

    I hope that Yas dies with or without Walid and that would be an awesome ending to this book. Next chapter should be a Werewolf pov. I think it could be Walid since we already did Yas. I don’t want to read either pov. I think mostly like it will go back to Rory, whatever is happening to him or maybe Yuma.

    Again I hate Yas and I hope he is the next to die. Yas can never redeem himself. If he hurts Nero in any way, I’m done with him. I never wished death so hard on character before other than Walid, but I want Yas to die even worst that Walid.

    Also Armando just left Eden or what. Where is Aiden in this mess. This is the firs time they mention Armando. They haven’t even mention Aiden once. Did he leave Eden as well. I need to say it again, I hate Yas and I wish someone would kill him already.

    • Lee namefree

      I’m not going to convince you Yas can redeem himself. Yas doesn’t want to be redeemed. He wants that throne for that ridiculously cocky bastard of an Alpha, and he doesn’t care who he has to move out of the way to get him there. I suppose we could read Walid’s pov, but he seems clueless as to what Yas is doing. I think it might go back to Yuma or Rory, since the wolves will probably be celebrating taking over the throne. Santos will be okay, and I think Nero will be too, because even Yas has to know that there will be nothing holding him back if Nero is injured. Micko could have been distracted because of his suspiscions of Yaser, but I’m wondering if Micko was still pissed because Mason was about to run off to look for Genesis. Obviously there was no conversation between Micko & Mason before he gathered a team of hunters. He didn’t share with his husband anything about this rescue mission. In marriage that spells trouble. Now Micko’s been arrested, and his life may be in danger. I’m wondering if Mason is going to be there for him, or is he off chasing after Genesis?

      • Ralph Jones

        Mason only gives a fuck about Genesis and he settled for Micko cause he couldn’t tame Genesis. It’s pitiful and I do wish that Micko would move on from Mason for good. He deserves so much better and everyone acknowledges what a kind person he is. I’ve always been bitter that Micko got back together with Mason who cheated on him numerous times with Genesis and was still infatuated with him. At this point I write off anyone who is obsessed with Genesis cause it’s so outdone and I’m over his homewrecking and people constantly entertaining it

        • Lee namefree

          Technically, Mason never cheated on Micko. I know folks are gonna disagree, but Micko & Mason weren’t a couple or even really dating when Mason fucked Genesis. They were friends, and Micko was in love with Mason. After Micko was imprisoned in the demon doll, Mason picked up sleeping with Genesis again, this time falling in love. By the 5th Witchdoctor, Micko was engaged to Regis, and Mason was back to sleeping with Genesis. That was the book Mason described to Whyte the difference between being in love with Genesis & being in love with Micko. Genesis was a wild, passionate adventure. He started off just fucking him, but fell in love. He felt like he was a small part of Genesis world. Mason & Micko were friends. He fell in love with Micko’s innocence and need to be protected. He loved being his hero and he felt like he was Micko’s entire world. 18 years later, Micko is no longer an innocent kid. He’s a powerful witch in his own right and a survivor. I think Mason appreciates those traits, and I believe he loves Micko deeply. But once again along comes Mr. passionate adventure, 21 yr old again, pregnant and in need of support. Mason probably hasn’t felt like a hero in years. I don’t think his 1st thought was to find Genesis so he could fuck him, but he does want to be apart of his adventure. He wants to be a hero for Genesis. Whereas with Micko he may be feeling like a failure. He can’t give Micko what would makes him happiest. He can’t bring back Innocent. There may be some small part of Micko that blames Mason for Innocent running away. And Mason would agree with him. I’m really worried about this couple. They need to rediscover why they fell in love, and what keeps them in this relationship now.

          • JJ

            I agree with most of what you wrote except the part about Mason not cheating on Micko. Yes they weren’t officially a couple but that was only because Mason had potrayed himself as completely straight and Micko respected that, without pushing himself on Mason constantly.

            This was even alluded to by the Castor twin who was in love with Micko and he asked Micko why he kept waiting for something Mason would never give him instead of pursuing relationships with those who wanted him. I think it hurt Micko more to know that Mason knew he loved him; but he chose to have sex with Genesis multiple times all while maintaining this straight image. It probably would have stung less had he just told Micko flat out he wasn’t attracted to him rather than making it seem he was into woman only. It was more of a emotional cheat than physical. The fact that it was Genesis of all people; the one who Mason supposedly couldn’t stand and always bucked heads with made it that much more hurtful.

          • Lee namefree

            I think for a long time, Mason considered what he had going on with Genesis to be just sex, whereas he had an emotional bond with Micko. I think that made falling in love with Micko all the more intimidating. Mason could “explore” having sex with a man like Genesis, who apparently is so appealing to men they don’t have to be gay to want to fuck him. But there was no exploring with Micko. Micko was a virgin and I think Mason always knew he couldn’t just fuck him and go back to being friends. Micko isn’t the “fuck buddy” type. Mason knew that once he made love to Micko, there would be no pretending to be straight.

            Mason told Micko he didn’t want to fall in love with him. Genesis was using mind control at 1st to make Mason fuck him, but after Mason broke control, Genesis told him he must really be in love with Micko to be able to break Genesis control. Mason didn’t want to believe that so he started to fuck Genesis regularly to prove to himself he wasn’t really in love with Micko.

            So even though Mason technically didn’t cheat on Micko, he knew he was in love with Micko, and he knew that Micko was falling for him. His fear of Micko hurting him led him to make a mistake that is still hurting their relationship today.

          • JJ

            Was it ever confirmed that Genesis used mind control on Mason for him to fuck him? I think Genesis tried once but it didn’t work. Kind of like when Genesis tried with Shi-Shi boyfriend at the time back in the original witchdoctors. I know Genesis stated that Mason was too strong for his mind control to work; so Mason was fucking him freely of his own accord.

          • Lee namefree

            Mason told Micko that when he & Genesis first started fooling around, it was because Genesis was forcing him to with mind control, like he did with Shi Shi’s boyfriend. After a while though, Mason was able to resist him. When he did, Genesis told him that he must really be in love with Micko to be able to resist him. Mason was in such denial about how he truly felt about Micko, he started fucking Genesis freely to prove what Genesis said was wrong.

          • JJ

            Interesting. I wonder why he didn’t bother with Rio or Brandon as well. You’d think if he was attracted to one twin he would be attracted to the other as well. I always wondered if they brought Jacoby back, how would Genesis feel. It was his first love after all and they say you never really get over your first, true love.

          • Lee namefree

            Rio wasn’t interesting enough for Genesis. He was such a kiss ass. He was always so afraid of Genesis, despite being straight, he would have just dropped to his knees and serviced Genesis without mind control! I always wondered if Jacoby would pull a Bello and become a vampire so that he could run into Genesis again. He knew Genesis became immortal, but at the end of Witchdoctor, Genesis put Jakoby under a spell and told him not to ever let him see him again. But we know that love can break Genesis’ spells. That would be one hell of a reunion, but I’m really wanting Brandon to get a redo on their relationship. Out of all the men Genesis has been with, Brandon is the only one who ever thought about protecting Genesis. Brandon saw Gene’s vulnerabilities and wanted to take care of him the same way Nero takes care of Santos. I think Genesis cheated on Brandon for the same reason Mason cheated on Micko. Genesis was afraid of being in love with Brandon. When Genesis lost Brandon, I think it hurt much worse than he let on. Kitty Kat Bah tried to convince him to get with Mason, since Mason was free at the time, but Genesis told Kitty Kat he needed time to think about what losing Brandon meant to him. Genesis may be in trouble, and I’m really wanting Brandon to be the hero here, but who knows how Brandon is feeling about Genesis these days. Genesis refused to see him. I wonder what desperate actions Brandon might have put into play to force Genesis hand?

          • Brandon Cruz

            Micko just needs to dump Mason. I give Mason one more chance to prove that he and Micko can work this out, but if he mess up then I hope Micko is as strong as Mickson and dumps Mason. Micko doesn’t need to be with anyone. He just needs to find his son and stop this evil from destroying the world.

          • Lee namefree

            I’m fighting really hard for this couple. Whereas Whyte could never make a commitment to Mickson, I think Mason & Micko have gone so much further in working on much of their relationship issues. Genesis will always be a sore point. Mason is not in love with Genesis, though he has a great deal of affection for him, and is definitely attracted to Genesis. He & Gene are friends more than anything I think, but will always have a soft spot for each other. Though Mason can get stupid around Genesis, I think for the most part Micko & Mason have a solid relationship. In the last book, Innocent walked in on his parents being intimate with each other, and commented that it wasn’t unusual to find these two in each other’s arms. Despite their fighting, at least they’re talking about what they’re fighting about. Dillon Jax suggested that Mason did go off to find Genesis, with Micko’s agreement, but that because Micko didn’t trust the wolves he told Walid he stopped Mason. Mason & Micko’s relationship is completely different from Whyte & Mickson. After 12 years of waiting for Whyte to ask him to marry him, Whyte still wasn’t sure if he wanted to make a commitment to Mickson. Then of course he fucked around with Genesis & lied about it to Mickson. It was definitely time for Mickson to dump Whyte. He’s lame. Mickson can do better.

      • Brandon Cruz

        Screw Mason. I feel that Micko should dump Mason just like how Mickson finally dumped Whyte. Also I don’t think Genesis has time to fuck with anyone else relationship. He is about to be a dad.

  • Ralph Jones

    B.I.T.C.H. I AM LOVING FOR THIS FUCKING CHAPTER. Santos as we all know is the most powerful person in the kingdom but his biggest weakness (or strength) has always been Nero so tragic and beautiful. They’re honestly the only couple that has and probably will be together forever. Fuck Yas and I’m positive that Micko was going to warn him. Always loved Micko and Santos while Yas has always been on my shit list. More to say but I want to wait until more people have read

    • Brandon Cruz

      Yes fuck Yas. Before these last few chapters I loved Yas and now I want him dead.

      • Lee namefree

        I know. This calculating Yaser is difficult to accept. Yas was always so passionate, emotional and impulsive. This type of plotting seemed beyond him. I’m wondering if becoming a hybrid changed him in ways beyond his physical strength? I guess I am a little disappointed. I wanted Yaser to take control. Not necessarily of the throne, but I wanted him to have power over Walid. I wanted Walid to feel that Yas was lost to him. I wanted Walid aching for Yas the way Yas has given up everything and everyone for him. If Walid loved him the way Nero loves Santo then maybe I could get on board with Yaser forsaking all others, but I don’t think Walid will ever be as devoted to Yaser as Yaser was/is to him. I still love Yaser, but like you said, if he kills either Santos, Nero, Micko or Justice, I’ll be done with him.

        • Ralph Jones

          I’d like to see the bitch try. He may be a hybrid but Santos doesn’t fuck with his family

        • Brandon Cruz

          Couldn’t Nero just fight Yas off. What does Yas have him at knife point by the throat or something. I’m pretty sure that being stabbed by a knife won’t kill a Vampire. I tell you what. If Santos can reach out to Yas and stop him from doing all this, I might be able to like Yas again. It will never be the same like as Yas will not be one of my favorite characters anymore, but at least I won’t wish death on him. If Santos can’t reach Yas and Yas decide to hurt Santos or Nero or someone I like, he is dead to me.

          • Lee namefree

            I think that Yas will ultimately fail, because I can’t see Walid being able to hold onto the throne. I think the Blood Palace is going to turn into a huge party zone, and the wolves will be oblivious to any other plotting. Like Timus said, Walid isn’t the brightest bulb in the lot. He isn’t stupid, just not overly sharp. I’m curious to see where Yas is taking this thing with Walid? Walid is not going to share a throne with him. Since Yas didn’t kill him to break the Alpha/Beta bond, is he planning on returning to Walid’s bed? I don’t know what Santos could say to Yas that would stop him from trying to put Walid on the throne. If he says anything about keeping the throne in tact for Genesis, that conversation is over. If Yas doesn’t kill anyone else we care about he might be able to redeem himself.

          • Brandon Cruz

            Yas is a cold blooded killer. I will keeping saying that. I think Yas could kill Walid, but Yas is loyal to his Alpha. Werewolves have too much pride for their own good.

          • Lee namefree

            Well they say Pride comes before the Fall. I think that’s exactly how the wolves are going to lose the throne. Walid probably doesn’t think he needs the assistance of the witches or vampires. Which will give the vampires & witches the perfect opportunity to build an alliance to get the wolves off the throne.

          • Brandon Cruz

            Let the Werewolves take control of Eden. See how long that last. Vampires till out number them and if the Werewolves don’t provide blood to them, then welcome to hell for those Werewolves.

          • Brandon Cruz

            Could it be possible that Nero is in on it with Yas. That why it seems like Nero isn’t fighting back. Yas told Nero to meet Santos for the interview, but what if this was all part of the plan. For Nero to betray Santos in any way would kill me. I would be feeling Santos’ pain for a long time. I trust Nero, but this is his first appearance in book 2. I’m scared right now.

          • Lee namefree

            If Nero were working with Yas, it would only be to protect Santos in some way. I don’t think Nero is working with Yas. Yas needed to get Nero out of the house so he could plant Gideon’s body there. Nero had a 100 year forced separation from Santos. I think the only thing that kept him going was knowing Santos was alive but buried somewhere. I think Nero would injure himself before he would ever harm Santos, much less let a group of werewolves come at him, whether Santos could kick their asses or not. However when Armando challenged Santos about being the most powerful, Nero probably thought, yeah let my baby wipe this joker’s ass across the floor 1 or 2 times to straighten him out. On the re-read, I realize the wolves were not arresting Micko, just Nero & Santos. I think Yas specifically set them up, because they want Genesis to stay on the throne, whereas Micko always had misgivings about Genesis being in power.

  • Lee namefree

    Yaser is a dead man! He’s been drinking his own poison if he thinks Santos won’t shred him alive if he hurts Nero or Justice! I understand his ambition, and this Alph/Beta bond, but damn Yaser! It’s shocking Yas would betray his maker, but I guess being a Beta trumps loyalty to your vampire sire. It’s clear Yas will do anything to make sure Genesis doesn’t return to the throne. I don’t know what I hate more, that Yas has put Santos, Nero & Justice’s lives at risk or that Yas is doing this to put Walid on the throne. I can’t help but wonder if Yas had asked Santos to help him kill Walid, instead of betraying their friendship, would he have been happier as a freed Beta? But then that would have been a fairytale, and obviously this is not! I think Yas has overplayed his hand though. There’s still more vampires in Eden than wolves. The vampires may have put up with Genesis, but Walid alone on the throne?? Walid will do something stupid like try to starve the vampires. I guess an epidemic of Thirsts will rise soon!
    I’m particularly saddened that Exodus is not coming back again. But it makes no sense to bring him back only to have him sacrifice himself. It’s not fair to him, and a painful loss for Genesis.
    It’s a damn shame the real Gideon’s dead, but it does clear the way for Zeke & Justice. Justice is loving playing the hero, I’m sure, but I hope Zeke is not just “his new thing” as Santos described him. Zeke wants to remain a human, but that might not be the safest choice for him. He loved when Justice bit him. He may be less resistant to the idea if it’s Justice turning him!

    • Brandon Cruz

      I hope Santos kills Yas. Unless Yas has some trick under his sleeve then Santo’s is going to end him. That would make me so happy.

      • Lee namefree

        I don’t want Yas dead. He’s still a character I love, even if I’m hating the things he’s doing right now. I wish if he were going do all this backstabbing it’s because he wanted the throne for himself. Screw Walid. I did want to pop the crap out of him when he started crying over Exodus. Maybe he is genuinely regrets having killed Exodus, but I’m sure there was some relief as well that Exodus won’t be coming back to expose him. But I guess after stabbing Santos in the back, what does it matter if people know he killed Exodus. I suppose because I’ve always liked Yaser, that I’m trying to see this as a “Game of Thrones” where each faction fights a bloody path to the throne. In comparison to Genesis path, Yaser’s battle for the throne was far less bloody. Yas has been pretty smart in how he wrestled the throne away from Genesis, but I don’t think with Walid on the seat, that Werewolves will be in power long. They’re going have to align with one of the other groups, and at the moment Yas has pissed off both the vampires and witches!

        • Brandon Cruz

          Those tears were all lies. Yas is a cold blooded killer. Right if Yas was doing this so he can be king, I wouldn’t hate it as much. I still would hate Yas since he is trying to frame Santos and Micko, but since he is doing this so Walid can be king disgusted me.

          • Lee namefree

            Remember when Micko was released from the demon doll and he found out Mason & Genesis were having an affair. He completely lost it, put something in Innocent’s eyes to take away his healing tears, then aided the demons. His actions inadvertently caused Brandon’s death, who turned himself into a bomb to save Micko & Mason’s lives. Mickos was still affected by the demons when he did what he did, but much of his reaction was triggered by his hurt and betrayal. He wanted Mason to see him be the bad as bitch he could be. And Mason did. He stopped looking at Micko as some weakling who needed his protection. I sort of feel like Yaser is going through the same thing. He says he must serve his Alpha, but really why did that require doing anything more than bending over and letting Walid try out his newly restored dick? Yaser did everything a good Beta should do. He stood by his Alpha after Genesis rotted his dick off. He represented Walid & spoke for the pack when Walid couldn’t. He was respectful of Walid in front everybody else, which is what Walid asked him to do in Bite Down Harder, and despite all of that, Walid dumped him for a bad as bitch. Yaser hates Walid because he hurt him deeply, but that he plotted all this makes me think that he’s still in love with Walid. I think he’s set on proving to Walid that he too can be a force to be reckoned with. Yaser framed Santos & Micko to clear the path for Walid. I don’t think he’s trying to harm them, but he won’t let them save the throne for Genesis. As for what he intends to do once he gets Walid on the throne who knows, but I don’t think it’ll be him bowing and kissing Walid’s feet.

          • Brandon Cruz

            I think this is different because Mason did love Genesis. Walid don’t love Genesis, he is acting like this so he an get the throne from Genesis. Micko did what he did out of pain and being betrayed by the one he loved. In the end, he still loved Mason. Yas doesn’t love Walid, it just this stupid Alpha/Beta bond that has him doing this. I think Yas knows he doesn’t need to prove anything to Walid.

          • Lee namefree

            I’m not so sure Yaser doesn’t love Walid. Exo commented that he didn’t think Yaser was over his ex, and Yaser told him he wasn’t completely over Walid. Again, as a Beta, all Yas really has to do is be obedient and respectful to Walid. Walid doesn’t want him to be intimate with any other men, I suppose if he were really to fulfill his Beta duties, he would respect Walid’s wishes. But Yaser has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Walid doesn’t even know what Yaser’s been up to. Yaser says he hates Walid, but he’s very much aware that Walid is not in love with Genesis. I think what he hates is that Walid did such a botched job of taking the throne. It would have been painful enough if Walid loved Genesis and was actually sharing the throne with him. But for Walid to throw him over for an idiotic plan that didn’t actually get him the throne, I think Yas hates Walid for that and the humiliation he caused him.Having gone through this much plotting, I want Yaser to have the satisfaction of having Walid kneel for him, as he did for Nasir and Genesis.

          • Brandon Cruz

            I’m pretty sure that when we get back to this scene with Santos and Yas. Santos will attempted to kill Yas, but Walid will step in to save him. Let be real that unless Yas suddenly received more power, Santos can kill him with ease. Maybe that chapter Walid will reveal he still loves Yas and then Yas can be with Walid. Let those two dumb asses be together so we can move on from Yas’ petty party. Honestly I’m over Yas feeling hurt and betrayed from Walid and wanting Genesis gone. Like Mickson did, move on which you could have first with Dakota then Exodus regardless of if he was going to sacrifice himself.

    • Brandon Cruz

      Also where do you think Aiden is in all of this. They haven’t mention him once.

      • Lee namefree

        I’m hoping Aiden, will find a way to get them out of the palace dungeons. He was always watching out for Santos. Let’s hope Santos is still on his radar.

  • JJ

    This chapter was fire. Walid finally witnessed true power haha I bet he won’t mess with Santos anymore. How the hell is Nero letting Yas hold him? Is a hybrid that much stronger than a regular vampire? Yas doesn’t know the history of Santos includes one strong maniacal parent, who is already alive. I sense the return of Armando. Let Yas hurt Santos and Armando is going to snatch that vampire side right back out of Yas and undo his hybrid state lol

    Interesting that Genesis said he won’t resurrect Exodus spirit because he needs rest. He may yet change his mind if immortality seems to be in play.

    Sad that Gideon is dead but this opens the way for Justice and Zeke. This new Yaser is a complete change from the previous one. I wonder if seeing his handler being killed by Promise, was the turning point that changed Yaser to this dark side.

    Micko could have at least helped if he knew Santos was innocent. My lord, to stand and watch as Santos do all the work. Smh.

    • Lee namefree

      I was wondering about Nero, and why he isn’t resisting more. Granted Santos can protect himself, but I was still surprised that Nero didn’t try to help Santos out. He’s so protective of Santos. I always thought vampires were stronger that werewolves. Maybe they are, but Yas has the added combined strength. I’m trying to swallow this Yaser, who would betray his friends. I understood better why he killed Exodus. Exodus was never gonna be his boyfriend despite loving Yaser, and Exodus was going to make Genesis stronger. I suppose Yaser looks at Santos in much the same way. He likes Santos, but Santos was loyal to Genesis. I don’t know why Micko is being taken. He’s not particularly loyal to Genesis. Now that Yaser has revealed his plot, he has nothing more to fear from Micko. Why is Santos acting as if he doesn’t know that Genesis is his brother? He seems surprised that Nero hints at him having a closer relationship to Genesis than people know? It was Santos that told Exodus that they were brothers. Since Santos & Nero have made it clear they don’t want the throne, I thought part of the reason why Yaser felt he had to betray Santos was because Santos & Genesis are brothers and Santos was loyal to him?

      • JJ

        I don’t think Nero ever told Santos that Genesis & Exodus were his brothers. He kept making subtle hints but never outright told him, unless I’m remembering wrong

        • Lee namefree

          At the end of Chapter 14 of Unholy Wars, Santos tells Exodus that Nero told him that Armando was Genesis & Exodus father. He tells Exodus he needs to heal the rift in his family, that extended to Exo & Genesis, his brothers. Exodus knew Santos was his brother, which is why he agreed to convince Genesis to allow for the witch, werewolf & vampire ambassadors. Exodus convinced Genesis to allow ambassadors, but I don’t think he told Genesis he has a living father and another brother.

          • JJ

            Odd. I would think that would be something they would tell Genesis. Out of all them, I think Genesis genuinely respects Santos because twice Santos has manhandled him almost to the brink of death & I think even he knows the spirits would only slow Santos down at best. I could actually see Genesis confiding in Santos more than Exodus truthfully. Exodus is a good brother but he is too passive and weaker than Genesis. Santos is also somewhat passive, but has the underlying raw power. Power is what impresses Genesis the most IMO.

          • Lee namefree

            I just can’t think of Santos as passive in any way! If anything I see him as too reactive. That’s something that all the ambassadors share in common. Santos & Yaser are hot headed while Micko is very sensitive. They’re all emotional. In comparison, Genesis can be very detached from his emotions. It’s difficult for him to trust anyone, much less confide in someone. He’s more likely to confide in Catalina, who doesn’t always agree with his actions, but is absolutely loyal to him. I did think part of the reason Santos was more accepting of Genesis was because he’s his brother. But it seems as if Santos feels grateful that Genesis took the burden of the throne away from his husband. You’re right, Genesis does respect great power, which Santos has in spades. Given how Santos now feels about him, I could see how he & Genesis could be close. Genesis discovered he was pregnant about the time Exodus learned that Santos was their brother. I’m not sure why Exodus didn’t tell him but I’d assumed Exo was waiting for Genesis to get used to that before dropping on him that he has a father & a brother who are vampires.

          • JJ

            I think Santos has calmed down a lot lol. He seems to have matured from when he first entered Eden. Maybe being buried alive was a good thing. He also now seems to mostly be in control of his full power, which is impressive. It seem Santos is only aggressive when someone is threatening the people he loves. Other than that, he seems happy to sit aside and let Nero make any decisions about Eden. That’s why I called him somewhat passive.

          • Lee namefree

            Yes I agree. Santos was very passive on the running of Eden. He definitely deferred to Nero’s experience and advisement, and Nero is a good strategist. In their bedroom as well, Santos prefers Nero be on top. Santos has become a full fledged Thirst without being threatened, he killed 100 palace guards on his return to Eden, but he doesn’t like to turn into one. He has gotten so much better with controlling his temper and the creature he turns into when he sees red. He is well over 100 years old. He may look 17, but he’s a father, a step-father, and a husband. These things have matured Santos and probably has given him much better control over his aggression.

  • Dillon Jax

    I enjoyed reading all of these comments as much as i did this chapter. Much of your thoughts, even contradictory, are my own but i have others. Was Vigarosa filming all of this lol? That opens a lot of possibilities; Santos said the ratings would probably be the highest they’ve been in a long time. I think Micko was lying about what he told the recovery team; whether they are looking for Genesis or Pi im not sure but i dont think he recalled them. And WHO identified Gideons body? is he really dead? Will Zeke be okay? Who was the witch doctor in the rebellion again?? And Eden isn’t so big that Genesis can just walk around investigating shit so where is he??? I think a part of Yaser wants to be rid of Walid; NOT sure what his plans are…maybe giving Walid a taste of the throne will force Genesis to kill him when he gets back?? thats a farfetched plan when you start betraying your closest allies…OH and did the full moon already happen? i missed that if it did. Hope Rory is ok, i didnt want him dominated aaannnd he got dominated…repeatedly apparently 🙁 BUT theres a cute vampire on his horizon 😉 hopefully. Above all im just a little concerned guys…

    • Lee namefree

      I never considered that Micko was hiding that Mason’s team went off to find Genesis despite Micko’s misgivings. Mason was probably able to convince Micko the team should be looking for Genesis and Puck now, since both are in serious danger. If Mason felt the Werewolves couldn’t be trusted, than Micko would have kept that information to himself whether he supported Mason or not. And given what’s happened this chapter, that may keep the wolves off Mason’s trail long enough for him to at least find Genesis. I don’t know if I want him to find Innocence, and the other demon children. These demons don’t care who they kill, and I can’t stomach the thought of Mason having to kill his own son to defend himself or save someone else.

      I think Gideon is as dead as Vivian. Yaser’s plan worked because he got rid of the diviners who could warn Genesis of what Yaser was plotting. I think either he wasn’t able to use Gideon’s divining skills or he didn’t trust that Gideon would give him real predictions so he got rid of him.

      I hate that Nero has been caught looking weak on camera again! Vigarosa (I love the name) is such bitch she’ll probably make more of that than the Werewolves seizing the throne! I think Vigarosa was streaming the interview live on Batchat. It’s clear that neither Nero or Santos want the throne for themselves, and Nero indicated that Santos & Genesis were closer than people think. They made it clear they very much want the throne held for Genesis. But with Yaser framing them for Gideon’s death, and Justice getting caught trying to sneak out someone masquerading as Gideon, it doesn’t look good for the royal family. You would think that Yaser & Walid both would be exceptionally appreciative of Santos for saving Yaser’s life. Why then is Walid so threatened by him??

      • Dillon Jax

        Walid knew that Yaser was going to be turned and be ok cause he used that information to placate Dakota, he knew this before even Santos knew…So behind Genesis’ back who did Walid talk to in order to set that up? Armando? I feel like we’re missing something thats right in front of us. Maybe Nero isn’t fighting back because he’s aware of something…he is the silent chess player type, and while Walid is not that type we can all agree I think that Walid is not completely incompetent…Perhaps Walid and Yaser don’t mean any real harm to Santos and Nero? Whos leaking shit to Vigarosa?

        • Lee namefree

          You’re bringing up some really good points. I suppose Yaser was leaking suspicions to Vigarosa, I’m not sure who else would benefit. I’m hoping Nero is not spending all of his days making love to Santos, though as hot as these two are together, I can see the appeal (I was listening to Lauren Hill’s ‘Nothing Even Matters’ while reading their love scene. Sizzle)! Nero has that team of shadow vampires, his covert operations team. Maybe there’s more to Nero not struggling to get away from Yaser? OMG! Are you thinking Santos is related to Yaser too?? It’s true that Yaser & Yuma never knew what happened to their father. I’m not even sure if they knew their father? This might be pretty farfetched but if Armando is their father, that is one potent dude! But that would also mean that Yaser slept with his half-brother…unless both Armando & old man Bah slept with Evelyn about the same time-frame, both impregnating her, so that Armando would be Genesis father, and Evelyn’s husband was Exodus father. Genesis & Exodus would have been fraternal twins. That would explain why Genesis was so much stronger than his twin. Whatever’s going on, I suspect Nero is being patient, and waiting for all players to enter the field. Armando hasn’t made an appearance yet. Where is our favorite father-in-law?

          • Brandon Cruz

            I couldn’t believe Armando being Yas’ father. If so for him to love Lilith, but then sleep with some many other women is too much. Santos’ family would just get bigger.

          • Lee namefree

            I know, it’s pretty out there, but then Armando slept with Evelyn Bah after he made Santos with Lilith so clearly he has occupied himself with other woman while waiting for her supreme bitchiness to resurface.

    • Brandon Cruz

      The comment section is my favorite part of this site. I also enjoy reading and responding to these comments.

  • JJ

    Truthfully I think Micko should finally either let go of the past or move on from Mason. Mason is only causing him to get grey hair by him constantly worrying about Mason & Genesis. Either fully forgive him and move on with the relationship or let him go and start fresh. My opinion is he needs to start fresh. Plenty options in Eden these days.

    • Lee namefree

      I’m really hoping Micko & Mason fight hard to stay together. It seems as if before Genesis returned, this couple were doing okay. They were raising teenagers, and having some minor parenting conflicts but infidelity was not an issue. I think Micko forgave Mason years ago, but forgetting the pain a person caused you is so much harder. Micko would probably think less of Genesis reappearance in their lives if his husband didn’t get a hard on whenever he was in Genesis presence! As well Micko wasn’t just hurt by Mason, Genesis has used & manipulated Micko. It was because of Genesis that Micko was possessed by demons. Micko & Mason have been together for 18 years. Their relationship grew from a friendship. Though this couple is arguing, at least they’re confronting the problem head on. Mason isn’t trying to pretend he isn’t having a problem, or that the problem is Micko (though he wishes Micko would lose some weight or exercise). In the last book, he acknowledged that Micko was right to call him out on his reaction to Genesis. He could have gone chasing after Genesis, but he stayed where he wants to be, and that’s with Micko. Dillon Jax suggested that Mason did go off to find Genesis, after he convinced Micko to let his team go. Micko, like Mason, doesn’t trust the wolves, so he told Walid he stopped Mason from going. I think for a couple who seem to confide in each other, that sounds more plausible than Mason going behind Micko’s back.

      • Dillon Jax

        I also think its cool to remember, when Micko once died seemingly for good, Mason threw himself on an open fire in order to be with him. I cant see Mason sacrificing himself for Genesis under any circumstance, regardless of the history.

        • Lee namefree

          I think about that often when remembering this couple. It was an extreme sacrifice for someone he loved more than himself. Despite how attracted Mason is to Genesis, I can’t see him doing that for him. I can totally see Brandon doing that for Genesis. In fact when Brandon turned himself into a bomb to stop the demon invasion, he was thinking of Genesis. I think Micko & Mason will be okay. I’m hoping Brandon & Genesis will be okay as a couple as well.

    • Brandon Cruz

      I agree either believe your relationship is strong enough to survive or move on. Like you, I think Micko should just move on from Mason. He doesn’t even need someone right now, just himself.