A Nice Person, Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“This is nice…isn’t it?”  I ask.

It was all part of the plan.  What was the plan?  The plan was getting them all in the same room all at the same time.   We’re at lunch.  Topaz is sitting next to me.  Onyx is sitting across from him.   Copper has pulled up a chair and he’s barely sitting at the table.  He’s brought a black cloud with him even on this Sunny California day.  It’s the middle of the day.  It’s the only time I’m able to get the three brothers together.  We are in a nice restaurant.  It’s actually one of the nicest in the city.   It’s a rooftop.  It’s probably the nicest place I’ve ever eaten at.  It’s my idea but Topaz is fronting the bill.  You would think something like this would make them happy but that’s not the case.  Onyx is still being resistant to his feelings towards me and Copper is just out of it.

Luckily I have Topaz in my corner, “It’s perfect.”

Topaz looks at me and smiles.  It’s the perfect smile.

“Of course you think that,” Onyx states.

Topaz lifts an eyebrow, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Onyx looks at Topaz.  He looks at me. Then he looks in his phone, “Oh nothing.”

I watch as he starts texting.  It isn’t normal texting.  He’s texting frantically as though trying to get a point across.  I watch as he’s going off on his phone and I am honestly irritated.   The location may be swank.  It may be beautiful, but I’m not here for this.  I’m here for the brothers.  I’m here to make sure we were all on the same page.

“Onyx, can you please put your phone down?  Who are you texting?”

“Can we make this short?” Onyx asks, “I have a meeting with my counselor.”

Hearing Onyx mention his counselor pisses me off a little bit to tell you the truth.   I know it’s Syn.  Syn is still working that bullshit on him.

“He knows you here?” Topaz asks.

“Of course,” Onyx states, “I shared my location with him.  I told him I was invited.  He wanted updates.”

I can’t take it anymore.  I reach across the table and grab his phone straight out of his hand.  This causes him to stand up clearly feeling antagonized when I do it.  He doesn’t do anything after giving me this hard look though.  He just rolls his eyes and sits back down in the next few seconds.  I can tell he’s resisting me but I still had to mean something to him.  You don’t just shut your feelings off that quickly.   Not if he was falling in love with me like he said he was.

Maybe that’s why he looks away.  He stares out into the distance.  Onyx is having an internal struggle and I had to make sure he ended up on the right side.

“Things are going great,” I tell the team.

Onyx almost laughs, “Going great?  What’s going great?  Mom still being in the hospital with us not being able to come to a conclusion on what we are going to do with her?  Or is Ainsley’s suicide doing great? Or how about the fact that Jericho has completely abandoned us and no one seems to know where he disappeared to.”

“Things are falling apart…”

That last one comes from Copper.  It seems to be the first time he’s spoken all day.  He buries his head into the ground.  Something triggered him to come into the conversation.  It had to be Onyx bringing up Jericho.  Copper and I both knew where Jericho really was.  He was in the ground somewhere.  Jericho was dead.  Copper’s tone is heavy.  It’s dark. Still, he was talking after all this time.  He had finally seemed to snap into reality and that was more than I was expecting.   It causes the rest of us to turn and pay attention.

This was all part of the plan too.  You break them down and you build them up.

“It’s time to get your careers back on track.  All of your careers.”

“Our careers are fuckin’ done.  What part of that don’t you get?”  Copper states, “Everyone hates me…”

“Not everyone,” Topaz responds.

Topaz smiles at Copper in a way that Copper doesn’t expect.  It’s a friendly smile.  It’s a small step towards fixing the wounds that were between the boys but right now small steps were needed.  We didn’t need anything really drastic.  It just had to be one small step closer.    That was a part of the plan too.  It’s been a week working with Topaz to get him to really talk to Copper.  It’s been a whole week trying to make sure that he had what it took

“Family is important.  I think after everything we been through.  It’s time we realize that.  Especially if we want to rebuild your careers.”

Copper gives me a weird look, “That’s kind of hard with a shitty reputation.”

“Not to mention we don’t have a manager,” Onyx adds.

“You ought to tell them,” Topaz states.

“Tell us what?”

“I think I can step in to help manage you guys for a while,” I tell them.

I just throw it out there and almost immediately I can see there is tension as soon as I say it.  Of course, Topaz knew about it.   He was cool with it.  He’s agreed to it when I was sucking the soul out of his dick two nights ago.   The others two clearly don’t’ have that same type of feeling though.   Onyx crosses his arms and Copper just stares at me as though I’m speaking French.

“We never agreed to this,” Onyx shares.

“You don’t even know anything about managing man,”  Copper states, “You’re a baby…”

“Don’t sleep on him,” Topaz responds.

If it had come from me Copper probably would have pushed back but this was coming from Topaz.  I knew Copper desperately wanted to fix his relationship with Topaz.  Maybe that’s why when Topaz talks he decides not to argue back.  He retreats when Topaz puts in his two cents a little bit.  It’s great.  The only one still feeling argumentative was Copper.

“Nah that’s your job,” I hear Onyx whisper under his breath.

He says it low.  It’s really low, but I’ve made it out.  I wonder if Topaz suspects Onyx says something funny, but if he does, he completely ignores it.

He turns to me and smiles, “You should tell them.”

“Good news?”

“You guys are being honored at the Social Media Awards for your social presence.  You’re getting an award…”

“How is that possible?” Onyx asks, “I’m not complaining but…how?”

“I called them.  I made it happen,” I explain.

“They want to honor us with all the shit that we’ve been through this year?”  Copper asks.

He seems confused.  It was confusing.

“I worked out the kinks.  This will be the event to put us back on the map.”

“I already have you guy’s matching tuxedos picked out.  I hired a team to shoot a montage of all your videos that they’ll play for the audience. Already got speech writers working on your thank you speech.’

At this point, Copper and Onyx are exchanging glances.  They’re both somewhat shocked.

“He’s resourceful as fuck, isn’t he?”  Topaz asks with a smile.

“You pulled all that off in a week?” Copper asks.

I nod.  This lifestyle was a lot but it was easy to figure out.  It just took a little bit of manipulation.  After a few calls, I had the committee sold on the idea of the Monroe Brothers bringing sexy to the Social Media Awards.   I sold those people with everything that I had.  In the end, I had them eating out of my palms.  It was relatively easy, especially because I was the person who was talking to them.  I was a nice guy and being a nice guy got you far in life.

“That’s why I gave him access to our funds.  At this point, it’s like Jericho—who?”

Copper and Onyx stop at that moment.

Onyx shakes his head, “I don’t know…”

It’s clear the reluctance is coming out.  It’s because it was me.  This boy was clearly a problem and clearly a problem that I had to deal with sooner rather than later.  He’d gone from being the most gullible Monroe brother to the one who is becoming the biggest thorn in my side.

Luckily he is the youngest and I don’t think he was ever taken too seriously by his older brothers.  That is why Topaz turns to Copper.

“How do you feel Copper?”

A part of me knows at this moment Copper is just happy that his older brother who he loved and looked up to is giving him any sort of conversation whatever.  At this point, Topaz could literally tell Copper to donate a kidney and he would probably be all for it.

Copper agrees, “We do need a manager and I’m not going to say no to an award.  If you were able to make that happen…and Topaz is comfortable with it, then I’m down too.”

“I just said I wasn’t comfortable,” Onyx responds.

Topaz shakes his head, “Gem will help us out in the meantime until we find a permanent replacement for Jericho.  I already have interviews lined up for the position.  It’ll be filled in no time.”

What Topaz didn’t know was that I had reached out to all of those interviewers and let them know that the position was closed.  That’s what he gets for trusting me with the recruitment process.  If Onyx or hell, even Topaz for that matter, thought someone would be replacing Jericho anytime soon, he had another thing coming.

But he didn’t need to know that.

Not really.


The day goes by relatively well after that.  Sure, things were still awkward between Topaz and Copper but I think Copper was opening up a little bit more.  Maybe he was finally getting over the murder of Jericho.   Then there was Onyx.  Onyx on the other hand clearly was still closed off, at least to me.  Syn was in his head and god knows what Syn was filling his head with.

All I did know was that I needed to make sure things between us worked.

Maybe that’s why later that day that I head over to Onyx’s room.

“He’s not there,” a voice states.

I turn at that moment and see him. Copper is standing at the end of the hallway.  He scares the shit out of me because it’s kind of dark.  I can tell he’s out of it.

“Where is he?”

“Out with that counselor of his.”

“Well, I was hoping to talk to you anyway.”

“All ears.”

“In private.”

I put emphasis on the idea of privacy.  I needed to talk to Onyx but Syn was way too smart for that.  He was keeping Onyx relatively close for a reason.  Onyx was his way in.

I knew that time couldn’t be wasted worrying about Onyx.  If he was with Syn then he probably wouldn’t be willing to have a conversation anyway.  I had to focus my efforts somewhere else.

“This way,” he tells me.

I’m surprised when Copper pulls out the attic door.  From the attic, he leads me up a staircase that leads up to the roof of the building.  It’s quite beautiful overlooking the California valleys with the starry skies overhead.

“I’ve never seen this part of the house,” I state.

He doesn’t smile.  I can tell things are weird with him, “I come up here by myself sometimes.  Try to get away from all of the noise.”

He sits and looks out at the stars.  I can’t tell but to just be amazed by how attractive Copper is.  Sure he wasn’t this knight in shining armor like Topaz, but he never wanted to be.  He wasn’t this extreme pretty boy like Onyx too because he just didn’t care enough.  He slouches in a way that neither of his brothers ever would do as he looks up into the sky.  At that moment in that darkness, I swear I am beyond attracted to Copper.

It’s hard to sit down so close to him but I manage to do it, tugging my hard-on into my underwear further to conceal it.  I tug it real tight.

“Listen, I know things have been difficult.”

“Difficult is an understatement,” he explains.

“I just want to let you know that things are going to be better.  I promise,” I tell him, “With these awards coming up, I’m thinking I can start helping you with your music career too…”



Copper just shakes his head, “Nah.   I don’t want to do the solo thing.  Not anymore.”

I’m shocked by this.  Out of everyone I was expecting never to hear something like this from Copper.

“I thought you wanted to be a star.”

“At what cost?” he asks, “I almost lost Topaz.   And then look what happened to Jericho because I found you suspicious.”

“What happened to Jericho wasn’t your fault.  It was an accident.”

Copper doesn’t respond right then and there.  I am sure he blames himself.  If not for the death, then he blames himself for agreeing to hide the body.     I can see it all in his eyes.

“I don’t want the fame anymore,” he explains.

It’s shocking.

“What changed your mind?”

“With all the death around me, I just got to thinking.  My mother, Ainsley, Jericho.  I know mom’s not dead but you get the idea.  You get the point in all of this, right?”

I nod, “Sort of.”

“I just want to live.  I’d give it all up.  You know.  For normal life with someone, I care about.  Humility is what I’m talking about.  I want to give this identity all up.  Wish someone else could be Copper Monroe for the day.  Ever felt that?  Ever felt so much pain that you wish you were someone else?”

There is true emotion in Copper.  It’s so emotional for him that he puts his head down and sheds a few tears.  I can tell all of this is hitting him hard.  I knew even before this conversation.  Seeing his tears on display immediately tug at my heartstrings.

“All the time…” I state.

“You just want to escape.  It doesn’t matter where you go or what you meet at the end of the road, you just want to escape.  You just feel like the road ahead has to be better than the road you were down before.  No matter where that road leads, you’re willing to walk it.  What I wouldn’t give for that feeling of happiness.  I’d be willing to give anything.  Anything at all until I accomplished it.   That’s what we are here for, Gem.  That’s why we’re here on this Earth.  We are here to find happiness…no matter what.   Fall in love.  Live happily.  And I want it for me.”

My heart is beating heavy.  Halfway through Copper’s last words he reaches over and puts his hand on my hands.  The feeling is so intense that I get nervous.

This was hitting too close to home.

“Sorry,” I state realizing he’s disturbed by me snatching away.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No—I…no,” I respond.

All of a sudden I feel uncomfortable around Copper.  I’d had talks with the other boys before.  I had talks with Onyx about his hidden resentment of his oldest brother.  I had talked with Topaz about his need to be this amazing older brother.   None of that hit the mark, but for some reason this did.

Copper looks at me seeming freaked out by my reaction but then he stares out into the distance as though there was nothing else happening.

“Stay with me for a while.  I can use the company,” Copper states, “I don’t want to be alone.  Not anymore.”

Copper pats the space next to him.  It’s inviting.  His words are freaking me out though.  Something is hitting too close to home right now.  It’s as though Copper can look right into my soul and feel exactly who I am.

And I hate it.

“I should be getting to bed,” I state instead of sitting, “Goodnight Copper.”

“Goodnight, Gem.”


I get back to my room and I’m just feeling nervous about everything that just happened with Copper.  I’m so overwhelmed by it that I don’t realize there is a naked man on my bed.  I’m shocked when I turn and see a very naked, and very hard Topaz on my bed.

Topaz has one leg up on the bed.  His hard dick is sticking straight up.   His eyes are glued onto me with this intensity that would cause a whore to blush.

“You did this to me.”

“Did what?”

He looks down at his hard dick and pulls it three times slowly.  I can tell it’s oiled up because his hand glides up and down the base of the dick making sure that I can see every inch.  The thick dick almost makes my mouth drool.

“You did this…to me,” he states, “Being so perfect all the time.  You should come deal with it.  You should come to deal with this.”

I walk over to the bed at that moment.  I don’t hesitate to put his dick in my mouth, oil and all.  I can taste his skin on my lips and to the back of my tongue.  Immediately I’m beginning to gag up and down his dick.   He moans and thrusts upward starting to immediately fuck my face.  I wanted to suck the nut out of him.  I wanted to suck the soul out of his dick.

But just when things are getting good I stop.

I pull back.

“I can’t…” I state.

The thoughts of the conversation I just had with Copper are fresh in my mind.  The idea of being alone was coming into my head.  The idea that Copper was actually wanting to escape in the same way that I did.  It didn’t matter if he wanted to escape a mental prison or a privileged life.  The idea was being in a cage.  The fact was that there was someone else out there that felt like he would do anything it took to find true happiness.

Just like me.

“You don’t get to suck it, man, turn around—-I’ll about to feast on that ass and fuck you raw until I nut all up in that wet tight asshole that I love so much.”

He turns at that moment.  He puts me up against the wall and starts bending me over.  It isn’t until his tongue is about to lap up my ass like a dog lapping up water that I start thinking about Copper once again.

“Are you happy?” I ask him.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be happy?” he asks.

“Not right now.  Not in this moment.  I mean your life period.”

“My life is perfect.  Sure weird shit is happening now, but I’m not the type to stress over it.  I’m Topaz Monroe.  What the fuck wouldn’t I be happy with?”

He sounded so content.  He sounded so happy.  He also sounds like he doesn’t want to be having this conversation.  Maybe that’s why he stops and buries himself in my ass.  It’s not until he’s almost between my cheeks that I pull away almost immediately.

“Is this love?”


“Is this love?  You and me…”

“Of course.”

“No not like love like friends.  Is this what it’s like to be in love?”  I ask.

He shrugs, “It’s a bit more complicated than that.  You know that.  With our…situation.  You realize that what I and you are doing is more complicated.  We are just…living at the moment.  You know?  Having fun.”

“So it’s not real love?”

“Why are you talking like this?  We’re having a good time,” Topaz states, “I care about you.   But what did you expect to come from this?  Did you expect me to get married to you. my brother…”

“Didn’t matter if I was your brother when your dick was in my throat….”

Topaz looks irritated, “Listen my dick is hard.  If you want us to roleplay this whole love thing, let’s do it.”

“I’m tired of pretending…I want it to be real.”

I was tired of pretending with all of this.  How do I know if his feelings were really true if I’d just been manipulating him this whole time?  Was this love?  Was it?  Or was it just that manipulation.  I feel like I’d just purchased a car and committed to it but was having buyer’s remorse.  I made the decisions to have all three Monroe brothers fall in love with me but never took the chance to really allow one of them to fall in love with me.

And now I couldn’t get Copper out of my mind.

“It’s Onyx, isn’t it?” he asks.

“Onyx?”  I state, “No…”

Wrong brother.  Seems like Topaz had a habit of accusing the wrong brother at the wrong goddam time just like how he accused Copper of sleeping with Ainsley.

“It is him.  I ought to go beat his ass.”

I’m not sure if Topaz is serious or joking when he says the thing about beating his brother’s ass.  It’s hard to tell because he jumps off the bed when he does it in a dramatic way.

“He’s not even here.”

“He just got back.  He just got in his room.  I know what’s happening here.  I know why you’re acting weird.   He’s clearly got a crush on you.  I dare you to deny it…”

“Did he say anything?”

Topaz shakes his head, “He said…he was gay.  He came out to me.  I guess it’s because he suspected something between you and me.   He said he was falling in love with a guy.”

Yes, oh yes.

That was it.

The feeling.

The love.

“I have to go,” I state.

“Are you fucking serious?” Topaz asks me, “It’s you, isn’t it?  It’s you…”

I don’t answer Topaz.  I had no time.  I thought I missed real love with Onyx.  I thought he was fighting it.   If he was still having these feelings though that was something important.  That was something that meant the most.

It meant more than whatever Topaz had to offer me.

And I’m running.

I’m running to love.  I realize I’m just that kind of creature.  I’ll always run to love, no matter where it was.   I find myself at the end of the hallway.  I find myself damn near breaking down Onyx’s room door.  I’m ready to tell him that I love him back.  I’m ready to correct the mistake that I made.  I’m ready to completely cut off Topaz so that I could devote all my time to one man.  That’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re in love.  That’s where I got it wrong.

I didn’t need all the Monroe brothers.  I just needed one.  One to love.

“I love you!” I hear Onyx screaming.

“Onyx I love you too!”  I’m screaming at the top of my lungs when I see him in the bedroom.

Except, Onyx isn’t alone in his room.  Someone is with him.

Someone is having sex with him, to be specific.

And Onyx wasn’t talking to me either.  He was talking to the person he has bent over, giving the dick that belonged to ME.   He was giving it freely.  No, not just free.  He was giving it with love.

“Hello there,” a familiar voice states.

That’s when I see who Onyx is fucking.  He’s fucking Syn.