Crushed Crown, Chapter 15



I used to think that nothing can beat a wolf. That is until I see the wrath of Armando attempting to save his son. The witches come fast.

All you hear is the deep voice of the vampire father looking over his shoulder, “All of you get back. Up against the wall.”


My heart is beating fast.

I can feel the heaviness of the moment when they come. The air seems to get more still. The walls begin to bleed. I’m not imagining this. The walls are actually bleeding. Everywhere around us it seems like space and time is being contorted. Nature itself is under attack. Witches are coming!

I begin changing into my wolf.

My back contorts. My ass tightens and shrinks but then it just stops. Everything just stops.

I’m panicking.

“I can’t transform,” I state.

“The witches must be doing something to stop you from transforming,” the boy named Aiden says.

We’ve been in the room about half an hour now. Aiden and Zeke are sitting up against the wall. They both look just as concerned as me that weird shit is happening all around us. It’s a threat. It’s a clear threat to let Genesis go. Genesis is laying on the bed. He’s completely passed out.


“I’m useless in this fight,” I tell them.

“I think we all are,” Aiden responds.

He points. I can see all of a sudden smoke seeping from underneath the door. More magic. More fuckery. It was clear they were trying to get us out. It was clear they were trying to have us run out of the hotel room.

Then I think that maybe that isn’t a bad idea.

“There is an army outside,” I state, “We can’t win.”


“What options do we have?” Aiden asks me.

I don’t know how I got in this situation. I’m so upset with Basil. He should have known better. He should have never put me in this situation to begin with. Now I was stuck in a room with god knows what sort of unnatural bullshit happening around all around me. This wasn’t exactly my plans.

“I did my part. I got Genesis to safety.”


Aiden looked at me, “What are you saying? You just leaving?”


I look down at Genesis. If they knew what I went through to get him here they wouldn’t be talking about this.


This whole time Armando has been quiet. He’s been standing there almost deep in thought. I’m not sure what the hell he was thinking about but I know it has to be something quite important.


“This isn’t my fight. I have no loyalty to Genesis.”


My brother hated him. My brother had a reason to hate him. Genesis was a man stealer. He wasn’t innocent. He wasn’t worth saving. So why were so many people risking their lives to do it? If the witches wanted to kill Genesis then they could have him as far as I was concerned. It didn’t even fucking matter.

Even if I wanted to fight I couldn’t. I was a wolf. By nature, I could defend myself. It’s different from fighting though. This is mental. These witches don’t fight fair. They are attacking us from a distance casting their spells from behind walls.

“You leave him…I’ll kill you,” a voice says.

I turn and notice who the voice is coming from. The threat is loud and clear. It’s the most obvious someone has ever really been with me about their intentions. It’s coming from Armando. He is looking at me over his shoulder. The way his eyes pierce into me I am pretty sure he is telling the truth when it comes to this.

That was when Armando jumps out the window. He leaps out the window, not even opening it but shattering it in his wake. The vampire soars down to the street. I run to the window, stepping over broken glass to see the figure of the attractive Spanish man running into the crowd of witches. M y heart is racing wondering if he had a death wish or something.


“What the fuck just happened?”


Aiden looks at me for a minute. He hesitates, “He’s crazy about his family. It’s his one redeeming quality.”

Nevermind that Armando just found out Genesis was his son a few minutes ago. Nevermind there was a small army of witches outside casting dangerous spells. None of that mattered at that moment in the mind of Armando.


I look over at Aiden. I think about leaving but then I remember Armando’s threat. I don’t know if I wanted to risk the wrath of a man who was willing to do what he just did.


“We can’t stay here. We got to keep moving,” I state.


“Going where?”


“Anywhere, while he distracts them.”


Aiden nods, “Stay behind me.”


It’s clear he is being brave. At first, I think it was just because he was motivated by Armando, but then I see how he looks at Zeke. He gives him this powerful stern look. I know the look. I’ve seen it before. Aiden runs out the door to clear the path for us.

Zeke helps put Genesis on my back. He’s a lot heavier in my human form than in my wolf form. At first, I wonder why Zeke doesn’t carry Genesis but then I take a longer look at him and realize something.

“You’re human.”


I don’t know how I couldn’t tell at first. He has a unique smell. Maybe I was just too distracted to realize it. We are headed out the door. Down the hall I see Aiden. His mouth is covered in blood. He has bitten into a witch who is at the end of the hallway. Zeke seems to notice. He looks weird at Aiden, probably not used to seeing how vampires attack.

“In a city full of monsters,” he states after seeing how Aiden’s mouth was bleeding.

I wonder if Aiden overhears it. I’m not sure. Aiden turns the corner and starts to descend the steps hoping to clear the way for us. Zeke and I are close behind.


“You’ll get used to it,” I promise him.

“Doubt it. I really don’t want to be involved in this shit.”


“You and I have something in common,” I respond, shaking my head, “Somehow it just seems like drama…I don’t know like drama…”


“Is delivered on your doorstep?” Zeke ask.

I laugh at that moment.



“Feel the same way.”


I smile at Zeke. He seems like a nice guy. It’s nice remembering the human world. It’s nice meeting a human. Not someone who can tell the future, or change into a wolf or live a million years. Zeke was just normal. Nothing special about this guy and for some reason I am finding myself able to relate to him. As we get to the staircase we both see Aiden.

Aiden has pounced on two nearby witches. The witches struggle to retreat to a safer ground but Aiden is quick. He disables them, tossing one into the wall and knocking the other out with a furious barrage of punches.

“He’s showing off for you,” I state, “Trust me. I know when a man is showing off…”


I don’t know for sure that Zeke is gay but I definitely know Aiden is gay. It’s not that he acts like it or anything but I’ve seen how sexually fluid the monsters of Eden were. It was obvious to tell he had an attraction by how he looked back. He could try to make it seem like he was checking to see if Genesis is OK but I know better. His eyes shoot over to Zeke. He’s trying to impress him.


“No, he’s not,” Zeke tells me.

Two seconds later Zeke lets out a scream. He does that because a bloody body of a witch is tossed right in front of his feet. The shock definitely seems to get to him.

“Sorry about that, Zeke,” Aiden says, “Don’t know my own strength sometimes.”


Aiden bites his lip when he says that. It’s the cutest fucking thing honestly. He takes off his shirt and throws it on the ground revealing his tight muscles. He’s not muscular, not shaped like a wolf. He has that slim vampire build. The six pack is there and popping. His chest is toned and tight. He’s not a body builder. He was shaped like a model honestly. But it’s clear why he’s taking off his shirt too.

Aiden runs away, quickly, not even on his legs but running down the railing on the staircase in this extra way.

“You were saying?” I ask.

“Ok. Ok. Maybe you have a point,” Zeke admits.

He blushes a little bit. Aiden was attractive. He had nothing to be ashamed about.

“You’re nervous.”


“He’s a…vampire…”


“Yeah, he is,” I tell him, “Is that so bad?”


He pauses.


Zeke looks nervous again, “My introduction to the supernatural world was seeing a restaurant full of innocent people massacred.”


I pause shaking my head, “Damn what kind of monster would do that?”


“A wolf?”


I shake my head, “Impossible. All the wolves were called into Eden by the Howl some time ago. Only ones that go back to the human world are blood runners. Them and maybe a high ranking…”


I pause.

A high ranking wolf.

Like an ambassador.

No. That was impossible. My brother Yas wouldn’t…

Would he?


“A high ranking what?”


“Never mind. Sure it’s a little bloody but this is Eden,” I respond to him, “Yes Aiden is a vampire. Yes, there is blood sometimes. That is sweet in his mind. You should give him a chance. Especially if he gets us out of this alive. When a man really likes you, he’ll do anything to protect you.”


“You sound like you know what you’re talking about.”


I think about it.


I think about him.


“I’m just hoping my man is OK,” I admit, “I just want to get back to him.”


Basil was out there. He was probably worried sick. I didn’t follow his instructions. I knew he wanted to keep me safe. That’s why he did what he did. But this was my time to keep him safe. This was my time to get involved if that meant making sure Basil stayed alive.

I feel an arm on my shoulder. It’s rare to see that from someone. Wolves weren’t really friendly. Vampires weren’t exactly loyal. And witches just stayed to themselves. Right now Zeke was giving me a human touch. A friendly touch.

“We’ll get you back to your man,” he promises me.

It probably doesn’t mean much to him but to me it means a million.



Just at that moment, I feel like he spoke too soon. We hear a small wail of pain at the bottom of the staircase. We run down as fast as we can to see that Aiden arm is on fire. Zeke quickly takes off his shirt to put the fire off. The exit door is burning down.

I can see Zeke quickly seeming worried about his state, “You OK?”


“I’ll be fine. I’m a vampire,” he tells Zeke.


That doesn’t mean that he can’t feel pain. I’d seen vampires die in the last war in Eden. They were invulnerable. Still he is putting on a brave face for Aiden’s sake.


“Help him out,” I tell Zeke.

Zeke doesn’t seem to complain when it comes to putting a sexy half naked vampire hunk over his shoulder. Aiden is clearly in a lot of pain and with Zeke helping him it seems that we are back to being completely defenseless.

I kick down the door to exit and see a flash of red.

I jump out of the way just in time.

I fall to the ground and Genesis collapses next to me. He’s still passed out. His condition looks like it’s getting worse. He’s in real need of medical attention.

“Surrender Genesis,” a group of voices start to chant.

In the distance, I see the group approach. They are all dressed in black hoods. They all have these sticks in their hands. They chant something and place the sticks out like an antenna. I close my eyes as I see the red spark form at the ends of their sticks. It’s magic. It’s elemental magic. I had rumors about it from August back in the Gardens. I remember him saying there were witches who could do this. And right now I realize where the smell of fire and smoke is coming from.

I close my eyes, ready to die.

And then I hear the sound of shouting. I open my eyes again and see Armando!


He flings himself through the air like a gymnast. He leaps from one witch to the other like a frog on lily pads. He never touches the ground. He knocks each of them on their asses and flips into the air to land on the ground with such a force that I think the brick streets cracks a little bit. My mind is blown when I see Armando stand up saving me and Genesis just in time from turning into roast.

“Get Genesis,” Armando says to me.

“I’m OK too,” I respond.

He looks over at me, “Get my son off the ground or I’ll rip your head off.”


I sigh. So much from the warm friendliness I was getting from Zeke. It was back to the reality of how people spoke to you in Eden.

I do as he says and go to Genesis. I start picking him up as Zeke and Aiden huddle near me but I can see Aiden looking into the distance. He has this glazed over look. A look that tells me that something isn’t right.

Then we hear footsteps.



A woman appears. She is a frail looking woman. She is pretty in her own way. She walks relatively slowly. I know I’ve seen her before. Maybe on TV. Maybe during the war. I’m not 100 percent sure of her name, however. Behind her is a wall of smoke and she emerges out of it. I can tell the smoke is only to conceal the other witches in the area. The smoke is so thick that I can barely see past it. The woman steps out of the smoke and approaches us. She doesn’t seem threatening but Armando knows better. He stands in fighting stance ready to attack her if she even looked at Genesis the wrong way.

“Armando, is it?”


“Headmistress Angelica, is it?” Armando responds.

“Our reputation proceeds us,” she explains, “I’ve heard you are a legendary fighter and respected among your people. I hold you in high regard. However, I come forward in hopes that we can stop this blood shed.”


“I agree. Walk away and there won’t be any more of it.”


There is a pause. The woman digs into her breast pocket underneath her robe and takes out a pair of framed glasses. She is slow and steadily places the glasses on the bridge of her nose. She accesses the situation a little bit. There are several men that have been taken down by Armando. All of them are alive but they are in bad condition. She seems to be very analytical as he takes this all in.

But then her eyes set on us. She looks at the condition Aiden is in. She looks at the condition Genesis is in.

“I don’t think you’re in the condition to make demands,” she analyzes out loud, “Fortunately for me, I am in the condition to make demands.”


“Is that right?”


“Behind that smoke is a wrath of the magic world. If you don’t hand Genesis over you will be destroyed in ways you couldn’t imagine.”


“So much for holding me in high regard.”


“If I didn’t respect you it would have happened already,” she explains to Armando, “We need Genesis.”


“For what?”


“That’s none of your concern.”


“Actually he is my son so that’s all my concern,” Armando responds, “And you can’t have him. You’ll have to kill me.”


The lines are drawn clear and thick.

Angelica shakes her head.


“A shame…”


Just at that moment, someone comes out of the smoke. It’s another girl dressed in a white robe. The girl whispers something into Angelica’s ear. I watch Angelica looking somewhat puzzled by what the girl tells her. I’m confused.

What did the girl say?


“Seems like help is on its way for Genesis?”


Zeke and I look at one another. We have no idea what Angelica is talking about.

“Help?” I ask.

She ignores me, “Tell King Walid that Genesis is a witch and needs to be handed over.”


I’m even more confused. What did that girl say about Walid that makes her think we would be in the position to tell King Walid anything?


Angelica turns and walks back into the smoke. She disappears behind the thick unnatural wall of black smoke. And then as though it was never there the smoke starts to fade away. And as the smoke fades away in a few seconds all of those witches that had come with the smoke fade away as well as though they were never there, to begin with.

It’s an incredible thing to see what the witches can do when they work together. It’s not only incredible but actually…a little frightening.

In a few minutes, we see what Angelica was talking about.


She had received a warning. There is the sound of horses. Horses and wolves.


“Who is it?” Zeke asks me.

I can see the gigantic man leading the attack. He is dressed in golden armor. He probably thought he was going to fight. I’m surprised he would want to come and protect Genesis. He seems shocked when he comes and realizes the witches are completely gone. They had gotten the warning that he was leading people this way.

Hundreds of soldiers descend on the stoned streets next to the hotel we are staying in.


I recognize them immediately.

“Walid and his army.”



Being in the palace I have to admit I feel like royalty. Walid gets me and the others rooms. Well, they aren’t just rooms. They are fucking suites really. He gets Genesis a doctor. I try not to act like I’m brand new to all this but it’s hard. I’ve lived in the wood for a long time. Far too long. I can still remember the feeling of seeing the Alaska woods for the first time. I didn’t need for anything back then.

I swear I could get used to it, even if it was just for a little while.

There is a knock on the door.


It’s Aiden.

“What’s up?”


“Walid asked us to go downstairs for dinner,” Aiden states.

“Not really hungry. Still enjoying the fact that I’m alive for a minute…”


“Well, I’m not either. Thing is that Zeke is. And he kind of likes you. Was kind of hoping you’d come along make him feel comfortable.”


I smile at the idea that Zeke wants me around and shrug in agreement. The truth is though I’m nervous being around Walid. I want to be as far away from all this as possible. None-the-less I follow Aiden to get Zeke and realize how he clings to me. It’s clear the guy desperately needs a friend. And honestly, whether I wanted to admit it or not, I needed one too. I just wasn’t sure of anything anymore with Basil and I being separated for so long. I needed someone I could rely on.


Instantly I regret it.

“What the hell is this?” Zeke asks.

I roll my eyes. I was very well aware of what was happening here. It was a goddam orgy. It became very clear that the wolves were in charge and it seemed like some of the royal court who weren’t wolves were quickly adapting to the wolf ways. All you see is dick, ass, titties and pussy everywhere you look. We all have clothes on and it becomes clear that we are the only ones dressed at that moment.

“Raw meat?” one of the attendants offers.

Zeke looks at the bloody thing and his face goes straight to purple, “I think I’m going to be sick.”


“Get used to it,” I warn him, “It only gets worse from here.”


Just as I say that, as though I was summoning him, the worst enters the room. Walid. He’s naked. He has a girl over his shoulder. He flings her on the nearby couch like a wet rag. Walid looks intimidating, to say the least. All you see is muscle. I mean body builder type frame with a slim waist, a chest that would make any man jealous and tattoos to cover it all. His arms are about the size of five of mine. He’s tall and domes over everyone else in the room.

Then there was his ligament.

The dick between his legs is almost like an arm. I hear Zeke gulp as he looks down. It’s not hard to miss the python of a penis walking up to us swinging from left to right. It was Walid’s pride and glory.

He stands entirely too close.


“I hope you all are happy here.”


Aiden seems a little nervous, “We are fine. Where are Armando and Genesis?”


“Genesis is healing. Armando refuses to leave his side,” Walid explains.

“Are the safe?” I ask.

Armando looks at me.

“Of course.”


“Are you sure?” I ask.

The truth is I don’t trust Walid. He would be crazy not to want Genesis dead. The fact that he saved us is just weird.

“May I speak with you in private?”


I look over at Zeke. Aiden has his arm over him, attending to him to help him not be so afraid.

Aiden nods, “I got him.”


He’s more than happy to say it. Luckily Zeke is so distracted that I am able to get away for a minute but I think I’m the one who’s in trouble when I see the look on Walid’s eyes.

Walid walks with me.

“I’m glad you’re OK,” he states.

“Are you?” I ask.

“You think I’m horrible, don’t you?” he asks me.

I saw how he treated my brother. I hated him for it.

“Where is my brother? Where’s Basil?” I ask.

“They are around here somewhere,” he responds, “Relax. You look nervous? What’s that sweat? Oh wow. I do make you nervous huh? I get it. You know what though? We weren’t always on bad terms. We used to get along. That’s why I wanted to talk to you. Genesis…may not make it.”


“You said he was safe.”


“He is safe, but he’s also dying,” Walid states, “If he doesn’t make it I’ll need a new King.”


“You’re going to do right by my brother?”


“Who was talking about Yas?”


That’s when Walid crosses the line! He grabs me, cupping me up against my ass. He presses me up against the wall at that moment. His tongue enters my mouth before I can stop it. I try to push Walid back but immediately I feel his dick hardening.

Before I know it, it becomes clear he is forcing himself on me. All I smell is liquor when he starts kissing me, touching me, putting his hands in places that no one has been but Basil.

“What the fuck is happening here?”


I turn at that moment and I see him. Basil. My boyfriend is down the hall.




“So this is why you didn’t come find me like I asked. This is what you’ve been doing?” Basil asks.


He looks at me. I look at him. I’m in shock. It looks really bad. I was his Beta. I should have listened to him when he told me to bring Genesis to him. I didn’t though. I defied him. And now I show up at the palace delivering Genesis to Walid. It looks bad. It all looks bad. But it isn’t what it looks like. I did it to protect Basil. It’s a long story. I’ve been through a journey and half trying to deliver Genesis to safety. From the two boys and the girl with the boyish haircut in the forest telling me to take Genesis to Armando, to the overpowered witch chasing me down, to the witches betraying Genesis. I’ve been through a lot.

And now I was up against a wall with a naked man with a dick that probably measured 13 inches up against me in an orgy filled the room where everyone was making love.

I’ve never been in a more compromising position in my life. I want to explain to Basil that he was forcing himself on me but I don’t get the chance.

Basil rips his clothes off and transforms into a wolf before I get a single word out.

And then he charges.

He charges at Walid!


I don’t know what’s going on but Walid smacks Basil back, thrusting the back of his hand across Basil’s muzzle. The force of Walid’s smack makes it clear who the more powerful wolf between the two is. Basil crashes up against the nearest wall, whimpers, and attempts to get back up. I almost want to stop him but I see he’s ready to charge again.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” a familiar voice says.

Just at that moment, Yas is there. He’s not alone. There are wolves with him. Palace guards. They surround King Walid, protecting him with all they have. I feel so bad as I look over at Basil. I can see a hurt in his eyes. It’s the kind of hurt you don’t heal from.

And as much as I want to have him wait so I can explain I know I don’t have it in me. I know he won’t leave unless I turn away. So I do it. I turn away from him.

I have no choice.

Even if it means that he’ll hate me, at least he would be alive. I do the only thing that would make Basil run to safety.

I grab Walid’s dick.

I hold it.

I claim it.

And I can feel Basil’s eyes on me as I hear the whimper of a dog. It’s at that moment I know that I’ve completely broken Basil’s heart.

Basil is outnumbered.

He turns and he runs.

“Hunt him down,” I hear Walid state, “He attacked me, your king. Tear him apart.”


The wolves rush through the hallways. I attempt to jump on one and pull him down if I can. Anything to protect Basil, but I am pulled away by Yas. Yas grabs me by the collar and takes me into a nearby room.

Before I know it I’m crying.

“He hates me.”


“He doesn’t hate you.”


“I saw Basil’s eyes. He hates me. When I became his Beta I PROMISED to die before I let another man touch me.”


“You are no longer his beta. He attacked the King. He’s a stray. He has no pack.”


I look at Yas. My brother isn’t even looking at me when he talks. It’s almost like he’s somewhere else or something. I feel so fucking hurt at that moment. Why the fuck is he doing this to Basil? He loved Basil for me. He had said it to me a million times.


“Walid is scum. Do you know why Basil attacked him?” I ask, “Walid tried to force himself on me.”


I expect Yas to be upset.

Instead, Yas has no reaction. His facial expressions don’t move. They stay completely still. He’s not surprised.

“I know…”


I pause.


“You know?” I ask, “YOU KNOW! YOU KNOW?”


“It was my idea,” Yas explained, “Genesis was all over the news. People saw you running. The witches chasing you down through the streets. I had to do what I had to do. I told Walid to rescue you both. I couldn’t risk you getting hurt even if that meant Genesis was dead.”


“It was you. You were behind Walid saving us.”


Yas nods, “Genesis is going to die soon anyway. I’ll make sure of it. Walid will need a new lover. He will need someone to sit on the throne with him.”


“What are you saying?”


“I’m not good enough for Walid,” Yas tells me, “I’ll always be his beta, but not his co-ruler. You are the only one I can trust to rule beside Walid. So I suggested you.”


I feel so betrayed at that moment. So fucking betrayed.

I smack Yas.


I smack him as hard as I can. I hope to smack some sense into him. He once loved Walid. Now he was responsible for ruining my relationship so that I can take his place next to Walid. The smack must hurt him. I hope it does. He doesn’t react to it though. He’s not even mad.

“Tonight Genesis is going to die. Tomorrow you will marry Walid and become his co-regent, whether you like it or not.”


“You’re a monster…”


It’s the first time I see it. It’s the first time I see my true brother. He sees me here with tears in my eyes crying over the fact that Basil’s heart was broken. He could care less.

“I’m doing this for you. I’m doing this for Walid,” he responds, “Forget Basil. It’s easier that way…”


There is a knock on the door.

Someone walks in. It’s Rhinegold.

“There’s a problem,” Rhinegold interrupts us.

“Not now,” Yas responds.



Seeing my brother talking to scum like Rhinegold shows just how low he has sunk. Rhinegold was nothing more than a lecherous Walid-wanna-be who always wanted to force people to respect him rather than taking the time out to really earn his stripes.

Yas gives into his co-conspirator, “What is it?”


“Armando won’t let anyone near Genesis. We can’t kill him.”


“Poison him.”


“He won’t let ANYONE even close to give him food or medicine,” Rhinegold panics.

“He’ll have to eat sometime. Just wait until he does and then poison them both,” Yas tells Rhinegold.

That’s when I feel a bit of Karma. I can see the panicked look in Rhinegold’s eyes before Yas does. There is a reason Armando isn’t letting anyone near Genesis. Aiden said that Armando would protect Genesis with his life. No matter what. Seeing how Armando fought I knew why Rhinegold was panicking.


Rhinegold announces it very clear, “Genesis is in labor. The baby is coming…”