A Nice Person, Chapter 5

One year ago.

“You OK, Gem?” I ask him.

Gem was handsome.  I’m talking a taller, more muscular version of Chris Brown.  He seemed a lot nicer as well.  His face smiles a lot…even when I walk in on him in the bathroom.

“Coy, this is the staff bathroom.”

I caught him trying to put his dick away.  He has a big dick with a nice round bulbous brown head.  I get a peak of it and when he realizes I’m staring he turns back towards the urinal.  I notice him shuffling to put it away.   He is so nervous that I’m standing there by the mirror watching him.  I don’t even blink.  Actually I walk closer.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know it was.  The whole place is on lock down.  Syn let me out.”

“I should have known.  You know Syn Clinton is the reason for the lockdown,”  Gem explains to me, “He’s been causing trouble again.  Made a scene when we stopped him from having sex with a fellow inmate.  Said something about us violating his liberties.  Sorry you had to suffer Coy.  You’re good, unlike him…”
I like how he says I’m good.  He always says I’m a nice person.   Gem and I are getting closer.  He sneaks me snacks.  He’s really mature for his age.  Most of the interns don’t get to really be around patients, but Gem is a talent.  He’s special.
As he talks I can tell that he’s still fooling around attempting to get his dick in his pants.  It’s not really working.

“Everything OK?” I ask.

I take a few steps closer.  He grunts quickly turning his neck to me and almost barking for me not to get any closer to him.

“Can you, you know, stay where you are?” he asks me, “Just give me a minute, Coy.  I just got to.  I don’t know something’s up.  Goddam it.”

“You sound frustrated.”

“Just a minute, goddam it.  I don’t know what’s happening here.  This is embarrassing as hell, so don’t ask what’s wrong, ok, don’t ask, I just can’t deal with this right now.  I’m gonna get in so much trouble man.   My goddam…my goddam dick is broken!”

“You won’t get in trouble.  All the male attendants are having the same issues,” I assure him with a warm smile, the kind that warms people hearts, “No need in trying to stop.  It probably won’t go down.  Probably not for a few hours.”

“Coy you know what’s happening here?”

He manages to put as much of his dick away as possible.  It isn’t a success.  His hard dick is pressed up against the side of his leg.   It’s a real shame.  He tries to cover it with his shirt but I can tell that isn’t doing that well of a job for him.  I can tell that he’s struggling to manage this.

“It looks like your hard and extremely horny,” I explain to him.

“I know that…but why?”

“There was a cake in the staff room, wasn’t there?  Well, you guys ought to have found out who made it before you ate it.  I’m sure it was good, but the problem is, and I’m not sure it’s a big problem, but none-the-less, the problem was that cake was drugged.  You understand?”


“Oh yes.   Ketamine mixed with Lyrica and Tussionex.  Also I’m sure a bunch of Viagra and a drug called hugs and kisses.  I’m pretty sure hugs and kisses is some form of meth.”

There was silence at that moment and then a quick realization from the volunteer’s mouth, “Syn-mother-fucking-Clinton.”

It was a damn shame.   I was there with Syn the whole time.  He was mixing things up like he was creating the Powerpuff girls.  Syn got real angry.  He was such an angry person but I had to admit he had a lot of creativity.  They stopped him from having sex and he was going to make sure they all felt just as horny as he was.  Those were Syn’s words of course.  He wasn’t a good person, not like me.  Luckily when I begged him to give me one of the keys he used to sneak out and help Gem, he let me.  Of course I had to trade a bunch of dirt I had on Dr.  Grady for the key.

“I tried to stop him,” I explain, “He calls himself a chef.  Told me he was going to show me how to cook up something good.  I told him to stop.  I really did.  Told him that wasn’t a nice thing to do.”

Chef Syn had all the best ingredients.

“You should stop hanging out with that boy.  I don’t want you picking up his bad habits.”

I brought you some icy-cool.”

“Will that help?” he asks.

I shrug, “Probably not in the way you think, but I can help you in another way.”

“Coy what are you—-COY!”

I’m rubbing his dick out at that moment.  I’m rubbing it through his pants.  His mouth is telling me to stop but he’s not stopping me.  He’s letting me rub on him.  He’s letting me stroke him.   That’s when I open his fly and put the icy hot on his dick.  I watch his eyes shudder at that moment.  He lets out a gasp.

“Oh god…”

“I’m not god,” I explain, “But I don’t mind you calling me that…”



“Did you all get my text?”  Onyx asks.

“No, send it again,” Copper states , “My song just got retagged by Nicki Minaj.  It’s already charted on ITUNES.  Sorry if I wasn’t paying attention.”

It’s obvious shade.  Two days ago Copper dropped a song.  None of us expected it.  I watch Topaz and Onyx get real quiet at that moment.  They aren’t going to say it out loud.  I can tell they don’t want to rock the boat.  After the fight things were just getting worse and worse.  Jericho wasn’t able to fix it.  Copper throwing his shade right now was targeted directly at Topaz.  I can tell.  Topaz stays quiet though biting his lip.  Really he wants to go off.  I can see it all in his face.  Not only did his mother betray them and steal money from them to help Copper’s singing career but he suspected his girlfriend of cheating on him.

“Must be nice,” Topaz states underneath his breath.

“What was that?” Copper asks.

“Guys let’s all get along.   Onyx looks like no one got your text.  We should resend it.  I’ll do it,” I respond, grabbing Onyx’s phone, “You mind giving me your password…”

It was nice being seen as the peacemaker.  I can see Topaz scolding.  He’s on the verge.  Truth was I didn’t want them to break up.  I was having way too much fun with them being together.  I preferred them together.  They were sexier when they were together.  They were just as sexy when they didn’t like each other though.  They were sexy when they depended on me.

And what’s the best way to make people depend on you?

The best way to make people depend on you is when they aren’t depending on anyone else.

“Uh…”  Onyx hesitates.

There’s a reason he hesitates to give me his password.  He probably never gave anyone his password before.

“It’s OK,” I tell him, “If you don’t trust me—”

Onyx shakes his head, “Of course I trust you.   It’s these dicks that I don’t trust.”

“Very funny,” Copper grunts.

Onyx walks over and whispers me a few digits.   The digits to his phone.  I look over at Copper and can tell he’s acting irritated already.  He feels some type of way about it.   He is irritated with the relationship that I’m having with Onyx.  He’s irritated because Onyx clearly spends most of the day with me instead of chasing behind his brothers begging to be a part of whatever they were doing like before.   Onyx didn’t need them anymore and I can tell it bothers Copper.

As it should.

I send the text to the others.  As I’m going through his phone I notice a name called Side Hustle.  I’m not an idiot.  I know side hustle is Ainsley.  Who else would lower themselves to a nickname like that besides the Monroe brothers professional groupie.

“So, the plan is we all get naked and go streaking?”  Topaz asks, reading the txt.

Onyx laughs almost immediately, “Exactly.  Streaking is an Instagram challenge going on right now.  Everyone’s doing it.”

We’re sitting in the living room.  Jericho’s on a business call.  Something tells me Topax, Onyx and Copper wouldn’t dare talk about streaking with Jericho in the room.   Luckily, he isn’t though.  Onyx is the one who brings it up.

Topaz shakes his head, “Onyx…that’s not our…thing.  First, it’s illegal.  And even if it was…come on, we have young fans.  What sort of example would we setting for these kids?”

“We going to be the innocent young cookie cutter boys for the rest of our lives?”  Onyx asks, “We’re growing up.  Our fans are growing up too.  They want a sexier, riskier side to us.  Look at Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Rihanna.  They all had to make that switch one way or another.”

“He has a point,” I state.

Onyx smiles at the support.   He was really sticking with the idea, which was excellent because it was my idea.   These boys were sexy when they were being bad.   It didn’t take much convincing Onyx.  I can tell he wants it.  I can tell he likes the attention.  The boy barely wears a shirt.  Even now, we’re just in the house and he’s shirtless.  I don’t mind though.   His sex appeal is through the fucking roof and I’m loving every moment of it.

“Of course, you would agree with him,” Copper cuts in out of nowhere, “I just think it’s tacky.  We need more attention.  Let’s get naked.  It’s just fucking easy and I’m not doing it.”

“I’ll take his place,” I interrupt almost immediately.

Everyone gets quiet.  Too soon?

“Actually, Copper if you don’t want to do it—”  Topaz states, “Maybe it would be really cool if Gem was in one of our videos.  Maybe it’s the best way to present him to the world.”

Onyx nods in agreement, “I like the idea of having Gem join us…”
You would think someone took a sledgehammer and hit Copper across the face with it when his brothers are so ready to replace him in just one video series.  The look on his face is bluntly hurt.  He doesn’t know that Topaz is suspicious of him having an affair with his girlfriend.  He doesn’t know that I am slowly wrapping Onyx around my finger like inexpensive tooth floss.  He didn’t need to know all of those things.  What he needed to know was there was a new boy in town.

“You guys serious?” Copper asks, “You going to just have him, what, fill in for me or something?”

“You don’t want to do it,” Topaz asks, “What’s the issue?”

“The issue is this is OUR platform,” Copper stated.

“You wanted out anyway,” Onyx responds, “Isn’t that what you and Ma were plotting.  Seems like you can get what you want.  You can go be a prude somewhere else.”

There is a pause.  It’s an angry pause.  It’s a tense pause.  They are tense, real tense.   All except me.  Truth is I didn’t want to get naked anyhow.  How ridiculous would I look on video between boys who literally crafted their bodies for a living?  No.  That wasn’t my thing.  Now watching them naked I could do.  That was the plan and maybe I knew threatening to throw my name in the mix would cause Copper to immediately jump on the bandwagon.

“I’m in,” Copper states.

“Awesome.  I actually researched the best location a second ago,” I state.


It’s midnight.  Jericho thinks the boys are at home as he should.  They were good boys.   They aren’t though.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Topaz states.

He’s having second thoughts.  I can tell the only reason he’s agreeing to do this was because he didn’t want to be on the same side as Copper.  He’s second guessing all of it though.  I can see it in his eyes.  Even more than Copper I can see Topaz pacing back and forward in the hotel room at the Grand Am.

All three boys are in robes at this moment.  There isn’t anything on underneath them.  Onyx is the only one who has a smile on his face.  He doesn’t mind when I offer to oil him up, rubbing oil all over his muscular thighs and legs.  He doesn’t even seem to notice when I go higher and higher into his upper thigh.  He’s busy drinking some cheap vodka trying to get himself hype for it.

“This is going to be fun, ya’ll,” he is announcing to the room, “Relax.”

“You not embarrassed everyone’s going to see your little pee-wee dick?” Copper teases.

“Pee-wee, it’s bigger than yours bro.”

“Fuck out of here.  I’m your bigger brother in more ways than one,” Copper argues.

Onyx throws his empty cup over at Copper and Copper drops it with a laugh.   Topaz breaks out into laughter as well.  It’s the first time all day the three of them share a laugh.  I’m not laughing with them.  This wasn’t really about them bonding.  The truth was I just wanted to see them all naked.

Topaz shakes his head, “I’m not worried about my dick.  I’m sure people will be impressed.  I am however worried about my six-pack.   Gem, did you really have to bake a cake?”

“Gem—Gem, you listening”

“Sorry guys,” I state lifting my eyes up out of Onyx’s phone.

“Still in my phone?  What you doing?” Onyx asks.

“Nothing.  Just getting ready to film you guys,” I state, “What were we talking about?”

“The cake.  It’s random as fuck,” Copper states.

“You guys were supposed to eat it afterward,” I state, “It’s a celebration cake.  To celebrate the Monroe brothers going viral and breaking the internet.”

“I’ll eat cake to that!”  Onyx states getting up.

“Actually it’s for Copper,” I state.

There is a pause.

“Copper?” Onyx asks.

“Me?” Copper responds.

“It’s to celebrate your single release,” I state.

Topaz and Onyx get quiet at that moment.  Bringing up the song takes away that happy ‘get-along’ mood that was going around at that moment.   They are reminded that there is real beef.  They are reminded that Copper has come out with a single.   They are reminded that their mother has betrayed them.  The reminder hits Onyx and Topaz like a ton of bricks.  They get real quiet.   I can tell that they both feel a little weird about the fact that I made a cake for Copper specifically for that.  Copper smiles none-the-less.  I don’t think he expects it.

“You serious?”  Topaz asks me, “Really, Gem?”

“What?  I’m happy for him,” I state.

Topaz can come off a bit like an aggressive brat sometimes.

“About time at least one of my brothers is happy for my success,” Copper states, “I think I’ll take some right now.  Thanks a lot man.”

It’s probably the first time that Copper has referred to me as his brother.   He happily walks over to the cake and begins to eat.  He’s not going to offer his brothers any.

“We should head downstairs and get this over with, I’m starting to feel sick to my stomach,” Topaz states looking over at Copper when he says that.

He leaves the room and slams the door behind him.  Topaz is beyond pissed and he isn’t trying to hide it.   Onyx looks over at me and just stares at the floor.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, of course not,” Onyx states, “He’s just…we’re all still shook up about mom and all the drama going on.”

“No drama,” Copper states, “Gem come eat some cake with me and celebrate.”

“I’m OK,” I respond, “I think Topaz is mad I made you a cake.”

“I’ll talk to him,” Onyx states, “Your heart was in the right place.”

Onyx turns and leaves at that moment.  He’s following after Topaz.   When they leave I look back over at Copper.  He is still stuffing his face at that moment.   He sees me watching him and stops eating long enough to tighten his robe and put on his sneakers.

We’re alone and it’s awkward.  It’s awkward every time it’s only Copper and me in a room alone.  He stares at me.  I stare at him.  Then he smiles again.  His smile is wider than before.  It’s clear that he has something to say but it takes him a while just to open up his mouth and say it.

I’m heading to the door when finally he says something.

“Thanks for the cake,” Copper states out of nowhere.

“It’s OK,” I respond.

“I know what your doing.  I know what you’re up to,” he tells me.

I pause.  It’s a strange thing to say.  I was a good person.  I wasn’t up to anything.  Sure I knew that making the cake for Copper would make Topaz feel some type of way.  Sure, I was now playing dumb as though I had no idea how deep the issues of Copper going solo made his other two brothers feel.  They weren’t a cohesive unit anymore.

“What am I doing, Copper?”

He smiles with this knowing look on his face.  Copper has a way of looking conceited.  He was this bad boy who had this sex appeal that you didn’t really understand.  He didn’t have to be this well-spoken, well-behaved gentleman like Topaz or had to be overtly sexy like Onyx.  Copper was an asshole and that’s what made him sexy to most people.  Right now he looks at me like an asshole would like and I don’t get why I’m so turned on.

“You’re trying to get on my good side,” he states.

“We’re brothers.”

“Barely,” he adds in.

There is a pause.   I think he expects it to sting.  Of course, it doesn’t sting.  It doesn’t even tickle a little bit.  I don’t feel anything.   But then when I realize that I’m supposed to I grab my chest acting all shocked in a dramatic fashion.

“Damn,” is what comes out of my mouth.  Yeah, damn, that’s what people say when someone they care about hurts them, right?  I think so.  I needed to watch more movies from the 50s or something.  They always had some good emotional scenes in there.

“You know what the truth is,” Copper explains to me, “I’m going places.  I am the Monroe brother who has actual talent.  My brothers rest on this Youtube shit.  You know and I know who the real star of this family is and you’re trying to hitch your ride on the bandwagon.   I don’t care how many cakes you bake.  OK?  You’re not going to get a cent of my money, Betty Crocker.”

With that Copper leaves.  He leaves me in the room alone.

I get quiet at that moment.  I go the bathroom.  I look in the mirror.  Did I look like Betty Crocker to him?  Did I look like someone he could just walk all over?

I was going to wash away those expectations.


I turn on the faucet in the bathroom at that moment.   I clog up the sink using the towel on the nearby rack.  I take a step back washing the water rush and fill out every corner of the bathroom.   It spills out on the bathroom floor.

I was going to wash away all of those expectations that he had of me tonight.  Literally…



It is the most glorious thing I’ve seen in my life.  The boys leave the hotel room.  It’s a busy intersection but they stop traffic.  The Monroe brothers are streaking and I’m getting it all on tape.  I watch the glory as the brothers throw away their childhood ways and show their manhood in more ways than one.  There is Topaz with his long, curved banana shaped dick.  Then there is Copper with his above average girth that is only challenged by the girth of his fucking ego.  Finally, there is Onyx.  He may not be long like Topaz or overly thick like Copper but he has some of the best of both worlds.  Onyx dick is just pretty, just as pretty as he is.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dick that just looks like it should model or something.

They run back towards me, their balls bouncing in the wind.  Their eyes laughing at that moment as though everything is perfectly fine.

“How’d we do?” Onyx asks.

I’m speechless as they approach.   They get back in their robes and truth is I’m beyond horny seeing them like that.

I just nod.  This has been some sort of dream.  It has been some sort of fantasy.

“You are going to break the internet,” I warn them.

“Did you upload it from my phone?” Onyx asks.

“If you don’t mind I’ll keep your phone for a little bit,” I tell him, “Just want to put a nice filter on the video before I upload it.  Make sure you guys are good.”

“Have you seen my dick?” Copper laughs arrogantly, “I’m good.  Trust me.”

He may be cocky but he had a point.  What Copper doesn’t realize is that his dick is slowly getting a little hard.  He may not realize it but I do as the front of his robe lifts up ever so slightly.  He puts on a smirk.  As he walks I can see his thighs creep out of his robe.  They have tattoos on them.  The man has sex appeal and I knew it.

We start going back to our rooms when we are stopped.

“Sirs….”  A man from the front desk stops us, “I’m sorry but it seems like your rooms are flooded.”

“Are you joking?” Copper asks, “Our stuff was in there…”

“I’m sorry sir, we can definitely get you an extra room for the night,” the man at the front desk is stating, “On us…”

“I’ll deal with it,” I tell the brothers, “You guys go change.  I’ll make sure I get us some rooms.”

It’s later that night when I get back to the new room.   When we settle in for the night Onyx is already asleep.  He’s knocked out.  Topaz is sitting on the bed when I walk in.  He avoids eye contact with me.  He looks away almost immediately.

“I guess it’s just us,” I state looking down at Onyx on one of the beds in the room.

I join Topaz on the other bed.  He looks uncomfortable when I sit.

“Where’s Copper?”

“I got him his own room,” I state.

Topaz looks at me like I have three heads.  You would think I just smacked him in the face when I say what I say.  He is beyond pissed.

“You really want to help him celebrate this single huh?” Topaz asks.

“It wasn’t because of the single,” I state, “I just felt like there was some tension between you guys.  I just wanted to break it up, that’s all, I felt like you two needed to be separated for some time.  You’re forgetting that you are brothers.”

Topaz stops talking for a minute.  He takes a deep breath.  I can tell he’s trying to get out of his emotions.  Out of all of the brothers, it’s clear that Topaz has a problem really controlling his emotions.  He tries to portray this brother that has it all together.  He had the pretty girlfriend, he had started his empire for his entire family and he was picture perfect.  Inside, things were different.  Inside I can tell that Topaz was really struggling with the things that were going on in his life.

I move a little closer to him.  This time he doesn’t fold away from me as he has so many other times.  This times he just allows me to come closer.  Then he does something I don’t expect.  Topaz moves in a little closer to me as well.

“I’m sorry,” he tells me, “It’s just when you made that cake for Copper, I just got…I don’t know…jealous.  I felt like you were becoming like mom and Ainsley.  Everyone seems to prefer Copper over me.”

I shake my head at the thought.

“I’ll always prefer you,” I assure him.

There is a pause, “Really?”

I nod.  I put my hand on his thigh.  It happens quick but he doesn’t seem to mind so I put it there and rest it there.  I give him a warm smile and he smiles back at me.

“I see something in you that is special,” I state,  “I made Copper a cake because it makes him feel good about himself.  He needs the sugar.  He needs the sweets.  He needs all those things to make him feel good about himself.  I don’t need to do that with you.  You know why?”


I point at his heart, “All the best ingredients are already in your heart.”

He looks over at me, “Where’d you come from Gem?  You’re like the best person I’ve ever met in my life.”

I nod, “I’ll be anyone you want me to be.”

“What makes me so special?”

“I love you.”

There is a pause.  The room is dark.  The mood is right.   My hand has been on his thigh for quite some time.  He hasn’t removed it for quite some time.  We’re sitting real close.  Uncomfortably close.  Our eyes are locked on one another.  I can almost hear his heart beating.  It’s that quiet.  We’re so quiet.  We’re so still.

I’m staring at his lips and then he whispers back to me, “I love you too.”

That’s when I lean in at that moment.  I don’t know how it happens but I know I’m kissing him.  My tongue is down his throat.  He’s not stopping me.  Topaz isn’t kissing me back but he damn sure is receiving it.  He’s receiving my kisses as I begin to tongue him down.  He doesn’t stop me as I straddle over him putting both legs around his waist and grabbing his face to pull him in.  My hands are on the back of his head.

Then there is a ring!

It’s Onyx’s phone.  Onyx’s phone that I still have.  Onyx wakes up out of his sleep.  He turns at that moment and sees Topaz and I.  He sees my tongue down his brother’s throat.

I jump off of Topaz, “We should practice for that movie role another time.”

Topaz is standing up away from me, “Yeah, thanks for helping me uh…practice.  I should uh…I should call Ainsley and…”

Ainsley?  Is that all he could think about after what just happened?



I just gave this boy my soul and he was thinking about Ainsley?  She could never love him like I did.  She could never give him what I could give him.

Onyx looks at Topaz.  He looks at me.  It’s so quiet except for the damn ringing on the phone.  When no one answers the phone it’s completely quiet.  Then it starts to ring again.   Onyx is still quiet.  It’s beyond awkward.  I wonder what’s going through his head.  I wonder what he’s thinking.  I can’t read his expression.  I should have been more careful but the moment was just so perfect.

“Can you hand me my phone?” Onyx asks.

Onyx picks up the phone.  All of a sudden we can hear Jericho on the other line.  Jericho is screaming.  I hadn’t even uploaded the streaking video yet.  He was screaming about something else.

“What’s happening?” Topaz asks, “What’s happening?”

Onyx cuts off the phone.

“That was Jericho,” Onyx states looking confused, “He said someone called TMZ and tipped them off to our location.”

Topaz runs through the window.   We all do.  Sure enough there is a bunch of paparazzi outside of the hotel window.  They are swarming around in the weirdest way.  No one knows what is going on.

“You think it’s about the streaking?” Topaz asks.

It had nothing to do with the streaking.

I gather the brothers in their moment of need, “This could be bad.  We should probably get out of here.  They probably paid off the front desk for access.”

“God you think?” Topaz asks.

“I’m sure.  We should go warn Copper, I know what room he is in…”


We are running down the hall.   The paparazzi have already made it to Copper’s room.  They knew exactly where to go.  Now, who would have tipped them off?  Who would have told them exactly what room to go to?

“What’s happening?” Topaz asks, “Why are they gathering around Copper’s room?”

They swarm the room.  They are ignoring Topaz and Onyx at that moment.  It’s almost as though they are obsessed with what’s in Copper’s room.

“Something’s not adding up here,” I state.

I’m lying.  The truth is everything is adding up.

Steal Onyx’s phone.
Make Copper a cake.
Make sure said cake is mixed with Ketamine, Lyrica, Tussionex, Viagra and a special addition of hearts and kisses.
Copper gets really horny.
Flood our original bathroom.
Get Copper his own room using his inflated ego so he thinks he’s just special.
Text Ainsley from Onyx’s phone inviting her to said room.
Call TMZ

All of a sudden all the chaos finally gets Copper to open the door.  He has a hard dick.  He can’t help it.  A very confused Ainsley is there as well.  She has on some sexy lingerie.  She was probably going to be sexy for Onyx and stumbled on the wrong brother’s bedroom.

“They are having an affair!” one of the paparazzi is screaming, “Topaz’s girlfriend Ainsley is having an affair with his brother Copper!”

Put on a look of false outrage and grab Topaz’s hand.

“I’ll be here for you,” I tell Topaz, “I’ll always be here for you.”

It’s all about the ingredients.