Accidentally, On Purpose, Chapter 12

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Final Chapter


“What are you reading?”

Karma is sitting on my bed reading something. I just got out of the shower and I have nothing but a towel over my waist.

“I stole it from the Red room when we broke GQ and Sire out,” he tells me.

“Maybe it’s one of Dr. Pine’s notes.”

“I’m sure it is.”

“What’s it say?”

He shrugs, “I don’t know. Seems coded. Some strange language.”

“You think it could be alien?” I ask him.

He laughs at the thought, “It sure the hell isn’t English. Pine and his people must use this to communicate. You know what? Last time I saw Henry he had a notebook that looked just like this. He seemed to understand what it had in it. I wish I could remember what he said.”

I shrug, “Henry had to be trying to warn you, about Pine.”

He nods, “You’re right.”

I watch how he looks at me. He’s staring at my nude body and I can feel him measuring me up. I’m not as big as either GQ or Sire, but I’m glad my body is tight. It comes from years of track and field. I’ve never been so proud that I had an excellent six pack before. It seems to catch his attention and he looks up at me and he blushes a little bit. It’s the cutest fucking thing.

I walk over to my drawer. He looks over at me. Damn. He’s beautiful, to say the least. The way the moon just hits his face makes me smile. He has this perfect ease to him. The more I think about it the more my heart just turns. I can’t believe I feel like this for anyone.

“You can have the bed. I’ll use a blow-up mattress,” I tell him.

If this boy only knew he could get anything he wanted from me. I wonder what’s on his mind as I see him staring at me. I can’t help myself but adjust my towel. I bring it just a little bit lower to show off my deep V-section a little bit. I give a hint of pubic hair. I trimmed in the shower. I’m hoping he notices but when I turn around he’s looking at the wall. He seems so nervous.

“Thank you,” he responds.

His stare lingers on the wall. Something is on his mind. I can definitely tell.

I walk over to him. I lift up his chin with my finger. We stare into each other’s eyes. His eyes are so deep that I can stare into those eyes of his for an entire lifetime and not get bored. Damn…I’m falling for this guy.

“What’s wrong?”

“Just thinking about GQ and Sire.”

My heart drops.

“You miss them?”

“Yeah but not in that way,” he tells me, “I’m sure they are going to hit it off…”

I have to admit I feel relief knowing that he doesn’t look at them in that way. The truth is I had no idea that GQ and Sire were attracted to each other until we caught them in the Red Room. They weren’t only naked together. They were being intimate. It’s such a weird concept, but I have to admit it makes sense. They always had this tension between them. I never really understood it. Why couldn’t they just get along? Now it’s clear. Sire felt some type of way about GQ having sex with everyone while GQ felt jealousy over Sire always attempting to fall in love and start a new relationship. I never understood why back then but now it was very clear. They liked each other. If I had known that was all it took to get take away the attention they were giving Karma, I would have hooked them up a long time ago. I know it sounds selfish but with Karma, I want to be selfish.

I want him all for myself.

“What are you concerned about?”

“I’m not allowed to have something on my mind?” He asks me.

“Tomorrow’s my birthday,” I tell him, “At 12 pm in just 20 minutes I’m going to be 18 years old. So no. I don’t want you to help me bring in my birthday in a bad mood. Tell me what’s wrong. Why are you thinking about GQ and Sire.”

It sucks that I have to pull the birthday card on Karma, but I have to admit that it works. I watch how his voice changes at that moment.

“I just hope they are OK. Hell, I hope we are Ok. Are we safe?”

“I’ll keep you safe.”

The words just come out without me even thinking. I have been waiting so long to have this moment alone with him.

“You don’t look like the type of person to keep someone safe.”

I have to admit I’m taken back when he says that to me. I don’t expect it at all. I don’t blame him though. I’m not super sexual and passionate like GQ nor am I sensitive and romantic like Sire. I don’t let people close. I don’t trust in people. That’s always been my thing. That’s always been why it’s been so hard to find love.

“Do you think I’m a bad person?” I ask him.

“What makes me the expert in what makes a bad person?” he asks me.

“I just care about what you think?”

“The same way you cared about what Henry thought?”

We pause.

“Why’d you have to bring him up?”

He gets up off the bed. He walks around a little bit, “You said you were in love with my brother. I don’t know. It just makes me think. You probably knew him more than anyone. I wonder what it was that made you fall in love with him.”

“I don’t know. There was just something different about him,” I admit, “You have the same thing. This weird difference about you. That was then though. This is now. Now I want you. I’m not going to make the same mistake I made with Henry with you. I’m not going to hide how I feel. Honestly, I want you.”

“You don’t know me.”

“Then let me in. Let me get close. Let me know you.”

He pauses. I swear I’m looking at him and my heart sinks in my chest. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. I’ve never wanted someone to like me so much.

He is contemplating it. He gets up. I’m so sure that I’ve made him uncomfortable. Fuck! He walks towards the door. He’s leaving. I almost run after him but I stop. I don’t want to scare him. He keeps walking towards the door.


I ruined things with him! How could I be so stupid? I should have given it time. I should have given him space. I should have let him know things would just take time.

“Wait please…wait…”

He doesn’t wait. He gets to the door but he doesn’t walk out. Instead of walking out he closes the door. He locks it. Slowly he walks back over to me.

He walks over to me and kisses me. His lips are so soft at that moment. I’m shocked when it happens. I’m shocked when I feel his lips on mine. I suck at them. I feel my heart racing up against his heart. It seems like my heart is going abnormally fast.

Is it normal to be this excited?

“Your lips are so soft,” I admit to him.

“You want me…take me,” I tell him.

“Are you sure? Have you ever gone this far?”

“No…I want to have my first orgasm with you,” he tells me.

That’s all I need to hear. I throw him on the bed at that moment. I start kissing him. My dick gets hard almost immediately. There is a shiver that spreads all throughout my body. I’ve never been so excited. My heart keeps beating. It feels like something is wrong but at this moment I can’t stop myself. It’s like my sexuality has completely taken over.

I kiss him from his head to his toes. Soon I start rolling my tongue up against his sides. He giggles in anticipation. His little body underneath me curls up in a submissive position after I slowly strip him out of all his clothes.

I look at him for a minute.

Eagerly I reach over and start to touch him. My body ravages all over him. I can’t get enough. My dick is spilling with precum so much so that it soaks the sheets completely. Luckily he doesn’t mind though. His own dick is hard and I don’t hesitate to put it in my mouth as my hands go all over his body. I suck him, feeling his warm meat in between my lips and his salty precum on my tongue. My tongue laps all of it up.

“Damn…for someone who doesn’t like to be touched, you are damn good at touching,” he tells me.

My heart is racing. It’s going so fast. So fucking fast.

I watch as he turns around, “It’s 12. You ready to open your birthday present?”

I was so ready. He had no idea. I watch as his asshole winks at me. My dick is throbbing. I wonder if I’m imagining it but it seems to have grown a few inches from what I normally have. The veins are popping on my penis.

I don’t hesitate to put it in him. I don’t require lube. My dick is damn near leaking at this point with precum. Hell, you would think it’s regular cum by how it’s leaking. I’ve had sex before but this was different. Something was off. It’s like my body couldn’t ease off of Karma.

I begin fucking him. I’m thrusting forward slamming into his hole. I watch him squirm underneath me. Within seconds I’m fucking the SHIT out of him. I watch him moan. He’s pulling at the sheets. There is a little blood but I don’t care. It feels so good. This is better than anything I’ve ever felt before. My entire body is glowing.

“Fuck what’s happening?” I ask.

“I don’t know…don’t stop…it feels so good.”

In increase my speed. I grab onto his hips. I fuck him doggy style on the bed. The warmth of his ass is something that I can’t control.

“Fuck I’m cumming…”

“Wait…not yet…not yet.”

I can’t help myself. I cum inside of him. I am almost embarrassed when I do it. I can see him attempt to pull out but for some reason I don’t let him. For some reason I hold him in. I’m still going. My dick is still hard.

“I want more,” I tell him.

I keep thrusting. I’ve had an orgasm but I don’t skip a beat. He looks back at me completely surprised. I lift him up so that his back is up against my abdomen. I turn his head and shove my tongue down his throat. We kiss for what seems like forever. I begin stroking his dick as I stroke his hole. He’s surprised at my stamina. Hell. I’m surprised at my stamina. I’ve never been able to just keep going again.

“I’m going to cum again,” I tell him.

“Me too,” he warns.

I feel him cum. I feel his body spasm. I cum as well inside of him. We do it at the same time while kissing. It’s the most romantic thing that I’ve ever felt.

He laps back down into doggie position as I deliver the last of my nut inside of him.

“Damn that was awesome. Pull out, baby. I can’t take anymore.”

He calls me baby.

I can’t help but smile as I start pulling out but right when I get the tip to come out I slam right back in. It’s almost as though my body ignores me pulling out. It’s almost like I can’t stop fucking him. What the fuck is wrong with me? What the fuck is happening to me.

“Damn I’m still horny…”

“Well give me like 30 minutes and we can go again.”

I try to stop again. I try to pull myself out of him but I can’t. As soon as I get my tip almost out of his ass, I thrust forward harder than before and begin pinning him to the bed. My hips bounce in and out of him. I can feel him squirm a little bit. It’s hurting him. It’s clear as day that it’s hurting him but for some reason, I can’t stop even though I want to.

“What are you doing?” he asks me.

He looks confused, but he isn’t confused as me. It’s as though my dick has a mind of it’s own. It won’t stop. I look down and notice that I see a little bit of blood.

I can’t fucking stop.


“Get off of me,” he tells me.

“I’m trying.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he asks me, “GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!”

I panic at that moment. I throw myself out of him. I literally throw myself on the ground. There is a pain in my head at that moment. It’s this aching pain. It’s this headache I’ve never felt. My dick is still hard. It’s still gushing precum. My body wants nothing more than to dive back into Karma, but I have to stop myself.

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s OK,” he tells me, “What’s happening to you? Are you OK?”

“One second.”

I run into the bathroom at that moment. I lock myself in the bathroom as quick as I can. My head is aching so badly. Something is happening to me. I’m not sure what it is. I feel so..heavy. I feel so heavy and I feel so horny. I go to the mirror.

I’m shocked at what I see.


Karma looks over at the bathroom door. Something is wrong with Imani. He’s not exactly sure what it is but he knows something’s really wrong with him.

“Hey are you OK, Imani?” he asks.

“Just give me a second, OK?”

“Sure. I’ll just go uh…find something to do,” Karma responds to him.

Karma walks over to the bed again. He’s completely naked. He is so confused. Something is really wrong with Imani. He isn’t sure what it is. He just walks over the bed and picks up Pine’s notebook that he stole from the Red Room. He looks at the notebook.

For some reason the marks definitely seem a lot more familiar to him. He must have been reading it wrong initially because all of a sudden it’s clear as day what the notebook says.

It reads:

Notes from Dr. Pine
The year 2018 of the day October 16th

It’s been several years now that we have interpreted the Upsetter language. We write our notes in the language now. It helps to learn it in case we need to interpret anything else from them. The message they sent is very clear. We have read the message below. It’s a warning. We have two years now to stop that message. We’ve gathered the remaining of the children in this school. I hope it works. We’ve turned Area 51 into a high school to bring all the subjects back. It looks like we’ve made a mistake. Years ago I told them that it was inhumane to keep the alien babies locked up in the way that we were. Familiars, Antliens, Priors and Dryad species all seemed harmless enough. I figured they couldn’t hurt anyone. The four alien races are very unique in their own ways. Familiars are kind and gentle face changers. The attractive Antliens would need to be kept an eye on due to the sexual prowess they show on. After the cover up with the invasion, it’s clear they have some strange things happen to them. Priors tend to be gentle-minded crossdressers and have are only dangerous at a much older age and during mating season. Dryads can also change like the Familiars to hide their unique alien bodies. They only want to reproduce however and have a strange tendency to impregnate human men. We kept an eye on the four races. We thought the Antliens would be our biggest concern especially if the mothership came back, but we doubt that will happen. Our biggest concern is another alien race. We got them confused at first with the other alien races. They can take on the image of regular humans but like Familiars, they have a tendency to change. It was a mistake, however. These are not Familiars. This is another race. A horrible race. We shouldn’t have let them out. There are two of them but we aren’t sure of their identities. We might have killed one but I’m not completely sure. It could have been a Familiar. It’s hard to tell. God save us if this new alien race is out there and alive. We call this dangerous race of aliens the Upsetters. They have a message for us…

One warning. One Ending.

One warning. One Ending.

One warning. One Ending.

The date was a year ago. Almost exactly. What’re the chances? Karma’s heart is racing when he reads what’s going on. He feels funny all of a sudden. He wants to throw up. He’s sure it’s the nerves that he’s feeling or something.

Suddenly Imani’s phone rings distracting him.

“Imani…your phone is ringing,” Karma states.

Imani is making weird sounds in the bathroom. Weird fucking sounds. Karma looks at the door at that moment. Something weird is happening. Something so weird. There are strange sounds coming from inside the bathroom where Imani is. It’s become clear that something was going on with Imani in that bathroom but Karma isn’t sure what.

He presses his ear to the door hoping to hear anything else.

All he hears is a loud thud and a bang.


“Get away from the door!”

Imani’s phone rings again. Karma picks it up and sees that it’s Sire. He immediately answers while hearing the strange moaning sound from the door.


“Hey, Karma. Me and GQ are on our way. Pine is close behind.”

“Pine? Fuck…”

“It’s not what you think. I have some information I wanted to share with you and Imani.”

“Sire, now’s not a good time.”

“It’s really important.”

“Now’s really not a good time. Imani…he is locked in the bathroom, man. Something weird is happening man? Ever since we had sex.”

“Wait…you two had sex?”

Karma feels it’s awkward to tell Sire about the fact that he had sex. He has a strange feeling in his stomach when he looks at the door with Imani behind it. Something isn’t right. Karma can feel it. Something isn’t right with Imani.

“Yeah. And he started acting weird. He locked himself in the bathroom. It’s almost like he’s different or something. Like something was happening to him physically.”

There is a pause.

It’s a really, really long pause.

Karma panics wondering why Sire is acting weird. He can hear GQ in the background. Sire told GQ what happened and GQ is screaming something. GQ sounds like he’s in a full-blown panic about something.

“Sire—you there?” Karma asks getting more and more nervous by the second.

“He said this would happen.”

“What? Who said what would happen.”

“Pine. He said it would happen if the Upsetter had sex.”

Upsetter. He had read it in Pine’s journal. It was something about a dangerous alien that Pine and his government scientists were looking for. If the journal was clear to him then Pine wasn’t an alien after all. Someone else was.

Who could that be?

There is a loud thud on the bathroom door. Almost like some sort of slamming noise.

Karma sits there at the door wondering. Could it be?

No. It couldn’t there was no way.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Karma get away from him. Find a weapon. He’s the Upsetter. If he’s changing after you guys had sex then he’s the Upsetter. We’re coming Karma. We’re on the way…”

Imani’s phone dies at that moment. Karma looks at the door.

Imani has calmed down. All of a sudden Imani’s voice is coming from behind the door, “Karma…I have to show you something. Don’t freak out.”

Karma starts backing away from the door slowly. Imani is opening the bathroom door! His heart is racing. He’s having some sort of nervous breakdown. He grabs Pine’s journal and begins to slowly back out of the room.


“Karma?” I ask.

I come out of the bathroom. Karma is nowhere in sight. I just heard him. I know I must have freaked him out. I have a reason to freak him out. Something is wrong with me. Something is definitely wrong with me.

“Karma?” I sound off again.

I start walking down the stairs. No one should be in the house around this time. No one except for Karma. I walk down the steps finding it weird that he was hiding from me. Had I definitely freaked him out like that? I have to let him know that whatever sexual episode I had just gone through had completely passed. I had to let him know that I didn’t want to hurt him.

I just keep thinking about the fact that I may have ruined things. I was a freak. I had to be. It made sense now why I never fit in. It made sense now why I was always so different. I wasn’t a normal person. I never would be.

“Stay away from me…” someone says when I get to the bottom of the stairs.

I find Karma at the very bottom of the stairs at that moment. He has a knife in his hand. He is looking at me and I can tell his eyes shoot to the top of my head. The pain in my head definitely came from a reason. Something was definitely wrong with me.

“Antlers?” Karma asks.

“Weird huh?” I ask.

I look at the top of my head. I have antlers. The pain started just around 12 and I had no idea why. I went to the bathroom and began to change. Antlers began to sprout out of my forehead. My skin also seemed to change a little bit taking up the slightest almost unnoticeable hint of green in it. I look in the nearby mirror at that moment.

Karma hasn’t put down his knife.


He’s panicking. That alien space ship we saw in the Red Room area wasn’t from Pine. Maybe it was from me. Maybe some other aliens. I’m not sure. The only thing I’m sure about right now was that I wasn’t human. I have a strong feeling Pine wasn’t the outsider…I was.

I put my hands up, “I’m sorry about the sex. I won’t hurt you though. I promise. I don’t know what came over me. I couldn’t control it. You can put the knife down. It’s OK. I’m not dangerous.”

“You’re what they are looking for.”


“Sire just called me. Said to stay away from you…said you’re dangerous.”

I look him in the eyes hard.

“Do I look dangerous?” I ask him.

He hesitates. I just had the most beautiful moment with Karma. We change looks at that moment and then out of no where Karma just bends over and starts throwing up. It’s almost like my antlers made him sick all of a sudden.

“What are you doing to me?” he asks.

“I didn’t do anything to you…” I state.

Then I start thinking. Could it be? Could Karma be an alien too? I hadn’t thrown up, however. I try to get close to help him out but he points the knife at me to keep me at bay.

“Stay away from me.”

“Is there pain in your head?” I ask him.


“What hurts…”

Karma looks over at me.


When he says everything his voice sounds different for some reason. It sounds deeper. At that moment I swear that it’s not his voice. I swear that it’s Sire’s voice. I don’t understand what’s going on. I don’t understand what the hell just happened.

“Are you OK?”

“I think I remember what Henry was trying to warn me about,” he says.

This time his voice is different. It’s not Sire’s voice. It’s GQ’s voice. I know these people. I know their voices. I’m not imagining this.
I’m not going to run from him though. He’s different. Something is different about him. He’s changing like I did. I want to help him if I can. I want to be there for him.

“Let me help you.”

“I don’t need your help. I remember everything now…everything…I remember why I’m here.”

His voice changes again and again. I take a step forward. I grab him by his shoulder. All of a sudden he slashes at me. He cuts me over and over and over.

“Let me help you. Please. I want to be there for you Karma…I’m falling for you…”

I take a step forward to help him through his pain but all of a sudden I feel the pain of my own. At first, I’m confused on where it came from. At first, I’m confused on why I feel so much pain. Then I realize it. Karma has stabbed me.

He’s stabbed me right in my chest.

I can see a sinister smile on his face. And right in front of my face, he changes. He’s no longer Karma. He’s Henry. Then he changes to GQ. Then he changes to Sire. Then finally he changes to Pine. All of those things right in front of my face.

“I don’t need your help. I’ve never felt more like myself.”

I can feel myself dying. Figures. All this time I’ve been trying to protect my heart and the ironic thing Is that I die from a knife in the heart…



“Shame…you were beautiful,” I say to Imani.

He isn’t alive of course. He’s heavy. So goddam heavy. It seems to take forever to drag him into the kitchen closet. I laugh at the thought of someone finding him butt naked with antlers on his head and a knife in his chest. At least he got his rocks off before he died. It’s a shame he had to die. The sex was good. I wasn’t here for sex though. I had one goal. One mission.

Do you want to know what my name is? You wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. Not in the English language. Not in any human language or dialect. My adopted parents renamed me Karma when I was brought to them. The fools raised and pampered their destroyer. Henry had told me this planet would be easy. He had told me how stupid these creatures were. Back then when I was adopted I remembered it all. I knew what I was sent to Earth to do, but for some reason I forgot. Maybe it’s some sort of mental block. I’m not sure.

I remember now. That’s all that matters.

I am the world devourer.

There is a knock on the door.


The one named Sire calls me to the door. These fuckers were annoying. I have to say the least. I don’t have time to waste. I run to the kitchen and take a knife. I cut the hell out of myself straight across the chest. I’m bleeding before I know it. It should be enough. With that, I run to the door. I open it.

Sire and GQ are at the door.


That’s right. I’m no longer in the body known as Karma. I’ve changed. Somehow I can do that now. I can change not only my physical appearance but I can change my voice as well. Sire and GQ are standing at the door. They have these looks on their faces. They are human feelings, I believe. I’m not sure of those things. My people were created for one thing and one thing. We were created to devour worlds. These weird things called ‘feelings’ would only get in the way of that goal.

“Thank God you came…” I state.

I step forward but I’m only greeted with panic. Blood is still spilling out of me. Just enough to seem real. I know what Sire and GQ are. I can smell them. They haven’t awoken yet…but I know they aren’t humans. They were a smarter race. It was my people who destroyed their world as well.

“Look at his antlers?”

“Where’s Karma…what did you do with him?”

They honestly believe I’m Imani. I must say I look believable. I even come equipped with antlers and Imani’s perfectly slim toned body. I’m standing there naked, covering my genitals in the way that Imani would. I don’t let them get too close when they walk into the door like Imani would. They are completely convinced.

“He ran.”

“What did you do with KARMA!”

GQ charges at me, but someone stops him. I look back and see that Dr. Pine has shown up. The good Dr. Pine. It’s quite annoying how he ends up here.

“No…he’s the good one…” Pine tells me.

There is a pause. Both Sire and GQ seem confused.

“What?” Sire asks.

Pine gets there just in time to save me, “Imani isn’t the Upsetter.”

“But we…”

“You’re wrong. Like I told you all before there were several races of aliens that attended the school. Imani is the same race as the two of you.”

They seem to try to remember what it’s called.

“Antlien?” GQ asks.

I find it almost amusing the good doctor has already filled in these idiots about what race they were from. It’s just like an Antlien to come running head first or should I say antlers first without really thinking. They were beautiful creatures though. Henry told me about them before he died. He described them. I remember all of it now. Unlike the humans, they lacked flaws. Imani, GQ, and Sire were just examples of how beautiful these Antliens could be.

“We don’t have antlers,” Sire responds.

“You haven’t reached puberty. Antlien puberty is around 18. It’s only then that they are able to grow antlers and their sexuality becomes extremely aggressive. Until then, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an Antlien and an extremely attractive, almost perfect human male.”

They pause. Something is clicking with them.

I realize I’m too amused. I have to join this shock of revelation.

“Wait…so what about Karma?” I join in, “Why did he cut me? Why did he run away in the way that he did?”

Pine is confused, “Did Karma do anything weird before he ran?”

“His voice started…changing…”

Pine starts to panic. He pulls out his phone. I know he’s emailing his government contacts. They’ve discovered my true identity. Stupid humans. The Antliens standing around in the kitchen aren’t much better. They should be more advanced but these Antliens have been around humans for far too long. They are nothing more than Galactic refugees who have come to Earth because their planet was destroyed by our saboteurs.

“Is Karma…the…what did you call it?” GQ starts.

Pine is barely listening. He gets out of his phone. He’s in full panic mode. He should be…

“He has to be. We call them Upsetters. They are the terrorists of universe. Their religion calls for some sort of ethnic cleanse. In our language we translate it to what is known as the Upsetting. If Karma is the Upsetter than it makes sense that Henry was the other. We were never able to completely confirm that even though we strongly suspected.”

The boys look heartbroken.

“Karma was so nice. He was the best of us.”

“The Upsetters are sleeper agents. It works the same as in Russia. A sleeper agent is a saboteur who is placed in a target location not to undertake an immediate mission but to act as a potential asset if activated. After deciphering their message, we were able to find out that these Upsetters are able to lock memories up until they are activated. They don’t even know they are sleeper agents. Then they remember why they are here. They remember what they have to do. They begin to remember their abilities. They have the abilities to change form. The Upsetter has the ability to become someone else entirely.”

Now the fun part.

I struggle not to smile, “What activates them?”

“Sexual contact.”

Pine and his team studied the sexual behavior of all of those pathetic refugees thinking that there was a wolf among sheep. They missed me completely. They are still missing me.

I nod, “Oh yes. Me and Karma had sex. Lots of it. That must have been what triggered his memories.”

GQ and Sire look devastated.

“What happens now?” Sire asks.

“I have to go. We have to find him…before it’s too late.”

“Too late for what?”

“The world.”

Pine doesn’t hesitate to leave. He is an idiot. Henry did commit suicide. I realize that now. It wasn’t because of anything the Antlien idiots had done. No. It only makes sense. Henry was trying to warn me about Pine. He must have known they were onto him.

He must have activated and known that killing himself was the best way to throw them off the track.

“I can’t believe Karma is that…thing…”

“I know,” I respond, “Guys…I need answers. I know this sounds random guys but did Henry leave anything behind? Maybe something that can help Pine and his team out.”

“The box that no one could get opened. You know about that though, remember?”

“Oh yeah. Listen guys I should really look after these wounds.”

“You sure you want to be alone with Karma on the loose?” GQ asks.

“I’m sure Pine and the others will find him. Besides. I’m sure the two of you have some better things to do,” I hint with a wink.

They look at one another.

‘Yeah we do,” Sire says, reaching over and literally squeezing GQ’s ass.

GQ probably never had his ass squeezed before. He looks like he doesn’t expect it. He is reluctant to leave. I have a feeling he knows Sire is about to fuck the shit out of him. They leave but truth is they look like they are going to be happy.

I smile at the new couple as they leave.

And I head upstairs.

Yes. They would be happy. Not for long though.

It only takes a moment for me to find the box. Imani isn’t good at hiding. Henry’s box has a special code that I remember. I open the code and I see it. Two devices are in there.

One to warn them.

One to destroy them.

One warning. One ending.

I take out the warning device. I clear my throat. This is Upsetter technology. It’s more advanced than these fools know. I had to make one warning count. Every human on the planet would hear my warning. I am a sleeper agent. I stumbled into this situation accidentally not knowing why, but the truth was I knew deep inside. I was just waiting to be triggered.

This wasn’t an accident. This was on purpose.

I put the device on.

“In 365 days, the world will be destroyed.”

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