A Nice Person, Chapter 3

I go downstairs.  The boys are out late visiting their mother at the hospital wishing her back for all I know.  I’m standing in the kitchen in nothing but my underwear.  It’s a thong and my huge ass swallows the thing whole.  I’m bent over in the fridge.

Avocados, kale, broccoli, yogurt, more kale, some weird ass spongey looking meat supplement, cheese substitutes, nuts for some reason are being kept in the fucking fridge, seeds (who ate seeds?), dried fruit, protein shakes and even more fucking kale.

What the fuck was this? It was a fucking nightmare.

The door opens before I notice it.  I turn at that moment and notice who has walked in.  It is Jericho.  So the manager had a key to the house?

“Oh, shit…sorry I should have knocked.  Thought you would have been asleep by now,” he notices.

He sounds a bit taken back.  At first, I don’t get why but then I see his eyes swipe lower.  It happens quickly.  The average man would have missed it.  I’m not average though.  I’m quite amazing.  So I catch it.  I catch him swipe past my ass quickly and turn away.  Jericho has some equipment with him.  I’m not sure what it is.  The tall, dark chocolate man has on a sweater even though it’s hot as hell in Los Angeles tonight.  His skin is as smooth as cream.

“Looking for meat,” I state.

This time I’m the one going lower, taking a look at his jeans how they are outlined.  I’m taking a look at what’s outlined in them.

He shakes his head, “The boys are vegan.  They have a whole series dedicated to eating healthy on Youtube.”

“No wonder they have those fucking bodies.”

He laughs, “Hey.  You’re like me.   I don’t mind a little meat.  Don’t mind when people have a little meat on their bones too…”

I bite my lip, “Oh is that right?”

I’m closer now.  He notices.  The kitchen leads out to the patio area and the patio area leads out to the pool.  The lights in this area are dim.  They are a mixture of the pool, the patio and the lights from the moon.   He can see me clear though as I approach and he’s nowhere near as shy as Topaz was in the bathroom.  The way he looks at me…very clear.

None-the-less he clears his throat, “I’ll make sure I get my assistant to add some meat to the grocery list for you since you’ll be staying here for some time.”

“You’re so helpful.  Always working.  Even in the middle of the night.”

He nods turning out to the patio, “It’s the best time.  The boys are out visiting their mother.”

“Aw, how sweet.  They spend so much time at the hospital.”

“Copper is a mama’s boy,”  he admits to me.

“Maybe I can go see her.  Help out.  I don’t want them to get too overwhelmed.”

“They won’t.  She has a full-time nurse. The lady never leaves her side.  They are just there for emotional support.”

Who the fuck hires a full-time nurse for a someone in a coma?   It wasn’t like something was going to happen to her…

“Sounds serious.  Is she going to make it?” I ask.

“Maybe you should have a conversation with your brothers about that.  I don’t want to put their business out there.  Not without their consent.”

He was a good manager.  I bet Jericho knew where all the bones were hidden.  He’d been their manager long enough.   He had the keys to the kingdom.  I wonder if he was willing to make me a copy of that key.   What would I have to give him to get a copy of that key?

“I respect that.”

For now…

“Thanks.  The whole thing is really tragic.   On the upside though, with her out of the house, I can finally get something done around here.”


“You’re not a fan of Rachel?”

“Oh no, never said that,” he responds, “She can just be.  You know.  A little overbearing.  Topaz didn’t like how she was managing the money.  Plus she was the manager for a while and had them really PG.   Topaz felt like they were growing out of it.  He reached out to me.  I was actually in the music scene.  Hip-Hop.  They brought me on hoping I could bring them a little bit of edge.   I think Mrs. Monroe resented that.  At one point she called me ghetto…to my face.”

“That’s fuckin’ vile…”

“You have no idea how vile she is…”

There is a pause.

“You know something?”

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” Jericho responds at that moment, “Nevermind…”

“Tell me.”

“It’s nothing.  I’ve just been investigating some stuff.  I’m still in the process of it.”

“I can keep a secret.”

“It’s not my secret to tell.  This has nothing to do with you Gem!”

“Oh…I see…”

“Look I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.   This family is more complicated then it looks.  You know how a mother is with her sons.   Sometimes it felt like they had two managers.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re their actual manager,” I state, “They are in good hands with you.  Plus you look better at the business meetings anyway.”

I laugh a little.

He smiles, “You know how to butter a guy up, huh?”

I shrug, “Just the truth.”

I pat him on the arm.  It was friendly at first but then I let my hand linger on his arm.  I let it sit there for a  little longer than I should.   I wonder if he can feel it.  I wonder if he can feel the tension.  I can feel it.   The two of us just looking at each other in the darkness.  My arm on his sweater, but secretly deep inside wishing I was caressing his bare skin.  Was he wishing he was caressing my bare skin too?  Was that what the shimmer in his eye was?  Or was it something completely different.

“I should get back to work, Gem.   They have tofu in there.  It’s not meat but it’s the closest you’ll probably get this time of night.  I’m scouting this place to for a pool party the boy wants to have tomorrow.  We’re going to film it all.  Put it all on youtube.”

He’s trying to get rid of me.  Maybe he is busy.  Maybe he is uncomfortable.  He walks out to the pool area.  He doesn’t realize I am following him until I grab him.  I see him jerk a little bit, clearly surprised.  He didn’t hear my footsteps.

“What’s the point?”

He shrugs, “Fun.  That’s what these youtube stars are all about.  Fun, sexy, healthy, progressive and most importantly young living.   This world is a lifestyle.   Invite some hot celebrities down here and make sure people know how relevant the Monroe brothers are is the goal.”

“And put it all on social media.”

“Of course.  I’m going to take some photos.  See if this pool is big enough.  If not we might rent out a mansion.”
Before I know it,  he’s snapping.   Picture here.  Picture there.  I’m smiling.

“Maybe I can help…” I offer after a few more minutes.

He turns to me putting down the camera, “Uh…sure.  If you want.  Maybe stand over there by the pool.  I’ll take a few pics of you.”
I do what he says.  I notice how glued he is to me as I stand over by the pool.  I’ve never been good at posing.  I’m sure he’s used to taking pictures of the boys.  They are damn near models.  I was different.  So the poses get weirder and weirder.  I can tell he isn’t as interested in them.  Not like I wished he’d be.   This guy was from California.  He was used to seeing bodies.

Before I know it he’s done.

“Is that it?” I ask.


“Don’t you want to take some more?  In different places.”


“We were just having fun though, Jericho.  Stay for a while.  Let’s hang out.  I wanted to get to know you.”

“The backdrop looks great.  I think the pictures at the party here will turn out awesome,” he states.

The backdrop.  Was he worried about the backdrop?  He hadn’t even mentioned that I looked good in the pictures.  He didn’t even care.  I was just…average.   Nothing special.  Nothing spectacular.  That just wasn’t good enough all the time.  It just wasn’t good enough goddamit.

I take a step back and another step and another step as he’s taking pictures.

The part of the pool behind me is 10 feet deep.  I shouldn’t be this close.  I couldn’t swim.  It was dangerous.  So…fucking…dangerous.

Oops.  Looks like I’ve fallen in.


The weird thing about all this is that I’m actually somewhat drowning.  I’m kicking up, gagging a little bit struggling to swim.  Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if he didn’t know how to swim as well and I ended up drowning?  That would have just been ridiculous, wouldn’t it?   That would have been a very annoying way to die.

Luckily for me, he does.

Before I know it he’s in the pool…sweater and all.   He’s grabbing me and pulling me to the shallow end of the pool.  He’s so manly.  Those thick muscles of his hold onto my waist as I get to the part of the pool where I can stand up.

“You OK? GEM!  Are you OK?”  he asks.

“I must have slipped in,” I stated, “Oh my god.  You saved my life.  Thank you so much!”

I hug him.  I hug him tight grabbing his waist and pulling him close to me.  He is surprised I’m so grateful but I’m just a really good person.  I just want to show him my gratitude.   That’s why I don’t let him go.  That’s why I put my hands into that thick chest of his and rub that built back.

“It’s OK, you’re safe.  I got you…” he states, “I…what the—-”

He stops talking.  The reason that he stops talking is because I’ve shoved my tongue into his mouth aggressively.  My tongue presses up against his tongue.   He isn’t expecting it.  For someone who isn’t expecting it though he lets it happen for longer than it should but then it’s almost as though he comes to his senses as he pushes me off and away from him slightly.

“Whoa…whoa stop,” he states.

“I got carried away,” I tell him, “Just you jumping in the pool like that to save me.  I thought we had some sort of connection.”

“What?  You were drowning…”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t save just anyone that was drowning,” I respond.

He seems confused at the assumption, “Actually yeah.  I would.  I mean wouldn’t anyone who could swim save anyone that was drowning.”

Really?  Is that what people did?  Oh shit.  Had no idea.

“Yeah, yeah,” I correct myself, “I mean.  Still, though.  In the kitchen…it felt like we had a connection.  Felt like, I don’t know….you were checking me out.  God.  I feel so dumb.  You’re probably straight.  I am the biggest idiot.”

I wasn’t pulling this out of my ass.  He was a self-proclaimed ‘manager’ for teenage male sex icons.  Seemed like a job for women.  I mean, these boys looked really sexy on a day to day basis.  There weren’t a lot of straight men who could pull off turning other men into sex symbols.  Straight men didn’t know the first thing about being sexy.  Strange how good he was at his job.   If it was up to Mrs. Monroe they would be on Disney still wearing matching clothes and telling bad tweeny jokes.

He pauses for a minute.

“It’s not that,” he responds.

Clearly, it wasn’t that he was straight.  Pause.  He didn’t want to have this conversation.  He didn’t want to finish what he was saying.  I can see him struggling with all of this.  This wasn’t very comfortable to him at all.

“What is it then?” I ask.

Jericho shakes his head, “You’re attractive but you’re a kid.”

“I’m 16.  I turn 17 next month.  In Jersey, the legal age of consent is 16…”

“Why do you know that?” he starts asking but then stops, “Actually, never mind.  You’re not in Jersey anymore.  OK?  You’re in California and the age of consent is 18 here.   You are … sexy, inside and out.  But you should get with a guy your age.  Maybe Onyx has some friends…”

“I don’t want guys my age…”  I state.

“Gem please.”

“Jericho.  It’s OK.  It’s between me and you,” he states, “Why are you fighting it.  I know you want me.  Look at you.  Look how hard you are.”

My hand is under the water at that point.  I grab onto his dick.  All this talk about morals doesn’t matter.  His body is giving away his true feelings and right now he was horny as all hell.

He closes his eyes, “Damn that feels good man.  We should stop…I should…”

He’s heading out of the pool.  I grab him though under the water by the shaft of his dick.  With two fingers I begin to put pressure on his corona.  This was the ridge where the head meets the shaft.  The pressure causes him to moan deeply.  He leans his head back.  He swallows his spit a little.  As his mouth opens I lean forward and begin biting at his lip.  Before I know it I’m biting his lick, kissing his bottom lick and sucking it.  I wrap my fingers around his member and move my fist up and down his shaft in a slow steady motion.

I begin to use both of my hands in tandem.  More pressure.  More pleasure.  More moans.

I begin to fondle his balls.  I can almost see his toes curl under the water.   One hand is on his balls and the other is on his dick.  The big dick stares up at me from underneath the water.  It winces at me.  I’m making a twisting motion along the shaft scaling all the way down and all the way up as though I was milking him.

“I’m about to cum.”

As he nears orgasm, I continue stroking his shaft with one hand, while you gently massaging the nerve-packed stretch of skin between his asshole and testicles.   I watch him shoot all into the water as his cum fills the pool.

Afterward, I kiss him and this time he doesn’t push me away.

“I’ve never done this before,” I whisper to him, “Never touched a man’s dick.”

“You’re a virgin?”


“Damn…um…well maybe it’s best we didn’t go there…”

“I know that wasn’t you fucking me but it was so…intimate,” I tell him, “I know what you’re going to say.  You’re going to tell me that can’t happen again.  I know it’s coming.  I just…you’re special and I don’t want to hear it.  It would just rip me apart.”

He hesitates for a moment.  All of a sudden he pulls me in, “I won’t say that.  You can trust me. You know that right?”

“I can trust you?”

“Of course,” he states.

I hug him tighter.  He allows it.  After a few minutes, I think he starts to really like it.  Before I know it we are cuddling in the pool.  It’s somewhat romantic in a way to be doing this.  It’s as though he’s shedding all his defenses.  He’s allowing his guard down.  It’s just the two of us in this pool and without saying a word we are getting to know each other.

“I feel like I can trust you,” I state, “Even though you didn’t feel like you can trust me…”

“Of course I can trust you.”

“Earlier when you said you were investigating something, you didn’t seem like you can trust me.”

He nods, “Damn.  I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel that way.”

“It’s cool…let’s start over then…”

It’s time for a copy of that key…


The next day is the pool party.   I can hear how crowded it is outside.  There is a knock on my door.  I’m not surprised when I open it up and see Onyx standing there.  He looks ridiculously good.  He has no shirt on and his abs cascade down his abdomen like a waterfall.  He has on these sunglasses that are covering up those pretty eyes of his but they make him look even sexier.   His shorts are really short showing off these well-defined legs of his.

“You hiding up here?” he asks.

Onyx has a presence about him.  It’s almost as though he carries the sun everywhere he goes.  He has this smile on his face that is full of energy and positivity.  He was one of those people you couldn’t really imagine in a fight.  Confrontation made him uncomfortable.  He was always about these good vibes.

“Just a bit nervous,” I state, “All of those California perfect bodies downstairs.   I don’t fit in.”

I have on a hoodie and some basketball shorts.   Onyx seems confused by it but I can tell he doesn’t want to dwell on it to make me feel bad.

Onyx offers me a smile, “You fit in wherever I’m at.  Besides, we said we promised each other we were going to stick together right?  Topaz and Copper are in a shitty mood.  I need someone to talk to.”

He was surrounded by celebrities and friends down there.  He didn’t need someone to talk to.  None-the-less I find it cute that he was actually concerned enough to come up here and check on me.  I smile at him.   He takes off his glasses and hits me with those eyes.  They look right through me and I can tell he’s sincere.

“It’s your mother, isn’t it?” I ask.

“She’s getting worse,” he explains.

“That’s horrible.  Horrible she’s suffering like that.”

He nods at that moment, “You think she’s suffering?”

“Yeah, that’s not living being tied up to a machine to survive…”

“It hasn’t been that long.”

“I’m surprised you’d say that,” I respond.


“When I first met you, you had this liveliness to you.  You were all about living.  You were all about spirit.  I feel it all over you.  Or at least I did,” I state.

I turn.  I look disappointed at Onyx.  I can tell my opinion of him must mean something because he walks closer to me and grabs me.  I’m sure he doesn’t mean it like that but it seems so intimate, to me at least.  The way he grabs me up and looks in my eyes is almost sentimental.  When he looks at me with those eyes I damn near melt.  Fuck, Onyx was so…perfect.  He didn’t even have to try.   The boy was sweeter than most of the organic sweeteners I found in the kitchen last night.

“I am that person,” he tells me, “I really am that guy.  You just got to get to know me more.  That’s all.”

“Do you believe having your soul wrapped up in a machine is a good thing?  I think it’s…I don’t know…cruel…”

“I never thought about it that way.  Copper was making it seem like it was the humane thing to do.”

“Of course he would,” I shake my head, “If only you knew…”

Onyx looks at me.  He gives me a weird stare.  He sits next to me, “Knew what?”

“Onyx there’s something I overheard.  I want to tell you because already I feel this connection with you.  Almost more than brothers.  Almost like we are two parts of a different coin.”

Onyx is shocked, “You feel that way about me?”

“Yeah.  And I want to share this with you, but I’m so scared it’ll come back to me.”

Onyx looks brave at that moment.  He looks tough.  He isn’t just that cute boy who is all about zen and good vibes at that moment.  Right now he looks serious and it’s even sexier.

“It won’t.  Tell me what you have to tell me.”


We get down to the pool.  Topaz is wrapped up with Ainsley as usual.  The girl has made it her business not to go anywhere without him.  I can see why though.  There are half naked girls all around this place and they have their eyes on the boys.  The boys aren’t really interacting.  I expect Copper to at least be flirting but he has his glasses on and is laying on a towel by the pool next to Topaz and Ainsley.  When Onyx and I walk out, he looks over at me.

“Great…he’s still here,” I hear Copper grunt.

Ainsley snickers a little bit when he does it.  It’s the slightest snicker.  The average person wouldn’t notice it.   I’m not the average person though.   She didn’t have the balls that Copper had, but I notice how she doesn’t look at me when I walk out.  Maybe she knows that it was me who was spying on her and Topaz.

“Be nice,” Topaz tells him.
Onyx comes and sits by the pool.  I’m standing next to him.

“Beautiful day.”

“You wearing that?” Copper asks, “You got to be kidding me.”

I didn’t have on a bathing suit.  I had on sweats.   Copper looks damn near disgusted.  I notice two other guys standing next to them.  Both of the boys laugh when they see I’m in sweats.   It must make Copper feel good to put people down.   As though knowing his body is the shit stands off to flaunt it a little bit.  He had another tattoo.  It was fresh.  He must have just gotten it earlier in the day.  It is his mother’s name.   He really was a mother’s boy, huh?

“He’s conservative,” Ainsley states, “I think it’s sweet.  Like a nun…”

She snickers a little bit with the backhanded comment.  I smile at her.  I thought it was cute how she made her little snide remarks like that.   She was pretty today as well, especially the way she grasped tight to Topaz as though he was going to realize one day that he could have any girl he wanted.  Yeah, she looked awesome like that.

Topaz pushes her off just long enough to come over to me, “C`mon Gem.  I want to introduce you to all my friends.”

“What’s the point?  We should have canceled this party.   Mom is in the hospital and we’re here fucking partying?” Copper states with his same rude ass look.

“Well maybe we shouldn’t keep her in the fucking hospital,” a voice states.

The tone is definitely combative.  We all turn and notice who it’s coming from.  It’s coming from Onyx.  He turns over to us with this extreme look on his face.  It’s a look that lets me know that he’s pissed.

“What’s up with you?” Topaz asks Onyx, “First Jericho says he’s too sick to show up to this and now you?”

Jericho didn’t show up.   Was he avoiding me?  How cute was that?   He couldn’t confront me after what happened yesterday.

“I want to take Mom off life support,”  Onyx states.


“He’s lost his fucking mind.”

“You’d love to make sure she stayed alive, wouldn’t you…even if that means she’s suffering,” Onyx tells Copper.

“What?”  Topaz asks, “Why would you say that?”

A few people are turning around.  It’s kind of clear that people are confused on what’s going on.  Onyx has this pissed off look on his face and it’s clear as day.

“Let’s talk about this in private,” Copper states.

“Good idea,” I state.

I get up at that moment.  Copper looks over at me, “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

Topaz puts his hand on my shoulder, “Hey Gem, you mind sitting this one out.  I think I just want to have a conversation with Copper and Onyx alone if that’s OK.”

Wow.  It was hurtful.  I look over at Onyx expecting him to say something in my defense but he’s too pissed right now to even realize that I’m being left out of the conversation.  So here I am nodding at that moment as Topaz puts his arm around Onyx and the three boys walk into the house.

I’m sitting at the pool and it’s killing me knowing they are having a conversation in there without my knowledge.  Why were they hiding from me?  They were treating me like I wasn’t family or something.  Sure, maybe I wasn’t…but that wasn’t the point.  You don’t treat people like that.  They weren’t really acting like nice people at this time.

I get up.

“Where are you going?” Ainsley asks me, “They wanted privacy…”

“I got to pee.”

I don’t wait for her to respond before walking off.  I try to go to another entrance to throw her off but when I turn back and see she’s gone back to sunbathing, I end up turning back around and heading into the patio area that leads into the kitchen.

I can hear the voices when I walk into the patio.  I can hear the arguing that is happening as I get closer and closer.  I sneak towards the threshold that leads to the hallway where the three boys are standing.   Copper has his arms crossed.  He’s too cool for school.  He’s too cool for this conversation.  He has one leg lifted and his back pressed.  Then there is Onyx.  His light skin makes it clear that his cheeks are red as all fuck.  He has his finger on Copper’s chest.  Topaz is trying to keep Onyx off of Copper.

They had already dropped the surprise.  I can see it on Topaz’s face.  The revelation that Jericho had been investigating hits them like a ton of bricks.

“He knew…he knew!”  Onyx is saying loudly.

“Even if I did, what does this have to do with keeping Mom on life support?” Copper asks.

“It’s cruel to do that,” Onyx states.

“First off, you’re 17.  You don’t get to make those decisions anyway,”  Copper responds.

“She’s suffering,” Onyx is stating, “And now it makes sense why you are so afraid to let her go in peace.  Now it all makes sense.”

“I want her alive because she is my mother and I love her.  Period,” Copper responds, “You think I’m some sort of monster.”

“You’re scared to let her go because you know what she’s been doing.”

“Did you know?” Topaz asks.

Copper struggles, “That’s not the point.”

He’s damn near giving himself up.  He knew.  He had to have known what was going on with his mother.

“She wanted him to go solo.  Every mother has their favorite…”  Onyx adds in.

Topaz is still questioning Copper.  I can tell he’s hurt.

That’s when he asks Copper in the clearest way.  He asks him in a way that Copper wouldn’t have the choice but to respond clearly.

“So you knew that when mom managed us she was stealing money from us and shuffling it into an off-shore account with your name on it so that you can start your own solo career?”

And just like that…there’s trouble in paradise…