City of the Zodiacs, Chapter 12

Chapter 12

“Wake up…”

I move.  My body is sore.  Every bone in my body feels like it’s broken.


A bucket of ice cold water is poured on me.  I jump up as fast as I can.  The water is chilling and hits my naked body like a brick wall.  I struggle to the side of the dark cell.  They haven’t given me food to eat for three days.  All they gave me was water and a bucket to use the bathroom that they emptied daily.  I had hoped after all the beatings my body would be numb to the pain.  I never got used to it completely, but the real pain wasn’t being in jail.  The real pain was knowing that Law was with this fucking psycho.

The Aquarian police bring up a chair.  I hate the Aquarians.  I always have. They sit the chair across from me.  They open the door.  I know what’s happening with this.  It’s Apollo.

“Ryder.  You look like shit,” Apollo says with a laugh, “It’s fitting for Aries though.  I didn’t get the whole handsome Aries thing.  You people are supposed to look like crap.”

“On my worst day I look better than you,” I explain to Apollo, “Ask your husband.”

I laugh at my own joke.  It gets underneath Apollo’s skin even though he puts on that cocky smile of his.  He has the most annoying sense of grandiose.  He really thinks he is the hottest thing walking.  He’s personally come to torment me every day that I’ve been in jail.  I know why.  Underneath that cocky smile and picture perfect exterior he was insecure inside.  Maybe that’s why he raped Law.

“Defiant as usual huh Aries?” he asks laughing, “You know what’s funny? Law doesn’t even talk about you anymore.  He’s forgotten all about you, yet you bring him up in every conversation we have.”

“I doubt it.”


I nod, “You can’t fake the love we have.  So save the bullshit.  Tell me why you’re really mad, police chief?  Tell me why you come in here more pissed off every day.   What’s the word for it?  Damn.  They used to say it back in the day.  What’s the phrase?  Is it blue balls?”

He gets up off his chair and swings the wooden chair right across my face.  I fall to the ground.  My body hits the floor hard.  I’m bleeding.  I lay there for a minute.  I barely have the energy to fight back.  The best I did was tackle Apollo one day after his attacks.  The guards beat my ass for 3 hours straight.  I won’t give him the satisfaction to stay on the floor though.  After he hits me I manage to get back on my knees.  I sit on my knees, bleeding and all.  I want him to see I’m not fazed by him.

I want him to see my big dick.  I want him to see the big dick that I had in his husband that his husband probably has been thinking about every day that they forced Law and I to get a divorce.

He notices.  It pisses him off.

“I can do this forever you know?” Apollo states, “I don’t ever have to give you a trial with the Libras.  You aren’t even in the system.  I’m just holding you here.  See I run things in this city.”

The fact that they aren’t giving me a trial means that they don’t have a reason to hold me.  Maybe I fucked up Whistler’s circuits when I punched her in her face.  Maybe the breathing robot bitch didn’t have enough information to keep me locked up.   In this system proof didn’t matter.  None of that kind of stuff mattered.

I laugh, “Is that what the High Liberty told you?”

Apollo was an idiot if he thought he was the ultimate power in this city.  The High Liberty made Law feel like he was important too.  Truth was Apollo was on Simeon’s kill list at one point.  I had seen it.  The High Liberty only took him off when he realized Apollo was a loyal whipping boy.

Apollo’s cocky smile gets wider, more irritating, “That’s what I know.  You’re not shit, Ryder.  You were born a sewer ram.  You will die a sewer ram.  And no one will care that you’re gone.”

He was lying.  I turn away.  Law would notice.  Law would care.  Apollo wanted to hold me because he knew that nothing would keep me away from Law once I got out of here.  In his own sick way I think Apollo loved Law.  He was a sociopath who was given everything in life so his love had turned somewhat violent and crazed but I think his feelings for Law were deep.  He probably thought they were deeper than mine.  He might have known Law all his life.  He might have thought they were always going to be matched.  The truth was I knew better though.  Law belonged to me and sometimes I think Apollo knows it.

There is a knock on the cell door.

It’s one of Apollo’s officers.  He has this urgent look on his face.

“Sir may I speak to you?”

“Don’t disturb me.”

“The High Liberty called the station sir.  It’s important,” he stated.

“I’m busy.”

“Sir.  It’s the High Liberty.”

I smile.  Apollo and I look at one another.  Whether Apollo wanted to believe it or not he wasn’t anything else but a slave to the system.  That provided a real opening.  There was a small crack on the Zodiac facade and I think that crack was named Apollo.  His pride was going to be his downfall.

“You might want to take that.  Your boss is calling,” I state.

Apollo is resistant.  Maybe it’s the Aquarian pride or sense of entitlement.  He still doesn’t move out of the seat.  I have to give it to him.  He has balls.

Apollo turns to his officer, “What the fuck does he want?  I’m busy…”

“He wants the Aries released.”

Apollo’s eyes get wide.  He’s shocked.  Hell I’m shocked too.  Unless there were other Aries in these prisons which probably was the case since the majority of us were some real fucking lawbreakers then they were talking about releasing me.

“You’re joking,” Apollo looks at the officer.

“He wants him released.  Immediately.”

Apollo all of a sudden seems ready to take the call and he looks PISSED.  He looks at the officer.  He looks back at me.  He looks at the officer again.  He pushes the officer so hard the officer falls on the ground.  Apollo storms out probably to go argue with the High Liberty on the phone.

Apollo doesn’t return.

His friend Aeron comes and right when officer Aeron arrives I knew who won the argument between Apollo and the High Liberty.

Aeron throws clothes on me and a towel, “Clean yourself up.  You’re being released.”

It takes forever to get released and I don’t see Apollo.  He’s avoiding me.  I know he’s probably in some office steaming somewhere.  It’s weird that they treat my injuries as well before I leave.  It’s almost like they are trying to make me seem presentable.  I’m confused on why though.  It isn’t until I am taken out into the office that I notice something really weird is going on.  The clothes that they gave me are nicer than you would have given some regular prisoner.

They walk me out of the jail.  My eyes are so sensitive that it takes some time to adjust but when I see who is waiting for me I’m confused as hell.
I look over to Officer Aeron.  He’s a lot nicer than Apollo even though he does it in secret.  He was the only reason I got water when I was in my cell.  He definitely wasn’t some nun or something but at least he wasn’t a monster like Apollo.

Maybe that’s why I feel comfortable asking him, “What’s happening?”

“You’ve been re-matched…”

I turn to see who I’ve been re-matched to.  It’s confusing.  I don’t get it.  She is standing there looking at me.  Yes.  She.  How the hell was I re-matched to a woman?  I was gay.  This system was all types of weird and confusing.

Especially when I realize which woman I’m matched to.

She seems PISSED!

“Are you coming or not?” she asks me.

I realize my new wife is none other than Lloyd’s friend/enemy Loreal…


I am taken to Loreal’s apartment after the most awkward marriage ceremony ever.   She is quiet the whole time.  I think she is thinking about killing herself or maybe even me.

Loreal’s apartment is similar to Law’s.  All my stuff is moved there.  It doesn’t have multiple bedrooms though.  It’s only the one.  It’s making this even more awkward.  Why would the High Liberty want me released?  Why would I be matched with Loreal?  Was he trying to get under Law’s skin by doing this?  The rivalry between Loreal and Law was definitely something clear.  If the High Liberty thought I was going to fall for Loreal to spite Law then he definitely had something else coming.

She is grossed out by me.  Maybe it’s the bruises that they tried to clean up.  Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m an Aries.  Loreal has turned to alcohol as soon as we get back in the house.   I walk out of the bedroom we share to see her in the kitchen drinking warm dark liquor straight up.  Her eyes narrow on me.

Then I realize why she’s so upset.

“Aren’t you like a construction worker?” she asks with this pissed off face, “Do you have any money at all?”

“Broke as a joke.”

She has been crying.  I can tell by Loreal’s red eyes.  Her hands are shaking.  I guess the idea of being married to an Aries with no money is really her worst nightmare.

“What did I do to deserve this?” she ask herself out loud.

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or feel completely entertained.  It’s not every day you see a high and mighty Libra scramble at the pains of life.  Her apartment was perfect.  She was probably the prettiest girl I’d ever seen in my life.  Literally.  Law and all his friends looked like they were just born gorgeous for whatever reason.  Her hair was long, silky and healthy.  Her long white nails probably never had dirt underneath them.  Her skin was smooth.  She didn’t have a single stress line or wrinkle.  She never struggled in her life.  Right now was probably the most she’s ever been upset over something. There were people starving in the slums and she was upset over this.

“You’re collateral damage,” I tell Loreal.

“What?” Loreal asks me.

Her eyes are full with tears when she looks up at me.

“Nothing,” I respond, “How’s Law? Have you seen him?”

I wish I could care about her tears but right now I’ve been blowing up Law’s phones.  He’s not answering.  I start blowing up my friend Corey’s phone as well.  Corey is working for Apollo.  I told him to watch over Law and make sure that he’s OK.  I hate the fact that I’m not able to get in touch with anyone right now.  Some horrible thoughts are running through my head.

What if Apollo did something to Law?

She shrugs, “Do I look like I give a fuck about Law?  He’s been MIA.  He hasn’t even been showing up for work.  Who else gets away with that but Law?  We are all mourning over Lloyd.  We don’t get to stay home.  He gets EVERYTHING he wants.”

My heart is racing.  I’m scared to death.

“Where is he?”

“I don’t give a fuck.”

“LOOK!”  I say getting loud at her before calming down a little bit, “Can you just please see if he’s OK?”

Loreal takes a few steps back.  I don’t know what she heard about Aries. Maybe she heard that we were violent and she thinks I’m going to hurt her or something.

“He’s fine.  He’s with his husband where he belongs.  Why does he get to marry Apollo while I’m stuck with his LEFTOVER Aries?  Why?  WHY!”

I’m a little relieved.  At least Law was OK.  Loreal is freaking out though.  She was devastated. She really was.  I never in my life got called someone’s leftovers before.

“Weren’t you married to a Gemini or something?”

“The Zodiac Killer killed my husband,” she tells me.


Why would Simeon kill her husband?

I try at that moment to be nice.  I know not to approach her because she’s so scared of me but I try to make my voice softer.  Loreal was the typical Libra but right now she was the only way for me to check in on Law.  I could at least try to be nice to her.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I explain to her, “This system.  It’s not fair.  I’m sure he was a good person.”

She raises her eyebrows at that moment, “He was a horrible person.  He was a sleazy two faced Gemini.  That wasn’t the point.  He had money.  So I’m pissed.  I was happy.  I had everything I wanted and now I’m here.  Besides what does his murder have to do with the system?  The Zodiac Killer did this!  Fair?  What are you even talking about?”

She had no idea.  She had no idea that Simeon was taking out people that the High Liberty wanted him gone.  I just needed to find out why the High Liberty wanted her husband gone.  I had to reach out to Simeon.

That was something I just didn’t want to do…but I had to.

“You’re right,” I state, “This is a fucked up situation but I’ll sleep on the floor.  I’ll stay out of your way.  Maybe we can apply for a divorce.”

“It won’t be granted,” she responds, “Trust me.  I tried.  But don’t get on my bad side Aries.  I play a really good widow.”

Was she threatening me?


The next morning I wake up.  I go out for my morning run and get back at the house.  I get home dripping in sweat.  I’m so stressed out honestly and the run is the only thing that takes my mind off of it.  I remember running with Law.  I remember jumping in the man-made lake with him.  I miss him so fucking much but he isn’t returning my calls.

I’m staring at my phone.  Maybe Apollo forced Law to change his number.  Maybe I’m just overreacting.  I’m just scared to death.  What if something happened to him?  I just have the weird feeling that he is in danger.

“Can you not do that?”

I turn and notice Loreal.  She’s standing there with this sundress on.  She looks me up and down.  I know the look.  She’s attracted to me.  Girls like her will never admit it though but she’s staring at my body.

“Do what?”

“Come in here shirtless and sweating,” she responds, “This isn’t some type of sex show.  And it wouldn’t hurt to wear some underwear.”

I have no idea what she’s talking about until I stare down and notice I have a little print in my sweatpants.

“I have underwear on.  My dick’s just a little big so it doesn’t matter.”

I say it with a straight face but really I want to watch her squirm and she does it better than any Libra.  She squirms in her seat crossing her legs a little bit.  I make my chest muscles jump a few times and she responds by hopping up.  I can tell she’s uncomfortable because she doesn’t even look my way again.  It’s clear that I’m getting under her skin and I’m loving every moment of it.

“Please go take a shower,” she says, “I’m leaving.  I’m going to go shopping for a party the High Liberty is throwing at the end of the week.  And no.  You’re not invited.”

“How devastating,” I respond with sarcasm.

She rolls her eyes and leaves the apartment.  As I walk past the seat she was sitting on I notice it was dripping wet.  I can’t do anything but laugh at that point.  She was definitely attracted to me. These Libras definitely loved to ignore the reality of situations.  It makes me think about Law.  I guess with him I was the one who was ignoring the situation.  I had always been attracted to him.  I didn’t want to get close to him because I was using him to go against the Zodiac system but my feelings got so strong.

I head in the shower.  I’m still thinking about Law.

The warm water cascades over my muscles.  It drips down my tight arms and over the cuts and bruises.  I don’t mind them. They give me character.  Back home they stated that if your Aries man didn’t have cuts and bruises then he really wasn’t a man.  Law seemed to love how rough I was.  And I loved how soft he was.

Damn…why was I missing him so much?

I start rubbing the soap over my stone chest.  I make my way to my abdomen and to my dick.  I’m shocked when I notice I’m rock hard.  It’s the thoughts of Law.  I grab the shaft of my dick and close my eyes.  I imagine Law there.

I imagine him coming in the bathroom.  I imagine him undressing.  He does it so slow.  His body is so perfect.  In my mind Law walks into the shower with me.  He stands behind me.  He’s kissing me slowly down my muscular back.  He rubs up against my ass teasing my asshole with his dick.  I’d let him fuck me if he wanted but what I really wanted to do was turn him around and pound the fuck out of him.  I jerk my dick harder.  He helps me.  He plays with the precum in his fingertips.  As he jerks me off, pressed up behind me I use both of my hands to circle him from my back.  I grab onto his ass and press him up harder against my back.  Law’s isn’t a slim guy.  He’s thick and I really enjoy how his ass fits perfectly in my hands. I squeeze them.

I circle around.  I play with the hole.

He lets out a moan.

“Damn baby…”

That’s when I snap out of it!  I’m not alone!

I turn around and realize that I really am fingering someone’s asshole.  It’s not Law though.  It’s Simeon! My finger is deep in his asshole.  He’s moaning loudly.  I step away from him and lean up against the shower wall.  My dick is still hard when I do it.

“Simeon what the fuck are you doing in here?” I ask him.

“Thought it was someone else?” he asks.

“I thought it was my fucking husband!” I respond, “You can’t just come onto me like that anymore! We had this discussion when I married my husband.”

“You mean your ex-husband?” he asks.

Fuck.  He was so right.  The fantasy with Law felt so real that I honestly forgot about the fact that we were no longer still married.  The reality hits me harder than I want it to.

“Doesn’t matter,” I respond to him, “I’m still in love with Law.”

Simeon doesn’t take no for an answer.  That’s not really the type of person he is.  I know Simeon.  Simeon lives every day like it’s his last.  That’s probably because there is always a chance it might be.  As the Zodiac Killer he had to kill for the High Liberty but he knew that sooner or later he would fail the High Liberty and the High Liberty would kill him.  Maybe that’s why he is as aggressive as he is.

Simeon takes a few steps towards me.  His body is tight.  He’s a lot slimmer than Law.  He’s shaped like a model.  His butt isn’t as plump.  He has a smaller, tighter, harder more athletic butt.   He has these dark features that I have to admit are attractive.  His dark eyes have all this pain and history behind them that a lot of other Scorpios have.

“He’s married to that Aquarius police chief.”

“I know that.  He was forced to.”

“He doesn’t act like it.”

“What do you mean?” I ask Simeon, “Have you seen Law lately?”

Simeon gets close to me.  He presses me up against the shower stall.  I try to avoid him and slide away using the wall.  Like a lion he keeps his eyes trained on me.  He’s a difficult one.  I have to admit it.  If it weren’t for Law I would probably fuck the shit out of Simeon all over this bathroom, but truth was I still felt like I loved Law.  I felt like it would be cheating if I did something like that.

“Yeah.  He was fucking Apollo.”


My heart is racing.  My mind is doing backflips.  I’m beyond pissed and jealous right now.  The idea of Apollo touching Law was driving me crazy.

“They were having sex.  Law seemed to love it.”


“He was moaning when I saw them…” Simeon says, “Why the loyalty to him?  He doesn’t have loyalty to you.  You should just let me take care of you.”

Simeon turns his back towards me.  He bends over at that moment squatting his ass up against my dick.  Fuck.  It feels so good.  He backs up a little bit.  I can feel my dick slowly playing around his asshole.  He bends over more.  We both let out a moan when my dick slowly gets into him.  It feels so good!  Simeon is so tight and he must know it.  He tightens his ass muscles around my dick.  He pushes back, taking my whole dick into him.

Every part of my body just wants to start thrusting back fucking him long and hard.  I thrust forward into his prostate feeling how tight it is one time but I realize I can’t do this.  I push him off of me with the thrust pulling my dick out of him.

I step out of the shower hard and pissed off, “I said I can’t do this.  I’m not going to listen to your fucking lies.  We both know Law didn’t have sex with Apollo.”

Simeon follows me out of the tub.  He shrugs, “It was worth the try.”

“You think this is a joke Simeon? Do you take anything serious?” I ask Simeon, “I love that boy and you’re over here lying about him.”

“I’m a ticking time bomb who has to take out people out before I explode myself,” Simeon states, “I stopped taking my life serious a long time ago.”

It’s kind of sad seeing how things are with Simeon.  Truthfully I feel bad for him.  I know that the system cheated him probably the most.  He can’t even live a normal life because he was born a Scorpio.  He wasn’t just a killer for the Zodiac System.  He was the scapegoat.

“I’m sorry,” I respond, wrapping a towel around him, “I’m sorry things have been like this for you.  I really am.”

Simeon leans against the vanity.  He looks at me so long that I get uncomfortable and look away.  I know what he wants.  He wants me to love him.  He wants me to love him like I love Law.  A part of me wanted to do that at one point in my life but not anymore.  As soon as Simeon stopped caring about life and started getting numb to killing people I knew that I couldn’t love him.

“When I first met you I was innocent,” Simeon stated, “Silas was the Zodiac Killer then.  I always knew it was going to happen though.  One day it was going to be me.  One day I was going to have to take up the mantle and do the High Liberty’s dirty work.  The only hope was you.  When you approached me.  You said that you would get me out of this.  You said you would help me.”

Simeon has that Scorpio intensity that everyone knows about.

“I meant it.  I’ll help you.”

“All you seem to care about helping is that fucking Libra!” Simeon says, “You really feel bad for that dude?  I don’t.  I’ve seen how he lives.  Maybe I lied about the sex but I did see him.  He lives in a mansion.  He has servants.  Even if he dies tomorrow he lives a better life than you or I ever did.  I’m not crying him a river.”

“You did see him?”

“I have to keep track of my future targets,” Simeon states.

“He’s still on the list?”

Simeon nods, “Of course.”

Fuck.  That meant that the High Liberty still didn’t trust Law.  The fact that Law was married to Apollo and the High Liberty still didn’t trust him bothered me.

I shake my head, “Simeon.  We had a plan.  We’d make Law the High Liberty.  You can’t kill him.  You can’t.”

“Relax.  He’s not high on the list.  Not yet at least,” Simeon tells me, “That’s all you care about, though.  I know it.  When will it be his turn?  If it was up to me I’d put him out of his misery right fucking now.  I’d kill Law RIGHT NOW!”

I’m pissed.  I grab Simeon by his throat.  I slam him up against the mirror.  I slam him so hard up against the mirror that it shatters.  Simeon tries to fight back but I’m strong.  More than being strong I am pissed off.  He was threatening Law.  I wasn’t going to take that lightly.

“I’m not playing with you, Simeon.  You aren’t ever touching him.”

“I don’t have a choice.  Stop.  You’re hurting me.”

I keep him pressed against the mirror.  Him threatening Law is definitely something that I’m not taking lightly.

“We have a plan.  We are sticking with it.”

“You would hurt me because of him?  A Libra?”

I release him.  I let him fall to the ground.  Simeon is shocked as he grabs onto his neck and gasps to breathe.

“Law isn’t just a Libra to me.  I don’t want to hurt you Simeon.  We are still on the same team.  I’ll find a way to stop the High Liberty.  We’ll all walk away from this in one piece.  I need you to stay the course and let me know if the High Liberty puts Law on the top of his list.”

I had to keep Simeon close to keep Law safe.

Simeon looks pissed, “Fine. I’m leaving.”


I grab him.


He probably thinks I’m going to apologize for threatening him.  I don’t.  I don’t want to take it back either.  I want Simeon to know that he needs to stay the course.  He was becoming a problem.  He was become a real threat to Law.  I knew originally it wasn’t his fault but he isn’t exactly helping the situation either.

“There was a Gemini that you killed not too long ago for the High Liberty.  Why?”

“Why should I tell you?” Simeon asks.

“Simeon.  Please.”

Simeon is reluctant.  He is still pissed and in his feelings but I think he has a weak spot for me because he sighs and tells me.

“He was raising money for Apollo.”

Simeon always comes through.  A part of me sees that maybe he is a good person.  I want to help him.  I really do.  A part of me knows that he wants more.  He wants me to focus everything on him and just abandon Law.  I care about Simeon.  I have to admit it.  Maybe in some ways I love him, but I’m not in love with him.

But I wonder.  If Law wasn’t in the picture could I have allowed myself to fall in love with Simeon?

“Why does this matter Simeon?”

“Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you.”

“Simeon I have no times for these games.”

“This isn’t a game to me.  Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you.  Give me a kiss or I’ll walk away right now.  What are you scared of?  If you are so in love with Law then it shouldn’t matter.  It’s just a kiss.”

I hesitate.

Fuck.  I needed this information.

I walk over to Simeon.  I grab him.  I kiss him.  I kiss him with closed mouth at first but Simeon opens his mouth.  He puts his tongue in my mouth.  Our tongues swirl together.  As he kisses me he squeezes on my chest.  My heart is racing.  I hate the fact that my heart is racing.  I hate the fact that I am enjoying this kiss more than I should.

I’m getting more confused by my relationship with Simeon.  I’m getting so confused about what the feelings that I have for him are.

Were these fireworks?

Could I have real feelings for Simeon?

“Tell me you don’t feel anything after that?” Simeon asks me.

Did he feel it too?

I sigh shaking my head and change the subject, “I did what you wanted. Now answer my question.  Why does the High Liberty care if Loreal’s ex-husband was raising money for Apollo?”

Simeon sighs.

“I shouldn’t know this but I do.  The High Liberty is getting more and more paranoid.  He thinks Apollo wanting to marry Law was more than just for love.  He thinks that the Geminis have aligned themselves with Apollo.  He thinks Apollo’s marriage was more political than anything.  He believes Apollo wants power for himself.  Apollo might be planning on taking over the city and replacing the High Liberty with Law.”

There it was!  The cracks!

There was cracks in their glass ceiling over their perfect Utopian city.

So many cracks.

And soon I was going to make sure all those cracks caused the system to come crashing down.