2nd Earth, Chapter 4

Chapter 4



“What do they want from me?”



“Don’t worry,” Jonathan tells me, “Of course you should be afraid.  Dryads can rip you in half if they want.  I do have some advice though.  Some advice that would save your life.  Dryads won’t hurt you unless you resist.”

“Resist what.”

“What they want to give you.”

“What the hell do they want to give me?”

“They want to impregnate you.”

I look at Jonathan.  I think he’s joking.  I don’t think Familiars joke though.  He isn’t smiling.  He isn’t even slightly amused by the information he’s giving me.  He just has this face on. This familiar fucking face that is getting on my nerves the more I look at it.  He’s so goddam calm.  So goddam comforting.  I didn’t want to be comforted right now.


“Come again?”

“Before Familiars moved to Earth we lived among Dryads.  We learned their ways.  We took their bodies.  In the same way that we took yours.  We learned their customs.  They can impregnate other living creatures, male or female.”

“I’m not understanding.”

“After living as a Dryad for many years I refer to this as ectogenesis to describe pregnancy in humans provided by an artificial womb.  Dryad males have semen that produces an incubator in human intestines like the equivalent of a human womb.  The umbilical cord is threaded out of the Dryad incubator, allowing oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the fetus through the umbilical vein.  The fetus breathes and swallows Dryad-manufactured amniotic fluid which flows in and out of the incubator delivering nutrients to stimulate fetal growth.”

“I don’t care how it fucking works.  I want to know why they are doing it.”

“It’s just how they are.  It’s Dryad culture.  Hm…think of it as…a gift.  This gift is usually highly selective for the Dryads.  They don’t impregnate anyone.  It’s an honor.  The Dryads respect you as their leader and would like to give you a gift.  I’m trying to think of the human equivalent.  Think of it…as Christmas!”

“I’m not giving birth to a FUCKING alien baby,” I state.


“For all intents and purposes, the fetus will replicate human.  You don’t have to worry about it being a Dryad.  For years Familiars took the form of Dryads and reproduced with one another to create other Familiars and keep our race going.  This is a good thing.”

“A good thing.  You think me having a fucking baby is a good thing.  What the FUCK is wrong with you?”

“I sense human anger coming from you,” Jonathan states, “It’s always odd experiencing that even after all these years. I know the humans must repopulate.  Surely it would help if men were able to carry human babies as well.  Correct?”



Jonathan has it all thought out.  He thought this was a good thing.  It’s so clear that he doesn’t understand the idea that people just don’t have babies because they want to help the human population reproduce.  If he thought that was the case than this motherfucker didn’t know a thing about me.

By the way he is standing there it is becoming more and more clear that he’s not going to be any help.



“I’m getting the fuck out of here.”

“I wouldn’t resist.  If you refuse their Christmas gift the Dryads will look at this as highly offensive.  You will be in danger.  You need to be in, what do you humans call it, the holiday spirit.”


I storm out of the room at that moment with Jonathan looking completely confused.  I’m running as fast as I can down the hallway.  My heart is racing.  I can’t believe I’m in this fucking predicament.  As I get to the hallway it seems like the lights in this futuristic structure start flickering.  Something is coming.  My heart is beating faster as I start walking faster and faster to the podium where I ascended.  Before I get to it I hear something.


I turn back and see all the lights go out suddenly.




I’m so afraid.  My heart is beating a million miles per minute.  I don’t know what the hell is happening here.  I’m so afraid that I can hear my heart beating.  Thump.  Thump. Thump.  It gets louder and louder and then I see the slightest flicker of light and then I see them.  Tentacles.  Large flesh toned tentacles moving towards me.

“No…get away from me!”

In a flash one of the tentacles grabs onto my leg.



I feel it pulling me.  I smash at the tentacle.  I smash hard.

“Don’t…resist…” the warning comes.

It echoes almost like a million voices talking at once.  I feel so afraid when I see what the tentacle is attached to.  There is this long slimy scary creature.  Part of it looks almost human but the other half looks something so strange.  The flesh toned tentacles pull me as I struggle kicking and screaming but the tentacles are too strong.  They are much too strong.


“FUCK YOU!” I scream.

I do the only thing I can think of.  I bite the tentacle.  I bite it as hard as I can be hoping it releases me but it only makes the creature angrier.


All of a sudden, I feel the tentacle snap grabbing onto me and thrashing my body up against the wall!  Within a matter of seconds, I completely lose consciousness…


I wake up in a room.  I’m completely naked.  It’s so dark that I can’t see anything but there is a flashing bright light over me.  I try to move but I’m being restrained.  I look and see what is restraining me.  The flesh colored tentacles are holding onto me.  There are more.  The tentacles are attached to monsters hiding in the pitch-black darkness.  It’s so dark that I can’t even see what they are attached to, but I am not alone in this room.  There are many of them.  They hold onto my hands, my ankles and when I try to look around too much a tentacle goes across my neck to pull me back down and keep me still.  I’m floating in the air suspended by these tentacles.

“What the hell is happening here?”  I state, “Let me go…”


I notice objects on the side of the table I’m on.  They are blunt objects.  I haven’t seen anything like them before.  They aren’t human.  One looks almost like a silver claw.  I’m scared wondering what those things are used for.

“Don’t struggle,” a strange alien accent states speaking human words.

I can’t place the accent or really describe it.  It’s nothing I’ve heard on Earth before.  I can understand it of course but it’s such a strange accent to me.


“Please let me go…please…”

The more I struggle the tighter they become.  They are so tight that tears start forming in my eyes.


“I can lose the tentacles”  the voice states.  “Once I do I resemble a human.  Would that form please you?”  the person states.

I don’t get a chance to respond when I see a naked man step out of the shadows.  He’s handsome.  He’s tall, dark with a bald head.  He looks like he may be in his early 20s.  He has hands like a human, a face like a human, eyes like a human.  It isn’t completely human though.  There is something off but I can’t put my finger on it.  Eyes that are a little too far a part or a neck that is a little too long.  But unlike the Familiars there is nothing comforting about this man.  Regardless of if he had tentacles or not, it was clear this thing standing in front of me was alien.

It looks at me with this unapproachable stare.  It has this coldness that sends a shiver down my spine.


The naked man walks towards me, “Is this better?”

I notice something else that I haven’t noticed before.  I notice the penis in between his legs. Yes, this wasn’t something human.  At first, I think he hasn’t gotten rid of one of the tentacles.  Maybe he forgot to hide it in his skin somehow.  I didn’t know how they hid them.  Did the tentacles go back in their bodies or did they completely detach?  Either way I think it’s a smaller tentacle.  Surely that’s what it is, until he gets within arm’s length and I see what it is.  It’s a dick.


“Oh god…”

I’m panicking.  The penis must be 14 inches soft.  It has the look of a human penis.  It is uncut with a thick foreskin over the head.  The thick head peeps out and as he gets closer more and more of the head of the dick is revealed.  The testicles are bigger than most humans I’ve known as well.  They are tightly tucked away behind the dick.  As he gets closer the dick brushes up against my arm.   It moves from side to side in a way that I’m not sure a human penis can do as though having some sort of additional muscle.

“I’ve never seen a human male up close personally,” he states, “Back in the Dread Fort they kept us locked away from everyone.”

“The Dread Fort?”

“I think you know it as Area 51.  I barely got to interact with humans.  This has been a long time coming.  It’s an honor to meet you. What do they call you?”


“I’m Midas.”

For the moment he looks at me and he seems almost…human in the way he was talking.  He knew enough to introduce himself to me.


“So, you are Billy’s replacement,” he states, “For years we have been at war with the Antliens who refused us giving Billy our essence.   Those Antliens are jealous creatures.   Jealous that we can produce something they can’t…offspring.  Well now, Billy is gone and you are ours.”

I start panicking.

“No.  No please…wait.”

“Why are you begging me to stop?” he asks, “I don’t understand human ways.  In my culture, it is an honor for me to grant my essence to you.  I am doing this because you are Billy’s replacement.  A constable.  The leader.  This is a great honor.”

“I just don’t want it…”

“Don’t want it!  You refuse ME! Am I not attractive to you?” he states, “Our species evolved like the humans besides the tentacles of course.  The other Dryads felt like I was the most attractive.  Do you think I’m not attractive enough for you?”

When he does that he looks offended.  His face is flourishing red with heat.  I can see the look of anger and dismay all over him.  I remembered what Jonathan stated.  They got highly offended if they didn’t give you their gift.


“It’s just…I am not ready.”

“I see…”

When he says it I almost think that he is understanding.  He doesn’t seem so angry at that moment.  I’m hoping that maybe I have a chance here.

“It’s not that I don’t want your essence,” I plead, “It’s just…I feel as though I haven’t earned it.  As your Constable, I feel like I should learn the ropes of this place first.  I should learn more about Home Station.  I should earn it.”

He nods the whole time he’s listening to me.  Am I getting through to him?  Is this working?


“It’s OK.  I insist,” he says out of nowhere.

“No wait,” I scream.


I don’t get the chance before the tentacles start moving me.  They turn me and place me on the ground doggy style.  They restrain me holding me still for him.  They bend me over.  Suddenly, I feel the long thick instrument enter my body.  I scream out.  I’m already sore from the Antliens.  I had barely recovered from that and yet again I was being penetrated.  It’s not just that either.  I feel like something else is happening.


He isn’t thrusting inside of me.  No.  Not in the normal way but there is movement.


“What the fuck is happening?” I ask.


He isn’t moving his hips but somehow, he is fucking me.  It’s almost as though his dick is growing inside of me.  It grows and shrinks and then grows again.  It’s almost as though someone is blowing up a balloon and then letting some air out of it.  It happens repeatedly.  The alien grabs me pulls me up.  I can feel the tentacles all around my body but it’s his long tongue that enters my mouth as he begins to kiss me.

The kiss is surprisingly intimate.  It’s more intimate than I think.  I don’t know how it happens but I feel one of the tentacles grabbing onto my dick.  Before I know it, I’m being jerked off by the Dryad aliens.  I let out deep moans and all my moans are captured in the mouth of Midas.

For a moment, I am almost turned on.  It feels fucking good.  I’m letting go and it starting to feel amazing.  As soon as he lets me go I find myself arching my back feeling this new experience rage through my body.


“Damn, that kind of feels good.”

“You like it?”

“Yes, fuck yes!”

I almost forget about everything when I arch my back and let him do his thing thrusting his hips in and out of me.  The tentacles are all over my body and for some reason, these ligaments feel good. They’ve loosened their grips around me.  Soon they are doing nothing more than rubbing onto me.  It’s like having a thousand hands touching you at once intimately.  They are rubbing on my dick, brushing through my hair, tickling my abdomen.  It feels amazing.


“I knew you would enjoy this once you stop resisting.  Here.  Let’s face each other.  I read humans enjoy intimacy.”

I don’t even have to get up.  The tentacles assist me in turning around and propping me up onto Midas.  The tentacles slide my ass cheeks aside, play with my hole a little bit as though preparing me to get penetrated again.  They slowly guide me onto Midas’s thick pulsating, growing cock.  I feel it inside of me so deep and yet fitting so perfectly.


I thought this would be so much more painful but it’s not.  It feels perfect.



“Kiss me,” I tell him.

I look at Midas really for the first time.  He’s right.  This is a level of intimacy that I’ve never really experienced with a human.  I don’t know what gets into me but I’m looking at Midas and Midas is looking at me.  Our eyes just connect.  He holds me as though he’s spent his whole life preparing for this moment training on how to please a human when it came to it.


“You’re beautiful,” he tells me.


He presses his hands against my cheek.  He does it so slow as though he’s trying to remember how my skin feels after this is all over.  I watch how he looks at my eyes with this wonder.  He looks at my mouth.  He tastes my mouth.  His kisses are slow…so slow.  It’s almost like he wants to taste every inch of me.  He wants to value these moments.


I don’t know what comes over me.  Here was this bald, handsome man who was just as attractive as anyone I’ve ever dated and he was literally worshipping me.  I can see how he glides his hands up and down my body.


“Where the hell you been all my life?” I ask Midas.

“I took the name Midas because all my life I’ve been training for this moment.  I’ve been training to give someone my golden touch.”


It sure the hell was a very golden touch.

“Deeper, it feels so good…”

“Tell me when to stop.”

Just then he grows his dick.  It’s almost as though he can make his dick as big or as small as I need it to be.  I’m shocked when it touches a point deep inside of me that I didn’t think I would ever know.  He pushes up against my prostate and looks deep in my eyes seeing how I react to the sensation.  There is a sparkle with Midas.  He’s valuing these moments.

It’s crazy that it takes an alien to make me feel this special.


“Yes…fuck me…fuck me…”

“I’m cumming.  How many babies do you want?” he asks me, “I can make it happen.”

Just then I snap back into reality.  He was cumming.  No.  Hell no!  I reach over at that moment and grab the blunt object.  The other Dryads don’t see it coming but I pull myself off Midas and hit him hard on the head.  Midas falls to the ground. He’s knocked out.


That’s when I take off.

“STOP HIM!”  I hear one of the other Dryads scream out.

I’m naked and running my ass off.  I’m running as fast as I can.  I get to the end of the hallway and I’m just naked.  I’m just naked and running.  The Dryads are after me.  They are attempting to pull me back!

I can’t go back!

I can’t fucking have a baby…even if sexy as Midas was the one giving it to me.



I grab the blunt object and throw it as hard as it can at the Dryad that is chasing me. He falls to the ground.  He turns and attempts to come at me.  This is when I see the Dryad in it’s true form.  Part human, part octopus.  This thing was a mutant.  It looked nothing like how Midas looked.  The Dryad gets close to me.  It gets real close and I hit it.  I hit it as hard as I can until the Dryad falls to the ground and stops moving.


The other Dryads are hot on my tail but when they see this they seem to stop for a minute looking at the Dryad on the ground.


“This way…” a voice states.

I turn at that moment and see two familiar faces.  They aren’t Jonathan.   It’s GQ and Sire.  The two sexy ass Antlien boys from before.


“Fuck no…”  I state.


“You just killed a Dryad,” they state, “You don’t want to stick around to see what they do…”

I killed a Dryad?

My mind starts wondering which one was dead but I quickly get the answer to that when I see Midas walk out of the room.  Midas looks at me.  Then he looks down at the body of one of the Dryads that was chasing me.  I peer down the hallway, focusing on what Midas was looking at and see the Dryad that I hit on the floor. The tentacles that the Dryad had are gone.  He’s an older man, maybe in his 40s or something.  He is laying on the floor lifeless.  My heart is beating.  I didn’t mean to kill him.  I just hit him.  That’s all it was.  I just fucking hit him to get away from him.

I had no idea that I killed him.

That’s when I see Midas and the others.  They are looking angry…so angry.  Suddenly it becomes clear that their intentions have just changed.  Now they didn’t want to impregnate me.

It’s Sire who grabs my arm, nudging me, “If you don’t come with us now…they are going to kill you.”

It happens so fast at that moment. I barely pay attention.  The Dryads come after me, one after another but this time Sire and GQ weren’t the ones I needed saving from.  They were the ones saving me.  I watch as GQ runs forward, antlers first slamming another alien species into the wall with the force of a ram.  Sire grabs me by the hand.  He leads me down the hallway.


“GQ!” Sire is screaming.


“It’s too late,” I warn him.


The Dryads swarm the hallway.  First there is just a few of them but then there are many.  Sire gets to the podium and instructs it to go down.  As we descend I see the tentacles swiping as fast as they can desperately trying to get to us.  Desperately trying to get rid of us.


We get to the bottom of the building.

Sire is just standing there with a lost look on his face.  I’m so confused.

“Why did you help me?” I ask him.


“The Antliens have conflicted with the Dryads for some time.  This isn’t about you.  You had no idea what you just walked into.”

Clearly I didn’t.  Billy had abandoned me when I needed him the most.

“Listen I don’t know what I’m doing but come with me.  We can leave here.  We need to explain to my people what is happening here.”

This place was out of control.  If these aliens got free it could endanger all the remaining humans.  I don’t know how these aliens were controlled for so long but the person who was controlling them was long gone and I had no idea what I was doing.

Sire shakes his head, “I can’t.  I must go back to GQ.  You need to get out of here though.”

“I’ll send help.”

“Fine, but there’s one more thing.”


“For your own good.  I would never come back here.”


I leave the alien Home Station and don’t look back.   Cassie is at the house with Idris.  The two of them are playing with baby Hope when I walk in.  Sure, enough I’m naked.  Sure, enough I have a throbbing, hard asshole with bruises all over my body.


Idris looks at me like I have three heads, “What the…”

Cassie elbows him, “Are you OK?”

“Don’t fucking ask.”

“I’m assuming it was a hard first day on the job huh,” she tells me.


“I quit.”

Cassie spends the rest of the night trying to get me to tell her what is going on.  I was sworn to privacy however.  Truth is I don’t want her to know.  I don’t want her to know about the Antliens and Dryads.  I didn’t want her to know how they forced themselves on people.  It would scare her.  So instead of all that I draft a letter of resignation and give it to her to take to the Admiral.  I can’t sleep that night.  I’m not sure what I went through.  I had expected to be mesmerized by beautiful creatures.  That had never been the case.  I had to deal with intimidating Priors, clueless Familiars and two races of alien that took turns sexually violating me all day.

To say I’m exhausted is an understatement.

I don’t leave the house that day or the next day.  Cassie is starting to get worried.  She delivered the letter and it’s weird because I don’t hear anything back.

It isn’t until Selah arrives at my door that I know the leaders of the Human race have sent him personally because of the letter of resignation.


“You OK?” he asks me.


I wasn’t OK.  The day before I was barely able to walk.  The bruising had healed up but the memories were still there.  I want to talk to Selah about everything that happened.  The truth was though we weren’t friends anymore…not like before.  Besides, I wasn’t supposed to say a thing.  What if the other humans found out a group of dangerous aliens had come with us to 2nd Earth.  What would they do?


“Kane sent you?” I ask.


Selah nods, “He said you quit the UCE.”

“Sure did.”

“You can’t quit the UCE?”

“Why the hell not?” I ask, “I know we didn’t get to vote, but is this some sort of dictatorship?”

“Don’t say that too loud.  You know people are still feeling funny about Kane.  If they hear an officer of the UCE talk like that it could start more riots.  It could be chaos.”

“Well thank God I’m no longer an officer of the UCE.”

Selah isn’t getting through to me.  They sent him because they thought we were best friends.  Little did they know I wasn’t really feeling my best friend lately.  I had no problem being as rude to him as I would with any other UCE leader they sent to my front door.



“I’m begging you to meet with Kane.”

Not after all the shit I had gone through.  The only thing I could think about right now is how to deal with the revelation that I had.


“You seem desperate Selah.  You knew about the Familiars.  How much more do you know?” I ask Selah.

Selah looks at me.  He is a brick wall.  A UCE loyalist if I ever met one.  He wasn’t going to say a word if it wasn’t authorized by Kane.

“You should talk to Kane.”


I don’t know why I expect any more from Selah.  I don’t know why I expect him to be real for a minute and not just kiss Kane’s ass like he usually does.

We were in danger on this planet.  If those aliens could do all those things to me in one day who knew what they were capable of god forbid they got out of the Home Station.  What happened if they encountered the humans?

It would be chaos.

“Fine,” I state, “I’ll go see him.”

I’m angry at Selah but he acts as though he doesn’t notice.  He notices though.  He drives me over to the new building where the Constables meet up.  The whole time he is talking about how great Chad Kane has been in the last day.  It’s almost like he knows I’m upset about something.  Selah knew me.  It was written all over my face.

We get to Chad Kane’s office and I’m just steaming.  I’m beyond mad.



Selah looks at me almost like he’s afraid, “You’re not going to get into it with Chad, are you?”

“Open the door, Selah.”

“He’s not as bad as you think he is.  I promise.  I…”

I push Selah and barge into Chad Kane’s office.  He’s sitting at his desk.  I don’t know what gets over me but I grab him up and slam him into the nearest wall.

“You set me up you piece of shit!”  I scream in Kane’s face.


I want to punch him.  I want to beat Kane into a living pulp.  The Admiral doesn’t fight back though.  He just stands there silently watching me as though he was expecting me to react to it like this.  He was expecting me to be so fucked up.


Selah has followed me in the room.  He must have had a feeling I was going to do something like this because he looks like he’s on the brink of tears that someone is threatening his precious savior, Chad Kane.  I knew the truth.  Chad Kane wasn’t shit.  He never would be.


“Selah, give us a moment,” Kane states.


Selah is reluctant but he won’t argue with Kane. The tension the two of them had between each other made me sick honestly and I wanted nothing to do with it.

“You don’t know what I went through,” I tell Kane.

“I know more than you think I do,” Kane states, “And now you know…”

“Where’s Billy?”

“I don’t know.”

“You knew he was going to bail on me?”

The Admiral hesitates a little bit, “Yes.  I had a feeling he was at his wit’s end.  I can look for him.  I promise I’ll look for him but I’m sure he’s in hiding.”

He isn’t lying to me.  That is better than I thought it would be.  I drop the Admiral.  I sit down on the nearest chair.  The chairs on 2nd Earth aren’t nearly as strong.  They are brittle.

“They are dangerous,” I state.

“I know, but we need them.  We are kids,” he states, “We weren’t even able to land without help from the aliens.  We need their technology. We need their guidance.   Yes, they are dangerous but there is something more dangerous out there.”

I knew what he was talking about.  The other half of the Familiar species.  The Upsetters.  We had confirmed an Upsetter still existed.

“I can’t control them.  I can’t even keep them from attacking me.”

“I know…”

“You know there is a war between the two races?”

He nods, “Billy made me aware before he left.”

“How the fuck do I stop that?” I ask.


He shrugs, “I am responsible for the human race.  I have issues too.  We still don’t have a consistent food supply.  Accidents are happening all over.  I think it’s Sabotage.  I think it’s the Upsetter.  I need the help Katashi.”

He has me fucked up.

“I’m not the FUCKING ONE!”

“We have no choice.  The Upsetter who destroyed Earth had technology that could destroy worlds.  If this new Upsetter has that same technology they can destroy the 2nd Earth.  I believe that sort of technology exists in the Home Station.  I need to know what that technology is.  I need to stop it if the Upsetter decides to destroy everything again.  We need eyes in there.  I’m sorry I wasn’t honest with you about how dangerous they were.  I’m sorry I wasn’t honest to you about Billy.  But we need someone in there.  We need you.”

I sit down.

I wish liquor still existed.  Not the cheap knockoff that they were producing but real liquor.  I needed a shot right now.

I can’t believe I’m thinking this.

“I have no choice, do I?”

“No.  I’m sorry.”

He wasn’t sorry.  He threw me in there.  I’m not sure if it was because of my relationship with Selah.  Maybe he honestly believed I was the best one for this job.  Maybe it was a mix of both.  All I knew was that this was something I couldn’t say no to.  If the Admiral was right, the fate of the 2nd Earth colony rested on me infiltrating the Home Station Colony.


“You don’t get what I went through.  I was almost impregnated.”

“I know more than you can think.”

“How could you possibly?”

“I’m part Familiar.”

My mouth drops.



“No.  A year ago, Jonathan let me know that the Familiars changed into a Dryad to populate.  I came out of that.  Jonathan was that Familiar.”

I’m shocked.  I didn’t know if it made sense but I knew that it was horrifying to think about.  Kane wasn’t who everyone thought he was.  He had alien blood in him.


It scared the hell out of me, but I had no choice.

“You do trust me…” I realize.


There is no other reason he would tell me something so personal.  Something that he probably should have kept secret no matter what.


“No.  I don’t trust you, but I need you,” he tells me.


I think about it.


I can’t believe I’m saying this.



“I’m going back in.”