2nd Earth, Chapter 6

Chapter 6



“You nervous?”

I’m about to meet the leader of the Antlien race. I was actually acting as some sort of Diplomatic ambassador of the human race to help control the fate of a multi-species war. Fuck, yes, I was nervous. I was beyond nervous. The person who is asking me about this though is Lucky. He is looking at me dead in my face and asking me about this and I don’t know how to react.


“Of course not,” I tell him, “I got this.”


“Really because you’re sweating. You look like your going to be sick.”


I felt like I was going to be sick. I felt dizzy at that moment. The pressure was getting to me. It was clear. I am in this stuffy ass room about to do something that would mean more than I could ever imagine. I had accidentally killed the leader of one alien race and was about to have a one-on-one with the leader of an alien race that literally had the ability to fuck humans to death.

I get up off the table, “I just need a breath of fresh air.”




His voice sounds faint and almost far away. I am attempting to get up and go to the door. I don’t make it anywhere close before the door opens at that moment.


“I’m fine,” I state.


I wasn’t fine. I was nauseous as fuck. I can feel this heaviness in my chest. I know I’m not going to be good. All of a sudden the door opens and Jonathan walks in. He has with him a tall statuesque figure. The man is young and godly looking. His skin has a light tint of green to it but he still has these beautiful characteristics that seem like the most perfect homo sapien.


He isn’t alone. He has two Antliens with him. They are guards or maybe counterparts. I’m not sure. They stand towards the wall. They are just as handsome as the leader. They have these handsome features similar to what he has. All these Antlien men just ooze sexuality. It’s not just how handsome they are. It’s the fact that their bodies all have this slim, toned, model-like look to them. They aren’t muscular. They are lean and ripped. They all have the bodies of Olympian swimmers. They have nothing more than some sort of leather underwear on that barely covers their private parts.

The Antlien man is staring at me with wonder in the same way that I’m staring at him. He is tall, about 6’1” but he has these perfect antlers on his head that make him look almost like a giant. They stand over his head like some sort of crown. He looks maybe in his 20s or early 30s. His face is beyond perfect. His eyes are beautiful. They glare at me when he walks in the room with all this majesty to them.


I wish I looked half as good as him.


“You must be the Constable,” the tall statuesque leader of the Antlien species says.


The problem is he doesn’t say it to me. He reaches his hand out as though perfectly familiar with human traditions. He offers his hand to Lucky though. I feel offended, to say the least. The fact that he thought this tatted up thug was the guy who they put in charge made me feel even more like shit.


“Actually he is,” Lucky states.


I am bent over at the table. The Antlien man looks at me as though he wasn’t expecting it.


“Is he…OK?” he states.

Lucky doesn’t know how to answer that. He looks at me and I’m just standing there looking dumb. This was probably one of the biggest moments of my career and I was freezing up like a coward. I shove my hand against my body’s will towards the handsome Antlien leader.


“I am Katashi Honda, assigned Human constable of this division.”


“My name is Kaden Williams. Let’s sit Mr. Honda. We have much to discuss.”


We both sit at that moment.


“Thank you for coming here,” I state, “Kaden Williams right?”


“My brother was Billy Williams. I was hoping to ask you where he is.”


Billy. I’m confused at that moment. I thought Billy was human. Was he just in disguise like the Dryads were capable of doing? Or was there something else going on here?


“He ran away,” Lucky answers before I can say anything.


I wish he would say it with a little more…sensitivity.


“That’s impossible,” Kaden responds, “Billy wouldn’t just leave. Not like that.”


He seems so sure. I am confused about why Billy left the way he did as well. It was sudden. It was abrupt. He seemed to be worried about something when he left. I figured he was just running away from the Antlien sexuality or maybe the Dryad pregnancy threats, but Jonathan let me know that Billy was under some sort of protection. So why was it? Why the hell did Billy leave the way he did? Why did he abandon humanity when we needed his help so badly?


“We don’t know what happened to Billy,” I stated, “Hopefully one day we can all get answers to why he left so suddenly but until then, unfortunately, you’ll have to work with me. I know I couldn’t replace your brother in your eyes.”


He smiles at me, “It’s not unfortunate. I am glad to meet you and thank you for your concern? I’m sure Billy will turn up shortly with an explanation.”


“Is Kaden Williams a human translation of your name?”


The other Antliens across the room laugh a little. I swear Lucky rolls his eyes at that moment. I can tell he’s judging everything that I’m doing in this room and he’s going to run back and tell Kane.


“You’re joking,” Kaden states.

“I don’t know much about you.”


Kaden Williams sighs a little bit, “You don’t have to talk to me like I’m some illegal alien. Do you hear an accent? I was raised on Earth, with a human family. Upon maturity, I became myself and found my place among my own people.”


“I apologize,” I state.


He is well spoken. I can’t take my eyes off of him. The guy is fucking perfect. I find myself looking at his lips as he talks more than him. His lips are just perfect. They look so fucking kissable. His tall lean body sitting in the chair seems to have no fat on it what-so-ever. What I would do to be that chair that he’s sitting on right now with his perfect green tinted ass perched on it.


“It’s fine. I can understand the confusion with all the drama going on,” he explains, “The Dryads are an aggressive race and they are holding onto one of my people. I was hoping you could be a mediator to stop this senseless violence.”


He seems very diplomatic. Far more diplomatic than his people who were outside shooting at the Dryads with these hi-tech weapons. Hopefully, his diplomacy was authentic and this could be someone I could work with.


“We hope to reach an agreement. GQ was actually detained for helping save me. I would love nothing more than to see him released.”


“The Dryads are an extremely primitive species. They think with their sexuality.”


“Which is why I wanted to bring you here as well,” I state, “GQ and Sire actually crossed the line sexuality with me in a way that I don’t agree with.”


I shy away from saying I was raped. That’s not what happened. I wanted it. Let’s be serious. GQ and Sire were sexual. It’s just how far they went. It’s how far they kept going.

Kaden doesn’t seem to be surprised at this though. His face looks heavy. Real heavy. I can see it all outlined on him.


“I sincerely apologize. We have laws against these sort of things among the Antliens. None of us are allowed to have sex with a human. GQ and Sire will be disciplined once this is all resolved. I assure you of that.”


The heaviness that he shows at that moment makes me think that this is somewhat personal for him. I look in his eyes and he seems so…human to me. He seems more human at that moment then the Dryads or the Familiars. He seems more human than the busy Priors. Right now he just seemed like he really regretted what GQ and Sire did deeply.


“Thank you,” I state, “Thank you for understanding.”


“I’ve wanted to be with a human before,” he explains to me, “More than anything. Antliens who were raised on Earth do still find that attraction to humans sometimes irresistible. I mean…look at you…”


I smile. Was he calling me irresistible?


“Can it be controlled?” I asked.


“At times. I’m probably old enough to be your father. I haven’t had sex since I was in my 20s…”


“You’re that old?” I ask, “You look amazing for your age.”


“Well thank you. Antlien technology keeps us looking young. You look amazing for yours,” he states glaring at me in a way that makes me feel like a piece of meat.

Was he flirting? If he was, I loved every single moment of it.


That’s when I feel a kick underneath the table. It’s hard as hell. It’s coming from Lucky. He’s trying to keep me on track.


I clear my throat and proceed, “If we can get the Dryads to release GQ, would you be willing to have your people stand down and perhaps sign a peace treaty.”


“A treaty?”


“This district needs laws. We are all aliens…to one another,” I explain at that moment, “I’m hoping that we can have some control in this city.”


“You mean…if YOU can have some control in this city.”


I hesitate to realize that I’m coming off aggressive, “Well…”

“That’s exactly what he means,” Lucky interrupts, “Humans are in control of the colonies. We are in charge.”


Lucky’s aggression is definitely not what I’m wanting at that moment. I watch as Kaden Williams, of the Antlien race, looks Lucky up and down. He’s weighing him out. He looks me up and down as well. I can see this sense of agitation in his eyes. The look definitely doesn’t seem right.


“Antliens are a proud race. We don’t take kindly to being told what to do.”


“Those are our terms,” Lucky responds, “You’ve lived with humans, Mr. Williams. You know how we are too. Sooner or later, we will get our way.”


It’s getting heated. That’s, to say the least. I watch how the two men look at each other. At this moment it’s all pride and gloating. I can feel the tension in the air at that moment. It’s thick, to say the least.


“Mr. Honda, I thought you were the constable…”


“Gentleman,” I interrupt at that moment realizing things are getting worse, “We are on the same team here, aren’t we? If the wording is an issue let’s not say humans are in charge. Let’s just say this is a partnership. A partnership of peace.”


I am happy when Kaden’s face softens a bit.


He gets up at that moment.


“Can I give you my answer in the morning?” he asks.


“Yes…of course.”


“It was nice to meet you Constable,” he states.

He shakes my hand again. It’s firm. He glares in my eyes and I feel like he exposes my soul. Fuck this man was sexy as hell and a part of me just wanted to follow him and suck the skin off his dick. I had to keep it professional though. Besides, I’d seen what Antliens were like sexually. No matter how hot it was, it was something that I don’t think I could handle.



The day was eventful. Driving home I can tell Lucky is upset about something though. The look on his face says it all. It isn’t until we pull up to my apartment that he says something though.


“You should have forced him to give us an answer,” he states, “You shouldn’t have let them believe this was a partnership. You are Constable. You are in charge of that district.”


“So I should have just insulted them like you did?”


“I didn’t insult them. I let them know the truth. They wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for us.”


“These people want peace. Just like us. They want a new start. Just like us.”


“That’s the problem,” Lucky tells me looking angrier by the moment, “They aren’t people. If you would stop thinking with your dick or your ass you would see that.”


“Excuse me.”


“You and the Antlien leader were flirting the entire meeting,” Lucky responds with this angry glance, “Is this how you are going to lead your district.”


I feel this anger at that moment. Maybe we were flirting but we didn’t say anything over the line. I knew how Lucky looked at me though. He thought I was a hoe because of the whole thing with Kane and Selah. I can see it in his eyes even when he looks at me right now. He just seems disgusted. He probably would want to be anywhere else but working with me. He’s was judging me all through the meeting and this wasn’t any better.


“You don’t know a thing about me,” I tell Lucky.


Lucky looks at me, “All I know is what you show me. And what you show me is a guy who doesn’t have any morals and whose first concern in life is what is in his pants.”


“And it worked.”


He rolls his eyes, “Wow…”


“Listen, Lucky,” I state getting out of his jeep, “I don’t know who you think you are but I’m in charge. Like you stated. If using my sexuality works to make peace then I’m going to do it. If I have to fuck and suck my way to peace, I’m going to do that too. And if you don’t like it I suggest you talk to Kane and get transferred.”


He is disgusted when he looks at me. I can tell and I don’t give a fuck.


“Is that clear?” I ask.


“100 percent,” he responds, “Just so you know…if peace isn’t made by the end of the week…this falls to me to straighten things out.”


“What does that mean?”


“That means I’m taking the best UCE soldiers and we are going into the Home Station. We are going to detain and imprison all aliens who go along willingly…and the others, will be eliminated.”


My heart drops at that moment.

Was this the plan all along? Was this why Kane sent his muscle along with me.


“You wouldn’t?”


He doesn’t wait before driving off, speeding off actually. I can see the look of disgust all over his face at that moment. I’m not sure why but I can just tell that things between us are only going to get worse.




The next day I go to the Home Station and Lucky isn’t there. My heart is racing. I don’t have anyone to confide in. Jonathan is there with a smile as usual but what the hell do I tell him? Do I tell him that the humans are going to attack them if this infighting didn’t stop? How would he react? I was here to be diplomatic. I was here to decrease the tensions and now I realized I was just someone sent in a last ditch effort to pull the aliens to heel.

And the pressure was beyond anything that I ever knew.


“Lucky didn’t come today?” Jonathan asks.


He has a smile on his face. He has no idea what’s waiting for him if I don’t get the peace treaty signed.


“No…he’s busy.”


“Well I took it upon myself to draft up the peace treaty,” Jonathan stated, “I will be representing the Familiars, Kaden Williams will be representing the Antliens and Tsk Tsk will be representing the Priors.”


I turn to a table where I see the Prior they call Tsk Tsk. He or she is the biggest of the Priors and by far the most threatening looking creature in the room. To know that this large mutated animal is probably the least threatening was amazing to say the least. He doesn’t seem the least bit interested in me, which being in the Home Station and experiencing the Dryads and Antliens is definitely a welcome departure. He stares at the peace treaty in front of his face attempting to make heads or tails of what it is. I’m hoping there is a translator but at this point the Priors are my least concern.


“And the Dryads.”


“I thought we already had an understanding that they want you dead,” Jonathan states.


“The only understanding that I have is that I need to get them in this peace agreement,” I state.


It’s clear Kaden Williams is listening in because he adds relatively fast, “Good luck with that. The Dryads are primitive beasts like I told you. They don’t understand the concept of diplomacy. They are stubborn and don’t listen to anyone. It might be best to have the humans aid us.”


“That’s not going to happen!”


I don’t know how to say it without really just going in and saying it. Kane was willing to destroy every last alien if they got in his way. I couldn’t allow that to happen. This peace treaty meant everything.


Jonathan shakes his head, “I don’t know what to tell you.”


There he was. The Familiar cowards that I’ve come to find irritating. I’m glad that Lucky didn’t show up but I’m pissed at the fact that because Lucky isn’t here Jonathan feels like he can hide in his shell once again.
Kaden gets up at that moment, “The new leader is Midas. It’s his father that you killed.”






“You know of him?” Kaden asks.


“Something like that.”


“I can put together a small force,” Kaden tells me, “We can force Midas and the Dryads to come to the table.”


I’m thankful that Kaden is actually doing something to help me unlike Jonathan but at the same time, it scares me to death to think that more violence would be the only way to come to the table.


I have no choice at this point.


“I’ll go alone.”


There is a pause. Even Tsk Tsk seems to somewhat understand enough of what I said to seem surprised or at least interested. It’s the first time he’s lifted his head to look over at me since I’ve entered the room. I’m standing there looking at these alien races trying to put on a brave face but truth was I was scared to death.


“The human mind continues to perplex me,” Jonathan states.


Kaden has a different reaction. He grabs onto my arm, “Listen, I would love to work with you but that would be a death wish. They want you dead.”


“If that means peace.”


“You would die for peace?” Kaden asks me.


They all look at me. At this moment, it’s do or die. I was tasked with this mission for a bigger reason. It was bigger than anything I’ve ever done in my life. The fate of multiple species laid in my hands. Sure enough the Dryads wanted me dead. That was their condition to come to the negotiation table. I had killed their leader and rightfully so they wanted me dead.

If that meant peace for all of these people then death was OK with me.


“Take me to them,” I state.


There is a pause. Jonathan, Tsk Tsk and Kaden all seem to have a reluctance to do that. It’s Kaden who turns and looks past me, “Do you agree with this?”


I’m confused on who he is looking at but I look behind me and see none other than Lucky. He’s here. He’s not only here but he’s listened to everything that I just stated.


I wonder what he thinks now. It’s hard to read him as always. He just is examining the room with this cold silent treatment.

That’s when Lucky just nods, “Show us how to find the Dryads.”




The area the Dryads live is on the outskirts of the Home station. It’s a bit of a walk. Jonathan takes us due to the hostilities between the Antliens and the Dryads. This area of the city isn’t nearly as nice as the area that I’ve seen. The buildings are not as tall. There is more water but it’s not a pure water. It’s city like, unnatural ponds formulated with a strange red tint to them. I wonder what this all means as I get closer and closer. I can feel danger all around me even though we don’t run into any Dryads.


“If anything goes down, stay behind me,” Lucky states.


I’m confused on why he’s speaking all of a sudden but as we get closer I see figures, sulking between the buildings. This must be the slums of the Home Station. The buildings are a lot closer. They are jammed between alleys. The only relief from the constant buildings are the areas of red water that expand. It’s almost as though they are hiding when I see the shadows moving quickly between the buildings. It’s almost like they are on guard.


“Why’d you come back?” I ask Lucky.


Lucky sighs, “Believe it or not I don’t want a bad outcome to this. I’m going to have to do what I have to do, but I want this to end out positively. Even if you are the one who has to deliver that positive outcome.”


I wonder if that meant he had some hope that I might succeed here.


“What if that means I die?”


“I don’t plan on letting you die,” he explains.


“What do you care?”


Lucky has been nothing but a dick to me. The fact that he was acting like he cared now was an annoyance if anything.


“There aren’t a lot of us left,” is his response.


It’s as though that makes it any better. He was basically telling me the only reason he didn’t want me murdered by Dryad’s bloodthirsty for revenge was because there weren’t a lot of humans left. It just put things into perspective again. Regardless of the differences Lucky and I had everyone was so sectioned off. Everyone cared about their own race. Everyone cared about the survival of their own species.


How would we survive the Upsetters if we didn’t band together?


If me dying had to be that glue I was willing but it would have been nice to hear something different before I made that sort of sacrifice. I guess that’s the best I can get from someone like Lucky so I just shut up and nod.


“We’re surrounded,” Jonathan states.


“What the hell are you talking about?” Lucky asks.


I’m confused too but Jonathan points up and I see what he’s talking about. From the heights of the building, tentacles start to descend all over us. There are so many of them. I watch as Jonathan sort of steps to the sides. He isn’t going to be any help and Lucky and I both know that. Maybe that’s why Lucky pushes me into the nearest wall and pulls out his pistol.


He takes aim at the creatures starting to surround us from all angles in this dark alley.


“Don’t shoot,” I warn him.


The sky of the 2nd Earth seems tinted even more in Home Station. Maybe it’s the invisibility technology. All I know is it’s so dark. I’m so afraid and yet I know I can’t attack them. I have to be brave. It’s not about me. This was bigger. This was about peace. This was about unity.


I don’t know if Lucky is listening to me tell him not to shoot because his finger seems itchy on the trigger. It isn’t until I walk up to him and slowly press on his knuckles to lower his weapon. He resists at first but I press harder. The last thing we needed was him to make a mistake. Not another mistake. Not like the one I made.

I didn’t understand these Dryads. I didn’t understand their culture. I felt threatened. I made a horrible mistake. I needed to make amends.


“You have a lot of nerve coming here?” a voice states.


I turn and I see Midas.


“I want to offer my apologies for what I did to your father,” I tell Midas, “I was frightened. I lashed out. My culture is different…”


“Your human apologies don’t bring my father back,” Midas explains, “We were to give you the ultimate gift. We were to bless you. You would have given birth to the next leader of the Dryads. This would have bonded humans to Dryads forever. And you paid us back with violence. Give us one reason why we shouldn’t tear you apart right now.”


“You can try if you want to. Something happens to him and all of human hell will rain down on you,” Lucky warns Midas at that moment.


“Lucky!” I scream out.


It’s too late, Lucky pulls out his gun. Yet again.


“We’re not afraid,” Midas explains, “We’ll show you that.”


I can’t believe Lucky just ruined yet another situation. I watch as he backs up at that moment to take aim. I see the Dryads coming at us. They are coming from everywhere. Midas is leading the charge. His large tentacles aiming at me.

This isn’t going to turn out good!


This isn’t going to turn out good at all!


I see his eyes but I realize he isn’t looking back at me. He’s looking down. All of a sudden he just stops. He stops cold in his tracks.


He raises a tentacle straight into the sky.


I notice the other Dryads stop as well.


“What’s happening?” I ask Lucky.


Lucky shakes his head, “I don’t know…”


The Dryads keep staring at me. Midas is looking at me with this look of wonder all of a sudden. Whatever hate and distrust he has seems gone. He has a smile on his face. A sense of happiness.


“You accepted,” he states.


“Come again?” I ask.


“You accepted my gift,” he tells me.


I’m so confused. He has this smile on his face. All of a sudden he changes. Now he doesn’t have his tentacles. They shrink and leave him. Now there is just a beautiful naked man running up to me and pressing his body up against me. Lucky looks like he’s nervous but before long we both see this embrace isn’t threatening. It’s nothing more than a hug.


“What’s happening?” Lucky asks yet again.


That’s when Midas gets on his knees. He presses his hand to my stomach. He has this look of awe all over him.


“You’re pregnant,” he tells me.