Crushed Crown, Chapter 3



The palace is cold on days like this.  Being the weaker twin in my coven always meant more than just being a twin.  All my life I’ve lived for Genesis.  I was born for him.  I was born to make him stronger.


Right now I don’t feel so strong.  It’s been 4 weeks now that the high Priestess Vivienne has been murdered in her bedroom in the palace.  The entire palace has been in panic ever since then.  We’ve attempted to keep it away from the general media but that was hard.  The last thing we could afford was panic in Eden.  Vivienne was the king’s personal witch capable of calling forward white magic of Divination in order to see the future.


Her murder was an attack on the Crushed Crown itself.


“Thank you for coming,” My Aunt Catalina welcomes our visitor.


“It’s an honor he states.  You must be the Bahs.  Family to the king himself,” the man states.


My Aunt and I look at one another.  There were many witches in Eden and most lived in the Witch Towers just outside the Northern Palace gates.  Out of the five witch families, there weren’t many Bahs left either.  There were only very few people that I could really trust and my Aunt Catalina was one of them.


“We are,” I tell our visitor, “The king has called you here because we need some help.  It isn’t general knowledge but the king is under attack.  A witch in his service was recently murdered.  We’ve been searching for white witches who could possibly lead us to the culprit.”

“You think that’s me?” the man says.

“On her dying bed, the high priestess said the name Gideon Bradley.  So yes.  We believe you are the key.”

This male witch was believable.  I’d tell you that much.  When word had gone out that we were searching for a Gideon Bradley, he showed up here unescorted willing to give his services.  He’s dressed now in an old garb, one that the ancient witches would wear.  My own coven was from a place far away with much darker magic but I’d heard stories of the pure white witches.   They gathered their strength from the elements.  It was so different from witches like my Aunt Catalina and I.  It was so different from witches like my brother, the king.  We gathered our power from some place much darker…

“If the king wanted me here then where is he?”  the man states.


He’s definitely asking more questions than I’m used to from the commoners.  I have to say I respect that.  Here I was in the finest silk imported from China and my mother was in a European gown but this man didn’t feel at all intimidated.


“The king is here,” a voice says.


We turn and see someone walk in the room.  The man domes over the rest of us.  He has a handsome face, a fur coat and nothing but leather pants underneath.  You would think he’s some sort of Rock star from the 90’s by how he dresses.  Sometimes I wonder if he’s on drugs.  Maybe that’s why he always tries so hard to demand attention every time he walks into the room.


His name is Walid.  My brother-in-law.  I have to admit it’s hilarious that he calls himself the king.  The man clearly isn’t in his right mind but I let him play the role he wants to.  Titles mean nothing when it comes to true power.


“You can continue Gideon,” I state, dismissing Walid.

I can tell it gets under Walid’s skin because he gives me a weird look.  He’s used to dominating over smaller men than he is.  His mere size makes him think that he can.


At this moment I swear I almost am obsessed with how the witchdoctor Gideon begins to draw this beautiful shape out of chalk right here on the floor.  He glides almost like he’s done this ritual a million times.  He’s a professional to say the least.



He explains as he draws, “The nomogram is the symbol of Divination.  It’s also known as the 9 pointed star.  We use it for symbolizing the 9 governing vibrational frequencies that compose the physical universe, and 9 being the number of completion and spiritual fulfillment.  With this symbol I’ll be able to point to your traitor.”


“Just do the fucking spell,” Walid mutters at that moment, “And get it over with.”

The disrespect he has is staggering to say the least.  My Aunt Catalina and I exchange looks.  Walid is as a much of a true king as the sweet cake they serve in New Orleans.  No one told him that though.  The werewolves follow him like a fool and for now the true king, my brother, needed the obedience of the dogs.  It’s the only reason my brother married him.  It’s the only reason Walid is in this throne room now.  He makes me sick though.  He’s all brawn and no brain.  He’s all muscle and no compassion.  I don’t think he truly cares for anyone or anything but himself.  He stands there disrespecting Gideon’s spell with no sense of direction.

Gideon finishes drawing the nomogram symbol.  He steps in the middle of it.  He takes out a pouch that seems to have some sort of powder.  I don’t know what it is.  It must be some sort of dust or ash.  He sprinkles the powder on the symbols.


The powder shifts by itself.


It shifts again.



It creates a new symbol.  Something that I am not able to read, but the white witches had their ways.


“What does it say?” My Aunt Catalina asks.


He pauses.


The length of the pause is dramatic to say the least.  Then all of a sudden Gideon, the witchdoctor we invited into our palace to find our traitor seems to have a revelation.


“A name,” he responds.

“Who?”  I ask.


“Say the name,” my Aunt Catalina demands.
My heart is racing.  I look over at Walid.  I just have a feeling it’s him.  My brother swears his husband isn’t the traitor but no one else really makes sense to me.  Walid had a reason to want Vivienne dead.  He wants a reason to want my brother in the dark.  He wanted that throne for himself.  That was clear.


My brother believed we needed Walid but finally I had proof.  Finally, I had a reason to get rid of him once and for all.



My Aunt and I look at one another.  I get quiet.  I’m not sure I hear the name right that Gideon says.

Did he just call me the traitor?
Walid’s eyes turn to me at that moment.  None of his guards are in the room but I know within a matter of seconds he could have 50 werewolves storm in the room.  Then I see his looming shadow.  Walid didn’t like me.  He had reason enough to want me gone.  This couldn’t be real.  This had to be some sort of mistake.  I would never turn my back on Genesis.

“That’s impossible,” Catalina states, “Exodus is a Bah.  He would never betray Genesis.”

“Why not?” Walid asks, “I can see Exodus considering it.  I can see him doing this.  The jealous brother finally having a reason to turn on Genesis.”

“You better be careful what you’re implying,” I respond to him.


He had no idea what kind of relationship I had with my brother.  He had no idea what Genesis meant to me and the Bah family.  My brother wasn’t just the king.  My brother was the pride of my family.  Walid had sunk to a new low by even considering what Gideon’s was saying could have been the truth.

Catalina looks over at Gideon. She walks over to his dust particles and picks them up, “There has to be some mistake.  Do it again.”

The witchdoctor shakes his head, “No mistake ma’am. The sand doesn’t lie.”

Walid has this look on his face.  This sneering victory that seems to be written on the corner of his mouth as he smirks.  He’s enjoying this.  He’s enjoying seeing me sweat.


“Catalina.  Call the guards to arrest Exodus for treason.”

My Aunt stays completely still.  She doesn’t know how to react.  She doesn’t go get the guards as Walid lets her know.  Her eyes remain on me.  I’m not sure what this Gideon man is saying or why he thinks I would betray the crown, but he’s wrong.  He’s completely wrong.  And Walid is loving every moment of this.

“Don’t do it Exodus,” My Aunt states.

I don’t even realize what I’m doing until I do it.  I take out a knife from my back pocket.  I begin to slit the palm of my hand until blood trickles down my wrist, slowly.  Walid sees it.

As I stated before, the magic of the five families comes from something darker than sand and ashes.  Walid has seen this more times than he would like to admit.

This is blood magic.


“I was hoping you’d resist arrest,” Walid states at that moment, “I’d have a reason to kill you.”

“Try if you want,” I start.


My spell has already begun working.  The lights in the palace are half electric and half candles.  All lights sources begin to flicker.  I search the depths of my mind for a spirit to come to my aid as I sacrifice my blood to them.  I know Walid is no regular werewolf.  I know he probably may kill me before I give in, but I refuse to just be taken.


“Stop…” a voice states.

“What’s going on here?” Walid asks.


He asks that because the Ambassadors walk into the room.  Micko, Santos and Yas all walk in together.  My eyes immediately settle on Yas.


Micko is the ambassador for the witchdoctors.  He’s the oldest of the three, probably in his early 40s.  Santos is perhaps the most powerful of the three.  He stands as the ambassador of the vampires and holds a blood lineage that demands the respect of all vampires near and far.  And Yas is the ambassador of the werewolves.  He is a hybrid.  Originally he was born a werewolf but when he was made into a vampire when his lover Walid betrayed him and almost caused his death. I wondered how anyone could treat someone so sweet so awfully.

Sweet Yas.


Maybe that’s what the tension at this moment is about between Walid and I.

It’s not about Genesis.  It’s not about Gideon’s revelation.


It’s about Yas.


He has very long straight hair.  It falls down to the ground.  He has on the regular Ambassador uniform.  Genesis created these ambassadors to keep the peace between the three races in Eden when he ascended the throne.  The uniform is a silver suit, etched out with the crushed crown emblem on it.  Santos and Micko look as though they were made to wear it, but Yas is different.  I can see how every moment he fixes his collar.  He’s a wild thing, my Yas.  He’s a wild thing but that doesn’t stop him from being sweet.


He’s the sweetest thing I’ve known.


“Exodus is innocent,” Yas states.


At this moment I feel vindicated.  It’s strange how things are whenever he’s in the room.  He’s not the most masculine man in the world.  I didn’t know much about werewolves or their history.  Genesis stated once they were only good to be guard dogs which is why he has them stationed all over the palace.  I did know some things though.  Werewolves like Yas were bred to be subservient to werewolves like Walid.


“You three aren’t needed right now,” Walid argues, “A witch was brought in who testified that Exodus is the traitor.”

“That man isn’t the real Gideon Bradley,” Santos responds, “I sent my stepson Justice into the human world.  He sent word that he’s returning with the real Gideon Bradley now.”

“The real Gideon Bradley?”

“This witch is an imposter,” Micko responds, “The real Gideon Bradley was attacked at a restaurant in New York.  Luckily he got away and Justice was able to find him.  Someone planted this imposter here.”

Someone planted the imposter here to frame me, specifically.  They attacked the real Gideon Bradley hoping to kill him and replace him with someone else.  Someone who would put the spotlight on me.


Who would do such a thing?

The others look at the imposter witch but my eyes turn to Walid.  He looks a little annoyed.  How inconvenient for him that the Ambassadors actually were good at their job in maintaining stability in Eden.  How inconvenient for him that Santos, Micko and Yas showed up when they did with the information they had.


“Interesting,” My Aunt Catalina states.


She turns.


It draws my attention when she does it because the Gideon Bradley Imposter was backing up slowly.  He walks backward.  He’s so slow.  There is fear all over his face.



He doesn’t get far.  Within a matter of seconds, it’s Santos who catches him.  I’ve never seen someone move so fast.  Not werewolf or vampire.


“Who sent you?”

“Death to King Genesis.”

“Who sent you?”


“You might as well kill me.”

With a bite to the neck, Ambassador Santos, the vampire with ancient blood obliges the imposter.  He rips his throat clean out of his neck.  Blood spills on the Palace floors.

And with the revelation of this imposter, I had the feeling this wouldn’t be the first blood that would be spilling.




The day goes by fast.  At this point we are just waiting for Justice to show up with the real Gideon Bradley.  The palace goes back to being what it was before.

The palace is a beautiful place. The complex included the palace, gardens, a walled-in royal hunting ground where the wolf guards trained, a smaller palatial structure known as the Grand Triarch where the Ambassadors stayed and an estate slightly detached from that where the Bah Family resided. Between the palace and the town there are also buildings that housed the war and foreign affairs ministries, residences for those not entitled to live in the palace, stables and a kennel, among other structures.  Once Nero, the husband of Santos, ruled as king here and all the 108 rooms were full.  Now it’s like a ghost land.  It’s not that there is a lack of people.  It’s a lack of soul.  There is fear.  Whispers are spreading of what my brother was carrying.  They are afraid of what they don’t understand.  We can’t trust anyone around Genesis.  Genesis has locked himself in the main tower that domes high above the other parts of the palace.   No one is allowed up but Aunt Catalina.


“You don’t look well,” Aunt Catalina states.


“I was just framed.  I don’t think I should,” I tell my Aunt.


We are in the passageways.  Not too far from us were the wolf guards.  It’s pointless whispering. They would hear us anyway.

“Almost framed,” My Aunt responds.

My Aunt rubs on her arms, feeling a chill at that moment.  I know when she’s thinking hard on something.


There were only four Bahs left.  My aunt, her daughter Kat, me and Genesis.  My circle remained so small that we had daily suspicions.

“Walid was the one who framed me,” I state.

“You so sure?”

“Who else would it be?”

“I’m just saying it was good timing how the Ambassadors showed up when they did.  Almost like they planned it,” Catalina responds.

“If one of them were the traitor shouldn’t they want me dead?”

“Not if they are playing the long game,” she responds, “Santos may want to put his husband back on the throne.  Micko may blame Genesis for his son disappearing.  They all have their agendas.  None of them can be trusted.”



My Aunt was right.  The Disappearing of the three children happened shortly after the war.  No one talked about it anymore.  We spent forever looking for them but no one could find them.  Santos’s son disappeared, Micko’s son disappeared and a newborn wolf niece of Walid disappeared.  Some say they were taken.  Some say they were dead.

The mystery behind the disappearance was never really solved however.

“Yas is innocent.”

“I see the way you look at him,” Catalina states, “It’s sweet.  But it can’t happen.  You know why, right?”


The tone she uses is sad.  She knows what’s coming.  She knows what I have to do.  I can tell she feels sorry for me.


“I understand why,” I state.


“I understand you may want to.  I agree, the wolf boy is sweet.  Yas is good,” Catalina states, “But don’t’ get too attached.  We just play our parts.  We were revived from the dead for one reason and one reason only, darling.  To protect Genesis.  Don’t you forget.”

Revival.  Blood magic was powerful and when used the right way can do almost anything.  The problem with blood magic it caused a toll.  An equivalent exchange had to be made.  A sacrifice.  My Aunt was right.  We were brought back from the dead by Genesis to protect him when he ascended the throne.   But the cost was so high.  Now it felt like I had to use all my days in debt, making sure I paid Genesis back for bringing me back.


“I’ll protect my brother no matter what,” I state.


“Good.  I should go check on Genesis.  Keep an eye on everyone in the palace,” she explains, “Remember that we are amongst enemies.”


Days like this the palace is so cold.   Days like this where my Aunt reminds me why I was brought back to do.  Days like this when she reminds me what I was born to do.


I feel so empty all of a sudden again.  I’m an empty man in an empty palace.  Regardless of how empty this place is, there was still so much beauty.  The golden statues of old vampire kings who reigned in Eden align the main entryway.  As I walk through I see one being sculpted right now of my brother Genesis.  Through the golden arches there is the garden.


That’s where I find the most beautiful part of Eden.


“Come have a drink with me,” Yas states.


He hands me lemonade.  It’s our daily routine to meet up for lemonade.  He’s so pretty.  Most men wouldn’t understand but there is something so majestic about a pretty boy.  He’s way too young to hold the position he does in the city.  He’s way too inexperienced, but he is powerful.  His past relationship as Walid’s Beta wolf as well as the fact that he is a hybrid of werewolf and vampire has given him prominence in the city.

I know he doesn’t need my protection but he has a face you just can’t help but to want to protect.


“You spend all day in the palace gardens,” I notice.

“I like digging up the dirt,” he states, “It reminds me of the real gardens.  Outside of the walls of Eden.  The gardens where the wolves live.”

I can watch him plant for hours.  He’s good at it.  Yas has a green thumb.  I sit next to him and watch him plant his flowers.  I’ve never been big for the outdoors.  I’ve never cared much for them at all.

“You’re good at it.”

Looking at his skin I’m amazed.  Everything Yas does amazes me.  He’s such a beautiful person.  He has such a beautiful soul.  I loved my brother but I knew my brother didn’t deserve someone like Yas.  Yas was too good of a person for Genesis.  Genesis had his reasons but sometimes his methods were…questionable.  I’d never say it out loud.  Even admitting it to myself hurt.  Regardless of what Genesis was or wasn’t, I’d protect him so in the end it didn’t matter.


“Did you find out who the traitor is yet?”

“Besides your ex.”

Yas laughs, “I don’t think it’s Walid.  One thing I know about Walid is when his pride is wounded.  The fact that Vivienne was killed with werewolves guarding the palace pisses him off.”

“We’ll find Vivienne’s killers.  Vivienne was innocent.”

“Was she?  Didn’t she let Genesis sacrifice her own sisters?”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“You’ll always protect him, won’t you?” Yas states laughing a little bit, “You’ll always defend King Genesis…no matter what horrible things he does.”

There was so much talk about Genesis for someone who hasn’t shown his face for weeks.  He’d become a hermit.  The mystery behind him caused people to discuss him even more.  I pause for a moment.


“Are you afraid of Genesis?”

“No…I’m afraid of what he has inside of him.  Ambassador Micko says the witches are seeing bad omens.  Ambassador Santos says the vampires are willing to revolt.  You do understand that Genesis, a man, is pregnant and no one knows the father.”

“Immaculate conception.  Mary did it in the bible.”

“I hate to break it to you but your brother is far from Mary,” Yas states, “Micko says it is possible that it’s something else entirely.  Something demonic.  Would you still support your brother then?”


“Don’t listen to Micko.  Don’t listen to Santos.  I need you to trust me,” I tell Yas, “I won’t lead you the wrong way.”

Genesis was pregnant.  The feeling since he became pregnant was not the same.  I was well aware of the dangers.  The strange spirits surrounding him before the pregnancy happened.  I was well aware that something was wrong here.


However, there were ways to deal with Genesis.  Santos and Micko were filling Yas’s head up with all this information and Yas was taking it.  He was running with it.  If these fools thought forcing my brother to do anything would work, they were wrong.  The best way to get Genesis to do anything was to gain his trust.

He smiles.  That beautiful smile.  The locks of hair turn from around his head.  It’s so beautiful.


“I trust you.”

I swear my dick jumps when he says that.  I lean forward at that moment.   I want to touch him.  I want to touch him so bad.  My hand is only a few inches away from him but I stop short.

“You’re so beautiful,” I tell him.

I stop short of touching him.  I stop short of doing anything.  I knew that someone like Walid wouldn’t have stopped.


“You come out here every day.  You watch me.  You smile.  You flirt.  You never make a move though?”  Yas explains, smiling, “Why?”

“I…I…uh…I …figured you weren’t over Walid,” I respond.


I’m stuttering.  Normally I’m the emotionless one.  I’ve always been about duty.  I always did what I had to.  I’ve always lived for my brother.  When it came to living for me and doing what I had to do, I wasn’t sure I was able to do it.  I wasn’t sure I was able to make that sacrifice.

Yas smiles.

“Not completely.  Seeing him with your brother makes me upset from time to time, but I know it’s not real.  It couldn’t possibly be.  I am trying to get over Walid.  Why don’t you help me?”


Yas puts down his glove.

I drink the lemonade.

I drink the entire cup.


“You want me to make a move?”  I ask him.

“Yes.  Desperately.”

Yas stares at me.  I lick his lips.  I grab him up at that moment right out of his garden outside of the palace walls and I push him down into the dirt.  I start kissing him.  My tongue ravages through him.  My heart beats next to his.  Our eyes look at one another.

For so long I’ve been wanting to do this.  For so long I’ve been wanting to show this boy how I felt about him.

My sweet Yas.


I want to take him right now, right here in the dirt while the Eden red sky beams over us.  I rip his shirt off.  I’m not aggressive like Walid would be but I want to show him how much I need him right now.  He kisses me back.  Our tongues clash against one another.  He’s showing me that he wants me the same way that I want him.  He’s showing me that the thing that is happening between us is real.



Suddenly we are interrupted.

Two wolf guards have approached us.

“Lord Exodus,” the first wolf guard interrupts, “The King would like your acquaintance.”
Being called a Lord was something that I would need to get used to.  Being interrupted for official business was something that I don’t think I would ever get used to.  I look over at Yas.  I lean back down and give him another kiss.  Our wet tongues collide.  For a moment I was tempted to say fuck the king.  I was tempted to say fuck Genesis.

For one moment I wanted to live for myself and be Exodus just for myself.


That’s how Yas made me feel.  So I’m surprised when he is the one who pulls back first.


“You should go,” Yas tells me.

“I want to stay here with you.”

Yas looks at me for a long time.

“If you play your cards right, you’ll have forever to be with me,” Yas explains, “But right now your brother needs you.”
I look down at him.  Forever.  For the first time in a long time I don’t feel so empty anymore.  For the first time in a long time I almost feel complete.




Walking away from Yas is the hardest thing I feel like I have to do.  Being escorted up the high tower that Genesis barricaded himself in was the next hardest thing.  There was no reason that Eden shouldn’t be more modernized with at least elevators.  The Vampires were an ancient race who lived forever.  This caused them to have a fucked up understanding of time.  Cellphones next to horse drawn carriages.  That was Eden in a nutshell.


Time worked completely strange in Eden.  Maybe that’s why it seemed to be taking so long for Justice to bring Gideon Bradley back.  I mean to talk to Genesis about this concept of time and how we could modernize Eden.  Now is a better time than not.  I was tired of feeling like we lived in medieval times.


When I get to the top of the stairs I see that it’s Walid standing right outside of the King’s quarters.


“What are you doing up here?”

“My brother asked to see me.”

“I’ve been trying to see Genesis for weeks now and he wants to see you?” Walid asks, “I demand to see him.”

It was almost laughable when I hear Walid attempting to demand anything from Genesis.  I was pretty sure this would make Genesis not want to do it even more.

“I’ll make sure to relay the message,” I state.


Walid was nothing more than a joke that never figured out it was funny.  Even now the guards who escorted me to the top of the staircase ignore his request.  I don’t think it ever really occurred to him that Genesis was the one who really pulled the strings around here.  He was acting like a spoiled brat more than anything.  Now he stands at the top of the stairs and just crosses his gigantic arms angered at the idea that he isn’t getting what he wanted like he was used to.


“Don’t walk away from me just yet.”

“Anything else?”

“What’s going on between you and Yas?” Walid asks.


For a minute I wonder if Walid had found out about our kiss.

“What do you mean?”

“I see how the two of you stare at each other,” Walid responds, “I want to know what’s going on between you two.”

“Aren’t you over him?” I ask at that moment, “You chose Genesis, didn’t you? So why are you so worried about him.”

Walid looks stupid at that moment.  He snarls, probably forgetting he isn’t in his wolf form and thinking he’s just a regular human.  I remember how stupid he made Yas look.  I remembered how heartbroken Yas was.  Not only was Yas betrayed by his lover but he was made to serve Walid and Walid’s new lover.  How embarrassing was that?  And he just took it.  For the good of Eden.  He just took that abuse.  I’m not sure if Yas would ever forgive Walid, but I wouldn’t.


I walk away from Walid, in a way that I would never walk away from Genesis.  I was itching for Gideon Bradley to come back and point out Walid as the traitor.  I was going to make sure I was PERSONALLY in charge of his execution when he was convicted of treason.


I walk into the room.


“Your husband swears he holds weight around here,” I state.


The tower room is dark.  It’s completely black.  I can’t see a thing in here.  I haven’t been up here.  Catalina has.  She’s told me that Genesis was acting weird but I never knew the extent of it.  Waking into this room I got the extent.


“Don’t let in the light,” Genesis states.


I close the door behind me, locking it shut.  I am unable to see anything for a few minutes but my eyes slowly adjust to the darkness.  I see a chair in the distance near a window.  The window overlooks Eden.  It’s one of the highest points in Eden.  You can see the beginning of the forest known as the Garden from here.  You can see miles and miles away through the busy city of Eden as witches, vampires and werewolves travel the streets and forest.


“Are you OK brother?” I ask.


I still don’t see him.  I don’t make out his face.

“This child…something’s wrong with it,” Genesis explains to me.


“It’s going to be OK Genesis.  You aren’t the first man in the coven to carry a child.  Remember Micko did it.  Magic is capable of great and unusual things.”

I’m trying to comfort him but I hadn’t been around when Ambassador Micko gave birth to his son Innocent.   MIcko had been the first witchdoctor to give birth but this was unnatural. Something so unnatural happening in the universe was definitely a sign of something bad happening.  I wasn’t a white witch but I can feel that something is wrong in this room.  I can’t read particles or see signs like they do but I knew something was wrong.


Genesis seemed to know as well.

His voice is deep.  It’s strained.  It’s hoarse.  He sounds so…sickly.


“It’s going to be the death of me if I’m not careful,” Genesis explains.


I try to give my brother strength.

“You’re always careful brother.”


“And you always are, except for today,” he explains, “I saw you in the gardens from this window.”

I didn’t think he could see to the ground from all the way up here.  This tower rivalled skyscrapers in Manhattan.  I somewhat get embarrassed at the idea.  I’d never really been into men.  Mostly just women.  There was something different about Yas.  And it wasn’t the fact that he was feminine.  He has a soft uniqueness to him.  He was domesticated.  He could make a man happy.  It made me happy to think about him.


“I like him.”

I have to admit it to Genesis.  After all the times I’ve had a crush on him I wonder if it’s even more than just liking at this point.  I feel like I might really care for him.  I might really even love Yas.


There is a pause.   I wonder if Genesis is disappointed in me.  Truth is, he isn’t just my brother anymore.  Genesis is my king.  And this chair that faces away from me in the room is like his throne.  He is judging me.  He’s judging every moment of it.


“End it,” Genesis states.



“End it.  You know why.”

I pause at that moment, “I still have time left.  Just a little time left.”

“Not anymore you don’t.  This baby is going to be the death of me if I’m not careful.  Like you stated.  I’m always careful.”

“Yes brother.”



“I love you.”

I leave the room.

I return to the gardens there after.  Yas is waiting for me.  He attempts to jump in my arms.  I push him away.  I can feel Genesis looking at me.

“We have to stop this before it starts,” I tell Yas.

Truthfully my heart was breaking saying this to him.  I didn’t’ want to be like Walid.  I didn’t want to be one more person hurting Yas.  But I had to.  I didn’t have a choice.


He looks confused.  He looks hurt.

“What are you talking about?” Yas asks.


“Being the weaker twin in my coven always meant more than just being a twin.  All my life I’ve lived for Genesis.  I was born for him.  I was born to make him stronger,” I explain to him, “The power of my family comes from a dark place.  It comes from sacrifice. I’ve done it before and I’ll have to do it again.”


“What are you saying to me?”

“I have to sacrifice myself to make Genesis stronger.”


As I stated before our magic came from a darker place.   Genesis was asking me without asking me to make a sacrifice.  It was part of the reason he was brought back alive.

As his twin, time and time again I was sacrificed so he could live longer.

So he could be stronger.


Without asking me, Genesis wanted me to do the sacrifice again.